SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index O, page 8
IMG Activity - O
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 OHADLG485 S_AHR_61008375 Set Up Alternative Currency 
2 OHADLG501 S_AHR_61006632 Single Fields 
3 OHADLG502 S_AHR_61006631 Line Layout 
4 OHADLG506 S_AHR_61006464 Set Up Assignment for Form Printing 
5 OHADLG507 S_AHR_61006465 Assign wage types for form printout 
6 OHADLG508 S_AHR_61006663 Include wage type assignment in form 
7 OHADLG509 S_AHR_61006668 Identifiers in Window 
8 OHADLG510 S_AHR_61006665 Initial and final group texts in window 
9 OHADLG512 S_AHR_61006650 Summarize Identifiers 
10 OHADLG513 S_AHR_61006648 Cumulate identifiers 
11 OHADLG514 S_AHR_61006658 Rules 
12 OHADLG515 S_AHR_61006460 Form Editor 
13 OHADLG516 S_AHR_61006657 Cumulation identifiers in individual fields 
14 OHADLG517 S_AHR_61006656 Set up address 
15 OHADLG518 S_AHR_61006456 Change Subtype for Address Formatting 
16 OHADLG519 S_AHR_61006655 Leave Data in Individual Fields (Old Procedure) 
17 OHADLG520 S_AHR_61006654 Leave data in individual fields 
18 OHADLG521 S_AHR_61006598 Leave data in a window 
19 OHADLG523 S_AHR_61006600 Time quotas in window 
20 OHADLG524 S_AHR_61006602 Notifications in window 
21 OHADLG525 S_AHR_61004383 Maintain Form Directory 
22 OHADLG527 S_AHR_61004356 Set Up Assignment for Form Printout 
23 OHADLG528 S_AHR_61004360 Assign wage types for form printout 
24 OHADLG529 S_AHR_61007354 Include wage type assignment in form 
25 OHADLG530 S_AHR_61007359 Set Up Alternative Currency 
26 OHADLG814 S_AHR_61004413 Set up leave data in fixed positions 
27 OHADNGL001 S_L7D_24000151 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
28 OHADNGL002 S_L7D_24000153 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
29 OHADNGL003 S_L7D_24000155 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
30 OHADNGL004 S_L7D_24000152 Define Type of Distribution 
31 OHADNGL005 S_L7D_24000158 Maintain Wage Type Grouping for Cost Distribution 
32 OHADNGL006 S_L7D_24000159 Activate Cost Distribution Using Function XCODI 
33 OHADNGL007 S_L7D_24000164 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
34 OHADNGL008 S_L7D_24000161 Determine Time for Posting Payments 
35 OHADNGL009 S_L7D_24000162 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
36 OHADNGL011 S_L7D_24000165 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
37 OHADNGL012 S_L7D_24000166 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
38 OHADNGL013 S_L7D_24000160 Maintain Wage Types for Distributing Retro.Accntng With Inflow Principle 
39 OHADNGL014 S_L7D_24000157 Note on Relevancy 
40 OHADNGL015 S_L7D_24000150 Possible Solutions in New General Ledger 
41 OHADNGL016 S_L7D_24000154 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
42 OHADNGL017 S_L7D_24000163 Enter Wage Types for Posting Payments 
43 OHADNGL105 S_L7D_24002069 Activate Cost Distribution via Function XLIDI 
44 OHADNGL106 S_L7D_24002070 Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle 
45 OHADNGL107 S_L7D_24002071 Resource-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types 
46 OHADNZC10 S_AHR_61006322 Assign Wage Types from "Guaranteed Net Amounts" Wage Type Group 
47 OHADNZC20 S_AHR_61006309 Define Type of Guaranteed Net Amount 
48 OHADNZC30 S_AHR_61006310 Define Deductions to Be Copied 
49 OHADNZC42 S_AHR_61006319 Create Wage Type Catalog 
50 OHADNZC441 S_AHR_61006321 Change Wage Type Text 
51 OHADNZC443 S_AHR_61006323 Define Wage Type Characteristics 
52 OHADNZC444 S_AHR_61006308 Change Permissibility of Wage Types 
53 OHADODOBNK01 S_PH0_48000270 Bank Details for Reimbursements 
54 OHADOE141 S_AHR_61005835 Set Up Adjustment Amount for Family-Related Bonus 
55 OHADOE142 S_AHR_61005840 Set Up Adjustment Amount for Cost-of-Living Allowance 
56 OHADOE143 S_AHR_61005843 Set Up Adjustment Amount for Family-Related Bonus 
57 OHADOE200 S_AHR_61005692 Allowances for Special Services 
58 OHADOE251 S_AC0_52000051 Set Up Models 
59 OHADOE252 S_AC0_52000052 Set Up Grouping 
60 OHADOE253 S_AC0_52000053 Process grouping for special and non-recurring payments 
61 OHADOE254 S_AC0_52000054 Set Entitlement Requirements 
62 OHADOE255 S_AC0_52000055 Set Calculation Modules 
63 OHADOE256 S_AC0_52000056 Specify Reduction Variants 
64 OHADOE257 S_AC0_52000057 Assign Entitlement Requirements to Models 
65 OHADOE258 S_AC0_52000058 Assign Calculation Modules to Models 
66 OHADOE259 S_AC0_52000059 Create Wage Type Catalog 
67 OHADOE260 S_AC0_52000060 Assign Models to Groupings 
68 OHADOE261 S_AC0_52000061 Template: Special Payment for Public Sector Employees, Bavaria 
69 OHADOE262 S_AC0_52000062 Assign Cumulation Wage Types to Pay Scale Groups 
70 OHADOE263 S_AC0_52000063 Assign Wage Types for Calculation Base to Cumulation Wage Types 
71 OHADOE264 S_AC0_52000064 Assign Percentages to Cumulation Wage Types 
72 OHADOE265 S_AC0_52000070 Specify Calculation Module for Basic Amount 
73 OHADOE266 S_AC0_52000071 Store Increase Amounts for Each Pay Scale Group 
74 OHADOE267 S_AC0_52000072 Specify Calculation Module for Increase Amount 
75 OHADOE268 S_AC0_52000073 Define Special Amount per Child 
76 OHADOE269 S_AC0_52000074 Specify Calculation Module for Special Amount for Children 
77 OHADOE270 S_AC0_52000080 Set Up Model, Bavaria 
78 OHADOE271 S_AC0_52000081 Set Up Groupings, Bavaria 
79 OHADOE272 S_AC0_52000082 Edit Grouping for Special Payments, Bavaria 
80 OHADOE273 S_AC0_52000083 Assign Calculation Modules to Models, Bavaria 
81 OHADOE274 S_AC0_52000084 Create Wage Type Catalog, Bavaria 
82 OHADOE275 S_AC0_52000085 Assign Models to Groupings, Bavaria 
83 OHADOE276 S_AC0_52000393 Filter Models 
84 OHADOE281 S_L7D_24000768 Set Up Models 
85 OHADOE282 S_L7D_24000769 Set Up Grouping 
86 OHADOE283 S_L7D_24000770 Process grouping for special and non-recurring payments 
87 OHADOE284 S_L7D_24000771 Set Entitlement Requirements 
88 OHADOE285 S_L7D_24000772 Set Calculation Modules 
89 OHADOE286 S_L7D_24000773 Filter Models 
90 OHADOE287 S_L7D_24000777 Assign Entitlement Requirements to Models 
91 OHADOE288 S_L7D_24000774 Assign Calculation Modules to Models 
92 OHADOE289 S_L7D_24000775 Create Wage Type Catalog 
93 OHADOE290 S_L7D_24000776 Assign Models to Groupings 
94 OHADOE291 S_L7D_24000783 Define Assessment Basis 
95 OHADOE292 S_L7D_24000778 Assign Assessment Rate 
96 OHADOE293 S_L7D_24001288 Define Control of Annual Special Payment for Models 
97 OHADOE503 S_AHR_61005562 Define Supplement to Maternity Pay Models 
98 OHADOE504 S_AHR_61005557 Assign Organizational Subareas to a Calculation Model 
99 OHADOE505 S_AHR_61007685 Control Non-Recurring Payments Individually 
100 OHADOE506 S_L4H_49003247 Control Other Wage Types for Calculation Basis 
101 OHADOE511 S_AHR_61005589 Set Up Maternity Protection Valuation Rule 
102 OHADOE512 S_AHR_61005583 Define Attributes for Valuation Rule 
103 OHADOE513 S_AHR_61005571 Define Special Processing for Valuation Rule 
104 OHADOE514 S_AHR_61005493 Assign Maternity Protection Absence to Valuation Rule 
105 OHADOE515 S_AHR_61005457 Indicate Maternity Protection Absence 
106 OHADOE520 S_AHR_61005538 Create Maternity Protection Period Task Type 
107 OHADOE530 S_AHR_61007621 Set Up Wage Type Specifying a Net Amount 
108 OHADOE535 S_AHR_61005294 Set Up Wage Type Specifying a Gross Amount 
109 OHADOE540 S_AHR_61005365 Set Up Manual Supplement to Maternity Pay Wage Type 
110 OHADOE550 S_AHR_61005344 Define Minimum No. of Calendar Days for Automatic Calculation of Supplement 
111 OHADOE560 S_AHR_61005569 Define Amount of HI Fund Sick Pay 
112 OHADOE570 S_AHR_61005520 Set Up Automatic Triggering of Calculation of Basis for Supplement 
113 OHADOE580 S_L4H_49001668 Activate Supplement to Maternity Pay for D000 
114 OHADOE585 S_L4H_49001669 Set Up Wage Types for Maternity Protection Prohibited Activities 
115 OHADOE587 S_L4H_49002419 Assignment of SPA/GPA Parameter to Subapplication 
116 OHADOE588 S_L4H_49002418 List of Subapplications That Can Be Activated Using BAdI 
117 OHADOE589 S_L4H_49002417 Activate Prohibited Activities Using BAdI (Filter 01/MGBV) 
118 OHADOE590 S_L4H_49001670 Activate Prohibited Activities Generally 
119 OHADOE591 S_L4H_49001672 Specify Wage Types for Adjustment Amount Average 
120 OHADOE592 S_L4H_49001673 Assign Result and Manual Wage Types 
121 OHADOE593 S_L4H_49001674 Assign Wage Types for Reimbursement of Employer Expenses 
122 OHADOE61A S_AHR_61007799 Maintain Work Indicator 
123 OHADOE622 S_AHR_61006622 Maintain East Germany Indicator Feature 
124 OHADOE671 S_AHR_61006649 'Period of Previous Employment' Infotype (0363) 
125 OHADOE672 S_AHR_61006082 Evaluation of Periods of Previous Employment 
126 OHADOE720 S_AHR_61006001 Child Allowance Assessment: Configure Automatic Default 
127 OHADOE775 S_AHR_61006006 Check Personnel Area Groupings 
128 OHADOE840 S_XC0_18000021 Overview - Period Calculation 
129 OHADOE850 S_AHR_61007605 Maintain Default Values for Header and Authority Indicators 
130 OHADOE851 S_AHR_61019196 Maximum Percentage Difference Between Old and New Pension Value 
131 OHADOE960 S_AHR_61006594 Evaluations of Rehabilitants 
132 OHADOE965 S_AHR_61005669 Master Area 
133 OHADOEALB S_AHR_61006073 Calculate Employer's Contribution 
134 OHADOEATZ00 S_L9C_94000425 Semiretirement in Public Sector 
135 OHADOEAZE S_AHR_61006666 Note: 'Use Up' Indicator 
136 OHADOEAZV S_L9C_94000045 Reduction in Working Hours - AZV Art.15a BAT 
137 OHADOEAZZ S_AHR_61006647 Notes on Working Time Counters/Denominators 
138 OHADOEBR01 S_AHR_61006633 Changes to the Salary Table 
139 OHADOEBR05 S_AHR_61005817 Set Up Wage Types for Interim Bonus 
140 OHADOEBR07 S_AHR_61005820 Valuate Wage Types for Interim Bonus 
141 OHADOEBR08 S_AHR_61019007 Control Use of Interim Bonus 
142 OHADOEBR09 S_AHR_61005825 Set Up New Wage Type Model for Public Sector Employees 
143 OHADOEC02 S_AHR_61005980 Create Supplementary Pension Fund 
144 OHADOEC03 S_AHR_61005981 Create Employer and Assign to an SPF 
145 OHADOEC04 S_AHR_61005982 Assign Organizational Assignment to an Employer 
146 OHADOEC09 S_L6D_84000004 Maintain Data for Taxation (as of Subapplication ZVNU) 
147 OHADOEC10 S_AHR_61005988 Maintain Data for Calculation of Amount of Contribution 
148 OHADOEC15 S_AHR_61006039 Maintain Tax Data (Before Subapplication ZVNU) 
149 OHADOEC20 S_AHR_61006043 Adjust Payroll Schema 
150 OHADOEC21 S_AHR_61005984 Set Up Default Values for Infotype 0051 
151 OHADOEC25 S_AHR_61006041 Set Up Wage Types for Exempt Insurances 
152 OHADOEC35 S_AHR_61006042 Override Cumulation of Wage Types 
153 OHADOEC40 S_AHR_61006044 Adjust Statement of Contributions Paid 
154 OHADOEC41 S_L6D_84000007 Set Up Collective Bank Transfer Compulsory Insurance 
155 OHADOEC42 S_L6D_84000016 Maintain Texts for Supplementary Pension 
156 OHADOEC43 S_L6D_84000017 DE only 
157 OHADOEC45 S_L6D_84000005 Assign Contract Model to Insurance Feature of Voluntary Insurance 
158 OHADOEC46 S_L6D_84000006 BAdI: Fill Note to Payee for Single Bank Transfer for AVmG 
159 OHADOEC51 S_AHR_61006020 Assign Wage Types to an Insurance Type 
160 OHADOEC52 S_AHR_61006022 Maintain Notification Fields 
161 OHADOEC53 S_AHR_61006025 Maintain Notification Reasons 
162 OHADOEC54 S_AHR_61006030 Set Up Computer Center Numbers 
163 OHADOEC55 S_AHR_61006033 Assign SPF Amounts to Totals Record Fields 
164 OHADOEC56 S_AHR_61007656 Set Up Reassignment of SPF Remuneration 
165 OHADOEC57 S_AHR_61006040 Characterize Absences for Supplementary Pension Fund 
166 OHADOEC58 S_AHR_61007665 Set Up Notification Printing 
167 OHADOEC59 S_AHR_61006046 Set Up Account Numbers 
168 OHADOEC60 S_AHR_61006028 Maintain Further Notification Data 
169 OHADOEC61 S_AHR_61006015 Set Up External Account Numbers 
170 OHADOEC62 S_AHR_61006009 Define Handling of Account Number Change 
171 OHADOEC63 S_PH0_48000244 Maintain Address of Sender 
172 OHADOEC64 S_PH0_48000245 Maintain Address and Bank Details of SPF 
173 OHADOEC67 S_AHR_61005987 Define SPF-Relevant Wage Types (Cumulation into Gross Amounts) 
174 OHADOEC68 S_AHR_61005986 Define Check Digit Procedure 
175 OHADOEC69 S_AHR_61005509 Set Up Distribution Key, Supplementary Line, and Address Line 
176 OHADOEF00 S_AHR_61006651 Remuneration Statement for Public Sector 
177 OHADOEFRI S_AHR_61006045 Maintain Fixed Periods 
178 OHADOEFRI02 S_L9C_94000268 Define Date Types for Employment Period and Length of Service 
179 OHADOEFRI03 S_L9C_94000269 Code Absence Types for Period Calculation 
180 OHADOEFRI04 S_L7D_24000426 Maintain Validity Interval for Alternative Period Calculation 
181 OHADOEFRI05 S_L7D_24000428 Maintain Alternative Date Type(s) for Period Calculation 
182 OHADOEFUN S_AHR_61005517 Maintain Function Models 
183 OHADOEG01 S_AHR_61006626 Legacy Data Transfer for Interim Bonus 
184 OHADOEG02 S_L7D_24000001 Legacy Data Transfer for SP Reporting 
185 OHADOEG26 S_PH9_46000868 Set Up Wage Types for Deferred Payment 
186 OHADOEG41 S_AHR_61006662 Factoring of Salaried Employee Remuneration Acc. to BAT 
187 OHADOEG42 S_AHR_61006661 Factoring of Wage for Employees Acc. to MTArb 
188 OHADOEG43 S_AHR_61006660 Factoring of Wage for Employees Acc. to BMT-G II 
189 OHADOEG44 S_AHR_61006659 Factoring of Public Sector Employee's Salary 
190 OHADOEG45 S_AHR_61006664 Factoring of Training Remuneration 
191 OHADOEG47 S_AHR_61006669 Monthly Working Time in Hours 
192 OHADOEH100 S_AHR_61007729 Budgetary Delimitation 
193 OHADOEIT8 S_AHR_61005970 Maintain 'Basic Pay' (0008) Infotype Screen Control for Public Sector 
194 OHADOEITU S_AHR_61008033 Check Age Level Increase 
195 OHADOEKRZ S_AHR_61005899 Determine Reduction Methods 
196 OHADOEMOD S_AHR_61006088 Assign Valid Special Payment Models 
197 OHADOEP100 S_AHR_61005646 Service Allowances Field Position 
198 OHADOES01 S_AHR_61005916 Maintain Enhancements to Employee Subgroup 
199 OHADOES100 S_AHR_61007713 Assignment Using Employee Subgroups 
200 OHADOES110 S_AHR_61005652 Assignment of Person Subgroup to Variable Key 
201 OHADOES120 S_AHR_61007720 Assignment Using Organizational Key 
202 OHADOES130 S_AHR_61005659 Assignment Using Organizational Unit 
203 OHADOES140 S_AHR_61005655 Assigment Using Job 
204 OHADOES210 S_AHR_61005696 Allowance for Special Services Field Position 
205 OHADOESDR S_AHR_61006653 Notes for 'Special Regulations' Infotype (0265) 
206 OHADOESOZ S_AHR_61006090 Set Up Special Bonus 
207 OHADOEU11 S_AHR_61006003 BAT (Collective Agreement for the Public Sector) 
208 OHADOEU12 S_AHR_61005991 BMT-G II (German Collective Agreement for Employees) 
209 OHADOEU13 S_AHR_61006100 MTArb (Industry-Wide Collective Agreement for EEs) 
210 OHADOEU14 S_AHR_61006099 AVR Caritas (Standard Guidelines Governing Remuneration) 
211 OHADOEU15 S_AHR_61006106 Payroll Parameters 
212 OHADOEU21 S_AHR_61006077 Define Leave and Sick Pay Premium Wage Types Manually 
213 OHADOEU22 S_AHR_61006076 Define Premium Wage Types 
214 OHADOEU23 S_AHR_61006071 Form Cumulation Wage Types (Bonuses, Basic Pay) 
215 OHADOEU24 S_AHR_61006068 Generate Leave and Sick Pay Premium Wage Types 
216 OHADOEU31 S_AHR_61006093 Define Models for Start of New Calculation Period 
217 OHADOEU32 S_AHR_61006092 Define Events for Start of New Calculation Period 
218 OHADOEU33 S_AHR_61006085 Define Wage Types to Be Used 
219 OHADOEU34 S_AHR_61006079 Set Up Variants for Premium Calculation 
220 OHADOEU35 S_AHR_61005979 Assign Organizational Subareas to Calculation Variant 
221 OHADOEU36 S_AHR_61005884 Define Valuation of Averages 
222 OHADOEU37 S_L7D_24000034 TVoeD (Collective Agreement for the Public Sector) 
223 OHADOEUA1 S_AHR_61005983 Set default values for leave control 
224 OHADOEURL S_AHR_61006091 Set Up Vacation Bonus 
225 OHADOEV011 S_AHR_61005349 Maintain Legal Basis and Pension Reasons 
226 OHADOEV012 S_AHR_61005357 Maintain Indicator for Special Calculation 
227 OHADOEV013 S_AHR_61005353 Maintain Evaluation Options 
228 OHADOEV014 S_AHR_61005362 Show Alternative Personnel Number of Pension Holder 
229 OHADOEV015 S_L6B_69000009 Maintain Cumulation Wage Types 
230 OHADOEV016 S_L6B_69000012 Information About Evaluation Acc. to G131 
231 OHADOEV017 S_PCO_36000101 Define Accounting Offices 
232 OHADOEV018 S_PCO_36000104 Assign Accounting Offices to Reimbursement Providers 
233 OHADOEV021 S_AHR_61005446 Set Up Suspension Rule According to Sec. 55 BeamtVG 
234 OHADOEV022 S_AHR_61005453 Set Up Partial Pension Imputation 
235 OHADOEV023 S_AHR_61005376 Set Up Imputation to Maintenance Payment 
236 OHADOEV024 S_AHR_61005432 Maintain Adjustment Options for Credit Amount 
237 OHADOEV025 S_AHR_61005379 Set Up Further Imputations 
238 OHADOEV026 S_AHR_61007624 Maintain Payroll Numbers 
239 OHADOEV028 S_AHR_61005438 Configure Default Values and PI Number Check 
240 OHADOEV029 S_AHR_61005424 Set Up Screen Control 
241 OHADOEV03 S_AHR_61007619 Set Up Result Wage Types of Pension Payment 
242 OHADOEV04 S_AHR_61005329 Set Up Minimum Pension 
243 OHADOEV05 S_AHR_61007583 Maintain Increase Amount According to Sec. 14 (2) BeamtVG 
244 OHADOEV061 S_AHR_61005567 Maintain Authorization for Family-Related Bonus 
245 OHADOEV062 S_AHR_61007688 Maintain Percentages for Surviving Dependent's Pension 
246 OHADOEV07 S_AHR_61006608 Define Employee Subgroup and Default Wage Types 
247 OHADOEV08 S_AHR_61005973 Assign Basic Pay Header 
248 OHADOEV081 S_AHR_61005373 Copy Model Wage Types for Pension Recipients 
249 OHADOEV082 S_AHR_61005290 Maintain wage type characteristics 
250 OHADOEV083 S_AHR_61005370 Check Wage Type Groups 
251 OHADOEV092 S_AHR_61005403 Check assignment to wage type groups 
252 OHADOEV093 S_AHR_61005408 Maintain Wage Types for Pension Recipient Statistics 
253 OHADOEV095 S_AHR_61005749 Define Default Values for Org. Notification Fields 
254 OHADOEV096 S_AHR_61005750 Define Default Values for Legal Basis 
255 OHADOEV097 S_AHR_61005751 Define Default Values for Marital Status 
256 OHADOEV098 S_AHR_61005752 Define Default Values for Career/Salary Group 
257 OHADOEV099 S_AHR_61005592 Set Up Pension Recipient Statistics Infotype 
258 OHADOEV0A1 S_AHR_61005299 Define Pensionable Pay 
259 OHADOEV0A2 S_AHR_61005335 Set Up Child Allowance Supplement 
260 OHADOEV0A3 S_AHR_61005339 Set Up Adjustment Amount According to Sec. 50 (3) BeamtVG 
261 OHADOEV0A4 S_AHR_61005332 Check Wage Types for Manual Specification of Pension Payment 
262 OHADOEV0C S_AHR_61016796 Partial Capacity to Work According to Para. 72a BBesG 
263 OHADOEV100 S_AHR_61019100 Definition of Action/Action Reason for Leaving Due to Death 
264 OHADOEVST S_AHR_61006667 Note: Number of Levels Granted in Advance 
265 OHADOEVWA S_AHR_61005965 Maintain Basic Pay View 
266 OHADOEVWG S_AHR_61005968 Create View Indicator for Existing Personnel Numbers 
267 OHADOEVWK S_AHR_61005941 Activate Standard Wage Maintenance View 
268 OHADOEVWP S_AHR_61005943 Create View Indicator for Existing Personnel Numbers 
269 OHADOEVWU S_AHR_61005938 Assign View Indicators 
270 OHADOEVWZ S_AHR_61005962 Assign View Indicators 
271 OHADOEZ100 S_AHR_61005702 Service Allowances 
272 OHADOEZ400 S_AHR_61005686 Bonus Totals 
273 OHADOEZU1 S_AHR_61006652 Notes on Functions and Effects 
274 OHADOEZU7 S_AHR_61005882 Determine Reduction Method 
275 OHADOE_BUEZ_000 S_L7D_24000898 Gross Overpayment - Overview - 
276 OHADOE_BUEZ_010 S_L7D_24000899 Activate Subapplication Gross Overpayment (BUEZ) 
277 OHADOE_BUEZ_020 S_L7D_24000900 Activate Gross Overpayment Based on Employee 
278 OHADOE_BUEZ_030 S_L7D_24000901 Assign Overpayment-Relevant Wage Types and Switch Wage Types 
279 OHADOE_BUEZ_040 S_L7D_24000902 Define Threshold Values for Repayment Procedure 
280 OHADOE_BUEZ_050 S_L7D_24000903 Define Repayment Manual Wage Types 
281 OHADOE_BUEZ_060 S_L7D_24000904 BAdI: Check Garnishment Limit 
282 OHADOE_BUEZ_070 S_L7D_24000905 BAdI: Determine Start of Gross Overpayment Contract 
283 OHADOE_BUEZ_080 S_L7D_24001853 BAdI: Enhancements in Overview List 
284 OHADOE_TRWAZ S_L7D_24000145 BAdI: Overriding of Weekly Working Time Based on Collective Agreement 
285 OHADOE_ZFA_000 S_L7D_24001549 General 
286 OHADOE_ZFA_005 S_EG4_04000114 Define Cumulation Wage Types for BZ01 Notifications 
287 OHADOE_ZFA_007 S_EG4_04000233 Implement Customer Exit for Overriding Notification Contents 
288 OHADOE_ZFA_010 S_L7D_24001518 Status Management - Overview 
289 OHADOE_ZFA_020 S_EG4_04000076 Activate Status Administration 
290 OHADOE_ZFA_030 S_L7D_24001607 Data Exchange via B2A 
291 OHADOE_ZFA_040 S_L4H_49001146 Activate Zusy Release 16 
292 OHADOE_ZFA_050 S_L4H_49003025 Multiple Family Equalization Funds in One Client -Overview- 
293 OHADOE_ZFA_051 S_L4H_49003026 Edit Personnel Areas for Family Equalization Funds 
294 OHADOE_ZFA_052 S_L4H_49003027 Define Company Number of Family Equalization Fund 
295 OHADOE_ZFA_053 S_L4H_49003028 Activate family Equalization Fund Assignment 
296 OHADOE_ZVMP06_000 S_L7D_24000066 SP Notification Program 2006 - General Information - 
297 OHADOE_ZVMP06_010 S_L7D_24000068 Define Events Relevant for Reporting 
298 OHADOE_ZVMP06_020 S_L7D_24000069 Define Notification Types 
299 OHADOE_ZVMP06_030 S_L7D_24000070 Define SPI Group 
300 OHADOE_ZVMP06_035 S_L7D_24000071 SPI Group: Assign Reasons for Notification and Record Types 
301 OHADOE_ZVMP06_040 S_L7D_24000067 Set Up Payee Key for SPI 
302 OHADOE_ZVMP06_050 S_L7D_24000072 Maintain Notification Record Structures DATUEV-ZVE 
303 OHADOE_ZVMP06_060 S_L7D_24000073 Set Up SPI 
304 OHADOE_ZVMP06_065 S_L7D_24000074 SPI: Define Validity of Deregistration Reasons 
305 OHADOE_ZVMP06_070 S_L7D_24000082 Maintain Employee's Supplemental Contributions/Compulsory Contributions 
306 OHADOE_ZVMP06_080 S_L7D_24000075 Maintain License Number for Automated Data Communication 
307 OHADOE_ZVMP06_090 S_L7D_24000085 Maintain Tax Models for Contribution Amounts 
308 OHADOE_ZVMP06_100 S_L7D_24000083 Maintain Percentages and Contract Models 
309 OHADOE_ZVMP06_110 S_L7D_24000086 Define SP Assessment and BAT-I Thresholds 
310 OHADOE_ZVMP06_120 S_L7D_24000087 Maintain Payroll Control 
311 OHADOE_ZVMP06_130 S_L7D_24000088 Set Up Employer with SPI 
312 OHADOE_ZVMP06_140 S_L7D_24000089 Maintain Assignment to SP Employer 
313 OHADOE_ZVMP06_150 S_L7D_24000076 BAdI: Fill Distribution Key for SP Notifications 
314 OHADOE_ZVMP06_160 S_L7D_24000063 Maintain Feature for Determining Sender of Collective Bank Transfer 
315 OHADOE_ZVMP06_170 S_L7D_24000064 Maintain Feature for Determining Bank Details of Sender 
316 OHADOE_ZVMP06_180 S_L7D_24000077 BAdI: Change Deregistration Reason 
317 OHADOE_ZVMP06_190 S_L7D_24000078 BAdI: Add to Preprocessing and Postprocessing Records 
318 OHADOE_ZVMP06_200 S_L7D_24000079 BAdI: SP Cluster from New View 
319 OHADOE_ZVMP06_210 S_L7D_24000080 BAdI: Transfer to Data Medium 
320 OHADOE_ZVMP06_220 S_L7D_24000081 Propose Employee Groups/Subgroups for Supplementary Pension Obligation 
321 OHADOE_ZVMP06_230 S_L7D_24000084 Maintain Ring-Fencings 
322 OHADOE_ZVMP06_240 S_L7D_24000092 BAdI: Fill Variable Key for Employer 
323 OHADOE_ZVMP06_250 S_L7D_24000065 BAdI: Adjust Note to Payee 
324 OHADOE_ZVMP06_260 S_L7D_24000090 Maintain Assignment via Feature 
325 OHADOE_ZVMP06_270 S_L7D_24000091 Maintain Direct Assignment 
326 OHADOE_ZVMP06_280 S_L7D_24000117 Maintain Logical File Paths 
327 OHADOE_ZVMP06_290 S_L7D_24000147 Define Wage Types Liable to SP (Cumulation in Gross Amounts) 
328 OHADOE_ZVMP06_300 S_L7D_24000743 BAdI: Data Medium Generation: Change TemSe Names 
329 OHADOE_ZVMP06_310 S_L7D_24000744 BAdI: Composited Data Medium Generation: Employer Mapping 
330 OHADOE_ZVMP06_320 S_L7D_24001383 BAdI: Estimation of Tax-Free Contribution Quota 
331 OHADOE_ZVMP06_330 S_L4H_49000385 Define Assignment Between Form Names and Form 
332 OHADOE_ZVMP06_340 S_L7D_24001932 Maintain Address of SP ER 
333 OHADOE_ZVMP06_350 S_L7D_24001933 Define Data of SP ER 
334 OHADOODMOD01 S_PH0_48000265 Assign Organizational Subareas to a Model 
335 OHADOREHAB01 S_L9C_94000009 Minimal Difference for Reimbursement Amount 
336 OHADOT5D8701 S_PH0_48000266 T5D87 
337 OHADOT5D8N01 S_PH0_48000269 Set Up Program Sponsor 
338 OHADOT5D8P01 S_PH0_48000267 Create Program Types/Phases for Rehabilitation 
339 OHADOT5D8Q01 S_PH0_48000268 Program Attributes 
340 OHADPAY002 S_AHR_61006284 Define Schedule for Payroll Calendar 
341 OHADPAY003 S_AHR_61006283 Specify version for payroll driver 
342 OHADPERID S_AHR_61006288 Use Alternative Personnel Number 
343 OHADPF001 S_AHR_61006607 Data Transfer from Legacy System for Garnishments 
344 OHADPF002 S_AHR_61006640 Transfer Garnishment Data from a Legacy System 
345 OHADPF010 S_L7D_24001858 Private Insolvency -Overview- 
346 OHADPF011 S_L7D_24001859 Add To Wage Type Catalog 
347 OHADPF101 S_AHR_61006524 Create a Notice of Garnishment Task 
348 OHADPF102 S_AHR_61006525 Set Up Creation of a Task Record for Notice of Garnishment 
349 OHADPF103 S_AHR_61006527 Define Address Type 
350 OHADPF104 S_AHR_61006528 Create Correspondence Address 
351 OHADPF105 S_AHR_61012679 Create Addresses 
352 OHADPF201 S_AHR_61006516 Define Default for Repayment Sequence 
353 OHADPF401 S_AHR_61006518 Create Special Case 
354 OHADPF402 S_AHR_61006519 Define Fields for Special Case 
355 OHADPF403 S_AHR_61006520 Store Execution Rules for Special Case 
356 OHADPF404 S_AHR_61006521 Install Modification for Special Case 
357 OHADPF501 S_AHR_61006583 Create Wage Type Catalog 
358 OHADPF502 S_AHR_61006570 Check Permissible Wage Types for Portions of Wages 
359 OHADPF505 S_AHR_61006576 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
360 OHADPF506 S_AHR_61006572 Check Permissibility of Wage Types 
361 OHADPF507 S_AHR_61006568 Create Type of Seizability 
362 OHADPF508 S_AHR_61006573 Install Modification for Type of Seizability 
363 OHADPF509 S_AHR_61006584 Check Wage Type Group 'External Payments' 
364 OHADPF510 S_AHR_61006578 Check Wage Type Text 
365 OHADPF600 S_AHR_61006560 Maintain Bank Details Manually 
366 OHADPF601 S_AHR_61006564 Create Payee Key 
367 OHADPF602 S_AHR_61006565 Define Permissible Payee Keys for Infotype 
368 OHADPF603 S_AHR_61006586 Define Default Value for Payment Method 
369 OHADPF701 S_AHR_61006582 Create Wage Type Catalog 
370 OHADPF702 S_AHR_61006574 Check Permissible Wage Types for Adjustment 
371 OHADPF703 S_AHR_61006571 Check Permissible Wage Types for Additional Payments 
372 OHADPF704 S_AHR_61006569 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
373 OHADPF705 S_AHR_61006567 Check Permissibility of Wage Types 
374 OHADPF706 S_AHR_61006562 Assign Wage Types to Adjustment Reasons 
375 OHADPF707 S_AHR_61006559 Check 'Adjustment' Wage Type Group 
376 OHADPF708 S_AHR_61006566 Check Wage Type Text 
377 OHADPF801 S_AHR_61006417 Define Employer Costs Modifier 
378 OHADPF802 S_AHR_61006418 Define Employer Costs 
379 OHADPF811 S_AHR_61006412 Create Wage Type Catalog 
380 OHADPF812 S_AHR_61006407 Check Permissible Wage Types for Additional Payment 
381 OHADPF813 S_AHR_61006408 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
382 OHADPF814 S_AHR_61006409 Check Permissiblity of Wage Types 
383 OHADPF815 S_AHR_61006406 Check 'Employer Costs' Wage Type Group 
384 OHADPF816 S_AHR_61006405 Check Wage Type Text 
385 OHADPF901 S_AHR_61006577 Create Wage Type Catalog 
386 OHADPF903 S_AHR_61006499 Check Wage Type Text 
387 OHADPF904 S_AHR_61006413 Check 'Loan' Wage Type Group 
388 OHADPF905 S_AHR_61006414 Check Permissible Wage Types for Loans 
389 OHADPF906 S_AHR_61006585 Transfer of Required Table Entries 
390 OHADPF908 S_AHR_61006415 Check Process in Payroll 
391 OHADPFA11 S_AHR_61006420 Define Cumulation Wage Type in Wage Type Catalog 
392 OHADPFA12 S_AHR_61006433 Generate Cumulation Wage Type 
393 OHADPFA13 S_AHR_61006430 Check Wage Type Text 
394 OHADPFA14 S_AHR_61006431 Check 'Gross Totals' Wage Type Group 
395 OHADPFA15 S_AHR_61006432 Check Payroll Procedure 
396 OHADPFA21 S_AHR_61006435 Define Cumulation Wage Type in Wage Type Catalog 
397 OHADPFA22 S_AHR_61006424 Generate Cumulation Wage Type 
398 OHADPFA23 S_AHR_61006421 Check Wage Type Text 
399 OHADPFA24 S_AHR_61006422 Check 'Gross Totals' Wage Type Group 
400 OHADPFA25 S_AHR_61006423 Check Payroll Procedure 
401 OHADPFA32 S_AHR_61006426 Check Payroll Procedure 
402 OHADPFA41 S_AHR_61006427 Check Seizability of Wage Types 
403 OHADPFA51 S_AHR_61006381 Define Own Seizability for Normal Garnishments 
404 OHADPFA52 S_AHR_61006382 Define Own Seizability for Preferred Garnishments 
405 OHADPFA53 S_AHR_61006383 Install Special Case 
406 OHADPFA54 S_AHR_61006384 Maintain Type of Seizability 
407 OHADPFA61 S_AHR_61006385 Create CFS Unseizable Upper Limit 
408 OHADPFA62 S_AHR_61006387 Check Payroll Procedure 
409 OHADPFA63 S_AHR_61006380 Adjust Garnishment Schema 
410 OHADPFA71 S_AHR_61006641 Set Up Authorizations 
411 OHADPFA81 S_AHR_61006645 Note Order of Multiple Payment Runs per Period for Garnishments 
412 OHADPFA91 S_L7D_24001922 Documentation 
413 OHADPFA92 S_L7D_24001921 Activate PFEP Subapplication 
414 OHADPFA93 S_L7D_24001923 Copy Wage Type O370 (Lock Garn. Origin Princ.) 
415 OHADPFA94 S_L7D_24001925 Change Variant for RPCPCAD0_EP 
416 OHADPFA95 S_L7D_24001924 Assign Wage Type O370 (Lock Garn. Origin Princ.) 
417 OHADPFA96 S_L4H_49001272 Assign Wage Types to Cumulative Wage Types BTIT or BTRT 
418 OHADPFA97 S_L4H_49001821 Activate Subapplication PFNT 
419 OHADPFB11 S_AHR_61006375 Display Standard Texts 
420 OHADPFB12 S_AHR_61006376 Group Together Personnel Area/Subarea 
421 OHADPFB13 S_AHR_61006377 Create Address Type and Address of Sender 
422 OHADPFB14 S_AHR_61012682 Set Up SAPscript Form 
423 OHADPFC01 S_AHR_61006379 Change basic interest rate 
424 OHADPFC11 S_AHR_61006399 Change Monthly Basic Exemption 
425 OHADPFC12 S_AHR_61006400 Change Monthly Basic Exemption First Maintenance Beneficiary 
426 OHADPFC13 S_AHR_61006401 Change Monthly Basic Exemption Second - Fifth Maintenance Beneficiary 
427 OHADPFC14 S_AHR_61006402 Change Monthly Maintenance Exemption 
428 OHADPFC15 S_AHR_61006403 Change Monthly Maintenance Exemption First Maintenance Beneficiary 
429 OHADPFC16 S_AHR_61006396 Change Monthly Maintenance Exemption 2nd to 5th Maintenance Beneficiary 
430 OHADPFC17 S_AHR_61006389 Change Monthly Garnishment Exempt Limit 
431 OHADPFC18 S_AHR_61006390 Change Rounding of Monthly Earned Income to Amount 
432 OHADPFC19 S_AHR_61006391 Define Maximum Number of Maintenance Beneficiaries 
433 OHADPFC20 S_AHR_61006392 Change Unseizable Amount of Holiday Bonus Normal Garnishment 
434 OHADPFC21 S_AHR_61006393 Change Unseizable Amount of Holiday Bonus Preferred Garnishment 
435 OHADPFC22 S_AHR_61006388 Change full rate of value added tax 
436 OHADPFC23 S_AHR_61006397 Change Reduced Rate of Value Added Tax 
437 OHADPFC24 S_AHR_61006394 Change Period from Receipt of Notice of Garnishment to Active Garnishment 
438 OHADQUOTACOMP00 S_AHR_61006273 Create Wage Type Catalog 
439 OHADQUOTACOMP01 S_AHR_61006258 Assign Wage Types to the Quotas to be Compensated 
440 OHADRI011 S_AHR_61006619 Prepare Wage Type Overview 
441 OHADRI012 S_AHR_61006617 Obtain Overview of Accounts 
442 OHADRI013 S_AHR_61019330 Posting to Company Code Clearing Accounts 
443 OHADRI015 S_AHR_61005239 Define employee grouping account determination 
444 OHADRI031 S_AHR_61005253 Define Posting Characteristics of Wage Types 
445 OHADRI042 S_AHR_61005246 Define symbolic accounts 
446 OHADRI051 S_AHR_61005272 Assign Balance Sheet Accounts 
447 OHADRI052 S_AHR_61007559 Assign expense accounts 
448 OHADRI053 S_AHR_61005183 Assign customer accounts 
449 OHADRI054 S_AHR_61005188 Assign vendor accounts 
450 OHADRI055 S_AHR_61007522 Assign loan postings for employees 
451 OHADRI056 S_AHR_61005177 Assign technical accounts 
452 OHADRI061 S_AHR_61007529 Set Up Postings for Fixed Costs 
453 OHADRI062 S_AHR_61005205 Check Customizing for Account Determination 
454 OHADRI063 S_AHR_61005211 Maintain Posting Date for Payroll Periods 
455 OHADRI064 S_AHR_61019333 Assign Substitute Cost Centers 
456 OHADRI070 S_AHR_61004569 Set Up Line Item Text 
457 OHADRI071 S_AHR_61007407 Create Posting Variants 
458 OHADRI080 S_AHR_61004574 Create report variants 
459 OHADRI081 S_AHR_61004576 Set Up Authorizations 
460 OHADRI090 S_AHR_61004579 Set Up Export to R/2 System or R/3 System <4.0 
461 OHADSL001 S_AHR_61006366 Cumulation Wage Types from Time-Based Payments 
462 OHADSL002 S_AHR_61006367 Cumulation Wage Types from Master Data 
463 OHADSL003 S_AHR_61006368 Cumulation Wage Types from External Bank Transfers 
464 OHADSTA02 S_AHR_61006314 Assign Tax-Relevant Company Features 
465 OHADSTA03 S_AHR_61006315 Assign Regulation for Flat-Rate Church Tax 
466 OHADSTA04 S_AHR_61006333 Maintain Addresses of Tax Offices for Places of Work 
467 OHADSTA05 S_AHR_61006334 Maintain Numbers and Addresses of Family Equalization Funds 
468 OHADSTA07 S_AHR_61006332 Differentiate Flat-Rate Church Tax According to Flat-Rate Types 
469 OHADSTB10 S_AHR_61006336 Define Default Values for Tax Procedure 
470 OHADSTB11 S_AHR_61006337 Display Tax Procedure 
471 OHADSTB12 S_AHR_61006338 Display Special Rules 
472 OHADSTC111 S_AHR_61006324 Check assignment to wage type groups 
473 OHADSTC112 S_AHR_61006325 Check Payroll Procedure 
474 OHADSTC121 S_AHR_61006327 Check Assignment to Wage Type Groups 
475 OHADSTC122 S_AHR_61006328 Check Payroll Procedure 
476 OHADSTC123 S_L7D_24000114 Create Wage Type Catalog 
477 OHADSTC124 S_L7D_24000115 Assign Benefits Payments to Basis 
478 OHADSTC20 S_AHR_61006329 Split Wage Types into Tax-Free/Subject to Tax Parts 
479 OHADSTC21 S_AHR_61006330 Define Formula for Estimating the Annual Earned Income 
480 OHADSTC22 S_AHR_61006331 Encode Wage Types As Estimation Basis for Annual Earned Income 
481 OHADSTC25 S_AHR_61006241 Encode Wage Types As Employee Association Gross Amount 
482 OHADSTC26 S_AHR_61006152 Define Distribution of Regular Payments Through Double Taxation Convention 
483 OHADSTC27 S_AHR_61006153 Encode Other Payments with DTC/REA 
484 OHADSTC31 S_AHR_61006155 Encode Wage Types 
485 OHADSTC33 S_AHR_61006156 Maintain Tax Exemption for Own Public Holiday Classes 
486 OHADSTC34 S_AHR_61006157 Define Tax Exemption for Employee Renumeration Information 
487 OHADSTC35 S_AHR_61006158 Display Tax-Exempt Portions of Bonus Wage Types 
488 OHADSTC36 S_AHR_61006143 Process Bonus Wage Types with Own Processing Type 
489 OHADSTC40 S_AHR_61006144 Define Output Month for Annual Employment Tax Statement 
490 OHADSTD11 S_AHR_61006147 Copy Form 
491 OHADSTD12 S_L9C_94000426 Summary of Personnel Areas 
492 OHADSTD21 S_AHR_61006149 Copy Form 
493 OHADSTD31 S_AHR_61005877 Define Deviating Trade Tax Gross Amount 
494 OHADSTE11 S_AHR_61006167 Copy Form for Employment Tax Notification 
495 OHADSTE12 S_AHR_61006168 Copy Form for Employment Tax Statement 
496 OHADSTSV1 S_AHR_61006311 Encode Wage Types As Gross Amounts Subject to Tax and SI Contributions 
497 OHADST_ELSTAM_010 S_L4H_49002445 Specify Actions for Registrations and Deregistrations 
498 OHADST_ELSTAM_020 S_L4H_49002446 Group Together Personnel Areas and Personnel Subareas 
499 OHADST_ELSTAM_030 S_L4H_49002447 Process Data of Reporting Personnel Area 
500 OHADST_ELSTAM_040 S_L4H_49002469 Activities at Start of ELStAM Procedure