SAP ABAP Domain - Index G, page 7
Domain - G
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 GRVER IS-H: limit of stay NUMC   
2 GRWDSOURCE Report Writer: Data source CHAR   
3 GRWINID Window ID in graphic CHAR   
4 GRWI_DECIMALS Decimal places CHAR   
6 GRWI_SCALE Scaling factor (for Report Painter number formating) CHAR   
7 GRWMA Indicator for manually influenced statistical value CHAR   
8 GRWOS_FILETYPE Report Writer Office Integration: File Type CHAR   
9 GRWRT Statistical value in document currency CURR 13 
10 GR_STATUS Report Writer: Stored report status indicator CHAR   
11 GR_STAT_A Report Writer: Priority of extracts CHAR   
12 GR_VTYPE Report Writer: Type of entry in GRIX_SEL CHAR   
13 GR_ZTERM IS-M/AM: Terms of payment group CHAR   
14 GSAPOBJECTTYPE_DOMAIN Object Type Domains CHAR 20    
15 GSART Transaction type CHAR   
16 GSART_VX Business transaction type CHAR   
17 GSATZ_045G Charge rate DEC
18 GSBER Business area CHAR   
19 GSBER_GLOB Globally unique business area CHAR   
20 GSBER_KONS Consolidation business area CHAR   
21 GSBK Business area consolidation: active/inactive CHAR   
22 GSCHA_VK Business transaction type CHAR   
23 GSCHL IS-H: Sex Indicator - Internal CHAR   
24 GSCHLE RI: external sex ID CHAR   
25 GSFNR_VK Business Transaction Number CHAR 16    
26 GSKEY Total key of MDVM CHAR 25    
27 GSM_AREA_CODE Area Code CHAR   
29 GSM_COUNTRY_CODE Country Code CHAR   
31 GSM_SIMID SIM Card Number CHAR 20    
32 GSM_SIMID_UI SIM Card Number CHAR 20    
33 GSM_TELNUM Telephone Number CHAR 10    
34 GSM_TELNUM_UI Telephone Number CHAR 10    
35 GSNK Company consolidation active/inactive CHAR   
37 GSUCOLORID SAP Structural Graphics: color NUMC   
38 GSUEXPOID SAP Structure Graphics: export filter NUMC   
39 GSUFONTID SAP Structure Graphics: display fiont NUMC   
40 GSUFORMID SAP Structure Graphics: page format NUMC   
41 GSUOFORMID SAP Structure Graphics: form IDs NUMC   
42 GSUPAGESZ SAP Structure Graphics: page size DEC
43 GSUPSFONID SAP Structure Graphics: Postscript font NUMC   
44 GSURESITEM SAP Structure Graphics: reserved tool box item IDs NUMC   
45 GSUSEPID SAP Structure Graphics: separator ID NUMC   
46 GSUSHAPEID SAP Structure Graphics: shape NUMC   
47 GSUSTYLEID SAP Structure Graphics: line type NUMC   
48 GSVGANG TR business transaction SEC NUMC   
49 GSVORGART_KK Type of bus.transaction from electronic acct statement NUMC   
50 GSVOR_AM Asset Accounting transactions CHAR   
51 GS_REASON Reason for Exception CHAR   
52 GTABKEY_EXC_STATUS_D Approval Status CHAR   
53 GTART Freight code CHAR 12    
54 GTBANKA Bank Account CHAR 80    
55 GTBSTAT_D GT Status CHAR 12    
56 GTCANIND Cancellation Indicator CHAR   
57 GTCATG Golden Tax Invoice Category CHAR   
58 GTCOMBFLG Auto combine flag CHAR   
59 GTCOMBINEID Combine ID of Document Combination CHAR 20    
60 GTCONF Tax Invoice Key CHAR   
61 GTCONNTYP File Transfer Type CHAR   
62 GTCVT Conversion Rule CHAR   
63 GTDOCTYPE Source Document Type CHAR   
64 GTDSTAT GT document status CHAR   
65 GTEXCEL_TPL Excel File Template CHAR   
66 GTEXT Report: Supplementary Pension (PS): Text for Notif. Reason CHAR 45    
67 GTFILETYP File type CHAR   
68 GTFKART GT Invocie Type CHAR   
69 GTFKTYP GT Invoice Type Code CHAR 10    
70 GTGOODSLIST Name of the Goods List CHAR 30    
71 GTINV Invoice not sent to GT CHAR   
72 GTINVQUAN Invoiced Quantity QUAN 16 
73 GTIN_VARIANT Global Trade Item Number Variant CHAR   
74 GTIN_VARIANT_TYPE Type of GTIN variant CHAR   
75 GTISERROR Follow-up Action CHAR   
76 GTKBETR Tax Rate CURR 11 
77 GTKEY1 GTI Multiple Data Key 1 CHAR 10    
78 GTKEY2 GTI Multiple Data Key 2 CHAR 10    
79 GTKEY3 GTI Multiple Data Key 3 CHAR 20    
80 GTKTYP Customer Type CHAR   
81 GTLISTIND GT Goods List Indicator CHAR   
82 GTMAKTX Material Description CHAR 60    
83 GTMODE GT - Mode of Unit Price CHAR   
84 GTMSPEC Material Specification CHAR 30    
85 GTNAME1 Customer Name CHAR 100    
86 GTNETTAX Net Value in Document Curr CURR 14 
87 GTNETVALUE Net Value in Document Currency CURR 14 
88 GTNOTE GT Note CHAR 160    
89 GTNOTTY Note Type CHAR   
90 GTORG Print Orgnization CHAR   
91 GTPEMOD Price Mode CHAR   
92 GTPROC GTI RFC process logic CHAR   
93 GTREFVBELN Golden Tax Document Number CHAR 20    
94 GTRT_CRM_COM_BREL_KIND_E1 Type of interlinked objects CHAR   
95 GTRT_CRM_COM_VONA_KIND_E1 Type of binary relationship types VONA CHAR   
96 GTRT_CRM_CREDIT_INDICATOR_E1 Grantor: Credit Debit Indicator CHAR   
97 GTRT_CRM_DATES_DOMINANT_E1 Indicates a Date as an All Day Event CHAR   
98 GTRT_CRM_FIN_EXEC_TYPE_E1 Financial Execution Type for Grants management for Grantor CHAR   
99 GTRT_CRM_GRM_EXPENSE_CAT Grantor Expense Category CHAR   
100 GTRT_CRM_GRM_EXPENSE_CAT_GRP Grantor Expense Category Group CHAR   
101 GTRT_CRM_GRM_FIN_EXEC_TYPE Financial Execution Type for Grants management for Grantor CHAR   
102 GTRT_CRM_GRM_PAYMENT_TYPE Payment Type for Grantor CHAR   
103 GTRT_CRM_PRICING_INDICATOR_E1 Pricing indicator CHAR   
104 GTRT_CRM_STATISTICAL_E1 Statistical values CHAR   
105 GTR_CRM_EXPENSE_CAT Expense Type for Grantor (copy of GTRT_CRM_GRM_EXPENSE_CAT) CHAR   
106 GTR_CRM_PAYMENT_TYPE Payment Type for Grantor (copy of GTRT_CRM_GRM_PAYMENT_TYPE) CHAR   
107 GTR_CRM_PROXY_SCENARIO_E1 CRM Proxy Scenario CHAR 10    
108 GTR_EF_MODE_E1 Grantor Invoicing Mode: Reduction or Consumption CHAR   
109 GTR_PT_IN_OUT_E1 Grantor Invoicing Payment Type: Incoming or Outgoing CHAR   
110 GTR_WRPEF_CRM_DESCR Description Text from Replication CHAR 40    
111 GTR_WRPEF_YEARDEP Grantor FR wrapper: create year dependant documents CHAR   
112 GTSEND_TP Send Type CHAR   
113 GTSLITM Line Item Limit INT1   
114 GTSPLINVNO GTI - Splited Invoice Number CHAR 20    
115 GTSPLITIND Invoice Split Indicator CHAR   
116 GTSTATUS Possible statuses for a GTADIR entry (text version) CHAR 30    
117 GTSTRAS Customer Address CHAR 80    
118 GTS_SAKES SAP Global Trade Services: Storage Status of Delivery CHAR   
119 GTTABID ID of Tab Page CHAR 10    
120 GTTAB_NAME Title of Tab Page CHAR 30    
121 GTTAXAMT Tax Amount CURR 14 
123 GTUNITPE Unit Price CURR 15 
124 GTUNITPRICE GT unit price CURR 15 
125 GTUOMDES Unit Measurement Desc. CHAR 16    
126 GTUPNEWDB Status Indicator of New Database CHAR   
127 GTVBELN GTI Invoice Number CHAR   
128 GTYPE FI-SL: Generation type of selection CHAR   
129 GTZEILE GTI - Splited Invoice Item Number NUMC   
130 GUEBGV Proposal for valid-from date CHAR   
131 GUELTJM Indicator: validity period of calorific value CHAR   
132 GUID16 DOM for GUID in RAW16 Format RAW 16    
134 GUIXT_X132 GuiXT screen line RAW 132    
135 GUIXT_X256 Raw data line GuiXT screens RAW 256    
136 GUI_BCODE Menu Painter: Pushbutton code CHAR   
137 GUI_CHKTP Menu Painter: Inspection type CHAR   
138 GUI_E2E_INSTANCE Instance Name CHAR 64    
139 GUI_E2E_IO_KRN_TRC_LEVEL Kernel Trace Level CHAR   
140 GUI_E2E_KERNEL_TRC_LEVEL Kernel Trace Level INT1   
141 GUI_E2E_TIME Time stamp consisting of date and time CHAR 14    
142 GUI_E2E_TRC_FLAG Trace Flag INT1   
143 GUI_E2E_TRC_LEVEL Trace Level CHAR   
144 GUI_FTEXT Frontend-dependent function key name CHAR 10    
145 GUI_FUNC Menu Painter: Object code CHAR 20    
146 GUI_F_COMB Frontend-Dependent Key Combination CHAR 30    
147 GUI_INFO Menu Painter: Info text (4.0) CHAR 60    
148 GUI_PB_OBJ Menu Painter: Pushbuttons in list CHAR 20    
149 GUI_PRIO GUI check GUI priorities CHAR   
150 GUI_STATUS GUI status CHAR 20    
151 GUI_TEXT Menu Painter: Function menu text CHAR 40    
152 GUI_TEXTNO Menu Painter: Function text number CHAR   
153 GUI_TITLE Menu Painter: Title code CHAR 20    
154 GUI_TP Names of GUI types CHAR   
155 GUTSCHEIN Coupon number NUMC   
156 GUTS_NR IS-M: Coupon number CHAR 18    
157 GUZOL Chain of offices of transit CHAR   
158 GUZST Office of destination CHAR   
159 GVCDEF_EB Selection According to Business Transaction Code CHAR   
160 GVERRECH Rental price indictor with validation for X CHAR   
161 GVMNG Default quantity indicator in credit memo CHAR   
162 GVORF Business transaction CHAR 10    
163 GVSACTIV Activation level for validation/substitution callup points NUMC   
164 GWA_ACTION Action to be invoked when an alarm is triggered. CHAR 20    
165 GWA_APPLNDESC Application Scenario Name / Description CHAR 100    
166 GWA_BOOL Boolean (X - TRUE, SPACE - FALSE) CHAR   
167 GWA_BPCATG BP Category CHAR   
168 GWA_CALPRIO ICal Priority Values CHAR   
169 GWA_CATGDESC Categories Description Customizing Table CHAR 30    
170 GWA_CATGR Business Partners Category CHAR 15    
171 GWA_CATGTXT BP Category Text CHAR 15    
172 GWA_CLASS Access Class Type CHAR 10    
173 GWA_CRMTOGW Direction to apply the filter condition CRM->GW CHAR   
174 GWA_CUSTSTAT Customer Status CHAR 20    
176 GWA_DURATN Repeat Duration CHAR   
177 GWA_EXCL Exclusive Filter- Exclude Roles for Synchronization CHAR   
178 GWA_FILTERFLD Application filter fields CHAR 15    
179 GWA_FILTERFLDDESC Filter Field Desc CHAR100 CHAR 100    
180 GWA_FILTERVAL GW object Selection Field Value CHAR 100    
181 GWA_GROUP BP Groups CHAR 20    
182 GWA_GWOBJTYPE Groupware Object Type CHAR 15    
183 GWA_GWOCATG Category updated in master category list of GW CHAR 100    
184 GWA_GWOCATGCLASS Class of Category updated in master category list of GW CHAR   
185 GWA_GWOCATG_DESC Text for Category to be sent to master category list of GW CHAR 100    
186 GWA_GWTOCRM Direction to apply the filter condition GW->CRM CHAR   
187 GWA_HOURS Hours to wait CHAR   
188 GWA_INCL Inclusive Filter CHAR   
189 GWA_MINUTES Minutes to wait CHAR   
190 GWA_OBJPRIO GW Object Priority Code CHAR   
191 GWA_PDESC Priority Description String CHAR 100    
192 GWA_PRIOCUST Priorities Customizing Table CHAR 30    
193 GWA_PRIODESC Priorities Description Customizing Table CHAR 30    
194 GWA_PTYPE Process Type CHAR   
195 GWA_RECSUPP Recurrence Appointment support CHAR   
196 GWA_REGION BP Region- Country, State, Region CHAR 20    
197 GWA_SAPPRIO SAP Applications priority code CHAR   
198 GWA_SECONDS Seconds to wait CHAR   
199 GWA_SIGN Sign with respect to Time ( + or - ) CHAR   
200 GWA_STATDESC Status Description Customizing Table CHAR 30    
201 GWA_STATTBL Status Customizing Table CHAR 20    
202 GWA_STATUDESC Status Description CHAR 30    
203 GWA_TIMES Number of times to repeat INT1   
204 GWA_VCARDADDRTYPTEXT VCard Address Type Text CHAR 30    
205 GWA_VCARDEMLTYPTEXT VCard EMail Type Texts CHAR 30    
209 GWB Handling of goodwill CHAR   
210 GWHOST Gateway host name CHAR 20    
211 GWICHTKZ Weighting per calorific value district CHAR   
212 GWILL_IND Ind.: Goodwill Processing CHAR   
213 GWI_APPCAT_DESC Application Category for GWI description CHAR 20    
214 GWSERV Gateway service CHAR 20    
215 GWTNG Weighting DEC   
216 GW_ACCTYPE Groupware Object Access Type CHAR 10    
217 GW_BPPROPKEY BUPA Property Key CHAR 15    
218 GW_BPPROPKEY2 BUPA Property Key 2 CHAR 15    
219 GW_OBJDESC GW Object Description CHAR 30    
220 GW_OBJTYPE GW Object Type- iCal or vCard CHAR   
221 GW_OBJVERS GW Object Version CHAR   
222 GW_PROPDESC Property Key Description CHAR 100    
223 GW_PROPKEY Property Key CHAR 10    
224 GW_PROPKEY2 Property Key 2 CHAR 10    
225 GW_PROPVAL Property Value CHAR 120    
226 GW_PROPVAL2 Property Key 2 Values CHAR 120    
227 GW_PVALUES iCal priority values NUMC   
228 GW_VCARDADDRTYP VCard Address Types CHAR 15    
229 GW_VCARDEMAILTYP VCard Email Types CHAR 15    
230 GW_VCARDPROP VCard Property CHAR 15    
231 GW_VCARDSUBPROP VCard Sub Property CHAR 15    
232 GW_VCARDTELTYP VCard Telephone Types CHAR 15    
233 GXXLD_ENQ XXL interface: Enqueue no. PC file CHAR   
234 GXXLD_FILE XXL interface: file name for list object CHAR   
235 GXXLD_FLAG XXL interface: code domain CHAR   
236 GXXLD_NMBR XXL interface: Line/column numbers INT2   
237 GXXLD_PATH XXL interface: Path in local file system CHAR 70    
238 GXXLD_SEMA XXL interface: domain for semantic data CHAR   
239 GXXLD_TEXT XXL interface: text CHAR 60    
240 GYY_GEN_STATUS Generation Status of the Program CHAR   
241 GYY_REPORT Program Name CHAR 30    
242 GZART_VX Underwriting type CHAR   
243 GZMOD 4 characters CHAR   
244 GZOLX Preference zone CHAR   
245 GZUGR Processing type for fields in access CHAR   
246 G_ACTIVITY Time of validation/substitution CHAR   
247 G_CHARACTERISTICS_VALUE Characteristic Values for Enrichment in FI-SL Planning CHAR 30    
248 G_ERROR Approval error category CHAR   
249 G_INFOSATZ Device Category Intended for Device Info Record CHAR   
250 G_MESSAGE_TYPE IS-M: Control of error behavior in automatic generation CHAR   
251 G_NOTE Note to field service CHAR   
252 G_OBJECT Object type to which the permit is assigned CHAR   
253 G_ORIGIN Origin of permit in maintenance order CHAR   
254 G_STTG Key date for permit NUMC