SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index SLASH
IMG Activity - /
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 /AIN/ACTTYPE /AIN/38000009 Define Action Types 
2 /AIN/ACTTYPEBP /AIN/38000010 Determine Business Processes 
3 /AIN/ACTVT000001 /AIN/71000022 BAdI: Modify Observation Related Data 
4 /AIN/ACTVT000002 /AIN/71000023 BAdI: Transfer Custom Fields to BI 
5 /AIN/ACTVT000003 /AIN/71000024 BAdI: Get Product Associated With an Object 
6 /AIN/ACTVT000004 /AIN/71000025 BAdI: Get Object ID Version 
7 /AIN/ACTVT000005 /AIN/71000026 BAdI: Match Objects to Document Items 
8 /AIN/ACTVT_EPCIS_CAP /AIN/79000034 BAdI: EPCIS Event Capture 
9 /AIN/ACTV_DLV_CONF /AIN/71000037 BAdI: Processing of Delivery Confirmations 
10 /AIN/APP_LOG_BADI_MA /AIN/79000020 BAdI: Map Application Log from Activity Message 
11 /AIN/ARC_OBJECT_CHEC /AIN/79000001 BAdI: Check Object Data Before Archiving 
12 /AIN/BADIAILDEVOBCRE /AIN/79000058 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceObservationCreateRequestConfirmation_In 
13 /AIN/BADIAILDEVOBEL /AIN/79000057 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceObservationByElementsQueryResponse_In 
14 /AIN/BADIAIL_COLCRRC /AIN/46000009 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelSCMCollectionCreateRequestConfirmation_In 
15 /AIN/BADIAIL_COLDERC /AIN/46000011 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelSCMCollectionDecodeRequestConfirmation_In 
16 /AIN/BADIAIL_COLENRC /AIN/46000010 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelSCMCollectionEncodeRequestConfirmation_In 
17 /AIN/BADIAIL_DEVDFRC /AIN/46000012 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceSCMDefaultReferenceSetRequestConfirmation_In 
18 /AIN/BADIAIL_DOBTDQR /AIN/46000013 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceObservationSCMLabelByBTDRefQueryResponse_In 
19 /AIN/BADIAIL_DOCNTQR /AIN/46000014 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceObservationSCMLabelCountByBTDRefQueryResponse_In 
20 /AIN/BADINRGEGEN_OER /AIN/79000072 BAdI: Number Range Administration Enhancements 
21 /AIN/BADINRGEREQ_OER /AIN/79000073 BAdI: Send Number Range Request 
22 /AIN/BADI_AILDEVCGRC /AIN/79000055 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceChangeRequestConfirmation_In 
23 /AIN/BADI_AILDEVCNRC /AIN/79000054 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceCancelRequestConfirmation_In 
24 /AIN/BADI_AILDEVCRRC /AIN/79000056 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceCreateRequestConfirmation_In 
25 /AIN/BADI_AILDEVELQR /AIN/79000052 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceByElementsQueryResponse_In 
26 /AIN/BADI_AILDEVIDQR /AIN/79000053 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceByIDQueryReponse_In 
27 /AIN/BADI_AIL_BYELQR /AIN/79000042 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelByElementsQueryResponse_In 
28 /AIN/BADI_AIL_BYIDQR /AIN/79000043 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelByIDQueryResponse_In 
29 /AIN/BADI_AIL_CANCRC /AIN/79000044 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelCancelRequestConfirmation_In 
30 /AIN/BADI_AIL_CHNGRC /AIN/79000045 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelChangeRequestConfirmation_In 
31 /AIN/BADI_AIL_CREARC /AIN/79000046 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelCreateRequestConfirmation_In 
32 /AIN/BADI_AIL_DEC_RC /AIN/79000047 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDecodeRequestConfirmation_In 
33 /AIN/BADI_AIL_ENC_CR /AIN/79000048 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelEncodeRequestConfirmation_In 
34 /AIN/BADI_AIL_PRNTRC /AIN/79000049 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelPrintRequestConfirmation_In 
35 /AIN/BADI_BUS_DOC_EX /AIN/79000024 BAdI: Generic Business Document Execution Request 
36 /AIN/BADI_ID_CONV /AIN/71000020 BAdI: Encode or Decode User Defined IDs 
37 /AIN/BADI_NRGEREQREC /AIN/79000060 BAdI: Receive Number Range Request 
38 /AIN/BADI_NRGERES_RE /AIN/79000062 BAdI: Receive Response for Number Range Request 
39 /AIN/BADI_NRGE_GEN /AIN/79000050 BAdI: Number Range Administration Enhancements 
40 /AIN/BADI_NRGE_REQ /AIN/79000059 BAdI: Send Number Range Request 
41 /AIN/BADI_NRGE_REQ_R /AIN/79000031 BAdI: Receive Number Range Request 
42 /AIN/BADI_NRGE_RESP /AIN/79000061 BAdI: Send Number Range Response 
43 /AIN/BARCODE_DECODE /AIN/71000021 BAdI: Decoding of Bar Code 
44 /AIN/COMM_HIERARCHY /AIN/38000014 Define Product Hierarchy 
45 /AIN/DEPL_SPECIFIC /AIN/15000003 Deployment-Specific Customizing Activities 
46 /AIN/DM_ATBP /AIN/71000002 Assign Action Type to Business Process 
47 /AIN/DM_ATDGR /AIN/71000003 Assign Action Type to Device Group Role 
48 /AIN/DM_CTRLPARV /AIN/79000051 Define Client-Specific Control Parameters 
49 /AIN/DM_CTRLPARV_OER /AIN/79000063 Define Client-Specific Control Parameters 
50 /AIN/DM_DOC_TYP /AIN/79000012 Define Document Types 
51 /AIN/DM_LOCK_RTY /AIN/79000023 Number of Retries and Wait Times for Critical Resources 
52 /AIN/DM_PRODUCT /AIN/15000004 BAdI: Product Master-Specific Data Retrieval 
53 /AIN/EVENT /AIN/71000009 Define Device Controller Event 
54 /AIN/HTTP_SERVICE /AIN/38000015 Activate HTTP Service for Auto-ID 
55 /AIN/IDMAPPING_F4 /AIN/79000077 BAdI: Define Input Help for ID Mapping 
56 /AIN/IDMAPPING_F4OER /AIN/79000078 BAdI: Define Input Help for ID Mapping 
57 /AIN/IDM_AIILOCIDGET /AIN/46000008 BAdI: Get New Location ID and Description 
58 /AIN/IDM_PROD_ID_GET /AIN/46000007 BAdI: Get New Product ID and Description 
59 /AIN/ID_FROM_BC_COMP /AIN/46000016 BAdI: Construct ID from Components in Bar Code 
60 /AIN/IF_BADI_ASN_IN /AIN/71000033 BAdI: Processing of ASNs 
61 /AIN/IF_BADI_DLV_EL /AIN/71000035 BAdI: Processing of DeliveryElectronicLabelQuery Messages 
62 /AIN/IF_BADI_DLV_EL_ /AIN/71000034 BAdI: Processing of DeliveryElectronicLabelQuery Messages 
63 /AIN/IF_BADI_DLV_EXE /AIN/71000036 BAdI: Processing of DeliveryExecutionRequest Messages 
64 /AIN/KBN_DECODE_BARC /AIN/79000003 BAdI: Decode Barcode for RFID-Enabled Kanban 
65 /AIN/KBN_KANBANSTATU /AIN/79000021 BAdI: Execute Kanban Status Change 
66 /AIN/KBN_PREPARE_ID /AIN/79000004 BAdI: Prepare Creation of Tag ID for RFID-Enabled Kanban 
67 /AIN/KBN_RETRIEVE_MD /AIN/79000022 BAdI: Retrieve Kanban Master Data from External System 
68 /AIN/LOGPORTMAP /AIN/79000014 Map Application Data to Logical Port 
69 /AIN/LOGPORTMAP_FUNC /AIN/79000013 Define Application-Specific Functions for Logical Port Mapping 
70 /AIN/NRGEREQREC_OER /AIN/79000074 BAdI: Receive Number Range Request 
71 /AIN/NRGERESP_OER /AIN/79000075 BAdI: Send Number Range Response 
72 /AIN/OER_SETTINGS /AIN/79000076 Making Settings for SAP Object Event Repository 
73 /AIN/PRF000001 /AIN/71000027 BAdI: Profile Deletion Check 
74 /AIN/PRF000003_2 /AIN/71000030 BAdI: Change Parameters for Profile Determination 
75 /AIN/PUBSERVICE_POBJ /AIN/46000015 BAdI: Generate Object Quantity for Aggregation 
76 /AIN/RFC /AIN/38000016 Create HTTP RFC Connections 
77 /AIN/RP_BADI_RULE_CH /AIN/79000019 BAdI: Check Rule 
78 /AIN/TACT_CAT_V /AIN/79000009 Define Activity Categories 
79 /AIN/TBW_URL /AIN/71000018 Assign BI Query URL 
80 /AIN/TCONDBM_V /AIN/38000005 Define Conditions for Backend and Completion Messages 
81 /AIN/TCONDBM_VSR /AIN/71000013 REFERENCE ONLY: Delivered Conditions for Backend and Completion Messages 
82 /AIN/TCONDEUIMVSR /AIN/79000027 REFERENCE ONLY: SAP Delivered Conditions for Exception Handling UI Messages 
83 /AIN/TCONDEUIM_V /AIN/79000026 Define Conditions for Exception Handling UI Messages 
84 /AIN/TCONDEUIVSR /AIN/79000028 REFERENCE ONLY: SAP Delivered Conditions for Exception Handling UI Messages 
85 /AIN/TCONDFRM_V /AIN/38000004 Define Conditions for Fixed Device Messages 
86 /AIN/TCONDMM_V /AIN/38000003 Define Conditions - SAP Web Console & Desktop UI 
87 /AIN/TCONDMM_VS /AIN/71000011 Default Conditions for Mobile Messages 
88 /AIN/TCONDMM_VSR /AIN/71000012 REFERENCE ONLY: Delivd. Condit.- SAP Web Console & Desktop UI 
89 /AIN/TCONDUIMVSR /AIN/79000029 REFERENCE ONLY: Delivered Conditions - Mobile Device Messages 
90 /AIN/TCONDUIM_V /AIN/79000025 Define Conditions - Mobile Device Messages 
91 /AIN/TDCMSGSER /AIN/71000019 Set Processing Preferences for Device Controller/ Message Type 
92 /AIN/TDGROLE /AIN/38000013 Define Device Group Role 
93 /AIN/TDGTYPE /AIN/38000012 Define Device Group Type 
94 /AIN/TIDM_EPCIS /AIN/46000006 Define EPCIS-Relevant ID Type 
95 /AIN/TIDM_HEADER /AIN/46000001 Specify Removable ID Headers 
96 /AIN/TIDM_SSLT /AIN/46000002 Site Sublocation Type 
97 /AIN/TIDM_SSLTA /AIN/46000003 Site Sublocation Type Attribute 
98 /AIN/TIDM_SSLTA_OER /AIN/46000005 Site Sublocation Type Attribute 
99 /AIN/TIDM_SSLT_OER /AIN/46000004 Site Sublocation Type 
100 /AIN/TID_TYPEOBJ /AIN/79000010 Specify Possible ID Type for Object Type 
101 /AIN/TLOCEXTTYPE /AIN/71000014 Define External Location Types 
102 /AIN/TLOCEXTTYPE_OER /AIN/79000068 Define External Location Types 
103 /AIN/TOBJ_CAT_V /AIN/79000015 Define Physical Object Categories 
104 /AIN/TPRNDETPRFC /AIN/38000026 Classes to determine profile 
105 /AIN/TPRNGTNFLPR /AIN/38000019 Assign profile to GTIN and Filter Value 
106 /AIN/TSAMPLE_UI /AIN/71000031 Assign Sample UI URL 
107 /AIN/TUI_MOB_URL /AIN/16000001 Assign Auto-ID Mobile UI URL 
108 /AIN/TUI_URL /AIN/71000010 Assign Auto-ID Cockpit URL 
109 /AIN/TU_VC_ERR /AIN/71000007 Define Mobile Device Errors 
110 /AIN/TU_VC_TAG /AIN/71000008 Define Tag Formats 
111 /AIN/TU_V_FLD_NM /AIN/71000016 Define Tag Fields 
112 /AIN/TXIMSG /AIN/38000011 REFERENCE ONLY: Define Exchange Infrastructure Messages and Mapping 
113 /AIN/TXIMSG_C /AIN/15000005 Define Exchange Infrastructure Messages and Mapping 
114 /AIN/T_BUS_PRO /AIN/38000022 Define Business Processes 
115 /AIN/T_FORMAT_V /AIN/38000020 Assign format to printer and profile 
116 /AIN/T_UE_RSN /AIN/38000021 Maintain Reasons for Unexpected Events (UE) 
117 /AIN/UI_DOCUMENT_OUT /AIN/79000040 BAdI: Document Search User Interface Enhancement 
118 /AIN/VACTPACKLEV /AIN/71000001 Assign Pack Levels to Filter Values 
119 /AIN/VACTPCKLEVS /AIN/71000015 REFERENCE ONLY: SAP Delivered Pack Levels 
120 /AIN/VBCSAITYDEF /AIN/79000035 REFERENCE ONLY: SAP Delivered Bar Code Types 
121 /AIN/VBC_ELMCOMP /AIN/79000036 Maintain Composite Bar Code Element 
122 /AIN/VCPRF_OBJCTX /AIN/79000005 Maintain User Data Profile 
123 /AIN/VCPRF_OPRUI /AIN/79000017 Maintain Operator UI Profile 
124 /AIN/VC_ACTIVITIES /AIN/38000008 Define Activities 
125 /AIN/VC_BARCODE /AIN/38000023 Define Bar Code Types and Element Identifiers 
126 /AIN/VC_DCMSGMAP /AIN/38000007 Define Device Controller Types 
127 /AIN/VC_ELEMSET /AIN/38000017 Maintain Element Sets and Attributes 
128 /AIN/VC_ELEMSET_OER /AIN/79000067 Maintain Element Sets and Attributes 
129 /AIN/VC_EPC /AIN/38000006 Maintain ID Types 
130 /AIN/VC_EPCISVOC /AIN/15000001 Display Internal and External Formats of EPCIS Vocabulary 
131 /AIN/VC_EPC_OER /AIN/79000065 Maintain ID Types 
132 /AIN/VC_ESETCTO /AIN/79000016 Maintain Condition Tables for Object Category Determination 
133 /AIN/VC_ESETCTP /AIN/79000007 Maintain Condition Tables for Profile Determination 
134 /AIN/VC_ISS_AGNC /AIN/79000018 Maintain Internal & External IAC 
135 /AIN/VC_ISS_AGNC_OER /AIN/79000064 Maintain Internal & External IAC 
136 /AIN/VC_PRFID /AIN/79000006 Maintain ID Profile 
137 /AIN/VC_PRFID_OER /AIN/79000066 Maintain ID Profile 
138 /AIN/VC_PROFILE /AIN/38000018 Maintain Print Profile 
139 /AIN/VC_RULECOND /AIN/38000002 Define Condit. Types, Applic. Log, & Monitoring for Msg. Type 
140 /AIN/VC_RULEDEF /AIN/38000001 Define Rules 
141 /AIN/VPRF_DOCDET /AIN/79000039 Assign Element Sets to Document Context Profile 
142 /AIN/VPRF_PRFDET /AIN/79000008 Assign Condition Table Set to Usages 
143 /AIN/VPRNFILTER /AIN/71000006 Assign profile to Filter Value 
144 /AIN/VPRNGRAIFLT /AIN/71000005 Assign profile to GRAI and Filter Value 
145 /AIN/VUIBUSPGRAI /AIN/71000004 Assign profile to Business Process and GRAI 
146 /AIN/VUIBUSPROC /AIN/71000017 Assign Profile to Business Process and Encoding Type 
147 /AIN/V_TBIZSTEP /AIN/79000037 Define Business Steps 
148 /AIN/V_TBIZSTEP_OER /AIN/79000070 Define Business Steps 
149 /AIN/V_TBTTYPE /AIN/79000041 Define Business Transaction Types 
150 /AIN/V_TBTTYPE_OER /AIN/79000069 Define Business Transaction Types 
151 /AIN/V_TDISP /AIN/79000038 Define Disposition Codes 
152 /AIN/V_TDISP_OER /AIN/79000071 Define Disposition Codes 
153 /AIN/V_UPD_BW /AIN/38000024 BI Update Settings 
154 /AIN/V_UPD_CCMS /AIN/38000025 Maintain CCMS Update Flags 
155 /BA1/F4_15_IR_REL01 /BA1/70000039 Assign Release Procedure to Release Object 
156 /BA1/F4_FX_CUS /BA1/26000176 Information About Currency Customizing in Financial Services 
157 /BA1/F4_IR_AUTH_CHK /BA1/40000012 BAdI: Extended Authorization Check for Reference Interest Rates 
158 /BA1/F4_OY03 /BA1/26000177 Check Currency Codes 
159 /BA1/F4_OY04 /BA1/26000178 Set Decimal Places for Currencies 
160 /BA1/F4_SEC_CORP_ACT /BA1/22000894 BAdI: Model for Corporate Actions 
161 /BA1/F4_V15IRR /BA1/70000041 Assign Release Procedure to Release Procedure Workflow 
162 /BA1/F4_VV15IR /BA1/70000040 Assign Rule to Release Steps 
163 /BA1/F4_V_TCURN /BA1/75000011 Define Standard Quotation for Exchange Rates 
164 /BA1/F4_YIELD_CURVE /BA1/40000014 BAdI: Model for External Yield Curve 
165 /BA1/VC_TF4_APPL /BA1/58000006 Create Application 
166 /BA1/VC_TF4_FXRT /BA1/22000206 Define Exchange Rate Categories and Translation Ratios 
167 /BA1/VC_TF4_IR /BA1/26000088 Edit Reference Interest Rates and Yield Curves 
168 /BA1/VC_TF4_MDST /BA1/22000347 Create Market Data Set 
169 /BA1/VC_TF4_MSTR /BA1/79000153 Edit Maturity Structures 
170 /BA1/VC_TF4_RR /BA1/03000057 Define Reference Interest Rates 
171 /BA1/VC_TF4_SCEN /BA1/22000264 Edit Market Data Scenarios 
172 /BA1/VC_TF4_SCNP /BA1/22000265 Edit Scenario Progressions 
173 /BA1/VC_TF4_SCNS /BA1/24000003 Edit Scenario Sequences 
174 /BA1/VC_TF4_SEC /BA1/22000205 Edit Customizing for Security Prices 
175 /BA1/VC_TF4_VCLU /BA1/22000472 Create Cluster from Volatility Types 
176 /BA1/V_TF4_CACTG /BA1/22000858 Define Corporate Action Categories 
177 /BA1/V_TF4_CAIMP /BA1/22000860 Select Implementation for Corporate Actions 
178 /BA1/V_TF4_COMP /BA1/43000001 Select Activated Components 
179 /BA1/V_TF4_FXKST /BA1/03000005 Map Exchange Rate Category to Exchange Rate Type 
180 /BA1/V_TF4_MDC /BA1/26000087 Create Market Data Area 
181 /BA1/V_TF4_MDSCN /BA1/22000725 Create Scenarios 
182 /BA1/V_TF4_PINFO /BA1/22000589 Assign Price Units to Security 
183 /BA1/V_TF4_RRCCB /BA1/03000051 Define Calculation Bases 
184 /BA1/V_TF4_RRCTG /BA1/03000056 Define Categories for Reference Interest Rate 
185 /BA1/V_TF4_SCNCO /BA1/15000040 Edit Composite Scenarios 
186 /BA1/V_TF4_SCTYP /BA1/83000054 Edit Spread Curve Types 
187 /BA1/V_TF4_VOLID /BA1/24000039 Create Non-Underlying-Based Volatility Structures 
188 /BA1/V_TF4_VTYP /BA1/22000471 Edit Volatility Types 
189 /BCV/SIN_SES_TRANSFO /BCV/28000065 BAdI: Transformation of SES Data 
190 /BEV1/ECCODE /BEV1/91000024 Routines for Contract Check and F4 Input Help 
191 /BEV1/ECMITD /BEV1/91000022 Reconciliation Accounts for Extra Charge 
192 /BEV1/EMDASV /BEV1/91000082 Sort Variants 
193 /BEV1/EMDKZ /BEV1/91000081 Indicator for Print Suppression 
194 /BEV1/EMFAKTA /BEV1/91000098 Billing Types Without Empties Update 
195 /BEV1/EMFAS1 /BEV1/91000083 Material Sorting: Sales Documents 
196 /BEV1/EMFAS2 /BEV1/91000084 Material Sorting: Shipping Documents 
197 /BEV1/EMFAS3 /BEV1/91000085 Material Sorting: Groups 
198 /BEV1/EMFAS4 /BEV1/91000086 Material Sorting: Billing Documents 
199 /BEV1/EMGRP /BEV1/91000103 Manage Empties Groups 
200 /BEV1/EMLGFLD /BEV1/91000099 Manage Empties Fields 
201 /BEV1/EMLGMAT /BEV1/91000105 Material for Manual Empties Return Block 
202 /BEV1/EMMATR /BEV1/91000104 Calculation Matrix for Empties 
203 /BEV1/EMMTART /BEV1/91000101 Material Types That Determine Empties 
204 /BEV1/EMN /BEV1/91000106 Number Range for Empties Update 
205 /BEV1/EMPART /BEV1/91000100 Determine Empties Account Holder 
206 /BEV1/EMPTYP /BEV1/91000102 Manage Item Categories for Empties 
207 /BEV1/LUT903 /BEV1/91000175 Units of Measure and Tolerances 
208 /BEV1/LUT904 /BEV1/91000176 Unit of Measure Divisor for Loading Units 
209 /BEV1/LUT906 /BEV1/91000177 Check Table for LU Groups for Material Master 
210 /BEV1/LUTA /BEV1/91000173 Permissible Document Types - Order 
211 /BEV1/LUTL /BEV1/91000174 Permissible Document Types - Delivery 
212 /BEV1/NESETTINGS /BEV1/10000557 Activate Empties Management 
213 /BEV1/NE_ITEM_PO /BEV1/10000796 BAdI: Postprocess Generated Empties Purchase Order Items 
214 /BEV1/SRABF /BEV1/91000120 Filling Facilities 
215 /BEV1/SRBEF /BEV1/91000116 Analysis Key 
216 /BEV1/SRBF /BEV1/91000123 Additional Analysis Keys 
217 /BEV1/SRBLG /BEV1/91000115 Document Types for Sales Returns 
218 /BEV1/SRBSTY /BEV1/91000118 Assign Analysis Key to Item Categories 
219 /BEV1/SRINH /BEV1/91000121 Contents 
220 /BEV1/SRKV /BEV1/91000122 Keg Lock 
221 /BEV1/SRVS /BEV1/91000117 Refunding Key 
222 /BEV1/SR_MAIL /BEV1/91000188 Recipient for Express Mail from Background Processing 
223 /BEV1/SR_MP_MT_M /BEV1/91000186 Field Assignment Order -> Material Movement 
224 /BEV1/TSABER /BEV1/91000142 Application Area 
225 /BEV1/TSAGRP /BEV1/91000143 Application Group 
226 /BEV1/TSSAIDEF /BEV1/91000147 Season Definition 
227 /BEV1/TSSAIFLG /BEV1/91000148 Season Sequences 
228 /BEV1/TSSEQFL /BEV1/91000149 Layout for Rearrangement of Sales Routes 
229 /BEV1/TSSGLSET /BEV1/91000150 Global Settings Statistics Telephone Sales 
230 /BEV1/TSSSPBFE /BEV1/91000158 Single Documents Permissible Document Types Column Fine Definition 
231 /BEV1/TSSSPBFT /BEV1/91000157 Statistics Column Fine Definition - Settings per Transaction Group 
232 /BEV1/TSSSPBG /BEV1/91000156 Column Definition Statistics Telephone Sales 
233 /BEV1/TSSTMATS /BEV1/91000155 Type/Material Status Sales and Distribution 
234 /BEV1/TSSVARI /BEV1/91000218 Fast Entry: Define Additional Fields 
235 /BEV1/TSSVBEL /BEV1/91000146 Select Sales Documents 
236 /BEV1/TSSVBEL2 /BEV1/91000139 Select Sales Documents 
237 /BEV1/TSSVBEL2_V /BEV1/01002508 Select Sales Documents 
238 /BEV1/TSSVBFL /BEV1/91000140 Select Fields for Document Header/Item Display 
239 /BEV1/TSSVBZB /BEV1/91000138 Define Permissible Order Types 
240 /BEV1/TSSZTYP /BEV1/91000151 Types for Material Allocation 
241 /BEV1/TSVB /BEV1/91000141 Settings for Sales Area 
242 /BEV1/TSVM /BEV1/91000145 Sales Methods 
243 /BEV1/TSZTYMAVT /BEV1/91000154 Types/Material Allocation Sales Area 
244 /BEV1/TSZYK /BEV1/91000144 Phone Call Cycle 
245 /BEV1/TS_SPHA /BEV1/91000153 SAPPhone: Administration 
246 /BEV1/TS_VOC0 /BEV1/91000152 Configure Sales Activity List 
247 /BEV1/VDT685BV /BEV1/91000162 Assign Shipping Messages/Billing Type 
248 /BEV2/CS_BADI /BEV2/85000028 BAdI: Enhancement for EMCS Process 
249 /BEV2/CS_CCODE /BEV2/85000023 Define Product Category Codes 
250 /BEV2/CS_DEL /BEV2/85000026 Define Delivery Types for EMCS Control 
251 /BEV2/CS_EMCS /BEV2/85000021 Activate EMCS 
252 /BEV2/CS_MMTYP /BEV2/85000024 Define Relevant Movement Types and Process Usage 
253 /BEV2/CS_ORDER /BEV2/85000025 Define Order Types for EMCS Control 
254 /BEV2/CS_PCODE /BEV2/85000022 Define Product Codes 
255 /BEV2/CS_PLANT /BEV2/85000027 Define Journey Time Between Plants 
256 /BEV2/CS_SNRO /BEV2/85000041 Define Number Range Intervals 
257 /BEV2/ED901 /BEV2/91000034 Maintain Tax Types 
258 /BEV2/ED902 /BEV2/91000044 Define Tax Warehouse 
259 /BEV2/ED902ADR /BEV2/01002113 Addresses for Tax Warehouse 
260 /BEV2/ED903 /BEV2/91000042 Warehouse Assignment 
261 /BEV2/ED905 /BEV2/91000053 Movement Category for Tax Type 
262 /BEV2/ED906 /BEV2/91000052 Movement Category for Movement Type 
263 /BEV2/ED907 /BEV2/91000060 Maintain Characteristics of Stock Ledger Groups 
264 /BEV2/ED907K /BEV2/91000061 Create New Stock Ledger Groups 
265 /BEV2/ED908 /BEV2/91000058 Maintain Print Formats 
266 /BEV2/ED910 /BEV2/91000160 Order Reasons 
267 /BEV2/ED911 /BEV2/91000062 Customer groups 
268 /BEV2/ED914 /BEV2/91000054 Movement Categories 
269 /BEV2/ED915 /BEV2/91000043 Settlement Unit 
270 /BEV2/ED916 /BEV2/91000051 Movement Category for Cost Center 
271 /BEV2/ED917 /BEV2/91000063 Print control 
272 /BEV2/ED917ARC /BEV2/91000196 Maintain Parameters for Optical Archiving 
273 /BEV2/ED918 /BEV2/91000065 Tax rates 
274 /BEV2/ED919 /BEV2/91000050 Permissible Subsequent Postings 
275 /BEV2/ED920 /BEV2/91000161 Item categories 
276 /BEV2/ED921 /BEV2/91000033 Basic Settings 
277 /BEV2/ED922 /BEV2/91000041 List Header 
278 /BEV2/ED923 /BEV2/91000049 Define Storage Types 
279 /BEV2/ED924 /BEV2/91000048 Shrinkage Storage Type 
280 /BEV2/ED925 /BEV2/91000047 Shrinkage Storage Location 
281 /BEV2/ED926 /BEV2/91000046 Theoretical Shrinkage 
282 /BEV2/ED927 /BEV2/91000045 Actual Shrinkage 
283 /BEV2/ED937B /BEV2/01000034 ALV: Conditions for Filling Additional Fields 
284 /BEV2/ED937K /BEV2/01000033 ALV: Maintain Additional Fields 
285 /BEV2/ED938 /BEV2/91000057 Maintain Print Format Items 
286 /BEV2/ED947 /BEV2/91000059 Replace Stock Ledger Groups 
287 /BEV2/ED951 /BEV2/91000039 Maintain Procurement Types Schema 
288 /BEV2/ED952 /BEV2/91000038 Assign Procurement Types to Schema 
289 /BEV2/ED953 /BEV2/91000056 Maintain Block Schema for Stock Ledger Groups 
290 /BEV2/ED954 /BEV2/91000055 Assign Procurement Types to Block Schema 
291 /BEV2/ED955 /BEV2/91000037 Maintain Tax Type Independent Material Groups 
292 /BEV2/ED956 /BEV2/91000036 Maintain Tax Type Dependent Material Groups 
293 /BEV2/ED960 /BEV2/91000198 Definition of Special Partner Types in Excise Duties 
294 /BEV2/ED961 /BEV2/91000199 Maintenance of Special Partner Types Allowed for Ship-To Parties 
295 /BEV2/ED962 /BEV2/91000200 Maintenance of Special Partner Types Allowed for Vendors 
296 /BEV2/ED963 /BEV2/91000201 Assignment of Customer Group Ship-To Party to Special Partner Types 
297 /BEV2/ED966 /BEV2/91000202 Maintenance of EU-Affiliated Non-EU Countries 
298 /BEV2/ED970 /BEV2/91000195 Maintain List Types for Optical Archiving 
299 /BEV2/ED994O /BEV2/91000068 Database Adjustment ED Read Operations 
300 /BEV2/ED995 /BEV2/91000067 Replace ED Standard Forms (SAP Script) 
301 /BEV2/ED995SF_V /BEV2/91000185 Replace ED Standard Forms (SmartForms) 
302 /BEV2/ED996 /BEV2/91000064 Inserted Sheets in Collective Filing 
303 /BEV2/ED997 /BEV2/91000066 Replace ED Standard Programs 
304 /BEV2/ED998 /BEV2/91000070 Report Thresholds 
305 /BEV2/ED999 /BEV2/91000069 Error messages 
306 /BEV2/EDZUS1 /BEV2/91000040 Additional Charges 
307 /BEV3/CH40 /BEV3/77000402 Object Master 
308 /BEV3/CH41 /BEV3/77000404 Object spaces 
309 /BEV3/CH42 /BEV3/77000406 Valuation 
310 /BEV3/CH43 /BEV3/77000403 Partner assignment 
311 /BEV3/CH44 /BEV3/77000408 Purchase Expectation 
312 /BEV3/CH45 /BEV3/77000405 Business Hours 
313 /BEV3/CH46 /BEV3/77000407 Performance 
314 /BEV3/CHAR /BEV3/77000412 Relevance Table for Exception Analysis 
315 /BEV3/CHAUTHGRP /BEV3/01000008 Authorization group 
316 /BEV3/CHAV_EFFZI /BEV3/77000261 FIMA effective interest rate sign 
317 /BEV3/CHAV_KOND /BEV3/77000260 FIMA Condition Groups 
318 /BEV3/CHBDGBROWSER /BEV3/77000414 Condition Browser 
319 /BEV3/CHBDGSTBLD /BEV3/77000252 Strategy Builder 
320 /BEV3/CHBL /BEV3/77000304 Amount Lists 
321 /BEV3/CHBT /BEV3/77000075 Generate Interface Modules 
322 /BEV3/CHCAAOBJ /BEV3/77000197 Settlement information object 
323 /BEV3/CHCAATAB /BEV3/77000200 Settlement information table 
324 /BEV3/CHCABSAST /BEV3/77000416 Sales Scale 
326 /BEV3/CHCA_FBS /BEV3/77000118 Assignment Exception ID - Evaluation FM 
327 /BEV3/CHCA_RV /BEV3/77000119 Log display: possible relevance levels of exceptions 
328 /BEV3/CHCBASDRNG /BEV3/77000192 Permissible period for to-settlement selection date 
329 /BEV3/CHCBDGIODV /BEV3/77000108 Input_Output_Design 
330 /BEV3/CHCBDGKLASSE /BEV3/77000109 Condition Classes 
331 /BEV3/CHCBDGLISTV /BEV3/77000130 Condition Lists 
332 /BEV3/CHCBDGMOD /BEV3/77000117 Condition Module 
333 /BEV3/CHCBDGPO /BEV3/77000135 Condition log object assignment to conditions/log type 
334 /BEV3/CHCBDGPRIM /BEV3/77000110 Log module INPUT 
335 /BEV3/CHCBDGPROM /BEV3/77000101 Log module OUTPUT 
336 /BEV3/CHCBDGPTIN /BEV3/77000105 Log type INPUT 
337 /BEV3/CHCBDGPTOUT /BEV3/77000102 Log type OUTPUT 
338 /BEV3/CHCBDGSTRG /BEV3/77000104 Log control 
339 /BEV3/CHCBG /BEV3/77000137 Condition Groups 
340 /BEV3/CHCBPO0350 /BEV3/77000131 Field name (350) dep. on BPO and date (AC-RI-ENT) 
341 /BEV3/CHCC /BEV3/77000379 Maintenance objects 
342 /BEV3/CHCCLSF /BEV3/01000014 Classification 
343 /BEV3/CHCDOKUPFAD /BEV3/77000358 Documentation Path 
344 /BEV3/CHCDOKUPOOL /BEV3/77000359 Documentation File Names 
345 /BEV3/CHCDPAS /BEV3/01000002 CDP: Definition of Application Areas 
346 /BEV3/CHCDPASP /BEV3/01000003 CDP: Control 
347 /BEV3/CHCDPFBV /BEV3/01000004 CDP: Function Modules 
348 /BEV3/CHCDPPARMV /BEV3/01000005 CDP: Definition of Parameters 
349 /BEV3/CHCDPPROCV /BEV3/01000018 CDP: Definition of application area of the update 
350 /BEV3/CHCDPTABV /BEV3/01000007 CDP: Definition of Database Tables 
351 /BEV3/CHCEITR /BEV3/77000316 Subrogation 
352 /BEV3/CHCERGPER /BEV3/01000022 Supplement - periods to be supplemented 
353 /BEV3/CHCEVACC /BEV3/77000059 Event Account Process 
354 /BEV3/CHCEVAD /BEV3/77000060 Event Administration 
355 /BEV3/CHCEVADPR /BEV3/77000073 Event Administration Process 
356 /BEV3/CHCEVCL /BEV3/77000064 Event Classes 
357 /BEV3/CHCEVDEL /BEV3/77000055 Min. retention period before deletion 
358 /BEV3/CHCEVDELP /BEV3/77000056 Event Delete Process 
359 /BEV3/CHCEVDIST /BEV3/77000074 Event Distribute Process 
360 /BEV3/CHCEVEVLICL /BEV3/77000062 Event <-> Event Listener Class 
361 /BEV3/CHCEVLIDM /BEV3/77000090 Event listener demand ID 
362 /BEV3/CHCEVPRFA /BEV3/77000065 Error numbers in event process 
363 /BEV3/CHCEVRES /BEV3/77000072 Event Reserve Process 
364 /BEV3/CHCEVVEO /BEV3/77000061 CH EventObject 
365 /BEV3/CHCEVVWD1030EX /BEV3/77000092 Permissible Events - Combination CHD /1030 
366 /BEV3/CHCFBKAT /BEV3/77000229 Category of a FM (in Create-Invoice-Interface) 
367 /BEV3/CHCFDFIELD /BEV3/77000290 Target Fields of Agreements 
368 /BEV3/CHCFLT /BEV3/01000011 Filter 
369 /BEV3/CHCFORMELF /BEV3/77000282 Calculation formula 
370 /BEV3/CHCFRML /BEV3/77000278 Formula Builder 
371 /BEV3/CHCFSOSV /BEV3/77000395 Create/Delete Release/Lock Object (RLO) 
372 /BEV3/CHCG /BEV3/77000392 Copy Field Status and Maintenance Overview 
373 /BEV3/CHCH /BEV3/77000377 Transfer Transaction Types to TZB0A 
374 /BEV3/CHCHASB /BEV3/77000311 Tap/Dispenser Use 
375 /BEV3/CHCHDPV /BEV3/01000027 Assignment of report for evaluation agreement 
376 /BEV3/CHCIMATART /BEV3/77000210 Material Type CH 
377 /BEV3/CHCIMATNR /BEV3/77000209 Settlement material CH 
378 /BEV3/CHCIPR /BEV3/77000230 CH Standard Process 
379 /BEV3/CHCIPRO /BEV3/77000220 Interface Processes 
380 /BEV3/CHCIVORG /BEV3/77000381 Business Process Basic Control 
381 /BEV3/CHCI_AUART /BEV3/77000213 Allowed Sales Order Types 
382 /BEV3/CHCI_FKART /BEV3/77000227 Permissible Billing Types 
383 /BEV3/CHCI_STGRK /BEV3/77000226 Permissible Statistics Groups 
384 /BEV3/CHCI_STKLVORG /BEV3/77000214 Permissible tax classifications CH events 
385 /BEV3/CHCI_STKM /BEV3/77000219 Tax classification 
386 /BEV3/CHCI_VORG /BEV3/77000212 Business process basic control 
387 /BEV3/CHCI_VORGD_001 /BEV3/77000211 Business process detail control (settlement-/document item) 
388 /BEV3/CHCKMPLBCHGRP /BEV3/77000096 Complement posting group (BTE) 
389 /BEV3/CHCLEISTBEW /BEV3/77000317 Performance Valuation 
390 /BEV3/CHCLISTDEFINE /BEV3/77000171 Parameter definitions for list viewer reports 
391 /BEV3/CHCLISTFNAME /BEV3/77000169 Language-dependent texts for field headers 
392 /BEV3/CHCLSPGCHK /BEV3/77000398 Execution release 
393 /BEV3/CHCL_ERF /BEV3/77000308 Requirement ID for amount types 
394 /BEV3/CHCL_FELD /BEV3/77000309 Fields of table /BEV3/CHLERF 
395 /BEV3/CHCL_LART /BEV3/77000285 Amount types 
396 /BEV3/CHCL_LFORM /BEV3/77000305 Amount form 
397 /BEV3/CHCL_PRUEF /BEV3/77000302 Test modules for fields of external amounts 
398 /BEV3/CHCL_STAT /BEV3/77000307 Status of an external amount 
399 /BEV3/CHCNDDSCR /BEV3/01000013 Node name 
400 /BEV3/CHCNDNAME /BEV3/01000012 Node name 
401 /BEV3/CHCOBJTAB /BEV3/77000411 Object master tables 
402 /BEV3/CHCPERI /BEV3/77000314 Period 
403 /BEV3/CHCPG /BEV3/77000276 Period groups 
404 /BEV3/CHCPTXSP /BEV3/77000216 Language-dependent entries in item text parts 
405 /BEV3/CHCR /BEV3/77000279 Overview 
406 /BEV3/CHCRGKLTAB /BEV3/77000393 Rule class tables 
407 /BEV3/CHCRUNDG /BEV3/77000410 Rounding 
408 /BEV3/CHCS345 /BEV3/77000355 Filter maintenance 
409 /BEV3/CHCS345GRENZE /BEV3/77000348 Enter limiting filter number 
410 /BEV3/CHCS345_0107 /BEV3/77000333 Filter maintenance 
411 /BEV3/CHCSALA /BEV3/77000312 Payment in Kind Type 
412 /BEV3/CHCSALG /BEV3/77000313 Payment in Kind Group 
413 /BEV3/CHCSOCB_MARA /BEV3/77000329 Material master: General data 
414 /BEV3/CHCSOCB_MVKE /BEV3/77000310 Material master: Sales data 
415 /BEV3/CHCSOCB_SORTTY /BEV3/77000286 Product proposal types 
416 /BEV3/CHCSORTCB /BEV3/77000327 Check Modules 
417 /BEV3/CHCSORTTYP /BEV3/77000331 Product proposal types 
418 /BEV3/CHCSTABR /BEV3/77000150 Basic settings of settlement cancellation 
419 /BEV3/CHCSTAF /BEV3/77000415 Scales 
420 /BEV3/CHCTBE01 /BEV3/77000362 Event maintenance 
421 /BEV3/CHCTFSOBV /BEV3/77000396 Object existence 
422 /BEV3/CHCTVBKLTB /BEV3/77000383 Agreement class tables 
423 /BEV3/CHCUMPRST /BEV3/77000417 Sales percentage scale 
424 /BEV3/CHCVALI1 /BEV3/77000418 Validation table CH transactions 
425 /BEV3/CHCVARREP /BEV3/77000361 Reports to be started with variant popup 
426 /BEV3/CHCVBFIMA1 /BEV3/77000262 FIMA Conversions 
427 /BEV3/CHCVBWBKRI /BEV3/77000248 RI, DAPART, contract view dependent on contract movement type 
428 /BEV3/CHCVERDSTRVV /BEV3/77000272 Compression strategy CH 
429 /BEV3/CHCVERW /BEV3/77000322 Use 
430 /BEV3/CHCVKTORP /BEV3/77000409 Settlement-specific representation of an agreement class 
431 /BEV3/CHCVORGEV /BEV3/77000397 Process Result Control 
432 /BEV3/CHCVRABRF /BEV3/77000413 Settlement method for clearing transactions 
433 /BEV3/CHCWS_DST /BEV3/77000372 Value date service 
434 /BEV3/CHCWS_FORM /BEV3/77000375 Value date formula 
435 /BEV3/CHCWS_KAT /BEV3/77000374 Value date category 
436 /BEV3/CHCWS_PRO /BEV3/77000373 Value date process 
437 /BEV3/CHCWS_TAG /BEV3/77000376 Min./max. days for formula determination 
438 /BEV3/CHC_KAWDEF /BEV3/77000174 Definition of the CEV evaluations 
439 /BEV3/CHC_KAWDEFINE /BEV3/77000176 Evaluation parameter ALV 
440 /BEV3/CHC_KAWFB /BEV3/77000179 Customizing: Control of the FuMos 
441 /BEV3/CHC_KAWFB_DETA /BEV3/77000178 Customizing: Control of the FuMos (in the FM) 
442 /BEV3/CHC_KAWFIELD /BEV3/77000175 Evaluation Reports - Field Definitions 
443 /BEV3/CHC_KAWTAB /BEV3/77000177 Definition of the CEV evaluation tables 
444 /BEV3/CHC_PROT /BEV3/01000017 Waiting time for deleting logs 
445 /BEV3/CHDVWANBINDUNG /BEV3/77000315 CD - CHD connection 
446 /BEV3/CHEB /BEV3/77000284 External amounts 
447 /BEV3/CHF2 /BEV3/77000390 Field status for CHD 
448 /BEV3/CHFS /BEV3/77000391 Field status for agreements 
449 /BEV3/CHGRS /BEV3/77000394 Office control 
450 /BEV3/CHLDGRFLD /BEV3/01000019 Fields from FI-SL journal entry table for CH 
451 /BEV3/CHLEDGER /BEV3/01000001 Ledger for Contract Handling 
452 /BEV3/CHOBJSTAMMDOKU /BEV3/77000039 Document connection 
453 /BEV3/CHPERS /BEV3/77000046 Employee responsible for object performance and valuation 
454 /BEV3/CHPRSTCI /BEV3/77000225 Process control create invoice 
455 /BEV3/CHPT /BEV3/77000215 Maintenance of posting texts 
456 /BEV3/CHRA /BEV3/77000387 Create Rules 
457 /BEV3/CHRB /BEV3/77000388 Change Rules 
458 /BEV3/CHRC /BEV3/77000389 Display Rules 
459 /BEV3/CHRDSTAT /BEV3/77000288 Modules to read statistics 
460 /BEV3/CHREPFLDV /BEV3/01000025 Field definitions for ALV evaluation reports 
461 /BEV3/CHREPPARM /BEV3/01000024 Parameters for Evaluation Reports 
462 /BEV3/CHREPSRTV /BEV3/01000026 Sort variants for ALV evaluation reports 
463 /BEV3/CHRGTRANS /BEV3/77000401 Rule transport 
464 /BEV3/CHRLINKTYP /BEV3/77000078 Linktype-in-variants for link types 
465 /BEV3/CHRT /BEV3/77000378 Table list 
466 /BEV3/CHRULE125 /BEV3/01000028 Rule maintenance for control times 1/2/5 
467 /BEV3/CHSETTINGSADM /BEV3/01000020 Administer user settings 
468 /BEV3/CHSNUM /BEV3/77000326 Number ranges for product proposals 
469 /BEV3/CHTK /BEV3/77000386 Transport and Copy tool for Contracts 
470 /BEV3/CHTRSTI /BEV3/77000363 Report - Report interface assignments 
471 /BEV3/CHVAGCLSF /BEV3/01000015 Assignment: Agreement to classification 
472 /BEV3/CHVA_DRG /BEV3/77000185 Output groups 
473 /BEV3/CHVA_DRG_ZUORD /BEV3/77000190 Assignment CH Business Transactions 
474 /BEV3/CHVA_DRK_FUSS /BEV3/77000186 Form footer control 
475 /BEV3/CHVA_DRK_KPF /BEV3/77000180 Form header control 
476 /BEV3/CHVA_DRK_MAIN /BEV3/77000188 Control main area contract statement 
477 /BEV3/CHVA_FORMDEF /BEV3/77000151 Define Forms 
478 /BEV3/CHVA_FORMGR /BEV3/77000181 Form layout group 
479 /BEV3/CHVA_FORM_AUSG /BEV3/77000156 Permitted forms 
480 /BEV3/CHVA_FUBA_BELE /BEV3/77000148 Allowed function modules document selection 
481 /BEV3/CHVA_FUBA_FUSS /BEV3/77000153 Allowed function modules document footer processing 
482 /BEV3/CHVA_FUBA_KOPF /BEV3/77000155 Allowed function modules document header processing 
483 /BEV3/CHVA_FUBA_MAIN /BEV3/77000154 Allowed function modules document main area processing 
484 /BEV3/CHVA_KOMSTR /BEV3/77000184 Assignment function module for contract statement control 
485 /BEV3/CHVA_KOMSTR_FK /BEV3/77000149 Allowed function modules communication control 
486 /BEV3/CHVA_KOMSTR_GR /BEV3/77000168 Communication control groups 
487 /BEV3/CHVA_KOND /BEV3/77000189 Output control for conditions from SD 
488 /BEV3/CHVA_NACHTART /BEV3/77000173 Control output types for contract statement 
489 /BEV3/CHVA_NCHVRA_PF /BEV3/77000172 Output processing 
490 /BEV3/CHVA_NUM /BEV3/77000152 Number ranges contract statement 
491 /BEV3/CHVA_PRG_AUSG /BEV3/77000146 Allowed output programs for contract statement 
492 /BEV3/CHVA_SPOOL_001 /BEV3/77000183 Detailed data communication contract statement 
493 /BEV3/CHVA_SPOOL_002 /BEV3/77000182 Detailed data communication contract statement per contract 
494 /BEV3/CHVA_STAT /BEV3/77000187 Compression Statistics 
495 /BEV3/CHVA_STAT_TAB /BEV3/77000147 Allowed statistics tables for compression 
496 /BEV3/CHVCLSFFLT /BEV3/01000016 Assignment: Classification to filter 
497 /BEV3/CHVRS /BEV3/77000380 Settlement Modules 
498 /BEV3/CHVSIMKONT /BEV3/77000384 Account views in the extended settlement simulation 
499 /BEV3/CHVSIMSALD /BEV3/77000385 Balancing methods in the settlement simulation 
500 /BEV3/CHVTRLNG /BEV3/01000023 Display languages in contract tree