SAP ABAP Domain - Index O
Domain - O
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 O2APPLEXT O2: External Name of BSP Application (Upper and Lower Case) CHAR 30    
2 O2APPLNAME O2: Name of BSP Application CHAR 30    
3 O2BROWSER Browser Type CHAR 40    
4 O2CNTRLNAM WCF: Control: Name CHAR 30    
5 O2CNTROID WCF: Control: ID CHAR 40    
6 O2COMPRESS Compress BSP Page CHAR   
7 O2EDTSTATE O2: Editing Status of an Object CHAR   
8 O2EVHANDLR O2 Event Handler Key CHAR 30    
9 O2EVHNAME O2 Event Handler Name CHAR 30    
10 O2HTMLTXT Documentation Text for HTML Tags CHAR 255    
11 O2LANGTYP HTML Language Dialect CHAR 10    
12 O2LIFETIME Lifetime of a BSP Page CHAR   
13 O2MIMENAME O2: MIME Object Name CHAR 70    
14 O2NAVNODE Nodes in Navigation Graph CHAR   
15 O2OBJTYPE Oxygen Object Types CHAR   
16 O2PAGE Internal Name (Key) of Oxygen Page CHAR 70    
17 O2PAGEEXT External Name of Oxygen Page (Upper and Lower Case) CHAR 70    
18 O2PAGSTATE State (Stateful/Stateless) of a BSP Page CHAR   
19 O2PAGTYP Page Type: Page Fragment, Executable Page or Controller CHAR   
20 O2PARATYPE Parameter Declaration Level (User View) NUMC   
21 O2PARATYPT Parameter Declaration Type (from User View - Text Display) CHAR 25    
22 O2PARNAME Oxygen: Aliases for Page Parameters CHAR 30    
23 O2PROTOCOL O2: Log for Internet Connection CHAR 10    
24 O2SCRITYPE O2: Scripting Language Type CHAR   
25 O2STRIPMODE Omit Spaces, Carriage Returns, and Line Feeds CHAR   
26 O2TAGATTR Attribute of HTML Tag CHAR 30    
27 O2TAGDOC Documentation for HTMP Tags CHAR 255    
28 O2TAGNAME Name of an HTML Tag CHAR 30    
29 O2THEME Theme ID CHAR 30    
30 O2TLTYPTYPE Typing method NUMC   
31 O2TYPTYPE Typing method NUMC   
32 O2TYPTYPT Typing Method of Text Display CHAR 11    
33 O2URL O2: URL CHAR 1024    
34 O2_PAGLINE Line in BSP Page CHAR 255    
35 OA2C_ACCOUNT_ACTIVE OAuth 2.0 Client Account Active CHAR   
36 OA2C_ACCOUNT_EMAIL_TYPE OAuth 2.0 Client Account EMail Type CHAR   
37 OA2C_ACCOUNT_NAMEFORMAT OAuth 2.0 Client Account Nameformat CHAR   
38 OA2C_ADD_PARAM_KIND OAuth 2.0 Client Additional Parameter Kind INT4 10    
39 OA2C_ADD_PARAM_NAME OAuth 2.0 Client Additional Parameter Name SSTR 85    
40 OA2C_ADD_PARAM_VALUE OAuth 2.0 Client Additional Parameter Value STRG   
41 OA2C_AUTHORIZATION Authorization for OAuth 2.0 Client CHAR 32    
42 OA2C_AUTHORIZATION_ENDPOINT OAuth 2.0 Authorization Endpoint STRG   
43 OA2C_AUTHORIZATION_SERVER OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server STRG   
44 OA2C_CALLER_OBJECT OAuth 2.0 Client Caller Object Name CHAR   
45 OA2C_CALLER_TYPE OAuth 2.0 Client - Caller Type CHAR   
46 OA2C_CLIENT_ALIAS OAuth 2.0 Client Alias CHAR 30    
47 OA2C_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION OAuth 2.0 Client Authentication Method INT4 10    
48 OA2C_CLIENT_ID OAuth 2.0 Client ID SSTR 261    
49 OA2C_OBTAIN_METHOD OAuth 2.0 Client Obtain Method (Grant Type to request AT) INT4 10    
50 OA2C_PARAM_KIND OAuth 2.0 Client - ICF Client Interface: Parameter kind CHAR   
51 OA2C_PROFILE OAuth 2.0 Client Profile CHAR 30    
52 OA2C_REDIRECT_URI_HOST OAuth 2.0 Client Redirect URI Host STRG   
53 OA2C_REVOCATION_ENDPOINT OAuth 2.0 Revocation Endpoint STRG   
54 OA2C_RS_ACCESS_METHOD OAuth 2.0 Resource Server Access Method CHAR   
55 OA2C_RT_VALIDITY OAuth 2.0 Client Refresh Token Validity [d] INT4 10    
56 OA2C_SCOPE OAuth 2.0 Client Scope STRG   
57 OA2C_TARGET_PATH OAuth 2.0 Client Target Path STRG   
58 OA2C_TENANT OAuth 2.0 Client Tenant SSTR 100    
59 OA2C_TOKEN_ENDPOINT OAuth 2.0 Token Endpoint STRG   
60 OA2C_TYPE OAuth 2.0 Service Provider Type CHAR 20    
61 OA2C_UUID OAuth 2.0 Client UUID CHAR 32    
62 OA2P_ADD_PARAM_NAME OAuth 2.0 Profile Additional Parameter Name CHAR 85    
63 OA2P_ADD_PARAM_VALUE OAuth 2.0 Client Profile Additional Parameter Value CHAR 255    
64 OA2P_SCOPE OAuth 2.0 Client Scope CHAR 255    
65 OA2_AUTH_OBJECT OAuth 2.0 Authorization Object CHAR 10    
66 OA2_OBJECT OAuth2 Object Type CHAR   
67 OA2_PGMID OAuth2 Program ID CHAR   
68 OA2_S_CL_DESC OAuth2 Client Description CHAR 40    
69 OA2_S_CL_ID OAuth2 Client CHAR 40    
70 OA2_S_CONTEXT_TYPE OAuth 2.0 Context Type CHAR 20    
71 OA2_S_CT OAuth2 Client Type CHAR   
72 OA2_S_GT OAuth2 Grant-Type Enumeration CHAR   
73 OA2_S_GT_AUTHCODE_REDIRECT_URI OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Redirection URI CHAR 255    
75 OA2_S_SC_DESC OAuth Scope Description CHAR 60    
76 OA2_S_SC_ID OAuth2 Scope ID CHAR 40    
77 OA2_S_TOKEN_LIFETIME OAuth2 Access Token Lifetime INT4 10    
78 OACTION Return parameter for compare program CHAR   
79 OADISDOC Display Documents Directly or Using Hit List CHAR   
80 OADTHOLD Copy Document Class from Document Type CHAR   
81 OADTM HR: Date of origin of original DATS   
82 OAF_AGENT_EXPOBJ_STATUS Export Object Status CHAR   
83 OAF_SCHED_DATA Data on Scheduled Jobs RSTR   
84 OAF_SCHED_GROUP Scheduling Group CHAR   
85 OAF_SCHED_GROUP_DESC Description of Schedulung Group CHAR 30    
86 OAF_SCHED_TMPL_ID Job Scheduling Template ID CHAR   
87 OAF_SCHED_TYPE Scheduling Category CHAR   
88 OAF_SCHED_WDCDSEL Select count direction for 'on workday' start date CHAR   
89 OBART Object type CHAR   
90 OBGNR Object group number CHAR   
91 OBGRE Upper value of store group for store evaluation NUMC 13    
92 OBJ1T Object Type CHAR   
93 OBJ1T_KK Object Type CHAR   
94 OBJ2_CMF_ID ID for Error Management and Analysis CHAR   
97 OBJ2_LOG_FLOW_CONTROL_MODE Processing Options - Function CHAR   
98 OBJ2_LOG_FLOW_CONTROL_TEST Processing Options - Processing Mode CHAR   
99 OBJCATEG Object category (CUST, CUSY, APPL, SYST) CHAR   
100 OBJCHARSET Flag for permitted character set in object name CHAR   
101 OBJCLASS Object class CHAR   
102 OBJCOUNTER Object counter in translation performance monitor NUMC 10    
103 OBJCT_FAV Object for which the work list is created CHAR   
104 OBJCT_STATUS Archiving Status CHAR   
105 OBJCT_TR01 Archiving object CHAR 10    
106 OBJDEP Viewcluster entry selection type for navigation CHAR   
107 OBJECEXIST TADIR QUERY: Object exists (related object) CHAR   
108 OBJECT Object Type CHAR   
109 OBJECTCL Object class CHAR 15    
110 OBJECTNAME Object name CHAR 30    
111 OBJECTSTAT Status of an object from the central object directory CHAR   
112 OBJECTTYP Object type CHAR   
113 OBJECT_ACT Entry Values for Control Table KBEROBJ CHAR 10    
114 OBJECT_COUNTER Counter for objects (always set to 1, aggregated later) INT4 10    
115 OBJECT_FAMILY Object Family CHAR   
116 OBJECT_KK Object for distributing intervals CHAR 10    
117 OBJECT_PAC Packing object CHAR   
118 OBJECT_TYP Object Type: Personnel Times/Quotas CHAR   
119 OBJECT_TYPE Object Type CHAR   
120 OBJECT_TYPES Type like Issue, Service, Message, Order SAP Expert, Action CHAR   
121 OBJEKT Classification: object field CHAR 50    
122 OBJEKTINF Information about position of an object when navigating CHAR 250    
123 OBJEKTPROT Reset object CHAR 10    
124 OBJEKTTAB Object Table CHAR 30    
125 OBJEKTTYP Object type for navigation CHAR   
126 OBJEKT_BCF Object for screen sequence control, CUA and field selection CHAR 10    
127 OBJE_TYPE Project management object type CHAR   
128 OBJFUNC Object entry function CHAR   
129 OBJID Object ID of the relevant unit cost estimate CHAR 10    
130 OBJID_TXT_ITAGCY Object ID for an Agency CHAR 40    
131 OBJIMP Flag: Object can be adjusted CHAR   
132 OBJIMP1 Flag: Object Can be Adjusted CHAR   
133 OBJKN Object list number INT4 10    
134 OBJKT Object of a routing CHAR   
135 OBJKZ Indicator: Remaining split record CHAR   
136 OBJLENGTH Domain for object lengths INT4 10    
137 OBJLIST_ID Object type for service order object list CHAR   
138 OBJMAPMOD Mapping Module Name CHAR 32    
139 OBJMAPTYPE Mapping Type CHAR   
140 OBJNAME DD: Domain for SAP object name CHAR 30    
141 OBJNAME5 GTADIR Object Name from Release 6.10 CHAR 112    
142 OBJNAMECLS Indicator for namespace type of an object CHAR   
143 OBJNAME__5 Lower limit for selection CHAR 50    
144 OBJNAME__6 Upper limit for selection (only for FUNCTION 'DEL') CHAR 50    
145 OBJNR Object number CHAR 18    
146 OBJPS Object ID CHAR   
147 OBJRFF_ACT Check management grouping - Processing completed CHAR   
148 OBJRL_KK Relation between Objects CHAR   
149 OBJST Object status CHAR   
150 OBJSTABLE Development object stability CHAR   
151 OBJSTABLT2 Release indicator for development objects CHAR   
152 OBJSTABLTY Release status of a development object CHAR   
153 OBJSTATE Status of a Dictionary object CHAR   
154 OBJTAGDOM Domain for object tag CHAR 10    
155 OBJTRANSP Flag for linking maintenance object with transport CHAR   
156 OBJTY BOM Item Object Types CHAR   
157 OBJTYPE_GROUP Semantic Group Affiliation of an Object Type CHAR 40    
158 OBJTYPE_GROUP_NAME Name of Object Type Group CHAR 80    
159 OBJTY_KK Object Identification CHAR   
160 OBJTY_MD IO: Authorization Objects for Insurance Object CHAR   
161 OBJUUID TRM: Domains for UUID of objects CHAR 22    
162 OBJVBKZ Engineering Change Management: Update Indicator CHAR   
163 OBJVERS_DELETE Object version for deletion CHAR   
164 OBJVW Object list usage CHAR   
165 OBJ_BF_ISP Object for screen sequence control, GUI and field selection CHAR 10    
166 OBJ_CALCULATED_STATUS Status: Category Calculated CHAR   
167 OBJ_CLAS Object class CHAR   
168 OBJ_COA_VALUATION_VALUETYPE Value Type for Valuation (E.g.: Actual, Altern. Cost Est.) INT1   
169 OBJ_CUR_FLG Flag for Object Currency Read and Display Activation CHAR   
170 OBJ_FLAG Node Type Flag CHAR   
171 OBJ_ID Transport/conversion: Object CHAR 10    
172 OBJ_ID___1 Transport/conversion: Object CHAR 10    
173 OBJ_KEY_TYPE_KK Object Key CHAR   
176 OBJ_LOG_FLOW_CONTROL_MODE Processing Options - Function CHAR   
177 OBJ_LOG_FLOW_CONTROL_TEST Processing Options - Processing Mode CHAR   
178 OBJ_NAM Addresses: Document name CHAR 12    
179 OBJ_NAME Name of element CHAR 50    
180 OBJ_NAME40 TADIR Object Name Before Release 6.10 CHAR 40    
181 OBJ_PLACE Object storage location (buffer/database/archive) CHAR   
182 OBJ_SEARCHTYPE Product/Object search type CHAR 10    
183 OBJ_TO_GEN Analysis result: object to be generated CHAR   
184 OBJ_TYPE 3-character object abbreviation (w/o reference to TSOTD) CHAR   
185 OBJ_VAR_FIELD_CLASS Field Class for Field Catalog CHAR   
186 OBJ_VAR_USER User of Variance Calculation: Orders, Cost Centers, CHAR   
187 OBJ_VAR_WRTTP Variances: Costing Variant Type CHAR   
188 OBKEY RI: Further detailing of the number range object CHAR 10    
189 OBLACT Activate open item management CHAR   
190 OBLARCH Archiving Flag for Related Object CHAR   
192 OBLDESCR OBL: Description Text CHAR 60    
193 OBLFLAG Flag (Space or X) CHAR   
194 OBLIGO Inclusion of Commitments in Results Analysis CHAR   
195 OBLOBJKEY Business Object Key CHAR 70    
196 OBLOBJLOC Business Object Location CHAR 32    
197 OBLOBJREP Business Repository Type CHAR   
198 OBLPTYPE Object Relationship: Attribute Type CHAR   
199 OBLRELTYPE Object Relationship: Relationship Type CHAR 10    
200 OBLROCARD Cardinality of a Role in Relationships CHAR   
201 OBLROLCARD Cardinality of a Role in Relationships INT4 10    
202 OBLROLPERS Role Persistence CHAR   
203 OBLROLTYPE Object Relationship: Role Type CHAR 10    
204 OBLVB Commitment Management on Sales Orders CHAR   
205 OBL_ARCHTP Archiving Type (Class or Object) CHAR   
206 OBL_CDS_OP OBL: Change Type for the CDS CHAR   
207 OBNUM Object reference: Document log - repetitive manufacturing CHAR 20    
208 OBTPR Object type profile CHAR   
209 OBTSP Object type, language-dependent value CHAR   
210 OBTYP SAP-EIS: object type CHAR   
211 OBTYP_KK Object Type NUMC   
212 OBTYP_KO Permitted Object Types for Index to Conditions CHAR   
213 OBVFP Initiator of the availability check CHAR   
214 OBZAE Counters in the object list INT4 10    
215 OB_ACCESS_TYPE SOBJ: Access type CHAR   
216 OB_LOCK_MODE Lock mode CHAR   
217 OB_METHOD Object: Method CHAR 10    
218 OB_OBJECT Object: Object name CHAR 30    
219 OB_SUBOBJ Object: Sub-object CHAR 10    
220 OB_TRIGGER_MODE Database trigger mode CHAR   
221 OB_TYP Object: Object type CHAR   
222 OCAPPL Off-Cycle Application CHAR   
223 OCBTC Off-cycle run only permitted in batch? CHAR   
224 OCCCD Internal medical service event CHAR   
225 OCCCT Occupational Classification Code CHAR   
226 OCCGP OCC Group CHAR   
227 OCCURSPAR DO: Occur Parameter for Table Types NUMC 10    
228 OCI_CURRENCY Currency of shopping basket item CUKY   
229 OCI_FLAG Access category NUMC   
230 OCI_IND SuS: CatalogAccess: OCI Indicator flag CHAR   
231 OCM_CH_PROC OCM: Operation leading to change of an object CHAR   
232 OCM_COMP_RES OCM: Result of comparison of two order objects CHAR   
233 OCM_CONFLICT Conflict during comparison in order change management CHAR   
234 OCM_OBJ_TYPE Type of order object CHAR   
235 OCRTY Type of off-cycle reason CHAR   
236 OCS_API_ACTION_TYPE Reaction of a user concerning an attribute CHAR 64    
237 OCS_CCRESULT Result of the component check (copy of CCRESULT) CHAR   
238 OCS_CHAR_255 Character 255 CHAR 255    
239 OCS_CMD OCS Command CHAR 20    
240 OCS_F_ROW Single data row RAW 1000    
241 OCS_OBJ_OP Angedachte Objekt-Operationen CHAR   
242 OCS_REQU_ACTION Required Action Regarding DB Space Extension CHAR   
243 OCS_RESULT Output from system call CHAR 254    
244 OCS_STATE Status of the OCS Semaphore Entry CHAR   
245 OCS_TABFORM Table Form (Transp., Cluster, Pool) for Freespace Check CHAR   
246 OCS_TARGET Target when Disassembling OCS Files CHAR 20    
248 ODATA_ACTION OData Action Domain CHAR   
249 ODATA_DOM_QUOTE_STATUS Domain for Combined Status for Quotations CHAR 40    
250 ODATA_DOM_THRESHOLD Threshold Value INT1   
251 ODATA_PP_APP_ID Application ID CHAR   
252 ODATA_PP_MISSING_PARTS Missing Parts Indicator CHAR   
253 ODATA_PP_POR_ICON_NAME Icon Name CHAR 40    
254 ODATA_PP_VARIANT_COUNTER_MODE Number of Orders: Display Mode CHAR   
255 ODDEVENCODE Identifier: all numbers in area, even or odd CHAR   
257 ODN12 To define the number range. NUMC 12    
258 ODN16 Character field with length of 16 for Official Document Numb CHAR 16    
259 ODNGRP Grouping for Official Document Number CHAR   
260 ODP_LINKCOUNT Link Counter for Duplicate Hierarchy Elements INT4 10    
261 ODQ_BOOLEAN Boolean Flag CHAR   
262 ODQ_CHANGEMODE Change Mode CHAR   
263 ODQ_COMMITMENT_LEVEL Commitment Level of the Subscription NUMC   
264 ODQ_COMPRATE Compression Rate in Percent DEC
266 ODQ_DATAFORMAT Data Format CHAR   
267 ODQ_ENTITYCNTR Number of Data Units (Data Records for Example) DEC 19    
268 ODQ_EXTRACTION_MODE Extraction Mode CHAR   
269 ODQ_MODELNAME Queue Model CHAR 16    
270 ODQ_PROJECTION Projection STRG   
271 ODQ_QUEUENAME Queue Name CHAR 32    
272 ODQ_QUEUESTATE Queue Status CHAR   
273 ODQ_RAWSIZE Size in Bytes DEC 19    
274 ODQ_READ_FULL_REQUESTS Select Requests After Extraction Mode CHAR   
275 ODQ_RECORDNO Record Number (per Unit) INT4 10    
276 ODQ_RETENTION_TIME Retention Period INT4 10    
277 ODQ_SERVERTYPE Server Type CHAR   
278 ODQ_STATUS_ICON Status Icon CHAR   
279 ODQ_SUBSCRIBER_ID Subscriber ID CHAR 32    
280 ODQ_SUBSCRIBER_TYPE Subscriber Type CHAR 16    
281 ODQ_SUBSCRIPTION_MODE Subscription Type CHAR   
282 ODQ_TASKID Task ID CHAR 32    
283 ODQ_TASKMODE Execution Mode (Asynchronous) Task CHAR   
284 ODQ_TASKTYPE Task Type CHAR   
285 ODQ_TECHNICAL_NAME Technical Name STRG   
286 ODQ_TID System-Wide Unique Transaction ID (TID) DEC 23 
287 ODQ_TSN Transaction Sequence Number (TSN) DEC 23 
288 ODQ_TSNTYPE Transaction Sequence Number (TSN) Type CHAR   
289 ODQ_UNITNO Unit Number INT4 10    
290 OEFFTG IS-M/SD: Opening Type (EHASTRA) CHAR   
291 OEFFZT IS-M/SD: Shop opening time (EHASTRA) CHAR   
292 OESWKURZ IS-H: Keyword abbreviation of org. unit category CHAR   
293 OFFBZ Time model starting point NUMC   
294 OFFDAY_PS Number of Days for Postponement (0 to 999) NUMC   
295 OFFICE_ASSIGN Fulfillment Type of Sales Office for Another Sales Office CHAR   
296 OFFICE_FIND Grouping for Sales Office Determination CHAR   
297 OFFICINT_EXC_CA Branch Office CHAR   
298 OFFIC_KK Branch Office CHAR   
299 OFFID Advertisement NUMC   
300 OFFLINE_PARAM_CATEGORY Parameters and Values for Category CHAR   
301 OFFMONTH_PS Number of months for date postponement (0 to 12) NUMC   
302 OFFSET Offset in work area INT2   
303 OFFSET_FAK IS-M: Offset billing date NUMC   
304 OFFS_HOUR Start minute of time fence for hourly period split CHAR   
305 OFFS_MINUTE Start time of time fence CHAR   
306 OFFS_MONTH Day for start of time fence CHAR   
307 OFFS_QUART Quarter of start of time fence CHAR   
308 OFFS_WEEK Day for start of time fence CHAR   
309 OFFS_YEAR Month of start of time fence CHAR   
310 OFF_SET IS-H: Offset INT2   
311 OFF_WVL IS-M: Resubmission date for responses (Days after NUMC   
312 OFI_BUKRS Orgfinder: Company Code CHAR   
313 OFI_BU_PARTNER Orgfinder: Business Partner CHAR 10    
314 OFI_COCTR Orgfinder: Cost Center CHAR 10    
315 OFI_COM_CATEGORY_ID Orgfinder: Category ID CHAR 20    
316 OFI_DISTRIBUTION_CHANNEL Orgfinder: Distribution Channel CHAR   
317 OFI_DIVISION Orgfinder: Division CHAR   
318 OFI_GSBER Orgfinder: Business Area CHAR   
319 OFI_J_1BBRANCH Orgfinder: Branch CHAR   
320 OFI_KKBER Orgfinder: Credit Control Area CHAR   
321 OFI_MABER Orgfinder: Dunning Area CHAR   
322 OFI_PRCTR Orgfinder: Profit Center CHAR 10    
323 OFKND_49E Length of Customer Number NUMC   
324 OFLAG Default/validation of organizational key CHAR   
325 OFREEGROUP DD: Number of groups of free lists NUMC   
326 OFREELISTS DD: Number of free storage lists per group NUMC   
327 OFSET_49E Offset document number in the POR reference number NUMC   
328 OFX_ACCTTYPE Account type CHAR 10    
329 OFX_AMOUNT Amounts (prices, quantities, ...) for OFX transfers CHAR 32    
330 OFX_BOOLEAN Boolean flag (Y/N) CHAR   
331 OFX_CURRSYMBOL Three-figure currency code (ISO-4217) CHAR   
332 OFX_DATETIMESTR Character string containing date and time for OFX CHAR 27    
333 OFX_EXTDPMTCHK Check number CHAR 12    
335 OFX_FITID Identification of an OFX financial transaction CHAR 255    
336 OFX_GMTOFFSET Offset for Greenwich Mean Time (e.g. -2 is 2 hrs behind GMT) INT4 10    
337 OFX_IDSCOPE Area ID CHAR 20    
338 OFX_LANGUAGE Language, represented by 3-character ISO 639-2 code CHAR   
339 OFX_MILLISEC Milliseconds for OFX time details INT4 10    
340 OFX_NS OFX - bit generated at random by server RAW 16    
341 OFX_PMTPRCCODE Status of payment process CHAR 30    
342 OFX_PMTTYPE Country specific payment type CHAR 30    
343 OFX_RATE Proportion expressed in percent (0 - 100) CHAR 32    
344 OFX_RAW128 OFX_raw128 RAW 128    
345 OFX_SECURITY Type of application level security for OFX CHAR 10    
346 OFX_SRVRTID 10-character identification CHAR 10    
347 OFX_STATUSSEVERITY Status severity of OFX responses CHAR   
348 OFX_SVCSTATUS Account status CHAR 20    
349 OFX_TIMEZONE Time zone (e.g. GMT) for OFX time details CHAR   
350 OGDIM Dimension of upper limit CHAR   
351 OGWWERT Signed value CURR 15 
352 OG_COMPIND Compare result indicator CHAR   
353 OHNEEINZ Reason for move-out without move-in CHAR   
354 OI0DC_DEC5_2V Dec.figure/5 places before, 2 places after point and sign DEC
355 OI0_ACTCODE_ECC Action code for exch. assignments (services) CHAR   
356 OI0_ALV Indicator ALV (AbapListViewer) display/output type NUMC   
358 OI0_APPLIC IS-OIL application index NUMC   
359 OI0_AREA IS-OIL junction usage specifier CHAR 10    
360 OI0_BCSET_STATUS BC Sets: Activation Status CHAR   
361 OI0_COUNTER IS-Oil: Counter for relevance NUMC   
362 OI0_CP_ARG Message Variable CHAR 50    
363 OI0_CP_ATTR Compatibility Attributes CHAR   
364 OI0_CP_ATTR_DESCR Description of Compatibility Attributes CHAR 40    
365 OI0_CP_GRP_DESCR Description of Compatible Group CHAR 15    
366 OI0_CP_GRP_ID Compatibility Group ID CHAR 10    
367 OI0_CP_MD Compatibility Master Data Objects CHAR 10    
368 OI0_CP_MSG_TYPE Comp. Msg. Type CHAR   
369 OI0_CP_OP Compatibility Operator CHAR 10    
370 OI0_CP_OP_DESCR Description of Compatibility Operator CHAR 40    
371 OI0_CP_RET_MSG_TYPE Message Type of compatibility Check CHAR   
372 OI0_CP_VAL Value for Compatible Attribtues QUAN 13 
373 OI0_CP_VAL_REQ Value Required NUMC   
374 OI0_EVDESCR Event Description CHAR 40    
375 OI0_EVNR Master Data event number NUMC   
376 OI0_EVSTAT Master Data Event Status CHAR   
377 OI0_EVTYPE Master Data Event Type CHAR   
378 OI0_FUN IS-Oil junction function index CHAR   
379 OI0_GRP IS-OIL: Function group CHAR 10    
380 OI0_INVCST Status of invoice cycle CHAR   
381 OI0_JUNC IS-Oil Junction CHAR 20    
382 OI0_LOG_NUMBER Id number of an application log CHAR 10    
383 OI0_PROD_TYP IS-Oil: Production Document types CHAR   
384 OI0_RANK IS-OIL: Ranking of relevance fields NUMC   
385 OI0_RELTYPE IS-Oil: Relevance type CHAR   
386 OI0_SELKZ Blank or X Indicator, value dependent on aplication CHAR   
387 OI0_SEQNO IS-Oil: Sequence number NUMC   
388 OI0_TEXT IS-Oil: Descriptive text CHAR 36    
389 OI0_XFELD Yes/no indicator CHAR   
390 OIA_ACPOL Fee accounting policy indicator CHAR   
391 OIA_ANDOR AND / OR Indicator CHAR   
392 OIA_BASELO Baselocation CHAR 15    
393 OIA_BICNT Counter 'Created Batch Input transactions' DEC   
394 OIA_BISSL Selection Criteria To Value CHAR 18    
395 OIA_BOOKTYPE LIA item type for quantity adjustment CHAR   
396 OIA_CHAR One character CHAR   
397 OIA_CIMAP Logical Inventory repricing indicator CHAR   
398 OIA_CIND Contract / Call-off indicator CHAR   
399 OIA_CODE_PAGE Code page CHAR 10    
400 OIA_CSEGI Indicator: Creation of Quantity schedule permitted CHAR   
401 OIA_CVIND Customer/vendor posting indicator CHAR   
402 OIA_DISNEG Display negative fee CHAR   
403 OIA_DOCSTA Exchange - Netting document status CHAR   
404 OIA_DOCUM Document number CHAR 10    
405 OIA_DURAT Duration of a period DEC   
406 OIA_DURAT_BAPI Duration of a period (for use in BAPI) NUMC   
407 OIA_DURUN Unit of duration period CHAR   
408 OIA_ELINE Ending Line DEC   
409 OIA_ENTLU Breakdown indicator CHAR   
410 OIA_ERSBA ERS Procedure: Document Selection CHAR   
411 OIA_ERSBA_FVA ERS procedure: exchanges specific document selection     
412 OIA_EVTYPE Evergreen type CHAR   
413 OIA_EVTYPE_BAPI Evergreen type (for use in BAPIs) CHAR   
414 OIA_EXAST Exchange assignment type CHAR   
415 OIA_EXGNUM Exchange Agreement Number CHAR 10    
416 OIA_EXGSEL ERS: Exchange selection CHAR   
417 OIA_EXGTYP Exchange type CHAR   
418 OIA_EXIND Indicator which controls the material check at a LIA posting NUMC   
419 OIA_EXSTAT Exchange status CHAR   
420 OIA_FEECH Fee change rules CHAR   
421 OIA_FEECHK Indicator: Fee check CHAR   
422 OIA_FEECHK_BAPI Indicator: Fee check (for use in BAPIs) CHAR   
423 OIA_FEEMAN Fee rate indicator CHAR   
424 OIA_FEEPST Posting rules for fees CHAR   
425 OIA_FEERP_EXIT IS-OIL Exchanges User Exits NUMC   
426 OIA_FEETOT Fee total CURR 13 
427 OIA_FERP Fee repricing type CHAR   
428 OIA_FFTYP Exchange - Delivery fulfilment indicator CHAR   
429 OIA_INCYCCAT Invoice cycle category CHAR   
430 OIA_INVCYC Invoice cycle NUMC   
431 OIA_INVCYC_BI Invoice cycle CHAR   
432 OIA_INV_FILTER Invoice verification filter type CHAR   
433 OIA_IPMVAT Indicator: VAT on internally posted material CHAR   
434 OIA_IPMVAT_BAPI Indicator: VAT on int. posted material (for use in BAPIs) CHAR   
435 OIA_ITEM Item number NUMC   
436 OIA_ITNO Exchange - Netting document item number NUMC   
437 OIA_KONTI Allocation CHAR 24    
438 OIA_KONTZ Account Assignment Type CHAR   
439 OIA_KTOSL Fee Accounting Process Key CHAR   
440 OIA_MATIE Material internal / external indicator CHAR   
441 OIA_MATPST Posting rules for material CHAR   
442 OIA_MATREF Material Group Reference for Exchange reporting CHAR 20    
443 OIA_MENGE Quantities of different types QUAN 13 
444 OIA_MOD Method of delivery CHAR   
445 OIA_MVTYPE Netting movement type / Exchange statement item category CHAR   
446 OIA_NEGADJ Negative adjustment indicator for logical inventory adjustmt CHAR   
447 OIA_NETNUM Exchange - Netting document number CHAR 10    
448 OIA_NETTNG Indicator: Netting active CHAR   
449 OIA_NETTNG_BAPI Indicator: Netting active (for use in BAPIs) CHAR   
450 OIA_OWNCHK Indicator: Ownership checking CHAR   
451 OIA_PAYTYPE Negotiated payment type (receivable/payable) CHAR 10    
452 OIA_PMTHIN Previous month indicator CHAR   
453 OIA_PREQNO Print Request Document Number CHAR 10    
454 OIA_PRIOR Priority NUMC   
455 OIA_PSTRUL Posting Rules (Exchange Agreement) CHAR   
456 OIA_PTRREF Exchange Partner Reference Code CHAR 20    
457 OIA_PYMT LIA Payment Amount CURR 13 
458 OIA_PYMT_SIGN LIA Payment Amount CURR 13 
459 OIA_QTYIND LIA Quantity check indicator CHAR   
460 OIA_RATE Exchange rate for foreign currencies FLTP 16  16 
461 OIA_SBREL Sub product / base product relevance indicator NUMC   
462 OIA_SEGNUM LIA Item Number NUMC   
463 OIA_SEQENT Sequential segment number NUMC   
464 OIA_SEQNR Sequence number NUMC   
465 OIA_SLINE Start Line DEC   
466 OIA_SPLIT Indicator: Split quantity in Quantity schedule CHAR   
467 OIA_SPLIT_BAPI Indicator: Split qty in Quantity schedule (for use in BAPIs) CHAR   
468 OIA_SPLTIV Split invoice verification indicator CHAR   
469 OIA_STEPL Step Loop Number for Selection Item INT4 10    
470 OIA_ST_NUM Step Loop Number for Selection Item - NUMC Field NUMC 10    
471 OIA_SUBITM Sub item number NUMC   
472 OIA_SUPP Indicator: Suppress inactive contracts CHAR   
473 OIA_UPDCHK Update consistency check for quantity schedule while calling CHAR   
474 OIA_UPEDOC LIA Financial Document Type CHAR   
475 OIA_UPEITM LIA item type CHAR   
476 OIA_UPENUM Logical Inventory Adjustment Document number CHAR 10    
477 OIA_VALFLG Flag for price reference plant valuation CHAR   
478 OIA_VONSL Selection Criteria From Value CHAR 50    
479 OIB_ABFAC Air buoyancy factor (oil) DEC
480 OIB_ABFAC_F Air buoyancy factor (oil) FLTP 16  16 
481 OIB_ACTID ACTID Defaults CHAR   
482 OIB_ADQNT Additional quantity (oil) FLTP 16  16 
483 OIB_ALTQUANTITY Alternate Quantity FLTP 16  16 
485 OIB_ANALYSE_UPDATE Silo Mgmt: Update mode of DIP - MM analysis CHAR   
486 OIB_API_UNIT API Unit of Measurement CHAR 19    
487 OIB_APRESV Alternate Pressure FLTP 16  16 
488 OIB_AROMATICS Industrial aromatic hydrocarbons: type of aromatic CHAR   
489 OIB_BOM IS-Oil BoM CHAR   
490 OIB_BSWCN BSW content (as a percentage) FLTP 16  16 
491 OIB_BWCOL Column to display "additional quantities" within BW NUMC   
492 OIB_C10 Status field for HPM check reports CHAR   
493 OIB_CALCTIME Determine default set for deliveries CHAR   
494 OIB_CALCULATE Calculation type for quantity conversion (autom.,dialog,..) CHAR   
495 OIB_CALLAP Identifier for calling application CHAR   
496 OIB_CHAR Domain for help fields: PPP data CHAR 10    
497 OIB_CHGS Conversion handling gases CHAR   
498 OIB_CHKBOX Domain for Checkbox CHAR   
499 OIB_CHLQ Converison handling for liquid products CHAR   
500 OIB_CMETH Conversion Method CHAR