SAP ABAP Domain - Index V
Domain - V
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 V0TYP HR: Variable assignment type CHAR   
2 V4NTFIELD 4.0 version of DDNTFIELD (name extension) RAW 220    
3 V4NTHEAD 4.0 version of DDNTHEAD (name extension) RAW 120    
4 V50A_COPY Copy mode - delivery processing CHAR   
5 V6UPG_STAT Status of the Shadow System CHAR   
6 V6UPG_SYS Shadow System CHAR 10    
7 VAART Subdivision of RHC Variant CHAR   
8 VABME Variable order unit active CHAR   
9 VABREART Settlement type for service charges CHAR   
10 VABSLBTR Budget billing amount for rounding CURR 12 
11 VACANCYPROC Domains for error handling for vacancy workflow CHAR   
12 VACANCY_ACTIVITY Vacancy Maintenance Type CHAR   
13 VACANCY_FLAG Indicator Whether a Vacancy Is to Be Filled CHAR   
14 VACAN_STAT Status of vacancy CHAR   
15 VADRNR Address number RF-VV CHAR 10    
16 VAFLD Field for changing schedule lines CHAR 10    
17 VAGEWIST_T IS-M: Actual issue weight (to a thousandth of a UM) CHAR   
18 VAGEWPLAN_T IS-M: Planned issue weight (to a thousandth of a UM) CHAR   
19 VAGKY HR: Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Employer Key CHAR   
20 VAGRND Supplementary Pension - Public Sector (G): Dereg. Reason CHAR   
21 VAGRP Responsible group/department CHAR   
22 VAGRP_MASK Responsible planner group - generic entry possible CHAR   
23 VAKEY Variable key 100 bytes CHAR 100    
24 VAKEY_50 Variable key 50 bytes CHAR 50    
25 VAKEY_CD Variable key 100 bytes CHAR 100    
26 VAKEY_F Variable key CHAR 100    
27 VAKEY_FG Variable key 100 bytes CHAR 100    
28 VAKEY_LOWERCASE Variable Key 100 Bytes Variable (Upper/Lower) CHAR 100    
29 VALCAT SDB: Validation Category CHAR 40    
30 VALCE Character field CHAR   
31 VALCOUNTER Number of validation/substitution usages INT4 10    
32 VALEVENT Validation/substitution callup point NUMC   
33 VALEXI DDIC: Flag for existence of values CHAR   
34 VALID Validation ID CHAR   
35 VALIDAT Name of billing validation CHAR 10    
36 VALIDATION Validation ID CHAR   
37 VALIDAT_IN Name of Invoicing Validation CHAR 10    
38 VALIDITYINFO Validity Information for External ID of a User RAW 16    
39 VALIDITYPVERSION Version of Validity Information for External ID of a User INT1   
40 VALIDITY_ALL Creating the Domain for the Validity_all values CHAR 12    
41 VALIDSEQNR Validation sequence number CHAR   
42 VALID_FROM_MSTYPE Behaviour When Default Validity Start is Exceeded CHAR   
43 VALID_FROM_PROPOSAL_TYPE Sls Price Calc.: Type for Determining Validity Start Default CHAR   
44 VALID_PRO Settlement profile for automatic ERS CHAR   
45 VALID_TO_CHAR1 VAlidity end date select option CHAR   
46 VALPOS Domain value key NUMC   
47 VALSEQNR Validation sequence number CHAR   
48 VALTY Value type CHAR   
49 VALU Validation Parameter(s) DEC 15 
50 VALU5 Value for the 5th parameter CHAR 10    
51 VALUE8 Value field with format P 8 CURR 15 
52 VALUE940 Variable Value field of 940 CHAR 940    
53 VALUEDIREC Direction of value transport for search helps CHAR   
54 VALUEMB The payload data value CHAR 100    
55 VALUETO CHAR Value CHAR 60    
56 VALUETYP Type of field to be transferred to catalog CHAR   
57 VALUE_CHANGE_SIGN Sign for Sales Value Change CHAR   
58 VALUE_CIM Value from Data Dictionary field CHAR 16    
59 VALUE_HELP_MODE_ENUM Domain for F4 Input Help NUMC   
60 VALUE_IO_MD IO: Default Value for Creation of an Insurance Object CHAR 30    
61 VALUE_I_KK Field Content of Change CHAR 100    
62 VALUE_VY Share DEC 17    
63 VALUE_X Fixed value X CHAR   
64 VALUSER Validation/substitution application area CHAR   
65 VALUTYP Valuation NUMC   
66 VALUTYP_EHP5 Enhancement VALUTYP     
67 VAL_NUMC Value for NUMC domain NUMC 10    
68 VAL_ORIGIN Valuation type CHAR   
69 VAL_RATE Valuation Rate: Business Rule Editor DEC 11 
70 VAL_TEXT Value for CHAR domains with lower case CHAR 10    
71 VANR IS-HCM: Dispatch order number NUMC   
72 VAR01_KQST Withholding tax report variant for selection CHAR   
73 VAR02_KQST Withholding tax report variant for selection CHAR   
74 VARANZDB Display variants in list and item overview CHAR   
75 VARBZDAT Variant for determining asset value date CHAR 14    
77 VARCLEN IS-H (remaining) length of a message in number characters INT2   
78 VARCON Variant condition CHAR 26    
79 VARCONT Variant control CHAR   
80 VARCON_CL Variant condition CHAR 26    
81 VARDAT ID to determine varible date NUMC   
82 VAREL Relative position DEC   
83 VARFIELD Field name in ABAP Dictionary CHAR 21    
84 VARGA Address Key T536A CHAR   
85 VARGZU Suppl. Pension - Public Sector (G): Employer's Allowance CHAR   
86 VARI01 Variants for the interest calculation program CHAR   
87 VARIA Daily work schedule variant CHAR   
88 VARIANCE Variances for Quantity, Prices, and Amounts DEC   
89 VARIANT ABAP: Name of Variant (Without Program Name) CHAR 14    
90 VARIANTE_1 Variant name CHAR   
91 VARIANTTXT Variant texts CHAR 30    
92 VARIANT_CI Selection variant name (cross-client) CHAR 14    
93 VARIANT_KK Interval distribution variant CHAR   
94 VARIANT_VALIDVALUES Valid values for radio button in the variant Tutorial CHAR 30    
95 VARIA_SERV Variants for tax service CHAR   
96 VARID Supplementary Variable Object ID RAW 16    
97 VARIDENT Variable identifier (no conversion exit) CHAR 40    
98 VARID_ENV Environment for variants CHAR   
99 VARILRAW Variant contents LRAW 2886    
100 VARI_TRANS Transport attributes for variants CHAR   
101 VARKZ Valuation indicator CHAR   
102 VARMSGNO Number of variable message parts INT1   
103 VARMSGVAL Variable message parts CHAR 100    
104 VARNAM Name of a % variable CHAR 50    
105 VARNAMEBAS Variable Name for Basis CHAR 22    
106 VARNAMECA Variant for Critical Authorizations CHAR 20    
107 VARNAMECOM Variant for Critical Combination of Authorizations CHAR 20    
108 VARNO Variable Number NUMC   
109 VARNR Layout CHAR   
110 VARNR_021F Fast entry: Variant CHAR   
111 VARSRC Variable Source for Control Cycle CHAR   
112 VARTEXT__2 Variable display text CHAR 15    
113 VARTVS Suppl. Pension - Public Sector (G): Insurance Type NUMC   
114 VARTYPE Variant category CHAR   
115 VARTYP_INH IS-M/AM: Variant type content CHAR   
116 VARX Number of the Variable Part of a Message (1-4) NUMC   
117 VAR_EXIT Sets: Name of a formula exit CHAR 50    
118 VAR_MASS_HANDLING Variants for Mass Data Handling CHAR   
119 VAR_TYPE Report Writer: Variation: Type of the hierarchy element CHAR   
120 VASIC Conditions: View CHAR   
121 VASYNC_NR IS-PSD: Number for issue synchronization PSD->PAM NUMC   
122 VATREG_KOREA_KK VAT Number CHAR 10    
123 VATRELEV VAT Relevant Indicator NUMC   
124 VATYP_KK Type of line layout variant CHAR   
125 VAUNA Use of order reason for retro-billing CHAR   
126 VAUSGB Issue CHAR 10    
127 VAUSWEIS Display of flow in the interest certificate NUMC   
128 VAVARTYP Issue type CHAR   
129 VAVKEN Suppl. Pension - Pub. Sect. (G): Work Relationship Indicator CHAR   
130 VAWGRD Suppl. Pension - Public Sector (G): Reason for Deviation CHAR   
131 VA_COLOR Line Display (Color, Display) of Markdown Profiles CHAR   
132 VA_FI_MASK Variable/Fixed Indicator Masked CHAR   
133 VB1OK_EB_SL Posting Area 1 in Order CHAR   
134 VB2OK_EB_SL Posting Area 2 in Order CHAR   
135 VBACCNT Accounting in update header CHAR 12    
136 VBAFM Type of investment/asset for capital formation CHAR   
137 VBANZAHL Number of update records to be displayed NUMC   
138 VBART Sales document type CHAR   
139 VBASD Baseline date for indirect date determination CHAR   
140 VBBLKNO No. of update data block INT4 10    
141 VBBLP Check delivery note CHAR   
142 VBCONTEXT Update context (Code-page, DB node, ..) CHAR 20    
143 VBC_APP_ID Visual Business Application Identifier CHAR 40    
144 VBC_AUTH_TYPE Authorization type CHAR   
145 VBC_BOOLEAN Boolean values TRUE (='X') and FALSE (= ' ') CHAR   
146 VBC_CHANGED_FLAG Indicator for changed data CHAR   
148 VBC_CHIP_INPUT_STYLE Chip Input Layout CHAR   
149 VBC_CONFIG_ID Config Identifier CHAR 50    
150 VBC_CONF_TYPE Type of configuration CHAR   
151 VBC_CONTEXT_ID Context Identifier CHAR 55    
152 VBC_CONTEXT_TYPE Context type CHAR   
153 VBC_DELETE Deletion Flag CHAR   
154 VBC_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 100    
155 VBC_ENC_TYPE Type of enhancement CHAR   
156 VBC_GC_SERVICE_TYPE Geo Coding Service Type CHAR   
157 VBC_GEOMAP_APPLICATION Geo-Map: Application CHAR 10    
158 VBC_GEOMAP_FLOAT_COORDINATE Geo-Map: Float Coordinate FLTP 16  16 
159 VBC_GEOMAP_IC_COORDINATE Geo-Map: Integer Coordinate INT4 10    
160 VBC_GEOMAP_LEGEND_TYPE Geo-Map: Map Legend Type CHAR   
161 VBC_GEOMAP_LINE_HEAD_STYLE Line/Route Head Style CHAR   
162 VBC_GEOMAP_OBJECT Geo-Map: Map Object CHAR 100    
163 VBC_GEOMAP_OBJECT_COLOR Geo-Map: Map Object Color CHAR 20    
164 VBC_GEOMAP_OBJECT_DELTA_FLAG GeoMap: Object Delta Flag CHAR   
165 VBC_GEOMAP_OBJECT_DESC Geo-Map: Map Object Description CHAR 100    
166 VBC_GEOMAP_OBJECT_DESC_CAT Geo-Map: Map Object Description Category CHAR   
167 VBC_GEOMAP_OBJECT_DESC_FLD Geo-Map: Map Object Description Field CHAR 100    
168 VBC_GEOMAP_OBJECT_DESC_KEY Geo-Map: Map Object Description Key CHAR 15    
169 VBC_GEOMAP_OBJECT_ID Geo-Map: Map Object ID CHAR 20    
170 VBC_GEOMAP_OBJECT_ROLE Geo-Map: Map Object Role CHAR 40    
171 VBC_GEOMAP_OBJECT_TYPE Geo-Map: Map Object Type CHAR 20    
172 VBC_GEOMAP_STRING Geo-Map: String STRG   
173 VBC_MODEL_ID Object Identifier CHAR 40    
174 VBC_MODIFICATION_TYPE Modification Type of an Object CHAR   
175 VBC_OBJECT_GUID Guid CHAR 36    
176 VBC_OBJECT_ID Object Identifier CHAR 40    
177 VBC_OBJECT_STATUS Object Status CHAR   
178 VBC_PROXY_TYPE Proxy type CHAR   
179 VBC_SERIALIZE_MODE Mode of serialization NUMC   
180 VBC_STREAM_ID Object Identifier CHAR 50    
181 VBC_UI_VERSION UI Version CHAR 30    
182 VBC_UPDATE_MODE Model update mode domain CHAR   
183 VBC_URL Uniform Resource Locator CHAR 1024    
184 VBC_VENDOR_ID Vendor Identifier CHAR 50    
185 VBC_VERSION Version NUMC   
186 VBDATA Update data LRAW 30000    
187 VBDATUM Date in selection template of SM13 DATS   
188 VBDATUMD Update request creation date CHAR 11    
189 VBDEBUG Display whether update is in debugging mode INT1   
190 VBDFG Legal Control: Validity for Affiliated Companies CHAR   
191 VBEART Suppl. Pension - Public Sector (G): Type of Employment CHAR   
192 VBELN Sales and distribution document number CHAR 10    
193 VBET09 Suppl. Pension - Public Sector (G): Amount Field 9 Places CHAR   
194 VBEZVE Suppl. Pension - Public Sector (G): Exemption from Insurance CHAR   
195 VBGEW Weighting factor for consumption values (lowest value) DEC
196 VBGRP SD document group CHAR   
197 VBGUT_KK Calculation of Dunning Balance for Credit NUMC   
198 VBHOST Computer in update key CHAR   
199 VBIND Index for function module RV_SALES_DOCUMENT_VIEW CHAR   
200 VBINFOD Update record info CHAR 20    
202 VBI_ANIMATION_MODE Visual Business Animation Mode INT1   
203 VBI_APP_ID Visual Business Application Identifier CHAR 40    
204 VBI_BOOLEAN Boolean values TRUE (='X') and FALSE (= ' ') CHAR   
206 VBI_CHIP_INPUT_STYLE Chip Input Layout CHAR   
207 VBI_CONFIG_ID Config Identifier CHAR 50    
208 VBI_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 100    
209 VBI_ELEVATION Elevation over ground in meters DEC
210 VBI_GC_SERVICE_TYPE Geo Coding Service Type CHAR   
213 VBI_HEAD_STYLE Line/Route Head Style CHAR   
214 VBI_LAYER_DEPENDENCY Layer Dependency CHAR   
215 VBI_LAYER_DEPTH Map Layer Depth NUMC   
216 VBI_OBJECT_DESCR_CATEGORY Object Description Category CHAR   
217 VBI_OBJECT_ID Object Identifier CHAR 40    
218 VBI_REST_APPLID VBI domain for Rest Application ID CHAR 40    
219 VBI_SCALER_UNIT Unit of measure for Scale CHAR   
220 VBI_STRING VBI String data STRG   
221 VBI_UNSIGNED_INT Unsigned Integer INT4 10    
222 VBI_URL Uniform Resource Locator CHAR 255    
223 VBI_VENDOR_ID Vendor Identifier CHAR 50    
224 VBKEY Key for update and enqueue/dequeue CHAR 32    
225 VBKLT SD document indicator CHAR   
226 VBKLT_VA SD document indicator CHAR   
227 VBLAK SP Insurance Type (Determined by Absences) CHAR   
228 VBLEN Length of update data INT2   
229 VBLID Specifies Whether SPI Is VBL NUMC   
230 VBLINE Line in incorrect report INT4 10    
231 VBLPF Insurance Liability Indicator CHAR   
232 VBMODCNT Update module ID INT4 10    
233 VBMODE Execution mode of an update module CHAR   
234 VBMODE1 Global flag byte for update execution mode INT1   
235 VBMODUL Name of an update module CHAR 20    
236 VBNAME Name of the Executing Update Server CHAR 64    
237 VBNMODCNT Update module ID in network NUMC   
238 VBOBJ SD document object CHAR   
239 VBOB_MM_UCFLG Select Indicator for Original Batches CHAR   
240 VBPGM Update program CHAR 40    
241 VBPHASE Update phase INT1   
242 VBRC Return code from update module INT4 10    
243 VBREPORT Program that generated the update request CHAR 40    
244 VBREQUEST_STATUS Status of an Update Request INT1   
245 VBSART Type of premise CHAR   
246 VBSCHR Update step CHAR   
247 VBSELSTAT Status selection in SM13 CHAR   
248 VBSNAME Short VB server name CHAR 20    
249 VBSTAMP Time stamp in update key CHAR 18    
250 VBSTAT Posting Status of a Bank Statement Item CHAR   
251 VBSTATUS Global status of the update record INT4 10    
252 VBSTATUSD Update request status CHAR 20    
253 VBSYSNO System no. in update key CHAR   
254 VBTCODE TCODE in update header CHAR 20    
255 VBTIMOFF Offset Local to System Time Zone INT4 10    
256 VBTYP SD document category CHAR   
257 VBTYP_AB Sales Document Category: Agency Business     
258 VBTYP_ISP Sales document category, IS-M/SD CHAR   
259 VBUND Affiliated companies CHAR   
260 VBWPNO Process no. in update key CHAR   
261 VBX_CBATP_ACTIVE Characteristic-Based APO-ATP Active CHAR   
262 VBX_CBATP_M_ACTIVE Material is active for characteristics-based ATP CHAR   
263 VBX_VALCOD Interval limits CHAR   
264 VBZEIT Time in selection template of SM13 TIMS   
265 VBZEITD Creation time of update request CHAR   
266 VBZONLO Name of Local Time Zone CHAR   
267 VB_EBENE Level at which preparation is carried out CHAR   
268 VC2HL_BOM_EXPLOSION Indicator for Type of BOM Explosion CHAR   
269 VC2HL_CFG_CATEGORY Category of Configuration CHAR   
270 VC2HL_COND_CHOICE Condition Choice CHAR   
271 VC2HL_LC_CMP_VIEW_SETTINGS LoadConfig: Settings for Comparison View CHAR   
272 VC2HL_MESSAGE_CATEGORY Message Category of Messages in Copy Values Log INT4 10    
273 VC2HL_VALUE_SET_BY Text for Value Set By CHAR 40    
274 VC2OD_AENST Change Master Status NUMC   
275 VC2OD_ASSIGNMENT_DISPLAY_MODE obsolete - please use instead VC2OD_DISPLAY_LAYOUT CHAR   
276 VC2OD_CC_AEFUN Change Number Function CHAR   
277 VC2OD_CC_TEXT40 Text (40 characters) CHAR 40    
278 VC2OD_CHAR255 Character Field Length 255 CHAR 255    
279 VC2OD_CPL_EXPAND_LEVELS Characteristic Pool UI Expand Levels INT1   
280 VC2OD_CPL_OBJECT_TYPES Charateristic Pool UI Object Type Domain CHAR 16    
281 VC2OD_CPL_RETURN_CODE Characteristic Pool UI Return Code INT4 10    
283 VC2OD_DEP_STATUS_TYPE Dependency Status Type CHAR   
284 VC2OD_DISPLAY_LAYOUT Mode in Which Assignment UIBB Is to Be Displayed CHAR   
285 VC2OD_DMT_RETRIEVAL_STATUS Retrieval status of DMT CHAR   
286 VC2OD_DMT_VALUE_SELECTION Value Selection of Dependency Maintenance Table CHAR   
287 VC2OD_DMT_WIDTH_IN_UOM_EX width in unit of measure EX DEC
289 VC2OD_OBJ_TYPE_DESC Object Type Description CHAR 40    
290 VC2OD_SEARCH_BUSOBJ Business Object CHAR 10    
291 VC2OD_SEARCH_OBJECT_TYPE Type of Business Object CHAR 10    
292 VC2OD_URL Unlimited character string for usage as URL STRG   
293 VCACHE Cache activated CHAR   
294 VCAKY Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Payroll Key NUMC   
295 VCCNT SDB: Validation Category Counter NUMC   
296 VCDYT Vacation calculation day type NUMC   
297 VCFONTBODY Font type CHAR 14    
299 VCFONTSIZE Font size NUMC   
300 VCFP_SF Status filtering mode for freight planning CHAR   
301 VCFRAMESHP Shape of frame CHAR 16    
302 VCGMFFILE Name of file for the graphic symbol CHAR 12    
303 VCHAR1 Domäne VCHAR1 für VERIS in allen Systemen verwendbar CHAR   
304 VCHAR3 Datenelement CHAR3 für Veris CHAR   
305 VCHAR4 SP Public Sector: Search String for Org. Membership Period CHAR   
306 VCHECK Check prerequisites CHAR   
307 VCHORALIGN Horizontal alignment of field contents CHAR   
308 VCHRNUM Voucher Number NUMC   
309 VCLAYOUT Layout definition for formats CHAR 254    
310 VCLINESPAC Line spacing in field NUMC   
311 VCLINETHIK Line width CHAR   
312 VCLINETYPE Line type CHAR 16    
313 VCLINWIDTH Frame width NUMC   
314 VCLMEVENT Viewcluster maintenance procedure event CHAR   
315 VCL_NAME Complex data object maintenance view cluster name CHAR 30    
316 VCL_NOKEY View cluster maint.: Type of rel. object field - pred.field CHAR   
317 VCMARGIN Margin in format specification NUMC   
318 VCMINFWDTH Minimum field width NUMC   
319 VCNOFLINES Number of lines in field NUMC   
320 VCODE Change group CHAR   
321 VCOLMN Column allocation in the interest certificate NUMC   
322 VCOPY Contract data: validity and copy rule CHAR   
323 VCPATTERN Pattern type CHAR 21    
324 VCPILESCNT Number of stacks NUMC   
325 VCPOSITION Position (calculated in bands) CHAR   
326 VCPRIORITY Priority of color attributes CHAR   
327 VCSTRIKE Strike-through type CHAR 14    
328 VCTCENTRY Text index CHAR   
329 VCTXTSPACE Spacing of label text NUMC   
330 VCVERALIGN Vertical alignment of field contents CHAR   
331 VCWRAPMODE Wrap mode of texts displayed in field CHAR   
332 VDAT01 Suppl. Pension - Public Sector (G): Date (DDMMYY) CHAR   
333 VDATAR Data field PLOG RAW 250    
334 VDATART Supplementary Pension (PS): Date Type for Key Days CHAR   
335 VDATUM Suppl. Pension - Public Sector (G): Date DATS   
336 VDDUNPOST Posting variant for dunning charges/int. from dunning run CHAR   
337 VDREG_VEDA Rule for calculating contract date CHAR   
338 VDRU1 Printed forms CHAR   
339 VDSK1 Organizational key CHAR 14    
340 VDST Summarization level 0/1/2 CHAR   
341 VDSTUFESZI Summarization level NUMC   
342 VDUNN_LVL_PRC Procedure for Assigning Dunning Levels CHAR   
343 VDZNR VDZ Number CHAR 20    
344 VD_DAY Day for asset value date NUMC   
345 VD_MONTH Month for asset value date NUMC   
346 VEDSB_MSGCOUNT Message Counter in Processing Log NUMC   
347 VEDSB_PLMCNT Number of Processing Log Messages NUMC   
348 VEGR1 Handling unit group 1 (freely definable) CHAR   
349 VEGR2 Handling unit group 2 (freely definable) CHAR   
350 VEGR3 Handling unit group 3 (freely definable) CHAR   
351 VEGR4 Handling unit group 4 (freely definable) CHAR   
352 VEGR5 Handling unit group 5 (freely definable) CHAR   
353 VEG_APPL Applicaton Type CHAR 10    
354 VEG_CONFIG_ID Configuration ID CHAR 255    
355 VEG_CONV_RESULT Result of Job Execution NUMC   
356 VEG_INSTANCE Instance for Visual Enterprise CHAR 10    
357 VEG_JOB_ARG_NAME Job Argument Name CHAR 20    
358 VEG_JOB_ARG_TYPE Job Argument Type CHAR 10    
359 VEG_JOB_RESULT Result of Job Execution NUMC   
360 VEG_JOB_STATE State of Job From Visual Enterprise Generator CHAR 10    
361 VEG_JOB_STATUS Status of Job NUMC   
362 VEG_JOB_SUB_STATE Sub-state of Job From Visual Enterprise Generator CHAR   
363 VEG_PRIO Execution Priority NUMC   
364 VEG_REG_STATUS VEG Register status NUMC   
365 VEG_RESULT Result of Job Execution NUMC   
366 VEG_STATUS Status of Job NUMC   
367 VEG_TAG_CATEGORY Veg Category CHAR 30    
368 VEG_TAG_CAT_DESC Tag Category Description CHAR 255    
369 VEG_TAG_DESC Tag Description CHAR 40    
370 VEG_TAG_NAME Tag Name CHAR 30    
371 VEG_WORKFLOW_STATE Workflow State NUMC   
372 VEG_WORKFLOW_TYPE Workflow Type NUMC   
373 VEINN Internal process number NUMC 10    
374 VELIN Type of content of handling unit item CHAR   
375 VELTP Packaging material category CHAR   
376 VENDOR_OPTION iView RP List: Options for Vendor Entries CHAR   
377 VEND_INV_IND Vendor Invoice Allowed CHAR   
378 VENUM Internal handling unit number CHAR 10    
379 VEPELEMLENGTH Length INT4 10    
380 VEPELEMTYPEKIND Kind of Elementary Data Type of VI (Web Services) CHAR   
381 VEPELETYPSOAPEXTTYPE Virtual Interface Type of Soap Extension of Elementary Type CHAR   
382 VEPFIELDNAME Field Name CHAR 120    
384 VEPFUNCMAP New name (Can Be Upper or Lower Case) CHAR 60    
385 VEPMAPPEDTO New name (Can Be Upper or Lower Case) CHAR 61    
386 VEPNAMEESR Service name for ESR CHAR 255    
387 VEPNAMEEXT External Name of a Virtual End Point (Upper or Lower Case) CHAR 30    
388 VEPNODETYPE Type of a Parameter in the Interface CHAR   
389 VEPOS Handling unit item NUMC   
390 VEPPARAMTYPE Parameter Type CHAR   
391 VEPREFTYPE Reference Type of Development Object CHAR   
392 VEPRF Profile for merchandise distribution CHAR   
394 VEPTEXT Virtual Interface Description CHAR 255    
395 VEPTYPENAME Name of Type in Virtual Interface CHAR 120    
396 VEPTYPETYPE Type of Data Type in Virtual Interface CHAR   
397 VER03336A Domain for verification purposes only INT4 10    
398 VER03336B Domain for verification purposes only INT4 10    
399 VER03925_C4_6 VER03925_C4_6 CHAR   
400 VER2XML_DO Veri: ABAP to XML: domain CHAR 10    
401 VERAB Person in Charge of Budget/Planning CHAR 20    
402 VERAK Cost center manager CHAR 20    
403 VERAN Person responsible CHAR 15    
404 VERAR Processing indicator in T130M CHAR   
405 VERARTVL35 Processing type for VL35 - Selection CHAR   
406 VERBRGZ Indicator: consumption limit check CHAR   
407 VERBUCHER Update program indicator CHAR   
408 VERDART Grouping Category CHAR   
409 VERDLVUNIT Product version CHAR 30    
410 VEREH_011V Person responsible for unit CHAR 14    
411 VEREI ID: receipt / dispatch Intrastat NUMC   
412 VERFA Preference determination procedure CHAR   
413 VERFAHREN Type of sampling procedure (single/double) CHAR   
414 VERFA_49E ISR Procedure NUMC   
415 VERFH Addition procedure CHAR   
416 VERFL_WWS Sales area (floor space) QUAN   
417 VERFZUZ IS-H: Copayment procedure CHAR   
418 VERF_ARBPL Search method by work centers CHAR   
419 VERF_MAN Manual Method CHAR   
420 VERGL Operator for comparisons CHAR   
421 VERGLOP IS-HCM Operator for comparisons CHAR   
422 VERGR Start date of order proposals allowed in the past CHAR   
423 VERID Version identification CHAR   
424 VERIDEC52 Dezimal xxx,xx DEC
425 VERIDEC62 Decimal xxxx,xx DEC
426 VERIINT2 int2 Länge 5 INT2   
427 VERIV Clearing interval CHAR   
428 VERI_ALPHA ABAP/4 valiadtion: Domain with conversion ALPHA CHAR 10    
429 VERI_BLOB Domäne für Verifikation: langer X-String, unbeschränkt RSTR   
430 VERI_C01 Domain CHAR 01 for machine verification CHAR   
431 VERI_C02 Domain CHAR 02 for automatic verification CHAR   
432 VERI_C03 Domain CHAR 03 for automatic verification CHAR   
433 VERI_C04 Domain CHAR 04 for automatic verification CHAR   
434 VERI_C05 Domain CHAR 05 for automatic verification CHAR   
435 VERI_C08 Domain CHAR 08 for automatic verification CHAR   
436 VERI_C10 Domain CHAR 10 for automatic verification CHAR 10    
437 VERI_C20 Domain CHAR 20 for automatic verification CHAR 20    
438 VERI_C200 Domain CHAR 200 for automatic verification CHAR 200    
439 VERI_C226 Neue Domaene/Datenelement fuer Pool-Tabellen / max Laenge CHAR 226    
440 VERI_C254 Domain CHAR 254 for automatic verification / max. length CHAR 254    
441 VERI_C30 Domain CHAR 30 for automatic verification CHAR 30    
442 VERI_C31 Domain CHAR 31 for automatic verification CHAR 31    
443 VERI_C32 Domain CHAR32 for automatic verification CHAR 32    
444 VERI_C33 Domain CHAR 33 for automatic verification CHAR 33    
445 VERI_C50 Do für Textfeld beim Matchcode Veri CHAR 50    
446 VERI_CBOX VERI: LIKE-Feld für Checkbox-Parameter CHAR   
447 VERI_CLOB Domäne für Verifikation: langer C-String, unbeschränkt STRG   
448 VERI_CLSTD Domain for data field of table VERI_CLSTD LRAW 256    
449 VERI_CSTR Domäne für Verifikation: kurzer C-String, "kein Limit" SSTR 255    
450 VERI_CUKY Verification currency key CUKY   
451 VERI_CUR13 Verification domain with type CURR 13 CURR 13 
452 VERI_DATE Date DATS   
453 VERI_DATS Domain DATS for automatic verification DATS   
454 VERI_DEC01 Domain DEC 01 for automatic verification DEC   
455 VERI_DEC02 Domain DEC 02 for automatic verification DEC   
456 VERI_DEC03 Domain DEC03 for machine verification DEC   
457 VERI_DEC04 Domäne DEC mit 2 Vorkomma- und 2 Nachkommastellen DEC
458 VERI_DEC05 Domain DEC 05 for machine verification DEC   
459 VERI_DEC13 Domain for machine verification DEC 13    
460 VERI_DEC14 Domäne DEC mit 7 Vorkomma- und 7 Nachkommastellen DEC 14 
461 VERI_DEC15 Domain DEC 15 for automatic verification DEC 15    
462 VERI_DEC8 Domäne DEC 8 für maschinelle Verifikation DEC
463 VERI_DOC_FLG Indicator: Verify External Document Without Update CHAR   
464 VERI_F Domain for verification FLTP 16  16 
465 VERI_FKEY Foreign key domain for automatic verification NUMC   
466 VERI_FKY2 Foreign key domain for automatic verification NUMC   
467 VERI_FLTP Domain FLTP for automatic verification FLTP 16  16 
468 VERI_GUID Domäne GUID für maschinelle Verifikation RAW 16    
469 VERI_INT1 Domain INT1 for automatic verification INT1   
470 VERI_INT2 Domain INT2 for automatic verification INT2   
471 VERI_INT4 Domain INT4 for automatic verification INT4 10    
472 VERI_K1MC 1. Schlüsselfeld zum Test von stored procedures CHAR   
473 VERI_K2MC 2. Schlüsselfeld zum Test von stored procedures CHAR   
474 VERI_K2MC2 2. Schlüsselfeld zum Test von stored procedures CHAR   
475 VERI_K3MC 3. Schlüsselfeld zum Test von stored procedures CHAR   
476 VERI_K3MC2 3. Schlüsselfeld zum Test von stored procedures CHAR   
477 VERI_K3MC3 3. Schlüsselfeld zum Test von stored procedures CHAR   
478 VERI_K4MC 4. Schlüsselfeld zum Test von stored procedures CHAR   
479 VERI_K4MC2 4. Schlüsselfeld zum Test von stored procedures CHAR   
480 VERI_KET ABAP/4 validation: Domain with conversion KET NUMC   
481 VERI_KM1 Do. zu Key k1c4 aus Tabelle tvem1, Matchcode-Veri CHAR   
482 VERI_KMC Domain for MC verification CHAR   
483 VERI_KMC1 Domaene zum MC-Veri CHAR   
484 VERI_KOMM Domain for MC verification CHAR 50    
485 VERI_LCHR Domäne LCHR 2048 für maschinelle Verifikation LCHR 2048    
486 VERI_LRAW Domäne LRAW 2048 für maschinelle Verifikation LRAW 2048    
487 VERI_N03 Doamin NUMC 03 for automatic verification NUMC   
488 VERI_N04 Doamin NUMC 04 for automatic verification NUMC   
489 VERI_N05 Domain NUMC 05 for automatic verification NUMC   
490 VERI_N08 Doamin NUMC 08 for automatic verification NUMC   
491 VERI_P16 Domain for verification DEC 31    
492 VERI_QUAN Quantity with signs QUAN 13 
493 VERI_RAW Domain RAW for automatic verification RAW 2048    
494 VERI_RAW08 Domain RAW for automatic verification RAW   
495 VERI_SBLOB Domäne für Verifikation: langer X-String, beschränkt RSTR   
496 VERI_SCLOB Domäne für Verifikation: langer C-String, beschränkt STRG   
497 VERI_TIMS Domain TIMS for automatic verification TIMS   
498 VERI_TX01 Domain CHAR 01, upper/lower case for automatic verification CHAR   
499 VERI_TX02 Domain CHAR 02, upper/lower case for automatic verification CHAR   
500 VERI_TX03 Domain CHAR 03, upper/lower case for automatic verification CHAR