SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index Q
IMG Activity - Q
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 QASDRV_SPECDET S_EB5_05000405 Define Specification Determination Rule 
2 QASDR_MASTERCH_TO_IN S_EB5_05000406 Business Add-In for Specification Determination Rule 
3 QE_TREE_QE51N S_EBJ_98000086 Business Add-In for Enhancements in Overview Tree in QE51N 
4 QG_EVAL_BATCH_LIST S_AER_95000330 BAdI: Thin Out List from Batch Where-Used List 
5 QG_EVAL_DATA_NODE S_AER_95000331 BAdI: Process Data Nodes When Evaluating Original Documents 
6 QISR1 S_PL0_86000077 BAdI: Form Programming Interface 
7 QISR2 S_PL0_86000078 BAdI: Account Assignment Determination 
8 QISR3 S_PL0_86000079 BAdI: Filling of Container to Find Processor 
9 QISR4 S_PL0_86000080 BAdI: Execution of a Function from the Action Box 
10 QISR5 S_PL0_86000081 BAdI: Processor Determination 
11 QMDSV_REMARK S_EBS_44000334 Define Signature Remarks 
12 QMIP_CHAR_MAPPING S_EE5_50000182 BAdI: Copy Source Data for Creating Master Inspection Characteristics 
13 QMIP_IP_MAINTAIN S_EE5_50000183 BAdI: Create Inspection Plan from External Data Source 
14 QM_MS_OBJECT_NAME S_AC0_52000493 Define Object Names for Multiple Specifications 
15 QM_QCERT_MS S_AC0_52000494 Adjust Certificate for Multiple Specifications 
16 QM_QCERT_MS_1 S_AC0_52000495 What does this BAdI do? 
17 QM_SINGLELEVEL_LIST S_E4E_66000131 Business Add-In for Extending Single-Level Lists 
18 QM_VALUATE_MS S_AC0_52000492 Multiple Specifications: Valuations of Objects 
19 QNAOV_NTYPE S_E4E_66000136 Assign Object Categories for a Notification Type 
20 QNAOV_OBJCAT S_E4E_66000134 Define Object Categories 
21 QOD_MAIN_CVC S_EEI_69000184 Configure Quality Management Apps 
22 QOD_STATUS_CV S_EEI_69000183 Adjust Statuses of Quality Issues and Tasks 
23 QPCPB_CHAORIG S_E36_82000134 Implement Inspection-Characteristic Origin 
24 QPCPB_OBJCAT S_E36_82000053 Implement Object Categories 
25 QPCPB_PROCCAT S_E36_82000078 Implement Process Categories 
26 QPCPB_SCREEN S_E36_82000171 Enhance Application 
27 QPCP_CHAORIG S_E36_82000079 Define Inspection-Characteristic Origin 
28 QPCP_CTRMETH S_E36_82000081 Define Control Methods 
29 QPCP_NUMBER S_E36_82000144 Number Range for Control Plan 
30 QPCP_OBJCAT S_E36_82000054 Define Object Categories 
31 QPCP_PLANTYPE S_E36_82000050 Define Control Plan Types 
32 QPCP_PROCCAT S_E36_82000077 Define Process Types 
33 QPCP_RESPLAN S_E36_82000080 Define Response Plans 
34 QPCP_ROLES S_E36_82000244 Define Partner Functions 
35 QPCP_STATUS S_E36_82000172 Status Profile for User Status 
36 QPCP_STRUCTYPE S_E36_82000051 Define Structure Types 
37 QPLEXT_LOT_CHANGE S_AC0_52000879 BAdI: Change of Inspection Lots for Externally Triggered Inspection 
38 QPLEXT_LOT_CREATE S_AC0_52000878 BAdI: Creation of Inspection Lots for Externally Triggered Inspection 
39 QPLEXT_LOT_DECISION S_AC0_52000880 BAdI: Copying of Inspection Decisions for Externally Triggered Inspection 
40 QPLEXT_PROCESS S_AC0_52000877 BAdI: Check of Obligatory Fields for Externally Triggered Inspection 
41 QPLEXT_PROP_CODE S_PCO_36000128 Assign Properties 
42 QPLEXT_SWETYPV S_PCO_36000370 Activate Event Type Linkage for Confirmations 
43 QPRE_CREATE_EXT_SAMP S_PCO_36000129 BAdI: Creation of Samples for Externally Triggered Inspection 
44 QQM_QM08_NO_OF_NOTIF S_EB5_05000646 Business Add-In for Determination of Other Key Figures for Notification