SAP ABAP Domain - Index G
Domain - G
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 GAART Warranty type CHAR   
2 GABLV Business process in distribution CHAR   
3 GAERB Indicator: Pass on Warranty CHAR   
4 GAGRP Warranty group CHAR 10    
5 GANGFOLG Building route NUMC   
6 GARID CHAR 10    
7 GARTY Garnishment type DK CHAR   
8 GARVZ Freight code set CHAR   
9 GASABART Type of gas billing CHAR   
10 GASFACTOR Conversion factor for gas DEC 17  12 
11 GASOR Sort field CHAR 30    
12 GASPRESS Gas pressure (output pressure) in bar DEC
13 GAS_PRS_AR Gas Pressure Area CHAR   
14 GAS_PRS_KZ Gas pressure determination via gas pressure area CHAR   
15 GATE_TYPE The type of a transport gate: Import/Export gate CHAR   
16 GATYP Warranty category CHAR   
17 GAZAL Warrany counter (internal number) NUMC 10    
18 GAZNA Warranty counter CHAR 30    
19 GAZPS Warranty counter item NUMC   
20 GAZTO No. of warranty counters NUMC   
21 GBANPFAK General amount adjustment factor DEC
22 GBART Type of birth CHAR   
23 GBBANDNR Band-Nr. Grundbuchbezirk CHAR 15    
24 GBBLATTNR Blatt-Nr. Grundbuch CHAR 15    
25 GBDAT Date of birth DATS   
26 GBDEP State CHAR   
27 GBEGIN Validity start CHAR   
28 GB_CLASSIF Classification of BP for Mapping at Upload CHAR   
29 GB_GROUP Business Partner Grouping CHAR   
31 GB_ROLECAT BP Role Category CHAR   
32 GB_WAERS Data Type CUKY with 5 Characters CUKY   
33 GB_WERTV7 R3A BP: Value Field with Sign CURR 13 
34 GB_WT_WTUTR GB_WT UTR Domain CHAR 50    
36 GCDFLDTYP GBC: Field Type CHAR   
38 GCDFLOAT GBC: Floating Point Number with +/- Sign FLTP 16  16 
39 GCDHOME GBC: Original System for Object CHAR   
40 GCDINT4 GBC: Integer 4 Byte with +/- Sign INT4 10    
41 GCDNO GBC: Number NUMC 10    
42 GCDNUMC GBC: Numerical Value NUMC 255    
43 GCDOBJART GBC: Object Type CHAR 10    
44 GCDOBJKEY GBC: Object Key CHAR 70    
45 GCDPACK GBC: Packed Number with +/- Sign DEC 31  14 
46 GCDRELART GBC: Object Relationship CHAR   
47 GCDTASK GBC: Standard Task CHAR   
48 GCDVALUE GBC: Value CHAR 255    
49 GCDVMART GBC: Value Conversion Type CHAR   
50 GCD_MAX_OCCURS Maximum number of marked tuple items NUMC   
51 GCD_MBRKD GCD Data Member Data Kind (String or Char) CHAR   
52 GCD_MIN_OCCURS Minimum number of marked tuple items NUMC   
53 GCODE Common PDC key CHAR   
54 GCOMP_AREA Gas composition area CHAR   
55 GDATU_INV Inverted date as string NUMC   
56 GDISK Cash management account name for the offsetting account CHAR 10    
57 GDLGRP Evaluation group 5 CHAR   
58 GDRD_MATGRP_FLAG Indicator: DRD Storage for External or Internal Mtl. Group CHAR   
59 GDRD_MATGRP_PREFIX First 9 Characters of an External Material Group CHAR   
61 GDS_EXTRACTION_MODE Extraction Mode for GDS CHAR   
63 GDS_LOGLEVEL GDS: Application Log Level INT1   
64 GDS_MATERIALS_PER_IDOC Number of Materials per IDoc INT4 10    
65 GDS_MESSAGE_DELTALOAD GDS: Message Scope in Delta Load CHAR   
66 GDV_D_COMP_TYPE Comparison Type CHAR 30    
67 GDV_D_PATH_NAME Path Name CHAR 117    
68 GDV_D_PROCESS_MODE Generic Data Verifier Process Mode CHAR 10    
69 GEART Legal Control: License Type CHAR   
70 GEBINDEART IS-M/SD: Container type CHAR   
71 GEBINDENR IS-M/SD: Container number NUMC 10    
72 GEBKZ Charge indicator CHAR   
73 GEBPR_VK Posting principle for charges CHAR   
74 GEBTYP IS-H: Delivery category CHAR   
75 GEFAHRGUT_AKTIV Dangerous goods checked/active during delivery processing CHAR   
76 GEGRU Legal Control: Legal Regulation CHAR   
77 GEGST Technical asset number CHAR   
78 GEJAHR Fiscal year NUMC   
79 GEMBZ Indicator: Social Insurance Exemption CHAR   
80 GEMND Municipality CHAR   
81 GENBBFUNC DD: function codes for report RDDGENBB CHAR   
82 GENDER Grammatical Gender of a Term Entry CHAR   
83 GENDL_AGGRULES Generic dataloader aggregation rules CHAR   
84 GENDL_TASKTYPES Generic Dataloader Task Types CHAR 10    
85 GENERR_TYP IS-M/AM: Error type during schedule line generation CHAR   
86 GENES Foreign Trade: Data Origin ID for Declarations CHAR   
87 GENFL Generation flag for leave CHAR   
88 GENFLAG Generation flag for TADIR objects CHAR   
89 GENILT_LONG_TEXT Long text for XML STRG   
92 GENIL_COMP_SPLIT_MODE Container Split Mode of a component CHAR   
94 GENIL_DYNAMIC_CREATE_DATA Creation of BOL Objects to be controlled dynamically CHAR   
96 GENIL_OPTIONS_AVAILABLE Indicates if options are available or not available CHAR   
97 GENIL_SUPPORTED GenIL Feature Supported CHAR   
98 GENIL_TEXT_ACCESS_SUPPORTED Tells if and how Text Access for an Attribute is supported CHAR   
99 GENIL_UNSIGNED_INT4 Unsigned Integer INT4 10    
100 GENIOS_DO_CONSTRAINTTYPE GENIOS: type of a constraint CHAR   
103 GENIOS_DO_GUID22 GENIOS: 22 Char Guid CHAR 22    
104 GENIOS_DO_ICON_WITH_TOOLTIP GENIOS: Icon with Tooltip Information CHAR 255    
105 GENIOS_DO_INT4 GENIOS: 32bit integer INT4 10    
106 GENIOS_DO_OBJECTIVETYPE GENIOS: type of the objective function CHAR   
109 GENIOS_DO_VARIABLETYPE GENIOS: domain type of a variable CHAR   
110 GENKZ Generation indicator CHAR   
111 GENNR License number CHAR 10    
112 GENREAKT Generation response if object already exists CHAR   
113 GENST Legal Control: Status CHAR   
114 GENSTAT Status for object generation CHAR   
115 GENTY Type of process text generation CHAR   
116 GENTYP Generation Category for Business Transaction Numbers CHAR   
117 GEN_020 Generation of transaction NUMC   
118 GEN_MODE IS-PAM: Generation mode for generating PUS CHAR   
119 GEN_OBJART IS-M/AM: Object type for generation objects CHAR   
120 GEN_OBJEKT IS-PAM: Generation object CHAR 10    
121 GEN_SIGN Indicator: Complete/generic/default address CHAR   
122 GEN_SQL Report Writer: Generation session for selects CHAR   
123 GEN_VIEW_OP Operation on ALV View CHAR   
124 GEOALT Geo location height data format DEC
125 GEOCDMODE Geocoding Mode CHAR   
126 GEOCD_EXCL Exclusive Geocoding Flag: X = if successful, then end CHAR   
127 GEOCD_RESD Geocoding Event/Status INT4 10    
128 GEODIST Distance between two geographical locations in [mm] DEC 15 
129 GEOEIN Geographical Unit CHAR 10    
130 GEOFLAG Deactivate Geocoding / Geolocation CHAR   
131 GEOGRDSQRX Grid square (X ° longitude), 0-999.999 INT4 10    
132 GEOGRDSQRY Grid square (X ° latitude), 0-999.999 = 20m INT4 10    
133 GEOLATDEG Input/Output Latitude, Degree NUMC   
134 GEOLATDIR Input/Output Latitude Direction (North/South) CHAR   
135 GEOLONDEG Input/Output Longitude, Degrees NUMC   
136 GEOLONDIR Input/Output Longitude Direction (East/West) CHAR   
137 GEOLONLAT Geo location longitude and latitude data format DEC 15  12 
138 GEOMINSEC Input/Output Minutes/Seconds for Geodata NUMC   
139 GEOM_SERVICE_ID Geometry Service ID CHAR 30    
140 GEOZ5_PREF Geocoder ZIP5GOLD: Preferred Flag for US City Name CHAR   
142 GEO_CONTEXT_ID Geo Context ID CHAR 32    
143 GEO_DESCRIPTION Geo Context Description CHAR 50    
144 GEO_PARAM_ID Parameter ID CHAR 32    
145 GEO_PROCESS_OPT Geo Processing Options CHAR 30    
147 GEO_SERVICE_ID Geo Service ID CHAR 32    
148 GEO_SERVICE_PATH Service Path CHAR 90    
149 GEO_SERVICE_TYPE Service Type CHAR 30    
150 GEPFLEGT Indicator maintained CHAR   
151 GEPLABL Scheduled meter reading CHAR   
152 GEPLABLART Planned meter reading type defined by user CHAR   
153 GERANZC Number of devices (char) CHAR   
154 GERNR Equipment serial number CHAR 18    
155 GERTYPKZ Basic device category CHAR   
156 GERTYPTXT Text for function category of a device CHAR 11    
157 GERWECHS Reason for installation, removal, or replacement CHAR   
158 GESBA Amount of advance CURR
159 GESBE Total Amount CURR 10 
160 GESCH Gender key CHAR   
161 GESCHVORF Business operation NUMC   
162 GESMN Total purchase order quantity of a material in a period QUAN 15 
163 GESST Total status for IDoc creation CHAR   
164 GESTA Status of the generator etc. CHAR   
165 GESTX Gender Text CHAR 10    
166 GESTYP Type of business CHAR 30    
167 GEVORF Business transactions NUMC   
168 GEWANT Weighting portion DEC
169 GEWANTN Denominator of weighting portion DEC 17    
170 GEWANTZ Numerator of weighting portion DEC 17    
171 GEWGR Weighting group CHAR   
172 GEWICHT Weight QUAN 12 
173 GEWICHTKL Weight class CHAR   
174 GEWINN_KZ Profit Indicator CHAR   
175 GEWKEY User-defined weighting key CHAR   
176 GEWOPER Weight operator CHAR   
177 GEWSL Weighting key CHAR   
178 GEWTO_C Excess Weight Tolerance for Handling unit CHAR   
179 GEWVERF Weighting procedures CHAR   
180 GEW_BASIS Profit Basis CHAR   
181 GFBTR Type of basic exemption CHAR   
182 GFKTEXT Description 2D graphic category CHAR 35    
183 GFKTYPE 2D graphic type CHAR   
184 GFORM Legal status CHAR   
185 GFORMAT Format for FI-SL field movements CHAR   
186 GFRBT Type of basic exemption CHAR   
187 GFTPO Cash flow type CHAR   
188 GFTST Hazard Pay Area CHAR   
189 GFWCUBAS GFW: Offset of the attributes of a display context INT4 10    
190 GFWCUCON GFW: Context ID CHAR   
191 GFWFILTER GFW: Filter data in the data container INT1   
192 GFWOBJTYPE GFW: Object type (node, link, cluster) in a data container CHAR   
193 GFWPORT GFW Customizing: Port flag CHAR   
194 GFWYVAL GFW: Y value FLTP 16  16 
195 GGABRKZ Indicator: Billing for Guarantor Contract CHAR   
196 GGSCHFT IS-M/AM: Barter deal CHAR   
197 GHO_ABS_TRNF Absolute Transfer Type CHAR   
198 GHO_ACTVT OPM Activity which is subject to the authorization check CHAR   
199 GHO_AGGR_TYPE Aggregate Type CHAR 40    
200 GHO_ALLOC_BASIS Allocation basis CHAR   
201 GHO_ALLOC_CALC_MTH_FOR_CONSMP Calculation method for consumption INT1   
202 GHO_ALLOC_DIRECTION Allocation Direction CHAR   
203 GHO_ALLOC_FREQ Allocation Frequency CHAR   
204 GHO_ALLOC_FREQ_DESC Frequency description CHAR 32    
205 GHO_ALLOC_MATERIAL Material relevant for allocation CHAR 32    
206 GHO_ALLOC_PURPOSE Allocation Purpose CHAR   
207 GHO_ALLOC_PURPOSE_POWL Allocation Purpose CHAR   
208 GHO_ALLOC_STATUS Domain for allocation status NUMC   
209 GHO_ALLOC_STATUS_TYPE Allocation status type CHAR   
210 GHO_ALLOC_TCM Theoretical Calculation Method (TCM) for estd. production. CHAR   
211 GHO_ALLOC_TYPE Allocation Type CHAR   
212 GHO_ALLOC_TYPE_POWL Allocation Type CHAR   
213 GHO_AMT_TRNF_IND Indicator for transfer amount CHAR   
214 GHO_ANALYSIS_BASIS Chemical Analysis Basis for Capture Measurements CHAR 10    
215 GHO_ANALYSIS_LEVEL Chemical Analysis Level for Capture Measurements CHAR   
216 GHO_ANALYSIS_RANK Chemical Analysis Level Ranking INT1   
217 GHO_ANALYSIS_TYPE Chemical Analysis Type for Capture Measurements CHAR   
218 GHO_BG_NO Ownership Bearer Group Number CHAR   
219 GHO_CAT_DESC Measurement Category Description CHAR 50    
220 GHO_CHAR12 CHAR 12 CHAR 12    
222 GHO_CHAR30 Char 30 CHAR 30    
223 GHO_CHAR40 Text CHAR 40 CHAR 40    
225 GHO_CLSTR_DESC Cluster Description CHAR 40    
226 GHO_CLST_TYPE Cluster Type in Network CHAR   
227 GHO_COMPONENT Component CHAR 32    
228 GHO_COND_IND Condition Indicator CHAR   
229 GHO_CONF_QUANT_CATEGORY Configurable Quantity Category for Allocation Results CHAR   
230 GHO_CONF_QUANT_CATEGORY_DESC Description for Quantity Category CHAR 50    
231 GHO_COORD GHO Coordinate NUMC   
232 GHO_COORD_TYPE Network Object Coordinate Type CHAR   
233 GHO_CRUD_INDICATOR Indicator for CRUD operations CHAR   
234 GHO_CUST_VEND_CD Customer/Vendor Indicator CHAR   
235 GHO_DATE_TIME Date and Time for Well Test CHAR 30    
236 GHO_DATS Date DATS   
238 GHO_DATS_CI2 Date DATS   
239 GHO_DEC10 Decimal 10 DEC 10    
240 GHO_DEC10_ALLOC Dec10 DEC 10    
241 GHO_DECIMALS_NUM Maximum decimal point INT1   
242 GHO_DERIV_PRIO_WELL Well Lifecycle Status Derivation Priority NUMC   
243 GHO_DIAM Diameter of Pipeline DEC
244 GHO_DISP_DESC Description CHAR 40    
245 GHO_DISP_ID Disposition ID CHAR 10    
246 GHO_DOC_TYPE Document type for Ownership Transfer Request CHAR   
247 GHO_ELEVATION_REF Elevation Reference CHAR 16    
248 GHO_ENTY_CD Entity Code ---> obsolete CHAR   
249 GHO_ESCH_CD Ownership: Escheat Code CHAR   
250 GHO_EXTENAL_ID Unique External ID CHAR 16    
251 GHO_EXT_ACT Active CHAR   
252 GHO_FLD_SYS_OBJ_ID Field System Object ID CHAR 32    
253 GHO_FREQUENCY_PERIOD Period for Frequency NUMC   
254 GHO_FREQ_PERIOD_UNIT Unit of Frequency Period CHAR   
255 GHO_FROM_TO_IND GHO from and to object indicator CHAR   
256 GHO_GEN_TYPE General Object Type NUMC   
257 GHO_GIS_CM_OBJECT_TYPE GIS: Context Menu Object Type CHAR 10    
258 GHO_GIS_CM_SEL_TYPE Context Menu Selection Type CHAR 10    
259 GHO_GIS_DS Data Source for External Attributes CHAR 10    
260 GHO_LINK_CHG_TYPE Object Link change type CHAR   
261 GHO_LINK_COLOR Object Link Color CHAR   
262 GHO_LINK_ID Id of the link between two nodes CHAR 20    
263 GHO_MEASMNT GHO Measurement CHAR 30    
264 GHO_MEASMNT_FREQ GHO Measurement Frequency CHAR 40    
265 GHO_MEASMNT_GRP GHO Measurement Group CHAR 30    
266 GHO_MEASMNT_MODE GHO Measurement Mode CHAR 40    
267 GHO_MEASMNT_PARAM GHO Measurement Parameter CHAR 30    
268 GHO_MEASMNT_PARAM_DESC Description of GHO Measurement Parameter CHAR 50    
269 GHO_MEASMNT_QCI_PARAM GHO Measurment QCI Parameter CHAR 10    
270 GHO_MEAS_MERDG_C GHO Measurement reading (char) CHAR 20    
271 GHO_MEAS_MERDG_D GHO Measurement reading (date) DATS   
272 GHO_MEAS_MERDG_F GHO Measurement reading float FLTP 16  16 
273 GHO_MEAS_MERDG_T GHO Measurement reading (time) TIMS   
274 GHO_MEAS_PARAM GHO Parameter of measurement calculation CHAR 30    
275 GHO_MEAS_RDGID GHO Measurement Reading Identifier CHAR   
276 GHO_MEAS_REFMT GHO Reading Type format CHAR   
277 GHO_MEAS_SSEQNR GHO Sequence number of SO assigned to application object CHAR 10    
278 GHO_MEAS_TYPE Measurement Type CHAR   
279 GHO_MFOLD_PRESSURE Manifold Pressure DEC 13 
280 GHO_MII_INSTANCE System ID for MII Instance CHAR 60    
281 GHO_MII_SYSTEM_URL MII system URL CHAR 100    
282 GHO_MST_TYPE Multiple stream type CHAR 40    
283 GHO_MTR_LIQD_RATIO Meter Water / Volume Ratio / Fraction NUMC   
284 GHO_MTR_LIQD_RATIO_FRAC Meter Water / Volume Ratio / Fraction DEC 17  14 
285 GHO_MTR_LIQD_RATIO_UI Meter Water / Volume Ratio / Fraction CHAR 17    
286 GHO_MTR_PRESSURE Meter Pressure DEC 13 
287 GHO_NETID Production Network Identification CHAR 30    
288 GHO_NETOBJ_ID Network Object ID CHAR 40    
289 GHO_NETOBJ_STATUS Network Object Status CHAR 40    
290 GHO_NETOBJ_STATUS_CODE Network Object Status code CHAR   
291 GHO_NETOBJ_TYPE Network Object Type CHAR 10    
292 GHO_NETOBJ_TYPE1 Network Object Type CHAR 10    
293 GHO_NODE_CAPACITY Capacity of the node D16R 16    
294 GHO_NODE_ID Id of the Node in the Network CHAR 30    
295 GHO_NOTF Notification CHAR 12    
298 GHO_NWM_TIMESTAMP Timestamp DEC 15    
299 GHO_OBJ_FACT_DSC Object Factors Description CHAR 40    
300 GHO_OBJ_ID_DESC Object id description CHAR 40    
301 GHO_OPTION_TYPE Option Type CHAR   
302 GHO_OWN_BG_NAME Ownership : Bearer Group Name CHAR 40    
303 GHO_OWN_BG_NO Ownership Bearer Group Number CHAR   
304 GHO_OWN_COMPANY_CODE Ownership : Company Code CHAR   
305 GHO_OWN_DATE Ownership : Start Date DATS   
306 GHO_OWN_DOI_DESCR Ownership : Doi Description CHAR 40    
307 GHO_OWN_DOI_ID Division of Interest ID CHAR 40    
308 GHO_OWN_DOI_ID_TYP General Object Type NUMC   
309 GHO_OWN_DOI_NAME Ownership : DOI Name CHAR 40    
310 GHO_OWN_DOI_NO Ownership - DOI No CHAR   
311 GHO_OWN_FROM_QTY Ownership: Range From Quantity DEC 16 
312 GHO_OWN_INCREMENT_QTY Decimal Increment Quantity DEC
313 GHO_OWN_INCR_QTY Ownership:Decimal Increment Quantity DEC
314 GHO_OWN_INT_CAT_CD Ownership interest category code CHAR   
315 GHO_OWN_INT_TYPE Ownership interest type CHAR   
318 GHO_OWN_OWNER_NAME Ownership Owner Name CHAR 45    
319 GHO_OWN_PARTNER_TYPE Ownership : Partner Type CHAR   
320 GHO_OWN_PART_INT_TYPE Owner Interest Type CHAR   
321 GHO_OWN_PERCENT Ownership Percentage DEC
322 GHO_OWN_RANGE_FROM_QTY Range From Quantity DEC 10  10 
323 GHO_OWN_RANGE_TO_QTY Range From Quantity DEC 10  10 
324 GHO_OWN_RSN_CD Reason Code for Ownership Transfer Request CHAR   
325 GHO_OWN_SCALE_METHOD Ownership Scale Methods CHAR   
326 GHO_OWN_SM_BASIS Ownership: Scale Method Basis CHAR   
327 GHO_OWN_SM_ID Ownership Scale Method ID CHAR   
328 GHO_OWN_SM_TYPE_ID Ownership Scale Method Type CHAR   
329 GHO_OWN_TO_QTY Ownership: Range To Quantity DEC 16 
330 GHO_OWN_TRO_STAT Transfer of Ownership Document Status NUMC   
331 GHO_OWN_TYPE Ownership Role Type CHAR   
332 GHO_PE_DESCR Oil and Gas Entity Description CHAR 40    
333 GHO_PE_ID Oil and Gas Entity ID CHAR 40    
334 GHO_PE_OPERATOR Oil and Gas Entity Operator CHAR 40    
335 GHO_PE_PETYPE Oil and Gas Entty Type CHAR 10    
336 GHO_PFN_ID ID of the Production Flow Network CHAR 32    
337 GHO_PHY_STATUS Network Object Physical Status CHAR   
338 GHO_PIPEMATNR Pipeline material CHAR   
339 GHO_PIPE_PRESSURE Pipeline Pressure DEC 13 
340 GHO_PN_RELEVANT_MEDIUM Production Network Relevant Medium CHAR   
341 GHO_PN_TYPE_IND Production Network type Indicator CHAR   
342 GHO_PPN_MSGTYP Prior period notification message severity type CHAR   
343 GHO_PP_CAPALLOC_EXEC Capacity Allocation Execution Code CHAR   
345 GHO_PP_COPY_FUNCTION Copy Function STRG   
346 GHO_PP_DATS GHO Production Date DATS   
347 GHO_PP_DIFF_DISPLAY Difference Display for Quantities CHAR   
348 GHO_PP_DIFF_PERCENT Quantity Difference in Percent DEC
349 GHO_PP_EDIT_MODE Display- or Edit-Mode of Planning Table CHAR   
351 GHO_PP_FREQUENCY_DESC Planning Horizon Frequency Description CHAR 32    
352 GHO_PP_HIERACHY_LEVEL PT Profile: Default Expand Level of Hierarchy CHAR   
353 GHO_PP_HIER_LEVEL GHO PP Hierachy Level NUMC   
354 GHO_PP_INDEX Index Number INT4 10    
355 GHO_PP_NETVER_CHKRES Consistency Check Result of a Production Network Version CHAR   
356 GHO_PP_NETVER_STATUS GHO Production Network Version Status CHAR   
357 GHO_PP_OTS_ID GHO Order Template Structure Identification CHAR   
358 GHO_PP_OTS_STATUS GHO Order Template Structure Status CHAR   
360 GHO_PP_OUTPUTMAT_TYPE Type of a material to be produced (output material) CHAR   
361 GHO_PP_PERIOD Periods for Planning Table CHAR   
362 GHO_PP_PLANNING_TYPE Planning Type Indicator CHAR   
363 GHO_PP_PLMOD OPM Planning Mode CHAR   
364 GHO_PP_PSTAT Processing Status Planning Table Item CHAR   
365 GHO_PP_PTACT Activity Types for OPM Planning CHAR   
366 GHO_PP_PT_DEC2_S Two-character number with sign for GHO Planning Table DEC   
367 GHO_PP_PT_DEC2_SIGN Two-character number with sign for GHO Planning Table DEC   
368 GHO_PP_PT_FILTER Filter for Planning Table CHAR 12    
369 GHO_PP_PT_FILTER_STATUS Filter Status for Planning Table CHAR   
370 GHO_PP_PT_FILTER_USER_FLAG Different kinds of User specific Filter NUMC   
371 GHO_PP_PT_PROFILE GHO Planning Table Profile CHAR 12    
372 GHO_PP_REL PP-Relevancy Flag CHAR   
373 GHO_PP_TOL_PERCENT PT Profile: Percent in Tolerance DEC
374 GHO_PP_UNIT Unit of Planned/Allocated Quantities in GHO-PP CHAR   
375 GHO_PP_VIEW_CATEGORY Basic View Category for OPM Planning Table CHAR   
376 GHO_PP_VIEW_TYPE OPM Planning Table View Type CHAR   
377 GHO_PRESSURE6 Pressure 6 Decimal DEC
378 GHO_PRESSURE9 Pressure 9 Decimal DEC
379 GHO_PRIME_MEDIUM Primary Medium of reclassified Medium CHAR   
380 GHO_PRODUCT Product on which allocation is performed CHAR   
381 GHO_PUMP_APPL Pump Application CHAR 40    
382 GHO_PUMP_DESIGN Pump Design CHAR 40    
383 GHO_PUMP_FLUID Pump Fluid Handled CHAR 30    
384 GHO_PUMP_POW_RATE Power Rating NUMC   
385 GHO_PUMP_SPEED Pump Speed NUMC 12    
386 GHO_QTY_CAT_DISP Display Quantity Category CHAR   
387 GHO_QTY_CLASS Quantity Class NUMC   
388 GHO_QTY_TYPE GHO : Quantity Type NUMC   
389 GHO_QTY_TYPE_REQD Value that indicates whats the purpose of qty type CHAR 30    
390 GHO_QUANTITY Quantity measured/planned against the node. Vol,Mass,Energy D16R 16    
391 GHO_QUANTITY_CATEGORY Quantity Category CHAR   
392 GHO_QUNTCAT_ADD_SUB Quantity Category Add/Subtract CHAR 10    
393 GHO_RCD_ORG Measurement Recording origin CHAR 40    
394 GHO_REASON_CAT Reason Category CHAR   
395 GHO_REASON_CODE Reason Code CHAR   
396 GHO_RECLASSIFIED_MEDIUM Reclassified Medium for Primary Medium CHAR   
397 GHO_RECLASSIFY_RELEVANT Reclassification Relevant CHAR   
398 GHO_RELEVANT GHO relevancy flag CHAR   
399 GHO_REL_TRNF Checkbox for Relative Transfer Type CHAR   
400 GHO_RULE_SOURCE_TYPE Source type for MRH rules CHAR   
401 GHO_RULE_TYPE Rule type CHAR   
402 GHO_SCREEN_SIMU_STATUS Simulation Status NUMC   
403 GHO_SEL_CRIT_WELL Selection Criteria for Well Status Derivation NUMC   
404 GHO_SEP_UOS Use of Separator CHAR   
405 GHO_SIMU_ID Simulation ID CHAR   
406 GHO_SIMU_PROP_FR_INP_SRC Domain for propose flow rate input source CHAR   
407 GHO_SIMU_SCREEN_STAT Simulation screen status NUMC   
408 GHO_SIMU_STATUS Simulation Status NUMC   
409 GHO_SM_RELEVANT Ownership Scale Method relevancy flag CHAR   
410 GHO_S_ALLOC_STATUS_CI2 Fixed Value Append for allocation status - CI2     
411 GHO_S_QTY_TYPE_REQD_CI2 Fixed Value Append for Quantity Type Required: CI2     
412 GHO_TANK_ID Tank ID CHAR 10    
413 GHO_TCM_TYPE Type Of Theoretical Calculation Method CHAR   
414 GHO_TEMP6 Temperature DEC
415 GHO_THEO_ACT_IND Theoretical Actual Indicator CHAR   
417 GHO_TIMS_ALLOC Time Field TIMS   
419 GHO_TPL_DESC GHO template network description CHAR 60    
420 GHO_TPL_NETID GHO template network ID CHAR 20    
421 GHO_TRANGE_IND GHO Time Range Filter Indicator CHAR   
422 GHO_TRO_DOC_NUM Transfer of Ownership document number CHAR 10    
423 GHO_UMRSL Conversion Group - GHO CHAR   
424 GHO_UOM GHO Specific Unit Of Measure UNIT   
425 GHO_UOM_GROUP Domain for GHO UOM Group CHAR   
426 GHO_VAR_HDR_ID_INT Variant Header ID (Internal) CHAR   
427 GHO_VAR_OPT_TYPE Variant Option Type CHAR   
428 GHO_WC_DESCR Well Completion Description CHAR 40    
429 GHO_WC_DUR Well Completion Duration DEC
430 GHO_WC_STATUS Well Completion Status CHAR   
431 GHO_WC_TYPE Well Completion Type CHAR 50    
432 GHO_WELLCLASS_CATEGORY Wellclass category CHAR   
433 GHO_WELLCLASS_DESCR Wellclass Description CHAR 40    
435 GHO_WELL_NAME Well Name CHAR 32    
436 GHO_WELL_NAME_ALT Alternate Well Name CHAR 32    
437 GHO_WELL_SHORE_IND Well Shore Indicator CHAR   
438 GHO_WELL_STATUS Well Status CHAR 16    
439 GHO_WELL_TEST_ANL_USER_FLAG Filter Basis for Well Test Analysis of Mutiple Wells NUMC   
440 GHO_WELL_TEST_TYPE Well Test Type CHAR   
441 GHO_WELL_USAGE Well Usage CHAR 16    
442 GHO_WTYPE Well Test Type CHAR   
443 GIL_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 60    
444 GIL_ENH_CHANGABLE Changability of attributes in the model CHAR   
446 GIL_ENH_NAME genIL Component Enhancement CHAR 30    
447 GIL_PREFIX Prefix CHAR 15    
448 GINTERFTYP Possible Types for Global Table Interfaces CHAR   
449 GIS_EXT_BUS_ID External Buisness system ID CHAR 60    
450 GIS_OBJ_TYPE Object type for internal and external CHAR 30    
451 GIS_OBJ_TYPE_MAP Object Type for Creation on GIS MAP CHAR 10    
452 GIS_SCOPE Scope to check Tooltip or Attribbute Personalization CHAR   
453 GIS_SCRN_NUMC2 screen numc2 NUMC   
454 GIS_SCRN_NUMC4 numc4 NUMC   
455 GITCOL Classification of transaction type group CHAR   
456 GITFLG Flag for alloc. transact. type group --> history sheet item CHAR   
457 GITSP Number of column in asset history sheet NUMC   
458 GITTGR Summarization of trans. types for asset history sheet CHAR   
459 GITVRS Asset history sheet version CHAR   
460 GITZL Line number in history sheet NUMC   
461 GJAHR Fiscal year NUMC   
462 GJAHR_INV Inverted Fiscal Year NUMC   
463 GJHID Fiscal Year Identification CHAR   
464 GJVFS JV field selection CHAR   
465 GJV_XC Flag for Cross company account determination CHAR   
466 GJV_XCP Cross company steering flag for COFI postings CHAR   
467 GJV_XCP_COFI CO/FI reconciliation steering flag CHAR   
468 GKART Offsetting account type CHAR   
469 GKLASSE Accuracy class CHAR   
470 GKNKZ Offsetting account determination CHAR   
471 GKONT Offsetting account CHAR 10    
472 GKPAR Legal Control: Grouping Partners CHAR   
473 GLACCEXT Financial Statement Item CHAR 18    
474 GLACCOUNT_ACTION G/L account master record: Action for data record CHAR   
475 GLART_SC Smoothing Type CHAR   
476 GLATT Smoothing factor DEC
477 GLBTYPETXT Description of set variable type ('Set', 'Value') CHAR 30    
478 GLCENTACTY Domain for central FI-GLX authorizations NUMC   
479 GLCONST Constants for document splitting CHAR   
480 GLCONSTVAL String for values of a constant CHAR 50    
482 GLE_ADB_CHAR1 Char 1 CHAR   
483 GLE_ADB_PP_PCOUNT Number of Objects per Package NUMC 10    
484 GLE_ADB_RUNID Identification of Run for ADB Move and Merge NUMC 10    
485 GLE_ADB_RUNID_EXT ADB Extended Run ID CHAR 100    
487 GLE_DOM_ADB_LEDGER_TYPE Ledger Categories for Average Daily Balances CHAR   
488 GLE_DOM_ADB_LONG_VALUE Value Field with Plus/Minus Sign CURR 27 
489 GLE_DOM_ADB_MA_CALC_TYPE Internal Calculation Rule for Average Ledger CHAR   
491 GLE_DOM_ADB_PROCESS Processes in Average Daily Balance CHAR   
492 GLE_DOM_ADB_VALUE Value Field with Plus/Minus Sign CURR 27 
494 GLE_DOM_BALANC_TYP Balancing Type CHAR   
495 GLE_DOM_ECS_AGING_CATEGORY Aging Category for ECS Items CHAR   
496 GLE_DOM_ECS_DDOPTION OPTION component in the row type of a ranges type CHAR   
497 GLE_DOM_ECS_DEC9_5 ECS: Amount Field, Decimal, 9.5 DEC
498 GLE_DOM_ECS_EXTERNAL_RUNID Run ID of Posting Run NUMC 12    
499 GLE_DOM_ECS_EXT_RUNID External Run ID CHAR 12