SAP ABAP Domain - Index Z
Domain - Z
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 ZABAR Employee grouping for the time evaluation rule CHAR   
2 ZAEHK Numerator conditions NUMC   
3 ZAEHL General meter DEC   
4 ZAHL1 One-digit number NUMC   
5 ZAHLS Block key for payment CHAR   
6 ZANBE Time authorization group CHAR   
7 ZASTL Paying office CHAR   
8 ZAUSW Time recording ID number NUMC   
9 ZBDXT Number of days DEC   
10 ZBFIX Payment terms set CHAR   
11 ZBLID HR-TEM: Day Segment in Training and Event Management CHAR   
12 ZCODE Reference number for standard value codes CHAR   
13 ZCOMP Components CHAR   
14 ZDART Date type for payment period baseline date CHAR   
15 ZDLIM Universal flag for Time Management CHAR   
16 ZEART Value Type CHAR   
17 ZEBKN Current number for requisition account assignment segment NUMC   
18 ZEIAR Document type CHAR   
19 ZEILE Number of posting line within material document NUMC   
20 ZEILEN_ID Cost Element Group for Results Analysis CHAR   
21 ZEILT Line Category CHAR   
22 ZEINR Row number INT4 10    
23 ZEITB Time constraint CHAR   
24 ZEITBI Time To TIMS   
25 ZEITE TS70 time pattern edited CHAR   
26 ZEITG LU rate in Incentive Wages DEC
27 ZEITP Business event at which updating takes place CHAR   
28 ZEITY Time type CHAR   
29 ZERMA Standard Times Calculation Type CHAR   
30 ZEROR FI-GLX: Zero format CHAR   
31 ZGDAT Validity of the standard values CHAR   
32 ZGE_LTYPE List type for elim.of intercompany profit/loss (inventory) NUMC   
33 ZGRUP Grouping key for payments CHAR   
34 ZINKZ Exempted from interest calculation CHAR   
35 ZINRT Interest calculation frequency in months NUMC   
36 ZINSSATZ Interest rate DEC 10 
37 ZIREFKU Interest reference ID CHAR 10    
38 ZKENN Permissibility indicator (+, -, .) CHAR   
39 ZKOVT Cost distribution type for additional tax CHAR   
40 ZKRIZ Additional criteria counter for MAPL NUMC   
41 ZLKLS Counting class for absences NUMC   
42 ZLSCH Payment key CHAR   
43 ZLSP1 Line or column information NUMC   
44 ZLSPR Indicator for payment block CHAR   
45 ZMODN Period work schedule CHAR   
46 ZOLLS Office of exit CHAR   
47 ZOLLT Customs tariff number CHAR   
48 ZONE Regional zone CHAR 10    
49 ZPROD Products CHAR   
50 ZSATZ Interest rate DEC
51 ZSBAS Indicator base amount for additional tax CHAR   
52 ZSTAT Status of count CHAR   
53 ZTART Time type CHAR   
54 ZTERF Employee status for Time Management NUMC   
55 ZTERM Terms of payment key CHAR   
56 ZUART_VB Access type for SD documents CHAR   
57 ZUAWA Selection key for allocation number layout CHAR   
58 ZUDIV Divisor for cutting measures NUMC   
59 ZULKZ Allowed / not allowed (+/-) CHAR   
60 ZULNR No. of the basis used for determining the std. value CHAR   
61 ZUOKR Criterion for allocation CHAR 16    
62 ZUOKZ Allocation Indicator CHAR   
63 ZUONR Assignment number CHAR 18    
64 ZUSATZEXIT Indicator: Exit for additional values CHAR   
65 ZUSCH Status Key: Batch CHAR   
66 ZUSTD Status of Batch CHAR   
67 ZUVKZ Consumption indicator CHAR   
68 ZWELS List of payment methods permitted CHAR 10