SAP ABAP Domain - Index O, page 8
Domain - O
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 ORA_SG_OPARAM SDD - Oracle SGA monitor: OPARAM CHAR 64    
2 ORA_SG_OPMODE SDD - Oracle SGA monitor: OPMODE CHAR   
3 ORA_SG_OPTYPE SDD - Oracle SGA monitor: OPTYPE CHAR   
4 ORA_SG_POOL SDD - Oracle lock monitor: POOL CHAR 11    
5 ORA_SG_POOLNAME SDD - Oracle lock monitor: NAME CHAR 26    
6 ORA_SG_SGA_NAM SDD - Oracle lock monitor: Name CHAR 20    
7 ORA_SG_STATUS SDD - Oracle lock monitor: STATUS CHAR   
9 ORA_SID Oracle monitoring: SID DEC 22    
10 ORA_SLEEP1 Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleep 1 DEC 22    
11 ORA_SLEEP10 Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleep 10 DEC 22    
12 ORA_SLEEP11 Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleep 11 DEC 22    
13 ORA_SLEEP2 Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleep 2 DEC 22    
14 ORA_SLEEP3 Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleep 3 DEC 22    
15 ORA_SLEEP4 Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleep 4 DEC 22    
16 ORA_SLEEP5 Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleep 5 DEC 22    
17 ORA_SLEEP6 Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleep 6 DEC 22    
18 ORA_SLEEP7 Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleep 7 DEC 22    
19 ORA_SLEEP8 Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleep 8 DEC 22    
20 ORA_SLEEP9 Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleep 9 DEC 22    
21 ORA_SLEEPS Oracle monitoring: Latch Sleeps DEC 22    
22 ORA_SLEEP_COUNT Oracle Monitoring: Number of acquisitions causing sleeps DEC 22    
23 ORA_SM_ALLOMEM SDD - Oracle lock monitor: ALLOMEM DEC 22    
24 ORA_SM_BLGETS SDD - Oracle lock monitor: BLGETS NUMC 22    
25 ORA_SM_BLKCHG SDD - Oracle lock monitor: BLKCHG NUMC 22    
26 ORA_SM_COGETS SDD - Oracle lock monitor: COGETS NUMC 22    
27 ORA_SM_COMMAND SDD - Oracle lock monitor: COMMAND NUMC 22    
28 ORA_SM_EVENT SDD - Oracle lock monitor: EVENT CHAR 64    
29 ORA_SM_FREEMEM SDD - Oracle lock monitor: FREEMEM DEC 22    
30 ORA_SM_LOGREAD SDD - Oracle lock monitor: LOGREAD NUMC 22    
31 ORA_SM_MACHINE SDD - Oracle lock monitor: MACHINE CHAR 64    
32 ORA_SM_MAXMEM SDD - Oracle lock monitor: MAXMEM DEC 22    
33 ORA_SM_PHYREADS SDD - Oracle lock monitor: PHYREADS NUMC 22    
34 ORA_SM_PROCESS SDD - Oracle lock monitor: PROCESS CHAR 12    
35 ORA_SM_PROCPROG SDD - Oracle lock monitor: PROCPROG CHAR 48    
36 ORA_SM_SECIWAIT SDD - Oracle lock monitor: SECIWAIT NUMC 22    
37 ORA_SM_SESSPROG SDD - Oracle lock monitor: SESSPROG CHAR 48    
38 ORA_SM_SQLTEXT SDD - Oracle lock monitor: SQLTEXT CHAR 1000    
39 ORA_SM_STATUS SDD - Oracle lock monitor: STATUS CHAR 12    
40 ORA_SM_TYPE SDD - Oracle lock monitor: TYPE CHAR   
41 ORA_SM_USEDMEM SDD - Oracle lock monitor: USEDMEM DEC 22    
42 ORA_SM_USERNAME SDD - Oracle lock monitor: USERNAME CHAR 30    
43 ORA_SM_WAITP SDD - Oracle lock monitor: WAITP NUMC 22    
44 ORA_SM_WAITPT SDD - Oracle lock monitor: WAITPT CHAR 64    
45 ORA_SNAME Oracle monitoring: NAME: SGA component name CHAR 26    
46 ORA_SNAPSHOT_ID Oracle monitoring: Snapshot ID NUMC 10    
47 ORA_SNAPSHOT_TYPE Oracle snapshot type CHAR   
48 ORA_SPIN_GETS Oracle monitoring: Latch Spin Gets DEC 22    
49 ORA_SQLID Oracle SQL_ID CHAR 13    
50 ORA_SQLSTRING Oracle Monitoring: SQLSTRING: CHAR 64    
51 ORA_SQL_ADDRESS Oracle monitoring: SQL_ADDRESS: SQL Statement ID RAW   
52 ORA_SQL_HASH_VALUE Oracle monitoring: SQL_HASH_VALUE: SQL statement hash DEC 22    
53 ORA_SQL_TEXT Oracle monitoring: SQL_TEXT: A column containing 1 SQL Text CHAR 64    
54 ORA_SSTATUS Oracle monitoring: STATUS: Status of the session CHAR   
55 ORA_STATE Oracle monitoring: STATE: Session wait state CHAR 19    
56 ORA_STATISTIC Oracle monitoring: STATISTIC#:Statistic number (identifier) DEC 22    
57 ORA_STATISTIC_ACCESSIBLE Structure field accessible for submonitor system statistics CHAR   
58 ORA_STATISTIC_C1 Structure field c1 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 30    
59 ORA_STATISTIC_C2 Structure field c2 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 30    
60 ORA_STATISTIC_C3 Structure field c3 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 30    
61 ORA_STATISTIC_C4 Structure field c4 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 30    
62 ORA_STATISTIC_C5 Structure field c5 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 30    
63 ORA_STATISTIC_CH Structure field ch1 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 255    
64 ORA_STATISTIC_CH1_STRING Structure field ch1 for submonitor system statistics STRG 1000    
65 ORA_STATISTIC_D1 Structure field d1 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 30    
66 ORA_STATISTIC_DB_TYPE Structure field db_type for submonitor system statistics CHAR   
67 ORA_STATISTIC_FLAGS Structure field flags for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
68 ORA_STATISTIC_N1 Structure field n1 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
69 ORA_STATISTIC_N10 Structure field n10 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
70 ORA_STATISTIC_N11 Structure field n11 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
71 ORA_STATISTIC_N12 Structure field n12 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
72 ORA_STATISTIC_N2 Structure field n2 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
73 ORA_STATISTIC_N3 Structure field n3 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
74 ORA_STATISTIC_N4 Structure field n4 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
75 ORA_STATISTIC_N5 Structure field n5 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
76 ORA_STATISTIC_N6 Structure field n6 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
77 ORA_STATISTIC_N7 Structure field n7 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
78 ORA_STATISTIC_N8 Structure field n8 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
79 ORA_STATISTIC_N9 Structure field n9 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
81 ORA_STATISTIC_OWNER Structure field table_owner for submonitor system statistics CHAR 30    
82 ORA_STATISTIC_R1 Structure field r1 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 32    
83 ORA_STATISTIC_R2 Structure field r2 for submonitor system statistics CHAR 32    
84 ORA_STATISTIC_STATID Structure field statid for submonitor system statistics CHAR 30    
85 ORA_STATISTIC_TABLE_NAME Structure field table_name for submonitor system statistics CHAR 30    
86 ORA_STATISTIC_TYPE Structure field type for submonitor system statistics CHAR   
87 ORA_STATISTIC_VERSION Structure field version for submonitor system statistics CHAR 22    
88 ORA_STRING_513 String with length 513 STRG 513    
89 ORA_STYPE Oracle monitoring: TYPE: Session type CHAR 10    
90 ORA_SVALUE Oracle monitoring: VALUE: Statistic value DEC 22    
91 ORA_SWAIT_TIME Oracle monitoring: WAIT_TIME: Session wait time NUMC 22    
92 ORA_TADDR Oracle monitoring: TADDR: Address of transaction state obj. CHAR 16    
93 ORA_TARGET_SIZE Oracle monitoring:TARGET_SIZE:Desired value of the parameter DEC 22    
94 ORA_TERMINAL Oracle monitoring: MACHINE: Operating system machine name CHAR 30    
95 ORA_TIME Oracle monitoring: Time field TIMS   
96 ORA_TOTAL_WAITS Oracle monitor: ORA_TOTAL_WAITS DEC 22    
97 ORA_TYPE Oracle Monitoring: Type of user or system lock CHAR   
98 ORA_TYPE_P Oracle monitoring: Parameter type CHAR   
99 ORA_UNIT Oracle monitoring: Unit for the value (usec, bytes,percent) CHAR 12    
100 ORA_UPDATE_COMMENT Oracle monitoring: Comments due to the most recent update CHAR 255    
101 ORA_USER Oracle monitoring: USER#: Oracle user identifier DEC 22    
102 ORA_USERNAME Oracle monitoring: USERNAME: Oracle username CHAR 30    
103 ORA_USERNAME_OS Oracle monitoring: Operating system process username CHAR 15    
104 ORA_USER_ID Oracle Monitor: USER_ID - NUMBER(22) DEC 22    
105 ORA_WAITERS_WOKEN Oracle monitoring: Latch Waiters Woken DEC 22    
106 ORA_WAITS_HOLDING_LATCH Oracle monitoring: Latch: Waits Holding Latch DEC 22    
107 ORA_WAIT_TIME Oracle monitoring: Latch Wait Time DEC 22    
108 ORA_WHERE Oracle Monitoring: Latch - Maintained for compatibility CHAR 64    
109 ORA_WPACTION Oracle Monitoring: WPACTION: Current activity of the work pr CHAR 25    
110 ORA_WPBNAME Oracle Monitoring: WPBNAME: User currently served CHAR 12    
111 ORA_WPCPU Oracle Monitoring: WPCPU: CPU CHAR   
112 ORA_WPDUMPS Oracle Monitoring: WPDUMPS: Number of dumps. CHAR   
113 ORA_WPELZEIT Oracle Monitoring: WPELZEIT: Previous execution time of requ CHAR   
114 ORA_WPIACTION Oracle Monitoring: WPIACTION: Current activity of the work p INT1   
115 ORA_WPINDEX Oracle Monitorign: index of WP INT4 10    
116 ORA_WPIRESTART Oracle Monitoring: WPIRESTART: restart after error. INT1   
117 ORA_WPISTATUS Oracle Monitoring: WPISTATUS: Work process status INT1   
118 ORA_WPITYPE Oracle Monitoring: WPITYPE: Internal work process type INT1   
119 ORA_WPIWAITING Oracle monitoring: WPIWAITING: Reason for wait INT1   
120 ORA_WPNO Oracle monitoring: WPNO: Work process no. CHAR   
121 ORA_WPPID Oracle Monitoring: WPPID: Work process PID CHAR   
122 ORA_WPREPORT Oracle Monitoring: WPREPORT: Report now running. CHAR 40    
123 ORA_WPRESTART Oracle Monitoring: WPRESTART: Restart work process after dum CHAR   
124 ORA_WPSEM Oracle Monitoring: WPSEM: Semaphore that the work process is CHAR   
125 ORA_WPSTATUS Oracle Monitoring: WPSTATUS: Work process status CHAR   
126 ORA_WPTABLE Oracle Monitorign: WPTABLE: DB table last accessed by the wo CHAR 30    
127 ORA_WPTOTINFFC Oracle Monitoring: WPTOTINFFC: Function code CHAR   
128 ORA_WPTYP Oracle Monitoring: WPTYP: Type CHAR   
129 ORA_WPWAITINF Oracle Monitoring: WPWAITINF: information abt. wait reason CHAR 40    
130 ORA_WPWAITING Oracle Monitoring: WPWAITING: Work process is waiting CHAR   
131 ORA_WPWAITTIME Oracle Monitoring: WPWAITTIME: Time when wait startet CHAR   
132 ORA_WTR_SLP_COUNT Oracle Monitoring: Counter DEC 22    
133 ORA_XIDSLOT Oracle monitoring: Slot number DEC 22    
134 ORA_XIDUSN Oracle monitoring: Undo segment number DEC 22    
135 ORBLK Data block 2550 LRAW 2550    
136 ORB_LEVEL Hierarchy level of billing structure CHAR   
137 ORB_OPT Option NUMC   
138 ORD4X Evaluation groups CHAR   
139 ORDACTIVE Indicator for Whether Source List is Transferred CHAR   
140 ORDCK Single-source check indicator CHAR   
141 ORDCLSTEXT_KK Name of Request Class CHAR 30    
142 ORDCLS_KK Request Class CHAR   
143 ORDCOMBIND Order Combination Indicator CHAR   
144 ORDERACT_KK Request: Activity Authorization Checks CHAR   
145 ORDERBOOK Consideration of Source List in the Assortment List CHAR   
147 ORDER_DOM Sequence: In increasing order INT4 10    
148 ORDIN_VK Ordinality NUMC   
149 ORDNR Number of user evaluation field CHAR   
150 ORDNR_FI Reference number CHAR   
151 ORDNR_KK Request Number CHAR 12    
152 ORDNUM ATP: Order number CHAR 12    
153 ORDTYPTEXT_KK Name of Request Types CHAR 31    
154 ORDTYP_KK Request Category CHAR   
155 ORFCALC1 Calculation Parameters Optimal Rotable Float DEC 16 
156 ORGAN Organism collector NUMC   
157 ORGANEH Organizational unit CHAR 25    
158 ORGEB Organization level vendor master record CHAR   
159 ORGEH Department NUMC   
160 ORGELEM Data element type NUMC   
161 ORGFORM IS-H: Organization Form for Medical Record Management CHAR   
162 ORGFORM_SA IS-H: Organization Form for Inpat./Outpat. Med. Rec. Mgmt. CHAR   
163 ORGID IS-H: Identification of organizational unit CHAR   
164 ORGIDDAT IS-H: Organizational unit with hierarchy date CHAR 16    
165 ORGKY Org. Key Function Models (Return Value for Feature ODMOD) CHAR 14    
166 ORGKZ IS-H: ID code of an organizational unit CHAR   
167 ORGTP_FPM Organization type? CHAR   
168 ORGTP_PAY Organization type CHAR   
169 ORGTYP IS-H: Category of organizational unit CHAR   
170 ORGWERT Indicator: a second value may be specified CHAR   
171 ORG_ATTR Organization criteria: Attributes CHAR 30    
172 ORG_AUTFLD Attributes in authorization object S_TABU_LIN CHAR 10    
173 ORG_BUKRS Original FI-AA Company Code CHAR   
174 ORG_CHK Domain for Organizational Data checkbox CHAR   
175 ORG_CRIT Organization criteria CHAR 30    
176 ORG_GROUP ID for Organizational Grouping in iView Display CHAR 20    
177 ORG_GROUP_TEXT Text for Organizational Grouping in iView Display CHAR 30    
178 ORG_KR IS-H: Organizational group for borrowing authorization CHAR   
179 ORG_SCENARIO Scenario for org. chart retrieval (OrgPublisher) CHAR   
180 ORIBD_KK Payment Run: Origin of Business Partner Bank Data CHAR   
181 ORIENT Page Orientation CHAR   
182 ORIENTATIO Print format CHAR   
183 ORIGDOC Origin of Billing Document CHAR   
184 ORIGF Origin indicator of PDC message CHAR   
185 ORIGFUNC Origin of function module CHAR 10    
186 ORIGFUNCTION Origin of Function Module CHAR 10    
187 ORIGIN Transaction/event in External Services Management CHAR   
188 ORIGIN_ESTIM Origin of estimated values CHAR   
189 ORIGIN_MDC_KK Origin of Request for Change to Master Data CHAR   
190 ORIGIN_OF_PEKEZ Indicator for Origin of Period Parameter CHAR   
191 ORIGKNBK Original values BANKN, BANKS, BANKL CHAR 40    
192 ORIGKNVI Original values ALAND, TAX_REG, TATYP CHAR 14    
193 ORIGN Source symbol CHAR   
194 ORIGS Origin indicator for time pairs CHAR   
195 ORIG_KZ Indicator: Determine Origin of ERCHV CHAR   
196 ORIND Origin indicator of PDC message CHAR   
197 ORPLAN Original plan CHAR   
198 ORT01 City CHAR 35    
199 ORT01_MACO IS-M/SD: City Name (Upper Case for Matchcode) CHAR 35    
200 ORTGR_MASK Location group move time matrix - masked entry CHAR   
201 ORTID RI: Additional ID of a location CHAR   
202 ORTNAME_GK IS-PSD: City name (upper/lower case) CHAR 20    
203 ORTSGRUPPE Location group for the move time matrix CHAR   
204 ORTZK Cost-of-living allowance class CHAR   
205 ORTZS Cost-of-living allowance level CHAR   
206 ORVTP Value type of purchase order/sales order values CHAR   
207 OR_METHOD Open Reporting: Methods for Price Calculation NUMC   
208 OR_STR String with Text Or and And CHAR   
209 OSBUFSTATE Domain for data element OSBUFSTATE CHAR   
210 OSDDIC_TAM Object Services: Dictionary Table Type [Access Mode] CHAR   
211 OSDDIC_TKD Object Services: Dictionary Table Type [Key Definition] CHAR   
212 OSEXSTRING OS Example: String SSTR 255    
213 OSFLDTYPE Field type CHAR   
214 OSHOST Domain for OS host input (SAPWLSERV as check table) CHAR 20    
215 OSPCT_DO_CHECK_DESC Checktool: Check Description CHAR 60    
216 OSPCT_DO_CHECK_NAME Checktool: Name of the check CHAR 30    
219 OSPCT_DO_DUET_SP Checktool: Duet SP CHAR   
220 OSPCT_DO_DUET_VERSION Checktool: Duet Version CHAR   
221 OSPCT_DO_MESS_TYPE Checktool: Message Type (S/E/W) CHAR   
222 OSPCT_DO_SCN_ID Scenario Id CHAR   
223 OSPIH_DO_BOUNDITEM_TYPE Groupware Object-Bound Item type CHAR 200    
224 OSPIH_DO_OPERATION IH Operation to be performed CHAR   
226 OSREFTYPE Reference type CHAR   
227 OSUSERNAME Operating system user name CHAR 16    
228 OSWF2 Object ID for linking to HR objects CHAR 20    
229 OS_BOOLEAN Boolean CHAR   
230 OS_DMODE Database comparison mode INT4 10    
231 OS_DSTATUS Database status of a persistent object INT4 10    
232 OS_OSTATUS Status of an object (managed object) INT4 10    
233 OS_SSTATUS Object Services: Save status of the object attributes INT4 10    
234 OS_TSTATUS Status of a transaction INT4 10    
235 OTBBSTTST OTB check in the purchase order CHAR   
236 OTBCHOICE Choice of OTB scenario CHAR   
237 OTBUY ID: open to buy CHAR   
238 OTEMPB Standard temperature DEC
239 OTFCOUNT2 No. of characters NUMC   
240 OTFLD Outsource Field Name CHAR 40    
241 OTFLEADING Line Spacing NUMC   
242 OTFPITCH Width of character NUMC   
243 OTFPOS_H Horizontal position/width NUMC   
244 OTFPOS_V Vertical position NUMC   
245 OTL_KEY Key for city district CHAR   
246 OTREFID Reference identifier - Outsourcing CHAR 20    
247 OTSPNAME Tablespace name for ORACLE CHAR 10    
248 OTVAL Outsource Field Value CHAR 37    
249 OTYPE Object type CHAR   
250 OTYPE_KEYDATE Object Type for Key Date Category Assignment CHAR   
251 OTYPE_RP Object type, restricted to persons and applicants CHAR   
252 OTYPE_TRIGGER Object type for fee trigger CHAR   
253 OUTCNSO Consecutive number of outsorting NUMC   
254 OUTDATED Indicator: Delivery Item Belongs to Outdated Reservation CHAR   
255 OUTIN1 IS-HCM: EDI - directory logic CHAR   
256 OUTLINE Hypertext: Domain no longer used CHAR 12    
257 OUTL_CON Outline Contract CHAR 10    
258 OUTL_STAT Status of Outline Contract CHAR 10    
259 OUTMED Output medium CHAR   
260 OUTMED_PAY Output type CHAR   
261 OUTNUMBER Number of manual outsortings NUMC   
262 OUTPUT This is a display field CHAR   
264 OUTPUTMED_FPM Payment medium: Output medium NUMC   
265 OUTPUTSTYLE DD: Output Style for Decfloat Types (for Releases < 71*) NUMC   
266 OUTPUTTYPE Type of operand update CHAR   
267 OUTPUT_DEVICE Output Medium CHAR   
268 OUT_DEVI Output medium CHAR   
269 OUT_FILE Text file for Report Writer lists CHAR 55    
270 OUT_FORM Output format CHAR   
271 OUT_FORM1 Output format (addition) CHAR   
272 OUT_LENGTH Length of field value shown NUMC   
273 OUT_MSIM Meaning of Outsorting Check for Mass Simulation CHAR   
274 OVBUFF Number of unsuccessful accesses to shared memory buffer INT4 10    
275 OVERINFO_KK Overall information for note to payee creation (yes/not) CHAR   
276 OVERLAP_CUM Behaviour if periods are partially cumulated CHAR   
277 OVERLAP_REL Flag: Relevance test if results partially in period CHAR   
278 OVERP_SC Procedure for overpayment CHAR   
279 OWERT Original value FLTP 16  16 
280 OWNER Owner Name CHAR 20    
281 OXT_ACTALLOWED Extension Status CHAR   
282 OXT_BUSOBJCLASS Business Object Classification CHAR   
283 OXT_CHAR128 Character String Length 128 CHAR 128    
284 OXT_CHAR255 Character String Length 255 CHAR 255    
285 OXT_CHAR64 Character String Length 64 CHAR 64    
286 OXT_DATATYPE Data Types for Customer Includes CHAR   
287 OXT_EVENT OXT Event CHAR 10    
288 OXT_EXTACT Action for Extension Type CHAR 30    
289 OXT_EXTSTATUS Extension Status CHAR   
290 OXT_FIELDNAME Local Field Name CHAR 16    
291 OXT_FLAG OXT Tool Flag CHAR   
292 OXT_FL_PPSINGLE OXT PostProcessing Single Flag CHAR   
294 OXT_HIER_LEVEL Hierarchy Levels NUMC   
295 OXT_INHKEY Inheritance Type for OXT Object Description CHAR   
296 OXT_INHMODE Object Description Inheritance Mode CHAR   
297 OXT_KONTEXT OXT Context Description CHAR 20    
298 OXT_NODISPLAY No Display CHAR   
299 OXT_NSPC_SHORT Short Namespace CHAR   
300 OXT_OBJNAME OXT Object Name CHAR 30    
301 OXT_OBJTYPE OXT Object Type CHAR   
302 OXT_ORDER4 4-Character Field NUMC   
303 OXT_ORDER6 6-Character Field NUMC   
304 OXT_PPROCSTATUS OXT PostProcessing Status CHAR   
305 OXT_PPROCTREAT OXT PostProcessing Treatment Type CHAR   
306 OXT_PPROCTYPE OXT PostProcessing Type CHAR   
307 OXT_PP_RESTYP OXT PostProcessing Result Type CHAR   
308 OXT_PP_TTOPER PP Operation of OXT Task Framework CHAR   
309 OXT_RT_OBJ_STATUS Object Runtime Status CHAR   
310 OXT_SORT_TYPE Sort Type NUMC   
311 OXT_SYSROLE System Role CHAR   
312 OXT_SYSTYPE System Type CHAR   
313 OXT_TASKSTATUS Task Status CHAR   
315 OXT_TIMESTAMP UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) NUMC 14    
316 OXT_TRANSSTATUS OXT Transport Status CHAR   
317 OXT_TSQOBJTYPE Task Sequence Object Type CHAR   
318 OZMOD Cost-of-Living Allowance Model CHAR   
319 OZRGL Competition Regulation for Cost-of-Living Allowance CHAR   
320 OZRGR Regulation Reason for Spouse Component CHAR   
321 O_COMPARECATG Comparison Operator NUMC