SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index D
IMG Activity - D
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 DARLART_DEFINIEREN S_ALR_87004577 Define Loan Types 
2 DARLSICH S_ALR_87004569 Collateral 
3 DARTX_0001 S_L1B_76000025 Define Segment 
4 DARTX_0002 S_L1B_76000026 Maintain Relationships Between Segments 
5 DARTX_0003 S_L1B_76000027 Specify Currency Units and Units of Measure 
6 DARTX_S001 S_L1B_76000031 Define Selection Parameters 
7 DARTX_S002 S_L1B_76000032 Check Control of SAP Segments 
8 DARTX_S003 S_L1B_76000033 Maintain Control of Customer-Specific Segments 
9 DARTX_S004 S_L1B_76000034 Define Visibility of Selection Parameters 
10 DARTX_V001 S_L1B_76000028 Define Authorization Groups 
11 DARTX_V002 S_L1B_76000029 Specify Directory Sets 
12 DARTX_V003 S_L1B_76000030 Define Data Views 
13 DATAFEEDNAME S_ALR_87007834 Define Datafeed Name 
14 DATAFEED_RFC S_ALR_87007843 Define RFC Destination 
15 DATAFEED_RFC_ZUORDNG S_ALR_87007849 Assign Datafeed RFC Destination 
16 DATAFEED_WHRG S_ALR_87007920 Define Currencies 
17 DATA_DISTR_FI_CO_RPM S_PCC_47000037 Data Distribution from SAP FI-CO to Portfolio Management 
18 DATEINAME S_P00_07000026 Define File Names as Client-Specific Also 
19 DATENFORMATE S_P00_07000014 Data Formats 
20 DATENQUELLEN_DF S_ALR_87007888 Define Data Sources for Datafeed 
21 DBMS_USER_CONFIG S_YI3_39000160 Configure AS ABAP for SAP HANA User Management 
22 DB_IMG_INTRO1 S_SI3_21000045 Overview 
23 DB_IMG_INTRO2 S_SI3_21000046 Optimization BAdIs 
24 DB_IMG_INTRO3 S_SI3_21000047 Append Search Helps 
25 DCS_DATAFEED_DOC S_EBJ_98000178 Datafeed for DCS 
26 DCS_DERIVATIVES S_EBJ_98000148 Derivative Contract Specifications 
27 DEAKTIVATE S_PLN_16000319 Deactivate Report Types (For All Users) 
28 DEAKTIVATEII S_PLN_16000320 Deactivate Report Types (User-Dependent) 
29 DEAKTIVATEIII S_PLN_16000321 Deactivate Fields (For All Users) 
30 DEAKTIVATEIV S_PLN_16000322 Deactivate Fields (User-Dependent) 
31 DEFAULT_ZUSATZBEW. S_ALR_87004397 Assign Flow Types to Application Subfunctions 
32 DEFINE INCOMPLETENES S_EBJ_98000118 Assign Incompleteness Procedures 
33 DEFINE_BILLFORMAT S_AEN_10000825 Define Bill Format 
34 DEFINE_CATEGORIES S_AEN_10000501 Define Subcategories for Receivables List 
35 DEFINE_COMM_STATUS S_AEN_10000514 Define Communication Status 
36 DEFINE_COND_VERIFIER S_AEN_10000736 Control Condition Verification 
37 DEFINE_CONTROL_DATA S_AEN_10000922 Define General Control Data 
38 DEFINE_CREDIT_PARAM S_AEN_10000910 Define Parameters for Credit Bureau 
39 DEFINE_ESCROW_REASON S_PLN_62000622 Define Reasons for Opening and Closing Escrow Account 
40 DEFINE_FLOWTYPES S_AEN_10000502 Define Flow Type Groups for Receivables List 
41 DEFINE_LQH S_E91_86000006 Define Liquidity Item Hierarchies 
42 DEFINE_NOBILL_FLOWS S_PEN_05000002 Exclude Flow Types from Billing 
43 DEFINE_ORGANIZ_PLAN S_AEN_10000773 Process Organizational Plan 
44 DEFINE_ORG_PROFILE S_PLN_62000519 Define Organization Profiles 
45 DEFINE_OVERPAYM_HIER S_PLN_62000613 Determine Overpayment Hierarchy 
46 DEFINE_PAYMENTRULES S_AEN_10000835 Define Payment Rules 
47 DEFINE_PAYMENT_PLAN S_PLN_62000612 Define Payment Plan 
48 DEFINE_PROFILE S_PLN_62000522 Define Profiles 
49 DEFINE_REASON_POSTPR S_AEN_10000923 Define Reasons for Postprocessing 
50 DEFINE_SAMPLE_DISB S_AEN_10000920 Define Templates 
51 DEFINE_UNDERPAY_HIER S_PLN_62000614 Determine Underpayment Hierarchy 
52 DEFINE_WAIVE_PROFILE S_AEN_10000853 Define Waiver Profile 
53 DEFINE_WAIVE_REASON S_AEN_10000854 Define Reasons for Waiver 
54 DEFINE_WAIVE_RULES S_AEN_10000850 Define Waiver Rules 
55 DEFINITION_DE S_ALR_87007439 Define Account Determination 
56 DEFINITION_FX S_ALR_87007855 Define Settings 
57 DEF_BUDGT_CHK_ORDTYP S_EB5_05000208 Define Budget Check for Order Types 
58 DEF_FLOWTYPES_POST S_PLN_62000616 Define Flow Types Relevant for Transfer 
59 DEF_PARAMETER_BILL S_PLN_62000646 Define Parameters for Billing 
60 DEF_PROD_ATTRIBUTES S_PLN_62000742 Determine Attributes for Lines of Credit (350) 
61 DEF_REMITTANCE_CODE S_PEN_05000076 Define Remittance Code 
62 DEF_ZAHLUNGSRELEVANZ S_PLN_06000310 Definition of the Payment Relevance of an Update Type 
63 DELGRP01 S_ALI_97000007 BAdI: Outbound Delivery Groups 
64 DEP_STORE_BA_010 S_AC0_52000166 BAdI: Control of Locking Procedure for Plants 
65 DERIVATIVES_1 S_KFM_86000177 Assign Flow Types for Hedge Accounting 
67 DET_EXPL_MODE_DOCSTR S_EX1_23000111 Determine Explosion Mode 
68 DEVISENATTRIBUTE_FX S_ALR_87007866 Assign Forex Attributes 
69 DFI_APAR_CORR_SA38 S_ALR_87100121 Create Report Variants for Correspondence 
70 DF_PRT_OPT S_ALR_87007916 Define Print Options for Log (Transactional RFC) 
71 DGV_TDG101 S_PRN_53000203 Specify Status of Dangerous Goods Packaging for Material Master 
72 DGV_TDG91 S_XD9_88000037 Define Profiles for DG Text Pattern 
73 DGV_TDG97 S_XD9_88000038 Define Approval Code Types 
74 DI46C2_MEB_REV_TIME S_KA5_12000904 Specify Time Span for Display of Revision 
75 DI46C2_MEB_SPLAN_DT S_KA5_12000905 Specify Default times for Slot Plan 
76 DIACLC1 S_KA5_12001388 Defining Counter Types 
77 DIACLC2 S_KA5_12001389 Controlling Counter Updates 
78 DIACLC3 S_KA5_12001390 Controlling Digital Signature Process 
79 DIACLC4 S_ALI_97000058 Define Log Entry Types 
80 DIACLC50 S_ALI_97000035 Define Status Profile 
81 DIACLC51 S_ALI_97000036 Create Authorization Keys for User Status Authorizations 
82 DIACLC52 S_ALI_97000037 Maintain Selection Profiles 
83 DIAN_C_IDTYPE S_EBJ_98000136 Define Business Mapping for DIAN Identification Types 
84 DIAN_PARTNER_INFO S_EBJ_98000241 BAdI: Enhance Partner Data 
85 DIAN_VC_SETTINGS S_EBJ_98000137 Define Settings for DIAN Formats and Categories 
86 DIAN_V_COUNTRY S_EBJ_98000139 Define Equivalent Country Codes 
87 DIAN_V_IDTYPE_CR S_EBJ_98000138 Define Equivalent Identification Types 
88 DIESD_EMFOR S_ALI_97000013 BAdI: IDoc Monitor for Forecast and JIT Delivery Schedules 
89 DIGITAL_CERT_ACL S_KA5_12001397 Add-In: Digital Certification 
90 DIGSIG_BASIS S_SI3_21000049 Basic Information for Digital Signature 
91 DIMP_MES_01 S_KA5_12001279 Activate Documentation of Goods Movement for Process Orders 
92 DIMP_MES_02 S_KA5_12001280 Activate Documentation of Goods Movement for Production Orders 
93 DIMP_MES_03 S_KA5_12001281 Batch Genealogy Report Configuration 
94 DIMP_MES_SERIAL_NUM S_KA5_12001277 Set Serial Number Profile 
95 DIMP_MES_SERIAL_NUMB S_KA5_12001276 Serial Number 
96 DIMP_MES_SER_NUM S_KA5_12001278 Set Serial Number Profile 
97 DIMP_V_CCHKFUNC S_ALI_97000053 Define Settings for Consistency Check 
98 DIMSP_MPLAN_DETAILS S_KA5_12001436 Add-In: Maintenance Plan Details 
99 DIMSP_SELECT_MPLAN S_KA5_12001437 Add-In: Maintenance Objects and Plans for MSP 
100 DISABLE_RESET_REVERS S_EB5_05000036 BAdI: Disablement of Reset of Reversal Indicator for Measurement Doc. 
101 DISP_PROD_ATTRIBUTES S_PLN_62000743 Display Attributes for Lines of Credit (350) 
102 DISTRIBUTION_CHANNEL S_ALN_01002115 Define Sales Channels 
103 DIWPSC4 S_KA5_12001399 Maintain Revision Type 
104 DIWPS_NOTIF_ACTION S_PA0_97000093 Add-In: Checks and Follow-Up Activities in Notification Processing 
105 DIWPS_NOTIF_ACTION2 S_P7P_32000011 BAdI: Notification Action Check and Follow-Up Action 
106 DIWPS_NOTI_ASSIGN S_KA5_12001401 BAdI: Notification Assignment 
107 DIWPS_NOTI_SELECT S_KA5_12001417 BAdI: Notification Selection from Revision 
108 DIWPS_NW_ASSIGN S_KA5_12001402 Add-In: Network Assignment 
109 DIWPS_NW_CREATE S_KA5_12001403 BAdI: Automatic Network Creation for Revision 
110 DIWPS_ORDER_CREATE S_KA5_12001404 BAdI: Order Creation 
111 DIWPS_PMPS S_KA5_12001405 BAdI: Order Assignment to Project 
112 DIWPS_REVNR S_KA5_12001400 Maintain Revision Number Range 
113 DIWPS_REV_CHECK S_KA5_12001406 BAdI: Change Customer Checks to Revision Status 
114 DIWPS_STATUS_ICONS S_KA5_12001407 BAdI: Status Icons in MEB 
115 DIWPS_WA_NOT_LIST S_KA5_12001409 BAdI: Notification List 
116 DIWPS_WA_REVISIONS S_KA5_12001408 BAdI: Revision Work Area 
117 DIWPS_WA_SLOT S_KA5_12001410 BAdI: Planning Board 
118 DI_0MVTPM S_KA5_12000933 Maintain Movement Types for PM/CS Orders 
119 DI_0PCS1 S_KA5_12000966 Maintain Criteria for Administration of Serial Numbers in Sales Documents 
120 DI_0PCS2 S_KA5_12000967 Assign Stock Determination Rules to PM/CS Orders 
121 DI_0PCS3 S_KA5_12000968 Maintain Strategies for PM/CS Stock Determination 
122 DI_46C2_MEB_01 S_KA5_12000903 Select Field for Grouping Functional Locations 
123 DI_46C2_MEB_NOT_STAT S_KA5_12000906 Specify Notification Status Indicator 
124 DI_FDR S_KA5_12000956 Counter ID - Assign Attribute 
125 DI_FDR_01 S_KA5_12000957 Counter ID - Assign Attribute 
126 DI_FDR_02 S_KA5_12000958 Maintain Country 
127 DI_FDR_03 S_KA5_12000959 Maintain Airport 
128 DI_FDR_04 S_KA5_12000960 Maintain Carrier 
129 DI_MES_MENU_ITEMS S_KA5_12000915 Activate MES Menu Items 
130 DI_MOVEMENTYPES S_KA5_12000931 BADI for Reading Customer-Defined Key 
131 DI_MSP_CIF_INBOUND S_KA5_12001438 Add-In: DI MSP Inbound Data Transfer 
132 DI_WPS_OR_BADI S_KA5_12000961 Add-In: Central Task List Conversion - Change Plant / Storage Location 
133 DI_WPS_OR_BADI2 S_KA5_12000965 Add-In: Central Task List Conversion via Standard Transactions 
134 DI_WPS_OR_BADI3 S_KA5_12000977 BADI: Central Task List Conversion - Change Purchasing Data 
135 DI_WPS_PLAN_EXT_DATE S_P6B_12000044 BAdU: Set Reference Date for Scheduling Multiple Counter Plan 
136 DMEE_BADI_01 S_PL0_86000065 BAdI: File Modification 
137 DMEE_BADI_01_ABA S_ABA_72000160 BAdI: File Modification 
138 DMEE_BADI_INCOMING S_PL0_86000067 BAdI: File Modification 
139 DMEE_BADI_INCOM_ABA S_ABA_72000159 BAdI: File Modification 
140 DMF_BADI_APPLICATION S_EB5_05000274 BAdI: Application Log for RFC Connections 
141 DMF_BADI_CONSUMPTION S_EB5_05000260 BAdI: Consumption Interface RFC 
142 DMF_BADI_CONSUM_OUT S_EB5_05000279 BAdI: Consumption Interface 
143 DMF_BADI_INVENTORY S_EB5_05000261 BAdI: Inventory Interface RFC 
144 DMF_BADI_LOCHY_MULT_ S_EBJ_98000095 BAdI: Deletion of Duplicate Plant Assignments from One Plant Group 
145 DMF_BADI_LOCHY_RFC S_EBJ_98000087 BAdI: Interface for Plant Hierarchy/Group from Classification System 
146 DMF_BADI_LOCPROD S_EBJ_98000217 BAdI: Location Product Variable Pricing 
147 DMF_BADI_LOCPROD_RFC S_EB5_05000253 BAdI: Material/Plant Interface RFC 
148 DMF_BADI_LOC_RFC S_EB5_05000256 BAdI: Plant Interface RFC 
149 DMF_BADI_MCH_RFC S_EB5_05000258 BAdI: Material Group Interface RFC 
150 DMF_BADI_MULT_UOM S_EBJ_98000218 BAdI: Control for which Units of Measure the Sales Price will be Determined 
151 DMF_BADI_MULT_UOM_EN S_EBJ_98000286 BAdI: Flag to enable the prices for multi uom for locprod master 
152 DMF_BADI_OFFER_FILT S_EBJ_98000206 BAdI: Customer Filter Extension for Promotion Data Selection 
153 DMF_BADI_OFFER_OUT S_EBJ_98000050 BAdI: Offer Interface 
154 DMF_BADI_PRODUCT_RFC S_EB5_05000254 BAdI: Material Interface RFC 
155 DMF_BADI_SOS_RFC S_EB5_05000255 BAdI: Source of Supply Interface RFC 
156 DMF_BADI_SOS_VAR S_EBJ_98000219 BAdI: Source of Supply: Obtain Multiple Prices 
157 DMF_BADI_SPR_OUT S_EB5_05000262 BAdI: Sales Price Interface 
158 DMF_BADI_SPR_RFC S_EB5_05000259 BAdI: Sales Price Interface RFC 
159 DMF_BADI_SUP_RFC S_EB5_05000257 BAdI: Vendor Interface RFC 
160 DMF_V_001 S_EB5_05000242 General Control 
161 DMF_V_CLIENT_CUS S_EB5_05000245 General Control Parameter Settings 
162 DMF_V_CLIEN_CUS S_EB5_05000249 Maintain Control Parameters 
163 DMS_ACL_BROWSER S_E36_82000132 Activate Document Browser and ACLs 
164 DMS_BABI_CONV_SWITCH S_AC0_52000640 BAdI: Switch Conversion to Workflow 
165 DMS_BADI_CONVEXT_IGS S_AC0_52000638 BAdI: IGS Integration for Conversion (External) 
166 DMS_BADI_CONVINT_IGS S_AC0_52000639 BAdI: Integration for IGS Conversion (Internal) 
167 DMS_BADI_DOC_AUTH01 S_PCO_36000504 BAdI: Additional Authorization Check 
168 DMS_BADI_DOC_AUTH02 S_PCO_36000495 BAdI: Additional Authorization Check 
169 DMS_BADI_INT_CONV S_AC0_52000646 BAdI: Internal Converter 
170 DMS_BADI_OWN_WFSLAVE S_AC0_52000648 BAdI: Selection of Customer-Specific Slave Workflow 
171 DMS_BADI_SWITCH_TOWF S_AC0_52000647 BAdI: Switch Conversion to Workflow 
172 DMS_BADI_THUMBNAIL S_AC0_52000752 BAdI: Enhancements for Thumbnails (Images) 
173 DMS_CONV_INT_IMPL S_PCO_36000435 Implementation: Integration of Internet Graphics Server for Conversions 
174 DMS_DEFAULTCAT S_BIE_59000172 Change standard category 
175 DMS_DEFCAT S_BIE_59000173 Define Standard Category 
176 DMS_DVB_001 S_BCE_68001392 Define Document Area 
177 DMS_IDX_MIMES S_P00_07000271 Create MIME Types for Full-Text Search 
178 DMS_INDIZB_001 S_BCE_68001443 Define Indexing Readiness 
179 DMS_KPRO S_ALR_87008798 Maintain Storage System 
180 DMS_KPRO_KAT S_ALR_87008799 Maintain Storage Category 
181 DMS_MUPCAT S_P00_07000066 Define Category for Markup 
182 DMS_PDK_001 S_BCE_68001442 Define Buffering Times for Physical Document Classes 
183 DMS_PROC01 S_ALR_87100864 Start Processing for Documents 
184 DMS_SKPR02 S_BIE_59000029 Define document area 
185 DMS_SKPR04 S_BIE_59000028 Define buffering times for structures 
186 DMS_SKPR06 S_BIE_59000018 Define indexing readiness 
187 DMS_SU01 S_P00_07000318 Maintain Basic Settings for Digital Signature 
188 DMS_THUMBNAIL S_AC0_52000744 Set Up Workstation Application for Thumbnails (Images) 
189 DMS_VEG_BATCHJOB S_VBS_01000021 BAdI: Batch Job for Starting Conversion of Registered Files 
190 DMS_VEG_BCV_TAGS S_EBJ_98000093 Map BCV Tag to Tag Name 
191 DMS_VEG_CONV S_VBS_01000016 Maintain Conversion Trigger 
192 DMS_VEG_DEPLOY S_VBS_01000020 Activate Service Binding to Access Web Service 
193 DMS_VEG_ENHC_CONV S_VBS_01000022 BAdI: Enhancement for Conversion of Original Appl. Files in DMS 
194 DMS_VEG_GET_FILE S_VBS_01000028 BAdI: Get Files for Thumbnail and Viewer Display 
195 DMS_VEG_LP_MAP S_VBS_01000018 Map VEG Instance to Logical Port 
196 DMS_VEG_MAPTAG_CTGRY S_VBS_01000025 Map Tag Name to Tag Category 
197 DMS_VEG_READ_CAD S_EBS_44000751 BAdI:Determine CAD Config for Creationof Fully Resolved Document Structure 
198 DMS_VEG_REG_LOGIC S_VBS_01000023 BAdI: Registration Logic for Conversion of Original Appl. Files in DMS 
199 DMS_VEG_SC_MAP S_VBS_01000017 Map Storage Category to VEG Application Server 
200 DMS_VEG_SRCH_SEQ S_EBJ_98000091 Define Search Sequence for Viewable File 
201 DMS_VEG_TAG_CATEGORY S_VBS_01000024 Define Tag Category 
202 DMS_VEG_TAG_MAP S_VBS_01000019 Maintain Tag Mapping 
203 DMS_VEG_USAGE S_EBJ_98000090 Maintain Application Usage 
204 DM_ALE_DISTR S_SE3_50000123 Process Distribution Model 
205 DM_ALE_RFC S_SE3_50000120 Settings in Financial Accounting System 
206 DM_ALE_RFC_DM S_SE3_50000122 Prepare Dispute Case Processing System 
207 DM_ALE_RFC_FI S_SE3_50000121 Prepare Accounting System 
208 DM_ALE_SER S_SE3_50000124 Configure Serialization 
209 DM_BADI_ADD_DATA_C S_SE3_50000215 BAdI: Determine Additional Data for Correspondence 
210 DM_BADI_BEFORE_VALID S_SE3_50000090 BAdI: Change Cases before Validation 
211 DM_BADI_CHNG_BFR_STR S_SE3_50000092 BAdI: Change Cases before Saving 
212 DM_BADI_COMPLPROC S_SE3_50000137 Activate/Deactivate Standard Implementation 
213 DM_BADI_COMPLPROC_D S_SE3_50000172 BAdI: Completion of Processing 
214 DM_BADI_EVENT_S S_SE3_50000095 BAdI: Activities for Deconstructing Cases 
215 DM_BADI_FCODE_S S_SE3_50000088 BAdI: Implementaion of Customer-Specific Functions 
216 DM_BADI_INITIALIZE_C S_SE3_50000089 BAdI: Change Cases during Initialization 
217 DM_BADI_MASSACT_C S_SE3_50000096 BAdI: Mass Activities on Dispute Cases 
218 DM_BADI_PARTNER_C S_SE3_50000134 BAdI: Partner Determination 
219 DM_BADI_PARTROLES S_SE3_50000135 Activate/Deactivate Standard Implementation 
220 DM_BADI_PARTROLES_D S_SE3_50000170 BAdI: Definition of Partner Roles 
221 DM_BADI_PRINTER S_SE3_50000136 Activate/Deactivate Standard Implementation 
222 DM_BADI_PRINTER_D S_SE3_50000171 BAdI: Printer Determination 
223 DM_BADI_STORE_EVENTS S_SE3_50000180 BAdI: Trigger Events 
224 DM_BADI_STORE_S S_SE3_50000094 BAdI: Save Customer-Specific Data when Saving Cases 
225 DM_BADI_VALIDATE_C S_SE3_50000091 BAdI: Customer-Specific Validation of Cases 
226 DM_BADI_VLDT_BFR_STR S_SE3_50000093 BAdI: Customer-Specific Validation before Saving 
227 DM_CORR_ACTPROF S_SE3_50000139 Enter Action Profile in Case Type 
228 DM_CORR_ARCHIVE S_SE3_50000132 Basic Customizing for ArchiveLink 
229 DM_CORR_FORMS S_SE3_50000133 Define Forms 
230 DM_CORR_PDF_FORMS S_SE3_50000229 Define PDF-Forms 
231 DM_CORR_PPF S_SE3_50000138 Define and Configure Actions 
232 DM_PROC_INT S_SE3_50000125 Make Settings in Accounting 
233 DM_SCASE_01 S_SE3_50000037 Create and Process Case Record Model 
234 DM_SCASE_NUMBERRANGE S_SE3_50000058 Define Number Range Interval for Case 
235 DM_SCMGATTR_PRIO S_SE3_50000040 Create Values for Attribute 'Priority' 
236 DM_SCMGATTR_SESCAL S_SE3_50000047 Create Values for Attribute "Escalation Reason" 
237 DM_SCMGAUTACTIVITY S_SE3_50000052 Create Activities 
238 DM_SCMGVC_ATTRHELP S_SE3_50000034 Create Alternative Input Help for Attributes 
239 DM_SCMGVC_ATTRPROF S_SE3_50000032 Create Attribute Profile 
240 DM_SCMGVC_FUNCPROF S_SE3_50000054 Create Function Profile 
241 DM_SCMGVC_STATPROF S_SE3_50000057 Create Status Profile 
242 DM_SCMGVC_TEXTPROF S_SE3_50000056 Create Text Profile 
243 DM_SCMGVIEWGEN S_SE3_50000202 Process Role-Based View 
244 DM_SCMGV_ATTRCATEGO S_SE3_50000060 Create Values for Attribute "Category" 
245 DM_SCMGV_ATTRESCAL S_SE3_50000050 Assign Escalation Reasons to an Attribute Profile 
246 DM_SCMGV_ATTRHELP S_SE3_50000039 Create Alternative Input Help for Attributes 
247 DM_SCMGV_ATTRREASON S_SE3_50000063 Create Values for Attribute "Reason" 
248 DM_SCMGV_CASETYPE S_SE3_50000059 Define Case Types 
249 DM_SCMGV_FUNCTION S_SE3_50000053 Define Functions 
250 DM_SCMG_SE75 S_SE3_50000055 Configure Text IDs 
251 DM_SRMBORCUST S_SE3_50000201 Assign Logical System to Element Types for SAP Business Objects 
252 DM_SRMREGEDIT_01 S_SE3_50000035 Create RMS ID 
253 DM_SRMREGEDIT_02 S_SE3_50000036 Create Element Type 
254 DM_SRMREGEDIT_03 S_SE3_50000038 Create Element Type for Case Record 
255 DM_SRMREGEDIT_04 S_SE3_50000051 Create Element Type for Case Search 
256 DM_UDMCASEPROCESSOR S_SE3_50000128 Define Regular Processor for Dispute Cases 
257 DM_UDMV_ATTR_RCCODE S_SE3_50000085 Create Values for Attribute "Root Cause Code" 
258 DM_UDMV_AUTO_STATUS S_SE3_50000087 Define Automatic Status Changes 
259 DM_UDMV_AUTO_TEXTID S_SE3_50000140 Define Note Type 
260 DM_UDMV_SPS_ADMIN S_SE3_50000086 Define Derivation of Element Types 
261 DM_WORKFLOW_GEN S_SE3_50000129 Set Up Workflow 
262 DOCCLS_ODN_LV S_EB5_05000030 Introduction: Latvia 
263 DOCTYPE_NORANGE_PC S_AL0_96000435 Define Document Type and Number Range for Price Change 
264 DOCUMENT_OBJ S_XBI_19000067 BAdI: Document Link 
265 DOCUMENT_OBJNEU S_XBI_19000068 BAdI: Document Link 
266 DOCUMENT_STATUS02 S_EBJ_98000073 BAdI: Change Document Status (can be used more than once) 
267 DOCUMENT_WEB02 S_AEN_10000752 Generate URLS for DMS Documents 
268 DPR_AUTH_STAFFPRO S_X1D_36000082 BAdI: Authorizations in Resource Management 
269 DPR_BAPI_BUS2167IAPP S_CP4_60000015 BAdI: Individual Approval for BOR Object Phase in a Template 
270 DPR_BAPI_BUS2167_APP S_CP4_60000014 BAdI: Approval for BOR Object Phase in a Template 
271 DPR_BCV_RES S_X1D_36000047 BAdI: Make Settings for BCV Graphics in Resource Management 
272 DPR_CHANGE_DOCUMENTS S_X1D_36000076 BAdI: Change Documents 
273 DPR_COPY_FINALIZER S_X1D_36000088 BAdI: Copying of Projects 
274 DPR_CP_CUST_FIELDS S_PCC_47000053 BAdI: Custom Mapping of Portfolio Project to Base Project Management 
275 DPR_CUST_TABSTRIB S_CP4_60000001 BAdI: Additional Tab Page in cProjects 
276 DPR_DEACTIVATE_TYPES S_PTD_51000017 BAdI: Deactivate Object Types 
277 DPR_DETAIL_TAB_CTRL S_PTD_51000008 BAdI: Hide Tab Pages 
278 DPR_DMS S_X1D_36000062 BAdI: Determine Explosion Mode for 'SAP DMS' Tab 
279 DPR_DX_PROJECT S_X1D_36000067 Import from Microsoft Excel to Projects 
280 DPR_EVE_BATCH S_X1D_36000089 BAdI: Evaluation in the Background 
281 DPR_EVE_DASHBOARD S_PTD_51000019 BAdI: Change Dashboard Attributes 
282 DPR_EXTENSIONS S_X1D_36000077 BAdI: Definition of Customer-Specific Tabs 
283 DPR_EXT_STAFFING S_X1D_36000033 BAdI: Extended Staffing 
284 DPR_FIN_GECCO_ATTR S_APL_52000057 BAdI: Additional Attributes for Replication Using Single-Object Controlling 
285 DPR_FIN_GECCO_CALC S_APL_52000067 BAdI: Change Costing Data for Single-Object Controlling 
286 DPR_FIN_GECCO_MANUAL S_PPD_96000025 BAdI: Enhancement for Manual Multilevel Controlling 
287 DPR_MSP_CUST_FIELDS S_PCC_47000050 BAdI: Cust. Mapping of Proj. Mgmt Project to MS Project Fields 
288 DPR_MTA S_X1D_36000085 BAdI: Milestone Trend Analysis 
289 DPR_PDF_FORM S_PPD_96000057 BAdI: PDF-Based Forms 
290 DPR_PLMPS_CUS_FIELD S_PCC_47000055 BAdI: Custom Mapping of Proj. Mgmt Project to PS Project Fields 
291 DPR_RES_OVERVIEW S_X1D_36000005 BAdI: Resource Overview 
292 DPR_RES_SEARCH S_PTD_51000011 BAdI: Configure Resource Search 
293 DPR_ROLES S_X1D_36000075 BAdI: Performance and Usability in Resource Management 
294 DPR_SCHEDULING S_PTD_51000014 BAdI: Make Settings for Scheduling 
295 DPR_TREE S_X1D_36000010 BAdI: Make Settings for the Structure Tree 
296 DPR_TRUNCATE S_PTD_51000007 BAdI: Control Truncation and Deletion of Roles and Staffings 
297 DPR_UPDATE_ADMIN S_X1D_36000074 BAdI: Update of Administrative Data 
298 DP_WTY_RFC_FIELD_MAP S_E4E_66000228 BAdI: Mapping of Customer Fields in RFC Export Parameter 
299 DP_WTY_RFC_RECALLOBJ S_E4E_66000229 BAdI: Filter for Recall Objects 
300 DP_WTY_UI_BACKEND_CA S_E4E_66000160 BAdI: Call of Back-End Functions in Warranty Claim Processing 
301 DP_WTY_UI_CATALOG S_E4E_66000161 BAdI: Enhancement of Catalogues and Search Helps 
302 DP_WTY_UI_CLAIM_DETA S_E4E_66000162 BAdI: Enhancement of Web Dynpro Component DPWTY_CLAIM_DETAIL 
303 DP_WTY_UI_CONTRACT S_E4E_66000163 BAdI: Enhancement of Web Dynpro Component DPWTY_CONTRACT 
304 DP_WTY_UI_COPY S_E4E_66000164 BAdI: Enhancement of Warranty Claim Copy Function 
305 DP_WTY_UI_FIELD_MAPP S_E4E_66000165 BAdI: Mapping of Customer Fields to Front-End 
306 DP_WTY_UI_FRONTEND_C S_E4E_66000166 BAdI: Call of Front-End Functions 
307 DP_WTY_UI_OVERVIEW S_E4E_66000167 BAdI: Enhancement of Web Dynpro Component DPWTY_OVERVIEW 
308 DP_WTY_UI_PERSONALIZ S_E4E_66000168 BAdI: Enhancement of Web Dynpro Component DPWTY_PERSONALIZATION 
309 DP_WTY_UI_WARRANTY_O S_E4E_66000169 BAdI: Enhancement of Web Dynpro Component DPWTY_WARRANTY_OBJECT 
310 DRB_0 S_BCE_68001945 General Settings 
311 DRB_1_0 S_BCE_68001953 Documentation for Document Relationship Browser 
312 DRB_1_1 S_BCE_68001946 Settings for Data Archiving 
313 DRB_1_2 S_BCE_68001947 Display of Link Tree 
314 DRB_1_3 S_BCE_68001948 Select Object Types 
315 DRB_1_5 S_BCE_68001949 Selection of Fields in Link Tree 
316 DRB_1_6 S_BCE_68001950 Settings for Integration of Distributed Systems 
317 DRB_1_7 S_BCE_68001951 Composition of DRB Role 
318 DRB_1_8 S_BCE_68001952 Authorizations 
319 DRB_2_0 S_BCE_68001954 Documentation 
320 DRB_2_1 S_BCE_68001955 IDOCs: Ensure that links are archived 
321 DRB_2_1_0 S_BCE_68001961 Documentation 
322 DRB_2_2 S_BCE_68001956 IDOCs: Create/Activate Archive Information Structures 
323 DRB_2_2_0 S_BCE_68001962 Documentation 
324 DRB_2_2_3 S_BCE_68001963 Authorizations 
325 DRB_2_3 S_BCE_68001957 Connect Archived Workflow Logs 
326 DRB_2_4 S_BCE_68001958 Authorizations 
327 DRE_EXIT S_ANI_32000005 BAdI: Delivery-Related Analyses 
328 DRF008 S_BTD_53000214 Define Technical Settings for Business Systems 
329 DRFIMG S_EB5_05000239 Data Replication Framework 
330 DRF_001 S_E4R_35000011 Define Filter Objects 
331 DRF_002 S_E4R_35000012 Define Business Objects 
332 DRF_003 S_E4R_35000013 Define Service Operations Available for Replication 
333 DRF_004 S_E4R_35000014 Define Outbound Implementations 
334 DRF_005 S_E4R_35000015 Define Replication Models 
335 DRF_006 S_BTD_53000001 Define Parameters 
336 DRF_007 S_BTD_53000002 Define Communication Arrangement 
337 DRF_008 S_BTD_53000101 Define Technical Settings for Business Systems 
338 DRF_009 S_BTD_53000104 Define Business Object Settings 
339 DRF_010 S_BTD_53000130 Define Object Identifiers 
340 DRF_011 S_BTD_53000153 Assign Key Structures to Object Identifiers 
341 DRF_012 S_BTD_53000154 Assign Filter Objects to Business Objects 
342 DRF_BADI_02 S_E4R_35000061 BAdI: Definition of Language-Dependent Texts 
343 DRF_BADI_03 S_BTD_53000142 BAdI: Creation of MDG Change Pointers from ALE Change Pointers 
344 DRF_BADI_04 S_BT6_28000013 BAdI: Inbound Processing of ALE Audit Messages 
345 DRF_IMG_003 S_BTD_53000099 Define Communication Arrangement 
346 DRF_IMG_007 S_BTD_53000100 Define Communication Arrangement 
347 DRF_MES_GOODSMOVEMEN S_EBS_44000349 BAdI: Enhance IDoc for Goods Movements 
348 DRF_MES_PLAF S_EBS_44000348 BAdI: Enhance IDoc for Planned Order 
349 DRF_MES_ROUTER S_EBS_44000350 BAdI: Enhance IDoc for Routing 
350 DRF_MES_WORKCENTER S_EBS_44000351 BAdI: Enhance IDoc for Work Center 
351 DRF_OIF_MAINTAIN S_BTD_53000120 Define Outbound Interface Models 
352 DRF_ORG_01 S_E4R_35000060 Overall Information 
353 DRP1 S_ALR_87001797 Set DRP parameters 
354 DRP2 S_ALR_87001808 Set land maps 
355 DRP3 S_ALR_87001822 Define texts for node types 
356 DRP4 S_ALR_87001735 Maintain assignment of node type - plant 
357 DRP5 S_ALR_87001756 Stage materials according to ATD Logic 
358 DRP6 S_ALR_87001786 Planning Parameters: Information Structures 
359 DRP_MC9V S_ALR_87001774 Assign MRP elements to a key figure 
360 DRP_VERFUG1    
361 DRUCKEROPTIONEN_DE S_ALR_87007377 Define Printer Options 
362 DRUCKEROPTIONEN_FX S_ALR_87007803 Define Printer Options 
363 DRUCKEROPTIONEN_GH S_ALR_87007807 Define Printer Options 
364 DRUCKEROPTIONEN_WP S_ALR_87100107 Define Printer Options 
365 DRUCKLAYOUT S_P99_41000191 Edit Layouts for Printing with MS Word 
366 DRUL S_SE3_62000031 Define Derivation Characteristics and Rules 
367 DRULE_OBJ S_SE3_62000040 Define Derivation Characteristics and Rules to Objects 
368 DR_ALE_DISTRIBUTION S_SE3_50000176 Process Distribution Model 
369 DR_ALE_RFC S_SE3_50000177 RFC Destination for Method Calls 
370 DR_BADI_FCODE_S S_SE3_50000159 BAdI: Implementaion of Customer-Specific Functions 
371 DR_BADI_UDM_PREPARE_ S_SE3_50000179 BAdI: Define Description of Node in the Case Record 
372 DR_PROC_INT S_SE3_50000141 Define Settings in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable 
373 DR_SCASE_01 S_SE3_50000144 Create and Process Case Record Model 
374 DR_SCASE_NUMBERRANGE S_SE3_50000164 Define Number Range Interval for Collection Case 
375 DR_SCMGATTR_PRIO S_SE3_50000150 Create Values for Attribute 'Priority' 
376 DR_SCMGATTR_SESCAL S_SE3_50000151 Create Values for Attribute 'Reason for Escalation' 
377 DR_SCMGAUTACTIVITY S_SE3_50000157 Create Activities 
378 DR_SCMGVC_ATTRPROF S_SE3_50000148 Create Attribute Profile 
379 DR_SCMGVC_FUNCPROF S_SE3_50000160 Create Function Profile 
380 DR_SCMGVC_LOCPROFIL S_SE3_50000153 Create Profile for Case Search 
381 DR_SCMGVC_STATPROF S_SE3_50000163 Create Status Profile 
382 DR_SCMGVC_TEXTPROF S_SE3_50000162 Create Text Profile 
383 DR_SCMGV_ATTRCATEGO S_SE3_50000166 Create Values for Attribute 'Category' 
384 DR_SCMGV_ATTRESCAL S_SE3_50000152 Assign Escalation Reasons to an Attribute Profile 
385 DR_SCMGV_ATTRHELP S_SE3_50000149 Create Alternative Input Help for Attributes 
386 DR_SCMGV_ATTRREASON S_SE3_50000167 Create Values for Attribute 'Reason' 
387 DR_SCMGV_CASETYPE S_SE3_50000165 Define Case Types 
388 DR_SCMGV_FUNCTION S_SE3_50000158 Define Functions 
389 DR_SCMGV_SUBCOMP S_SE3_50000272 Define Case Components 
390 DR_SCMG_FUNCTION S_SE3_50000169 Define Functions 
391 DR_SCMG_SE75 S_SE3_50000161 Configure Text IDs 
392 DR_SCMG_TERMPROF S_SE3_50000178 Create Terminology Profile 
393 DR_SRMBORCUST S_SE3_50000146 Enter Logical System for Used Objects 
394 DR_SRMREGEDITCUST S_SE3_50000142 Create RMS ID 
395 DR_SRMREGEDITCUST_02 S_SE3_50000155 Create Element Type 
396 DR_SRMREGEDITCUST_03 S_SE3_50000147 Create Element Type for Case Record 
397 DR_SRMREGEDITCUST_04 S_SE3_50000156 Create Element Type for Case Search 
398 DR_SRMREGEDIT_02 S_SE3_50000143 Create Element Type 
399 DR_SRMREGEDIT_04 S_SE3_50000154 Create Element Type for Case Search 
400 DR_UDMV_ATTR_RCCODE S_SE3_50000173 Create Values for Attribute "Root Cause Code" 
401 DR_UDMV_SPS_ADMIN S_SE3_50000168 Define Derivation of Element Types 
402 DR_VC_UHC_T001 S_SE3_50000174 Define Characteristics of Actions 
403 DR_VC_UHC_T002 S_SE3_50000175 Include Actions in Action List 
404 DUNN_CONTROL_PARA S_AEN_10000143 Determine Control Parameters for Creating Dunning Notices 
405 D_IPPE_CHK_EXT S_ANI_32000002 BAdI for Customer-Specific Consistency Checks 
406 D_IPPE_EXPL_EXT S_ANI_32000003 Customer-Specific Option for Explosion 
407 D_MAINTAIN S_PLN_16000325 Maintain Dependencies for Customer Characteristics