SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index 0
IMG Activity - 0
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 01 S_ALR_87100096 Field Selection for Partner Addresses 
2 0ALE_HRDST_FSD S_AL0_96000421 Filter HR Master Data Generically 
3 0ALE_HRDST_SSD S_AL0_96000420 Serialize HR Master Data 
4 0ANF_BADI_CHECK S_AL0_96000850 BAdI: Check Request Master Data 
5 0DIS01 S_KA5_12000971 Maintain Distribution Profile 
6 0FIEHGF001_01 S_XB7_96000237 Define Handling Methods 
7 0FIEHGF002_01 S_XB7_96000238 Specify Methods for Retrieval of Object Data 
8 0FILA S_XB7_96000247 List of Parameter Transactions 
9 0FILA000R_1 S_XB7_96000222 Create Change/Adjustment Reasons 
10 0FILA001CE_1 S_XB7_96000226 Define Change Processes for New Lease 
11 0FILA001CE_2 S_XB7_96000224 Define Adjustment Processes 
12 0FILA001CE_3 S_XB7_96000227 Define Change Processes for Upgrade 
13 0FILA001CE_4 S_ALN_01000848 Define Change Processes for Rollover 
14 0FILA001CE_5 S_ALN_01000849 Define Change Processes for Base Lease Extension 
15 0FILA001CE_6 S_ALN_01000850 Define Change Processes for Continuation 
16 0FILA001CE_7 S_ALN_01000851 Define Change Processes for Renewal 
17 0FILA001S_1 S_XB7_96000250 Define Subprocesses 
18 0FILA001_2 S_XB7_96000223 Create Processing Processes for Adjustment Processes 
19 0FILA003CF_1 S_XB7_96000243 Assign Payment Schedule for Complete View for Base Lease Extension 
20 0FILA003MV S_EAE_99000042 Subsequent Processes: Value IDs to Be Newly Determined 
21 0FILA003MV_1 S_PLN_06000388 New Value IDs to Be Determined for Subsequent Processes 
22 0FILA003M_1 S_XB7_96000175 Value IDs for Later Use 
23 0FILA003_1 S_XB7_96000153 Determine Value Using Formula 
24 0FILA003_10 S_XB7_96000163 Determine Sum of Periodic Payments 
25 0FILA003_11 S_XB7_96000165 Determine Balance of Accrual Postings of an Accrual Type 
26 0FILA003_12 S_PLN_16000126 Transfer Value of Reference Object 
27 0FILA003_13 S_XB7_96000174 Create Value IDs 
28 0FILA003_14 S_XB7_96000176 Determine Net Book Value at Retirement 
29 0FILA003_15 S_XB7_96000228 Overview/Expert Mode for Value IDs 
30 0FILA003_16 S_XB7_96000229 Calculate Number of Days Between Two Dates 
31 0FILA003_2 S_XB7_96000154 Assign Fixed Value 
32 0FILA003_3 S_XB7_96000155 Determine Present Value of Reference Value 
33 0FILA003_4 S_XB7_96000156 Determine Interest Rate from Payment Flow 
34 0FILA003_5 S_XB7_96000157 Determine Present Value of Incoming/Outgoing Payments as per Payment Flow 
35 0FILA003_6 S_XB7_96000158 Calculate Date from Reference Date 
36 0FILA003_7 S_XB7_96000159 Determine Classification Group of Classification 
37 0FILA003_8 S_XB7_96000160 Create Values to Be Determined Using Substitution 
38 0FILA003_9 S_XB7_96000161 Create Value ID for Normal Useful Life 
39 0FILA004_1 S_XB7_96000200 Assign Payment Schedule and/or Accrual Types 
40 0FILA004_2 S_XB7_96000201 Assign Value IDs for Transfer of Accrual Posting Balances 
41 0FILA005_1 S_XB7_96000192 Assign Values for One-Time Posting 
42 0FILA006_1 S_XB7_96000215 Assign Accounting Principles to Company Code 
43 0FILA007CF_1 S_XB7_96000169 Define Payment Schedules 
44 0FILA007C_1 S_XB7_96000170 Add Value IDs to Basis Payment Schedule 
45 0FILA007_1 S_XB7_96000152 Value Transfer from Condition Types 
46 0FILA008G_1 S_XB7_96000213 Create Company Code Grouping Key 
47 0FILA008_1 S_XB7_96000214 Assign Company Code to Grouping Key 
48 0FILA00970 S_E4E_66000051 Make Settings for Subsequent Processes for Asset Retirement 
49 0FILA009F_1 S_XB7_96000230 Specify Dates for Postings 
50 0FILA009F_2 S_XB7_96000231 Transfer Dates from Contract for Defining Payment Schedule 
51 0FILA009S_1 S_XB7_96000171 Specify Dates for Postings 
52 0FILA009S_2 S_XB7_96000172 Copy Dates from Contract for Defining Payment Schedule 
53 0FILA009V_1 S_XB7_96000150 Transfer Values from Contract Item 
54 0FILA009V_2 S_XB7_96000151 Transfer Values from Material Master Record 
55 0FILA009V_4 S_XB7_96000164 Transfer Values from Customer Master Record 
56 0FILA009V_6 S_P7E_63000037 Adopt Values from Contract Classification 
57 0FILA009_1 S_XB7_96000173 Transfer Dates from Value IDs for Defining Payment Schedule 
58 0FILA009_10 S_XB7_96000205 Specify Value Transfer in Basis Structure for Determ. Check Sequences 
59 0FILA009_11 S_XB7_96000225 Specify Value Transfer in Basis Structure for Validation 
60 0FILA009_12 S_XB7_96000234 Specify Value Transfer to Basis Structure for Determ. Useful Life 
61 0FILA009_13 S_ALN_01000859 Make Settings for Manual Depreciation Planning 
62 0FILA009_15 S_PLN_16000020 Make Settings for APC Adjustment 
63 0FILA009_16 S_PLN_16000239 Make General Settings for Asset Transactions 
64 0FILA009_17 S_PLN_16000369 Specify Depreciation Terms/Scrap Value for Process with Value Transfer 
65 0FILA009_18 S_P1E_80000002 Fill Structure for Processing Control from Value IDs 
66 0FILA009_19 S_P1E_80000005 Fill Structure for Processing Control from Value IDs 
67 0FILA009_2 S_XB7_96000180 Specify Value Transfer in Basis Structure for Substitution 
68 0FILA009_20 S_P1E_80000006 Fill Structure for Processing Control from Value IDs 
69 0FILA009_21 S_P1E_80000008 Specify Master Data Change 
70 0FILA009_23 S_PLN_06000416 Expert Mode - Make Settings for Creating/Changing Asset 
71 0FILA009_24 S_PLN_06000417 Expert Mode - Make Settings for Posting Assets 
72 0FILA009_3 S_XB7_96000178 Specify Val.Transf. in Basis Struct. for Determining Substitution Sequence 
73 0FILA009_4 S_XB7_96000185 Make Settings for Creating Fixed Assets 
74 0FILA009_5 S_XB7_96000186 Specify Depreciation Terms/Scrap Value 
75 0FILA009_6 S_XB7_96000190 Make Settings for Asset Acquisition 
76 0FILA009_7 S_XB7_96000189 Make Settings for Asset Retirement 
77 0FILA009_8 S_XB7_96000191 Specify Value Transfer to Basis Structure for Account Determination 
78 0FILA009_9 S_XB7_96000202 Specify Value Transfer to Basis Structure for Derivation of Valid.Sequences 
79 0FILA011_1 S_AEN_10000297 Create Option IDs 
80 0FILA110_1 S_XB7_96000183 Create Subsitution Sequences and Assign Substitution Steps 
81 0FILA110_2 S_XB7_96000218 Specify Validation Sequences and Assign Validation Steps 
82 0FILA110_3 S_XB7_96000211 Specify and Assign Check Sequences 
83 0FILAACCRULE_1 S_XB7_96000212 Define Accounting Principles for Classification in SAP CRM System 
84 0FILACHECK S_XB7_96000242 Check of System Settings 
85 0FILACOMPSET S_E4E_66000046 Set Application Component 
86 0FILACREATE_01 S_XB7_96000244 Complete Mandatory Settings in Customizing 
87 0FILAFA001_1 S_XB7_96000198 Assign Differing Transaction Types to Posting Transactions 
88 0FILAFA002_1 S_XB7_96000195 Assign Accounting Principles to Depreciation Areas 
89 0FILAFA003_1 S_XB7_96000199 Specify Adjustment of Useful Life for Upgrades 
90 0FILAHELP S_XB7_96000245 Where-Used List for Error Messages 
91 0FILAIRCM_1 S_XB7_96000216 Assign Interest Calculation Method to Company Code 
92 0FILALAYOUT S_XB7_96000246 Change Sequence of Tabs for Explorer/Adjustments 
93 0FILALC001_1 S_XB7_96000203 Define Classifications and Access Keys 
94 0FILALC002TO_1 S_XB7_96000196 Specify Transfer of Asset Values for Following Business 
95 0FILALC003_1 S_XB7_96000208 Specify Value Transfer in Basis Structure for Classification 
96 0FILALDB000_02 S_XB7_96000236 Assign Value IDs to Fields of Logical Database 
97 0FILALDB001_02 S_XB7_96000233 Specify Determination of Data Basis for Reports 
98 0FILANDURDET S_XB7_96000188 Specify Derivation for Useful Life 
99 0FILASTRUC_ACCDET S_XB7_96000219 Enhance Basis Structure for Account Determination 
100 0FILASTRUC_ACINF S_PLN_16000133 Expand Basis Structure for Creating Assets 
101 0FILASTRUC_DATES S_PLN_06000247 Enhance Basis Structure with Date Entries for Payment Schedule Definition 
102 0FILASTRUC_DEPPARM S_P1E_80000001 Expand Basis Structure for Modifying Depreciation Terms 
103 0FILASTRUC_LCS_PARAM S_XB7_96000207 Enhance Basis Structure for Classification 
104 0FILASTRUC_LDB_ITEMS S_XB7_96000235 Enhance Structure of Node of Logical Database 
105 0FILASTRUC_LVS_PARAM S_XB7_96000217 Enhance Basis Structure for Validation 
106 0FILASTRUC_NDURDET S_XB7_96000187 Enhance Basis Structure for Determining Normal Useful Life 
107 0FILASTRUC_POINF S_PLN_16000201 Expand Basis Structure for Posting of Assets 
108 0FILASTRUC_VALSUP S_XB7_96000179 Enhance Basis Structure for Substitution 
109 0FILASTRUC_VSRDET S_XB7_96000177 Enhance Basis Structure for Derivation of Substitution Sequences 
110 0FILASTRUC_VSRDET_1 S_XB7_96000220 Enhance Basis Structure for Deriving Check Sequences 
111 0FILASTRUC_VSRDET_2 S_XB7_96000221 Enhance Basis Structure for Deriving Validation Sequences 
112 0FILASUBST1 S_XB7_96000209 Specify Validation Rules 
113 0FILASUBST3 S_XB7_96000184 Specify Substitution Rules 
114 0FILAVAL1 S_XB7_96000210 Specify Validations 
115 0FILAVSRDEF S_XB7_96000181 Specification of Derivation of Substitution Sequence 
116 0FILAVSRDEF_CLAS S_XB7_96000206 Define Derivation of Check Sequences 
117 0FILAVSRDEF_VALI S_XB7_96000204 Specify Derivation of Validation Sequences 
118 0FILAVSRDEF_VALU S_XB7_96000197 Define Derivation of Substitution Sequences 
119 0FILA_EXPL_001 S_AEN_10000419 Define Hierarchy Levels for Leasing Explorer 
120 0FIOTP001_1 S_XB7_96000194 Group and Summarize Line Items 
121 0FIOTP003_1 S_PLN_16000127 Define posting control 
122 0FIOTPKOFIDEF S_XB7_96000193 Define Account Determination for One-Time Postings 
123 0FTV_MOD_BADI_08 S_ALN_01001352 BAdI: Verification of Personnel Number 
124 0HAEGAR_0100 S_L7D_24000979 Overview 
125 0HAEGAR_0120 S_L7D_24001234 Specify screen control of Garnishments ES (0887) 
126 0HAEGAR_0130 S_L7D_24001235 Define ID interval for garnishments (ES) 
128 0HAEGAR_0150 S_L7D_24001237 >>>ADAPT SUB-SCHEMA EGM0 
129 0LQS_MS_T S_AC0_52000461 Define Object Types for Multiple Specifications 
130 0PEG01 S_KA5_12000969 Pegging: General Settings 
131 0PEG02 S_KA5_12000970 Pegging: Maintain Movement Types 
132 0RPM_ALE_HR_LOCATION S_XSD_23000078 Mapping of SAP HR Personnel Area / Subarea to Portf. Mgmt Project Location 
133 0RPM_APPL_OBJECTS S_XSD_23000070 Assign Object Link Type Groupings to Applications 
134 0RPM_BASESYSTEM_DEST S_XSD_23000071 Assign Base System Applications to Application Areas 
135 0RPM_BASIC_SETTINGS S_XSD_23000043 General Application Settings 
136 0RPM_BUS_CP_OBJ_LINK S_PCC_47000042 Configure Project Management Object Link Type for Portfolio Processes 
137 0RPM_BUS_OBJ_LINK S_XSD_23000087 Define Object Link Types 
138 0RPM_CAPPLANSETTINGS S_PCC_47000019 Define Capacity Planning Settings 
139 0RPM_CHAR_OBJ_LINK S_PTD_51000020 Define Characterictics of Object Link for Object Type 
140 0RPM_CHK_SAP_FLD_CFG S_PPD_96000019 Check SAP Field Configuration 
141 0RPM_CLIENTCOPY S_XSD_23000113 Copy Customizing Data to Current Client 
142 0RPM_CPRINTGOVERVIEW S_PCC_47000023 Project Management Integration Overview 
143 0RPM_CPROINTEG S_PPD_96000054 Configure Project Management Integration 
144 0RPM_CP_2_BPS_FLDMA S_X1D_36000064 Map Project Management Fields to Base System Fields 
145 0RPM_CP_2_BPS_FLDMAP S_PCC_47000007 Map Project Management Fields to Base System Fields 
146 0RPM_CUSTINCLUDES S_XSD_23000188 Customer Includes 
147 0RPM_DEFINEUNITS S_XSD_23000190 Define Units of Measurement 
148 0RPM_DEFLOGICALSYST S_PCC_47000002 Define Logical Systems 
149 0RPM_DEFLOGPORTS S_PPD_96000055 Define Logical Ports 
150 0RPM_DEFWEBSERVALIAS S_PPD_96000049 Define Web Server Alias 
151 0RPM_DEF_CAP_UNITS S_PPD_96000016 Define Capacity Units 
152 0RPM_DEF_CURR_UNITS S_PPD_96000017 Define Currency Units 
153 0RPM_DEF_CUS_FLD_CFG S_PPD_96000020 Define Custom Field Configuration 
154 0RPM_DEF_FINCAPVIEWS S_PCC_47000017 Define Financial and Capacity Views 
155 0RPM_DEF_FIN_GROUPS S_PPD_96000015 Define Financial and Capacity Categories 
156 0RPM_DEF_ITEM_TYPES S_PPD_96000012 Define Portfolio Item Types 
157 0RPM_DEF_LIFECYCLE S_PPD_96000013 Define Lifecycle 
158 0RPM_DEF_NAMEFORMAT S_XSD_23000152 Define Employee Name Format 
159 0RPM_DEF_NO_RANGES S_X1D_36000086 Define Number Ranges for Portfolio Management Objects 
160 0RPM_DEF_OBJFLDICONS S_PCC_47000025 Define Object Field Icons 
161 0RPM_DEF_OBJSEARCH S_PCC_47000003 Define Search Help for Portfolio Management 
162 0RPM_DEF_OBJSTATUS S_PCC_47000016 Define Object Status Values 
163 0RPM_DEF_OBJ_STRUCT S_PPD_96000038 Check Object Types and Supported Structures 
164 0RPM_DEF_PORTALROLES S_PPD_96000036 Define Portal Roles 
165 0RPM_DEF_PORTF_TYPES S_PPD_96000011 Define Portfolio Types 
166 0RPM_DEF_PRD_TYPES S_PPD_96000018 Define Period Types 
167 0RPM_DEF_QUEST S_PPD_96000021 Define Questionnaires 
168 0RPM_DEF_SCORE_MODEL S_PPD_96000022 Define Scoring Models 
169 0RPM_DEF_SERVICES S_PPD_96000014 Define Services 
170 0RPM_EF_USER&SERVICE S_XSD_23000107 Set up User and Service for Search Engine 
171 0RPM_EMPLOYEEOVERVIE S_XSD_23000145 Employee Overview 
172 0RPM_FICO_INTEG S_PCC_47000006 Configure SAP FI-CO Integration 
173 0RPM_FINPLANSETTINGS S_PCC_47000018 Define Financial Planning Settings 
174 0RPM_FI_ALE_SETUP S_XSD_23000088 Common System Configuration and SAP FI-CO ALE Setup 
175 0RPM_FI_DISTMODEL S_XSD_23000093 Maintain Distribution Model 
176 0RPM_FI_INBOUNDPROC S_XSD_23000097 Check Inbound Process Code Settings 
177 0RPM_FI_PROJCOST S_XSD_23000111 Update Project Cost and Budget 
178 0RPM_GEN_SETTINGS S_XSD_23000044 Check Global Settings 
179 0RPM_HCM_INTEG S_PCC_47000005 Configure SAP HCM Integration 
180 0RPM_HR_ALE_SETUP S_XSD_23000085 Common System Configuration and SAP HCM ALE Setup 
181 0RPM_HR_CUSTDIST S_XSD_23000092 Distribute Customizing Data 
182 0RPM_HR_DISTMODEL S_XSD_23000091 Maintain Distribution Model 
183 0RPM_HR_LOCATION_MAP S_XSD_23000082 Map Personnel Areas to Locations 
184 0RPM_LOCATION_MAP S_XSD_23000068 Map SAP PLM PS Locations to Portf. Mgmt Project Locations 
185 0RPM_MSG&IDOCTYPES S_XSD_23000096 Supported Message Types and IDoc Types 
186 0RPM_MSPROJECT2003 S_XSD_23000180 Configure Microsoft Project Server 
187 0RPM_MSP_BADI_1 S_PCC_47000024 BAdI: Change Project Plan Data in Project Management and Microsoft Project 
188 0RPM_PLMPSINTEG S_PCC_47000004 SAP PLM PS Integration Overview 
189 0RPM_PREC_SYNCHRONIZ S_PTD_51000079 Additional Information and Precondition for the Synchronization of Objects 
190 0RPM_PS_WRKCTRUPLOAD S_XSD_23000192 Import Work Centers from SAP PLM PS 
191 0RPM_R3_OBJECTS S_XSD_23000055 Define Object Link Type Groupings 
192 0RPM_RPM_USER S_XSD_23000098 Create Users 
193 0RPM_SAP_SETTINGS S_XSD_23000045 Override Default Global Settings 
194 0RPM_SETUP_BUPA S_XSD_23000166 Set Up Business Partners 
195 0RPM_USEREXITS S_XSD_23000115 Portfolio Management User Exits Overview 
196 0RPM_USEREXITSRESOUR S_XSD_23000119 Resource 
197 0RPM_VALUE_TYPE S_XSD_23000100 Customize Value Types 
198 0RPM_V_T056P S_X6D_27000010 Define Values for Reference Interest Rates 
199 0RPM_V_T056R S_X6D_27000009 Define Reference Interest Rates 
200 0RPM_V_WF_ID S_PCC_47000043 Define Workflow IDs 
201 0RPM_V_WF_RECIP S_PCC_47000044 Maintain Configuration for Workflow Recipients 
202 0RPM_WF_OVERVIEW S_PCC_47000045 Workflow Settings Overview 
203 0RPM_XRPM_XPD_E_MAP S_PCC_47000009 Map Portfolio Item Fields to Base System Fields 
204 0RPM_XRPM_XPD_FLDMAP S_X1D_36000065 Map Base System Object Fields to Project Management Fields 
205 0RPM_XRPM_XPD_I_MAP S_PCC_47000008 Map Base System Object Fields to Portfolio Item Fields 
206 0XRPM_AGGREGLOGIC S_PTD_51000035 Define Aggregation Logic for Objects 
207 0XRPM_BADI_THRESHOLD S_PTD_51000044 BAdI: Threshold Values for Key Figure Monitor 
208 0XRPM_FCAT_TYPE_DEP S_PTD_51000022 Define Field Catalog for Object Framework Object Link Type Dependent 
209 0XRPM_KFM_GROUPFORKF S_PTD_51000033 Define Key Figure Groups 
210 0XRPM_KFM_KF S_PTD_51000034 Define Key Figures 
211 0XRPM_KFM_THRESHOLD S_PTD_51000045 Define Threshold Values for Objects 
212 0XRPM_KFM_TRESHOLDS S_PTD_51000036 Define Tresholds for Objects 
213 0XRPM_KF_T_MET_VTYPE S_PTD_51000031 Assign Key Figure to Metrics and Metrics Value Types 
214 0XRPM_METRICGROUP S_PTD_51000025 Define Metrics Groups 
215 0XRPM_METRICVIEWTYPE S_PTD_51000026 Define Metrics Value Types 
216 0XRPM_MET_CURRENCIES S_PTD_51000028 Define Currencies 
217 0XRPM_MET_INDEPGROUP S_PTD_51000030 Define Metrics-Independent Groups 
218 0XRPM_MET_METRIC S_PTD_51000024 Define Metrics 
219 0XRPM_MET_OBJTYPE S_PTD_51000023 Define Object Types 
220 0XRPM_MET_QUANTITIES S_PTD_51000029 Define Quantities 
221 0XRPM_VTYPE_T_METRIC S_PTD_51000027 Assign Metrics Value Type to Metrics Groups