SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index A
IMG Activity - A
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 AABC S_AL0_96000763 assas 
2 ABGRENZUNG_DARL S_ALR_87004532 Define Accrual/Deferral 
3 ABGRENZUNG_DE S_ALR_87007408 OTC Derivative: Define Accrual/Deferral 
4 ABGRENZUNG_DEV S_PLN_62000066 Forex: Define Accrual/Deferral 
5 ABGRENZUNG_GH S_ALR_87007846 Money Market: Define Accrual/Deferral 
6 ABGRENZUNG_WERTP S_ALR_87004107 Define Accrual/Deferral 
7 ABI_BADI_DELY_PROC S_EE5_50000189 Implementation: Add Inbound Delivery Document to Buffer 
8 ABI_BADI_INBOUND_AII S_EE5_50000129 Implementation: Inbound Delivery Document Creation in SAP AII 
9 ABI_BADI_V56K_AII S_EE5_50000130 Implementation: Classical Delivery Enrichment with Tags 
10 ABI_BADI_V56K_AII71 S_EE5_50000128 Implementation: Outbound ASN Enrichment with Tags from SAP AII 
11 ABI_BADI_V56K_AIIECN S_EE5_50000131 Implementation: Outbound ASN Enrichment from and Triggering ECN in SAP AII 
12 ABI_BADI_V56K_AIIFLX S_EE5_50000127 Implementation: Delivery Date/Time Synchronization (Flexible Del. Proc.) 
13 ABI_BD_SHP_DESADV_IN S_EE5_50000188 Implementation: Read Inbound Delivery ID from Buffer 
14 ABLEITUNGSTYPEN S_KP6_83000010 Assign Position Management Procedure 
15 ABLEITUNGSVERFAHREN S_ALR_87009296 Define Derivation Procedures and Rules 
16 ABL_REGELN_FX S_ALR_87007820 Define Derivation Rules 
17 ABL_REGELN_MM S_ALR_87007882 Define Derivation Rules 
18 ABL_VERF_FX S_ALR_87007824 Define Derivation Procedures and Rules 
19 ABL_VERF_MM S_ALR_87007885 Define Derivation Procedures and Rules 
21 ABRECHNUNGSPROFIL S_KA5_12000558 Define Settlement Profile 
22 ABS INTERFACE S_AL0_19000018 ABS Interface 
23 ABTEILUNG_GP S_ALR_87009534 Define Departments 
24 ACACAD S_ALN_01000353 Define Account Determination 
25 ACACADCONT01 S_PLN_16000075 Define Values for Set of Rules 
26 ACACADCONT02 S_PLN_16000077 Define Values for Rule with Account Symbol 
27 ACACADMETA02 S_PLN_16000076 Define Rule with Account Symbol 
28 ACACADMETASGL S_PLN_16000074 Define Set of Rules 
29 ACACAD_META S_ALN_01000836 Define Set of Rules for Extended Account Determination 
30 ACACARCHPREP S_PLN_16000060 Prepare Archiving Run 
31 ACAC_ACEPS_ACEDOCNR S_ALN_01000349 Define Number Ranges for Accrual Engine Documents 
32 ACAC_ACEPS_AWREF S_ALN_01000350 Define Number Ranges for Assigning ACC Doc. to ACE Doc. 
33 ACAC_ACEPS_RUNID S_ALN_01000347 Define Number Ranges for Periodic Posting Runs 
34 ACAC_ACEPS_RUNID_TST S_ALN_01000348 Define Number Ranges for Application Log 
35 ACAC_NUMOBJ S_PLN_16000021 Define Number Ranges for Accrual Objects 
36 ACAPAR_O_ALV_LAYOUT S_P00_07000208 Maintain ALV Layout for Line Item Display 
37 ACAPAR_T_FB18 S_P00_07000016 Maintain Standard Text for Mail to Accounting Clerk 
38 ACAPAR_T_FDKUSER S_ALR_87100734 Maintain Users and Accounts for Internet Services 
39 ACAPAR_T_OBPM4 S_ALR_87100733 Maintain Users and Accounts for Internet Functions 
40 ACAPPY_T_OBPM4 S_ALR_87100704 Create/Assign Selection Variants 
41 ACAPPY_VC_TFPM042FC S_ALR_87100705 Adjust Payment Medium Format 
42 ACAPPY_VC_TFPM042V S_ALR_87100703 Adjust Note to Payee 
43 ACAPPY_V_T042LZ S_ALR_87100701 Assign Payment Medium Format and Note to Payee to Payment Method 
44 ACAPPY_V_T042ZA S_ALR_87100702 Assign Note to Payee 
45 ACAPPY_V_T076E S_P9C_18000018 Assign EDI Payment Method to External Payment Method 
46 ACAPPY_V_TFPM042DZL S_ALR_87100681 Assign Payment Medium Format to Payment Method/Country 
47 ACARCR_T_OBT3Z S_P00_07000245 Maintain Text IDs for Central Texts in Credit Management 
48 ACAR_T_OB_VAR_FBWAPI S_P00_07000207 Maintain Selection Variants for Vendor Line Item Display 
49 ACAR_T_OB_VAR_FBWARI S_P00_07000206 Maintain Selection Variants for Customer Line Item Display 
50 ACAR_V_FDKVARKEY S_P00_07000297 Assign Variant Key to Selection Variants 
51 ACCCA_TCURP S_B90_38000002 Set direct/indirect quotation prefixes for exchange rate 
52 ACCCA_V_TCURN S_B90_38000003 Set quotation types for currency pairs 
53 ACCLOGICSYS S_SE3_50000011 Define Logical System ID 
54 ACCLOGICSYS_D S_SE3_50000012 Assign RFC Destination 
55 ACCOUNT_MODIFICATION S_EBS_44000283 Modification of Account Determination for Transfer Prices 
56 ACCRMETH S_SE3_50000030 Define Accrual Method 
57 ACC_ACCOUNT S_SE3_50000018 Edit Chart of Accounts 
58 ACC_ACCSYS S_SE3_50000013 Define Accounting System 
59 ACC_ACCSYS_SEL S_SE3_50000014 Determine Validity Area 
60 ACC_ARCHIVE S_SE3_50000021 Document Archiving 
61 ACC_AS S_SE3_50000045 Accounting System 
62 ACC_ASSTYPE S_SE3_50000022 Edit Account Assignment Categories 
63 ACC_BD S_SE3_50000048 Define Business Domain 
64 ACC_BL_CJ_T_FS01 S_ALR_87009220 Set up G/L Account for Cash Journal 
65 ACC_CA_N_U_AOEXC S_P99_41000080 Define expiring currencies 
66 ACC_CA_N_U_AOEXR S_P99_41000079 Define expiry reasons 
67 ACC_CA_N_U_AOEXW S_P99_41000081 Define warning and error dates 
68 ACC_CA_N_U_TCURU S_P9C_18000026 Special Authorization for Expiring Currencies 
69 ACC_CA_N_U_TPRCD S_P9C_18000027 Automatic Translation for Subsequent Processes 
70 ACC_CLOSINGSTEP S_SE3_50000023 Define Closing Phases 
71 ACC_CLOSINGSTEP_GRP S_SE3_50000027 Define Closing Process 
72 ACC_CLOSINGSTEP_RUL S_SE3_50000024 Assignment of Closing Steps to Accounting System 
73 ACC_CURTYPE S_SE3_50000016 Define Currency ID 
74 ACC_DATABASE S_SE3_50000015 Define Data Basis 
75 ACC_DB S_SE3_50000043 Data Basis 
76 ACC_DOCTYPE S_SE3_50000019 Define Document Types 
77 ACC_DOM S_SE3_50000020 Assign Business Domain 
78 ACC_ECS_RUNID S_EBS_44000303 Create Number Ranges for ECS Run Identification 
79 ACC_ENTITIES S_SE3_50000044 Basic Settings: Accounting 
80 ACC_GS S_SE3_50000042 Global Settings 
81 ACC_KFCH S_SE3_50000009 Register Key Figures and Characteristics in the Data Basis 
82 ACC_KREISE_ZUORDNEN S_KP6_83000003 Assign Accounting Codes and Valuation Areas 
83 ACC_LE S_SE3_50000008 Define Legal Entity 
84 ACC_PERIOD S_SE3_50000010 Define Fiscal Year Variant 
85 ACC_PERIOD_CLOSE S_SE3_50000025 Open and Close Posting Periods 
86 ACC_PERIOD_SEL S_SE3_50000028 Define Enahanced Selection Rules for Period Locks 
87 ACC_SUPPRESS_LINES S_EBS_44000284 Suppression of Additional Lines for Transfer Prices 
88 ACC_SYS_CUR S_SE3_50000017 Define Currency Translation Rule 
89 ACEACM S_XB7_96000003 Define Accrual Methods 
90 ACEARCHPREP S_PLN_16000058 Prepare Archiving Run 
91 ACEDATADEL S_PLN_16000057 Delete Legacy Data after Transfer 
92 ACEPSACONT01 S_PLN_16000066 Define Values for Set of Rules 
93 ACEPSAD S_XB7_96000049 Define Account Determination 
94 ACEPSADCONT01 S_PLN_16000072 Define Values for Set of Rules 
95 ACEPSADCONT02 S_PLN_16000073 Define Values for Rule with Account Symbol 
96 ACEPSADMETA01 S_PLN_16000070 Define Set of Rules for Extended Account Determination 
97 ACEPSADMETA02 S_PLN_16000071 Define Rule with Account Symbol 
98 ACEPSAD_META S_ALN_01000531 Define Set of Rules for Account Determination 
99 ACEPSAMETATSGL S_PLN_16000065 Define Set of Rules 
100 ACEPS_ACEDOCNR S_XB7_96000112 Define Number Ranges for Accrual Engine Documents 
101 ACEPS_ACEDOCNR_SOA S_ALN_01000249 Define Number Ranges for Accrual Engine Documents 
102 ACEPS_AWREF S_XB7_96000114 Define Number Ranges for Assigning ACC Doc. to ACE Doc. 
103 ACEPS_AWREF_SOA S_ALN_01000250 Define Number Ranges for Assigning ACC Doc. to ACE Doc. 
104 ACEPS_BAPIDOC_MODIFY S_ALN_01000252 Change Document After Summarization 
105 ACEPS_BAPIPREDOC_MOD S_ALN_01000251 Change Document Before Summarization 
106 ACEPS_BAPI_PREFETCH S_EE5_50000196 Fill Data Buffer for Document Change 
107 ACEPS_PACKAGE_SIZE S_EE5_50000197 Specify Package Size for Processing 
108 ACEPS_RUNID S_XB7_96000113 Define Number Ranges for Periodic Posting Runs 
109 ACEPS_RUNID_SOA S_ALN_01000247 Define Number Ranges for Periodic Posting Runs 
110 ACEPS_RUNID_TST S_ALN_01000095 Define Number Ranges for Application Log 
111 ACEPS_RUNID_TST_SOA S_ALN_01000248 Define Number Ranges for Application Log 
112 ACE_COMP S_XB7_96000001 Make Settings for Components 
113 ACE_SOP_APB25_TREAS S_PLN_16000132 Provisions According to Procedure ABP25: Make Settings in CFM 
114 ACE_SOP_BSMODATA S_ALN_01000101 Provisions According to Procedure FASB123: Define Black & Scholes Model 
115 ACE_SOP_HRFI S_ALN_01000100 Convert HR Data During Transfer 
116 ACE_SOP_HR_CONNECT S_ALN_01000096 Assign RFC Destination 
117 ACE_SOP_HR_DAT_TRANS S_ALN_01000231 Change Data During Transfer Using BAdI 
118 ACE_SOP_SCRT_FRF S_ALN_01000336 Define Hypothetical Forfeiture Rates 
119 ACE_SOP_SM59 S_ALN_01000097 Define RFC Destination 
120 ACE_UI_NAVIGATION S_PLN_06000234 Define Customer Navigation 
121 ACE_VALID_DEF S_XB7_96000047 Define Validation 
122 ACF_M20_ACF_SYS_PAS S_L4H_49003486 Store Password for Computer System 
123 ACF_TRNS_CSID_ERCACF S_L4H_49003465 Transfer Computer Sys. Information from ERC to ACF 
124 ACF_V_T5VF3 S_L4H_49003463 Specify Computer System IDs 
125 ACF_V_T5VF4 S_L4H_49003464 Assign Computer System to Reportee 
126 ACF__M20_ACF_CHK_PRX S_L4H_49003487 Test Connection to Altinn 
127 ACPY_VC_TFPM042F S_P00_07000227 Create Payment Medium Formats 
128 ACTCOSTCOMPSPLIT S_ALR_87100591 Activate Actual Cost Component Split 
129 ACTIVATE BC SETS S_GR1_31000031 Activate BC Sets 
130 ACTIVATE_ZBV_OM S_BCE_68001273 Changes to how central user administration works 
131 ACTLM S_KA5_12000777 Activate long material number 
132 ACTVE S_KA5_12000778 Activate material versions 
133 ACT_ISR_REP_CUST S_PCO_36000499 Configure Launchpad for the Internal Sales Representative Role 
134 ACT_WDR_ACF_GEN_CERT S_YI3_39000001 ACF: Create Certificate 
135 AC_DOCTYPE S_SE3_50000006 Define Document Types 
136 AD01CONDUSE S_KA5_12000074 Maintain usage of cond. types (SD pricing) 
137 AD01CT S_KA5_12000083 Maintain cost types 
138 AD01PRNFLD S_KA5_12000073 Maintain field selection for printing 
139 AD03PHP S_KA5_12000075 Maintain plan data handling profile 
140 AD10PROFILE S_KA5_12000072 Maintain billing profile 
141 ADJNR S_EBJ_98000235 Define Number Ranges for Adjustment Documents 
142 ADMSP_CIFCUST S_KA5_12001474 Maintain Revision Type and Number Range for Inbound Data Transfer 
143 ADOBE_CONFIG S_E36_82000289 Configure Adobe Services 
144 ADPIC_SETTING S_ALI_97000048 Define Settings for Subitem Creation and Restricted Interchangeability 
145 ADRESSEN1 S_KFM_86000135 Maintain address and person number range 
146 ADRESSEN10 S_KFM_86000144 Maintain Transport Zones 
147 ADRESSEN11 S_KFM_86000145 Activate duplicate check index pools 
148 ADRESSEN12 S_KFM_86000146 Maintain Number Ranges for Postal Codes 
149 ADRESSEN13 S_KFM_86000147 Create Postal Codes Individually 
150 ADRESSEN14 S_KFM_86000148 Change Postal Codes Individually 
151 ADRESSEN15 S_KFM_86000149 Display Postal Codes Individually 
152 ADRESSEN16 S_KFM_86000150 Maintain Number Ranges for Cities 
153 ADRESSEN17 S_KFM_86000151 Create Cities Individually 
154 ADRESSEN18 S_KFM_86000152 Change Cities Individually 
155 ADRESSEN19 S_KFM_86000153 Display Cities Individually 
156 ADRESSEN2 S_KFM_86000136 Maintain address input screen layout system setting 
157 ADRESSEN20 S_KFM_86000154 Maintain Number Ranges for Streets 
158 ADRESSEN21 S_KFM_86000155 Maintain Street Type 
159 ADRESSEN22 S_KFM_86000156 Create Streets Individually 
160 ADRESSEN23 S_KFM_86000157 Change Streets Índividually 
161 ADRESSEN24 S_KFM_86000158 Display Streets Individually 
162 ADRESSEN25 S_KFM_86000159 Define regional structure groups 
163 ADRESSEN3 S_KFM_86000137 Maintain Form of Address Texts 
164 ADRESSEN4 S_KFM_86000138 Maintain Academic Titles 
165 ADRESSEN5 S_KFM_86000139 Maintain Name Prefixes 
166 ADRESSEN6 S_KFM_86000140 Maintain Aristocratic Titles/Name Affixes 
167 ADRESSEN7 S_KFM_86000141 Maintain Name Formatting Rules 
168 ADRESSEN8 S_KFM_86000142 Maintain Address Version Display Formats 
169 ADRESSEN9 S_KFM_86000143 Define Pager Service Subtypes 
170 ADS2KIPBRO_CTXMENU S_KA5_12001212 Context Menu Options in IP 
171 ADS2KIPBRO_IDOC_STAT S_KA5_12001213 Handling IDoc Status in the Status Report 
172 ADS2KIPBRO_PROC_SELE S_ALI_97000014 Further Processing of Selected Parts in IP Browser 
173 ADS2KIPBRO_SEL_SCR S_ALI_97000012 Enhance IP Selection Screen 
174 ADS2KIPUPL_DATE_CONV S_KA5_12001211 Customer Extensions for Date Conversions 
175 ADS2KIPUPL_HDR_API S_KA5_12001153 Implement Customer Extensions to Header API 
176 ADS2KIPUPL_PART_API S_KA5_12001154 Implement Customer Extensions to Part API 
177 ADS2KIPUPL_S_PARSER S_KA5_12001155 Implement Customer Extensions to S File Parser 
178 ADS2KIPUPL_S_READER S_KA5_12001156 Implement Customer Extensions to S File Reader 
179 ADS2KIPUPL_T_PARSER S_KA5_12001157 Implement Customer Extensions to T File Parser 
180 ADS2KIPUPL_T_READER S_KA5_12001158 Implement Customer Extensions to T File Reader 
181 ADS2KIPUPL_V_PARSER S_KA5_12001159 Implement Customer Extensions to V File Parser 
182 ADS2KIPUPL_V_READER S_KA5_12001160 Implement Customer Extensions to V File Reader 
183 ADSPCIP_EXCELMAP S_KA5_12000910 Maintain Settings for Upload of RSPL Files (MS Excel Format) 
185 ADSPC_S2KFILEHANDLER S_KA5_12001458 S2K File Interline Message Formats-Handling Procedures 
186 AD_CUS_CSPCPRI S_KA5_12000477 Maintain Order Priorities and Texts 
187 AD_CUS_S2KAGENTS S_KA5_12000987 Assign Agents 
188 AD_CUS_S2KEVENTS S_KA5_12000986 Activate Event Linkage 
189 AD_CUS_SPCCNVDOCNUM S_KA5_12000474 Conversion between Document Number and Number from SPEC Message 
190 AD_CUS_SPCGLOBAL S_KA5_12000475 Define Global Constants for SPEC2K Interface 
191 AD_CUS_SPCPRTNRINF S_KA5_12000473 Maintain Partner Information for SPEC 2000 Message File 
192 AD_CUS_V_MOI S_KA5_12000476 Maintain Model Identification Code and Text 
193 AD_KONDITIONSARTEN S_KA5_12000255 Define Condition Types 
194 AD_SPC_IP_MD_TAB S_KA5_12001161 Enhance Data Used in Master Data Creation 
195 AD_SUBSTITUTION S_KA5_12000258 Define Substitution Reasons 
196 AD_TEXTARTEN_DEF S_KA5_12000252 Define Text Types 
197 AD_TEXTFINDUNG S_KA5_12000254 Define Access Sequences For Determining Texts 
198 AD_TEXTSCHEMA_DEF S_KA5_12000253 Define and Assign Text Determination Procedures 
199 AD_UNVOLLST_DEF S_KA5_12000257 Define Incompleteness Procedures 
200 AD_UNVOLLST_ZUORDNEN S_KA5_12000256 Assign Incompletion Procedures 
201 AEI_WS_2485_DOC_CHNG S_EBS_44000497 BAdI: Change Document for WebService Communication (RG2485) 
202 AEI_WS_DOC_CHANGE S_EBS_44000496 BAdI: Change WebService Document Data for RG2904 
203 AENDER_ALE S_PLN_06000139 Define ALE Processing Groups 
204 AENDER_BUKR S_PLN_06000137 Exclude Company Codes from ALE Export 
205 AENDER_DARL S_PLN_06000138 Exclude Loans from ALE Export 
206 AFO_AUSNAHME S_KFM_86000132 Define Exceptional Conditions for Automatic FO Integration 
207 AFS_SI S_EB5_05000490 Maintain Additional Signatory Details 
208 AFWA S_KFM_86000106 Define Analysis Structure 
209 AFWBM S_PEN_05000361 Edit Master Data for Benchmarks 
210 AFWBMPH S_PEN_05000362 Assign Benchmarks to Nodes in the Portfolio Hierarchy 
211 AFWKF_PA S_ALN_01000606 Edit Key Figures and Evaluation Procedures 
212 AFWK_RA S_ALN_01000605 Define Key Figures and Evaluation Procedures 
213 AFWS S_KFM_86000107 Edit Segment-Level Characteristics 
214 AFW_ACT1 S_KFM_86000109 Analysis Characteristics and Structure: Activate Sample Settings 
215 AFW_ACT2 S_KFM_86000110 Analysis Structure: Copy Customizing from Sample Settings 
216 AGT_34 S_SH8_22000804 Specify Measurement Items 
217 AID-BI S_ALN_01002617 Auto-ID Backend Integration 
218 AII_LCR_SERVADDR S_BCE_68001820 Maintain Landscape Directory Server Addresses 
219 AIN_VC_EPC S_PEN_05000197 Define EPC Settings 
220 AIS_FORMULA_DEF S_AEN_10000895 Define Formulas for Analyzer Information System 
221 AKTENART S_ALR_87004122 Define File Type 
222 AKTIVIERUNG_GP S_ALR_87009537 Activate Release 
223 ALINKOAG3 S_BCE_68001616 Make Workflow Settings 
224 ALINKOARE S_BCE_68001615 Edit Error Texts for Content Repositories 
225 ALINKPFTC S_BCE_68001617 Determine Possible Agents for a Task 
226 ALINKRFCINFO S_BCE_68001613 RFC - Content Repository: Send RFC Info 
227 ALINKSENDRFCINFO S_BCE_68001614 RFC - Content Repository: Send RFC Info 
228 ALINKSWE2 S_BCE_68001618 Register Event for Subsequent Workflow 
229 ALINK_CSADMIN S_BCE_68001747 Content Server Administration 
230 ALINK_OAARFCRD S_BCE_68001745 Asynchronous RFC Error Log 
231 ALINK_OADOCSP S_BCE_68001740 Register Document Areas 
232 ALINK_OAG2 S_BCE_68001738 Activate/Deactivate Print List Management in DMS 
233 ALINK_OAKPRO S_BCE_68001739 KPRO - Activate Document Area for Document Finder 
234 ALINK_SCMSMO S_BCE_68001746 Content Server Monitoring 
235 ALINK_SLG1 S_BCE_68001743 Application Log: Display Logs 
236 ALINK_SM21 S_BCE_68001744 Online Evaluation of the System Log 
237 ALINK_SM59 S_BCE_68001735 RFC - Content Repository: RFC Destination Maintenance 
238 ALINK_SPAD S_BCE_68001737 Edit Logical Output Device 
239 ALINK_SWO1 S_BCE_68001736 Call Business Object Builder 
240 ALLGEMKLASSIF_WP S_ALR_87004330 Define General Classification for Securities 
241 ALM_ME_001_ORDER S_PCO_36000475 BAdI: Order and Operation Data 
242 ALM_ME_005_TIMECONF S_PCO_36000476 BAdI: Time Confirmation 
243 ALM_ME_006_GOODSMVT S_PCO_36000477 BAdI: Material Confirmation 
244 ALM_ME_010_NOTIF S_PCO_36000478 BAdI: Notification 
245 ALM_ME_015_CODES S_PCO_36000479 BAdI: Code Catalogs 
246 ALM_ME_016_CATLGPROF S_PCO_36000480 BAdI: Catalog Profiles 
247 ALM_ME_017_CODEGROUP S_PCO_36000481 BAdI: Code Groups 
248 ALM_ME_018_CLASS S_P7D_67000081 BAdI: Classification Data 
249 ALM_ME_030_FUNCLOC S_PCO_36000482 BAdI: Functional Location 
250 ALM_ME_031_EQUIPMENT S_PCO_36000483 BAdI: Equipment 
251 ALM_ME_040_MEASUREMT S_PCO_36000484 BAdI: Measurement Document 
252 ALM_ME_041_MEAS_PT S_PCO_36000485 BAdI: Measuring Point 
253 ALM_ME_050_PARTNER S_PCO_36000486 BAdI: Partner Data 
254 ALM_ME_080_SIGNATURE S_PCO_36000487 BAdI: Signature Recording 
255 ALM_ME_090_CUST_USER S_PCO_36000488 BAdI: User Data 
256 ALM_ME_095_CUST_SCEN S_PCO_36000489 BAdI: Scenario-Specific Customizing 
257 ALM_ME_PUSH_DECISION S_PCO_36000490 BAdI: Determination of Push Data 
258 ALM_ME_SERVERDRIVEN S_PCO_36000491 BAdI: Back-End Controlled Replication 
259 ALM_ME_TECH_ADDR S_P7D_67000082 BAdI: Address Data for Equipment 
260 ALM_ME_USER S_PCO_36000492 BAdI: User Data Enhancement 
261 ALT_NEU_KR_ZUORDNEN S_KP6_83000008 Assign New Account Assignment References to 'Old' References 
262 ALV_CRYSTAL S_L1A_49000017 Generic Crystal Report Layout Maintenance 
263 ALV_JAVA_NO S_Y7A_80000005 Maintain Web Dynpro ABAP-Specific Settings 
264 ALV_PRINT01 S_BCE_68002253 Create RFC Destination in AS Java 
265 ALV_PRINT02 S_BCE_68002254 Create RFC Destination in AS ABAP 
266 ALV_PRINT03 S_BCE_68002255 Set-Up Web Service Destination for Adobe Document Services 
267 ALV_SAP_GUI_1 S_BCE_68002472 Maintain SAP GUI-Specific Settings 
268 ALV_SAP_GUI_2 S_BCE_68002473 Manage Generic Crystal Reports 
269 ANALYSISHISTORYDISP S_GM1_71000018 Visibility of Analysis and Mitigation History 
270 ANALYSISMITIG S_GM1_71000017 Mitigation UI 
271 ANA_STRUCT_GEN_ALM S_ALN_01002144 Create DataSource for Analysis Structure 
272 ANNAHMEVORB S_PLN_06000129 Define Acceptance Reservation 
273 ANPASSUNGSVERFAHREN S_ALR_87007025 Overview 
274 ANREDE_GP S_ALR_87009526 Define Forms of Address 
275 ANREDE_GP_I S_ALR_87007449 Form of Address 
276 ANSCHRIFTSKENNUNG_GP S_ALR_87009528 Define Address IDs 
277 ANSCHRIFTSKENN_GP_I S_ALR_87007361 Address ID 
278 ANTEILSARTEN S_ALR_87004763 Define Share Types 
279 ANWENDUNGSLOG S_B5A_57000003 Activate Application Log 
280 APAR_EBPP_CHECK_INV S_AX8_68000428 BAdI: Check of Bill Files 
281 APB_ISR_FORM_PR_BADI S_ABA_72000406 BAdI: Form Processing 
282 APB_LAUNCHPAD_SELPAR S_B20_88000166 BAdI: Change Selection Parameters in Launchpad 
283 APB_LAUNCHPAD_SETVAL S_B20_88000171 BAdI: Entry Values 
284 APOCIF_ALEAKTIV S_AX7_68000212 Activate ALE Change Pointers Generally 
285 APOCIF_ALEMESS S_AX7_68000247 Activate ALE Change Pointers for Message Types 
286 APOCIF_ALEREORGJOB S_AX7_68000216 Schedule Job 
287 APOCIF_ALEREORGVAR S_AX7_68000214 Define Variant 
288 APOCIF_APKON S_AX7_68000186 Configure Application Log 
289 APOCIF_APOREL S_AX7_68000177 Specify SAP APO Release 
290 APOCIF_APORGJ S_AX7_68000188 Schedule Job 
291 APOCIF_APORGJOB S_AX7_68000198 Schedule Job 
292 APOCIF_APORGV S_AX7_68000187 Define Variant 
293 APOCIF_APORGVAR S_AX7_68000197 Define Variant 
294 APOCIF_BLOCK S_AX7_68000190 Set Filter and Selection Block Size 
295 APOCIF_BTEAKTIV S_AX7_68000222 Activate Online Transfer Using BTE 
296 APOCIF_CFSRMPO S_E38_98000034 Activate Transfer of Purchase Order Changes 
297 APOCIF_CHANGEKONFIG S_AX7_68000210 Configure Change Transfer for Master Data 
298 APOCIF_CIFCID3 S_AX7_68000223 Compare Sales Orders and Purchase Orders/Requisitions 
299 APOCIF_CIFCNF01 S_AX7_68000250 Change Confirmations to SAP APO on Customer-Specific Basis 
300 APOCIF_CIFIMO01 S_AX7_68000221 Create Integration Models Automatically 
301 APOCIF_CIFLOC01 S_AX7_68000224 Influence Data Before Transfer to SAP APO on a User-Specific Basis 
302 APOCIF_CIFMAT01 S_AX7_68000225 Influence Data Before Transfer to SAP APO on a User-Specific Basis 
303 APOCIF_CIFMAT02 S_AX7_68000226 Transfer Deactivated Materials to SAP APO 
304 APOCIF_CIFORD01 S_AX7_68000240 Change Object Type and Order Data 
305 APOCIF_CIFORD02 S_AX7_68000241 Influence the Transfer of Customer-Specific Fields 
306 APOCIF_CIFORD03 S_AX7_68000239 Change Order Data 
307 APOCIF_CIFORD04 S_AX7_68000252 Determine Rework Operations and Triggering Operation 
308 APOCIF_CIFPPM01 S_AX7_68000232 Influence PPM Data 
309 APOCIF_CIFPREDD_QM S_AXA_22000062 Activate Fixed Pegging for Inspection Lots 
310 APOCIF_CIFPREDD_STK S_AXA_22000061 Activate Fixed Pegging for Stocks 
311 APOCIF_CIFPUCUST02 S_AXC_91000028 Suppress Rescheduling of Stock Transport Orders in Target System 
312 APOCIF_CIFPUR01 S_AX7_68000259 Transfer Customer-Specific Purchasing Data 
313 APOCIF_CIFPUR02 S_AX7_68000258 Change and Enhance Purchase Order Data 
314 APOCIF_CIFPUR41 S_AX7_68000256 Suppress Quota Arrangement Information 
315 APOCIF_CIFRSV02 S_AX7_68000231 Change Inbound Reservations 
316 APOCIF_CIFRTO02 S_AX7_68000233 Change R/3 Master Data for Generation of iPPE Runtime Object 
317 APOCIF_CIFRTO03 S_AX7_68000234 Change Data for iPPE Runtime Object Before Transfer to SAP APO 
318 APOCIF_CIFRTO04 S_AX7_68000235 Influence Data for Individual Operations 
319 APOCIF_CIFSLS02 S_AX7_68000237 Influence Inbound Sales Order Data 
320 APOCIF_CIFSLS03 S_AX7_68000238 Influence Sales Order Data Before the Transfer 
321 APOCIF_CIFSRC01 S_AX7_68000255 Transfer Customer-Specific Source of Supply Data 
322 APOCIF_CIFSTK01 S_AX7_68000228 Influence Data Before Transfer to SAP APO on a User-Specific Basis 
323 APOCIF_COMMKON S_AX7_68000215 Configure qRFC Communication 
324 APOCIF_CUSLNTRTO S_AX7_68000260 Change Production Data Structure 
325 APOCIF_DISPORESTRUCT S_AXA_22000048 Restructure Storage Location MRP Areas 
326 APOCIF_ENHANCED S_AXC_91000048 BAdI: Change Shipping Point Data Before Sending to SAP APO 
327 APOCIF_FLEXRFCD S_AX7_68000179 Assign RFC Destinations to Different Application Cases 
328 APOCIF_FLEXRFCDEST S_AX7_68000199 Assign RFC Destinations to Different Application Cases 
329 APOCIF_FREIGHT S_AX7_68000261 Influence Shipment Cost Calculation 
330 APOCIF_IMVARJ S_AX7_68000193 Schedule Generation and Activation as a Job 
331 APOCIF_IMVARJOB S_AX7_68000207 Schedule Generation and Activation as a Job 
332 APOCIF_INTMOD S_AX7_68000191 Generate Integration Models 
333 APOCIF_INTMODGEN S_AX7_68000205 Generate Integration Models 
334 APOCIF_LESHPSC S_AX7_68000236 Determine Attributes for Transportation Scheduling in SAP APO 
335 APOCIF_LGNUM S_AXC_91000051 Assign Warehouse Number to Warehouse Number of Decentralized SCM System 
336 APOCIF_LOGCLNT S_AX7_68000176 Assign Logical System to a Client 
337 APOCIF_LOGSYS S_AX7_68000175 Name Logical System 
338 APOCIF_MRPDS S_P7D_67000108 Activate MRP-Based Detailed Scheduling 
339 APOCIF_MRPDS_01 S_P7D_67000109 Influence MRP-Based Detailed Scheduling 
340 APOCIF_ONLMASTAKT S_AX7_68000220 Activate Online Transfer for Master Data Changes 
341 APOCIF_PARALL S_AX7_68000189 Determine Number Ranges for Parallelization 
342 APOCIF_PERIOD S_AX7_68000211 Schedule Periodic Transfer Using ALE Change Pointers 
343 APOCIF_PM_ORDER S_AXA_22000064 BAdI: Integrate Maintenance Orders 
344 APOCIF_POSMESSTYPE S_AX7_68000213 Change ALE Change Document Items per Object 
345 APOCIF_PPAPO002 S_AX7_68000242 Influence Order Data After the Transfer from SAP APO 
346 APOCIF_PPAPO003 S_AX7_68000249 Check APO-Relevance of Operations 
347 APOCIF_PPAPO004 S_AX7_68000244 Re-Explode BOMs for Planned Order Conversion 
348 APOCIF_PPAPO005 S_AX7_68000251 Enhance Relationships in Process Orders 
349 APOCIF_PPAPO006 S_AX7_68000248 Influence Initial Data Transfer of Manufacturing Orders 
350 APOCIF_PPAPO007 S_AX7_68000246 Override Checkbox Fields for Manufacturing Orders 
351 APOCIF_PPAPO008 S_AX7_68000243 Override Order Type for Planned Order Conversion 
352 APOCIF_PPAPO009 S_AX7_68000245 Add Components and Items 
353 APOCIF_PPAPO010 S_AX7_68000254 Filter Components from Quantity Propagation 
354 APOCIF_PPMALEAKTIV S_AX7_68000217 Activate Change Pointers for Production Process Models 
355 APOCIF_PPMREORGJOB S_AX7_68000219 Schedule Job 
356 APOCIF_PPMREORGVAR S_AX7_68000218 Define Variant 
357 APOCIF_PROFILE S_AX7_68000253 Set Quantity Adjustment After Confirmation 
358 APOCIF_PS_NETWORK S_AXA_22000063 BAdI: Integrate Networks 
359 APOCIF_QAPO001 S_AXA_22000033 Transfer Inspection Lots with Quantity of Zero to SAP APO 
360 APOCIF_QAPO002 S_AXA_22000034 Change Data on a Customer-Specific Basis Before Transfer to SAP APO 
361 APOCIF_QAPO003 S_AXA_22000035 Change Times Before Transfer to SAP APO 
362 APOCIF_QRFCAD S_AX7_68000183 Set Up qRFC Administration for CIF Queue Display 
363 APOCIF_QRFCADMIN S_AX7_68000203 Set Up qRFC Administration for CIF Queue Display 
364 APOCIF_QUEUED S_AX7_68000184 Configure CIF Queue Display on a User-Specific Basis 
365 APOCIF_QUEUEDISPLAY S_AX7_68000204 Configure CIF Queue Display on a User-Specific Basis 
366 APOCIF_RAPOKZ S_AX7_68000194 Schedule Job 
367 APOCIF_RAPOKZFXJOB S_AX7_68000196 Schedule Job 
368 APOCIF_RAPOKZFXVAR S_AX7_68000195 Define Variant 
369 APOCIF_RCIFIMAXJOB S_AX7_68000209 Schedule Job 
370 APOCIF_RCIFIMAXVAR S_AX7_68000208 Define Variant 
371 APOCIF_REQREDINT S_AX7_68000229 Evaluate the Requirements Reduction Filter Object Type 
372 APOCIF_REQREDMAN S_AX7_68000230 Influence Requirement Reduction Data Before Transfer to SAP APO 
373 APOCIF_RFCDEST S_AX7_68000178 Set Up RFC Destination 
374 APOCIF_RIMODA S_AX7_68000192 Activate and Deactivate Integration Models 
375 APOCIF_RIMODAC S_AX7_68000206 Activate and Deactivate Integration Models 
376 APOCIF_RLOADVMI S_AXA_22000024 Execute Initial Data Transfer for Stock in Transit 
377 APOCIF_SCHEDI S_AX7_68000182 Set qRFC Monitor (QIN Scheduler) 
378 APOCIF_SCHEDIN S_AX7_68000202 Set QIN Scheduler 
379 APOCIF_SCHEDO S_AX7_68000181 Set qRFC Monitor (QOUT Scheduler) 
380 APOCIF_SCHEDOUT S_AX7_68000201 Set QOUT Scheduler 
381 APOCIF_SCOCONF S_AXA_22000013 Process Customer-Specific Structures 
382 APOCIF_SDLSE_001 S_AXA_22000014 Transfer Sales Scheduling Agreement Items 
383 APOCIF_SDLSE_002 S_AXA_22000015 Influence Selection of Sales Scheduling Agreements 
384 APOCIF_SOURCEAKT S_AX7_68000257 Activate/Deactivate Source of Supply Determination/Source List Integration 
385 APOCIF_STKMATBLOCK S_AX7_68000227 Read Stock Values Before the Transfer to SAP APO 
386 APOCIF_T340WME S_AXA_22000077 Assign SAP R/3 Warehouse Number to EWM Warehouse Number 
387 APOCIF_TARGQUEU S_AX7_68000180 Set Target System and Queue Type 
388 APOCIF_TARGQUEUE S_AX7_68000200 Set Target System and Queue Type 
389 APOCIF_TCX00V S_AXA_22000049 Assign Components to an Operation Segment 
390 APOCIF_TLANE S_AXC_91000067 Influence Data in Customer-Specific Way Before Sending to SAP SCM 
391 APOCIF_TRANSRESS S_AXA_22000039 Set the Transfer of Resources to SAP APO 
392 APOCIF_UPDATE S_AXA_22000038 Activate Cross-System Update Logic 
393 APOCIF_USER S_AX7_68000185 Set User Parameters 
394 APOCIF_VCIFQLOT1 S_AXA_22000032 Set Up Transfer of Inspection Lots to SAP APO 
395 APOCIF_V_CIFQLOT1 S_AXA_22000025 Set Up Transfer of Inspection Lots to SAP APO 
396 APOCIF_V_CIFSDRET S_AXA_22000037 Set the Transfer of Returns to SAP APO 
397 APOCIF_V_CIFVMISD S_AXA_22000023 Assign Sales Area and Order Type to Ordering Party/Plant 
398 APOCIF_V_VENTYPE S_XC0_18000018 Assign Vendor Account Group to APO Location Type 
399 APO_CIF_PS_NETW_IN S_AX8_68000421 BAdI: Receive networks from SAP APO 
400 APPLS S_ALN_01000182 Application Maintenance 
401 AP_TTE_CLIENT_COPY S_PV1_98000001 Copy TTE Customizing from a different client 
402 AP_TTE_COUNTRY_COPY S_PV1_98000002 Copy TTE Country Specific Configuration 
403 AP_TTE_DELETECOUNTRY S_PV1_98000003 Delete TTE Country Specific Configuration 
404 ARCHIV_MINDVWD_BUKRS S_ALR_87007806 Define Company Code-Dependent Minimum Retention Period 
405 ARCHIV_MINDVWD_PART S_ALR_87007813 Define Product Type-Dependent Minimum Retention Period 
406 ARCH_IMG_APPLSPEZIF S_ALR_87100658 application-specific procedure 
407 ARCH_IMG_ARCH_PARAM S_P00_07000045 Cross-object settings 
408 ARCH_IMG_AS S_ALR_87100569 Central Management 
409 ARCH_IMG_AS_ADMIN S_ALR_87100568 Administration of Archive Information System 
410 ARCH_IMG_AUTHORITY S_ALR_87100213 Authorizations 
411 ARCH_IMG_BPC2 S_ALR_87100524 Change business partner 
412 ARCH_IMG_BUPA S_ALR_87100518 Change Business Partner 
413 ARCH_IMG_CCMSMONI S_ALR_87100747 Alert Monitor 
414 ARCH_IMG_CHECKNOTES S_ALR_87100208 Monitor SAP Notes and Hot News 
415 ARCH_IMG_COEP_ALE S_P00_07000028 ALE in CO: Delete Sent Line Items 
416 ARCH_IMG_DB15 S_ALR_87100563 Determine Relevant Archiving Objects 
417 ARCH_IMG_DBSPACES S_ALR_87100560 Determine Table Space and Growth 
418 ARCH_IMG_DOCU_SHOW S_ALR_87100812 Display Documentation for Archiving Object 
419 ARCH_IMG_DO_ARCHIVIN S_ALR_87100209 Start Archiving 
420 ARCH_IMG_FI06 S_ALR_87100522 Mark for Deletion 
421 ARCH_IMG_FILE_CONSIS S_ALR_87100216 Access Check of Archive Files 
422 ARCH_IMG_FREESPACE S_ALR_87100561 Determine Free Space 
423 ARCH_IMG_FURTHER_TSK S_ALR_87100212 Additional Tasks 
424 ARCH_IMG_GROWTH S_ALR_87100562 Database and Table Growth 
425 ARCH_IMG_INDEX S_ALR_87100218 Archive Index 
426 ARCH_IMG_KOT2 S_ALR_87100519 Order Types: Set Residence Times 
427 ARCH_IMG_NETWORK S_ALR_87100565 Determine Dependent Archiving Objects and Archiving Sequence 
428 ARCH_IMG_OCY6 S_ALR_87100523 Define Report Groups and Read Programs 
429 ARCH_IMG_PROTOCOLS S_ALR_87100217 Archiving Logs 
430 ARCH_IMG_RARCCOA5 S_P00_07000146 Simulate Document Summarization 
431 ARCH_IMG_RARCCOAA S_ALR_87100783 Table Analysis 
432 ARCH_IMG_RARCCOAX S_ALR_87100566 CO-AM: Analysis of Tables COEP, COEJ, COSP, COSS, and COST 
433 ARCH_IMG_READ_APPL S_ALR_87100570 Application-Dependent Analysis Tools and Programs 
434 ARCH_IMG_RELCHANGE S_ALR_87100211 After Release Upgrade 
435 ARCH_IMG_RESI_TIMES S_ALR_87100517 Retention Period of Business Data in Database 
436 ARCH_IMG_SARA S_ALR_87100214 Archive Administration and Execution 
437 ARCH_IMG_SEARCHNOTES S_ALR_87100204 Check SAPNet Notes 
438 ARCH_IMG_SYSTEM_MONI S_ALR_87100516 System Monitoring 
439 ARCH_IMG_TABANALYSIS S_ALR_87100564 Table Analysis 
440 ARCH_IMG_TABMONI S_ALR_87100207 Table Monitoring 
441 ARCH_IMG_TECH_PRE S_ALR_87100203 Technical Presettings 
442 ARCH_IMG_TESTPROGS S_ALR_87100206 Test Archiving Programs 
443 ARCH_IMG_XD06 S_ALR_87100521 Mark for Deletion 
444 ARCH_IMG_XK06 S_ALR_87100520 Mark for Deletion 
445 ARC_MM_EBAN_CHECK S_PCO_36000273 BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (MM_EBAN) 
446 ARC_MM_EBAN_WRITE S_PCO_36000272 BAdI: Enhancement of Scope of Archiving (MM_EBAN) 
447 ARC_MM_EINA_CHECK S_PCO_36000275 BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (MM_EINA) 
448 ARC_MM_EINA_WRITE S_PCO_36000274 BAdI: Enhancement of Scope of Archiving (MM_EINA) 
449 ARC_MM_EKKO_CHECK S_PCO_36000277 BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (MM_EKKO) 
450 ARC_MM_EKKO_WRITE S_PCO_36000276 BAdI: Enhancement of Scope of Archiving (MM_EKKO) 
451 ARC_MM_INVBEL_CHECK S_PCO_36000279 BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (MM_INVBEL) 
452 ARC_MM_INVBEL_WRITE S_PCO_36000278 BAdI: Enhancement of Scope of Archiving (MM_INVBEL) 
453 ARC_MM_MATBEL_CHECK S_PCO_36000064 BAdI: Check Add-On-Specific Criteria for MM_MATBEL 
454 ARC_MM_MATBEL_WRITE S_PCO_36000063 BAdI: Archiving of Add-On-Specific Data for MM_MATBEL 
455 ARC_MM_REBEL_CHECK S_P7D_67000339 BAdI: Enhancement to Archivability Check (MM_REBEL) 
456 ARC_PLM_AUD_CHECK S_ABA_72000237 Archiving Object PLM_AUD: Checks for Add-On-Specific Data 
457 ARC_PLM_AUD_WRITE S_ABA_72000238 Archiving Object PLM_AUD: Archiving of Add-On-Specific Data 
458 ARC_PLM_QUM_CHECK S_ABA_72000240 Archiving Object PLM_QUM: Checks for Add-On-Specific Data 
459 ARC_PLM_QUM_WRITE S_ABA_72000241 Archiving Object PLM_QUM: Archiving of Add-On-Specific Data 
460 ARC_PMO_PREPROCESS S_EAC_24000013 BAdI: Check Archivability of Orders in the Preparation Program 
461 ARC_PMQMELPREPROCESS S_EAC_24000010 BAdI: Check Archivability of Notifications in the Preparation Program 
462 ARC_PM_EQUI S_E4A_94000112 BAdI: Check Archivability of Additional Data for Equipment 
463 ARC_PM_EQUI_DELETE S_E4A_94000114 BAdI: Delete Additional Data for Equipment from the Database 
464 ARC_PM_EQUI_WRITE S_E4A_94000113 BAdI: Write Additional Data for Equipment to the Archive File 
465 ARC_PM_ORDER_CHECK S_EAC_24000015 BAdI: Check Archivability of Orders in the Write Program 
466 ARC_PM_ORDER_CHECK_H S_E4A_94000115 BAdI: Check Conversion to Historical Order Upon Archiving 
467 ARC_PM_ORDER_DELETE S_EAC_24000018 BAdI: Delete Add-On-Specific Entries for Orders from the Database 
468 ARC_PM_ORDER_WRITE S_EAC_24000017 BAdI: Write Add-On-Specific Data from Orders to the Archive File 
469 ARC_PM_PLAN_CHECK S_EAC_24000019 BAdI: Check Archivability of Task Lists in Write Program 
470 ARC_PM_PLAN_DELETE S_EAC_24000021 BAdI: Delete Add-On-Specific Entries for Task Lists from Database 
471 ARC_PM_PLAN_WRITE S_EAC_24000020 BAdI: Write Add-On-Specific Data of Task Lists to Archive File 
472 ARC_PM_QMEL_CHECK S_EAC_24000011 BAdI: Check Archivability of Notifications in the Write Program 
473 ARC_PM_QMEL_DELETE S_EAC_24000009 BAdI: Delete Add-On-Specific Entries for Notifications from the Database 
474 ARC_PM_QMEL_WRITE S_EAC_24000012 BAdI: Write Add-On-Specific Data from Notifications to the Archive File 
475 ARC_PPM_OBJECTS S_X6D_27000003 BAdI: Archiving of Additional Data for PPM Objects 
476 ARC_QM_FMEA_CHECK S_AER_95000521 BAdI: Add-On-Specific Checks 
477 ARC_QM_FMEA_DELETE S_AER_95000522 BAdI: Delete Add-On-Specific Data 
478 ARC_QM_FMEA_PREPARE S_AER_95000523 BAdI: Read Add-On-Specific Data 
479 ARC_QM_FMEA_WRITE S_AER_95000524 BAdI: Write Add-On-Specific Data 
480 ARC_RV_LIKP_CHECK S_AC0_52000642 Business Add-In for Archivability Check of Deliveries 
481 ARC_RV_LIKP_RELOAD S_E4A_94000148 Business Add-In for Reloading Delivery-Related Data from the Archive 
482 ARC_RV_LIKP_WRITE S_AC0_52000643 Business Add-In for Archiving Delivery-Related Data 
483 ARC_SCMG_CHECK_BC S_YI2_53000003 BAdI: Extend Archivability Check 
484 ARC_SCMG_DELETE_BC S_YI2_53000005 BAdI: Extend Case Data Deletion 
485 ARC_SCMG_WRITE_BC S_YI2_53000004 BAdI: Extend Archiving of Case Data 
486 AR_CUST S_ABA_72000366 Configure Archiving Engine 
487 ASC0SCU S_BYA_47000003 Assign Users to Scenarios 
488 ASC0SCUAI S_BYA_47000004 Assign Users to Scenarios 
489 ASC0SD1AI S_BYA_47000001 Assign Appl.Obj. Types, Evt Types, and EM Relev. Conditions 
490 ASC0SD2AI S_BYA_47000002 Assign SAP EM Relevance Functions and Extractors 
491 ASC0SDAI S_BYA_47000005 Define Solutions and Scenarios 
492 ASSIGN_CBR_STATUS S_PEN_05000001 Assign Field for Credit Bureau to Status Profile 
493 ASSIGN_COND_CATEGORY S_AEN_10000737 Determine Additional Properties for Installment Loans 
494 ASSIGN_COND_PAYMPLAN S_AEN_10000739 Determine Condition Types for Payment Plans 
495 ASSIGN_COUNTER_DUNN S_AEN_10000606 Assign Counter Method to Dunning Procedure 
496 ASSIGN_DEFAULT_PROD S_AEN_10000604 Settings for Product Type 
497 ASSIGN_DUNN_PROD S_AEN_10000605 Assign Dunning Area to Product Type 
498 ASSIGN_FLOWT_LAND S_AEN_10000607 Determine Flow Types for Determining Charges 
499 ASSIGN_PAYRULE_PLAN S_AEN_10000836 Assign Payment Rules to Payment Plan 
500 ASSIGN_PLAN_PRODTYPE S_PLN_62000755 Assign Payment Plan to Product Type