SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index J
IMG Activity - J
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 J1AB_LV S_EB5_05000034 Maintain Number Ranges 
2 J1AB_PH S_SL0_21000023 Maintain Number Ranges 
3 J1BECD_NUM S_EB5_05000368 Define Number Range for Electronic Accounting File History 
4 J1BI_NFE S_P6D_40000143 Maintain Number Ranges for Electronic Fiscal Documents 
5 J1BTAX S_PL0_09000290 Access Tax Manager's Workplace 
6 J1I9 S_KI4_05000153 Number ranges 
7 J3RALFFMCHECK S_ACR_23000615 Check New Version of Inventory Card 
8 J3RALFGEN S_ACR_23000318 Generate Forms 
9 J3RALFNRNG S_E38_98000046 Define Number Range Intervals for Statutory Forms 
10 J3RFF4V S_AC0_52000482 Define Cash Flow Statement Versions 
11 J3RFFV4CN S_EB5_05000472 Define Cash Flow Statement Versions 
12 J3RFREGCUSIN S_EBJ_98000167 Automatic Registration of Incoming Invoices 
13 J3RFSTRDIV S_EBJ_98000204 Maintain Settings for Structural Divisions 
14 J3RKBOOL S_AC0_52000654 Group Accounting Documents 
15 J3RKNGLL S_EB5_05000222 Use Non-Leading Ledger for Offsetting Account Determination 
16 J3RS_CDEC_SCR_BADI_H S_EB5_05000488 BAdI: Enhancement for CDec Header Screen 
17 J3RS_CDEC_SCR_BADI_I S_EB5_05000489 BAdI: Enhancement for CDec Item Screen 
18 J3RTAXAS S_PCO_36000409 Assign Tax Hierarchies to Company Codes 
19 J3RTAXDP S_P7D_67000093 Maintain Format Versions 
20 J3RTAXIN S_PCO_36000405 Install Table Group 
21 J3RTAXTEST S_AC0_52000176 Check Line Numbers in VAT Returns 
22 J3RTAXTR S_PCO_36000408 Transport Tax Hierarchy 
23 JAPAN_010 S_PL0_09000466 Define Bank Group for Merged Banks (Japan) 
24 JAPAN_011 S_AC0_52000065 Define Branch Group for Merged Banks (Japan) 
25 JAPAN_012 S_AC0_52000066 Define Branch Group for Merged Banks (Japan) 
26 JBA_SFGDT S_PLN_06000284 Modify Risk Object 
27 JBA_US_PREPAY_AD S_ALN_01002505 Activate/Deactivate Prepayment Simulation - Andrew Davidson BADI 
28 JBA_US_PREPAY_SAP S_ALN_01002504 Activate/Deactivate Prepayment Simulation - SAP BADI 
29 JBA_US_PREP_FACTOR S_ALN_01002506 Prepayment Rates Table Used by SAP Standard Prepayment Simulation 
30 JBDCPNUM S_ALN_01002335 Edit Number Ranges for Change Pointer ID 
31 JBDERH S_PL9_08000046 General Settings for Export Relevance 
32 JBD_AFX_ACT S_PLN_06000093 Create Number Range for Activity Log 
33 JBD_AFX_CUST_DEPLOY S_PLN_06000094 Use Global Archiving Control 
34 JBD_AM_PPJ_APPCUST S_PLN_06000092 Maintain Customer Settings for Application Types 
35 JBD_AM_PPJ_APPREL S_PLN_06000090 Maintain Locks of other Application Types Relevant for Application Type 
36 JBD_AM_PPJ_DISTR S_PLN_06000091 Maintain Job Distribution 
37 JBD_CHGPTR_MONITOR S_PL9_08000045 Overview of Change Pointers 
38 JBD_CHGRELCUST S_PL9_08000043 Set Exceptions for Change Relevance 
39 JBD_EXPACTCUST S_PL9_08000041 General Export Settings 
40 JBD_EXPORT S_PL9_08000044 Start Export 
41 JBD_EXPRELCUST S_PL9_08000042 Settings for Export Relevance 
42 JBP_BADI_AFIXP S_PLN_62000767 BAdI After Calling Fixed Procedures 
43 JBP_BADI_AFLEXP S_PLN_62000769 BAdI After Calling Flexible Procedures 
44 JBP_BADI_BFIXP S_PLN_62000766 BAdI Prior to Calling Fixed Procedures 
45 JBP_BADI_BFLEXP S_PLN_62000768 BAdI Prior to Calling Flexible Procedures 
46 JBP_CUS_DIST_DER1 S_PLN_06000128 Define Derivation Strategy for Target Segment 
47 JBP_FTP_CALCULATR_PA S_PLN_62000791 BAdI for Opportunity Procedures: Weighted Independent Tranches 
48 JBT_FTP_CALCULATR_PA S_PLN_62000790 BAdI for Procedures: Weighted Independent Tranches 
49 JBT_VA_AR_AC_VI S_PLN_62000754 Activate TRM Valuation Area for Position Evaluation 
50 JHVMSTZ_EOB S_KK4_82001527 Determine Status for Each Revenue Object Document Item 
51 JITOUT_NUMBER_GET S_ALI_97000050 BAdI: Nummer Assignment for JIT Outbound Items 
52 JITO_ACTION S_KA5_12001363 BAdI: Define Customer-specific Actions 
53 JITO_CREATE S_KA5_12001364 BAdI: Adjust Data on Creation of an Outbound JIT Call 
54 JITO_DELCON S_KA5_12001365 BAdI: Adjust Delivery Confirmations Outbound 
55 JITO_IDOC S_KA5_12001366 BAdI: Adjust IDoc Data 
56 JITO_LAYOUT S_KA5_12001367 BAdI: Adjust Layout of Reports and Lists 
57 JIT_DELCON S_KA5_12001368 BAdI: Process Delivery Confirmations 
58 JIT_FIND_SA S_ALI_97000049 BAdI: Find Scheduling Agreement 
59 JIT_GM_TYPE S_ALI_97000044 BAdI: Movement Type for Stock Transfer 
60 JIT_MONITOR S_KA5_12001369 BAdI: Enhance JIT Monitoring 
61 JIT_NUMBER S_KA5_12001370 BAdI: Assign Internal Number Ranges for JIT Basic Data 
62 JJJKJK S_PL0_09000279 jkllkkljjkl 
63 JKSDQEVENT_NRKREIS S_PNI_68000208 Number Range Maintenance for Events 
64 JKSDQFAREASEG S_KK4_82001540 Assign Planning Areas to Planning Segments 
65 JKSDVQFAREA S_KK4_82001539 Planning Areas 
66 JOBEINPLAN S_ALR_87008378 Define Conversion Sequence and Assign Server 
67 JPINVSUM007 S_PCO_36000421 Implementation: Change Statement 
68 JPINVSUM_001 S_PCO_36000082 Basic Settings 
69 JPINVSUM_002 S_PCO_36000083 Define Line Items 
70 JPINVSUM_003 S_PCO_36000084 Maintain Virtual Accounts 
71 JPINVSUM_004 S_PCO_36000092 Maintain Bank Charges 
72 JPINVSUM_005 S_PCO_36000093 Maintain Number Ranges 
73 JPINVSUM_006 S_PCO_36000094 BAdI: Due Date Determination 
74 JPINVSUM_008 S_PCO_36000447 Implementation: Add Customer Data (1) 
75 JPINVSUM_009 S_PCO_36000448 Implementation: Add Customer Data (2) 
76 JPINVSUM_010 S_PCO_36000449 Master Data 
77 JPINVSUM_011 S_PCO_36000453 Post Tax Adjustment 
78 JPINVSUM_012 S_P7D_67000067 BAdI: Invoice Summary Items 
79 JPINVSUM_CUSTI01 S_E4A_94000179 Customizing Include: Extend Invoice Summary Header 
80 JPINVSUM_CUSTI02 S_E4A_94000180 Customizing Include: Add Fields to Output File 
81 JPVMPMASTER S_KK4_82001536 Quantity Planning (Master-Slave) 
82 J_1AAA_DOC_KLASSE S_ALR_87008323 Official Document Class for Maintaining Asset Waybills 
83 J_1AAA_FORM S_ALR_87008322 Assign Forms for Asset Waybills 
84 J_1AACTIVITY_GIT4 S_ALR_87003113 Define Activity Codes for Gross Income Tax 
85 J_1AACTIVITY_SSWT4 S_ALR_87003115 Define Activity Codes for Social Security Insurance 
86 J_1AASSIGN_BR_PLSL S_ALR_87000134 Assign Issuing Subsidiary to Plant/Storage Location 
87 J_1AASSIGN_BR_SA S_ALR_87007615 Assign Issuing Branch To Sales Area 
88 J_1AASSIGN_BR_SHIP S_ALR_87006727 Assign Issuing Branch to Shipping Point 
89 J_1AASSIGN_CODES4 S_ALR_87004775 Assign Official Tax Code to Processing Keys 
90 J_1AASSIGN_DC_DT S_ALR_87006721 Assign Document Class to Delivery Type 
91 J_1AASSIGN_FISC_TYP2 S_ALR_87003093 Assign Fiscal Type 
92 J_1AASSIGN_FISC_TYPE S_ALR_87003223 Assign Fiscal Type 
93 J_1ABRANCH_DELIVERY S_ALR_87007610 Copy Branch From Delivery 
94 J_1ACLASS_DOCFI4 S_ALR_87003694 Check Assignment of Document Class to Document Type 
95 J_1ADEFINE_REL_MTYPE S_ALR_87000171 Activate Numbering for Movement Types 
96 J_1ADEF_OFF_TAX_COD4 S_ALR_87004797 Maintain Official Tax Codes 
97 J_1ADISCOUNT_TYPE4 S_ALR_87003358 Configure Automatic Generation of Cash Discount Documents 
98 J_1ADRVERSION4 S_ALR_87004793 Maintain Versions for Tax on Sales/Purchases Daily Report 
99 J_1AFISCAL_TYPE1 S_ALR_87003096 Define Fiscal Type 
100 J_1AFISCAL_TYPE4 S_ALR_87003249 Define Fiscal Type 
101 J_1AFOREIGN_PERSON4 S_ALR_87004707 Maintain Identification Numbers for Foreign Persons 
102 J_1AGI_DIST_TYPES4 S_ALR_87003112 Define Distribution Type for Gross Income Tax 
103 J_1AGI_LAYOUT4 S_ALR_87004765 Maintain Forms 
104 J_1AGI_PERCENTAGE4 S_ALR_87004758 Maintain Percentage Rates 
105 J_1AGL_ACC_INFLATION S_ALR_87003627 Maintain Inflation Key 
106 J_1AINFMTYV S_EBS_44000525 Maintain Movement Types for Goods Receipt Revaluation 
107 J_1ALETTER_DOC_CLAS4 S_ALR_87003089 Assign Capital Letter to Fiscal Type 
108 J_1AMMINF_MOVEMENT S_ALR_87001894 Maintain Movement Types for Goods Issue Revaluation 
109 J_1AMULT_AGREEMENT4 S_ALR_87004761 Maintain Coefficients 
110 J_1AOFF_DOC_ASSIGN4 S_ALR_87004789 Assign Official D.G.I. Document Types 
111 J_1AOFF_TYPE_MAINT4 S_ALR_87004783 Maintain Official D.G.I. Document Types 
112 J_1APAYMN S_AC0_52000381 Assign AFIP Payment Means to Payment Methods 
113 J_1AREASON_DEF4 S_ALR_87003243 Define Reasons 
114 J_1AREASON_PER_TAXC4 S_ALR_87003246 Assign Reasons to Tax Codes 
115 J_1AR_GRIDT S_EB5_05000625 Maintain Distribution Types for Gross Income Perception Tax 
116 J_1ASALES_ORG_EXT S_ALR_87007613 Assign tax indicator to sales organization 
117 J_1ATAXCAT_BKRS_INFD S_ALR_87003295 Maintain Company Code Tax Categories for Accounts Receivable 
118 J_1ATAXCAT_BKRS_INFK S_ALR_87003298 Maintain Company Code Tax Categories for Accounts Payable 
119 J_1ATAX_CAT S_ALR_87003293 Maintain Tax Categories 
120 J_1ATAX_CLASSIF4 S_ALR_87003303 Maintain Tax Classification 
121 J_1ATAX_ID4 S_ALR_87004713 Maintain Tax Classes 
122 J_1ATAX_MINIMUM4 S_ALR_87003300 Maintain Minimum Amounts per Processing Key 
123 J_1ATIDSW S_ALR_87004720 Identification Type: Self-Withholding 
124 J_1ATJ1AB_CN S_EB5_05000495 Maintain Number Ranges 
125 J_1ATJ1AB_ID S_P7D_67000072 Maintain Number Ranges 
126 J_1ATJ1AB_PH S_SL0_21000024 Maintain Number Ranges 
127 J_1ATJ1AB_VE S_E4A_94000006 Maintain Number Ranges 
128 J_1ATVKO S_ALR_87006728 Specify Numbering Time 
129 J_1ATYPE_OF_ID4 S_ALR_87003285 Define ID Type 
130 J_1ATYPE_OF_ID5 S_ALR_87003087 Define ID Type 
131 J_1AVEBRCH S_EB5_05000116 Define Electronic Branches 
132 J_1AWTH_VTAX S_EBJ_98000112 Maintain Conditions for Applying Withholding Tax Code 
133 J_1A_AA_INFL_KLASSE S_ALR_87008318 Assign Revalution Keys to Asset Classes 
134 J_1A_AA_PER_KONTR S_ALR_87008321 Maintain Period Control Methods 
135 J_1A_AA_REV_ADD_SET S_ALR_87008317 Maintain Additional Settings for Inflation Transaction Types 
136 J_1A_AA_REV_BEREICH S_ALR_87008320 Maintain Revaluation Areas 
137 J_1A_AA_REV_SCHL S_ALR_87008319 Maintain Revaluation Keys 
138 J_1A_ASSIGNMENT_KEYS S_ALR_87001497 Define Assignment Keys 
139 J_1A_BRA_ASSIGNMENT S_ALR_87001495 Define Branch Assignment for Automatic Postings 
140 J_1A_CI_LIMIT S_P6B_12000026 Define Limits for Credit Invoices 
141 J_1A_CI_OT_INSTNO S_P6B_12000027 Assign Output Types to Installment Numbers 
142 J_1A_CTYCODE S_EBS_44000342 Maintain Country Codes 
143 J_1A_CURCODE S_EBS_44000343 Maintain Currency Codes 
144 J_1A_INFLATION_INDEX S_ALR_87003624 Maintain Inflation Indexes 
145 J_1A_INFLATION_METH S_ALR_87003623 Maintain Inflation Methods 
146 J_1A_INFL_ACC_DET S_ALR_87003374 Maintain G/L Accounts for Inflation Postings 
147 J_1A_MM_INF_CLS S_ALR_87001885 Maintain Material Inflation Classes 
148 J_1A_POSTING_VARIANT S_ALR_87003626 Maintain Posting Variants 
149 J_1A_RFC_DEST S_EBS_44000492 Define Settings for Web Services 
150 J_1A_TIME_BASE_VAR S_ALR_87003625 Maintain Time Base and Exposure to Inflation Variants 
151 J_1A_UOMCODE S_EBS_44000344 Maintain Unit of Measure 
152 J_1A_V_CAE_REJCD S_EB5_05000117 Maintain AFIP Return Codes and Descriptions 
153 J_1A_WS_COND_MAP S_EBS_44000493 Assign Condition Types to Material Codes 
154 J_1BACCESS_SEQUENCES S_ALR_87008335 Access Sequences 
155 J_1BAJV S_PL0_09000372 Define Tax Types 
156 J_1BAMH S_EBS_44000715 Define Screen Controls for Fields (Header) 
157 J_1BAMIT S_EBS_44000714 Define Screen Controls for Fields (Item) 
158 J_1BAOXV S_P9C_18000050 Define Exceptions for Incoming Goods Movements and Returns 
159 J_1BAPXV S_P9C_18000051 Define Exceptions for Outgoing Goods Movements and Returns 
160 J_1BASSBRANCH S_ALR_87008344 Assign Business Places to Plants 
161 J_1BATL1V S_ALR_87003317 Define ICMS Tax Laws 
162 J_1BATL2V S_ALR_87003315 Define IPI Tax Laws 
163 J_1BATL3V S_P6D_40000015 Define ISS Tax Laws 
164 J_1BATL4V S_P7D_67000101 Define COFINS Tax Laws 
165 J_1BATL5V S_P7D_67000100 Define PIS Tax Laws 
166 J_1BAUTO_NFTEXTS S_ALR_87007639 Maintain Automatic Nota Fiscal Header Texts 
167 J_1BBRANCV S_SL0_21000017 Define Business Places 
168 J_1BBRANCV_TW S_PL0_86000001 Define Business Places 
169 J_1BBRANCV_VE S_E4A_94000001 Define Business Places 
170 J_1BBRCREATE S_ALR_87008343 Define Business Places 
171 J_1BCBTAXPROCV S_P6B_12000180 Specify Calc. Procedures for Condition-Based Tax Calculation 
172 J_1BCFOP_DESCRIPT S_ALR_87008348 Define CFOP Codes and Assign Version 
173 J_1BCFOP_MM S_ALR_87008347 Define CFOP Determination for Goods Receipts and Returns (Versioned) 
174 J_1BCFOP_SD S_ALR_87008345 Define CFOP Determination for Goods Issues and Returns (Versioned) 
175 J_1BCFOP_XREGV S_P9C_18000049 Assign Validity Date to CFOP Versions 
176 J_1BCODES S_ALR_87002359 Error Codes 
177 J_1BCONDITION_TYPES S_ALR_87008334 Condition Types 
178 J_1BCONDMAPV S_PL0_09000324 Define Internal Codes for Tax Conditions 
179 J_1BCONDTAXACT S_PL0_09000316 Activate Condition Generation 
180 J_1BCONTAB_CHANGE S_ALR_87008338 Change 
181 J_1BCONTAB_CREATE S_ALR_87008331 Create 
182 J_1BCONTAB_DISPLAY S_ALR_87008337 Display 
183 J_1BCONTAB_FIELD_CAT S_ALR_87008336 Field Catalog 
184 J_1BCTE_IV S_EBJ_98000121 BAdI: Fill CT-e Data During Invoice Verification 
185 J_1BCTE_PAR_MAPV S_EBJ_98000018 Map CT-e Partners to NF Partner Functions 
186 J_1BCTE_SD S_EBJ_98000132 BAdI: Import Outgoing CT-e Data 
187 J_1BCTE_SELECT_SRVPO S_EBJ_98000133 BAdI: Select Service Master Used in Dynamic Exceptions 
188 J_1BCUST_GROUPS_ST S_ALR_87003290 Define Customer Groups for SubTrib Calculation 
189 J_1BDF_STAT_TAXV S_EBS_44000692 Set Tax Type as Statistical for Specific Scenarios 
190 J_1BECD_CUST01V S_EB5_05000354 Define Government Entities for ECD 
191 J_1BECD_CUST02V S_EB5_05000355 Define Qualification for Person Responsible 
192 J_1BECD_CUST03V S_EB5_05000356 Maintain Person Responsible 
193 J_1BECD_CUST05V S_EB5_05000359 Define Register Category 
194 J_1BECD_CUST06V S_EB5_05000358 Define Intercompany Relations 
195 J_1BECD_CUST07V S_EB5_05000357 Define Intercompany Relations Codes 
196 J_1BECD_CUST08VC S_EB5_05000369 Define Subledgers 
197 J_1BEFDV_COUNTRY S_P7D_67000150 Assign BCB Country Codes to ISO Country Codes 
198 J_1BE_SNDR_DTL S_P7D_67000188 Maintain Sender Data for Withholding Tax Reporting 
199 J_1BFORM_MASTER S_ALR_87008346 Define Forms 
200 J_1BFORM_NUMBER_RANG S_ALR_87008329 Maintain Number Ranges 
201 J_1BGENSERVTV S_P6D_40000022 Define Generic Service Types 
202 J_1BGROUP_NUMBER S_ALR_87008330 Define Number Groups 
203 J_1BIMPCONDAS_V S_EBS_44000518 Assign Tax Types to Tax Groups for Import Data Upload 
204 J_1BIMPLAYOUT_V S_EBS_44000519 Record MS Excel Layouts for Import Data 
205 J_1BIMPLAYOUT_VC S_EBJ_98000001 Define MS Excel Layouts for Data Upload 
206 J_1BIMPXLSMAP_V S_EBS_44000520 Map MS Excel Columns to Data Structure Fields 
207 J_1BIM_INVADJ_MMTTYP S_EBJ_98000381 Determine Movement Types for Inventory Adjustment 
208 J_1BIM_INVADJ_TAXCOD S_EBJ_98000382 Determine Tax Code for Inventory Adjustment 
209 J_1BIM_NF_MVMT_TPYES S_PL0_09000193 Maintain Movement Types for Vendor Invoices 
210 J_1BIM_NF_TYPE S_ALR_87000508 Maintain Nota Fiscal Category Derivation 
211 J_1BIM_TAX_POSTING S_ALR_87000532 Maintain Tax Posting String 
212 J_1BKON1MMVV S_P6D_40000018 Define Which Taxes Are Included in MM Price Conditions 
213 J_1BKON1MSVV S_P7D_67000076 Define Which Taxes Are Included in MM-SRV Price Conditions 
214 J_1BKON1SDVV S_P6D_40000019 Define Which Taxes Are Included in SD Price Conditions 
215 J_1BKON1V S_P7D_67000060 Define Which Taxes Are Included in MM-SRV Price Conditions 
216 J_1BLB08 S_ALR_87004748 Modelo 8 - Special Accounts 
217 J_1BLB09 S_ALR_87004726 Modelo 9 - Special Accounts 
218 J_1BLFD1 S_PL0_86000003 Maintain Product Lists 
219 J_1BMAT_DOCU_LINES S_ALR_87002376 Material Document Lines 
220 J_1BMGROUP S_ALR_87008340 Assign NCM Codes to Material Groups 
221 J_1BMWSKZKALSMV S_PL0_09000328 Assign Alternative Calculation Procedure per FI/MM Tax Code 
222 J_1BNBMCODE S_ALR_87008342 Define NCM Codes 
223 J_1BNFENUMCHECK S_EB5_05000396 Maintain Last Used Number for NF-e Number Range 
224 J_1BNFENUMCHECKV S_EB5_05000397 Maintain Last Checked Number for Fiscal Document Number Range 
225 J_1BNFE_CANCELRV S_E4A_94000058 Define Cancellation Reasons 
226 J_1BNFE_CONTINRV S_EBS_44000508 Define Contingency Reasons 
227 J_1BNFE_CUSTINAUTO S_EBS_44000190 Customizing for Incoming NF-e Automation 
228 J_1BNFE_EVEGRPVC S_EBS_44000474 Group Internal Event Codes 
229 J_1BNFE_EVEMAPV S_EBS_44000473 Enter Official Event Codes and Map to Internal Codes 
230 J_1BNFE_IN S_EBS_44000136 BAdI: Conversions for Incoming NF-e Automation 
231 J_1BNFE_PROCPV S_EBS_44000521 Assign Delivery Type to Incoming NF-e Processes 
232 J_1BNFE_PROCV S_EBS_44000091 Assign NF Type to Incoming NF-e Processes 
233 J_1BNFE_PROCV_CTE S_E17_83000002 Assign NF Type to Incoming CT-e Processes 
234 J_1BNFE_SETINAUTOCTE S_E17_83000001 Create RFC Connection to SAP BusinessObjects NFE 
235 J_1BNFE_SETUPINAUTO S_EBS_44000513 Create RFC Connection to SAP BusinessObjects NFE 
236 J_1BNFITEM_TYPE S_ALR_87002467 Line Category 
237 J_1BNFLWCONDMMV S_PL0_09000323 Map MM Tax Laws to Nota Fiscal Fields 
238 J_1BNFTXCONDMMV S_PL0_09000317 Map MM Tax Values to Nota Fiscal Fields 
239 J_1BNFTXCONDV S_PL0_09000318 Map SD Tax Values to Nota Fiscal Fields 
240 J_1BNFTYPEREDLFV S_EB5_05000384 Define NF Type Determination for Vendors 
241 J_1BNFTYPEREDMMV S_P6D_40000144 Define NF Type Redetermination for Goods Movements 
242 J_1BNFW_SCC S_EBJ_98000303 Define Screen Controls for Tabs and Subscreens (Header) 
243 J_1BNFW_SCCIT S_EBJ_98000302 Define Screen Controls for Tabs and Subscreens (Item) 
244 J_1BNF_ADD_DATA S_EBJ_98000301 BAdI: Additional Data for Nota Fiscal 
245 J_1BNF_CHECK_PERIOD S_EB5_05000672 BAdI: Check Period of Notas Fiscais 
246 J_1BNF_ITEM_TYPE S_P6B_12000023 Define Nota Fiscal Item Types 
247 J_1BNF_PLANTSV S_EBS_44000448 Enable NF Issue Within Same Business Place 
248 J_1BNF_TYPE_MASTER S_ALR_87008341 Define Nota Fiscal Types 
249 J_1BNUMBER_RANGES S_ALR_87008339 Maintain Number Ranges 
250 J_1BOUTPUT_DET_PROC S_ALR_87008333 Output Determination Procedure 
251 J_1BOUT_COND_CHANGE S_ALR_87008326 Change 
252 J_1BOUT_COND_CREATE S_ALR_87008327 Create 
253 J_1BOUT_COND_DISPLAY S_ALR_87008325 Display 
254 J_1BPIS_V_CFOP S_EBS_44000425 Maintain CFOP for EFD-Contributions 
255 J_1BPIS_V_CFOP2 S_EBS_44000494 Maintain CFOP by Company Code for EFD-Contributions 
256 J_1BPROCESSING_PROGS S_ALR_87008324 Processing Programs 
257 J_1BREF_ASSIGNMENT S_ALR_87008332 Assign Screen Controls to NF Type 
258 J_1BSDFK S_ALR_87007624 Maintain Billing Types 
259 J_1BSDIC S_ALR_87007627 Maintain Billing Document Item Category 
260 J_1BSDICA S_ALR_87007634 Maintain Sales Document Item Category 
261 J_1BSDKON0 S_ALR_87007621 Special Conditions For Pricing 
262 J_1BSERIES_NFNUMBER S_ALR_87008328 Assign Numbering and Printing Parameters 
263 J_1BSERVASSIGN1V S_P6D_40000023 Assign Official Service Types to Generic Service Types 
264 J_1BSERVASSIGN2V S_P6D_40000024 Assign Official Service Types to Material Numbers 
265 J_1BSERVASSIGN3V S_AC0_52000746 Assign Official Service Types to Services 
266 J_1BSERVTYPES1V S_P6D_40000020 Define Official Service Types for Incoming Notas Fiscaís 
267 J_1BSERVTYPES2V S_P6D_40000021 Define Official Service Types for Outgoing Notas Fiscaís 
268 J_1BSTSCODEV S_P6D_40000142 Define Official Status Codes 
269 J_1BT001WV S_SL0_21000019 Assign Business Places to Plants 
270 J_1BTANP S_EBJ_98000325 Define ANP Code 
271 J_1BTAX S_PL0_09000289 Access Tax Manager's Workplace 
272 J_1BTAXSITCOFV S_P7D_67000099 Define COFINS Tax Situations 
273 J_1BTAXSITISSV S_P7D_67000091 Define ISS Tax Situations 
274 J_1BTAXSITPISV S_P7D_67000098 Define PIS Tax Situations 
275 J_1BTAXSITUATIONIPI S_ALR_87003312 Define IPI Tax Situations 
276 J_1BTAX_DEFAULT_RATE S_ALR_87003324 Maintain Default Tax Rate Values 
277 J_1BTAX_GROUPING S_ALR_87100866 Define Tax Groups for Dynamic Exceptions 
278 J_1BTAX_ICMS_COMPLEM S_ALR_87003230 Maintain ICMS-Complement Exceptions 
279 J_1BTAX_ICMS_EXCEPT1 S_ALR_87100868 Maintain ICMS Dynamic Exceptions 
280 J_1BTAX_ICMS_EXCEPTI S_ALR_87003334 Maintain ICMS Material-Dependent Exceptions 
281 J_1BTAX_ICMS_GENERAL S_ALR_87003332 Maintain ICMS Values 
282 J_1BTAX_IPI S_ALR_87003326 Maintain IPI Values 
283 J_1BTAX_IPI_EXCEPT S_ALR_87003329 Maintain IPI Material-Dependent Exceptions 
284 J_1BTAX_ISS_EXCEPT2 S_P00_07000001 Maintain ISS Dynamic Exceptions 
285 J_1BTAX_REGIONS S_ALR_87003319 Define Brazilian Tax Regions and Assign to Geograph. Regions 
286 J_1BTAX_REG_EXPORT S_ALR_87003305 Define Tax Regions for Foreign Customers/Vendors 
287 J_1BTAX_SUBST_TRIBEX S_ALR_87003236 Maintain SubTrib Material-Dependent Exceptions 
288 J_1BTAX_SUBST_TRIBUT S_ALR_87003232 Maintain SubTrib Values 
289 J_1BTCNAE S_EBJ_98000318 Define CNAE 
290 J_1BTCOMSIZE S_EBJ_98000323 Define Company Size 
291 J_1BTDECREGPC S_EBJ_98000324 Define Declaration Regimen 
292 J_1BTEXT_KEYS S_ALR_87002482 Automatic Texts 
293 J_1BTICMSTAXPAY S_EBJ_98000320 Define Type of ICMS Taxpayer 
294 J_1BTINDTYP S_EBJ_98000321 Define Industry Main Type 
295 J_1BTLEGALNAT S_EBJ_98000319 Define Legal Nature 
296 J_1BTMAN_TC_RSNV S_EBJ_98000326 Define Reason for Manual Tax Code 
297 J_1BTNBSV S_EBJ_98000267 Define NBS Codes 
298 J_1BTREG_CITYV S_P6D_40000017 Assign Postal Codes to Tax Jurisdiction Codes 
299 J_1BTSPEC_CFOPV S_EBJ_98000328 Define Special Case for CFOP Determination 
300 J_1BTTDT S_EBJ_98000322 Define Type of Tax Declaration 
301 J_1BTVAKU S_ALR_87007608 Assign Nota Fiscal Type to Sales Document Types 
302 J_1BTXCODESEQ S_PL0_09000291 Define Sequence for SD Tax Code Determination 
303 J_1BTXCOFV S_P6D_40000014 Maintain COFINS Values 
304 J_1BTXCOND S_PL0_09000325 Assign Condition Types to Internal Codes for Tax Conditions 
305 J_1BTXIS1 S_ALR_87003239 Maintain ISS Values 
306 J_1BTXISSV S_P6D_40000012 Maintain ISS Values 
307 J_1BTXJURV S_P6D_40000016 Define Tax Jurisdiction Codes 
308 J_1BTXLAWSEQ S_PL0_09000303 Define Sequence for SD Tax Law Determination 
309 J_1BTXMMCV S_ALR_87003321 Define FI/MM Tax Codes 
310 J_1BTXPISV S_P6D_40000013 Maintain PIS Values 
311 J_1BTXSDCV S_ALR_87003336 Define SD Tax Codes 
312 J_1BTXST3V S_PL0_09000292 Maintain SubTrib Dynamic Exceptions 
313 J_1BTXWITHV S_P6D_40000030 Maintain Withholding Tax Rates and Assign Official Collection Codes 
314 J_1BTX_FLEX_CBT S_EBJ_98000083 Define Flexible PIS/COFINS Bases for FI/MM Tax Codes (CBT) 
315 J_1BTX_FLEX_CLAS S_EBJ_98000084 Define Flexible PIS/COFINS Bases for FI/MM Tax Codes (Clas. Tax. Calc.) 
316 J_1BTX_IPI_EXCEPT2 S_ALR_87100870 Maintain IPI Dynamic Exceptions 
317 J_1BVALUE_TRANSFER S_ALR_87002478 Value Determination 
318 J_1BVIEWMAP S_PL0_09000326 Assign Condition Tables to Tax Tables 
319 J_1BWHT_BR_EXT S_AC0_52000532 BAdI: Extension to Brazilian Withholding Tax 
320 J_1BWITH_HOLD_TRANS S_ALR_87002366 Withholding Tax Value Determination 
321 J_1B_CFOP_VERSION S_P6B_12000024 Define CFOP Versions 
322 J_1B_CIAP_COND S_AC0_52000742 Define CIAP Conditions 
323 J_1B_CIAP_FACTOR S_AC0_52000743 Define CIAP Factors 
324 J_1B_NFTYPEBRCHV S_P6D_40000147 Define NF Type Redetermination per Business Place 
325 J_1B_NFTYPEREGV S_P6D_40000148 Define NF Type Redetermination per Region 
326 J_1B_RANGE_NUMBER S_AC0_52000015 BAdI: Numbering and Printing Parameters 
327 J_1ICERT S_AL0_96000171 Maintain Number Ranges 
328 J_1IDDCTR_CD S_EBS_44000104 Maintain Deductor Types 
329 J_1IEWTCALID S_AL0_96000154 Assign Factory Calendars to Business Places 
330 J_1IEWTCALID_N S_EB5_05000391 Assign Factory Calendars to Section Codes 
331 J_1IEWTDOCKEY S_AL0_96000161 Specify Document Type 
332 J_1IEWTDOCKEY1 S_AL0_96000180 Specify Document Type 
333 J_1IEWTDTCHLN S_AL0_96000366 Maintain Document Type 
334 J_1IEWTDUEDATE S_AL0_96000155 Maintain Tax Due Dates 
335 J_1IEWTHKONT S_AL0_96000162 Specify Which G/L Accounts to Post Withholding Tax To 
336 J_1IEWTHKONT1 S_AL0_96000182 Specify G/L Accounts for Journal Voucher Losses 
337 J_1IEWTNO S_AL0_96000167 Maintain Number Ranges 
338 J_1IEWTNUM S_AL0_96000166 Assign Number Ranges to Number Groups 
339 J_1IEWTNUMGR S_AL0_96000165 Maintain Number Groups 
340 J_1IEWTPROVISACC S_AL0_96000168 Specify Which Accounts Are Liable to Withholding Tax 
341 J_1IEWTSURC S_AL0_96000159 Maintain Surcharge Tax Codes (Separate Tax Codes) 
342 J_1IEWT_CERT S_AL0_96000169 Maintain Number Groups and SAPscript Forms 
343 J_1IEWT_CERTNO S_AL0_96000170 Assign Number Ranges to Number Groups 
344 J_1IEWT_CERTNO_WT S_AL0_96000256 Assign Number Ranges to Number Groups 
345 J_1IEWT_COLLCODE S_EB5_05000276 Maintain Collection Codes 
346 J_1IEWT_COMP S_AL0_96000158 Maintain Surcharge Calculation Methods 
347 J_1IEWT_CUST S_AL0_96000163 Posting of Withholding Tax Certificates from Customers 
348 J_1IEWT_CUSTV S_AL0_96000164 Specify Document Type (Accounts Payable) 
349 J_1IEWT_HEALTH_CHECK S_AL0_96000172 Health Check 
350 J_1IEWT_MIGRATE S_AL0_96000173 Migration Program 
351 J_1IEWT_MIGRATE2 S_AL0_96000221 Map Tax Codes 
352 J_1IEWT_SURC1 S_AL0_96000160 Maintain Surcharge Rates (Surcharges Combined with Basic WH Tax Codes) 
353 J_1IEWT_TT_COLL S_EB5_05000277 Assign Tax Types to Collection Codes 
354 J_1IEXCACC S_AL0_96000107 Specify G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction 
355 J_1IEXCDEF S_AL0_96000105 Maintain Excise Defaults 
356 J_1IEXCREF S_AL0_96000116 Assign Billing Types to Delivery Types 
357 J_1IEXGRPS S_AL0_96000102 Maintain Excise Groups 
358 J_1IEXSRDET S_AL0_96000118 Maintain Default Excise Groups and Series Groups 
359 J_1IEX_CUST_ACT S_AL0_96000110 Define Processing Modes Per Transaction 
360 J_1IEX_CUST_FLDS   Incoming Invoices field selections 
361 J_1IEX_CUST_REF S_AL0_96000111 Define Reference Documents Per Transaction 
362 J_1IEX_SFAC S_AL0_96000109 Select Fields 
363 J_1IINDCUS   Company Settings 
364 J_1IIN_SD_001 S_AL0_96000187 Pricing Procedure for Factory Sales 
365 J_1IJ1I9 S_AL0_96000119 Number Ranges 
366 J_1IMESG S_AL0_96000121 Message Control 
367 J_1IMINBAL S_AL0_96000108 Maintain Minimum Balances for Excise Accounts 
368 J_1IMNSTRY_CD S_EBS_44000105 Maintain Ministry Names 
369 J_1IMVMT S_AL0_96000113 Specify Which Movement Types Involve Excise Invoices 
370 J_1IMVTGRP S_AL0_96000115 Maintain Movement Type Groups 
371 J_1IN0002 S_AL0_96000809 Activate Country Version India for Specific Fiscal Years 
372 J_1IN0004 S_AL0_96000810 Activate Business Transaction Events 
373 J_1IN0005   Make Sure That Posting Keys Are Deductible 
374 J_1IN0006   Specify G/L Accounts for Taxes 
375 J_1IREGSET S_AL0_96000099 Maintain Excise Registrations 
376 J_1IREJMAS S_AL0_96000112 Maintain Rejection Codes 
377 J_1IRELN   CIN 3.0A Release Notes 
378 J_1IRSNCODEM S_EB5_05000390 Classify Exemption Reasons 
379 J_1ISERACC S_EBS_44000041 Assign Service Tax Accounts 
380 J_1ISERCAT S_EBS_44000042 Maintain Service Tax Categories 
381 J_1ISERCATSD1 S_EBS_44000047 Determine Service Category Based on Customer, G/L Account, and Tax Code 
382 J_1ISERCATSD2 S_EBS_44000048 Determine Service Category Based on Customer and Tax Code 
383 J_1ISRGRPS S_AL0_96000104 Maintain Series Groups 
384 J_1ISTAPPL   Define tax applicability codes 
385 J_1ISUBATT S_AL0_96000114 Subcontracting Attributes 
386 J_1ISUBTYP_TXT S_PCO_36000389 Maintain Subtransaction Types 
387 J_1ITAXIND   Tax indicator maintenance 
388 J_1ITDSCERT   Certificate Printing 
389 J_1ITDSDUE S_AL0_96000176 Payment Due Date Maintenance 
390 J_1ITDSNO   Certificate Number Range 
391 J_1ITDSSEC S_AL0_96000174 TDS Section Maintenance 
392 J_1ITDSTXC S_AL0_96000175 Assign TDS Sections to Tax Codes 
393 J_1ITRNACC S_AL0_96000106 Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transaction 
394 J_1IUTILIZE S_AL0_96000117 Utilization Determination 
395 J_1IVFRTYP S_AL0_96000122 Define Form Types 
396 J_1IVSERCATMM S_EBS_44000044 Determine Service Category for GTA and Imports 
397 J_1IVSERCATMM1 S_EBS_44000060 Determine Service Category Based on Material, Tax Code, and Vendor 
398 J_1IVSERCATMM2 S_EBS_44000061 Determine Service Category Based on Material and Vendor 
399 J_1IVSERCATMM3 S_EBS_44000062 Determine Service Category Based on Material and Tax Code 
400 J_1IVSERCATMM4 S_EBS_44000063 Determine Service Category Based on Material 
401 J_1IVSERCATMM5 S_EBS_44000064 Determine Service Category Based on Material Group 
402 J_1IVSERCATMMFI1 S_EBS_44000052 Determine Service Category Based on G/L Account, Tax Code, and Vendor 
403 J_1IVSERCATMMFI2 S_EBS_44000053 Determine Service Category Based on Tax Code and Vendor 
404 J_1IVSERCATMMFI3 S_EBS_44000054 Determine Service Category Based on G/L Account and Tax Code 
405 J_1IVSERCATMMFI4 S_EBS_44000055 Determine Service Category Based on Tax Code 
406 J_1IVSERCATSD1 S_EBS_44000056 Determine Service Category Based on Customer, Material, and Sales Area 
407 J_1IVSERCATSD2 S_EBS_44000057 Determine Service Category Based on Customer and Material 
408 J_1IVSERCATSD3 S_EBS_44000058 Determine Service Category Based on Material 
409 J_1IVSERCATSD4 S_EBS_44000059 Determine Service Category Based on Material Group 
410 J_1IVSERCATSDFI3 S_EBS_44000049 Determine Service Category Based on G/L Account and Tax Code 
411 J_1IVSERCATSDFI4 S_EBS_44000050 Determine Service Category Based on Tax Code 
412 J_1IVTTXID S_AL0_96000120 Long Texts 
413 J_1IVWTH_SER_MM S_EBS_44000045 Determine Withholding Line for GTA and Imports 
414 J_1IWRKCUS S_AL0_96000103 Maintain Plant Settings 
415 J_1I_BCKEXCSUS S_P7D_67000049 Excise Invoice Capture Against Delivery in the Background 
416 J_1I_BUPLA_SECCO S_EB5_05000278 Assign Business Places to Section Codes 
417 J_1I_SECCO_CIT S_EBS_44000107 Maintain Section Code, TAN, and CIT Address 
418 J_1I_WTH_SER_GTA S_EBS_44000043 Determine Withholding Line for GTA 
419 J_2ILAYCTR S_AL0_96000123 Specify SAPscript Forms 
420 J_3GABLGVG   New Logik SD Settlement PBE as TBE 
421 J_3GARCHIV   Number Range Interval for Archiving 
422 J_3GARCH_VERS   Insurance Data for Equipment 
423 J_3GBALDAUER   Retention Period for SD Order Log Objects 
424 J_3GBELAMA   Assign Sale/Repurchase for Material Deliveries 
425 J_3GBESART   Inventory Management per Equipment Type for Shipping Documents 
426 J_3GBLART_WF   Workflow Indicator per Document Type 
427 J_3GDRUCK_BELART   Assign Print Parameters per Document Type 
428 J_3GFIAA   Activate Workflow for Asset Class 
429 J_3GFRISTBTLA   Usage Period Deadlines per Transaction Type and Activity Type 
430 J_3GFRISTLAZU   Assign Activity Types to Deadline Surcharges 
431 J_3GGBBKVB   Sales Area per Company Code/Business Area/Plant 
432 J_3GKONZAB   Consolidated Mapping Category and Settlement Dates 
433 J_3GLKOST   Default Loading Costs Indicator/Provision Fee 
434 J_3GMCID   Matchcode ID for Selecting WBS Element (Project Definition) 
435 J_3GMMINTEG_MOVTYPE   Define MM Movement Types Relevant to ETM 
436 J_3GMM_BADI_ACTIVE   Activate MM Event Creation 
437 J_3GNUMKAU   Assign Number Range Intervals for SD Order Types 
438 J_3GPSKOKM   WBS Element per Controlling Area for Material Sales 
439 J_3GRVLAUF   Number Range Interval for Settlement Run 
440 J_3GSPABRK_V   Block Settlement Calendar with Released Records 
441 J_3GSTLKOP   Number Range Interval for BOMs 
442 J_3GV_ABGRFMAT   Maintain Material Removal Sequence Dep. on Activity Type 
443 J_3GV_ABLE   Define Rejection Reasons 
444 J_3GV_ABRMTART   Settlement in MM per Material Type 
445 J_3GV_BAMTART   Material Types per Document Type 
446 J_3GV_BESTFART   Define Inventory Management Types for Material 
447 J_3GV_BESTMTART   Inventory Management in ETM per Material Type 
448 J_3GV_BLAR1   Link Document Types with SD Document Types 
449 J_3GV_DEMEQUI   Default Recipient for Equipment per Organizational Structure 
450 J_3GV_DISPOB   Determine Planning Areas 
451 J_3GV_EMPFBFART   Assign Inv. Mgmt Type to Activity Type per Recipient Type 
452 J_3GV_EMTLAD   Activity Type Default in Document Entry for Material 
453 J_3GV_KSCHLFRIST   Deadline Logic per Condition Type 
454 J_3GV_KSCHLUMB   Assign Condition Types for Transfer Postings 
455 J_3GV_LAMTART   Activity Types per Material Type 
456 J_3GV_LA_P   Actvty Types for Determ. Utiliztn of Capacity in Usage Statement 
457 J_3GV_MELD01   Determine Message/Output Control for Planning 
458 J_3GV_MELD02   Determine Message Control for Planning Board 
459 J_3GV_MEMPFDOM   Assign Dominance Indicator per Document Type 
460 J_3GV_MEMPFMIT   Intermediate Recipient Indicator for Material Shipping 
461 J_3GV_MITTLE   Intermediate Recipient per Organizational Structure 
462 J_3GV_T160M_01   Detemine Message/Output Control for Package Entry 
463 J_3GV_T160M_02   Determine Output/Message Control for Equipment Master Record 
464 J_3GV_T160M_03   Determine Output/Message Control for Recipient Master Record 
465 J_3GV_T160M_04   Determine Output/Message Control for BOMs 
466 J_3GV_T160M_05   Determine Message/Output Control for SD Order Entry 
467 J_3GV_TVKO_IV   Customer Internal Settlement per Sales Organization in ETM 
468 J_3GV_TVTA_GRE   Business Area Account Assignment 
469 J_3GV_UMLFIX   Determine Org. Structure Access for Fixed CO Object 
470 J_3GV_ZUAB   Define Reasons for Movement for Shipping Documents 
471 J_3GWFCEM1   Activate Workflow for ETM 
472 J_3G_ABGRIFF   Maintain Activity Types for Equipment Removal Sequence 
473 J_3G_ARCH_BOM   Bill of Material 
474 J_3G_ARCH_CONDIT   Condition Records 
475 J_3G_ARCH_KATAL   Catalog 
476 J_3G_ARCH_LG   Performance-Based Equipment Document 
477 J_3G_ARCH_REQ   Requisition Note 
478 J_3G_ARCH_VS   Shipping Document 
479 J_3G_BADI_VS   BAdI: Shipping Document 
480 J_3G_BAUBELEG   Determine Indicator for SD Document Types 
481 J_3G_BELEG   Define Document Types 
482 J_3G_BELEGNR   Define Document Number Ranges 
483 J_3G_BENFELDER   Define User-Specific Fields 
484 J_3G_BERECHT   Define Recipient Authorization Groups 
485 J_3G_BERECHTIG   Maintain Authorizations 
486 J_3G_BERSTANDLIST   Users Authorized to Define Standard List 
487 J_3G_BESTBELTYP   Determine Inventory Management Type per Document Category 
488 J_3G_BESTEQUILEIST   Stock Check per Equi. Type for Performance-Based Equi. 
489 J_3G_BILDAUFBAU   Determine Screen Layout for Shipping Documents 
490 J_3G_BILDLEIST   Determine Screen Layout for PBE Documents 
491 J_3G_BILDVERS   Screen Layout for Entering Insurance Data 
492 J_3G_BUCHUNG   Determine Posting Rules 
493 J_3G_CHARGE   Batch Determination in Shipping Document 
494 J_3G_CO_BADI_IMPLEM   BADI Implementation for Converting Units of Measure 
495 J_3G_CO_KALSM   Condition Types Indicator - Conversion of UoM 
496 J_3G_CO_UNIT   CO Line Item Conversion of Unit of Measure in Days 
497 J_3G_DISPO_BADI_PT01   BAdI: ETM Planning Board 
498 J_3G_DISPO_BADI_PT02   BAdI: Planning Board - Define Individual Function Codes 
499 J_3G_DISPO_BADI_REQ   BAdI: ETM Requisition Note 
500 J_3G_DISPO_BD_NUM   Determine Number Range for Requisition Note