SAP ABAP Domain - Index Q
Domain - Q
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 Q1LZEITMK Consider Long-Term Characteristics for Stock Proposal CHAR   
2 Q1WELOS Control of inspection lot creation (lot summary) CHAR   
3 QABNAHMPRF Source inspection indicator CHAR   
4 QABR IS-M: Define settlement for system COAs CHAR   
5 QACTION_D Identification of event call CHAR   
6 QACTYP Activity category of transactions CHAR   
7 QAENDERER Short text CHAR 12    
8 QAFKIND TMS QA: Release Type CHAR   
10 QAFLAGBF TMS QA: QA Status Copied to Buffer? CHAR   
11 QAKTPPKT Use of unplanned characteristic CHAR   
12 QALFDNR TMS-QA: Current Number NUMC   
13 QAMBTYPE Type of reference between inspection lot and material doc. CHAR   
14 QAMETHOD TMS QA: Method for QA Step CHAR   
15 QANOTEKEY TMS QA: Key for Note CHAR 60    
16 QANSWER Reply CHAR   
17 QANZAHL1 Whole number INT1 INT1   
18 QANZAHL2 Whole number INT2 INT2   
19 QANZAHL4 Whole number INT4 INT4 10    
21 QASDR_SPEC_DET_RULE Specification Determination Rule CHAR   
22 QASTATUS TMS QA: Status of QA Flag CHAR   
23 QASTEP TMS QA: Approval step CHAR 20    
24 QASTEPKT TMS QA: Approval Step CHAR 40    
25 QATEXT TMS QA: Reason for Each QA Approval Step CHAR 72    
26 QATTRIBUT Attribute of the inspection result CHAR   
27 QAUFBEWORT Storage location for a physical sample CHAR 12    
28 QAUSRQAS TMS QA: User Who Last Changed QA Settings CHAR 12    
29 QAUSWAHLMG Selected set CHAR   
30 QAUSWAHLMG_CL Selected Set CHAR   
31 QAUSWIRK Effect of notification CHAR   
32 QBADI_IMP_ORIGIN Origin of BAdI Implementation (SAP or Customer) CHAR   
33 QBEMOD Processing mode (E50: Domain BEMOD) CHAR   
34 QBESK Procurement indicator for quota arrangement CHAR   
35 QBESTBUBER QM stock posting authorizations CHAR   
36 QBEWERTORI Valuation code in inspection catalog CHAR   
37 QBEWERTUNG Valuation code in inspection catalog CHAR   
38 QBEWMOD Name of valuation mode CHAR   
39 QBILDL50 Field selection list for QM (50 characters) CHAR 50    
40 QBILDS Screen key for QM CHAR   
41 QBILDSTEUR Code for screen control for special purposes CHAR   
42 QBJ_FAK 3 places before the decimal point, 2 after, with +/- sign DEC
43 QBJ_FK2 Factor, 1 place before the decimal point, 2 after DEC
44 QBL_STATUS Qblocker Status CHAR   
45 QBOOLIAN Domain of data type boolian INT1   
46 QBSS_PROBE Screen Control Key for Physical-Sample Type CHAR   
47 QBW01 Switch 0=off 1=on INT1   
48 QBWSTELLEN Number of decimal places INT4 10    
49 QCATTRIBUT Attribute of the inspection result CHAR   
50 QCCERTNO QM certificates in procurement NUMC 12    
51 QCERTCONTROL Control of certificate receipt CHAR   
52 QCERTDAT QM date of certificate receipt DATS   
53 QCERTREC QM creator of certificate receipt CHAR 12    
54 QCERTREQ QM certificate for goods movement CHAR   
55 QCESCAL QM escalation period (days) NUMC   
56 QCESCDAT QM escalation date DATS   
57 QCGRAUSW Code group and/or selected set CHAR   
58 QCHAR1 Character field of length 1 CHAR   
59 QCHAR10 Character field of length 10 CHAR 10    
60 QCHAR11 iSeries: CHAR(11) field used for different purposes CHAR 11    
61 QCHAR16 Text field, 16 characters in length CHAR 16    
62 QCHAR18 Text field, 18 characters in length CHAR 18    
63 QCHAR3 iSeries: CHAR(3) used for different purposes CHAR   
64 QCHAR30 Character field of length 30 CHAR 30    
65 QCHAR4 QM: 4-character field CHAR   
66 QCHAR50 iSeries: Char(50) used for differen CHAR 50    
67 QCHAR6 Character field of length 6 CHAR   
68 QCHAR64 Character Field of Length 64 CHAR 64    
69 QCHAR79 Text line of 79 characters CHAR 79    
70 QCHAR8 Character Field of Length 8 CHAR   
71 QCHAR80 80-character text string CHAR80 CHAR 80    
72 QCHAR9 Char 9 CHAR   
73 QCHARACT_ID Characteristic identification for QDI CHAR 40    
74 QCHARACT_MAP Mapping type for inspection characteristics CHAR   
75 QCHARTTYPE Type of Graphic CHAR   
76 QCHAR_TYPE Characteristic type QM-STI interface CHAR   
78 QCKZSPEC Indicator: less than, greater than, inside, outside CHAR   
79 QCMERKKAT Certificates characteristic category CHAR   
80 QCMERKNR Certificate profile characteristic number NUMC   
81 QCODE Code CHAR   
82 QCODEGRP Code group CHAR   
83 QCODELONG Codes (code group - code) CHAR 13    
84 QCREMDAT QM date of reminder DATS   
85 QCREMIND QM reminder deadline for certificate (days) NUMC   
86 QCSTATUS QM certificate status CHAR   
87 QCTRANSFER Stock Transfers from Batch Where-Used List CHAR   
88 QCURR Transferred Currency CHAR   
89 QCVMATKAT Category of data origin (insp. lot/batch) for certificate CHAR   
90 QC_CHAR_FIELD_CONF Configuration of Characteristics Field CHAR   
91 QC_CONF_TABNAME Structure CHAR 30    
92 QC_TEXT_ELEMENT Text Elements for Configuration of Characteristics Field CHAR   
93 QDATA_TYPE Identifies type of quality data CHAR   
94 QDATHKUNFT Data origin CHAR   
95 QDATQUELLE Source of results data CHAR   
96 QDECPLOS 11 digits before and 3 digits after the decimal point DEC 12 
97 QDETAILERG Number of the individual result NUMC   
98 QDOKUKZ Indicator: documentation of inspection results CHAR   
99 QDRUCK1 Print control CHAR   
100 QDTEIL Text: documentation required for the material CHAR 10    
101 QDUMMY Dummy Field for ADDON Structures in QM CHAR   
102 QDYNANZ2 Number or counter for dynamic modification (INT2) INT2   
103 QDYNANZ4 Number and/or counter for dynamic modification (INT4) INT4 10    
104 QDYNHEAD QM: Dynamic modification level (header, operation, charac.) CHAR   
105 QDYNKRIT Dynamic modification criteria CHAR   
106 QDYNPRO Screen number CHAR   
107 QDYNPROTXT Screen text CHAR 80    
108 QDYNREGEL Dynamic modification rule CHAR   
109 QDYNSTRING QM: String for dynamic modification criteria for database CHAR 10    
110 QDYNTIME Time of dynamic modification CHAR   
111 QEANTVERF Procedure for estimating the share of defects CHAR   
112 QEC_MAPPING Process of Charac. Mapping When Copying Inspection Results CHAR   
113 QEC_OC_UD_ACTIV Operation Completion CHAR   
114 QEC_QA_ACTIV Control of Results Copy During Inspection Lot Processing CHAR   
115 QEC_QE_ACTIV Control of Results Copy Function During Results Recording CHAR   
116 QEC_SELECTION Data Selection Procedure for Copy of Inspection Results CHAR   
117 QEEACTYP Activity type for results recording transactions CHAR   
118 QEEBEWERTG Valuation in results recording function CHAR   
119 QEEBEWERTGMS Valuation in Results Recording (Multiple Specification) CHAR   
120 QEHHANWD QM handheld: Application CHAR   
121 QEHHSELKZ QM Handheld: Scope of Selection CHAR   
122 QEHHSTAT QM handheld: Transfer status CHAR   
123 QEIFANVERF Procedure for estimating the share of defects CHAR   
124 QEIFART Record types for QM subsystems CHAR   
125 QEIFBEWART Valuation type of insp. characteristics for QM subsystems CHAR   
126 QEIFERFAS Recording type of a characteristic for QM subsystems CHAR   
127 QEIFFORMEL Complete formula for linking insp. charac. for QM subsystems CHAR 120    
128 QEIFRUECKMOD Confirmation Mode: Cancellation, Partial or End, Test Mode CHAR   
129 QEIFSTAINS Inspection status CHAR   
130 QEIFSTAREC Transfer status of data record for QM subsystem CHAR   
131 QEIFSUBSYS Subsystem for measured value recording in QM CHAR   
132 QEINVERARB Input Processing in QM Results Recording CHAR   
133 QEKAR Income type CHAR   
134 QEQUNR Equipment number CHAR 18    
135 QERFASKONF Recording configuration CHAR   
136 QERFSICHT Recording view CHAR   
137 QERGDATH Origin of results data CHAR   
138 QESTUECKNR Test units in inspection processing NUMC   
139 QESTUKZ Recording type CHAR   
140 QEXTNUM Ind. for external numbering of test units CHAR   
141 QE_TREENODEVIS Visualization in Tree of QE51N NUMC   
142 QFAKTOR Scale transformation of measured values CHAR   
143 QFANZAHL4 Number of Integer, INT4 INT4 10    
144 QFEART Catalog type with value table CHAR   
145 QFEHLKLAS Defect class CHAR   
146 QFELDNAME Field name for QM formula CHAR 20    
147 QFELFD Item number without value table NUMC   
148 QFKOSTEN Nonconformity Costs CURR 10 
149 QFKTNAME Name of the function module CHAR 30    
150 QFLEN Length of source field NUMC   
151 QFLTP16 QM: 16-digit calculation field - floating point FLTP 16  16 
152 QFLTPCHARC Floating point for character display on screen CHAR 16    
153 QFOFS Offset of source field NUMC   
154 QFOLGEAKTI Follow-Up Activity CHAR   
155 QFORMEL Formula CHAR 60    
156 QFORMELSL Formula calculated in QM CHAR   
157 QFORMINDEX Form index for a subroutine to be processed NUMC   
158 QFORMPAR QM formula parameters CHAR   
159 QFRAN_SEED Initial value for random number generator DEC 10    
160 QFREIDAT Release-to date DATS   
161 QFSTATWERT Characteristic statistical value FLTP 16  16 
162 QGEBINDET Phys. sample container for a lot or phys. sample CHAR   
163 QGEBPLOS Quantity field, length 6 QUAN
164 QGENKEY Generic key CHAR 60    
165 QGEVAL_BATCH_HIERARCHY Batch Hierarchy CHAR 30    
166 QGEVAL_FEHLERBEW Defect Valuation CHAR 16    
167 QGEVAL_FREQUENCY Frequency in Percent DEC
168 QGEVAL_HIERARCHY Hierarchy CHAR 30    
170 QGFAKTOR Weighting factor for quality score DEC   
171 QGROUP Leave Quota Grouping CHAR   
172 QG_EVAL_DATATYP Different Data Selection and Data Processing CHAR   
173 QG_EVAL_GR_TYP Graphic Types CHAR   
174 QG_EVAL_LIGHT Symbols for Appraising Aggregated Data CHAR   
175 QG_EVAL_MAX_VIEWS Maximum Number of Views Per Page NUMC   
176 QG_EVAL_MENGE Quantity QUAN 13    
177 QG_EVAL_PARETO_RANK Ranking using a Pareto Analysis INT1   
178 QG_EVAL_RATIO Ratio Between Two Values DEC
179 QG_EVAL_V_BADI View Type - Implementation CHAR   
180 QG_EVAL_V_TYP QM Evaluations - View Types CHAR   
181 QG_EVAL_X_AXIS Type of X-Axis CHAR   
182 QG_EVAL_X_AXIS_RANGE Interval Length for X-Axis NUMC   
183 QG_EVAL_X_AXIS_START Starting Point of X-Axis CHAR   
184 QHERK Inspection lot origin CHAR   
185 QIFLTP Floating point number for QM STI interface CHAR 22    
186 QINDEX Current value of a capability index FLTP 16  16 
187 QINF Sort order CHAR 40    
189 QINFTY Infotype CHAR   
190 QINPPROC_FLT_VAL Procedures in Input Processing CHAR   
191 QINSPST Status of goods receipt inspection CHAR   
192 QINSP_PT Control flag for insp. point or sample CHAR   
193 QINT2NEG Integer 2 with sign INT2   
194 QINT4 Integer value INT4 10    
195 QISRAPPL Application for Internet Service Request CHAR   
196 QISRAPPLICANT Whether Applicant Can Automatically Perform Activities CHAR   
197 QISRAPPROVER Whether Approver Can Automatically Perform Activities CHAR   
198 QISRDAPPLICATION Scenario application CHAR 30    
199 QISRDAPPL_DESC Application: Description CHAR 100    
200 QISRDDESC Description CHAR 255    
201 QISRDDIRECT_FORM_DISPLAY ISR - Control Display of Form in Notification CHAR 10    
202 QISRDEFAULT Default for ISR Price List CHAR   
203 QISRDEFAULTFUNC Default Activity CHAR   
205 QISRDFORMVIEW Form View CHAR 30    
206 QISRDFUNCTION ISR: Key of a Function in the Action Box CHAR   
207 QISRDFUNCTIONTEXT Text for Activity CHAR 60    
208 QISRDFUNCTIONTYPE Function Type CHAR 17    
209 QISRDHIDE_EMPTY_FIELDS ISR - Control Display of Request Values in Tabular Form CHAR   
210 QISRDLAYOUTTYPE Layout category CHAR 30    
211 QISRDNOTIF_SHORT_TEXT ISR - Control Short Text for Notification CHAR   
212 QISRDOBJECTID Instance Key CHAR 32    
213 QISRDOBJECTNAME Instance Name CHAR 100    
214 QISRDOBJECTTYPE Object Type CHAR 10    
216 QISRDPORTAL_COMP Portal Component Name CHAR 132    
218 QISRDPRICELIST ISR Price List Indicator CHAR   
219 QISRDPROCESS_TYPE Entry type in the WEB CHAR   
221 QISRDSCENARIO Scenario for Internal Service Request CHAR   
222 QISRDSCENARIOGRP Scenario group CHAR 30    
223 QISRDSCREENPROPERTY Screen Property of a Field CHAR   
226 QISRDSTEPCOUNT Number of Processing Steps NUMC   
227 QISRDSTRATEGY Determination strategy for account assignment object CHAR   
228 QISRDUI_ATTRIBUTE UI Attributes for a Field CHAR   
229 QISRDVERSION Version of Scenario NUMC   
230 QISRDWD_URL URL for Web Dynpro Application CHAR 255    
231 QISRD_ACTIVE_DATE Validity Date DATS   
232 QISRD_EVH_TYPE Extended Search Help: Field Type CHAR   
234 QISRFIELDLEN Field Length INT1   
235 QISRFORWORD Flag Whether ISR Forwarded with Autom. Update Despite Errors CHAR   
237 QISRSCENARIOGROUP_TEXT Description of ISR Group CHAR 40    
238 QISR_PRIMARY_STATUS Primary status of a notification (outstanding, in process) CHAR 20    
240 QKATART Catalog type CHAR   
241 QKATART_CL Catalog type CHAR   
242 QKENNZ Quality score INT4 10    
243 QKENNZAHL Quality score DEC   
244 QKEY Key for function module assignments CHAR   
245 QKEY1 Key for function module assignments CHAR   
246 QKFAKTOR K-factor for variable inspection FLTP 16  16 
247 QKFAKTORC Character domain for k-factor (FLTP field) CHAR 16    
248 QKLASSE Class CHAR   
249 QKLASSZAHL Number of value classes INT1   
250 QKSUADDR Street and house number CHAR 40    
251 QKTTAB Indicator: selected set or code group CHAR   
252 QKUMMENGE Quantity field length 17 places behind the decimal point 3 QUAN 17 
253 QKURZBEW Abbreviation of the valuation CHAR   
254 QKURZTEXT Short text CHAR 40    
255 QKURZTEXT15 Short text CHAR 15    
256 QKURZTEXT80 Short text CHAR 80    
257 QKZ Indicator: x and blank CHAR   
258 QKZART Indicator CHAR   
259 QKZAUSGFMT Indicator: characteristic output format CHAR   
260 QKZAUTH Id. Access to movement types in usage decision CHAR   
261 QKZBEWERTG Indicator: valuation copied or forced closure CHAR   
262 QKZEINSTMK Indicator for characteristic type (setup, inspection) CHAR   
263 QKZESEL Indicator: level of results selection CHAR   
264 QKZFEAT Indicator: characteristics available for operation CHAR   
265 QKZFORMEL QM: Formula (X) w/o Input Processing Characteristic (1) CHAR   
266 QKZGEB Recording of the no. of containers for insp. lot CHAR   
267 QKZGENLOS Inspection lot approval CHAR   
268 QKZHERKTXT Indicator: Origin of short text CHAR   
269 QKZHERKVG Origin of insp. specs for certificates CHAR   
270 QKZHERKWT Origin of result value CHAR   
271 QKZJANEIN Indicator: yes and no CHAR   
272 QKZLTX Long text indicator CHAR   
273 QKZLTXT Long text indicator CHAR   
274 QKZMA Task or activity CHAR   
275 QKZMETHODE Print method indicator CHAR   
276 QKZMOD Indicator for display mode CHAR   
277 QKZOFFSPTX Indicator: less than, greater than, yes or no CHAR   
278 QKZQALSKNT Account assignment key: Inspection lot CHAR   
279 QKZRAST Sampling procedure for inspection points CHAR   
280 QKZSTATUS Status: Released or completed CHAR   
281 QKZSTERN Indicator: X, *, and blank CHAR   
282 QKZSTRSKIP Indicator: output strategy for skip characteristics CHAR   
283 QKZUMFS Multiple samples CHAR   
284 QKZUSRAKT Ind. user field active CHAR   
285 QKZVERF Quality score procedure CHAR   
286 QKZVERS Indicator for version CHAR   
287 QKZWSP Indicator: additional text available in other languages CHAR   
288 QKZ_BLOCKB Indicator: screen is list screen CHAR   
289 QKZ_REF_EE Type of master insp. char. reference in results recording CHAR   
290 QLAENGE Output length INT1   
291 QLAND Withholding tax country key CHAR   
292 QLAST_ANNOTATION_TYPE_DOMAIN Annotation Type Domain INT2   
293 QLAST_ARITHM_OP_TYPE_DOMAIN arithmetic operators INT2   
295 QLAST_ASSOCIATION_TYPE_DOMAIN Association type domain INT1   
296 QLAST_BASEOBJECT_TYPE_DOMAIN Classification of the Base Object CHAR   
298 QLAST_DATASOURCE_TYPE_DOMAIN datasource type domain INT2   
299 QLAST_DDLSTMT_TYPE_DOMAIN DDL Statement Type Domain INT2   
300 QLAST_ERROR_TYPE_DOMAIN Parser Error Type INT2   
301 QLAST_EXPRESSION_TYPE_DOMAIN expression types INT2   
302 QLAST_ORDERING_TYPE_DOMAIN ordering sequence INT1   
303 QLAST_PATHENTRY_TYPE_DOMAIN Path Entry Type Domain INT2   
304 QLAST_SELECTLIST_ENTRY_DOMAIN Select List Entry Domain INT2   
306 QLBUART QM posting type for delivery CHAR   
307 QLEXT_QSTOCKCHANGE Indicator: Allow Change of Quality Inspection Stock from EWM CHAR   
308 QLOESCHKZ Status of data record CHAR   
309 QLOESCHKZ1 Status of data record CHAR   
310 QLOSUMF Lot size in sampling scheme FLTP 16  16 
311 QLOSUMFANG Lot size in sampling scheme INT4 10    
312 QLOSUMFC Character domain for FLTP field: lot size in sampling scheme CHAR 16    
313 QLTEXTNR Long text for quality management RAW   
314 QLVIEW_ORDERING_TYPE_DOMAIN ordering sequence INT1   
317 QMART PM Notification Type CHAR   
318 QMASTAUTH Authorization group QM master data CHAR   
319 QMASTMOD Activity for QM master data authorization NUMC   
320 QMATAUTH Quality management material authorization CHAR   
321 QMATMODUS Access mode for QM material authorization CHAR   
322 QMBSP Check stock in quality inspection CHAR   
323 QMDSTATUS Status of data record CHAR   
324 QMENGEPLOS Quantity field, length 13 QUAN 13 
325 QMENGU QM quantity update CHAR   
326 QMERKKLAS Weighting of the characteristic CHAR   
327 QMERKNR Characteristic number (no. of a master insp. characteristic) CHAR   
328 QMERKNRP Inspection plan characteristic number NUMC   
329 QMETHOD Evaluation method CHAR 40    
330 QMFEHERK Origin of item record CHAR   
331 QMGBUCH Key for quantity posting in QM CHAR 10    
332 QMGBUCHHUM Key for QM quantity posting in HU processing CHAR 10    
333 QMINPROBMG Minimum sample quantity DEC 11 
334 QMIP_CHAORIG_ID Original Identification for Characteristic CHAR 40    
335 QMIP_CHAR_RANGE Characteristic Selection for Specification CHAR   
336 QMIP_OBJTYPE Object Category for Inspection Plan Synchronization CHAR   
337 QMIP_SOURCECAT Source Cat.for Creating Master Insp. Chars and Insp. Plans CHAR   
338 QMIP_SOURCEID Source Key CHAR 40    
339 QMISCODE Codes CHAR   
340 QMISKEYGRP String from catalog type and code group CHAR   
341 QMITTELW Mean value, specifically for QM system FLTP 16  16 
342 QMKCONTROL Characteristic control indicators CHAR 30    
343 QMLEVEL Level of Notification (Header Level or Task Level) CHAR   
344 QMNUM Quality notification number CHAR 12    
345 QMODE Processing mode for inspection characteristics CHAR   
346 QMODIFINDX Modification index for the index-controlled PERFORM call NUMC   
347 QMODUS_UD UD mode (A:IDI, B:Automatic, C:Lists, D:BAPI ...) CHAR   
348 QMRKM Ind.: characteristics relevant for the qual. score calc. NUMC   
349 QMSGART Message type (I/E/W) CHAR   
350 QMSGZG Notification control in case of missing certficate for GR CHAR   
351 QMTYP Quality Notification Category CHAR   
352 QMTYPE QM Type CHAR 10    
353 QM_BUSINESS_PROCESS Business Processes According to Solution Manager NUMC   
354 QM_PHASE Notification Processing Phase CHAR   
355 QM_SWITCH Switch Activation of a Function CHAR   
356 QNAKTIV Status of follow-up function CHAR   
357 QNAKTYP Usage for Dependent Follow-Up Action CHAR   
358 QNAO_CONC_KEYFIELD Concatenated Display of Key for Assigned Object CHAR 125    
359 QNAO_GUID GUID for an Assigned Object RAW 16    
360 QNAO_OBJCAT Object Category for an Assigned Object CHAR   
361 QNAO_OBJKEY Partial Key for an Assigned Object CHAR 40    
362 QNFLAGKM Usage for Dependent Follow-Up Functions CHAR   
363 QNFLAGMA Documentation for Dependent Follow-Up Function CHAR   
364 QNKSTMSGTYP Message category if there are too many decimal places CHAR   
365 QNOINSP Inspection control indicator CHAR   
366 QNOTINI Indicator: data field not initialized CHAR   
367 QNTEXT Indicator for text length CHAR   
368 QNUMTXT Standard text number NUMC   
369 QNWLIST Domain for notification/task worklist CHAR   
370 QN_PORTAL_STATUS PLM: Portal Status Notification/Order (MyNotifs, MyOrders) CHAR   
371 QN_PRIMARY_STATUS Primary status of a notification (outstanding, in process) CHAR 20    
372 QOD_BOOLEAN True/False CHAR   
373 QOD_COLOR Color CHAR   
374 QOD_STAT_TEXT Status text CHAR 16    
375 QOLST Quota scale CHAR 10    
376 QPART Inspection lot type CHAR   
377 QPCP_CHECK_RESULT Result of Control Plan Check CHAR   
378 QPCP_EDIT_MODE Write Mode for Control Plan CHAR   
379 QPCP_GUID GUID for All Objects in Control Plan RAW 16    
380 QPCP_LINK_TYPE Domain for Link Category CHAR   
381 QPCP_OBJCAT Object Category CHAR   
382 QPCP_PLANPHASE Domain for Control Plan Phase CHAR   
383 QPCP_PLANTYPE Domain for Control Plan Type CHAR   
384 QPCP_PLAN_ID Number of Control Plan CHAR 24    
385 QPCP_PLAN_ID_NR Identification of Control Plan for Internal Numbers CHAR 20    
386 QPCP_PROCCAT Process Category CHAR   
387 QPCP_STRUCTYPE Domain for Structure Type CHAR   
388 QPFELDNAME Field name CHAR 10    
389 QPHYSPRNR Number of the physical sample CHAR 12    
390 QPLAUSIF Plausibility factor for a quantitive characteristic DEC
391 QPLEXT_ACTION_IND_SAMPLE Processing Indicator for External Samples CHAR   
392 QPLEXT_ACTYP Activity Type - Processing CHAR   
393 QPLEXT_COMM_TEC Communication Technology CHAR   
394 QPLEXT_INSP_DOC_NUMBER Inspection Document Number for External Inspection CHAR 30    
395 QPLEXT_PRIOP Priority Points INT4 10    
396 QPLEXT_PROBEMGEH Units of Measurement of Various Types UNIT   
397 QPLEXT_PROBEMNG Quantity Field, Length 13 QUAN 13 
399 QPLEXT_PROPERTY_DESC Property Description for External Inspection CHAR 40    
400 QPLEXT_PROPERTY_VAL Property Valuation for External Inspection CHAR 30    
401 QPLEXT_PRPLATZ Work Center CHAR   
402 QPLEXT_STATUS Status Indicators 'X' and Blank CHAR   
403 QPLGRTYP QMIS: Inspection plan type/Task list group CHAR   
404 QPLOS Inspection Lot Number NUMC 12    
405 QPLOSART Inspection lot type CHAR   
406 QPLOSSTATU Inspection lot processing status CHAR   
407 QPMAT Permitted share of defects in per cent DEC
408 QPMATLOS Permitted share of scrap FLTP 16  16 
409 QPMETHODE Inspection method CHAR   
410 QPNNR Physical sample drawing no. NUMC 12    
411 QPOS Item number of an inspection method for a characteristic CHAR   
412 QPOSNR Item number of an inspection method for a characteristic CHAR   
413 QPPBEWERT Indicator: inspection point valuated CHAR   
414 QPPFERTIG Inspection point status CHAR   
415 QPPKTABS Flow variant for inspection point completion CHAR   
416 QPPKTTYP Inspection point type CHAR   
417 QPPKZTLZU Ind. partial lot assignment in the inspec. during production CHAR   
418 QPPNR Inspection point number NUMC   
419 QPPSORT Sort field for inspection points CHAR 70    
420 QPRART Physical sample type CHAR   
421 QPRFRQ Quality score DEC   
422 QPRIMPACK Primary Packaging CHAR   
423 QPROBEFAK Factor for sample unit of measurement - sample DEC
424 QPROBENR Sample number NUMC   
425 QPROBEPL Number of sample in inspection plan characteristic NUMC   
426 QPROBMGFAK Sample unit factor DEC
427 QPROCMODEL Process model, QMIS. Warning: Fixed values max. 40 chars. CHAR   
428 QPROZAZL Acceptance number as percentage of sample size FLTP 16  16 
429 QPROZAZLC Character domain for FLTP field: acceptance percentage CHAR 16    
430 QPROZENT Placeholder for per cent UNIT   
431 QPROZUMF Sample size as percentage of lot size FLTP 16  16 
432 QPROZUMFC Character domain for FLTP field: sample percentage CHAR 16    
433 QPRPOS Inspection item (e.g. nest) NUMC   
434 QPRQUALIF Inspector qualification CHAR   
435 QPRSCHAERF Inspection severity NUMC   
436 QPRSTUFE Inspection stage NUMC   
437 QPRTYP Phys. sample types CHAR   
438 QPRUEFER Name of inspector CHAR 12    
439 QPRUEFPKT Inspection Point (CHAR 250) CHAR 250    
440 QPRUEFPKT1 Inspection point (CHAR 130) CHAR 130    
441 QPRZIEHVER Sample drawing procedure CHAR   
442 QPUMFKZ Inspection scope CHAR   
443 QP_CHAORIG Inspection-Characteristic Origin CHAR   
444 QP_CTRMETH Control Method CHAR   
445 QP_RESPLAN Response Plan CHAR   
446 QQ1000 QQ1000 (Partly) CHAR 255    
447 QQBYTE QQBYTE: Single byte used for different purposes (iSeries) CHAR   
448 QQC10 QQC10x: Used for Different Purposes CHAR 10    
449 QQC11 QQC11: Used for Different Purposes Depending on QQRID CHAR   
450 QQC12 QQC12: Used for Different Purposes Depending on QQRID CHAR   
451 QQC13 QQC13: Parse Required? (Y/N) CHAR   
452 QQC14 QQC14: Statement Outcome CHAR   
453 QQC16 QQC11: Data conversion CHAR   
454 QQC18 QQC18x: Used for Different Purposes CHAR 18    
455 QQC21 QQC21: Used for different purposes CHAR   
456 QQC22 QQC22: Used for different purposes CHAR   
457 QQC23 QQC23: Used for Different Purposes CHAR   
458 QQC301 Reason codes for access path CHAR 30    
459 QQC41 QQC4: Character field of length 4 CHAR   
460 QQCHAR1 iSeries: Used for different purposes CHAR   
461 QQCHAR1000 Character 1000 (LCHR) field (database monitor for iSeries) LCHR 1000    
462 QQCHAR18 CHAR(18) Field for QAQQPRF (iSeries) CHAR 18    
463 QQDBMACT iSeries: Type of DB monitor active for a DB shadow job INT4 10    
464 QQDEC150 QQDEC150: DEC(15,0) (DBMon for iSeries) DEC 15    
465 QQDEC152 QQDEC152: DEC(15,2) (DBMon for iSeries) DEC 15 
466 QQDEC166 QQDEC166: DEC(16,6) DEC 16 
467 QQDEC310 QQDEC150: Domain of Type DEC(31,0) (DBMon for iSeries) DEC 31    
468 QQFKEY Estimated keys for key positioning INT4 10    
469 QQI1 QQI1: Used for different purposes INT4 10    
470 QQI2 QQI2: Used for different purposes INT4 10    
471 QQI3 QQI3: Used for different purposes INT4 10    
472 QQI4 QQI4: Used for different purposes INT4 10    
473 QQI5 QQI5: Used for different purposes INT4 10    
474 QQIDXD Key fields for the advised index CHAR 255    
475 QQJFLD Join field RAW 46    
476 QQJNP Join position INT4 10    
477 QQJNUM Job Number CHAR   
478 QQJOB Job Name CHAR 10    
479 QQKEY QQKEY: Key field of database monitor for iSeries files CHAR 17    
480 QQKSEL Estimated keys for key selection INT4 10    
481 QQKZDEF Definition of quality score classes CHAR   
482 QQLCHR QQVARC32KB: Statement text (database monitor for iSeries) LCHR 8000    
483 QQMATL Nested level of views subselected INT4 10    
484 QQMATN Subselect of Materialized View INT4 10    
485 QQM_EA_SEL_RELATION Selection Relationship: 'Or' or 'And' Relationship CHAR   
486 QQQDTL Nested Level of SELECT INT4 10    
487 QQQDTN Subselect number INT4 10    
488 QQRCOD Reason code CHAR   
489 QQRDBN Relational database name CHAR 18    
490 QQRID Record ID INT4 10    
491 QQRKART Control chart type CHAR   
492 QQRKDTOL Indicator: Display limiting values in control chart track CHAR   
493 QQRKNR Control chart number NUMC 12    
494 QQRKPINTVL Interval length in control chart INT1   
495 QQRKRGMAN Control limits changed manually CHAR   
496 QQRKSPUR Control chart track NUMC   
497 QQRKSTATUS Control chart status NUMC   
498 QQRKXGROUP Reference axis of a control chart CHAR   
499 QQROWS Number of Rows INT4 10    
500 QQSKLASSE QA sheet class CHAR