SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index M
IMG Activity - M
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 MAHNEN S_PLN_16000272
2 MAHNEN_PARTNER S_ALR_87015169 Correspondence Partner Reminder 
3 MAHNVERF.F.BELEGPOS. S_KK4_08000062 Define Dunning Procedure (FS-CD) 
4 MAHNWESEN_SUCHKENNZ S_ALR_87004779 Assign Search ID and Share Type to Role Category 
5 MAHNW_FORMULARE_MSTF S_ALR_87004213 Assign Forms for Loans Dunning to Dunning Level 
6 MAHNW_GERMAHNVERFAHR S_ALR_87004222 Define Forms for Legal Dunning Procedure 
7 MAHNW_GRUNDEINSTELLU S_ALR_87004511 Determine Basic Settings 
8 MAHNW_ROLLENTYPEN S_ALR_87004388 Assign Dunning Param. and Limit Amount to Application/Role 
9 MAHNW_ZEWG_MAHNBAR S_ALR_87004206 Flag Payment Methods for Incoming Payments as Dunnable 
10 MAINT_FUNDTYPE S_P00_07000192 Create FM Fund Types 
11 MANBUCH_BEWART_ZUS S_ALR_87004548 Additional Manual Posting Data 
12 MANDATENABH S_P00_07000025 Define File Names and File Paths Independent of Client 
13 MAND_0002 S_BCE_68001453 Define clients 
14 MANUELLE_MAHNSTUFE S_ALR_87004516 Define Manual Dunning Level 
15 MAN_WIP_BATCH_VAL S_EB5_05000125 BAdI: Valuation WIP Batch 
16 MAPMAINTENANCE_VBC S_BTD_53000164 Assign Map Products to Visual Business Applications 
17 MAPPINGRULES S_BCE_68002444 Define Key-Mapping Rules 
18 MAP_PARTNER S_AEC_66000387 Business Partner Key 
19 MAP_PROBABILITY S_GF1_13000158 Map Probability and Severity Values from EH&S and RM 
20 MAP_TX_TYPE S_AEC_66000441 Tax Type Mapping 
21 MARGINVERWALTUNG_DEF S_ALR_87007427 Define Account Determination for Margin Management 
22 MASCHINELL_MAHNSTUFE S_ALN_01001327 Define Dunning Level Determination 
23 MASCH_UEBER_TOLERANZ S_ALN_01002329 Determine Tolerances 
24 MASS_V_PARALLEL S_EBJ_98000150 Mass Processing - Set Up Parallel and Asynchronous Processing 
25 MAT_INFL_CLS S_AL0_96000433 Maintain Material Inflation Classes 
26 MAT_PO_READ_SWITCH S_EBS_44000412 BAdI: Options for Improving System Performance 
27 MAT_TYPE_ATTRIBUTES S_AL0_96000439 Define Attributes of Material Types 
28 MA_ST_TH S_EB5_05000527 Define Critical Stock Values for Mass Processsing 
29 MB_CHECK_LINE_BADI S_P6B_12000036 BAdI: Check Line Before Adoption in Blocking Tables 
30 MB_DELPAR_BADI S_EBJ_98000230 BAdI: Set Partners for Creating a Delivery 
31 MB_INSMK_WIP_CHANGE S_E4A_94000193 BAdI: Stock Transfer of a WIP Batch 
32 MB_MIGO_BADI S_AL0_96000653 BAdI: Maintenance of Extenral Detail Subscreens for Transaction MIGO 
33 MB_MIGO_ITEM_BADI S_AL0_96000652 BAdI: Changing of Item Data in Transaction MIGO 
34 MB_RESERVATION_BADI S_AL0_96000655 BAdI: Checking/Supplementation of Dialog Data for Transactions MB21/MB22 
35 MCA_DOCUMENT S_VCG_86000046 BAdI: Documents Handling 
36 MCA_DOCUMENTN S_VCG_86000064 BAdI: Documents Handling 
37 MCPE_FA_ACC_SEQ S_PR0_40000385 Define Access Sequences 
38 MCPE_FA_COND_TYPE S_PR0_40000386 Define Condition Types 
39 MCPE_FA_CT S_PR0_40000384 Define Condition Tables 
40 MCPE_FA_DET_PROC S_PR0_40000387 Define Formula Assembly Procedure 
41 MCPE_FA_FC S_PR0_40000383 Maintain Field Catalog 
42 MCPE_FA_MNTGRP_1 S_EBS_44000307 Maintain Maintenance Group 
43 MCPE_FA_PRIORITY S_EBS_44000308 Maintain Attribute Priority 
44 MDC_SUBSCR_ACL S_ALI_97000062 Add-In: Log Measurement Document Customer Subscreen 
45 MDGF_FBS_SE_CMP_BUL1 S_E7B_27000005 BAdI: Import of Company Master Data 
46 MDGF_FBS_SE_CMP_BULK S_EB5_05000661 BAdI: Import of Company Master Data 
47 MDGF_KBAS_SE_CCGRPH1 S_E7B_27000010 BAdI: Import of Cost Center Hierarchy 
48 MDGF_KBAS_SE_CCGRPHR S_EB5_05000666 BAdI: Import of Cost Center Hierarchy 
49 MDGF_KBAS_SE_CELGRP1 S_E7B_27000012 BAdI: Import of Cost Element Group 
50 MDGF_KBAS_SE_CELGRPH S_EB5_05000668 BAdI: Import of Cost Element Group 
51 MDGF_KBAS_SE_COSTCT2 S_E7B_27000009 BAdI: Import of Cost Centers 
52 MDGF_KBAS_SE_COSTCTR S_EB5_05000665 BAdI: Import of Cost Centers 
53 MDGF_KBAS_SE_COSTEL1 S_E7B_27000011 BAdI: Import of Cost Elements 
54 MDGF_KBAS_SE_COSTELE S_EB5_05000667 BAdI: Import of Cost Elements 
55 MDGF_KE1_SE_PRCTRGR1 S_E7B_27000007 BAdI: Import of Profit Center Hierarchy 
56 MDGF_KE1_SE_PRCTRGRP S_EB5_05000664 BAdI: Import of Profit Center Hierarchy 
57 MDGF_KE1_SE_PRCTR_B1 S_E7B_27000006 BAdI: Import of Profit Centers 
58 MDGF_KE1_SE_PRCTR_BL S_EB5_05000662 BAdI: Import of Profit Centers 
59 MDGF_USMD_SE_CEGH_R1 S_E7B_95000024 BAdI: Export of CostElementGroupHierarchy 
60 MDGF_USMD_SE_CEGH_RP S_SE5_45000023 BAdI: Export of CostElementGroupHierarchy 
61 MDGF_USMD_SE_CE_RPL1 S_E7B_95000023 BAdI: Export of CostElement 
62 MDGF_USMD_SE_CE_RPLC S_SE5_45000024 BAdI: Export of CostElement 
63 MDG_BADI_DYN_AGT_SEL S_BTD_53000194 BAdI: Dynamic Selection of Agent in Rule-Based Workflow 
64 MDG_BADI_FLD_PROP S_BT6_28000069 BAdI: Access to Customer-Dependent Field Property Settings 
65 MDG_BADI_PAR_RES_HDL S_BTD_53000195 BAdI: Handling of Parallel Results in Rule-Based Workflow 
66 MDG_BADI_RULE_CTX_PR S_BTD_53000192 BAdI: Rule Context Preparation for Rule-Based Workflow 
67 MDG_BADI_SYS_METH_CA S_BTD_53000193 BAdI: Calling of System Method for Rule-Based Workflow 
68 MDG_BS_BP_ACCESS S_BT6_63000014 access class assignment 
69 MDG_BS_BP_CRMC_BCSE2 S_BT6_63000015 Set up BP-IDoc Types for Distribution to Client Systems 
70 MDG_BS_BP_CRMC_BCSET S_BTD_53000218 Import MDG Outbound Service 
71 MDG_BS_BP_FMOD_BCSE2 S_BT6_63000016 Import Predef. Fld Modif. Criteria for Trans. BP Using MDG-S 
72 MDG_BS_BP_FMOD_BCSET S_BTD_53000219 Import Predefined Field Modification Criteria for Transaction BP Using MDGS 
73 MDG_BS_BP_SCOPE_BC S_EBI_19000009 Activate BC Set to Reset Governance Scope 
74 MDG_BS_BP_WF_CHECK S_EBS_44000006 Import Predefined Workflow Dependent Checks 
75 MDG_BS_CL_CR_BCSET1 S_E7B_27000014 Import Predefined Change Request Types for ERP Customer UI 
76 MDG_BS_CUST_HARM S_EBS_44000113 Configure CVI for Debtor UI 
77 MDG_BS_CUST_HARM_01 S_E7B_27000013 Configure CVI for ERP Customer UI 
78 MDG_BS_CUS_CR_BCSET S_EBS_44000111 Import Predefined Change Request Types 
79 MDG_BS_CUS_CR_BCSETX S_EBI_02000003 Import Predefined Change Request Types 
80 MDG_BS_CU_FMOD_BCSET S_EBI_19000002 Import Predef. Fld Modif. Criteria for Trans. BP Using MDG-C 
81 MDG_BS_ECC_BP_MLT_AS S_EBI_02000015 BAdI: Adapt Customer/Supplier Data 
82 MDG_BS_MAT_API_ENRIC S_EB5_05000536 BAdI: Change Request Data Enrichment 
83 MDG_BS_MAT_API_SEGMT S_EBS_44000025 BAdI: Extension of the API with Customer-Specific Segments 
84 MDG_BS_MAT_CR_BCSET S_EB5_05000545 Import Predefined Change Request Types 
85 MDG_BS_MAT_DELETE_TE S_E7B_27000018 Delete Text Mapping Information 
86 MDG_BS_MAT_FIND_MOD S_EBS_44000302 Data Model Mapping 
87 MDG_BS_MAT_GOV_SCOPE S_EBI_02000009 Import BC Set to Reset Governance Scope 
88 MDG_BS_MAT_SHAREDMEM S_E7B_27000017 Clear Shared Memory Buffer 
89 MDG_BS_MAT_TMP_ID S_EB5_05000543 Maintain Number Ranges for Temporary ID Handling 
90 MDG_BS_RS_FMOD_BCSET S_EBI_19000003 Import Predef. Fld Modif. Criteria for Trans. BP Using Relationships 
91 MDG_BS_SUPPL_HARM S_EB5_05000677 Configure CVI for ERP Vendor UI 
92 MDG_BS_SUP_CR_BCSET S_EB5_05000634 Import Predefined Change Request Types 
93 MDG_BS_SUP_CR_BCSET2 S_EBS_03000006 Import Predefined Change Request Types 
94 MDG_BS_SUP_CR_BCSETX S_EBI_02000002 Import Predefined Change Request Types 
95 MDG_BS_VEND_CR_BCSE2 S_EBS_03000007 Import Predefined Change Request Types for Vendor UI 
96 MDG_BS_VEND_CR_BCSET S_EB5_05000676 Import Predefined Change Request Types for Vendor UI 
97 MDG_BS_VEND_CR_BC_CU S_EBS_44000112 Import Predefined Change Request Types for Debtor UI 
98 MDG_BS_VEN_CR_BCSETX S_EBI_02000004 Import Predefined Change Request Types for ERP Vendor UI 
99 MDG_BUPA_01 S_BTD_53000126 Set up Business Partner 
100 MDG_BUPA_01_N S_EBS_03000008 Set up Business Partner 
101 MDG_BUPA_02 S_BTD_53000174 Activate/Deactivate Business Partner Function Modules for Replication 
102 MDG_BUPA_GEN_SET_01 S_BT6_28000017 General Settings for Business Partner 
103 MDG_CUSTOMER_01 S_EBS_44000096 General Settings for Customer 
104 MDG_CUST_ERP_20 S_EBS_44000109 Set up Customer Master for Master Data Governance for Customer 
105 MDG_CUST_ERP_30 S_EBS_44000110 Set up Customer Vendor Integration for MDG for Customer 
106 MDG_DQR_EVENT_HANDLE S_EBI_19000005 BAdI: Event Handling for Data Quality Remediation 
107 MDG_ERP_20 S_EB5_05000433 Set up Vendor Master for Master Data Governance for Supplier 
108 MDG_ERP_30 S_EB5_05000434 Set up Customer Vendor Integration for MDG for Supplier 
109 MDG_ES_TEMPL S_BTD_53000167 Create Search Object Connector Templates 
110 MDG_FINANCIALS_01 S_SE5_45000025 General Settings for Financials 
111 MDG_FIN_INT_SSC S_BT6_63000003 Set Up Integration with Financial Shared Service Center 
112 MDG_FIN_INT_SSC1 S_E7B_95000006 Set Up Integration with Financial Shared Service Center 
113 MDG_FIN_MDM_ORG_CUS1 S_E7B_95000005 Import Predefined Change Request Types and Edition Types 
114 MDG_FIN_MDM_ORG_CUST S_SE6_85000001 Import Predefined Change Request Types and Edition Types 
115 MDG_FOUNDATION_ACTIV S_BTD_53000213 Make your settings under "Master Data Governance" 
116 MDG_IDM_001 S_BTD_53000105 Customize Business Objects for Key Mapping 
117 MDG_IDM_002 S_BTD_53000107 Define Business Objects 
118 MDG_IDM_003 S_BTD_53000108 Define Object Identifiers 
119 MDG_IDM_004 S_BTD_53000109 Assign Business Objects to Main Contexts 
120 MDG_IDM_005 S_BTD_53000113 Define Object Nodes 
121 MDG_IDM_006 S_BTD_53000114 Define Technical Settings for Business Systems 
122 MDG_IDM_007 S_BTD_53000155 Assign Key Structures to Object Identifiers 
123 MDG_IDM_009 S_BTD_53000215 Key Mapping 
124 MDG_IDM_010 S_BTD_53000216 Overall Information 
125 MDG_IDM_BADI_01 S_BTD_53000110 BAdI: Determination of Local System Name 
126 MDG_MATERIAL_01 S_EB5_05000658 General Settings for Material 
127 MDG_MAT_IDMAP_V S_EBI_02000010 Maintain Fields for iDoc Key Mapping 
128 MDG_MAT_VALMAP_V S_EBI_02000011 Maintain Fields for iDoc Value Mapping 
129 MDG_MDF_FYV S_SE3_50000126 Specify Leading Fiscal Year Variant for Whole Client 
130 MDG_MDF_FYV1 S_SE3_50000127 Specify Leading Fiscal Year Variant Specific to a Field 
131 MDG_MDF_PROF S_SE3_50000210 Profile Parameter Setting 
132 MDG_RULE_CROSS_ET S_BT6_63000013 BAdI: Derivations Across Entity Types 
133 MDG_SE_BP_RELSHIP_IN S_BTD_53000139 BAdI: BP Relationships Replication Request Inbound 
134 MDG_SE_BP_RELSHIP_OU S_BTD_53000140 BAdI: BP Relationships Replication Request Outbound 
135 MDG_SE_BP_REL_CNF_IN S_BTD_53000141 BAdI: BP Relationships Replication Confirmation Inbound 
136 MDG_SE_BP_REPLCNF_IN S_BTD_53000138 BAdI: Business Partner Replication Confirmation Inbound 
137 MDG_SE_BP_REPLRQ_IN S_BTD_53000136 BAdI: Business Partner Replication Request Inbound 
138 MDG_SE_BP_REPLRQ_OUT S_BTD_53000137 BAdI: Business Partner Replication Request Outbound 
139 MDG_SE_BP_SEARCH S_EBS_03000011 BAdI for MDG Business Partner Search Service 
140 MDG_SE_MAT_ERPBKRP_2 S_EBI_02000013 BAdI: Material Replication Inbound Confirmation 
141 MDG_SE_MAT_ERPBKRP_3 S_EBI_02000014 BAdI: Material Replication Outbound Request 
142 MDG_SE_MAT_ERPBULKRP S_EBI_02000012 BAdI: Material Replication Inbound Request 
143 MDG_SSC_CONFIG S_EBI_19000007 Activate Integration with Service Request 
144 MDG_SSC_CONFIG1 S_E7B_95000008 Activate Integration with Service Request 
145 MDG_SUPPLIER_01 S_EB5_05000651 General Settings for Supplier 
146 MDG_SUPPL_WF_BRFPLUS S_EBS_03000012 Assign Processor to Change Request Step Number in BRFplus for Supplier 
147 MDG_SWETYPV_BUS2250 S_BTD_53000217 Activate Type Linkage 
148 MDG_TRANSPORT_TRVAR S_BTD_53000196 Transport of Data Transfer Variants 
149 MDG_TR_CCMV S_SE3_50000214 Complete Postprocessing 
150 MDG_TR_DEST S_SE3_50000004 Assign RFC Destinations for Transport Methods 
151 MDG_TR_EXEC_AI S_SE3_50000031 Postprocess Client Copy 
152 MDG_TR_REORG S_SE3_50000216 Table Entries for Transport Container 
153 MDG_TR_WZ S_SE3_50000218 Wizard for RFC Destinations 
154 MDG_USMD_CREQUEST_UI S_BTD_53000121 BAdI: Customize User Interface for Change Requests 
155 MDG_USMD_OOCU S_BTD_53000208 Configure Workflow Tasks 
156 MDG_USMD_SSW_RULE S_BTD_53000129 Configure Rule-Based Workflow 
157 MDG_VC_USMD004_0 S_BT6_63000006 Generate Data Model-Specific Structures 
158 MDG_VC_USMD006 S_BTD_53000205 Define Field Properties for UI 
159 MDG_VC_USMD007 S_BT6_28000025 Define Governance Scope 
160 MDG_VC_USMD160 S_BTD_53000125 Create Business Activity 
161 MDG_V_MDG_DQR_DQS S_EBI_19000004 Define Data Quality Service 
162 MDG_V_USMD0051 S_BTD_53000209 Define Entity Type to Be Used by Business Object Type 
163 MDG_V_USMD016 S_BTD_53000152 Define Prefixes for Internal Key Assignment 
164 MDG_V_USMD151C S_BT6_63000008 Define Available UI Applications 
165 MDG_V_USMD167C S_BT6_63000011 Link Logical Actions with Business Activity: Standard Definition 
166 MDG_V_USMD170C S_BT6_63000007 Define Logical Actions 
167 MDG_V_USMD180C S_BT6_63000009 Link Log. Actions with UI Application and Bus. Act.: Standard Definition 
168 MDG_V_USMD180C_C S_BT6_63000010 Link Log. Actions with UI Application and Bus. Activity: Custom Definition 
169 MDG_V_USMD201C_SSW S_BTD_53000191 Define Service Names for Rule-Based Workflow 
170 MDG_V_USMD202C_SSW S_BTD_53000190 Define Change Request Steps for Rule-Based Workflow 
171 MDG_V_USMD204C S_BTD_53000128 Define Search Applications 
172 MDG_V_USMD210C S_BTD_53000133 Define Priorities for Change Requests 
173 MDG_V_USMD211C S_BTD_53000134 Define Reasons for Change Requests 
174 MDG_V_USMD212C S_BTD_53000135 Define Rejection Reasons for Change Requests 
175 MDM S_BPL_83000094 Define Interfaces 
176 MDMGXC0 S_BYA_47000050 Define Repositories and FTP servers 
177 MDMGXC2 S_BYA_47000051 Define Function Module Parameters for Exceptional Cases 
178 MDMGXOBJTYP S_BYA_47000049 Define Object Types 
179 MDM_ECM S_BPL_83000095 Implement Additional Checks 
180 MDM_GS_SRC_SEARCH S_MDX_75000007 Make System Settings for Search Engine Service 
181 MDM_GS_SRC_SE_BUSOBJ S_MDX_75000009 Define Business Objects for Search Engine Service 
182 MDM_GS_SRC_T002SUBST S_MDX_75000010 Preferred Language Sequence for the Presentation of Objects 
183 MDSV_CTRL_EVENTA S_PAB_09000017 Activate Events in the Event Handler 
184 MDSV_CTRL_OBJ S_S7B_68000017 Synchronization Objects 
185 MDSV_CTRL_OBJPPO S_PAB_09000016 Activate PPO Requests for Platform Objects in the Dialog 
186 MDSV_CTRL_OPT_A S_PAB_09000018 Activate Synchronization Options 
187 MDSV_CTRL_OPT_B S_AC0_52000860 Activate/De-activate Synchronization (Material to Product and vice versa) 
188 MDSV_PPO_WF_USER S_P7D_67000031 Establish Recipient of Postprocessing Messages 
189 MDS_CTRL_PPO S_S7B_68000019 BAdI: Call Post-Processing Office from the Controller 
190 MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT S_XC0_18000022 Execute Synchronization Cockpit 
191 MDS_REQUIREMENTS_01 S_PCO_36000328 Preparatory Steps for Master Data Synchronization 
192 MDS_REQUIREMENTS_02 S_PCO_36000331 Preparatory Steps for Synchronization Control 
193 MDTOOLI_1 S_KJ4_38000052 Definition of Fieldgroup 
194 MDTOOLI_2 S_KJ4_38000053 Definition of Fields for fieldgroup 
195 MDTOOLI_3 S_KJ4_38000054 Assignment of Fieldgroup to Sub process scenario 
196 MDTOOLI_4 S_ELN_16000007 BAdI master data screens in PWE 
197 MDT_LPA_CONV S_PCO_36000434 Convert MDT Data to MSS Reporting Launch Pad 
198 MD_EXPORT_TREE S_AC0_52000885 BAdI: Order Report (Export Order Tree) 
199 MEASPOINT_CHECK S_E4A_94000103 BAdI: Perform Measuring Point Checks in PRT Environment 
200 MEAS_CUST_FIELDS_FIL S_EB5_05000037 BAdI: Filling of Customer Fields for Meas. Points and Documents 
201 MEAS_DEF_AGGR_MODE S_EB5_05000551 Define Aggregation Mode 
202 MEAS_DEF_MEASMNT S_EB5_05000552 Define Measurement 
203 MEAS_DEF_MEAS_GRP S_EB5_05000553 Define Measurement Group 
204 MEAS_DOC_FCODE_CUST S_EB5_05000038 BAdI: Additional Function Code in Measurement Document Transactions 
205 MEAS_POINT_AUTH_CHEC S_EB5_05000039 BAdI: Additional Authority Checks for Measuring Points 
206 MEAS_POINT_FCODE_CUS S_EB5_05000288 BAdI: Additional Function Code in Measuring Point Transactions 
207 MEDIENPRODUKT S_KK4_82000013 Media Product 
208 MELDEW_PERTNERROLLEN S_PLN_06000230 Define Partner Roles Relevant for Regulatory Reporting (GBA 24c) 
209 MEMPADELIM S_BCE_68002233 Delimiters for MPA Reply 
210 MEOUT_BAPI_CUST S_AC0_52000745 BAdI for Customers in Function Groups 2014 & 2013 
211 MES_INT_BASIC S_EBS_44000341 Basic Settings for MES Integration 
212 MES_INT_PROLO S_EBS_44000347 Specify Production Storage Locations for an MES 
213 MEV_V_CCODE S_EBJ_98000153 Define Settings Dependent on Company Codes 
214 MEV_V_CCODE_MM S_EBJ_98000154 Define MM-Specific Settings Dependent on Company Codes 
215 MEV_V_CCODE_SD S_EBJ_98000155 Define SD-Specific Settings Dependent on Company Codes 
216 MEV_V_DOCTYPE_MM S_EBJ_98000245 Assign Accounting Document Type 
217 MEV_WL_SELCRIT_CHECK S_EBJ_98000268 BAdI: Selection Criteria Check During Worklist Creation 
218 ME_BADI_SUBCON_CUST S_E4A_94000257 BAdI: Control Subcontracting Process 
220 ME_BAPI_PR_CUST S_AC0_52000142 BAdI: Customer BAdI for Purchase Requisition BAPIs (Single-Screen Trans.) 
221 ME_CHANGE_OUTTAB_CUS S_E4A_94000154 BAdI: Enrich ALV Output Tables in Reporting 
222 ME_CHDOC_ACTIVE S_AL0_96000473 BAdI: Activate Additional Updating in Change Documents 
223 ME_CHECK_ALL_ITEMS S_AL0_96000867 BAdI: Run Through Items Again in the Event of Changes in EKKO 
224 ME_CIP_ALLOW_CHANGE S_AL0_96000337 BAdI: Control Changeability of Configuration Data 
225 ME_COMMITMENT_PLAN S_PCO_36000500 BAdI: Commitment Plan for Contracts 
226 ME_COMMITMENT_RETURN S_AC0_52000411 BAdI: Commitment for Returns Items 
227 ME_COMMTMNT_PO_REL_C S_ACR_23000182 BAdI: Check for Commitment Relevance of Purchase Orders 
228 ME_COMMTMNT_REQ_RE_C S_ACR_23000180 BAdI: Check for Commitment Relevance of Purchase Requisitions 
229 ME_DEFINE_CALCTYPE S_AL0_96000868 BAdI: Control of Pricing Type: Additional Fields 
230 ME_GUI_PO_CUST S_AL0_96000474 BAdI: Customer Screens in Purchase Order (Single-Screen Transaction) 
231 ME_HOLD_PO S_AL0_96000403 BAdI: Deactivate 'Hold' for Purchase Order (Single-Screen Trans.) 
232 ME_POHIST_DISP_CUST S_AC0_52000829 BAdI: Adjust PO History Display 
233 ME_PO_PRICING_CUST S_AC0_52000138 BAdI: Enhancements to Price Determination 
234 ME_PREQ_ACCOUNT_TO_C S_PR0_40000468 BAdI: Copying of Account Assignment Information for Commitment Plan 
235 ME_PROCESS_OUT_CUST S_XC0_18000013 BAdI: Processing Options for Contract and Scheduling Agreement BAPIs 
236 ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST S_AL0_96000404 BAdI: Enhance Purchase Order Processing (Single-Screen Transaction) 
237 ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED S_AL0_96000407 BAdI: Define Follow-On Processing for External Purchasing Documents 
238 ME_RELEASE_CREATE S_P6D_40000001 BAdI: Release Creation for Scheduling Agreements with Release Documentation 
239 ME_REPRICING_RELEVAN S_VBS_01000029 BAdI: Specify Relevance for Repricing 
240 ME_REQ_HEADER_TEXT S_AL0_96000751 BAdI: Adopt Header Text When Copying Purchase Requisitions 
241 ME_REQ_OI_EXT S_AL0_96000752 BAdI: Activate Requisition Commitment Update from Other Applications 
242 ME_REQ_POSTED S_AL0_96000408 BAdI: Define Follow-On Processing for Purchase Requisitions 
243 ME_REQ_SOURCING_CUST S_E38_98000140 BAdI: Activate Sending of Purchase Requisition to Ext. Procurement System 
244 ME_SOURCE_LIST_CUST S_EBS_44000374 BADI: Update Source List from Central Contract 
245 ME_TAX_FROM_ADDRESS S_AL0_96000865 BAdI: Adopt Tax Jurisdiction Code from Delivery Address 
246 MGE S_PLN_16000251 Define Sequence for Offer Sheets 
247 MGE00ASST S_ALN_01000137 Mapping of the Assignment Types to Statuses. 
248 MGE_00_CURRDAT S_PLN_16000395 Define Date for Currency Conversions 
249 MGE_00_GP_CURCONVDAT S_PLN_16000396 Define Date for Currency Conversion 
250 MGE_00_PO_ACPI S_ALN_01000308 Define Derived Compensation Package Items 
251 MGE_00_PO_ADM S_ALN_01000815 Assign Administrators to Groups 
252 MGE_00_PO_ASCOL S_ALN_01000314 Assignment Types with Cost of Living providers 
253 MGE_00_PO_ASFS S_ALN_01000294 Assignment Types with Family Status 
254 MGE_00_PO_ASI S_ALN_01000291 Define Assignment Types 
255 MGE_00_PO_BADI_ALLO S_ALN_01000615 To be deleted ! 
256 MGE_00_PO_BADI_BASE S_ALN_01000614 Business Add-In for Calculation 
257 MGE_00_PO_BADI_GEOG S_ALN_01001393 Business Add-In for Geographical Areas 
258 MGE_00_PO_BADI_INTL S_ALN_01000833 Business Add-In for International Administrators 
259 MGE_00_PO_BADI_OFFE S_ALN_01001006 Business Add-In for Allowance CPI Calculation 
260 MGE_00_PO_BADI_OFFR S_ALN_01001007 Business Add-In for Offer Letter and Gecco 
261 MGE_00_PO_BADI_SMAR S_P1H_12000002 Business Add-In for Form Setup 
262 MGE_00_PO_BADI_WORD S_ALN_01001398 Badi: Export data to Word Template 
263 MGE_00_PO_BCPI S_ALN_01000307 Define Base Compensation Package Items 
264 MGE_00_PO_CAG S_ALN_01000312 Define Category Types 
265 MGE_00_PO_CAIN S_ALN_01000318 Define Category Infotypes 
266 MGE_00_PO_CEX S_ALN_01000323 Assignment Type with Exchange Rate 
267 MGE_00_PO_CFA S_ALN_01002273 Define Calculation Factors 
268 MGE_00_PO_CFL S_ALN_01000324 Define Currency Fluctuation Protection 
269 MGE_00_PO_CGR S_ALN_01000299 Define Groups of Countries 
270 MGE_00_PO_CGROUP S_ALN_01000304 Country Groupings within a region 
271 MGE_00_PO_CKI S_ALN_01000295 Define Checklist Items and Documents 
272 MGE_00_PO_CKL_A S_ALN_01000328 Home Country Checklist Criteria 
273 MGE_00_PO_CKL_B S_ALN_01000329 Home Region Checklist Criteria 
274 MGE_00_PO_CKL_C S_ALN_01000330 Sending Country Checklist Criteria 
275 MGE_00_PO_CKL_D S_ALN_01000331 Sending Region Checklist Criteria 
276 MGE_00_PO_COLIPR S_ALN_01000313 Define Cost of Living Providers 
277 MGE_00_PO_COMTY S_ALN_01000305 Define Commuting Types 
278 MGE_00_PO_CPI S_ALN_01000306 Define Compensation Package Items 
279 MGE_00_PO_CPOL S_ALN_01002274 xx 
280 MGE_00_PO_CURCONV S_PLN_16000262 Define Currency Conversion Rules 
281 MGE_00_PO_CURCONVDAT S_PLN_16000397 Business Add-In for Currency Conversion Date 
282 MGE_00_PO_CUST_TEMP S_ALN_01001396 Customize Office Templates 
283 MGE_00_PO_DATERULECU S_PLN_16000425 Define Date Rules for Currency Conversions 
284 MGE_00_PO_DIT S_ALN_01000319 Define Document Infotypes 
285 MGE_00_PO_DOC S_ALN_01000301 Define Document Types 
286 MGE_00_PO_DST S_ALN_01000302 Define Document Statuses 
287 MGE_00_PO_ELI_1 S_ALN_01000310 Eligibilty Criteria for a CPI- Home Country 
288 MGE_00_PO_ELI_A S_ALN_01000309 Home Country Eligibilty 
289 MGE_00_PO_ELI_B S_ALN_01000325 Home Region Eligibilty 
290 MGE_00_PO_ELI_C S_ALN_01000326 Sending Country Eligibilty 
291 MGE_00_PO_ELI_D S_ALN_01000327 Sending Region Eligibilty 
292 MGE_00_PO_FAC S_ALN_01001958 Calculation Factors 
293 MGE_00_PO_FEA S_ALN_01000958 Set Groups for International Administrators 
294 MGE_00_PO_FORMSETUP S_ALN_01001397 Assign Templates to Form Types 
295 MGE_00_PO_FST S_ALN_01000293 Define Family Status 
296 MGE_00_PO_INT S_ALN_01000321 Maintain Mapping Table for Interfacing 
297 MGE_00_PO_MAP S_ALN_01000320 Maintain Mapping Table for Activation 
298 MGE_00_PO_MAPP S_ALN_01000467 Mapping Table for CPI's 
299 MGE_00_PO_MUL S_PLN_16000109 Define Factoring Rules 
300 MGE_00_PO_MULT S_ALN_01000316 Factoring of CPI 
301 MGE_00_PO_OFFER_NAME S_ALN_01001141 Define Customer-Specific SmartForms for Offer Letters 
302 MGE_00_PO_OFFI_BDS S_ALN_01001395 Copy Templates in BDS 
303 MGE_00_PO_OFFR_NAME S_ALN_01001138 Enter Customer-Specific SmartForm for Offer Sheet 
304 MGE_00_PO_OLSEQ S_PLN_16000252 Define Sequence for Compensation Package Items 
305 MGE_00_PO_OSEQU S_PLN_16000253 Define Sequence for Compensation Package Items 
306 MGE_00_PO_PYP S_ALN_01000311 Global Payroll Types 
307 MGE_00_PO_REG S_ALN_01000300 Regions within a Country 
308 MGE_00_PO_REGION S_ALN_01000303 Define Geographical Areas 
309 MGE_00_PO_SCL S_ALN_01000354 Define Evaluation Methods 
310 MGE_00_PO_SCO S_PLN_16000412 Define School Types 
311 MGE_00_PO_STA S_ALN_01000292 Define Assignment Status 
312 MGE_00_PO_STASEQ S_ALN_01000298 Assignment Status Sequence 
313 MGE_00_PO_SUM S_ALN_01000630 Define Summation Rules 
314 MGE_00_PO_SW1 S_PLN_16000410 Activate Management of Global Employees 
315 MGE_00_PO_SW2 S_PLN_16000411 Determine Organizational Units for Host Manager 
316 MGE_00_PO_T538C S_ALN_01000462 Permissibilty of Time Units for Infotypes 
317 MGE_00_PO_TRACK S_ALN_01002074 Policy Tracking 
318 MGV_C_FGROUP S_KA5_12000950 Maintain Field Groups 
319 MGV_C_VTYPECUST_WRK S_KA5_12000785 Maintain version type 
320 MGV_V_DYNPRODB S_KA5_12000951 Assign Fields to a Screen 
321 MGV_V_EXTOBJ_CU S_KA5_12000787 Maintain external objects 
322 MGV_V_SPEC_TYPE S_KA5_12000779 Maintain specialization type 
323 MHD_CFC S_ALR_87008897 Set Up Customer Exit to Calculate/Check the SLED 
324 MIC_BSP_ACTIVATE S_XS4_40000006 Activate Web Applications 
325 MIC_BWEXTRACT_SBIW S_QE6_02000011 Data Transfer into SAP BW 
326 MIC_CASE_NO_RANGE S_XS4_40000018 Specify Number Range Intervals for Case 
327 MIC_DATASOURCES S_QE6_02000010 Install DataSources for Extraction into SAP BW 
328 MIC_EMAIL_SM36 S_QE6_02000009 Schedule Job for Sending E-Mail 
329 MIC_FOPCAISREPORT S_SE3_50000226 Transfer Reports from AIS System 
330 MIC_FOPCDOCDOWNLCFG S_SE3_50000234 Activate Alternative Download of Print Reports (Optional) 
331 MIC_FOPCGAPRATING S_XS4_40000010 Specify Control Design Rating on Basis of Maturity Gap Value 
332 MIC_FOPCR_MAINTAIN S_QE6_02000013 Make Settings for Improved Performance 
333 MIC_FOPCS_SHM_CUST S_SE3_50000227 Activate Shared Objects Memory 
334 MIC_FOPC_AISLANGUAGE S_SE3_50000236 Import Translations of Report Names 
335 MIC_FOPC_AS_REORG S_XS4_40000025 Administration Programs for MIC Workflows 
336 MIC_FOPC_CASECUST S_QE6_02000006 Check Customizing for Case Management 
337 MIC_FOPC_DEFIC_ANA S_SE3_50000276 Copy Issues and Set Threshold 
338 MIC_FOPC_GETFORMS S_XS4_40000017 Print Reports Using Own Smart Forms 
339 MIC_FOPC_REPLACMENT S_QE6_02000015 Transfer Work Items to Replacement 
340 MIC_FOPC_SOD_CHECK S_SE3_50000237 Check Segregation of Duties 
341 MIC_FOPC_STR_CHANGE S_XS4_40000002 Structure Setup: Expert Mode 
342 MIC_FOPC_WF_SLG1 S_XS4_40000023 Analyze Application Log for Scheduling 
343 MIC_HR_DEL_REBUILD S_QE6_02000012 Delete HR Data Delivered by Mistake 
344 MIC_INDEX_HRP1001 S_QE6_02000003 Create Index for Table for Infotype 1001 
345 MIC_LANG_OOLG S_S27_10000005 Enter Additional Supported Languages 
346 MIC_MC_RATING_AGGREG S_XS4_40000021 Specify Aggregation Logic for Management Control Group Rating 
347 MIC_NR_RANGE_T77IV S_XS4_40000003 Specify Number Ranges 
348 MIC_PFCG S_SE3_50000240 Edit General Roles and Assign Users (PFCG) 
349 MIC_REC_CLIENT S_QE6_02000005 Record Table Changes 
350 MIC_SCMG_T_CASE_ATTR S_QE6_02000001 Create Index for Table with Case Attributes 
351 MIC_SCOT S_QE6_02000008 Configure SAPconnect 
352 MIC_SHMM S_SE3_50000228 Monitor Active Areas 
353 MIC_SIGNOFF_NOTE S_XS4_40000024 Change Note Text 
354 MIC_SMQS S_QE6_02000004 Register Workflow System in qRFC Monitor 
355 MIC_STARTPAGE_ADDINF S_XS4_40000009 Display Documents with Additional Information on Start Page 
356 MIC_STARTPAGE_URL S_XS4_40000008 Determine URL for Start Page 
357 MIC_SWEQADM S_QE6_02000002 Event Queue Administration 
358 MIC_SWETYPV S_SE3_50000235 Change Event Type Linkage for Object Type SCASE 
359 MIC_TRANSPORT_OOCR S_XS4_40000007 Set Up Transport Connection 
360 MIC_UPLOAD_EXAMPLE S_SE3_50000222 Upload Example Process Group 
361 MIC_USERS_FPCBU S_XS4_40000015 Connect Person and User 
362 MIC_VC_FOPCATTR S_XS4_40000005 Edit Attribute Values 
363 MIC_VC_FOPCDEFIC S_SE3_50000275 Make Settings for Deficiency Analysis 
364 MIC_VC_FOPCROLE S_XS4_40000001 Edit Roles 
365 MIC_VC_FOPCSOD S_SE3_50000230 Create Conflict Groups for Segregation of Duties 
366 MIC_VC_FOPCTIMEFRAME S_XS4_40000016 Edit Frequency Timeframes 
367 MIC_V_FOPCAIS S_SE3_50000223 Select RFC Destinations of Available AIS Systems 
368 MIC_V_FOPCAISOU S_SE3_50000224 Assign AIS Systems to Organizational Units 
369 MIC_V_FOPCAISREPORT S_SE3_50000225 Edit List of AIS Reports 
370 MIC_V_FOPCCORPORATE S_XS4_40000028 Mark Organizational Hierarchy as Relevant for MIC 
371 MIC_V_FOPCDESIGNRAT S_XS4_40000012 Specify Names for Ratings 
372 MIC_V_FOPCLASTRECIP S_XS4_40000011 Specify Fallback Receiver for Work Items 
373 MIC_V_FOPCMAUNALRATI S_XS4_40000014 Make Setting for Manual or Automatic Rating 
374 MIC_V_FOPCSIGNOFF_IS S_XS4_40000022 Deactivate Issue Types for Sign-Off 
375 MIC_V_FOPCSKIPVALID S_S27_10000004 Skip Validation Depending on the Rating 
376 MIC_V_FOPCVALCHDOC S_S27_10000003 Activate Approval of Process and Control Changes 
377 MIC_V_FOPCVALIDATION S_XS4_40000013 Specify Whether Validation Is Necessary 
378 MIC_V_FOPC_AUTRATING S_S27_10000006 Set Rating to Green for Automatically Closed Issues 
379 MIC_WORKFLOW S_XS4_40000004 Perform Automatic Workflow Customizing 
380 MIC_WORKFLOW_TASK S_XS4_40000019 Perform Task-Specific Customizing 
381 MIC_XI S_SE3_50000264 XI Message Interfaces for MIC 
382 MILL_BEFORE_BATCH_CL S_KA5_12001422 Business Add-In: Original Batch At Goods Receipt 
383 MILL_CA_UNIT_CONV S_KA5_12001424 Business Add-In: Customer Enhancements for Quantity Conversion 
384 MILL_CLMMBE_ADDIN1 S_KA5_12001415 Business Add-In: Enhance Stock Overview By Characteristics 
385 MILL_CUT_ADDIN1 S_KA5_12001197 Business Add-In: Cutting Processing 
386 MILL_CUT_ADDIN2 S_KA5_12001170 Business Add-In: Customer-Specific Checks for Cutting Processing 
387 MILL_POPUP_CO11N S_KA5_12001423 Business Add-In: Customer Spec. Screen for Splitting GR Items 
388 MILL_R3CDP_SD_SLS S_KA5_12001419 Change Configuration of Sub-Items from Rule-Based Availability Check 
389 MILL_REF_CHAR_PURCH S_KA5_12001414 Object Characteristics in Purchasing 
390 MILL_SPLIT_POPUP S_KA5_12001418 Business Add-In: Customer Spec. Screen for Splitting GR Items 
391 MILL_VAR_CAB_GET S_KA5_12001416 Business Add-In: Define Characteristics-Based Goods Receipt Development 
392 MIRROREX S_KFM_86000160 Maintain Relevant Product Types and Transaction Types 
393 MIRRORINFKT S_KFM_86000163 Process Incoming Data 
394 MIRRORMAP S_KFM_86000162 Map Product Types and Transaction Types 
395 MIRRORMAPFLW S_KFM_86000213 Map Flow Types 
396 MIRRORPART S_KFM_86000209 Assign Company Code to Partner 
397 MITARBEITERGRUPPE_GP S_ALR_87009542 Define Employee Groups 
398 MITARBEITERGRUP_GP_I S_ALR_87007398 Employee Group 
399 MI_DEVICETEXT S_MID_66000008 Assign text to device ID of mobile devices 
400 MI_DEVICETEXT1 S_MID_66000007 Assign texts to device ID of mobile devices 
401 MI_DEVICETEXTS S_MID_66000005 Define mnemonic device names 
402 MKFELDER S_P00_07000020 Display Required/Optional Fields 
403 MM06EF0S_CUST_SD_UP S_EBJ_98000272 BAdI: Update of Shipment Scheduling from Individual Procurement 
404 MMDA_IM_MAT_MVMTS S_EBS_44000388 BAdI: Material Movement Documents 
405 MMDA_IM_REVALUATION S_EBS_44000407 BAdI: Price Change Documents 
406 MMDA_IM_STOCK_INT S_EBS_44000389 BAdI: Stock Initialization in Inventory Analysis 
407 MMDA_PUR_CGR S_EBS_44000391 BAdI: Produced Activity (Delivery of Confirmations) 
408 MMDA_PUR_HDR S_EBS_44000392 BAdI: Purchasing Document (Header level) 
409 MMDA_PUR_ITM S_EBS_44000394 BAdI: Purchasing Document (Item Level) 
410 MMDA_PUR_PURCH_DATA S_EBS_44000397 BAdI: Purchasing Data 
411 MMDA_PUR_PURCH_GROUP S_EBS_44000400 BAdI: Purchasing Groups 
412 MMDA_PUR_SCL S_EBS_44000401 BAdI: Purchasing Document (Schedule Line level) 
413 MMDA_PUR_SCN S_EBS_44000404 BAdI: Produced Activity (Confirmation of Schedule Lines) 
414 MMDA_PUR_SGR S_EBS_44000405 BAdI: Produced Activity (Delivery of Schedule Lines) 
415 MMDA_PUR_SRV_LEVEL S_EBS_44000406 BAdI: Service level 
416 MMESOV_CONTROL S_E4A_94000254 Integrate Purchase Requisitions into Embedded Search 
417 MMPUROCI_VC S_AC0_52000747 Web Services: ID and Description 
418 MMPURUIV_SYSLAND S_E4A_94000293 Set Up Landscape 
419 MMPUR_DBSYSOPT_POH S_EX1_23000011 BAdI: Purchase Order History for List Reports - Optimization 
420 MMPUR_DBSYSOPT_SRA13 S_E17_83000070 BAdI: Database-Specific Optimizations for Order from Requisitions 
421 MMPUR_DBSYSOPT_TRANF S_E17_83000032 BAdI: Database-Specific Optimizations for Data Services 
422 MMPUR_DOC_ACCESS S_E4A_94000291 BAdI: Access to Documents 
423 MMSRV_ACC_DIST_SAP S_PR0_40000465 BAdI: Change to Account Assignment Distribution 
424 MMSRV_SM_ARCHIVE S_AC0_52000630 BAdI: Service Master Check Prior to Archiving 
425 MM_EDI_DESADV_IN S_AL0_96000514 BAdI: Supplementation of Delivery Interface from Purchase Order 
426 MM_PARTNERRANG S_AEN_10000891 Define Partner Rank 
427 MM_PERF_OPTIMIZATION S_EX1_23000074 BAdI: Activate MM DB-Related Performance Optimizations 
428 MM_PRIO_ORG S_PCO_36000390 BAdI: Determination of the Org. Priority During Requirement Prioritization 
429 MM_UI_OPTIMIZATIONS S_EX1_23000075 BAdI: Activate MM UI-Related Performance Optimizations 
430 MONITORRDB S_ALN_01002516 Monitor: Key Figures and Evaluation Procedures 
431 MOVEMENT_TYPES S_AL0_96000438 Maintain Movement Types 
432 MPAMSGTEMPL S_BCE_68002234 Maintain Reply Message Template 
433 MPAREPLBADI S_BCE_68002235 BAdi: Reply Handling for MPA 
434 MPKC_REQ_SELECTION S_KA5_12001382 BAdI: Consider Additional Requirements in Kanban Calculation 
435 MPN_COMMON_FIELDS S_KA5_12000051 Determine Common Fields for Interchangeable Parts 
436 MPN_CONV_EXIT S_KA5_12000052 Set Up Conversion Exit for Material Numbers 
437 MPN_OPIC1 S_KA5_12000683 Change Characteristics of System Messages 
438 MPN_V_TMEX_MPN06 S_KA5_12000053 Maintain Interchangeability Codes 
439 MPSD_CA_CE_001 S_P7H_77000128 Activate Multiple Period Start Days 
440 MPSD_CA_CE_002 S_P7H_77000129 Define Payroll Area Grouping Values 
441 MPSD_CA_CE_003 S_P7H_77000130 Assign Payroll Areas to a Group 
442 MPWALL_OMILL_T160M S_KM5_93000009 Define Attributes of System Messages 
443 MPWPP_MILL_OC_2 S_MHA_63000002 Maintain confirmation parameters in the combination 
444 MPWSD_MILL_GPOSTYP S_KM5_93000007 Adopt characteristic values from the customer material info record 
445 MPW_MILL_MM_RCP S_MHA_63000004 Activate object characteristics in Purchasing 
446 MP_EXIT_01 S_ALN_01002098 Develop Enhancement 1 for Measurement Project Header 
447 MP_TRANSFER_RELATION S_EAC_24000002 BAdI: Measurement Reading Transfer Within an Object 
448 MRM_BERECHTGRUPPE S_ALR_87015283 Maintain Authorization Group 
449 MRM_BLOREAS_DEL_CUST S_ACR_23000431 BAdI: Validity Check for Blocking Reasons in Invoices 
450 MRM_DISTRIBUTION_MAA S_PR0_40000680 BAdI: Distribution of Total Quantity and Amount to Multiple Account Assgmts 
451 MRM_DOWNPAYMENT S_XDE_56000006 BAdI: Down Payments 
452 MRM_ERS_HDAT_MODIFY S_AC0_52000859 BAdI to Change Document Header Data in ERS 
453 MRM_ERS_IDAT_MODIFY S_AC0_52000864 BAdI to Change Document Lines in ERS 
454 MRM_INVOICE_UPDATE S_PR0_40000324 BAdI: Checks When Saving and Deleting Invoices 
455 MRM_ITEM_CUSTFIELDS S_AC0_52000865 BAdI to Change Customer's Own Fields 
456 MRM_PARTNER_CHECK S_XDE_56000011 BAdI: Check Partner Data in Purchase Order 
457 MRM_PROPOSAL_DETERMI S_ACR_23000645 BAdI: Get Default Values 
458 MRM_RETENTIONS S_XDE_56000005 BAdI: Default Values and Input Parameters for Retention 
459 MRN_0008 S_SO5_65000557 Assign object links to location type 
460 MRO_CONTRACT S_AL0_96000857 BAdI: Inspection of Contract 
461 MRP_GROUPINGS S_ACR_23000672 Display Material Groupings 
462 MSCUST S_KK4_13000330 Define Due Date Scenarios 
463 MSI_MATGRP_TO_PCH_MP S_AC0_52000873 BAdI: Change Mapping of Material Groups to Product Category Hierarchy 
464 MSI_MATTYP_TO_PCH_MP S_AC0_52000875 BAdI: Change Mapping of Material Types to Product Category Hierarchy 
465 MSI_MAT_PRD_MAPPING S_AC0_52000862 BAdI: Enhancements for Material Master to Product Mapping 
466 MSI_PIR_PRD_MAPPING S_AC0_52000861 BAdI: Enhancements for PIR to Product Mapping 
467 MSI_REQUIREMENTS_01 S_PCO_36000329 Preparatory Steps for Material-Service Integration 
468 MSI_SRVTYP_TO_PCH_MP S_AC0_52000876 BAdI: Change Mapping of Service Types to Product Category Hierarchy 
469 MSI_SRV_PRD_MAPPING S_AC0_52000863 BAdI: Enhancements for Service Master to Product Mapping 
470 MSL_ACTIVITY_CHECK S_PRN_53000176 BAdI: Additional Activity Checks 
471 MSMP_WORKFLOW S_GF1_13000015 Define GRC Process Type Workflows 
472 MSR_ARCH_CUST_RET S_YDH_92000044 Configure Archiving of Customer Returns 
473 MSR_ARCH_PUR_RET S_YDH_92000045 Configure Archiving of Supplier Returns 
474 MSR_ATTRIB_DEF_LOCAT S_YDH_92000029 Specify Storage Locations for Follow-Up Activities 
475 MSR_ATTRIB_DEF_MOVE S_YDH_92000028 Specify Movement Types for Immediate Goods Receipts 
476 MSR_ATTRIB_DEF_STOCK S_YDH_92000030 Specify Stock Types for Stock Transfers 
477 MSR_C_IRD_CNTRL S_YDH_92000057 Configure Refund Procedure for Intercompany Store Returns 
478 MSR_C_RPO_REPL S_EBS_44000305 Specify Settings for Replacement Materials from Vendor 
479 MSR_EXT_RO S_EBS_44000011 Specify Settings for External Repair as Follow-Up Activity 
480 MSR_FU_ACTIVITY S_YDH_92000050 Activate and Rename Follow-Up Activities 
481 MSR_GENERAL S_EBS_44000364 Specify Settings at Client Level 
482 MSR_INSP_BADI S_YDH_92000055 BAdI: Enhancements for Processing Inspection Data 
483 MSR_INSP_CAT_USAGE S_YDH_92000038 Specify Catalog and Code Group for Material Inspection 
484 MSR_INSP_CAT_USAGECU S_EBS_44000126 Specify Catalog and Code Group for Inspection by Customer 
485 MSR_INSP_FUP_BLOCK S_YDH_92000054 Define Blocks for Follow-Up Activities 
486 MSR_INSP_INSPCODES S_YDH_92000037 Define and Configure Catalog for Inspection Codes 
487 MSR_INSP_PRINTING S_YDH_92000039 Configure Print Settings 
488 MSR_INSP_SFAC S_EBS_44000369 Define Screen Layout for Material Inspection 
489 MSR_INSP_USERPROF S_YDH_92000036 Configure Authorization for Follow-Up Activities 
490 MSR_INSP_WMS_FIFO S_E4A_94000044 Define FIFO Strategy with GUID Priority 
491 MSR_INSP_WMS_MOVTYPE S_E4A_94000045 Define Movement Types 
492 MSR_INSP_WM_TO_ITEM S_EBS_44000426 BAdI: Enhancement for Creation of a Transfer Order During Inspection 
493 MSR_INT_RO S_EBS_44000012 Specify Settings for In-House Repair as Follow-Up Activity 
494 MSR_LFE S_YDH_92000053 BAdI: Maintenance of Data for Automatically Created Follow-Up Documents 
495 MSR_LFE_01 S_YDH_92000002 Define Return Reasons for Customer Returns Order 
496 MSR_LFE_02 S_YDH_92000003 Define Return Reasons for Returns Purchase Orders 
497 MSR_MAP_TYPE_RO_DOCS S_YDH_92000026 Specify Follow-Up Document Types for Customer Returns 
498 MSR_MAP_TYPE_SR_DOCS S_YDH_92000027 Specify Follow-Up Document Types for Store Returns 
499 MSR_ME_DEF_REASON_PO S_E4A_94000043 Define Return Reasons for Supplier Returns 
500 MSR_MM_BASICS S_YDH_92000060 Basic Settings for Purchasing Returns