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SAP ABAP Domain - Index A
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Domain - A

# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
? ? ? ? ? ?
1 A2_AUSW IS-H*MED: Type of choice CHAR   
2 AAAVALUE Parameter value CHAR 31    
3 AAA_SELE Domain for Popup Selection CHAR   
4 AAA_STR2 String for Authorization Assistant CHAR 60    
5 AAA_STRG String for Authorization Assistant CHAR 255    
7 AAB_ID_DESCRIPT Description for IDs that Can Be Activated CHAR 80    
8 AAB_ID_NAME Checkpoint Group CHAR 30    
9 AAB_VAR_DESCRIPT Variant of Activation IDs: Description CHAR 255    
10 AAB_VAR_NAME Activation Variant (Act. Assertions and Breakpoints) CHAR 30    
11 AAERROR Error Indicator in Asset Accounting CHAR   
12 AAFBG Interaction of alloc tbl notification/follow-on doc. gener. CHAR   
13 AANLA_0017 Generated domain for matchcode field CHAR 23    
14 AANLA_0020 Generated domain for matchcode field CHAR 23    
15 AANLC_0020 Generated domain for matchcode field CHAR 11    
16 AANLI_0020 Generated domain for matchcode field CHAR 18    
17 AANZM Max. no. replies to request notification / reply INT1   
18 AAPCT AAP Category CHAR   
19 AAPM1 Assignment rules for field relationships CHAR   
20 AAPM_ACT PM/AA: Indicator for synchronization of master records CHAR   
21 AAREA_KK Application Area CHAR   
22 AAVIT Alloc. notif. cat.: information exchange betw. HQ and plant CHAR   
23 AAVIZ Indicator for line creation in alloc tbl notification CHAR   
24 AA_BELNR Number of a settlement document CHAR 10    
25 AA_IFDART Which date is used for calculating investment support? CHAR   
26 AA_MOVE_CHAR02 Account Assignment Type in Asset Accounting CHAR   
27 AA_QUANTITY_31 Packed 31-Char. Auxiliary Field for Qties Without Decimals QUAN 31    
28 AA_QUANTITY_LONG Packed Auxiliary Field 31/14 Decimal Places QUAN 31  14 
29 AA_SCHROTT FI-AA: Consideration of scrap value NUMC   
30 AA_SCHROTT_NEW FI-AA: Consideration of scrap value NUMC   
31 AA_SYNC Synchronization flag CHAR   
32 AA_WF Flag for workflow CHAR   
33 ABADRAGGDI Aggregation CHAR   
34 ABADRAGGTM Time-based aggregation CHAR   
35 ABADRBERKZ Report indicator CHAR   
36 ABADRCGSSBGRP Key figure group CHAR   
38 ABADRCHAINOPERATOR Characteristic Derivation: Operator CHAR   
39 ABADRDIMPR Lead column display format CHAR   
40 ABADRENV Characteristic Derivation: Strategy Environment CHAR 32    
41 ABADREPOSKZ Line Item Indicator CHAR   
42 ABADREWSKZ Characteristic/value field CHAR   
43 ABADRFIELDCLASS Characteristic derivation: field class CHAR   
44 ABADRFLAG Characteristic derivation: flag CHAR   
45 ABADRID Characteristic derivation: ID CHAR   
46 ABADRIDENT Characteristic derivation: identifier CHAR 32    
47 ABADRINTID Internal ID derivation steps NUMC   
48 ABADRMETHOD Characteristic Derivation: Type of Derivation Step CHAR   
49 ABADRMKAKZ Report selection indicator CHAR   
50 ABADRMKEKZ Characteristic value indicator CHAR   
51 ABADRNUM Characteristic derivation: numbers for table names NUMC   
52 ABADROPERATOR Characteristic derivation: operator CHAR   
53 ABADROVERWRITE Characteristic Derivation: Overwrite Target Field CHAR   
54 ABADRPARAM Characteristic derivation: parameters CHAR 60    
55 ABADRPLAKZ Planning indicator CHAR   
56 ABADRSEQNO Characteristic derivation: sequential number NUMC   
57 ABADRSHANDLING Special Handling of Fields CHAR   
58 ABADRSTEPID Characteristic derivation: user-defined step ID CHAR   
60 ABADRSUBCLAS Subgroup by application class CHAR   
61 ABADRTEXT Characteristic derivation: text CHAR 60    
62 ABADRZSPKZ Form indicator CHAR   
63 ABADR_HITYP Customer hierarchy type CHAR   
64 ABAPCONVER Flag: Do conversion errors lead to exceptions? CHAR   
66 ABAPFORM Name of the ABAP form routine CHAR 30    
67 ABAPTYPE ABAP/4 data type CHAR   
68 ABAP_ENDIA Flag for Byte Sequence (Big-Endian, Little-Endian) CHAR   
69 ABAP_MSIZE DEC type that is suitable for 64 bit integer DEC 20    
70 ABAP_ONLINE_COM_CHAR64 ABAP ONline Community: Char 64 CHAR 64    
71 ABAP_ONLINE_COM_MIME_TYPE ABAP ONline Community: Mime type SSTR 255    
72 ABARD Payroll type CHAR   
73 ABARPARAM Characteristic derivation: parameters CHAR 60    
74 ABART DlvSchedType CHAR   
75 ABART_INT IS-H: internal billing type CHAR   
76 ABART_VK Invoicing Type CHAR   
77 ABAST Detailed info: activity status alloc tbl (notif. creation) CHAR   
78 ABA_FLAG_3 3-value flag CHAR   
79 ABA_PVERS Program Version NUMC   
80 ABBEZ Description for forecast schedule transmission profile CHAR 30    
81 ABCALT ABC indicator CHAR   
82 ABCAT Route stage category NUMC   
83 ABCIN Physical inventory indicator for cycle counting CHAR   
84 ABCKZ ABC Indicator of Technical Object CHAR   
85 ABCLIS_DIS Control for Display of LIS Data CHAR   
86 ABCLIS_SEL Control for Access to LIS Database CHAR   
87 ABC_ACTIVE Values for Activated Columns in the Process Template CHAR   
88 ABC_AGGRTP CO-OM-ABC: Domain for F4 Help in Aggregation Types CHAR   
89 ABC_AS4TAB Table Name CHAR 30    
90 ABC_BCOUNT Paragraph Bracket Counter NUMC   
91 ABC_CALCTP CO-OM-ABC: Domain for F4 Help in Calculation Types CHAR   
92 ABC_CLASS Permitted Environments for Costing with the Process Template CHAR   
93 ABC_COMP_ID Calculation Row ID CHAR 72    
94 ABC_DATE_TYPE CO-OM-ABC: Data Element for F4 in Project Data CHAR   
95 ABC_ETYPE CO-ABC: Editor Type CHAR   
96 ABC_EVALMODE ABC: Describes When Column Appears CHAR   
97 ABC_EVAL_MODE Tracing Mode for Template CHAR   
98 ABC_E_TYPE ABC Formula Editor: Type of Transferred Entry? CHAR   
99 ABC_FACTOR Quantity Portion Factor DEC 11  10 
100 ABC_FLDNAM Field Name/String CHAR 72    
101 ABC_FLD_AR Areas: H (Header), P (Parameter), E (Column Entry), * (All) CHAR   
102 ABC_LONG Long Text for Analysis Strategy CHAR 30    
103 ABC_METHOD Process Template Method CHAR 72    
104 ABC_OBJECT General Object for Selection, Boolean, Quantity Formulas CHAR 10    
105 ABC_OPER Operator CHAR   
106 ABC_PLAN_ACT CO-OM-ABC: Domain for F4 Help in Project Plan/Actual CHAR   
107 ABC_PLISTC Parameter List Number NUMC   
108 ABC_POSTYP CO-ABC Template Item Category (View Maintenance) CHAR   
109 ABC_POSTYP_0 CO-ABC Item Category in Template (Internal Display) CHAR   
110 ABC_POSTYP_1 CO-ABC Item Category in Template (Template Maintenance) CHAR   
111 ABC_POSTYP_2 CO-ABC Item Category in Template (Structured Processes) CHAR   
112 ABC_POSTYP_3 Item Category (Formula Planning) CHAR   
113 ABC_POSTYP_4 CO-ABC Item Category in Environment Maintenance (Template) CHAR   
114 ABC_POSTYP_5 CO-ABC Item Category in Template (Template Maintenance) CHAR   
115 ABC_POSTYP_6 Item Category (Formula Planning, Profit Center Accounting) CHAR   
116 ABC_POSTYP_7 Item Categories for ISR CHAR   
117 ABC_POSTYP_BPP Item Category (Formula Planning) CHAR   
118 ABC_QUANFLAG CO-OM-ABC Indicator: Callup from Indiv. Processing or Plan CHAR   
119 ABC_QUANT Quantity QUAN 15 
120 ABC_QUANTP CO-OM-ABC: Domain for F4 Help in Fxd/Vbl./Ttl Quantity/Costs CHAR   
121 ABC_RESULTTP CO-OM-ABC: Domain for F4 Help in Revenue Types CHAR   
122 ABC_SEQNRC Entry NUMC   
123 ABC_SHORT Short Text for Analysis Strategy CHAR   
124 ABC_STATUS Status of a Process Template Definition CHAR   
125 ABC_STRING Character String CHAR 30    
126 ABC_STRLC String Length NUMC   
127 ABC_STRTYP String Type CHAR   
128 ABC_SUBENV CO-ABC: Item Area: 1:Object, 2:Compl. Func., 3:Calc. Row CHAR   
129 ABC_TABNAME CO-OM-ABC: Table Name as Realization of Logical Function CHAR 30    
130 ABC_TEMPL Process template CHAR 10    
131 ABC_TPLCOL Column Within a Process Template CHAR   
132 ABC_TPLPOS Process Template Item NUMC   
133 ABC_VALNR Number of Corresponding Item in the Value List NUMC   
134 ABC_WBS_TABLE CO-OM-ABC: Data Element for F4 Help in WBS Table Types CHAR 30    
135 ABDAT_VK Invoicing Date DATS   
136 ABDOCFLAG Flag (initial or not) CHAR   
137 ABDOCSUBJECT Keyword for Searching in the ABAP Documentation CHAR 50    
138 ABDOCTYPE ABAP Keyword Documentation Node Type CHAR   
139 ABEDART IS-M: Requirement Types for Contract Requirements NUMC   
140 ABEFZ Cumulative figure for customer in sales unit QUAN 13 
141 ABEIN Scope of sett. statement for reb. arrangements (Purchasing) CHAR   
142 ABELF Store item in alloc. tbl document NUMC   
143 ABELG Store group items in alloc. tbl document NUMC   
144 ABELN Purchasing document number CHAR 10    
145 ABELP Item in alloc. tbl document NUMC   
146 ABELU Sub-item in alloc. tbl document NUMC   
147 ABFER Handling Type CHAR   
148 ABFER_TPS Completion type for transportation planning systems CHAR   
149 ABFORMNAME ABAP/4: Name of a subroutine (FORM) CHAR 30    
150 ABFTB Consider Nonworking Days CHAR   
151 ABGER_LS IS-H: indicator whether service partially billed or billed CHAR   
152 ABGGRND Reason for proration CHAR   
153 ABGKZ Delimit indicator for attendance/absence reasons CHAR   
155 ABGRD_CA Write-Off Reason CHAR   
156 ABGRD_KK Write-Off Reason CHAR   
157 ABGRD_VK Cancellation reason NUMC   
158 ABGRENZKZ Proration for changes in measured pressure CHAR   
159 ABGRFIBUKZ Transfer Results Analysis Version to Financial Accounting? CHAR   
160 ABGRU Reason for rejection CHAR   
161 ABGRU_VA Reason for rejection for quotation or order CHAR   
162 ABGR_ABGTY Results Analysis Form CHAR   
163 ABGR_ABKAT Results Analysis Category NUMC   
164 ABGR_ART Results Analysis Type CHAR   
165 ABGR_AWKUS Results Analysis: Creation/Cancellation, Usage, and Balance CHAR   
166 ABGR_BASIS Valuation Basis for Results Analysis CHAR   
167 ABGR_BEWKZ Valuation Indicator CHAR   
168 ABGR_ENDKZ End Indicator CHAR   
169 ABGR_SCHL Results analysis key CHAR   
170 ABGTYP Treatment of retirement NUMC   
171 ABG_LTYPE List type for asset retirements NUMC   
172 ABHTP Dependency type CHAR   
173 ABI_DOCITM Document Item CHAR 20    
174 ABI_DOCNR Reference Document CHAR 10    
175 ABI_DOCTY Document Type CHAR   
176 ABI_ELEMENT Element Name CHAR 32    
177 ABI_ELEMENT_VALUE Value of element CHAR 128    
178 ABI_EPC_OBTYP Obeolte: EPC object type CHAR   
179 ABI_EXEC_STTS Execution Status CHAR   
181 ABI_HEX64 EPC Hexadecimal Field with 64 bytes CHAR 96    
182 ABI_LENGTH Length of EPC Serial Number (Bits) CHAR   
183 ABI_LOCTY Location Type CHAR   
184 ABI_MATNR Material Number CHAR 18    
185 ABI_NODE Auto-ID Infrastructure CHAR   
186 ABI_NROBJCT Number Range Element CHAR 18    
187 ABI_NROBJTY Number Range Element Type CHAR   
188 ABI_OBJCT Reference Object in Backend System CHAR 20    
189 ABI_OBJTY Auto-ID Infrastructure Object Type CHAR   
190 ABI_QTTY Quantity QUAN 13 
191 ABI_QUALF ID Element Identification for AII CHAR   
192 ABI_RQOBJTY Requested ElementType CHAR   
193 ABI_RQSTTS Required Status Type of Delivery for Output Creation CHAR   
194 ABI_RSDNC Residence Time for Archiving DEC   
196 ABI_TSTMP Time Stamp DEC 15    
197 ABI_UOM Unit of Measure UNIT   
198 ABI_URI_FORMAT URN Format CHAR 128    
199 ABKAT Category for Variance/Results Analysis NUMC   
200 ABKND Attendance/absence category CHAR   
201 ABKOD A/B category CHAR   
202 ABKOM REM-PT: MRP segment aggregation CHAR   
203 ABKRS Payroll area CHAR   
204 ABLADPL Domain for Data Element ABLADPL CHAR   
205 ABLAR Derivation type CHAR   
206 ABLBELNR Internal number for identifying meter reading document CHAR 20    
207 ABLEINHEIT Meter reading unit CHAR   
208 ABLEINHTXT Text (30 Characters) CHAR 30    
209 ABLESART Meter reading type defined by SAP CHAR   
210 ABLESARTST Control of meter reading type to be prepared CHAR   
211 ABLESER Meter reader number CHAR   
212 ABLESETYP Meter reading category CHAR   
213 ABLESGR Meter reading reason CHAR   
214 ABLESGRC Preparation of meter reading reasons: contract CHAR   
215 ABLESGRD Preparation of meter reading reasons: device CHAR   
216 ABLESGRE Meter reading reasons for single entry CHAR   
217 ABLESGRI Preparation of meter reading reasons: installation CHAR   
218 ABLESGRU Preparation of meter reading reasons: meter reading unit CHAR   
219 ABLESGRUP MR group for controlling decimal places to be read CHAR   
220 ABLESGR_CORR Meter Reading Reason for Generation of MR Results CHAR   
221 ABLESGR_VTE610 Meter reading reasons for interval check CHAR   
222 ABLESGR_VTE611 Meter reading reasons for interpolation CHAR   
223 ABLFIRMA Number of subcontractor CHAR   
224 ABLFZ Cumulative quantity delivered in sales unit QUAN 13 
225 ABLGNR IS-M/SD: Consecutive number for drop-off NUMC 16    
226 ABLHINW Note from meter reader CHAR   
227 ABLLI External release number CHAR 20    
228 ABLRGLNR IS-M/SD: Consecutive number for drop-off rules CHAR 10    
229 ABLSCHR Controlling of notification for meter reading preparation CHAR   
230 ABLSPERR Reason for blocking meter reading CHAR   
231 ABLSTAT Meter Reading Status CHAR   
232 ABLZEIT Meter reading time in hours DEC
233 ABL_LIST IS-M/SD: Several drop-off points defined for item CHAR   
234 ABL_Z Meter reading center CHAR   
235 ABMSGMSGID Error number CHAR 23    
236 ABMSGTXT Error Message CHAR 73    
237 ABNKR Bank reference (e.g. account number) CHAR 15    
238 ABNNR Recipient of distribution CHAR 10    
239 ABNTP Recipient category for distribution CHAR   
240 ABNUM Maintenance plan call number INT4 10    
241 ABPER Settlement period NUMC   
242 ABPKMVIEW Display Level of Kernel Method Attributes INT1   
243 ABPRC Percentage NUMC   
244 ABP_CHANGE Budget Billing Plan Modifiable ('X') Not Modifiable (' ') CHAR   
245 ABRAB MRP for Release Types CHAR   
246 ABRABBKZ Direct debit procedure indicator CHAR   
247 ABRABS Combine due date for budget billing/bill CHAR   
248 ABRAR Payroll type CHAR   
249 ABRART IS-H: Billing type CHAR   
250 ABREART Settlement type for service charges CHAR   
251 ABREC Trip accounting status CHAR   
252 ABRECHK IS-M/AM: COA settlement indicator CHAR   
253 ABREG CO-PA derivation rule CHAR   
254 ABREI Display coverage in the planning table CHAR   
255 ABREL Relevant for settlement CHAR   
256 ABREMPKZ Settlement to Receiver Required/Optional/Not Allowed CHAR   
257 ABRFAKT Billing factor DEC 12 
258 ABRFNAME Synonym for table field names for CO object settlement CHAR 10    
259 ABRFREIG Reason for releasing billing block CHAR   
260 ABRGEMKZ Common rooms, indicator CHAR   
261 ABRGNR IS-PAM: COA settlement number NUMC   
262 ABRG_POSNR IS-PAM: COA settlement item number NUMC   
263 ABRIST Settlement of Actual Costs CHAR   
264 ABRKN Payroll constant CHAR   
265 ABRKZ_FALL IS-H: Billing Indicator for Case CHAR   
266 ABRKZ_FK IS-H: Billing indicator for invoice CHAR   
267 ABRKZ_LS IS-H: billable indicator = 'X', non-billable = ' ' CHAR   
268 ABRKZ_STA IS-H: Use billability specified in service master CHAR   
269 ABRLF Number of a settlement run (subsequent settlement) CHAR 10    
270 ABRLI Internal release order number NUMC   
271 ABRMENGE Quantity to be billed DEC 14 
272 ABRMWSTKZ Display value added tax (indicator) CHAR   
273 ABRNR_VK Invoicing number NUMC 11    
274 ABROB_VK Invoicing number for number range object (VVKKABRCH) NUMC   
275 ABRPE Accounting settlement period CHAR   
276 ABRSPERR Reason for blocking an installation for billing CHAR   
277 ABRST Call status CHAR 46    
278 ABRUF Forecast delivery schedule number NUMC 10    
279 ABRUFANZ Number of calls DEC   
280 ABRUFWERT Value of value contract already released CURR 17 
281 ABRUF_PART Check partner authorizations CHAR   
282 ABRUMLWKZ Calculation of apportionment loss risk CHAR   
283 ABRV PM: User setting for maintaining settlement rule CHAR   
284 ABRVAR Settlement variant CHAR   
285 ABRVERRKZ Clearing of Advance Payments by Settlement Company CHAR   
286 ABRVF PS Supplementary Pension: Payroll Procedure CHAR   
287 ABRVORG Billing Transaction CHAR   
288 ABRVW Release order usage ID CHAR   
289 ABR_APPL Application for Settlement Processor CHAR   
290 ABR_EMP General settlement receiver CHAR 35    
291 ABR_PROTO Indicator: disconnection reason relevant to billing log CHAR   
292 ABR_STATUS IS-M/AM: COA settlement status CHAR   
293 ABR_TYP_OL IS-M: Settlement type for online advertising CHAR   
294 ABR_ZSTAT IS-M: Settlement status of the assignment CHAR   
295 ABSBETRG Control of budget billing amount calculation CHAR   
296 ABSCH Settlement structure for cost element/account determination CHAR   
297 ABSCHLGRP Abschlußgruppe für den Tagesabschluss CHAR 20    
298 ABSCHLKZ02 Indicator: budget billing due date CHAR   
299 ABSCHL_BEG IS-M/AM: Rule for contract start CHAR   
300 ABSCHL_END IS-M/AM: End of customer outline agreement CHAR   
301 ABSCH_KK Reconciliation of Check Encashments CHAR   
302 ABSERMIT Type of budget billing determination CHAR   
303 ABSET SAP Selection Filter: Releases Instead of Schedule Lines CHAR   
304 ABSFLDNR Consecutive number of budget billing amount NUMC   
305 ABSFORM_CM Form of payment guarantee CHAR   
306 ABSLANFO Indicator: budget billing request NUMC   
307 ABSLANFOAB Indicator: budget billing request for debtor CHAR   
308 ABSLBETR Budget billing amount (CURR 6, dec. 2) CURR 12 
309 ABSLE Interval between billing and 1st budget billing (DEC 3) DEC   
310 ABSLL Interval between last budget billing and billing (DEC 3) DEC   
311 ABSLM Interval between billing and month of first budget billing NUMC   
312 ABSPZ Scope of verification level for rebate agreements CHAR   
313 ABSRATE_KK FPN1: installment interval NUMC   
314 ABSSCHE_CM Payment Guarantee Procedure CHAR   
315 ABSSTEU Budget billing control CHAR   
316 ABSTA Release status (current release, old release) CHAR   
317 ABSTAG Budget billing days NUMC   
318 ABSTB_KK Calculation type of tax in write-offs CHAR   
319 ABSTK Reject status at header level CHAR   
320 ABSTP Absence category CHAR   
321 ABSTT Status of development CHAR   
322 ABSTW_KK Calculation type of tax in write-offs CHAR   
323 ABSTY Attendance/absence type CHAR   
324 ABSTYP_CM Payment guarantee category CHAR   
325 ABSUN Time unit CHAR   
326 ABSVZ Absence Indicator for Supplementary Pension CHAR   
327 ABSWH_KK Interval between repetition items NUMC   
328 ABSZYK Budget billing cycle (in months) NUMC   
329 ABSZYKTER Budget billing cycle (in months) CHAR   
330 ABSZYKV Budget billing cycle (in months) in contract CHAR   
331 ABS_ATT_TYPE Attendance or Absence Type CHAR   
332 ABS_BEDNR IS-M/AM: Contract requirement number (COA) CHAR 10    
333 ABS_LVEWE IS-M: Use of list variants for COAs CHAR   
334 ABS_MENGE IS-M/AM: Agreed acceptance quantity QUAN 12 
335 ABS_NAME Abstract name within exit context CHAR 26    
336 ABS_POSNR IS-M/AM: COA item number NUMC   
337 ABS_STZART IS-PAM: Record types for data transfer from COA CHAR   
338 ABS_TYP IS-M/AM: COA type CHAR   
339 ABS_VBSTAT IS-M: Assignment not updated in COA standing CHAR   
340 ABS_VTNR IS-M/AM: Number of customer outline agreement NUMC   
341 ABTEI Department CHAR 12    
342 ABTIM Indicator denoting when the valuation should be performed CHAR   
343 ABTKZ Departmental indicator CHAR   
344 ABTL_LIST_FORMAT_TYPE List format type NUMC   
345 ABTL_TEXT10 ABAP Tools Docu for AiE: String CHAR 10    
346 ABTL_TEXT120 ABAP Tools Docu für AiE: Text string CHAR 120    
347 ABTL_TEXT256 ABAP Tools Docu for AiE: String CHAR 256    
348 ABTNR Department classification CHAR   
349 ABTNR_CL Department classification CHAR   
350 ABTXT Payroll type text CHAR   
351 ABTYP Category of the rebate agreement CHAR   
352 ABTYP_KK Interval Type CHAR   
353 ABTYP_PS Revenue Type CHAR   
354 ABTYP_VK Information category CHAR   
355 ABTYZ Permissibility string for payroll categories CHAR 10    
356 ABUEB Forecast delivery schedule: Transmission profile CHAR   
357 ABVOR Prepopulate Standard Release Order Quantity in Contract CHAR   
358 ABWADR Partner function repeated in order-BP assignment CHAR   
359 ABWBL_CA Document Number of Representative Contract Accounting Doc. CHAR 12    
360 ABWBL_KK Number of the substitute document in FI-CA CHAR 12    
361 ABWCHKZ Indicator for charging of variances CHAR   
362 ABWEICH Permissible deviation for gas data control NUMC   
363 ABWESART IS-M/SD: Reason for lost time CHAR   
364 ABWGR Attendance/absence reason CHAR   
365 ABWKO Absence quota type NUMC   
366 ABWNAKST Deviating decimal places NUMC   
367 ABWRG Absence rule NUMC   
368 ABWST Processing control CHAR   
369 ABWTP_CA Type of Summarizing Object CHAR   
370 ABWTP_KK Category of substitute document in FI-CA CHAR   
371 ABZBT Deduction amount/percentage CURR 10 
372 ABZKZ Travel Expenses Deduction Type CHAR   
373 ABZUO Settlement assignment CHAR   
374 AB_JAHR From Year CHAR   
375 AB_KOTYP IS-H: Use of the condition type CHAR   
376 AB_MONAT From Month CHAR   
377 ACAC_CHAR75 Texts in Accrual Accounting CHAR 75    
378 ACAC_EXAMPLE_PARAMETER Sample Parameter CHAR 10    
379 ACAC_NUMC22 22-Character Numeric Fields without Check NUMC 22    
380 ACAC_OBJNUMBER Accrual Object Number CHAR 22    
381 ACAC_OBJTYPE Accrual Object Cat. CHAR 10    
382 ACAC_PARAMETER ACAC Parameters CHAR 30    
383 ACBETR_VK Payment Plan Behavior When Payment Amount is Changed CHAR   
384 ACCADDFILTER_CA Display Filter for Additional Information CHAR   
385 ACCCLOSINGST Closing Phase NUMC   
386 ACCDEFVIEW_CA FI-CA Account Balance - Standard View CHAR   
387 ACCDETKEY Account determination key CHAR   
389 ACCESSMODE Access modes for table types CHAR   
390 ACCHAR40 Domain char40 CHAR 40    
391 ACCHG_KK Account Swapped for Aperiodic Posting CHAR   
392 ACCNR Accrual rule for absence quota types NUMC   
393 ACCNTC_KK Transaction-Specific Account Determination Check CHAR   
394 ACCOP Operation indicators for leave accrual CHAR   
395 ACCOUNTGRP Account Assignment Group for Role Definiton CHAR 10    
396 ACCOUNTING_PRINCIPLE Accounting Principle CHAR   
397 ACCOUNT_C Account determination check for specific transaction CHAR   
398 ACCRAPPL Accrual/Deferral: Applications CHAR   
399 ACCRDOCTYP Accruals/Deferrals Master Data Document Type CHAR   
400 ACCRKONTYP Accrual/Deferral Account Assignment Category CHAR   
401 ACCRPAOBJSEP Separate Account Assignment for Profitability Segment CHAR   
402 ACCRRC Return code INT1   
403 ACCRREF Reference CHAR 10    
404 ACCRTYPE Results Analysis Form CHAR   
405 ACCR_PAR_NAME Accrual Engine: Additional parameter for distribution CHAR 30    
406 ACCTP_PAY Account category CHAR   
407 ACCTR Transfer of Accrual Entitlement CHAR   
408 ACCTSTATUS Status for transfer to accounting CHAR   
409 ACCTTYPE Account Type for US Federal IPAC Interface Process CHAR   
410 ACCTYP Accelerator Type CHAR   
411 ACCTYPE Accumulation Type CHAR   
412 ACCT_TYPE US Fed. Government Treasury Confirm DIT/FBT account CHAR   
413 ACCUM HR accumulator NUMC   
414 ACC_ACCOUNT G/L Account CHAR 10    
415 ACC_ACCOUNT_TYPE Account Category NUMC   
416 ACC_ACCTGROUP Account Group CHAR   
417 ACC_ACTIVITY IS-M/SD: Posting Transaction for Revenue Accrual CHAR   
418 ACC_ACTV_ACCOUNT Active Accounting Indicator (FI-CA, FI-AR) CHAR   
419 ACC_ASSTYPE Account Assignment Category CHAR   
420 ACC_BE_HEAD_NO Header Number for BE Object (Transfer to Accounting) CHAR 12    
421 ACC_BREAKDOWN Breakdown Type NUMC   
422 ACC_BUS_SCENARIO Business Scenario CHAR   
423 ACC_BUS_TR_CAT Business Transaction Category CHAR   
424 ACC_CHRT_ACCTS Chart of Accounts CHAR   
425 ACC_CLA_CONTROL Claim accounting posting control CHAR   
426 ACC_CLOSE_ACTN ACC:Alert Group close action CHAR   
427 ACC_COMPON Accounting Components CHAR   
428 ACC_CONFIG Accounting Configuration CHAR 16    
429 ACC_CURRID Currency ID CHAR   
430 ACC_CURTYPE Currency ID CHAR   
431 ACC_DATABASIS Data Basis CHAR   
432 ACC_DATACAT Obsolete! To Be Deleted! Data Category! NUMC   
433 ACC_DATA_ORIGIN Origin of the Master Data CHAR   
434 ACC_DATE_CURCONV Date to be used for currency conversion CHAR   
435 ACC_DEBCRED Debit/Credit Indicator CHAR   
436 ACC_DOCTYPE Document Type CHAR   
437 ACC_DOMAIN Business Domain CHAR 16    
438 ACC_ECS_IF_TYPE ECS Environment CHAR 10    
439 ACC_IB_LEVEL Accounting Intercompany Billing Level NUMC   
440 ACC_INTERVAL Range Limit CHAR   
441 ACC_INT_ID Transient ID for Posting Level or Model Version INT2   
442 ACC_JOURNAL Journal of ACC Document CHAR   
443 ACC_LEGENT Legal Entity CHAR 10    
444 ACC_LOGICSYS Logical System ID CHAR 10    
445 ACC_LOG_OBJ_CAT Logistical Object Type CHAR 10    
446 ACC_METHOD IS-M/SD: Accounting Method CHAR   
447 ACC_OBJ_STATUS Object Status CHAR 10    
448 ACC_PRINCIPLE_ASSIGNMENT_KEY Key for Assigning Accounting Principles CHAR   
449 ACC_REVERSAL_ITEM Reversal Indicator CHAR   
450 ACC_ROLE_NAME Role Name CHAR 10    
451 ACC_ROLE_REGLEV Level on which the Application Role Is Registered CHAR   
452 ACC_ROLE_REGNUM Number of Permitted Registrations CHAR   
453 ACC_SDATA Application data for MS ACCESS communication: max. 2K data CHAR 2048    
454 ACC_SELACCTYPE Type of Selection Condition/Target Assignment NUMC   
455 ACC_SIGN Flow Direction / +/- Sign CHAR   
456 ACC_STATUS Status of the document that is transferred to Accounting CHAR   
457 ACC_STRUCTURE Structure ID in Accounting CHAR 22    
458 ACC_STRU_NAME Techn. Name of a Structure ID in Accounting CHAR 10    
459 ACC_SUBSET Defines subset of components for the FI/CO interface CHAR   
460 ACC_SYSTEM Accounting System CHAR   
461 ACC_SYSTYPE System Type CHAR   
462 ACC_TRANTYPE Transaction Type CHAR   
463 ACC_TYPE_NAME Name of a Structured Type CHAR 10    
464 ACC_XPERCLOSED Period Status CHAR   
465 ACD_BO_JOB_ID Domain for BO Job Id CHAR 50    
466 ACD_BO_JOB_TYPE Domain values for BO Job type CHAR 30    
467 ACD_JOB_OWNER Domain for Job Owner CHAR 30    
468 ACD_PROC_CHAIN_STEP_TYPE domain values for step types of bw process chains CHAR 30    
469 ACEDS_AUTH_ACTIVITY Activities for Authorization Validation (Distrib. Server) CHAR   
470 ACEDS_HEADER_STATUS Processing Status of an Accrual Subobject CHAR   
471 ACEDS_LEGACY_EXCLUSIVE Legacy Data Transfer Only CHAR   
472 ACEDS_LEGACY_MODE Status of Legacy Data Transfer CHAR   
473 ACEDS_OPERATOR_PERCENT Percentage for Operator "P" (Derived Accrual Type) DEC
474 ACEDS_VALEVENT Validation/substitution callup point NUMC   
475 ACEDS_VALUSER Validation/substitution application area CHAR   
476 ACEND_VK Payment Plan Behavior - Premature Cancellation CHAR   
477 ACENV_LO Source in TR-LO posting area NUMC   
478 ACEPSAD_ACTION Account Determination Meta-Customizing or Customizing CHAR   
479 ACEPSAD_AREA Account Determination Area CHAR   
480 ACEPS_AUTH_ACTIVITY Activities for Authorization Validation (Posting Server) CHAR   
481 ACEPS_FI_REVERSAL_INDICATOR Indicator to Control Reversal Postings CHAR   
482 ACEPS_HEADER_STATUS Processing Status of Accrual Item CHAR   
483 ACEPS_RUNID Number (Run ID) of a Periodic Posting Run in Accrual Engine CHAR 10    
484 ACEPS_RUNSTATUS Status of Periodic Posting Run CHAR   
485 ACEPS_STATUS Processing Status CHAR 20    
486 ACERRTYPE FI: Error type CHAR   
487 ACE_ACCMETHOD Accrual Method CHAR 10    
488 ACE_ACRTYPE Accrual Type CHAR   
489 ACE_AGGREGAT Linkage/grouping for accrual types CHAR   
490 ACE_APPL Application Within the Accrual Engine CHAR   
491 ACE_ARCHPREP_STATUS Preparation for Archiving: Result CHAR   
492 ACE_ARCH_PREP_STATUS Processing Status for Archiving Preparation CHAR 20    
493 ACE_BUKRS Company Code CHAR   
494 ACE_BUKRS_TEXT Name of Company Code CHAR 70    
495 ACE_CALC_VARIABLES Variable for calculation CHAR 20    
496 ACE_CHAR70_SMALL_LETTERS Character Field Length 70, Lower Case CHAR 70    
497 ACE_COMP Application component CHAR   
498 ACE_DATA_TRANSFER_PURPOSE Purpose of Data Transfer CHAR   
499 ACE_DATA_TRANSFER_TYPE Selection Method for Data Transfer to the Accrual Engine CHAR 10    
500 ACE_DB_ACTION Database Activity CHAR   
501 ACE_DMETHOD_FUNCNAME Function Module Name CHAR 30    
502 ACE_D_EVENT_INSTANCE_KIND Defines whether the event is of rootcause or see-also kind CHAR   
503 ACE_D_EVENT_STATUS Event status CHAR   
504 ACE_D_EVENT_VALUE Value of an Event DEC 17 
505 ACE_D_HISTORY_CATEGORY Alert category performance categories CHAR 30    
506 ACE_D_METRIC_FILTER_TYPE Filter type for metrics CHAR 30    
507 ACE_D_MON_OBJECT_VIEW_TYPE View type of monitored object hierarchy CHAR 10    
508 ACE_D_NODE_TYPE Node object type CHAR 30    
509 ACE_D_SCENARIO_TYPE Scenario type of alert calculation engine CHAR 30    
510 ACE_D_TRAFFIC_LIGHT_NUMERIC Correcponding numeric values for treffic lights INT1   
511 ACE_EIGRN_AD Account determination: account determination keys CHAR   
512 ACE_ENVIRONMENT Environment in Which Accrual Engine is Used: ERP or BusAcc. CHAR   
513 ACE_ENVIRONMENT_EVENTS Accrual Engine: Environment-Dependent Events CHAR 10    
514 ACE_EXTRACTOR_STATUS Data extractor status CHAR   
515 ACE_FDNAME Local Field Name CHAR 30    
516 ACE_FUNCTYPE Function type CHAR   
517 ACE_GLSYMB ACE Account Determination: Account Symbol CHAR 20    
518 ACE_GUID GUID for Accrual Object RAW 16    
519 ACE_NUMC22 22-Character Numeric Fields without Check NUMC 22    
520 ACE_OBJECT_STATUS Accrual Object: Possible Status CHAR   
521 ACE_OPERATOR Operator for Calculating Accrual Types CHAR   
522 ACE_OPERATOR_FUNCNAME Function Module Name CHAR 30    
523 ACE_OPTION Option for ranges CHAR   
524 ACE_ORDER Sequence DEC   
525 ACE_PERIODS Number od posting period in Accrual Engine NUMC   
526 ACE_POSTING_SUMMARIZATION Possible Summarization Settings with FI/CO Document CHAR   
527 ACE_PSRULE ACE Account Determination: Account Determination Rule CHAR   
528 ACE_REF_KEY External Reference of an Accrual Object CHAR 32    
529 ACE_REF_SUBKEY Reference Sub-Object Number CHAR 32    
530 ACE_RHYTHM Rhythm for Posting Program CHAR   
531 ACE_RUNTYPE Run Type Periodic Posting Program CHAR   
532 ACE_SIGN Debit/credit sign (+/-) CHAR   
534 ACE_SOP_COST_CENTER Cost Center CHAR 10    
535 ACE_SOP_DEC15_5 Decicmal places, 5 after decimal point, no +/ DEC 15 
536 ACE_SOP_DECV3_7 Decimal number with +/- sign DEC 10 
537 ACE_SOP_INDEX_RATE Status of an Index DEC 15 
538 ACE_SOP_LOCATION Exchange key CHAR 10    
539 ACE_SOP_LT_DEC25_6 Amount Field with 19 Places before Decimal Point and 6 After DEC 25 
540 ACE_SOP_MODE Processing Mode CHAR   
541 ACE_SOP_PERCENT Percentage DEC 15  12 
543 ACE_SOP_PERCENT_LONG Percentage DEC 30  14 
545 ACE_SOP_PERS_NUMBER Personnel Number NUMC   
546 ACE_SOP_RATE_TYPE Security Price Type CHAR   
547 ACE_SOP_SECURITY_ID Security ID number CHAR 13    
548 ACE_SOP_SIMU_FFVERSN Simulation Version for Forfeiture Rates CHAR   
549 ACE_SOP_SIMU_INDVERSN Simulation Version for Index Values CHAR   
550 ACE_SOP_SIMU_VERSN Simulation Version CHAR   
551 ACE_SOP_STATUS Processing Status CHAR 20    
552 ACE_SOP_VOLATILITY Volatility DEC 10 
553 ACE_STATUS Accrual Engine: Processing status CHAR   
554 ACE_SYS_EVENT Accrual Engine System Event CHAR 10    
555 ACE_TACE001_STATUS Productive Indicator CHAR   
556 ACE_TRANSTYPE Activity in the Accrual Engine CHAR   
557 ACE_TREEFIELD_DISPLAY Representation of the Fields of a Tree in Accrual Accounting CHAR   
558 ACE_TREEVARI Tree Variant CHAR 16    
559 ACE_TREEVARIT Text of the Tree Structure Variant CHAR 30    
560 ACE_TSTMP Seconds since 1.1.1990,0:00 GMT * 10000 DEC 16    
561 ACE_XPOST Posting supported CHAR   
562 ACE_XPOST_FIN_DELTA Indicator: Post Deltas for Deactivation Posting CHAR   
563 ACE_XPOST_INC_DELTA Flag: Post Deltas at Opening Entry CHAR   
565 ACIND Account Determination Characteristic CHAR   
566 ACI_DOM_ECS_BRF_FUNAME Name of Derivation Function CHAR 20    
568 ACI_SOURCE_TYPE type of source INT4 10    
569 ACKEY1_VS Activities Key Change Event CHAR   
570 ACKEY_CA Dunning - Activity Key CHAR   
571 ACKEY_KK FI-CA Dunning: Activities Key CHAR   
572 ACKEY_VK VKK Bill Scheduling - Activities Key CHAR   
573 ACKEY_VS Activity key payment plan event CHAR   
574 ACLAS Schedule class CHAR   
575 ACL_ACTGRP ACL: Role CHAR 32    
576 ACL_ACTVTY ACL: Activity CHAR 32    
577 ACL_APPDTA ACL: Application Data CHAR 64    
578 ACL_CHK Domain for ACL Checkbox CHAR   
579 ACL_DESCR ACL: Description CHAR 255    
580 ACL_GRNTMD ACL: Grant Mode CHAR   
581 ACL_NAME ACL: Name CHAR 32    
582 ACL_OBJTY ACL: Object Type CHAR 32    
583 ACL_TSTMP ACL: Timestamp (Saved in UTC Time) NUMC 14    
584 ACL_TYP SNC: Type of access control list entry CHAR   
585 ACMAT_SUBJ2ROLE_STATUS ACM: Status of a persisted User-Role-Assignment CHAR 10    
586 ACMDT_ABAPDCL_OBJSTATUS ACM: Object-Status of the persisted ABAP-/DCL-Objects CHAR 10    
587 ACMDT_SCOPE ACM: Policy Generation Scope CHAR   
588 ACMETHOD domain for the various HTTP methods CHAR   
589 ACMRT_COMPARISON_OPERATOR ACM-Runtime: Comparison Operator INT4 10    
590 ACMRT_CONTENT_TYPE ACM-Runtime: Content-Type INT4 10    
591 ACMRT_FUNCAUTH_RESULT ACM-Runtime: Result of the functional Authorization-Check INT4 10    
592 ACMRT_LOGIC_OPERATOR ACM-Runtime: Logical Operator INT4 10    
593 ACMTST_AD_TYPE ACMTST: Domain for Address Type CHAR 10    
594 ACMTST_BP_ROLE ACMTST: Domain for Business Partner Roles CHAR   
595 ACMTST_GENDER ACMTST: Domain for Gender/Sex CHAR   
596 ACMTST_SO_CF_STATUS ACMTST: Domain for SalesOrder Confirmation Status CHAR   
597 ACMTST_SO_LC_STATUS ACMTST: Domain for SalesOrder Lifecycle Status CHAR   
598 ACMTST_SO_OR_STATUS ACMTST: SalesOrder Ordering Status CHAR   
599 ACMTST_USERS_4_UI_DROPLISTBOX ACMTST: Helper-Domain to display ACMTST-User in a UI-Dropdow CHAR 12    
600 ACM_ACAVIEWDETAIL_TYPE ACM: Type of an AC-AuthView-Detail CHAR 10    
601 ACM_ACCONDPATH_TYPE ACM: Type of an Access-Condition Path CHAR 10    
602 ACM_ASPECT_EVAL_TIME ACM: Aspect Evaluation Time CHAR   
603 ACM_ASPECT_TYPE ACM: Type of an Aspect CHAR 10    
604 ACM_AUTH_VIEW_COLUMN_TYPE ACM: Type of an Authorization-View Column CHAR   
605 ACM_COMPARISON_OPERATOR ACM: Comparison Operator (=, <>, <, >) CHAR 10    
606 ACM_DCLNAME ACM: Name of a DCL Source CHAR 40    
608 ACM_DCLTOPLEVEL_TYPE ACM: Type of an DCL Top-Level Object CHAR 10    
609 ACM_DDSTRUCOBJNAME ACM: ID of an Entity CHAR 30    
610 ACM_EFFECT ACM: Effect on Authorization Decision CHAR   
611 ACM_ENDUSERTEXT_LABEL ACM: Description like @EndUserText.Label in DCL CHAR 80    
612 ACM_ID ACM: Globally unique-ID - Primary-Key of all ACM-Tables RAW 16    
613 ACM_LOGIC_OPERATOR ACM: Logic Operator CHAR   
614 ACM_QUANTIFIER ACM: Quantifier for logic statements (FORALL / EXISTS) CHAR   
615 ACM_RESOURCE_TYPE ACM: Resource Type INT4 10    
616 ACM_SEQUENCE_NUMBER ACM: Position in a Sequence (First Position = 0) INT4 10    
618 ACN Aircraft registration number CHAR   
619 ACOBJ Key value of a transport object CHAR 10    
620 ACODE_VK Request code NUMC   
622 ACONNID Index of shadow table for link to archive NUMC 20    
623 ACO_ABBREVIATION Abbreviation for Activity in Authorization Check CHAR   
624 ACO_ACTIVITY_SUPER Activity for Assigning Authorization to Object ACO_SUPER CHAR 10    
625 ACO_ACTVT Authorization Check Activity CHAR 10    
626 ACO_AUTHORIZATION_TYPE Type of "Authorization Object" CHAR   
627 ACO_DESCRIPTION Object Description CHAR 255    
628 ACO_NAME Object Name CHAR 150    
629 ACO_NAME_UPPER_CASE Name of User Group in Capital Letters CHAR 150    
630 ACO_OBJECT_TYPE Object Category CHAR 15    
631 ACO_PARAM_TYPE AVO Parameterv Type CHAR   
632 ACO_PROXY_COMPATIBILITY Compatibility of ACO Proxy CHAR   
634 ACO_STRING Character String for Authorization Check STRG   
635 ACPI_KNTYP Condition type: Freight, tax, cost,,...... CHAR   
636 ACPI_MABER Dunning Area CHAR   
637 ACPOS Value category CHAR 14    
638 ACSTAT_CM_CA Status einer Aktion CHAR   
639 ACTAC_KK Open Item Accounting Active Indicator (FI-CA, FI-AR) NUMC   
640 ACTCAT Activity CHAR   
641 ACTCMBDESC_DO Status Combination Description. CHAR 200    
642 ACTCMBDESC_DOM Status Combination Description. CHAR 200    
643 ACTCMBDES_DOM User/System Status Combination CHAR 255    
644 ACTCMBDE_DOM User/System Status CHAR 255    
645 ACTCMBDS_DOM User /System Status CHAR 255    
646 ACTCMB_CUS_DOM Status Combiantion:Customizing table NUMC   
647 ACTCMB_DOM Status combination INT1   
648 ACTCNT SDB: Activity Counter NUMC   
649 ACTCODE Indicator: Permissibility of an Action CHAR   
650 ACTEXIT Activity at user exit NUMC   
651 ACTFAC Actual Activity for Planned Activity DEC 11  10 
652 ACTFACT Demand in the facts is active CHAR   
653 ACTFACTIND Indicator: Demand is active CHAR   
654 ACTFLAG Activation flag CHAR   
655 ACTFLD Activation Indicator: Single Attribute CHAR   
656 ACTFLD_VAL Activation Indicator: Multiple Attributes CHAR   
657 ACTGRP Name Space for CO_ACTION (first two characters) CHAR   
658 ACTID Identification number NUMC   
659 ACTID_KK Follow-Up Actions: Activity Type ID NUMC   
660 ACTIO Infotype operation CHAR 20    
661 ACTION Action for authorization check CHAR   
662 ACTIONBA_1 Short text CHAR   
663 ACTIONEMPTY Action that is carried out when the TC column is empty CHAR   
664 ACTIONME_1 Name of the action bar CHAR   
665 ACTIONMR Meter reading action CHAR   
666 ACTIONNOTEMPTY Action that is carried out when the TC column is not empty CHAR   
667 ACTIONS Acitivities for billing outline agreements CHAR 10    
668 ACTIONWL Action in the work list for installation, etc. (IS-U) CHAR   
669 ACTION_ABR IS-H: Action for billing message CHAR   
670 ACTION_FLAG Action Indicator for xCBL Documents CHAR   
671 ACTION_ID_SOCM Action in Change Management CHAR 12    
672 ACTION_KK Actions for Requests CHAR   
673 ACTION_NAME Action Name CHAR 30    
674 ACTION_TYPE Values for actions to be triggered in function module CHAR   
675 ACTION_VIEWCLUSTER SD: Action Within View Cluster CHAR   
676 ACTIO_KK Action executed for the action log NUMC   
677 ACTIPC Activity for profit center CHAR   
678 ACTITYPE Activity type CHAR   
679 ACTIV Processing function key CHAR   
680 ACTIVAUTH Action for authorization check CHAR   
681 ACTIVEFLAG Activation flag CHAR   
682 ACTIVE_SES Foo INT4 10    
683 ACTIVITY Business Transaction CHAR   
684 ACTIVITYID_BRO Key (ID) for the executed activity CHAR 20    
685 ACTIVITYKEY_KK Activity key CHAR   
686 ACTIVITY_BRO Broker collections - activity key CHAR   
687 ACTIVITY_MANDATORY Flag: Activity is required CHAR   
688 ACTIV_AUTH Activity which is subject to the authorization check CHAR   
689 ACTIV_FLAG Activation flag CHAR   
690 ACTKEY_KK Activity key CHAR   
691 ACTMODE Activation type INT2   
692 ACTMODE_BRO Processing mode in which the activity can be executed CHAR   
693 ACTOVIEW_CA FI-CA Account Balance CHAR   
694 ACTPERIOD Category of a period for current billing CHAR   
695 ACTTP ATP: Transaction type for RBA CHAR   
696 ACTTX Text for action CHAR 30    
697 ACTTY Consolidation of Investments Activity CHAR   
698 ACTTYP Transaction activity category (1=Cr, 2=Ch, 3=D) CHAR   
699 ACTTYPE Action Type in Change and Transport System CHAR   
700 ACTUALWEEK IS-M: Offset current week NUMC   
701 ACTXY Activity description type CHAR   
702 ACTYP_KK Activity category CHAR   
703 ACTYP_VK Activity category CHAR   
704 ACT_ALTID_TYPE Alternative ID Type CHAR 16    
705 ACT_ALTID_TYPE_UI Alternative ID Type CHAR 16    
706 ACT_APRICE Promotion price in store CURR 23 
707 ACT_APRICE_UI Promotion price in store DEC 23 
708 ACT_BATCH_ID Batch ID CHAR 10    
709 ACT_BATCH_ID_UI Batch ID CHAR 10    
710 ACT_BREIT Width of the Product or of the Packaging QUAN 13    
711 ACT_BREIT_UI Width of the Product or of the Packaging DEC 13    
712 ACT_BRGEW Gross Weight QUAN 15 
713 ACT_BRGEW_UI Gross Weight DEC 15 
714 ACT_CHAR10 IMG status activities CHAR 10    
715 ACT_DARST Activity display in graphic CHAR   
716 ACT_DEF Aircraft Table, Default CHAR   
717 ACT_DEKOTP_UI Deko type CHAR   
718 ACT_DIRECTION Sales Activity Direction: Incoming/Outgoing CHAR   
719 ACT_DISCUSS Discussed CHAR   
720 ACT_DISCUSS_UI Discussed CHAR   
721 ACT_DOM Domain for Activity and Network CHAR 24    
722 ACT_ECROPT_UI Optimization of the shelf CHAR   
723 ACT_EDAY_LOW_PRICE Everyday-Low-Price CURR 12 
724 ACT_EDAY_LOW_PRICE_UI Everyday-Low-Price DEC 12 
725 ACT_ENTERED_PRODCUT Entered Product ID CHAR 54    
726 ACT_ENTERED_PRODCUT_UI Entered Product ID CHAR 54    
727 ACT_FACDEP Depth of facing DEC
728 ACT_FACDEP_UI Depth of facing DEC
729 ACT_FACLEN Length of facing DEC   
730 ACT_FACLEN_UI Length of facing DEC   
731 ACT_FACUNIT_UI Units of Measure for the Product UNIT   
732 ACT_FACWID Width of facing DEC   
733 ACT_FACWID_UI Width of facing DEC   
734 ACT_FLDS Criteria for transaction statistics CHAR 120    
735 ACT_GEWEI_UI Weight Unit UNIT   
736 ACT_HOEHE Height of the Product or of the Packagin QUAN 13    
737 ACT_HOEHE_UI Height of the Product or of the Packagin DEC 13    
738 ACT_KVCURR1_UI Currency CUKY   
739 ACT_KV_DEKO_UI Deko-Material CHAR   
740 ACT_KV_RESULT Result CHAR   
742 ACT_KV_STOCK Number of Products in stocks DEC   
743 ACT_KV_STOCK_UI Number of Products in stocks DEC   
744 ACT_KV_ZPANZ Number of Second placements DEC   
745 ACT_KV_ZPANZ_UI Number of Second placements DEC   
746 ACT_KV_ZPAVA_UI Second Placement Available CHAR   
747 ACT_LAENG Length of the Product or of the Packagin QUAN 13    
748 ACT_LAENG_UI Length of the Product or of the Packagin DEC 13    
749 ACT_LBVAL Value of Samples DEC 15 
750 ACT_LBVAL_UI Value of Samples DEC 15 
751 ACT_MEABM_UI Unit in Which Length/Width/Height Is Mea UNIT   
752 ACT_MONTH Month in which the transaction statistics record was created CHAR   
753 ACT_NRMSHF Number of produts in main shelf DEC   
754 ACT_NRMSHF_UI Number of produts in main shelf DEC   
755 ACT_NROFFAC Number of facings DEC   
756 ACT_NROFFAC_UI Number of facings DEC   
757 ACT_NROFSAM Number of samples QUAN   
758 ACT_NROFSAM_UI Number of samples DEC   
759 ACT_NRPSHF Number of products in promation shelf DEC   
760 ACT_NRPSHF_UI Number of products in promation shelf DEC   
761 ACT_NTGEW Net Weight QUAN 15 
762 ACT_NTGEW_UI Net Weight DEC 15 
763 ACT_OPRICE Order Price in store CURR 23 
764 ACT_OPRICE_UI Order Price in store DEC 23 
765 ACT_PERIOD Period in weeks for DBA actions DEC   
766 ACT_PHREFNR Pharmaceutical Reference Number CHAR 10    
767 ACT_PHREFNR_UI Pharmaceutical Reference Number CHAR 10    
768 ACT_POSHOR_UI horizontal position in shelf CHAR   
769 ACT_POSLOC_UI main location of placement, eg. pallet, CHAR   
770 ACT_POSQLI_UI Qualification of the shelf position CHAR   
771 ACT_POSVER vertical position in shelf CHAR   
772 ACT_POSVER_UI vertical position in shelf CHAR   
773 ACT_PRAVA Product available after visit at checkou CHAR   
774 ACT_PRAVA_UI Product available after visit at checkou CHAR   
775 ACT_PRAVB Product available before Visit at check CHAR   
776 ACT_PRAVB_UI Product available before Visit at check CHAR   
777 ACT_PRDHA Product hierarchy CHAR 20    
778 ACT_PRDHA_UI Product hierarchy CHAR 20    
779 ACT_PRDS_EXPLOSION Product Category/Heirarcy Explosion CHAR   
780 ACT_PRDS_EXPLOSION_UI Product Category/Heirarcy Explosion CHAR   
781 ACT_PRDS_STATUS Status of documented product CHAR   
782 ACT_PRDS_STATUS_UI Status of documented product CHAR   
783 ACT_PRPRIO Product Priority CHAR   
784 ACT_PRPRIO_UI Product Priority CHAR   
785 ACT_QTY_UNIT_UI Sales Unit UNIT   
786 ACT_RESREAS_UI Result Reason CHAR   
787 ACT_SAMRETURN Flag for Returns CHAR   
788 ACT_SAMRETURN_UI Flag for Returns CHAR   
789 ACT_SAMTOBESENT Product Request CHAR   
790 ACT_SAMTOBESENT_UI Product Request CHAR   
791 ACT_SENDSTA Send Status CHAR   
792 ACT_SENDSTA_UI Send Status CHAR   
793 ACT_SPRICE Sales Price in store CURR 23 
794 ACT_SPRICE_UI Sales Price in store DEC 23 
795 ACT_STAT Status of Repository objects (active - inactive) CHAR   
796 ACT_STATUS Activities for Vacancy and Advertisement Processing CHAR   
797 ACT_STIME Start time for DBA actions TIMS   
798 ACT_STORNO Indicator: Data to Be Canceled CHAR   
799 ACT_STORNO_UI Indicator: Data to Be Canceled CHAR   
800 ACT_SUBJECTA Free Text: Subject A CHAR 10    
801 ACT_SUBJECTA_UI Free Text: Subject A CHAR 10    
802 ACT_SUBJECTB Free Text: Subject B CHAR 10    
803 ACT_SUBJECTB_UI Free Text: Subject B CHAR 10    
804 ACT_TW Actions for status on test workbench CHAR 10    
805 ACT_TYPE Transaction statistics category NUMC   
806 ACT_VOLEH_UI Unit for the Volume UNIT   
807 ACT_VOLUM Volume QUAN 15    
808 ACT_VOLUM_UI Volume DEC 15    
809 ACVIEW_CA FI-CA Account Balance Display CHAR   
810 AC_ACTION_TYPE Action Type CHAR 15    
811 AC_ACTIVITY Activity in Monitoring & Alerting CHAR   
812 AC_ASPECT AC Diagnosis Tool: View AC Interface CHAR   
813 AC_BOOLEAN Alert configuration: domain for boolean variable CHAR 10    
814 AC_CACHEINSTANCESTATUS Alert Configuration:CacheInstance Status(used by rep manager CHAR 30    
815 AC_CACHESTATUS AlertConfiguration:Cache Instance Status(Used by UI) CHAR 50    
816 AC_CACHEWORKSTATUS Alert Configuration:Work Status of cache Class CHAR 10    
817 AC_CACHE_ENTITY_TYPE Alert Configuration : Different Cache Entity Type CHAR 50    
818 AC_CATEGORY Alert configuration: domain for alert categories CHAR 10    
819 AC_CHECK_CATEGORIES AC: domain for consistency check categories CHAR 30    
820 AC_CHECK_TYPE AC: domain for consistency check type CHAR 30    
821 AC_CLASS_NAME Alerting configuration: domain for Class Name CHAR 40    
822 AC_COLLECTOR_TYPE Alert configuration: domain for collector types CHAR 30    
823 AC_COLLECTOR_TYPE_UNIT Alert configuration: domain for collector type unit CHAR 30    
824 AC_COLLECTOR_UNIT_PREDEFINED Alert Config: Data Collector unit for predefined CHAR 30    
825 AC_COLLECT_ON Relative Restrictions CHAR   
826 AC_COLL_RULE_TYPE AC: domain for collection rule types CHAR 10    
827 AC_CONFIGURATION_SCOPE Scope of Directory Configuration INT1   
828 AC_CONFIG_STATUS AC: configuration status CHAR   
829 AC_CONFIG_TYPE Configuration Type INT1   
830 AC_CONF_TREE different display modes for config browser tree CHAR 10    
831 AC_CONSUMER Alert configuration: domain for consumer CHAR 30    
832 AC_CONTENT_CONSUMER Custom content consumer domain CHAR 10    
833 AC_CONTEXTDESCR_ID Alert configuration: context description ID CHAR 40    
834 AC_CONTEXT_NAME Alert configuration: domain for context name CHAR 128    
835 AC_CONTEXT_STATUS AC: Context Status INT1   
836 AC_CONTEXT_SUBTYPE AC: domain subtype for managed objects CHAR 10    
837 AC_CONTEXT_TYPE Alert configuration: Domain element for context type CHAR 10    
838 AC_COUNTER_THRES_TIME_INTERVAL Alert Config : Time interval for Counter Threshold CHAR 10    
840 AC_DATAPROV_ID DOMAIN FOR DataProvider CHAR 30    
841 AC_DATAPROV_PARAM_ID Parameter ID CHAR 30    
842 AC_DATAPROV_PARAM_TYPE Parameter for Data Provider CHAR   
843 AC_DATAPROV_PARAM_USAGE usage for data provider parameter CHAR 10    
844 AC_DATAPROV_SOURCE Source for Data Provider CHAR 100    
845 AC_DATATYPE AlertConfig: Data type for Metric and Event. CHAR 10    
846 AC_DELIVERY_NUMBER Alert Configuration : Domain for Delivery Number NUMC   
847 AC_DIRECTION evaluation direction modes for simple threshold rule types CHAR 10    
848 AC_DIRECTORY_ENTITY_TYPE Directory Entity Type CHAR 10    
849 AC_DIRECTORY_OPTION AC: basic directory settings CHAR 10    
850 AC_DIRECTORY_TP Alert configuration: domain for directory types CHAR 32    
851 AC_DIROBJ_CLASS Alert configuration: directory object classes CHAR 30    
852 AC_DIR_CONFIG_ACTIVITY Directory Configuration Activity NUMC   
853 AC_DURATION Alert Configuration: Domain for metric duration unit(period) CHAR 20    
854 AC_D_CONFIGURATION_STATUS Configuration status in MAI CHAR 32    
855 AC_ENTITIES Alert Configuration CHAR 10    
856 AC_ENTITY_MODE AlertConfiguration:Entity Mode (Diaplay or Edit) CHAR 30    
857 AC_ENTITY_TYPE All entities, superior for AC_ENTITIES, AC_OBJECT_TYPE) CHAR 10    
858 AC_ENVIRONMENT_WDC Master web dynpro component CHAR 10    
859 AC_ERRORLEVEL Alert configuration: error level CHAR 20    
860 AC_EVENTRULE Alert Config: Rule options for event type CHAR 30    
861 AC_EVENTYPECLASS Alert Configuration:displaying EventType class CHAR 30    
862 AC_EVENT_CLASS Alert configuration: domain for event class CHAR 10    
863 AC_EVENT_ORIGIN AC: event origin CHAR 30    
864 AC_EVENT_RULE_CLASS Alert Configuration : Rule Class for EventType CHAR 10    
865 AC_EXTRACTOR Alert configuration: DOMAIN FOR EXTRACTOR CHAR 30    
866 AC_EXTRACTORCLASS Alert configuration: domain for extractor class CHAR 100    
867 AC_FIELDNAME Alert configuration: calculation mode CHAR 30    
868 AC_FIELDTYPE AC: domain for field type description CHAR   
869 AC_FIELD_NAME Alerting configuration: domain for Field Name CHAR 40    
870 AC_FILTER Alerting configuration: domain for Filter value CHAR 100    
871 AC_FLAG Alert configuration: domain for a flag CHAR   
872 AC_GUID AC: domain for guid CHAR 32    
873 AC_HOLIDAYSCHEDULE AC: Data Element for Holiday Schedule CHAR   
874 AC_IMPORT_TYPE Import Type CHAR 30    
875 AC_INT_ECS_APPEND_DI Fixed Values for ECS Direct Input     
876 AC_LOGICAL_OPERATOR Logical operator for sub rule correlation of a complex rule CHAR 10    
877 AC_MAI_STATE Domain for Inci,Notif and Third Party Flag State CHAR   
878 AC_MANAGEMENT_TYPES Management types CHAR 30    
879 AC_MEA_ASSIGNED_TO MEA Assignment CHAR 10    
880 AC_MEA_STATUS Mea status in a given template CHAR 10    
881 AC_MEA_VALIDITY AC: domain for mea validity CHAR 30    
882 AC_METHOD_NAME Alerting configuration: domain for Method Name CHAR 60    
883 AC_METRICDATATYPE Alert configuration: datatype of the measured value CHAR 10    
884 AC_METRICTYPECLASS Alert Configuration: for displaying MetricType, Metric Group CHAR 10    
885 AC_METRICTYPE_RULETYPES AlertConfiguration:Domain for MetricType rule types CHAR 50    
886 AC_METRIC_CONSUMER Alert configuration: domain for metric consumer CHAR 30    
887 AC_METRIC_EVENT_TYPE AlertConfiguration:Metric/Event Type CHAR 30    
888 AC_METRIC_ORIGIN AC: metric origin CHAR 30    
889 AC_MONITOR Monitors in Alerting & Monitoring CHAR 10    
890 AC_MONTH AC: Domain for Month NUMC   
891 AC_NAME Alert configuration: MEA name CHAR 60    
892 AC_OBJECT_TYPE Alert configuration: Domain object type CHAR 10    
893 AC_PARAMETERNAME Alert configuration: domain for a parameter name CHAR 32    
894 AC_PARAMETERTYPE AC: domain for parametertype CHAR 30    
895 AC_PARAM_TYPE Alert configuration: parameter type CHAR 30    
896 AC_PAR_SELFILT Parameter Type: Selection or Filter CHAR   
897 AC_PAR_TYPE Alert configuration: domain for parameter types CHAR 30    
898 AC_PERIOD AC: period of measurement INT4 10    
899 AC_PRIORITY Alert configuration: domain for alert priority CHAR 30    
900 AC_PROBLEM_CONTEXT AC: problem context collection CHAR 10    
901 AC_PRODUCT_CONTEXT_TYPE Type of Product Context INT1   
902 AC_PRODUCT_ID Alert configuration: domain for product id CHAR 40    
903 AC_PROPAGATION_TYPE Propagation type CHAR   
904 AC_PROPERTY_NAME AC: domain for property name CHAR 30    
905 AC_PROPERTY_VALUE AC: domain for property value CHAR 100    
906 AC_PROTOCOL Alert Configuration: Domain values for protocol CHAR 30    
907 AC_PUSH_BARRIER AC: barrier to suppress metric pushing to central system CHAR 10    
908 AC_REACTION_FILTER Defines Filter Criteria for Alert Reaction Scope NUMC   
909 AC_REACTION_USAGE Describes Type of Reaction Handling (Auto-, 3rd Party) NUMC   
910 AC_REPMEAP Alert Configuration: Names for RepMEAP CHAR 50    
911 AC_REPOSITORY_TYPES product info values CHAR 30    
912 AC_RULE_TYPES Alert configuration: domain for rule types CHAR 50    
913 AC_RUNTIME Runtime in Seconds DEC
914 AC_SAVE_FLAG AlertConfiguration:Save Flag CHAR 30    
915 AC_SCHEDULINGTYPE AC: Collection Scheduling Type Domain CHAR   
916 AC_SCHEDULING_TYPE Alert configutation: domain for scheduling type CHAR 100    
917 AC_SELF_MON_COMPONENT Domain for Self-Monitoring Components CHAR 10    
918 AC_SEVERITY Alert configuration: domain for alert severity INT1   
919 AC_STRING AC: string STRG   
920 AC_SUB_CATEGORY Alert configuration: domain for subcategory CHAR 30    
921 AC_SYMBOLTYPE Alert configuration: domain for symbol type CHAR   
922 AC_TABLE_NAME Alerting configuration: domain for Table Name CHAR 40    
923 AC_TECHNICAL_COMPONENT AC: Technical Components of the Alerting Framework CHAR 10    
924 AC_TECHNICAL_SCENARIO E2E MAI Technical Scenario CHAR 10    
925 AC_TEMPLATE Alert configuration: domain for template type CHAR 10    
926 AC_TEMPLATE_DELTA Delta Operation for Templates CHAR 20    
927 AC_TEMPLATE_NAME Alert Templates: Template Name CHAR 40    
928 AC_TEMPLATE_TYPES Domain for Template Types INT1   
929 AC_TEXT Alert configuration: domain for short text CHAR 100    
930 AC_TEXT_10 AC: dataelement for text CHAR 10    
931 AC_TEXT_100 Alert configuration: domain for short text CHAR 100    
932 AC_TEXT_1000 Alert configuration: domain for text CHAR 1000    
933 AC_TEXT_2000 Alert configuration: domain for text CHAR 2000    
934 AC_TEXT_255 Alert configuration: domain for text CHAR 255    
935 AC_TEXT_30 Alert configuration: domain for short text CHAR 30    
936 AC_TEXT_50 Alert configuration: domain for short text CHAR 50    
937 AC_TEXT_COMPARISON_OPERATOR Text comparison operators CHAR   
938 AC_TIMEFRAME Alert configuration: domain for timeframe TIMS   
939 AC_TIMEUNIT Alert configuration: time units UNIT   
940 AC_TIME_UNIT Alert configuration: domain for time unit CHAR 30    
941 AC_TMSTMP_ID Identifier for Timestamps Measured During Autoconfiguration NUMC   
942 AC_TRAFFIC_LIGHT Traffic Light Values INT1   
943 AC_TRISTATE Tristate flag on Alert/Template level CHAR   
944 AC_TRISTATE_FLAG Alert configuration: domain for a flag CHAR   
945 AC_UNIT Alert configuration: units CHAR 10    
946 AC_UNITTYPES Alert configuration: unit types CHAR 30    
947 AC_URL_FLAG Alert configuration:Domain for URL relevant symbols CHAR   
948 AC_USER_INTERFACE_ACTION Action name of user interface CHAR 32    
949 AC_UTILIZATION Alert configuration: domain for utilization CHAR 10    
950 AC_VALUE Alert configuration: domain for a value CHAR 100    
951 AC_VARIANT Alert configuration: Domain for variant CHAR   
952 AC_VERSION Alert configuration: domain for version NUMC   
953 AC_WEEKDAYSCHEDULE AC: Days of the Week Scheduling NUMC   
954 AC_WORKMODE_ID AC: domain for workmodes CHAR 40    
955 AD00CLASS domain for class definition CHAR   
956 AD00EVENT Event Definition NUMC   
957 AD01CALPCT Percentage (18/5 with +/- sign) DEC 18 
958 AD01CHECK Check code for DIP profile CHAR   
959 AD01CONUSE Usage of condition types NUMC   
960 AD01COSTYP Apportionment reason CHAR   
961 AD01DEFPCT Percentage (5/2 with +/-sign) DEC
962 AD01DLINR Dynamic item number NUMC 20    
963 AD01DLISRC Dynamic item source CHAR   
964 AD01DLITAB Dynamic item source table CHAR 10    
965 AD01DOPENSIGN Indicator: DOPEN Status in Single Flow CHAR   
966 AD01ERLOES Check actual revenue? CHAR   
967 AD01FAREG Billing rule for A&D periodic billing CHAR   
968 AD01INVQUA Transfer Quantity and Costs CHAR   
969 AD01LINE Line number NUMC   
970 AD01LINMAT DIP profile: Material determination condition line number NUMC   
971 AD01LINSEL DIP profile: Selection criteria line number NUMC   
972 AD01MACOND Number of manual conditions for pricing NUMC   
973 AD01PROFNR Profile for Customizing Dynamic Items CHAR   
974 AD01SCRPTR Pointer to DIP profile maintenance screen CHAR   
975 AD01SUM_LV Summarization level NUMC   
976 AD01USAGE DI usage NUMC   
977 AD01VAR_APPL Variant Application CHAR 10    
978 AD01WIP_LINE_TYPE Line type for WIP reporting CHAR   
979 AD01WIP_RCATID WIP Revenue Category ID CHAR   
980 AD03FORMU Formualn apply to plan data calculation CHAR   
981 AD03PRO Plan data handling profile CHAR   
982 AD03RTF Total revaluation: Function to calculate factor CHAR   
983 AD04ADJIND Adjustment indicator CHAR   
984 AD04FAREG Billing rule for A&D periodic billing CHAR   
985 AD04NMCTG Number Category domain CHAR   
986 AD04STGRSW Switch for processing st.k.figs. CHAR   
987 AD04VCHNR Voucher Number NUMC   
988 AD23_LAYTYPE BPP: alternative layout type (may be initial) CHAR   
989 AD23_LINTYP BPP: type of output structure line CHAR   
990 AD23_TETYPE BPP: text element type for output CHAR 10    
991 ADACH30000 SAP DB: Text of SQL statement CHAR 30000    
992 ADACN Aircraft registration number CHAR   
993 ADADEC7_2 DEC7 with two places after decimal point DEC
994 ADAJN "Y"=Yes or "N"=No CHAR   
995 ADATAR General additional data field RAW 255    
996 ADAYS Effective business event duration in days DEC   
997 ADBADICALL Indicator for Controlling the BAdI Call CHAR   
998 ADBOS_PERCENTAGE52 AD_BOS: % with 3 Places Before Decimal Point and 2 After DEC
999 ADCONTEXT2 Filter Value (Context) for BAdI ADDR_BUPA_TD_READ CHAR 10    
1,000 ADCSN Location authorization field TRUE (='X') and FALSE (= ' ') CHAR   
1,001 ADCSTRSTAT Communication strategy table status flag CHAR   
1,002 ADDAA Additional Acct Assignments for Split: Cash Disc. Exch. Difs CHAR 150    
1,003 ADDCO Additional condition for time constraint 3 CHAR 12    
1,004 ADDCOMPARE Comparison Criterion CHAR 40    
1,005 ADDCOMPARE_CORE Reference Element PM/PS CHAR 40    
1,006 ADDFIELD Domain for additional field for later enhancement CHAR 32    
1,007 ADDFIELD_PUR Further Fields for Selection When Transaction Is Invoked CHAR 2000    
1,008 ADDFL_KK Selection Level for Partial Clearing Reset CHAR 30    
1,009 ADDIFFLAG Checkbox in Difference Tables for Quarterly Adjustment CHAR   
1,010 ADDIFORIGN Record Creation Type (Difference Table) CHAR   
1,011 ADDIS_1 Additionals: Status values CHAR   
1,012 ADDIS_2 Additionals: General indicator CHAR   
1,013 ADDIS_POOK Additionals: Indicator for purchase order for additionals CHAR   
1,014 ADDIS_SUPP Additionals: Status for determination of additionals vendor CHAR   
1,015 ADDI_APPL Application for triggering follow-up actions for additionals CHAR   
1,016 ADDI_BELNR Document number for additional CHAR 10    
1,017 ADDI_CALC Additionals: Indicator for price calculation CHAR   
1,018 ADDI_EVENT Event that triggers follow-up actions for additionals CHAR   
1,019 ADDI_FM Procedure for Additionals CHAR   
1,020 ADDI_INVOC Bill-to party for additional ordered from an external source CHAR   
1,021 ADDI_NUM Additionals: Number control CHAR   
1,022 ADDI_ON Flag: Additional is active in the system CHAR   
1,023 ADDI_OPER Follow-up action for procedure for additionals CHAR   
1,024 ADDI_POACT Additionals: Vendor selection for purchase orders CHAR   
1,025 ADDI_PRASS Usage indicator for additionals in promotions CHAR   
1,026 ADDI_ROWNR Line number per line of supplementary text for an additional NUMC   
1,027 ADDI_STATUS Status of an additional INT4 10    
1,028 ADDI_WTKEY Key for transaction data for additionals NUMC   
1,029 ADDJN Bonus indicator for time leveling and time sheet CHAR   
1,030 ADDKO Additive constant for conversion to SI units DEC
1,031 ADDMIN Add/subtract specification CHAR   
1,032 ADDNO Address Sequence Number CHAR   
1,033 ADDONID Name of Add-On Product CHAR 10    
1,034 ADDRESS_EXTRACTION Address origin CHAR   
1,035 ADDRESS_FI Street and House Number CHAR 60    
1,036 ADDRESS_PRIVACY_STATUS IS-M: Status of Address As Regards Saving CHAR   
1,037 ADDRS Address routine CHAR   
1,038 ADDRSECABBREV IS-M: Secondary address text CHAR   
1,039 ADDRSECNUMBER IS-M: Secondary address number CHAR   
1,040 ADDRS_TYPE Addresses: Address type CHAR   
1,041 ADDRTINT Create Additional Installments for Interest CHAR   
1,042 ADDR_ADDRESS_TYPE Tpye of the Address CHAR   
1,043 ADDR_CATEGORY Category of an Address CHAR   
1,044 ADDR_CURRENT_STATE Indicator: Ignore updateflags during update CHAR   
1,045 ADDR_FIELDNAME Name of an Address Field CHAR 61    
1,046 ADDR_MSG_RELEVANCE During which transaction steps is the message relevant CHAR   
1,047 ADDR_NODE_ID Node Id as in the ESA model CHAR 70    
1,048 ADDR_NODE_NAME Name of an ESA-Node CHAR 70    
1,049 ADDR_ORIGIN Origin of an address CHAR   
1,050 ADDR_RETRIEVE_BEFORE_IMAGE Indicator: Read directly from the database CHAR   
1,051 ADDR_TABLE_NAME Address Table Name CHAR 16    
1,052 ADDR_TYPE Addresses: Address type CHAR   
1,053 ADDSUB Factory calendar: Add, subtract NUMC   
1,054 ADD_AMNT Budget Change in Position Management DEC 10 
1,055 ADD_INFO_DOM Data Element for Plant and Material Info CHAR 50    
1,056 ADD_MRM_REFERENZBELEGTYP Outbound Delivery as Reference     
1,057 ADD_REFOBJID (DEL) Identifier for technical reference object CHAR   
1,058 ADD_REFOBJID_KK Identifier for Technical Reference Object CHAR   
1,059 ADD_REFOBJ_KK Technical Reference Object CHAR 25    
1,060 ADEDIQUALFI IDoc object identification (A&D) NUMC   
1,061 ADEZ_____4 Number of decimal places RAW   
1,062 ADFDR_CHAR10 Character, 10 Places CHAR 10    
1,063 ADFDR_CHAR2 Character, 2 Places CHAR   
1,064 ADFDR_CHAR20 Character, 20 Places CHAR 20    
1,065 ADFDR_CHAR3 Character, 3 Places CHAR   
1,066 ADFDR_CHAR4 Character, 4 Places CHAR   
1,067 ADFDR_CHAR40 Character, 40 Places CHAR 40    
1,068 ADFDR_CHAR60 Character, 60 Places CHAR 60    
1,069 ADFDR_DOCID ID 20 Places CHAR 20    
1,070 ADFDR_FDATE Date DATS   
1,071 ADFDR_FLAG Flag (Yes/No) CHAR   
1,072 ADFDR_FTIME Time TIMS   
1,073 ADFDR_NUMC3 Numeric, 3 Places NUMC   
1,074 ADFLD1 First additional field for user-defined account assignments CHAR 10    
1,075 ADFLD2 Second additional field for user-defined account assignments CHAR 10    
1,076 ADFLD3 Third additional field for user-defined account assignments CHAR 10    
1,077 ADFSH_AAUVI Flight Scheduling: Audio Visual Devices Available CHAR   
1,078 ADFSH_ABFST Flight Scheduling: Breakfast Served CHAR   
1,079 ADFSH_ACBELT Flight Scheduling: Cargo Belt Number CHAR   
1,080 ADFSH_ACDATE Flight Scheduling: Date of Flight DATS   
1,081 ADFSH_ACDML Flight Scheduling: Cold Meal Served CHAR   
1,082 ADFSH_ACDST Flight Scheduling: Cold Storage CHAR   
1,083 ADFSH_ACFCAT Flight Scheduling: Aircraft Category CHAR   
1,084 ADFSH_ACRWT Flight Scheduling: Weight of Cargo QUAN   
1,085 ADFSH_ACTYP Flight Scheduling: IATA Aircraft Type CHAR   
1,086 ADFSH_AFSHP Flight Scheduling: Inflight Shop CHAR   
1,087 ADFSH_AHZRD Flight Scheduling: Hazardous Goods Allowed CHAR   
1,088 ADFSH_AIRCODE Flight Scheduling: Airline Code CHAR   
1,089 ADFSH_AISDP Flight Scheduling: ISD Telephone Facility CHAR   
1,090 ADFSH_AMNML Flight Scheduling: Main Meals Served CHAR   
1,091 ADFSH_APTCD Flight Scheduling: Airport Code CHAR   
1,092 ADFSH_ARBTM Flight Scheduling: Airborne Time TIMS   
1,093 ADFSH_ARCODE Flight Scheduling: ICAO Aircraft Code CHAR   
1,094 ADFSH_ARMNT Flight Scheduling: Refreshments Served CHAR   
1,095 ADFSH_ARRDEP Flight Scheduling: Arrival/ Departure Indicator CHAR   
1,096 ADFSH_ARRTM Flight Scheduling: Arrival Time TIMS   
1,097 ADFSH_ASNCK Flight Scheduling: Snacks Served CHAR   
1,098 ADFSH_ASPML Flight Scheduling: Special Meals Served CHAR   
1,099 ADFSH_ATOPS Flight Scheduling: Number of Passengers NUMC   
1,100 ADFSH_AWLCH Flight Scheduling: Number of Wheelchairs required NUMC   
1,101 ADFSH_BAYNR Flight Scheduling: Bay Number CHAR   
1,102 ADFSH_CABCW Flight Scheduling: Number of Cabin Crew NUMC   
1,103 ADFSH_CARUT Flight Scheduling: Unit of Cargo Weight UNIT   
1,104 ADFSH_CHDOM Flight Scheduling: Checkin Time for Domestic Flight QUAN
1,105 ADFSH_CHTRN Flight Scheduling: Checkin Time for in Transit QUAN
1,106 ADFSH_CLASPX Flight Scheduling: Passengers in a class NUMC   
1,107 ADFSH_CLASS Flight Scheduling: Class in a Flight CHAR   
1,108 ADFSH_COORD_MIN Flight Scheduling: Coordinate Minutes DEC   
1,109 ADFSH_COORD_SEC Flight Scheduling: Coordinates: Seconds DEC   
1,110 ADFSH_COORD_SIGN Flight Scheduling: +/- (longitude/latitude) CHAR   
1,111 ADFSH_DATE Flight Scheduling: Date DATS   
1,112 ADFSH_DEPTM Flight Scheduling: Departure Time TIMS   
1,113 ADFSH_DISUT Flight Scheduling: Unit of Distance UNIT   
1,114 ADFSH_ETOPS Flight Scheduling: ETOPS Indicator CHAR   
1,115 ADFSH_FIELD Flight Scheduling: Field CHAR 30    
1,116 ADFSH_FLCAT Flight Scheduling: Flight Category CHAR   
1,117 ADFSH_FLCON Flight Connector Number CHAR 10    
1,118 ADFSH_FLDIS Flight Scheduling: Flight Distance QUAN   
1,119 ADFSH_FLDUR Flight Scheduling: Flight Duration QUAN
1,120 ADFSH_FLTFRQ Flight Scheduling: Flight Frequency CHAR   
1,121 ADFSH_FLTNUM Flight Scheduling:Flight Number CHAR   
1,122 ADFSH_FLTYP Flight Scheduling: Flight Type CHAR   
1,123 ADFSH_FLTYPX Flight Scheduling: Flight Type CHAR   
1,124 ADFSH_ITMNR Flight Scheduling: Item Number NUMC   
1,125 ADFSH_LANDGS Flight Schduling : Number of Aircraft Landings NUMC   
1,126 ADFSH_LANTM Flight Scheduling: Landing Time TIMS   
1,127 ADFSH_LATCD Flight Scheduling: Latitude of the Airport CHAR 12    
1,128 ADFSH_LAT_DEG Flight Scheduling: Latitude DEC   
1,129 ADFSH_LONCD Flight Scheduling: Longitude of Airport CHAR 12    
1,130 ADFSH_LON_DEG Flight Scheduling: Longitude DEC   
1,131 ADFSH_MODEOP Flight Scheduling: Mode of Operation CHAR   
1,132 ADFSH_OFFDATE Flight Scheduling: Offset for Date CHAR   
1,133 ADFSH_OPDAY Flight Scheduling: Days of Operation CHAR   
1,134 ADFSH_PRFNR Flight Scheduling: Profile Number NUMC   
1,135 ADFSH_PRFTXT Flight Scheduling: Profile Text CHAR 40    
1,136 ADFSH_PRTNUM Flight Scheduling: PRT Number NUMC   
1,137 ADFSH_PRTQTY Flight Scheduling: PRT Quantity QUAN   
1,138 ADFSH_PRTUNT Flight Scheduling: Unit of PRT UNIT   
1,139 ADFSH_PVLFR Flight Scheduling: Schedule Valid From Date DATS   
1,140 ADFSH_PVLTO Flight Scheduling: Schedule Valid To Date DATS   
1,141 ADFSH_SECNR Flight Scheduling: Sector Number CHAR   
1,142 ADFSH_SEQNR Flight Scheduling: Flight Sequence Number NUMC 10    
1,143 ADFSH_SHRNR Flight Scheduling: Code Share Number NUMC   
1,144 ADFSH_STACD Flight Scheduling: Flight Status Code CHAR   
1,145 ADFSH_STATS Status CHAR 10    
1,146 ADFSH_TECCW Flight Scheduling: Number of Technical Crew NUMC   
1,147 ADFSH_TMLNR Flight Scheduling: Terminal Number CHAR   
1,148 ADFSH_TMUNIT Flight Scheduling: Unit for Time UNIT   
1,149 ADFSH_TRDOM Flight Scheduling: Transfer Time for Domestic Flights QUAN
1,150 ADFSH_TRTRN Flight Scheduling: Transfer Time for in Transit Flight QUAN
1,151 ADGD_ACT_EMIS_TYPE Radioactive Emission Type CHAR   
1,152 ADGD_AUTH_EXCEPT_OBJ DG: Assignment Object for Exceptions to DG Regulations CHAR 10    
1,153 ADGD_AUTH_HU_OBJTYP GG: Object Types of DG Packaging for Handling Unit CHAR 10    
1,154 ADGD_BLOCKEDFLG Block Indicator for Exception to Dangerous Goods Regulations CHAR   
1,155 ADGD_CHKS DG: Dangerous goods check schema NUMC   
1,156 ADGD_CKMCAT Check method type NUMC   
1,157 ADGD_COLL_MOT EHS: Collective Mode-of-Transport Category NUMC   
1,158 ADGD_CORD Sequence NUMC   
1,159 ADGD_COUNT_LWDG Number of Dangerous Goods Regulations NUMC   
1,160 ADGD_COWE DG: Water Pollution Class CHAR   
1,161 ADGD_CTRYR DG: Country function CHAR   
1,162 ADGD_DAOR Data origin (filling and distribution) CHAR   
1,163 ADGD_DEC_11_7 Value for Decimal Figure Length 11, 7 Decimal Places DEC 11 
1,164 ADGD_DGCL DG-MAT: Dangerous goods class CHAR   
1,165 ADGD_DGOBJ DG: Objects for dangerous goods management CHAR   
1,166 ADGD_DG_PACKAGE_LEVEL Level of Dangerous Goods Packaging CHAR   
1,167 ADGD_DG_USE_CASE Dangerous Goods: Use CHAR   
1,168 ADGD_EDIQ Qualifier for EDI processing CHAR   
1,169 ADGD_EXCEPTID Exception to Dangerous Goods Regulations CHAR 18    
1,170 ADGD_EXCEPTOBJ Assignment object CHAR 20    
1,171 ADGD_EXCEPTOBJNAM Name of Assignment Object for Exception to DG Regulations CHAR 40    
1,172 ADGD_EXCEPTPROFILE Assignment Profile of Exception to DG Regulations NUMC   
1,173 ADGD_EXCEPTPROFILED Description of Assgmt Profile f. Exception to DG Regulations CHAR 132    
1,174 ADGD_EXCEPT_VERSION Version of Exception to Dangerous Goods Regulations NUMC   
1,175 ADGD_FACTR DG: Factor FLTP 16  16 
1,176 ADGD_HNU DG-MAT: Hazard identification number CHAR   
1,177 ADGD_HPN DG-MAT: Danger label number CHAR   
1,178 ADGD_HYGRO DG: Hygroscopicity CHAR   
1,179 ADGD_INDC Indicator category CHAR   
1,180 ADGD_LAB DG: Label CHAR   
1,181 ADGD_LAFI DG: Ind. departure/destination country sea/air CHAR   
1,182 ADGD_LDBC DG-MAT: Dangerous goods letter CHAR   
1,183 ADGD_LTXTFIELD Short Text Field for Long Text Editors CHAR 132    
1,184 ADGD_MAPOL DG: Marine Pollutant CHAR   
1,186 ADGD_MCHG DG: Result Values for Material Exchange CHAR   
1,187 ADGD_MCOMP DG: Result Values for Component Exploding CHAR   
1,188 ADGD_MOS DG-MAT: Dangerous goods - transport type NUMC   
1,189 ADGD_MOTD DG-MAT: Label for mode of transport category CHAR 40    
1,190 ADGD_MTYP DG: Assignment Object Category for Target CHAR   
1,191 ADGD_ORDER Sequence NUMC   
1,192 ADGD_PAI DG-MAT: Marg. inner packaging (quantity/volume) QUAN
1,193 ADGD_PAO DG-MAT: Marg. outer packaging (quantity/volume) QUAN
1,194 ADGD_PGRO DG Mat: Packing group CHAR   
1,195 ADGD_PIH DG: Text field for poisonous by inhalation (PIH) CHAR   
1,196 ADGD_PIN DG-MAT: Packing instruction number CHAR   
1,197 ADGD_PRMO DG: Times During Filling CHAR   
1,198 ADGD_PROCESS_TYPE Dangerous Goods Process CHAR   
1,199 ADGD_PROFILE Regulation profile CHAR   
1,200 ADGD_PROFL DG-MAT: Indicator profile CHAR   
1,201 ADGD_PROFL_SCENR DG: Indicator Scenario CHAR   
1,202 ADGD_PROLI DG: Indicator profile CHAR   
1,203 ADGD_Q102 DG: Value for quantity 10.2 QUAN 10 
1,204 ADGD_Q112 DG: Value for quantity 11.2 QUAN 11 
1,205 ADGD_Q122 DG: Value for quantity 12.2 QUAN 12 
1,206 ADGD_Q82 DG: Value for quantity 8.2 QUAN
1,207 ADGD_Q92 DG: Value for quantity 9.2 QUAN
1,208 ADGD_QMTYP DG: Assignment Object Category for Source CHAR   
1,209 ADGD_QUAN_11_4 Value for Quantity Length 11, 4 Decimal Places QUAN 11 
1,210 ADGD_QUAN_5_3 Value for Quantity Length 5, 3 Decimal Places QUAN
1,211 ADGD_QUAN_8_3 Value for Quantity Length 8, 3 Decimal Places QUAN
1,212 ADGD_QUAN_9_5 Value for Quantity Length 9, 5 Decimal Places QUAN
1,213 ADGD_REACT Reaction type CHAR   
1,214 ADGD_REF_ACT Reference Value (Class 7) CHAR   
1,215 ADGD_RELQ DG-MAT: Excepted quantity (mg. 10011) QUAN
1,216 ADGD_SDCL DG: Storage Hazard Class CHAR   
1,217 ADGD_TABSTRIP_KEY Key for a Dynamic Tab Title CHAR   
1,218 ADGD_TBTYP Dangerous goods - shipment document categories CHAR   
1,219 ADGD_TEXTPATT_PROF Text Pattern Profile CHAR 10    
1,220 ADGD_TPMA Indicator for one-time material/template material CHAR   
1,221 ADGD_TRANSPORT_INDICATOR Indicators for Transport CHAR 10    
1,222 ADGD_TRANSPORT_INDICATOR_USAGE Restrict Use of Indicator for Transport NUMC   
1,223 ADGD_UETENR DG: Counter NUMC   
1,224 ADGD_UPOSNR DG: Subitem Counter NUMC   
1,225 ADGD_VBFC DG: VbF Class CHAR   
1,226 ADGD_VBTYP Dangerous goods - SD document category CHAR   
1,227 ADGD_VCATD EHS: Shipping Docum. Categories for Template Material Proc. CHAR   
1,228 ADGD_VCATS EHS: Sales Document Categories for Template Material Proc. CHAR   
1,229 ADGD_VCATSH EHS: Shipment Docum. Categories for Template Material Proc. CHAR   
1,230 ADGD_VKBTYP Dangerous goods sales document types CHAR   
1,231 ADGD_VSART DG: Indicator shipping type CHAR   
1,232 ADGD_VSBTYP Dangerous goods - shipping document categories CHAR   
1,233 ADGD_YES_NO_NOT_DEFINED Domain with Fixed Values: Yes / No / Not Evaluated CHAR   
1,234 ADGE_DRANDNR Marginal for ADR/ADNR NUMC   
1,235 ADGE_VK Mode-of-Transport Category CHAR 16    
1,236 ADHAC Tax authority CHAR   
1,237 ADHASH E-Mail Address for Avis: Hash Value CHAR 10    
1,238 ADICC Interchangeability Code NUMC   
1,239 ADISC Cash Discount Credit Memo CHAR   
1,240 ADJTYP Adjustment type CHAR   
1,241 ADJ_SIGN Adjustment positive and negative ?? CHAR   
1,242 ADKNZ_VK Additional account assignments for BP items as well CHAR   
1,243 ADMEXEC Permissibility of Corrections CHAR   
1,244 ADMI_ACTN Action CHAR   
1,245 ADMI_CHKL Document Check CHAR 10    
1,246 ADMI_CHKLS Document Check CHAR 10    
1,247 ADMI_DATE Date of an Archiving Session DATS   
1,248 ADMI_DRNG Delete Range CHAR   
1,249 ADMI_GMODE Transfer Resource from XML DAS to the Client CHAR 10    
1,250 ADMI_HOST Host name (short form) CHAR   
1,251 ADMI_JOB_T Category of data archiving job CHAR   
1,252 ADMI_JOB_TYPE Category of a Data Archiving Job (Reduced Scope) CHAR   
1,253 ADMI_LRNG List Range CHAR   
1,254 ADMI_RES_T Resource Type CHAR   
1,255 ADMI_RUN Archiving session ID CHAR   
1,256 ADMI_STFIL Archive file status CHAR   
1,257 ADMI_STIDX Archive status for index CHAR   
1,258 ADMI_STOPT Status of an Archiving File re. Storage in Archive System CHAR   
1,259 ADMI_STRUN Status of the Archiving Session CHAR   
1,260 ADMOI Type Identification CHAR   
1,261 ADMSP_DOM_DMND_ID Master Demand Id CHAR 22    
1,262 ADMSP_DOM_SLOT_NO Slot No : External CHAR 12    
1,263 ADMSP_ORDERUID MSP Slot Order GUID CHAR 22    
1,264 ADM_NITF Eligibility New Infotype Framework CHAR   
1,265 ADOFPER Length of period in which period consumption is valid NUMC   
1,266 ADPIC_DOM_CATEGORY Interchangeability Category Description CHAR 40    
1,267 ADPIC_DOM_DOC_TYPE Document type for reference document CHAR   
1,268 ADPIC_DOM_PROCESS_CODE ADPIC: Pseudo Process Code for supported processes for MPN CHAR 20    
1,269 ADPIC_DOM_PROC_DESCR Pseudo Process Code Description CHAR 40    
1,270 ADPIC_DOM_SORT_ID Sort Sequence id INT1   
1,271 ADPIC_DOM_UPDATE Update Flag for update of tables CHAR   
1,272 ADPIC_DOM_XFLAG Flag for MPN selections ('X', '.' or blank) CHAR   
1,273 ADPIC_INDICATOR indicates whether automatic PIC for STO is customized INT1   
1,274 ADPM_BUSINESSTYPE CMC: Business Type of Order Code CHAR   
1,275 ADPM_CALLMODE CMC: Call Mode CHAR   
1,276 ADPM_LGGRP Inventory Group ID CHAR   
1,278 ADPM_PRIOCODE Priority Keys for Rotable Orders CHAR   
1,279 ADPM_ROTCOND Condition Determination for Rotables CHAR   
1,280 ADPM_STOCKTYPE Different Stocks that are Comparison Parameters for CMC CHAR   
1,281 ADPM_TIMEFRAME CMC: Time/Date Event in Timeframe CHAR   
1,282 ADPRI Order priority CHAR   
1,283 ADRDA Address indicator CHAR   
1,284 ADRESSE Address CHAR 20    
1,285 ADRF_ZUO IS-PAM: Name assignment address field CHAR   
1,286 ADRHK Origin of the address CHAR   
1,287 ADRID_001E Address ID CHAR   
1,288 ADRKNZ Origin indicator of address in shipment stage CHAR   
1,289 ADRNR Address key CHAR 10    
1,290 ADRTY Address Type NUMC   
1,291 ADRTYP Address type (home-, postal-, business address...) CHAR   
1,292 ADRTYPE Address Type CHAR   
1,293 ADRZUS Address affix CHAR   
1,294 ADR_STATUS Processing Type of a Data Record in RSADRLSM02 CHAR   
1,295 ADR_TYPE Address Type CHAR   
1,296 ADR_ZUGRIFF Address access sequence CHAR   
1,297 ADS2KIPUPL_DM_LEVEL SPEC2000 IP Upload: Data Model Level CHAR   
1,298 ADS2KIPUPL_MSG_CATEGORY SPEC2000 IP Upload: Application Log Message Category CHAR   
1,299 ADS2KIPUPL_MSG_RAISER SPEC2000 IP Upload: Message Raising module CHAR   
1,300 ADS2KIPUPL_SPEC_MESSAGE SPEC2000 Message CHAR 177    
1,301 ADS2KUPL_FILE_PATH SPEC2000 Initial Provisioning: Upload File Path CHAR 2048    
1,302 ADSCP_ICC International Commodity Code NUMC   
1,303 ADSDOCTYPE Document Type for PDF Spool Requests CHAR   
1,304 ADSEXTENSION File Extension for PDF Print Formatting CHAR   
1,305 ADSPCIPTA IP Transaction CHAR 10    
1,306 ADSPCIP_INC Interchangeability Code NUMC   
1,307 ADSPCIP_PBP Price Break Price DEC 12 
1,308 ADSPCIP_PBQ Price Break Quantity NUMC   
1,309 ADSPCIP_RANGE Domain Element for No. Range CHAR 20    
1,310 ADSPCIP_TEI Text Element Identifier CHAR 10    
1,311 ADSPCM_ACTIVE Active/Inactive Flag CHAR   
1,312 ADSPCM_SEGMENT complete message segment CHAR 10000    
1,313 ADSPCM_SYSTEM Spec System ATA 'A' or AECMA 'M' CHAR   
1,314 ADSPC_ANGNR Quotation number CHAR 20    
1,315 ADSPC_BLQ SPEC2000: Balance Quantity CHAR   
1,316 ADSPC_CHAPTER SPEC2000: IPC - Chapter Number CHAR   
1,317 ADSPC_CHAR3 Sequence nr. CHAR   
1,318 ADSPC_CHG SPEC2000: Change Code CHAR   
1,319 ADSPC_CIC customer identification code CHAR   
1,320 ADSPC_CNFLCT_RSLTN_FLG SPEC2000: Conflict Resolution Flag CHAR   
1,321 ADSPC_COCODE Spec2000: Command Code CHAR   
1,322 ADSPC_CPN SPEC2000: Category I Container Part Number CHAR 32    
1,323 ADSPC_CREATED_ON_DATE SPEC2000: Created on Date DATS   
1,324 ADSPC_CREATED_ON_TIME SPEC2000: Created on Time TIMS   
1,325 ADSPC_CSD SPEC2000: Control Specification/Drawing Number CHAR 32    
1,326 ADSPC_CSN SPEC2000: Catalog Sequence Number CHAR 13    
1,327 ADSPC_CUR SPEC 2000: Currency Code CHAR   
1,328 ADSPC_DATASOURCE Selection of Data Source CHAR   
1,329 ADSPC_DATE SPEC2000: Created on Date DATS   
1,330 ADSPC_EC SPEC 2000: Explanation Code NUMC   
1,331 ADSPC_EFF Effectivity Range Code CHAR   
1,332 ADSPC_EFFDATE Effective Date NUMC   
1,333 ADSPC_EIM SPEC2000: End Item Manufacturer Code CHAR   
1,334 ADSPC_EIP SPEC2000: End Item Part Number CHAR 15    
1,335 ADSPC_ELM Engine Level of Maintenance Code NUMC   
1,336 ADSPC_ESD Electrostatic Sensitive Device Indicator CHAR   
1,337 ADSPC_ESS Essentiality Code NUMC   
1,338 ADSPC_EXP SPEC2000: Expiration Date CHAR   
1,339 ADSPC_EXTDREPORT Extended transaction or report name for S2K trans for cust CHAR 48    
1,340 ADSPC_FIC SPEC2000: File Identifier Code CHAR   
1,341 ADSPC_FIELD_VALUE SPEC2000: Field Value CHAR 255    
1,342 ADSPC_FIELD_VALUE_S IP Field Value CHAR 40    
1,343 ADSPC_FIGURE SPEC2000: IPC - Figure Number CHAR   
1,344 ADSPC_FLAG Flag for check CHAR   
1,345 ADSPC_HAZ SPEC2000: Hazardous Material Code CHAR   
1,346 ADSPC_ICR SPEC 2000: International Currency Code CHAR   
1,347 ADSPC_INDC Indenture Code NUMC   
1,348 ADSPC_IPTA IP Transaction CHAR 10    
1,349 ADSPC_IP_MD_TABLE Table with IP related master data CHAR 10    
1,350 ADSPC_ITEM SPEC2000: IPC - Item Number CHAR   
1,351 ADSPC_LENGTH SPEC2000: Length of the field CHAR   
1,352 ADSPC_MENU_LEVEL Level at which the menu is (Tran . Cust . S2K) NUMC   
1,353 ADSPC_MENU_NUM Number of the object id NUMC   
1,354 ADSPC_MFR Manufacturer Code CHAR   
1,355 ADSPC_MFRTXT Manufacturer's Authority Text CHAR 40    
1,356 ADSPC_MFR_TYPE Manufacturer Type (Aircraft or Engine Manufacturer) CHAR   
1,357 ADSPC_MOA Model of Applicability Code CHAR   
1,358 ADSPC_MOR Maintenance / Overhaul / Repair Code NUMC   
1,359 ADSPC_MPC Maintenance Percent NUMC   
1,360 ADSPC_MST Mean Shop Processing Time DEC
1,361 ADSPC_OBTYP Object Type CHAR   
1,362 ADSPC_OCHAMT Other Charges - Amount DEC 12 
1,363 ADSPC_OCHCOD Other Charges - Code NUMC   
1,364 ADSPC_OPN Overlength Part Number CHAR 32    
1,365 ADSPC_ORD SPEC2000: Order Receipt Date CHAR   
1,366 ADSPC_OSC SPEC2000: Optional supplier code CHAR   
1,367 ADSPC_OSCDSTTP Identifier that tells if it is an OSC or a DST CHAR   
1,368 ADSPC_OWNER Creator of the transaction as a transaction for customizing CHAR   
1,369 ADSPC_PARTTP Part Type CHAR   
1,370 ADSPC_PCC SPEC 2000: Price Condition Code NUMC   
1,371 ADSPC_PIC Pool Item Candidate Indicator CHAR   
1,372 ADSPC_PNR Part Number CHAR 15    
1,373 ADSPC_PNR_CPO SPEC2000: Customer Order Number / Part Number CHAR 15    
1,374 ADSPC_POSTAT Trap the message S1POSTAT CHAR   
1,375 ADSPC_PRCC Price Condition Code CHAR   
1,376 ADSPC_PRP SPEC2000: Proprietary Code CHAR   
1,377 ADSPC_PSP SPEC2000: Preferred Spare Part Number Text CHAR 38    
1,378 ADSPC_PTC SPEC2000: Price Type Code CHAR   
1,379 ADSPC_PTQ Provisioning Total Quantity NUMC   
1,380 ADSPC_QEC Quick Engine Change Indicator NUMC   
1,381 ADSPC_QTO Order Quantity NUMC   
1,382 ADSPC_QUALFS SPEC2000: Qualfier for Customer Order Number or Part Number CHAR   
1,383 ADSPC_QUOTNO_SD Vendor's quotation number CHAR 14    
1,384 ADSPC_REC Recommended Quantity NUMC   
1,385 ADSPC_REPORTTYPE Report Type for transaction table for customizing for SPEC2K CHAR   
1,386 ADSPC_RFS Reason for Selection Code NUMC   
1,387 ADSPC_RLD SPEC2000: Release Date CHAR   
1,388 ADSPC_RLQ SPEC2000: Release Quantity CHAR   
1,389 ADSPC_RMC SPEC2000: Revised Manufacturer Code CHAR   
1,390 ADSPC_RPDETP Part Type - Replacing Part or Replaced Part? CHAR   
1,391 ADSPC_RSN_FOR_CHANGE SPEC2000: Reason for Change CHAR 40    
1,392 ADSPC_RTC SPEC2000: Record Type Code CHAR   
1,393 ADSPC_SBNBR Service Bulletin Number CHAR 20    
1,394 ADSPC_SCR Scrap Rate INT2   
1,395 ADSPC_SEG SPEC2000: Segment Identifier Code CHAR   
1,396 ADSPC_SEGNAM S2K segment type CHAR 27    
1,397 ADSPC_SEQUENCE_NUMBER SPEC2000: Sequence Number NUMC   
1,398 ADSPC_SFR Select From Range Indicator NUMC   
1,399 ADSPC_SIR SPEC2000: Selected Item Reference Part Number Text CHAR 38    
1,400 ADSPC_SLC Shelf Life Code CHAR   
1,401 ADSPC_SOURCE_OF_CHANGE SPEC2000: Source of Change CHAR   
1,402 ADSPC_SPC Spare Part Class Code NUMC   
1,403 ADSPC_SRNBR Serial number NUMC   
1,404 ADSPC_STD Standard/Attaching Part Code NUMC   
1,405 ADSPC_SUB_CHAPTER SPEC2000: IPC - SubChapter Number CHAR   
1,406 ADSPC_SUB_SUB_CHAPTER SPEC2000: IPC - SubSubChapter Number CHAR   
1,407 ADSPC_TBC SPEC2000: Time/Cycles Between Scheduled Shop Visits Text CHAR   
1,408 ADSPC_TCBSV Time/Cycles Before Scheduled Shop Visit NUMC   
1,409 ADSPC_TCC Time Cycle Code CHAR   
1,410 ADSPC_TDC Transmitter of Data Code CHAR   
1,411 ADSPC_TEXT Text for customizing transaction CHAR 100    
1,412 ADSPC_TIME SPEC2000: Created on Time TIMS   
1,413 ADSPC_TQA Total Quantity per Aircraft/Engine DEC 11 
1,414 ADSPC_TRD SPEC2000: Transmission Date CHAR   
1,415 ADSPC_TSN SPEC2000: Transmission Sequence Number NUMC   
1,416 ADSPC_UNC SPEC2000: Unit of Measure Clarification Text CHAR   
1,417 ADSPC_UNIT SPEC2000: IPC - Unit Number CHAR   
1,418 ADSPC_UNT Unit of measure code CHAR   
1,419 ADSPC_URR Unscheduled Removal Rate DEC
1,420 ADSPC_URRDEC SPE 2000: Unscheduled Reversal Rate Decimal Code NUMC   
1,421 ADSPC_URRTCC Unscheduled removal rate time cycle code CHAR   
1,422 ADSPC_URT SPEC2000: Unscheduled Removal Text CHAR 11    
1,423 ADSPC_VALIDTY_FLAG SPEC2000: Validity Flag CHAR   
1,424 ADSPC_VARIANT_FIGURE SPEC2000: IPC - Variant-Figure Number CHAR   
1,425 ADSPC_VARIANT_ITEM SPEC2000: IPC - Variant-Item Number CHAR   
1,426 ADSPEC2K_FLDNAM Field names for SPEC messages CHAR 15    
1,427 ADSPL Supplier Authorization field TRUE (='X') and FALSE (= ' ') CHAR   
1,428 ADTCF_DESCRIPTION ADTCF Description CHAR 80    
1,429 ADTCF_FIELD Profile Field Domain CHAR 80    
1,430 ADTCF_KEY Profile Key Domain INT4 10    
1,431 ADTCF_LAST ADTCF : Last used Profile CHAR   
1,433 ADTCF_PROFILEKEY ADTCF Profile Key - Domain CHAR 10    
1,434 ADTCF_PROGRAM ADTCF Program - Domain CHAR 80    
1,436 ADTCF_REF_FIELD ADTCF : Ref text Field CHAR 80    
1,439 ADTCF_USER ADYCF : User Domain CHAR 80    
1,440 ADTKEY_BADI Job Index Key CHAR 12    
1,441 ADTYP Recipient group NUMC   
1,442 ADVCODE Advice Code CHAR   
1,443 ADVCONTROL Control of advance billing CHAR   
1,444 ADZUSATZ Address supplement CHAR 30    
1,445 AD_ADDRNUM Address Number (Business Address Services) CHAR 10    
1,446 AD_ADDR_ID Physical address ID CHAR 10    
1,447 AD_ADRTYPE Addr.object typ (1=Organization, 2=Person, 3=Contact person) CHAR   
1,448 AD_ASUBREM Comments on Filter Value Application-Defined Subscreen CHAR 50    
1,449 AD_BADIFLT Reference for Filter Data Elements BAdI ADDR_LANGU_TO_VERS CHAR   
1,450 AD_BLKFLAG Block Flag CHAR   
1,451 AD_CHECK Flag for Check ('X', 'C', ' ') CHAR   
1,452 AD_CHECKST City file test status CHAR   
1,453 AD_CMP_PRS Flag: Person in company (C) or private (P) address CHAR   
1,454 AD_CMP_TXT Auxiliary field for COMPANY (cases-sensitive) CHAR 42    
1,455 AD_COMM Communication type CHAR   
1,456 AD_COMMUSE Flag: Communication Type in Use CHAR   
1,457 AD_COMM_ISO Communication Type (ISO code) CHAR   
1,458 AD_COMM_TB Flag: user data table + maintenance function exist CHAR   
1,459 AD_COMTYPE Communication Method (Business Address Services) CHAR   
1,460 AD_CONSIDER_ADRCOMC_INS Indicator: Consider ADRCOMC When Generating Seq. Number CHAR   
1,461 AD_CONSREF Encoded Reference to a Sequence Number CHAR   
1,462 AD_CONS_INSERT Consider Consnumber for Insert CHAR   
1,463 AD_CONTEXT Semantic description of an object address NUMC   
1,464 AD_CUSAGE Communication Usage: Key CHAR 10    
1,465 AD_DELIVERY_SERVICE_TYPE Address Delivery Service Type. CHAR   
1,466 AD_DELRETC Return Code for Deletion of Addresses CHAR   
1,467 AD_DLVTYPE Address format delivery type CHAR   
1,468 AD_DUPMODE Duplicate check method call mode CHAR   
1,469 AD_DUPSTAT Duplicate search result NUMC   
1,470 AD_DUP_CONTEXT Dialog Context for Calling Duplicate Check CHAR 10    
1,471 AD_ENCODE Desired Data Coding (E-Mail) CHAR   
1,472 AD_ERR_STATUS Error Status of Address CHAR   
1,473 AD_FIELD Key for CAM container CHAR 30    
1,474 AD_FLDNAME Name format field names CHAR 10    
1,475 AD_FLDSEL Field Selection for Screen Field CHAR   
1,476 AD_FLGMOB Indicator: Telephone is Mobile Telephone CHAR   
1,477 AD_FLGSMS Indicator: Telephone is SMS-Enabled CHAR   
1,478 AD_FORM_TEXT Text Element for Formatted Addresses NUMC   
1,479 AD_FORM_TEXT_DSCR Text for Formatted Addresses (Language-Dependent) CHAR 40    
1,480 AD_FRGNLCK Flag: Foreign lock CHAR   
1,481 AD_FSELECT Selection of other communication types CHAR   
1,482 AD_FXGRP Fax Device Group (Business Address Services) CHAR   
1,483 AD_GROUP Address Group (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR   
1,484 AD_GROUP_P Person Group (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR   
1,485 AD_ID_CATEGORY Category of an Address ID CHAR   
1,486 AD_LINENUM Row Number of Application-Defined Subscreen Area NUMC   
1,487 AD_LINE_TP Address line type in the formatted address CHAR   
1,488 AD_MNTMD Maintenance operation mode CHAR   
1,489 AD_MOBILE Indicator: Telephone is a Mobile Telephone CHAR   
1,490 AD_NAMCONV NAME_TEXT field status CHAR   
1,491 AD_NAMFORM Name format key CHAR   
1,492 AD_NATION Version Name for Internal Addresses (Bus. Addr. Services) CHAR   
1,493 AD_NO_USE Flag: Not Deliverable CHAR   
1,494 AD_OP_CODE Change operation code ('I'nsert, 'U'pdate, 'D'elete) CHAR   
1,495 AD_ORIGIN Address/Personal Data Source (Business Address Services) CHAR   
1,496 AD_PAGUSE Usage of Pager Service CHAR   
1,497 AD_PERSNUM Person Number (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR 10    
1,498 AD_PREFIX Name Prefix (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR   
1,499 AD_PRFCOMM Preferred Telephone Type CHAR   
1,500 AD_RCERROR Return code: Address data check error (E,W,I, SPACE) CHAR   
1,501 AD_REFTYPE Type: Active or Passive Reference? (Business Addr. Services) CHAR   
1,502 AD_RETCODE Most serious error: E, W, I, SPACE CHAR   
1,503 AD_SCMODE Indicator: Automatic Cursor Positioning Permitted CHAR   
1,504 AD_SCRTYPE Screen type CHAR   
1,505 AD_SCR_VAR Country-dependent address screen variant CHAR   
1,506 AD_SEX Gender Key (Business Address Services) CHAR   
1,507 AD_SMTPADR SMTP Internet Mail Address (Business Address Services) CHAR 241    
1,508 AD_SO_KEY SAPoffice Key (Business Address Services) CHAR 10    
1,509 AD_SSFID SSF signatory/recipient name LCHR 2048    
1,510 AD_SSFID_1 SSF name signatory/recipient: Parts 1-8 CHAR 250    
1,511 AD_SSFLNG SSFID field length INT2   
1,512 AD_SSFSCR SSFID field for screen display CHAR 132    
1,513 AD_STRPBOX Flag: Street address (S) or PO Box address (P) CHAR   
1,514 AD_STRPRIO Flag: Street has priority over PO box CHAR   
1,515 AD_STRRULE Street row composition rule CHAR   
1,516 AD_TELDMOD Filter for Telephone Dialog CHAR   
1,517 AD_TENCODE Desired text data coding (X.400) CHAR   
1,518 AD_THRESHD Percentage: Duplicate check threshold DEC
1,519 AD_TITLE Title Key (Business Address Services) CHAR   
1,520 AD_TITLE1 Academic Title (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR   
1,521 AD_TITLES Name Suffix (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR   
1,522 AD_TXJCD Tax jurisdiction code CHAR 15    
1,523 AD_TZONE Address time zone CHAR   
1,524 AD_UPDFLAG Address transfer structure change flag CHAR   
1,525 AD_URI Universal Resource Indicator LCHR 2048    
1,526 AD_URILNG URI field length INT2   
1,527 AD_URISCR URI screen display field CHAR 132    
1,528 AD_URITYPE URI type flag CHAR   
1,529 AD_URI_1 Universal Resource Indicator: Parts 1-8 CHAR 250    
1,530 AD_URI_BW URI field to pass to BW CHAR 60    
1,531 AD_UUID_BELATED Indicator: UUID was generated later CHAR   
1,532 AD_VERTPRZ Distribution % (error-tolerant search) NUMC   
1,533 AD_XPCPT Business Purpose Completed Flag (X = True, Space = False) CHAR   
1,534 AEART Equalization payment method CHAR   
1,535 AEART_JSDK Order change type CHAR   
1,536 AECLT Engin. chg. mgmt: characteristic/class mtce/classif. indic. CHAR   
1,537 AENDLFDNR Sequence number of change number NUMC   
1,538 AENDNR IS-M/SD: Change number for structure changes CHAR   
1,539 AENDNRARTD IS-M/SD: Date type (from, to) CHAR   
1,540 AENDSTATUS Status of structure changes CHAR   
1,541 AENDZ Sales order change NUMC   
1,542 AEND_FLAG Indicator for various upgrade/activation variants NUMC   
1,543 AENGR Budget billing plan: reason for change CHAR   
1,544 AENKZ Change indicator CHAR   
1,545 AENNR Change number CHAR 12    
1,546 AENR Sales order schedule line NUMC   
1,547 AENST Change Master Status NUMC   
1,548 AENTP Change category CHAR   
1,549 AENUM Change number CHAR   
1,550 AENUS Last user to make a change CHAR   
1,551 AENVERS_NR IS-PAM: Change version number NUMC   
1,552 AEOBJ Engineering change management object NUMC   
1,553 AEOBJEKT Identification of object to be changed CHAR 40    
1,554 AEOST Status of an object management record CHAR   
1,555 AEQUI Equivalence numbers DEC   
1,556 AEREP Change report CHAR 40    
1,557 AESKD Customer engineering change status CHAR 17    
1,558 AESTA Change status CHAR   
1,559 AETYP Change category NUMC   
1,560 AFABE Depreciation area for assets NUMC   
1,561 AFABE_C Depreciation area (Reporting) CHAR   
1,562 AFACLA Ordinary depreciation classification CHAR   
1,563 AFAGL_ZB_ACC_SUBSET Subset for Zero-balance Clearing Lines     
1,564 AFAKT Execution factor DEC   
1,565 AFALNR IS-H: Case Number (Archive) CHAR 10    
1,566 AFAMET Depreciation procedure CHAR   
1,567 AFAPL Chart of depreciation CHAR   
1,568 AFARFO Depreciation calculation sequence CHAR   
1,569 AFARKZ Depreciation calculation sequence CHAR   
1,570 AFARSL Base method CHAR   
1,571 AFARSL_OLD Internal depreciation key CHAR   
1,572 AFASL Dep. key CHAR   
1,573 AFASL_NEW Depreciation key CHAR   
1,574 AFASL_OLD Depreciation key CHAR   
1,575 AFATYP Depreciation type CHAR   
1,576 AFBLNR Dep. posting routine current number NUMC   
1,577 AFBSTS Depreciation posting status NUMC   
1,578 AFD_OBJ Object for function CHAR   
1,579 AFFECT_COST_VAL_RESULT Adjustment of Purchase Value (Result) CHAR   
1,580 AFNAM Name of requisitioner/requester in purchase requisition CHAR 12    
1,581 AFNAMEDO Names of output fields CHAR 10    
1,582 AFORM_ID Appraisal form ID NUMC   
1,583 AFO_FAI_SRC Method for generating error log CHAR   
1,584 AFO_MUPD_TRTYPE Mass processing for FO integration: Processing category CHAR   
1,585 AFPROZ Percentage rate for dep. calc. DEC
1,586 AFRDV Type of Previous Work Relationship CHAR   
1,587 AFRHHER Origin of confirmation pool CHAR   
1,588 AFRUF Direct call-up OK CODE CHAR   
1,589 AFRUV Confirmation pool CHAR 20    
1,590 AFS_SIZE AFS size CHAR   
1,591 AFTLB Trip Costs Assignment Specification for Indiv. Receipt CURR
1,592 AFTLF Run ID for balance sheet readjustment NUMC   
1,593 AFUNC Unknown CHAR 252    
1,594 AFUNC2 Unknown CHAR 200    
1,595 AFUNCT_ID ID Additional Function CHAR 15    
1,596 AFUNCT_ID_T Additional Function Text CHAR 60    
1,597 AFWBM_ASSVARI TRM: Simulation Variant for Benchmark NUMC   
1,598 AFWBM_BMID Benchmark ID CHAR 12    
1,599 AFWBM_CALC_STATUS Status of the Benchmark Run CHAR   
1,600 AFWBM_CATEGORY Benchmark Category INT1   
1,601 AFWBM_ICON TRM: Icon for Status of Benchmark CHAR   
1,602 AFWBM_MODUS Operating Mode of Benchmark Run CHAR   
1,603 AFWBM_NODE_TYPE Properties of a Benchmark Node CHAR   
1,604 AFWBM_READJUST TRM: Readjustment Mode for Composite Benchmark INT1   
1,605 AFWBM_STATUS Status of a Benchmark CHAR   
1,606 AFWBM_TOPDOWN Top-Down Indicator for Assignment Variant CHAR   
1,607 AFWCH_APPLSEGM Name of an application segment CHAR   
1,608 AFWCH_BPMIG Indicator for Business Partner Conversion CHAR   
1,609 AFWCH_BPTASK AFWCH-Specific Conversion Steps CHAR   
1,610 AFWCH_FLG_HEDGE Hedge Indicator CHAR   
1,611 AFWCH_FLID Filter: Name CHAR   
1,612 AFWCH_FLTYP Filter Category CHAR   
1,613 AFWCH_FLTYP_OLD Old Definition of Filter Category CHAR   
1,614 AFWCH_FL_ICON Icons for Display of Filter Status CHAR   
1,615 AFWCH_INDEX Filter: Index NUMC   
1,616 AFWCH_LINE line NUMC   
1,617 AFWCH_REASON Reason for Change CHAR 70    
1,618 AFWCH_SEGMCHAR Indicator: Characterisic included for segment generation CHAR   
1,619 AFWCH_SEGMCHARTYPE Segment level characteristic category in analysis structures CHAR   
1,620 AFWCH_STATUS Status of Filter/Portfolio Hierarchy CHAR   
1,621 AFWCH_STATUS_HIS Status of Historical Variants CHAR   
1,622 AFWGO_EVALPROC Analyzer evaluation procedure CHAR 10    
1,623 AFWGO_EVALPROC_2 Analyzer evaluation procedure for final results CHAR 10    
1,624 AFWGO_INTMODUS1 Upload mode CHAR   
1,625 AFWGO_MODUS Upload mode CHAR   
1,626 AFWGO_MODUS2 Mode for analysis run acc. to final results procedure CHAR   
1,627 AFWGO_MODUS_SEL Upload mode CHAR   
1,628 AFWGO_MONTH Month NUMC   
1,629 AFWGO_OBJNR_RDB_STATE RDB status of financial objects CHAR   
1,630 AFWGO_QUARTER Quarter NUMC   
1,631 AFWGO_REWORK_REASON_AV1 Postprocessing reason for a financial object in EP1 CHAR   
1,632 AFWGO_REWORK_STATUS_AV1 Postprocessing status for a financial object CHAR   
1,633 AFWGO_STATUS Status of data import CHAR   
1,634 AFWGO_STATUS2 Status of final results procedure CHAR   
1,635 AFWKFPA_CALCSINCE Start date for yield "from start to current date" CHAR   
1,636 AFWKFPA_ITERATION_METHOD Numeric Iteration Method CHAR   
1,637 AFWKFPA_MM_VAL Valuation Control for Money Market Transactions CHAR   
1,638 AFWKFPA_YIELD_METHOD Key Figures: Yield calculation method CHAR   
1,639 AFWKFRA_LINECAT RA key figure categories: Fixed values for line category NUMC   
1,640 AFWKFRA_POSITIONID RA Key Figures: Fixed Values for Position ID NUMC   
1,641 AFWKFRA_SENSITIVITY Fixed values for RA sensitivities NUMC   
1,642 AFWKF_CATEGORY Key figure category CHAR 10    
1,643 AFWKF_DEFINITION Definition of Key Figure CHAR   
1,644 AFWKF_SINCE_DATE Start time for yield calc. "start of period to current date" CHAR   
1,645 AFW_APPLICATION Analyzer application CHAR   
1,646 AFW_NODE_CATEGORY Domains for Node Category CHAR   
1,647 AFW_PHTYPE Portfolio hierarchy category CHAR   
1,648 AFW_SEGMTYPE Segment type CHAR   
1,649 AFW_SSIGN +/- sign CHAR   
1,650 AFW_TEXT Text domain with capitalization/lower case CHAR 30    
1,651 AFW_TEXT20 Description (20 Characters) CHAR 20    
1,652 AFW_TEXT50 Text domain with capitalization/lower case CHAR 50    
1,653 AFX_ACTVT_ID Activity ID NUMC 10    
1,654 AFX_ANALYZE_MODE Mode for Analysis Run CHAR   
1,655 AFX_APPLLOG_PERIOD Retention Period in Application Log INT4 10    
1,656 AFX_ARCHIVE_STATUS Archiving Status CHAR   
1,657 AFX_ARCHMODE Archiving Mode CHAR   
1,659 AFX_CHAR50LOW Char. 50 bytes - lowercase CHAR 50    
1,660 AFX_CHAR80LOW CHAR 80 Bytes - Lowercase CHAR 80    
1,661 AFX_COMMIT_COUNT Commit Counter for Partial Package Processing in Paral.Proc. INT4 10    
1,662 AFX_FIELDNAME12 Local Field Name for Database Tables (12 Characters) CHAR 12    
1,663 AFX_FIELDNAME16 Local Field Name for Database Tables (16 Characters) CHAR 16    
1,664 AFX_FMOD_KEY Key for AFX Function Modules CHAR 30    
1,665 AFX_FOLLOW_UP_PER Resubmission Period INT4 10    
1,666 AFX_LIMIT Object Key Limits in Parallel Processing CHAR 80    
1,667 AFX_NAME_PREFIX_EXT Name Prefix (External Display) CHAR   
1,668 AFX_NAME_PREFIX_INT Name Prefix (Internal Display) CHAR   
1,669 AFX_NODESTATUS Editing Status of a Node NUMC   
1,670 AFX_OBJECT AFX Object CHAR 10    
1,671 AFX_PACKAGE_STATUS Status of a Package in the Archiving Run NUMC   
1,672 AFX_PACKCOUNT Number of Work Packages INT4 10    
1,673 AFX_PACKSIZE Size of Work Package INT4 10    
1,674 AFX_PBPROCESS Package Formation Procedure CHAR 10    
1,675 AFX_PROG_TYPE Program Type CHAR   
1,676 AFX_RESIDENCE Residence Time INT4 10    
1,677 AFX_RUNSTATUS Status of an Archiving Run INT1   
1,678 AFX_UNIT Period Unit CHAR   
1,679 AFZHRG Use Up Advance Granting for Length-of-Service Levels Yes/No CHAR   
1,680 AGEIN Type of withholding for employer costs CHAR   
1,681 AGEN_AE IS-M/AM: Agency commission entitlement CHAR   
1,682 AGEN_GRUP IS-M/AM: Agency grouping CHAR   
1,683 AGFIPROC_ITAGCY Agency Collections: Triggering Transaction for Agency FI CHAR   
1,684 AGGDI Aggregation CHAR   
1,685 AGGRD_KK Reason for submitting an item to an external coll. agency CHAR   
1,686 AGGRE Aggregation CHAR   
1,687 AGGREGATION_KEY Aggregation key CHAR 13    
1,688 AGGRF_KK Reference Number for Aggregated Interim Statuses CHAR 12    
1,689 AGGRQ Requirements totaling type CHAR   
1,690 AGGR_PS Aggregate Function CHAR 10    
1,691 AGGTM Time-based aggregation CHAR   
1,692 AGGTYPE Aggregate Type CHAR   
1,693 AGIDF Identification of the application area CHAR   
1,694 AGIND Age Group Indicator (Southern Africa) CHAR   
1,695 AGINF_KK Clearing information CHAR   
1,696 AGKEM Cost calculation type CHAR   
1,697 AGKTO Account in which items were cleared CHAR 10    
1,698 AGLT_____4 Number of valid positions RAW   
1,699 AGMEM Internal comment on quotation CHAR   
1,700 AGPRF Age Proof INT1   
1,701 AGPRO_KK Clearing Process CHAR   
1,702 AGR3AGR Container for Internet links CHAR 180    
1,703 AGR3_HTML Container for Internet links CHAR 255    
1,704 AGR4_HTML Container for Internet links CHAR 2000    
1,705 AGREEMENT_NAME Domain For Agreement Name CHAR 30    
1,706 AGREQ Aggregate reqmts CHAR   
1,707 AGRM_ABTYP Category of the Rebate Agreement CHAR   
1,708 AGRM_FRAME_OBJECT_KEY Frame Object /Maintenance Object for Agreement CHAR 10    
1,709 AGRM_FRAME_OBJECT_TYPE Frame Object /Maintenance Object for Agreement CHAR   
1,710 AGRUP_KK Reconciliation group CHAR   
1,711 AGR_BOART Rebate Agreement Type CHAR   
1,712 AGR_DEL Deletion Indicator for Agreement CHAR   
1,713 AGR_FRAME_OBJECT_KEY Frame Object/Maintenance Object for Agreement CHAR 10    
1,714 AGR_FRAME_OBJECT_TYPE Frame Object/Maintenance Object for Agreement CHAR   
1,715 AGR_KOBOG Condition type/table group for agreements CHAR   
1,716 AGR_NAME Role CHAR 30    
1,717 AGR_ORGCOL Indicator: Indirect Assignment of the User to the Role CHAR   
1,718 AGR_TIME_A Time Stamp for Role (Menu, Authorization Data, Target Sys.) CHAR 10    
1,719 AGR_TIME_B Time Stamp for Role (Profile Generation) CHAR 10    
1,720 AGR_TIME_C Time Stamp for Role (User Assignment) CHAR 10    
1,721 AGR_TIME_D Time Stamp for Role (Profile Comparison, RFC Distribution) CHAR 10    
1,722 AGR_TYPE Role type CHAR   
1,723 AGSDCACHE AGS WK: way of deal with cache, R - read cache, S - refresh CHAR   
1,724 AGSDSTATUS AGS Workcenter: result status when generate jnet xml NUMC   
1,725 AGSEX_DOM_FORM_TYPE Form Types CHAR   
1,726 AGSEX_DOM_PROXY_TYPE Object Type CHAR 30    
1,727 AGSKT Cash discount terms for clearing transactions CHAR   
1,728 AGSRBEDAUTH Activities for Solution Documentation Assistant CHAR   
1,729 AGSRBE_AD_ORIGIN_TYPE Analyses Definition Origin Type CHAR   
1,730 AGSRBE_AD_SOURCE_TYPE Analyses Definition Source Type CHAR   
1,731 AGSRBE_AD_SOURCE_TYPE_2 Analysis Project source type CHAR   
1,732 AGSRBE_AR_STATUS Analysis Run Status CHAR   
1,733 AGSRBE_AR_TARGET_LINK_TYPE Analysis target link types CHAR   
1,734 AGSRBE_BI_CS_TYP Check Step Type - BI data CHAR   
1,735 AGSRBE_BI_KEYF Standard domain for number key figures (3 decimal places) DEC 17 
1,736 AGSRBE_BI_LINS Landscape Installation Number CHAR 10    
1,737 AGSRBE_BI_LMPP Landscape Maininstance P PPMS ID CHAR 20    
1,738 AGSRBE_BI_LPRP Landscape Product PV PPMS ID CHAR 20    
1,739 AGSRBE_BI_LSID Landscape System ID CHAR   
1,740 AGSRBE_BI_MEHI Metric Hash ID CHAR 32    
1,741 AGSRBE_BI_MENA CheckStep name - Metric Name CHAR 60    
1,742 AGSRBE_BI_OBNA Object Name - OBNA CHAR 60    
1,743 AGSRBE_BI_OBTY Object Type - OBTY CHAR 60    
1,744 AGSRBE_CHAR100 char100 with lower case CHAR 100    
1,745 AGSRBE_CICS_STATUS Status Check Item Check Step CHAR   
1,746 AGSRBE_CI_STATUS Status Check Item CHAR   
1,747 AGSRBE_CI_TYPE Check Item Type CHAR   
1,748 AGSRBE_CS_BADI_TYPE Check Step BAdI type CHAR   
1,749 AGSRBE_CS_E2EDIA_TYPE Check Step E2E diagnostics type CHAR   
1,750 AGSRBE_CS_SQL_F_MODE SQL Check Step Field Mode CHAR   
1,751 AGSRBE_CS_SQL_TYPE SQL Check Step Subtype CHAR   
1,752 AGSRBE_CS_TYPE Check Step Type CHAR   
1,753 AGSRBE_CS_WRK_TYPE Workload Check Step Type CHAR   
1,754 AGSRBE_DOCU_LEVEL SDA: Object Documentation Level CHAR   
1,755 AGSRBE_EXISTING_EL_MODE Behavior in case of existing objects CHAR   
1,756 AGSRBE_GRA_PERCENT graphical percent DEC   
1,757 AGSRBE_GRA_TABLE_MODE graphic table display switch CHAR   
1,758 AGSRBE_GRA_VALUE Graphical Value INT4 10    
1,759 AGSRBE_IMG_TCATE Category of IMG Object-Related Table CHAR   
1,760 AGSRBE_IMG_TTYPE Types of IMG Object-Related Table CHAR   
1,761 AGSRBE_IMPORT_TYPE Content import type CHAR   
1,762 AGSRBE_NODE_TYPE Valid Node Types in Analysis Structure CHAR   
1,763 AGSRBE_OBJ_TYPE Object Type CHAR   
1,764 AGSRBE_POOL_REFRESH_MODE Rule Database Refresh Mode NUMC   
1,765 AGSRBE_PR_UPDATE_ACTION SolMan Project Update Action CHAR   
1,766 AGSRBE_RESULT_COMPARE Comparsion Result Status CHAR   
1,767 AGSRBE_SCOPE_MODE Mode to set 'In Scope' flag in SolMan Project CHAR   
1,768 AGSRBE_SO_M_STATUS Status Check Item CHAR   
1,769 AGSRBE_SQLCS_ERRCAT SQL Check Step Error Category in RBE Analysis CHAR   
1,770 AGSRBE_SQL_RATING sql rating CHAR   
1,771 AGSRBE_SYSTEM_PROCESS_STATUS Check step processing status in satellite systems CHAR   
1,772 AGSRBE_TIME_RANGE time range DEC 20    
1,773 AGSRBE_VALUE_TYPE field value selection type INT1   
1,774 AGSRBE_WD_DESCRIPTION used as data type in web dynpro description field CHAR 60    
1,775 AGSRBE_WD_IMP_CON import content option INT1   
1,776 AGSRBE_WD_LICKEY License Key CHAR 40    
1,777 AGSRBE_WD_LOGOP Operator CHAR   
1,778 AGSRBE_WD_MAXPWP % Range of Work Processes INT1   
1,779 AGSRBE_WD_MAXWP Number range of Work Processes INT1   
1,780 AGSRBE_WD_OP operator = < > <> CHAR   
1,782 AGSRBE_WD_RUNMODE run mode INT1   
1,783 AGSRBE_WD_THRESH threshold control INT4 10    
1,784 AGSRBE_WD_TST time stamp DEC 15    
1,785 AGSRBE_WD_TSTYPE sql selection type INT1   
1,786 AGSTAR_KK Original Status of Item Submitted to Collection Agency CHAR   
1,787 AGSTA_KK Submission status of a receivable to coll. agency CHAR   
1,788 AGSTWB_AREA Area CHAR 10    
1,790 AGSWK_BPM_D_ALERTINBOX_MODE AGS Workcenter: Alert Inbox display mode CHAR   
1,791 AGSWK_BPM_D_ALERT_COLOR AGS Workcenter: Alert color: R, G, Y, N(inactive), A(all) CHAR   
1,792 AGSWK_BPM_REFRESH_MODE AGS BPM workcenter: information refresh mode CHAR   
1,793 AGSWK_DMN_BPM_AUTHORIZATION (SP21)BI report's access authorization CHAR   
1,794 AGSWK_DMN_BPM_WEBITEM_TEXT (SP21) AGS workcenter: Web item's text CHAR 255    
1,795 AGSWK_DMN_BPM_WEBITEM_TXTTYPE (SP21) AGS Workcenter: Text type of a BI Web Item CHAR 10    
1,796 AGSWK_DMN_DVM_DEC09_03 DVM: number, length 9, decimal: last 3 DEC
1,797 AGSWK_D_BPM_ALSCOPE AGS Workcenter: BPM alert scope: 'BPM', DCC', 'DVM' CHAR   
1,798 AGSWK_D_GRAPH_CMD AGS Graphic for Work Center - Command CHAR 40    
1,799 AGSWK_D_GRAPH_CMD2 AGS Graphic for Work Center - Command CHAR 40    
1,800 AGSWK_D_RELTYP Relation type for AGS application CHAR   
1,801 AGSWK_D_TRANS_CATEGORY For Transaction Category CHAR 32    
1,802 AGSWK_D_USER_PREFER AGS workcenter, Type of user preference setting CHAR   
1,803 AGSWK_D_WORKCENTER_IDENTIFER AGS workcenter: workcenter's identifer CHAR 10    
1,804 AGSWK_EGMT_CYC_SER_LINK_TYPE (Service Delivery) Link typs between Cycle and Service Sessi CHAR 10    
1,805 AGSWK_TEXT_ALIGN_H ags workcenter: text style - align CHAR 20    
1,806 AGSWK_TEXT_ALIGN_V AGS workcenter: Text's vertical align CHAR 20    
1,807 AGSWORKBPMBI BI Activities for BPM work center CHAR   
1,808 AGSWORKDBPMAUTH Activities for BPM work center CHAR   
1,809 AGSWORKD_SR_AUTH Service Request Authorization CHAR   
1,810 AGSWORK_DOM_APP_COMMANDS SolMan Work Centers: Application Launcher commands (domain) CHAR 30    
1,811 AGS_AB_ACTION_ID Action on Assignment Block CHAR 40    
1,812 AGS_AB_ACTION_TYPE Action Type of an Assignment Block CHAR   
1,813 AGS_AB_BUTTON_TYPE Button CHAR 255    
1,814 AGS_AUTH_TIMEREP Group for Time Recording for Auth Check CHAR   
1,815 AGS_BPCA_AT_BT_STATUS Status of TBOM recording via automated test case CHAR   
1,816 AGS_BPCA_BASE_TIME BPCA: Base Time CHAR 80    
1,818 AGS_BPCA_ITEM Item number NUMC 10    
1,819 AGS_BPCA_RESSTATUS Result Status CHAR   
1,820 AGS_BPCA_TC_EFF_TYPE BPCA Effort Type for Test Case Groups CHAR   
1,821 AGS_BPCA_TST_DC2 Value with two decimals for display DEC 14 
1,822 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_BOOL_FILTER BPCA Test Scope Determination: Filter Values for Booleans CHAR   
1,823 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_COVERAGE Test Coverage in BPCA Test Scope Determination D34D
1,824 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_EFFECTIVITY BPCA Test Scope Determination D34D
1,825 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_EFFORT BPCA: Effort INT4 10    
1,826 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_OPT_TYPE BPCA Test Scope Determination: Optimization Type CHAR 10    
1,827 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_RANK Rank in BPCA Test Scope Determination INT4 10    
1,828 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_SCOPE_TYPE BPCA Test Scope Determination: Test Scope Type CHAR 10    
1,829 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_SECTION BPCA Test Scope Determination: Opimization Section CHAR   
1,830 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_SHORTCUT_ICON BPCA Test Scope Determination: Icon for Shortcut CHAR   
1,831 AGS_BPCA_TST_SC_TBOM_STAT_FILT BPCA Test Scope Determination: Filter Values for TBOM Status CHAR   
1,832 AGS_BPCA_UNUSED_OBJ_COUNT BPCA Number of Unused Objects INT4 10    
1,833 AGS_BPCA_UNUSED_OBJ_PERC BPCA Percentage of Unused Objects INT1   
1,834 AGS_BPCA_VARIANT Variant Name CHAR 30    
1,835 AGS_BPM_ALERT_RATING_DOM Warning Message Rating CHAR   
1,836 AGS_BPM_CALENDAR_TAG Day INT4 10    
1,837 AGS_BPM_DETMON_ACTIVITY Monitoring Status Query Activity CHAR   
1,839 AGS_BPM_MONITORING_STATUS Monitoring Status CHAR   
1,840 AGS_BPM_PARALLEL_JOBS_DOM Parallel Job Execution INT1   
1,841 AGS_BPM_RELDAY_CALENDAR Relative to Beginning/End of Month CHAR   
1,842 AGS_BPM_SID Business Process Monitoring System ID (3-char) CHAR   
1,843 AGS_BPM_SOLUTION BPM Interface: Solution ID CHAR 50    
1,844 AGS_BPM_START_MODE_DOM Start Method CHAR   
1,846 AGS_BPM_START_MONTH First Month INT4 10    
1,847 AGS_BPM_SYMSGNO Message Number CHAR   
1,848 AGS_BPM_S_WEEKLY_SCHEDULE BPM: Schedule Weekly or Monthly CHAR   
1,849 AGS_CC_DAUTH Custom Code Library Authorization CHAR   
1,850 AGS_CC_DCARDINALITY Cardinality CHAR   
1,851 AGS_CC_DFLAG Flag (character 1) CHAR   
1,852 AGS_CC_DIDENTIFIER Identifier (Length 20) CHAR 20    
1,853 AGS_CC_DLIB_ID Custom Code Library Definition ID CHAR 20    
1,854 AGS_CC_DLIB_KEY Library Key CHAR 10    
1,855 AGS_CC_DNUMBER Custom Code Number (Object or Attribute) NUMC 10    
1,856 AGS_CC_DSEQUENCE Sequence NUMC   
1,857 AGS_CC_DSTATUS Status CHAR   
1,858 AGS_CC_DTTYPE Task Type RAW   
1,859 AGS_CC_DTVERS Version CHAR 20    
1,860 AGS_CC_DVALUE Value CHAR 255    
1,861 AGS_CC_DVERSNR Version Number NUMC   
1,862 AGS_CC_DVISIBILITY Attribute Visibility CHAR   
1,863 AGS_CC_SCREEN_AREA AGS: Screen Area in Control Center INT1   
1,864 AGS_DBSYS Database System with Version CHAR 30    
1,865 AGS_DEL_FLAG Deletion Indicator CHAR   
1,866 AGS_DVM_DEC17_3 DVM: number, length 17, decimal: last 3 DEC 17 
1,867 AGS_DVM_DOM_AGE Age INT4 10    
1,868 AGS_DVM_FLTP_16 DVM: domain for floating point key figures FLTP 16  16 
1,869 AGS_DVM_KEY General Key CHAR 20    
1,870 AGS_DVM_PARAM Parameter CHAR 30    
1,871 AGS_DVM_VALUE Value CHAR 120    
1,872 AGS_D_DATACLASS Domain of data class used in bpm workcenter CHAR   
1,873 AGS_D_DESCRIPTION AGS Workcenter: domain for description , lower case possible CHAR 100    
1,874 AGS_D_GANTTBAR_COLOR Gantt bar 's available color NUMC   
1,875 AGS_D_GANTT_BARTYPE Domain for Gantt graphic's bar type NUMC   
1,876 AGS_D_GANTT_DATEFORMAT available date format CHAR 10    
1,877 AGS_D_GANTT_MSCOLOR Milestone color NUMC   
1,878 AGS_D_GANTT_MSTYPE Milestone type NUMC   
1,879 AGS_D_GANTT_TIMEZONE Jgantt timezone CHAR   
1,880 AGS_D_GRAPHIC_HALIGN AGS Graph horizen align CHAR   
1,881 AGS_D_GRAPH_HALIGN horizen align CHAR   
1,882 AGS_D_STRING string STRG   
1,883 AGS_D_TIMESCALE Time scale level: Y: year; M:month; D:day NUMC   
1,884 AGS_D_TIMEUNIT Domain for Time Units CHAR   
1,885 AGS_EJR_ACTION_TYPE Action Type CHAR 10    
1,886 AGS_EJR_ACTIVITY Activity CHAR 10    
1,887 AGS_EJR_ACTIVITY_AUTH_DOM Activities in the Job Overview NUMC   
1,888 AGS_EJR_APPLICATION Application CHAR 30    
1,890 AGS_EJR_ATTRIBUTE_GROUP Attribute Groups CHAR 10    
1,891 AGS_EJR_ATTRIBUTE_NAME Attribute Name CHAR 40    
1,892 AGS_EJR_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE Attribute Type CHAR   
1,893 AGS_EJR_ATTR_GROUP Attibute Groups CHAR 30    
1,894 AGS_EJR_AUTH_DOCU_TYPE Type of Authorization CHAR   
1,895 AGS_EJR_AUTH_REL_TYPE Relation type CHAR   
1,896 AGS_EJR_AUTH_RETURN_CODE Authorization Check Return Values INT4 10    
1,899 AGS_EJR_AUTOMATION_CMD Command CHAR 20    
1,901 AGS_EJR_BP_SOURCE Business Process Source CHAR   
1,902 AGS_EJR_BTCWDCDIR Count direction for start date 'On Working Day' of a job NUMC   
1,903 AGS_EJR_BTC_PRD_BHV Periodic Behavior CHAR   
1,904 AGS_EJR_BUSINESS_AREA_DOM Business Fields CHAR 80    
1,905 AGS_EJR_BUSINESS_PRIORITY Priority for Business Process CHAR   
1,906 AGS_EJR_CHAIN_TYPE Job Chain Type CHAR 10    
1,907 AGS_EJR_CHANGE_CONTROL Change Control CHAR   
1,908 AGS_EJR_CHARM_ADMIN_AUTH Administration of Change Control for Job Documentation CHAR   
1,909 AGS_EJR_COMPONENT Application Component CHAR 30    
1,910 AGS_EJR_CONDITION_TYPE Condition Types CHAR 10    
1,911 AGS_EJR_COUNTRY_CODE_DOM Country code CHAR 20    
1,912 AGS_EJR_CPS_JOB_SEL_STRATEGY Strategy, how to select CPS jobs CHAR   
1,913 AGS_EJR_CUSTOM_VIEW_LAYOUT Web Dynpro View Layout Description CHAR   
1,914 AGS_EJR_DATA_STORAGE_METHOD Specifies Data Access Type CHAR   
1,915 AGS_EJR_DIAGRAM_DATA_PROVIDER Type of data provider for job diagram CHAR   
1,916 AGS_EJR_DOC_AREA Job Documentation LOD Area CHAR 40    
1,917 AGS_EJR_DOC_TYPE Document Type CHAR   
1,919 AGS_EJR_EHP_PROCEDURE_GROUP Grouping Attribute: Error Procedure CHAR 10    
1,920 AGS_EJR_EHP_PROCEDURE_TYPE Text Type: Error Procedure CHAR 10    
1,923 AGS_EJR_EXTERNAL_STATUS_DOM External Status Management CHAR 20    
1,925 AGS_EJR_FORM_CARDINALITY Cardinality of a Form CHAR   
1,926 AGS_EJR_INTEGER Signed Integer INT4 10    
1,927 AGS_EJR_JOBDEF_ACTIVITY_AUTH_D Activities in a Job Definition CHAR   
1,928 AGS_EJR_JOBDOC_NUMBER Job Documentation Number NUMC 10    
1,929 AGS_EJR_JOBDOC_SCENARIO_DOM Job Documentation Scenario CHAR   
1,930 AGS_EJR_JOBDOC_TYPE Documentation Type CHAR 80    
1,931 AGS_EJR_JOBSCHED_ACTIVITY_AUTH Activities in Job Scheduling Dialog CHAR   
1,932 AGS_EJR_JOB_ACTIVITY_AUTH Job Scheduling Authorization CHAR   
1,933 AGS_EJR_JOB_CLASS Job Class CHAR   
1,934 AGS_EJR_JOB_IMPORT_STRATEGY Job Import Strategy CHAR   
1,935 AGS_EJR_JOB_MON_BEHAVIOR Behavior of Job Monitoring test program CHAR   
1,936 AGS_EJR_JOB_NAME_DOM Name of a Background Program CHAR 128    
1,937 AGS_EJR_JOB_NOTE Job Note CHAR 1000    
1,938 AGS_EJR_JOB_REPOSITORY Standard Job Repository CHAR   
1,939 AGS_EJR_JOB_REQUEST_AUTH Authorization for activities in a job request CHAR   
1,940 AGS_EJR_JOB_REQUEST_TYPE_ID Request Type: Value = 'NEW', 'EDT', 'DEL' CHAR   
1,941 AGS_EJR_JOB_REQ_TYP_AUTH Authorizations for view Basic/Detail CHAR   
1,942 AGS_EJR_JOB_SCENARIO Job Scenario: Adhoc or Periodic NUMC   
1,943 AGS_EJR_JOB_START_COND Job Start Conditions CHAR   
1,944 AGS_EJR_JOB_TYPE_DEF_DESCR Description of Job Type Definitions CHAR 80    
1,945 AGS_EJR_JOB_TYPE_DESCRIPTION Description of Job Types CHAR 80    
1,946 AGS_EJR_LAYOUT_UIELEMENT Interface Element CHAR   
1,947 AGS_EJR_LINK_TARGET_DOM Link Target CHAR 80    
1,948 AGS_EJR_LINK_TYPE_DOM Link Type CHAR 40    
1,949 AGS_EJR_LOG_ID Source of a Job Log Entry CHAR 60    
1,950 AGS_EJR_LOG_LEVEL Message Level of Detail INT1   
1,951 AGS_EJR_MODE_DOM Processing Mode CHAR   
1,952 AGS_EJR_MON_ACTIVITY_AUTH Job Monitoring Authorization CHAR   
1,953 AGS_EJR_MYSYSTEM_STRATEGY Strategy to determine my systems CHAR   
1,954 AGS_EJR_OBJECT Object CHAR 40    
1,955 AGS_EJR_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type CHAR 10    
1,956 AGS_EJR_ORG_SRC Source of Organization Model CHAR   
1,957 AGS_EJR_ORG_UNIT_DOM Organizational Unit CHAR 80    
1,958 AGS_EJR_PARAMETER Parameters CHAR 80    
1,959 AGS_EJR_PARAM_VALUE Parameter Value STRG   
1,960 AGS_EJR_PARTNER_FUNCTION Partner Function CHAR 10    
1,961 AGS_EJR_PARTNER_GROUP Contact Person CHAR 10    
1,962 AGS_EJR_PARTNER_ID Identification CHAR 32    
1,964 AGS_EJR_PARTNER_TYPE Business Partner Type CHAR   
1,965 AGS_EJR_PREF_NAME Default User Settings CHAR 10    
1,966 AGS_EJR_PREF_VALUE Default Setting Value CHAR 80    
1,967 AGS_EJR_PRINT_APPLICATION Print View/Application CHAR 40    
1,968 AGS_EJR_PRIORITY_LONGTEXT Priority (Long Text) CHAR 80    
1,969 AGS_EJR_PRIORITY_SHORTTEXT Priority (Short Text) CHAR 20    
1,970 AGS_EJR_PROTOCOL Protocol CHAR 20    
1,971 AGS_EJR_REGION_DOM Region CHAR 40    
1,972 AGS_EJR_REQUEST_ACTION_TYPE Action to be performed CHAR   
1,973 AGS_EJR_RESTRICTION_TYPE Scheduling Restriction CHAR 10    
1,974 AGS_EJR_RESTRICT_CONTEXT_ID Reference Object ID CHAR 80    
1,975 AGS_EJR_RESTRICT_CONTEXT_TYPE Reference Object for Scheduling Restriction CHAR   
1,976 AGS_EJR_RSPOPNAME Spool: Output device CHAR   
1,978 AGS_EJR_SCHEDULER_DOM Name of External Scheduler CHAR 128    
1,979 AGS_EJR_SCHEDULER_ISOL_GROUP Isolation Group CHAR 80    
1,980 AGS_EJR_SCHEDULER_PARAM_GRP Parameter Group (Subset) CHAR 80    
1,982 AGS_EJR_SCHEDULER_TYPE Scheduler Type CHAR   
1,983 AGS_EJR_SCHEDULER_VERSION Version of External Scheduler CHAR 10    
1,984 AGS_EJR_SCHEMA Schema CHAR 10    
1,985 AGS_EJR_SCRIPT_CLASS Script Category CHAR   
1,987 AGS_EJR_SC_WEEKDAYS Start Condition: Day of the Week CHAR   
1,988 AGS_EJR_SC_WEEKDAYS_WORKD Start Condition: Day of the Week CHAR   
1,989 AGS_EJR_SM_PARAMETER_NAME General Name of a Parameter CHAR 80    
1,991 AGS_EJR_START_COND_RANGE Start Condition: Time Period CHAR   
1,992 AGS_EJR_STATUS_DOM Status Management CHAR 10    
1,993 AGS_EJR_STATUS_PROPERTY_DOM Job Documentation Attribute Status CHAR 10    
1,994 AGS_EJR_STEP_DESCRIPTION Job Step Description CHAR 255    
1,995 AGS_EJR_STEP_PARAMETER Parameters for Program, Script or Command of a Step STRG   
1,996 AGS_EJR_STEP_TYPE_CODE_DOM Job Types in SAP Solution Manager CHAR 80    
1,997 AGS_EJR_STEP_TYPE_DEF Job Type Definitions CHAR 80    
1,998 AGS_EJR_STEP_TYPE_DOM Process Step Type CHAR 80    
2,000 AGS_EJR_TEMPLATE_ACTIVITY_AUTH Activity Job Documentation Templates CHAR   
2,002 AGS_EJR_TEMPLATE_CLASS Template Classification (Obsolete) CHAR 10    
2,003 AGS_EJR_TEMPLATE_ORIGIN Source of Job Documentation Template CHAR   
2,004 AGS_EJR_TEMPLATE_REORG_TASK Tasks to Reorganize Templates CHAR   
2,007 AGS_EJR_TEXT_GRP Text Type Group CHAR 10    
2,008 AGS_EJR_TEXT_LINK Link Type CHAR   
2,009 AGS_EJR_TEXT_TYPE Text Type CHAR 10    
2,011 AGS_EJR_XBP_PARENT_CHILD Parent-Child Relationship CHAR   
2,012 AGS_EJR_YESNO Yes - No CHAR   
2,013 AGS_ESR_CHECKBOX Enterprise Support Report Checkbox CHAR   
2,014 AGS_ESR_CHECKICON Enterprise Support Report Checkicon CHAR 10    
2,015 AGS_ESR_CUSTOMER_TEXT ESR Customer Text CHAR 200    
2,016 AGS_ESR_DESCRIP Enterprise Support Report Description CHAR 120    
2,017 AGS_ESR_EXPAND Enterprise Support Report Expand CHAR   
2,018 AGS_ESR_HASCHILDREN Enterprise Support Report Haschildren CHAR   
2,019 AGS_ESR_LANGU domain for ags esr language CHAR   
2,020 AGS_ESR_LV_LEVEL Enterprise Support Report LV_LEVEL INT4 10    
2,021 AGS_ESR_NODEID Enterprise Support Report Nodeid CHAR   
2,022 AGS_ESR_PARENTID Enterprise Support Report Parentid CHAR   
2,023 AGS_ESR_REPID Report ID CHAR   
2,024 AGS_ESR_SCHID ESR Schedule ID CHAR 10    
2,025 AGS_ESR_SCHID_TEXT ESR Schedule Description CHAR 100    
2,026 AGS_ESR_SFORM_SEQNO AGS ESR Smartform sequence number CHAR   
2,027 AGS_ESR_SOLUTION_ID ESR Solution ID CHAR 32    
2,028 AGS_ESR_VAR_ID Enterprise Support Report VAR_ID CHAR 10    
2,029 AGS_ESR_VTDESCRIP Enterprise Support Report Vtdescript CHAR 20    
2,030 AGS_FILE_EXT_DESCR File Extension Description CHAR 60    
2,031 AGS_FILE_EXT_LONG File Extension (long) CHAR 64    
2,032 AGS_FLAG_URGENT AGS: Flag to mark a Change as urgent CHAR   
2,035 AGS_GPA_DO_EDITION_MODE Domain defining the types of activity edition mode. CHAR   
2,036 AGS_JNET_D_JNETFONTNAME AGS JNet's available font names CHAR 20    
2,037 AGS_JNET_D_JNETFONTSTYLE AGS - Jnet's font style CHAR 20    
2,038 AGS_MK_AUTO_DISTR_STATUS Status of Automatic Distribution CHAR   
2,039 AGS_MK_INSTALL_STATUS_EN status of installing certificate in managed systems NUMC   
2,040 AGS_MK_KEYNO Sequential Number (NUMC, 10-char) NUMC 10    
2,041 AGS_MK_LIC_TYPE License Type INT1   
2,042 AGS_MK_OPERATION_MODE_EN operation mode NUMC   
2,043 AGS_MON_STATUS Job Monitoring Status CHAR 30    
2,044 AGS_NOTE_SHORT_DESCR SAP Note Short Description CHAR 60    
2,046 AGS_PROCESS_TYPE AGS: Process type CHAR   
2,048 AGS_SDB_SEARCH_CATEGORY AGS: Category for Search in Solution Database CHAR   
2,049 AGS_SDB_SEARCH_STRING AGS: Search String CHAR 255    
2,050 AGS_SDK_MSG_ACTION actions which are allowed during message handling CHAR   
2,051 AGS_SD_ADAPTER_CONSTANT AGS SD Adapter constant CHAR 30    
2,052 AGS_SD_NAME AGS SD Adapter name CHAR 30    
2,053 AGS_SIGN_STATE Digital Signature: Three States CHAR   
2,054 AGS_SISE_ACTIVITY Simple Setup: Configuration Activity ID CHAR 20    
2,055 AGS_SISE_ACTIVITY_STATUS Simple Setup: Activity Status CHAR   
2,056 AGS_SISE_APPL Simple Setup: Application CHAR 20    
2,057 AGS_SISE_APPL_STATUS Simple Setup: Application Status CHAR   
2,058 AGS_SISE_AUTH_GS_CONFIG Simple Setup Genstore: Configuration ID CHAR 20    
2,059 AGS_SISE_DESCR Simple Setup: Description CHAR 80    
2,060 AGS_SISE_EXEC_STATUS Simple Setup: Execution Status CHAR   
2,061 AGS_SISE_EXT_URL_GUID_EN Simple Setup: External URL GUID for gen. storage NUMC   
2,062 AGS_SISE_EXT_URL_TYPE Simple Setup: Type of an External URL CHAR   
2,063 AGS_SISE_GS_CONFIGURATION Simple Setup Genstore: Configuration ID CHAR 20    
2,065 AGS_SISE_J2EE_SEC_COMP J2EE_SEC_COMP data uper/lower case for java CHAR 120    
2,066 AGS_SISE_LOG_IDENT Simple Setup: Log identifier (generic) CHAR 32    
2,067 AGS_SISE_LOG_TYPE Simple Setup: Log Type CHAR   
2,068 AGS_SISE_MANUAL_EXEC_STATUS Simple Setup: Manual Execution Status CHAR   
2,069 AGS_SISE_NAV_LINK_TYPE Simple Setup: Activity Navigation Type CHAR   
2,070 AGS_SISE_PARAM_VALUE Param Value Domain STRG   
2,071 AGS_SISE_PROC_MODE Ausführungsart CHAR   
2,072 AGS_SISE_PSWD_OPTION_EN Simple Setup: Password option NUMC   
2,073 AGS_SISE_ROLE CHAR 40 lower case CHAR 40    
2,074 AGS_SISE_ROLE_COPY Is a role copy able CHAR   
2,075 AGS_SISE_SAVE_AUTO Save automatically or not when on edit to read only mode CHAR   
2,076 AGS_SISE_SCOPE_DESCR Scope Description CHAR 255    
2,077 AGS_SISE_SCOPE_ID Scope ID CHAR 32    
2,078 AGS_SISE_SCOPE_TYPE Scope Type CHAR 32    
2,079 AGS_SISE_SCOPE_VALUE Scope Value CHAR 32    
2,080 AGS_SISE_SHORT_DESCR Simple Setup: Short Description CHAR 40    
2,081 AGS_SISE_STEP Simple Setup: Configuration Step ID CHAR 20    
2,082 AGS_SISE_SYSTEM_ROLE system type CHAR   
2,083 AGS_SISE_TASK Simple Setup: Aufgabe CHAR 20    
2,084 AGS_SISE_TYPE Simple Setup: Type CHAR   
2,085 AGS_SISE_USER_ID Simple Setup : user ID CHAR 30    
2,086 AGS_SISE_USER_INFO_CHOICE_EN Simple Setup: User Info Choice NUMC   
2,087 AGS_SISE_USER_JAVA Java users don't have the same length as XUBNAME STRG   
2,088 AGS_SISE_USER_RFC Simple Setup: User for RFC Info Choice NUMC   
2,089 AGS_SISE_USER_TYPE user's type (technical, dialog ) CHAR   
2,090 AGS_SMT_NOTIFICATION_SCENARIO Notification Scenario CHAR   
2,091 AGS_SMT_NOTIFICATION_TYPE Notification Form CHAR   
2,092 AGS_SMT_SMSY_GLOBAL Global System Landscape Usage CHAR   
2,093 AGS_SMT_TCTYPE Test Case Type CHAR 50    
2,094 AGS_SMT_TCT_TOOL Automated Test Tool Type CHAR 40    
2,095 AGS_SMT_TC_CHANGE_VIEW Test object intersection view CHAR   
2,096 AGS_SMT_TEST_ATTR_DESCR Test Case Attributes Description CHAR 60    
2,097 AGS_SMT_TEST_ATTR_NAME Test Case Attributes Name CHAR 30    
2,098 AGS_SMT_TSAT_DESC description of a test attributes set CHAR 80    
2,099 AGS_SMT_TSAT_GENER_TSAT Generation Flag CHAR   
2,100 AGS_SMT_TSAT_GEN_LOG_STAT Generate Log Statistics CHAR   
2,101 AGS_SMT_TSAT_MSG_SHOW_MODE Display Mode : Clients or Systems CHAR   
2,102 AGS_SMT_TSAT_RPO_TYPE Repository Object Type CHAR 10    
2,103 AGS_SMT_TSAT_SHOW_MODE Display Mode : Clients or Systems CHAR   
2,104 AGS_SMT_TSAT_UI_OBJ_TYPE User Interface Object Type CHAR   
2,105 AGS_SMT_TWB_EFFORT Test effort QUAN 13 
2,106 AGS_SOCM_BUTTON_ACTIONS Activities in CHARM Context CHAR 10