SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index X
IMG Activity - X
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 XI_ALLGEMEIN S_PEN_05000331 Define Mapping for General Transaction Information 
2 XI_BADI S_PEN_05000335 BAdI: Receive XI Message Type "TreasuryDealNotification" 
3 XI_BADIALLGEMEIN S_PEN_05000336 BAdI: Receive Financial Transactions (General View) 
4 XI_FX S_PEN_05000332 Define Mapping for Spot Exchange and Forward Exchange Transactions 
5 XI_FXOPTION S_PEN_05000334 Define Mapping for Forex Options 
6 XI_SWAPS S_PEN_05000333 Define Mapping for Forex Swaps 
7 XRPM_KFM_ADMIN S_PTD_51000084 Administrative tasks in the Key Figure Monitor 
8 XX S_AEC_66000338 ss 
9 XX_FPM_0013 S_AHR_61016555 Define Distribution Keys for Default Values