SAP ABAP Domain - Index A
Domain - A
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 A2_AUSW IS-H*MED: Type of choice CHAR   
2 AAAVALUE Parameter value CHAR 31    
3 AAA_SELE Domain for Popup Selection CHAR   
4 AAA_STR2 String for Authorization Assistant CHAR 60    
5 AAA_STRG String for Authorization Assistant CHAR 255    
7 AAB_ID_DESCRIPT Description for IDs that Can Be Activated CHAR 80    
8 AAB_ID_NAME Checkpoint Group CHAR 30    
9 AAB_VAR_DESCRIPT Variant of Activation IDs: Description CHAR 255    
10 AAB_VAR_NAME Activation Variant (Act. Assertions and Breakpoints) CHAR 30    
11 AAERROR Error Indicator in Asset Accounting CHAR   
12 AAFBG Interaction of alloc tbl notification/follow-on doc. gener. CHAR   
13 AANLA_0017 Generated domain for matchcode field CHAR 23    
14 AANLA_0020 Generated domain for matchcode field CHAR 23    
15 AANLC_0020 Generated domain for matchcode field CHAR 11    
16 AANLI_0020 Generated domain for matchcode field CHAR 18    
17 AANZM Max. no. replies to request notification / reply INT1   
18 AAPCT AAP Category CHAR   
19 AAPM1 Assignment rules for field relationships CHAR   
20 AAPM_ACT PM/AA: Indicator for synchronization of master records CHAR   
21 AAREA_KK Application Area CHAR   
22 AAVIT Alloc. notif. cat.: information exchange betw. HQ and plant CHAR   
23 AAVIZ Indicator for line creation in alloc tbl notification CHAR   
24 AA_BELNR Number of a settlement document CHAR 10    
25 AA_IFDART Which date is used for calculating investment support? CHAR   
26 AA_MOVE_CHAR02 Account Assignment Type in Asset Accounting CHAR   
27 AA_QUANTITY_31 Packed 31-Char. Auxiliary Field for Qties Without Decimals QUAN 31    
28 AA_QUANTITY_LONG Packed Auxiliary Field 31/14 Decimal Places QUAN 31  14 
29 AA_SCHROTT FI-AA: Consideration of scrap value NUMC   
30 AA_SCHROTT_NEW FI-AA: Consideration of scrap value NUMC   
31 AA_SYNC Synchronization flag CHAR   
32 AA_WF Flag for workflow CHAR   
33 ABADRAGGDI Aggregation CHAR   
34 ABADRAGGTM Time-based aggregation CHAR   
35 ABADRBERKZ Report indicator CHAR   
36 ABADRCGSSBGRP Key figure group CHAR   
38 ABADRCHAINOPERATOR Characteristic Derivation: Operator CHAR   
39 ABADRDIMPR Lead column display format CHAR   
40 ABADRENV Characteristic Derivation: Strategy Environment CHAR 32    
41 ABADREPOSKZ Line Item Indicator CHAR   
42 ABADREWSKZ Characteristic/value field CHAR   
43 ABADRFIELDCLASS Characteristic derivation: field class CHAR   
44 ABADRFLAG Characteristic derivation: flag CHAR   
45 ABADRID Characteristic derivation: ID CHAR   
46 ABADRIDENT Characteristic derivation: identifier CHAR 32    
47 ABADRINTID Internal ID derivation steps NUMC   
48 ABADRMETHOD Characteristic Derivation: Type of Derivation Step CHAR   
49 ABADRMKAKZ Report selection indicator CHAR   
50 ABADRMKEKZ Characteristic value indicator CHAR   
51 ABADRNUM Characteristic derivation: numbers for table names NUMC   
52 ABADROPERATOR Characteristic derivation: operator CHAR   
53 ABADROVERWRITE Characteristic Derivation: Overwrite Target Field CHAR   
54 ABADRPARAM Characteristic derivation: parameters CHAR 60    
55 ABADRPLAKZ Planning indicator CHAR   
56 ABADRSEQNO Characteristic derivation: sequential number NUMC   
57 ABADRSHANDLING Special Handling of Fields CHAR   
58 ABADRSTEPID Characteristic derivation: user-defined step ID CHAR   
60 ABADRSUBCLAS Subgroup by application class CHAR   
61 ABADRTEXT Characteristic derivation: text CHAR 60    
62 ABADRZSPKZ Form indicator CHAR   
63 ABADR_HITYP Customer hierarchy type CHAR   
64 ABAPCONVER Flag: Do conversion errors lead to exceptions? CHAR   
66 ABAPFORM Name of the ABAP form routine CHAR 30    
67 ABAPTYPE ABAP/4 data type CHAR   
68 ABAP_ENDIA Flag for Byte Sequence (Big-Endian, Little-Endian) CHAR   
69 ABAP_MSIZE DEC type that is suitable for 64 bit integer DEC 20    
70 ABAP_ONLINE_COM_CHAR64 ABAP ONline Community: Char 64 CHAR 64    
71 ABAP_ONLINE_COM_MIME_TYPE ABAP ONline Community: Mime type SSTR 255    
72 ABARD Payroll type CHAR   
73 ABARPARAM Characteristic derivation: parameters CHAR 60    
74 ABART DlvSchedType CHAR   
75 ABART_INT IS-H: internal billing type CHAR   
76 ABART_VK Invoicing Type CHAR   
77 ABAST Detailed info: activity status alloc tbl (notif. creation) CHAR   
78 ABA_FLAG_3 3-value flag CHAR   
79 ABA_PVERS Program Version NUMC   
80 ABBEZ Description for forecast schedule transmission profile CHAR 30    
81 ABCALT ABC indicator CHAR   
82 ABCAT Route stage category NUMC   
83 ABCIN Physical inventory indicator for cycle counting CHAR   
84 ABCKZ ABC Indicator of Technical Object CHAR   
85 ABCLIS_DIS Control for Display of LIS Data CHAR   
86 ABCLIS_SEL Control for Access to LIS Database CHAR   
87 ABC_ACTIVE Values for Activated Columns in the Process Template CHAR   
88 ABC_AGGRTP CO-OM-ABC: Domain for F4 Help in Aggregation Types CHAR   
89 ABC_AS4TAB Table Name CHAR 30    
90 ABC_BCOUNT Paragraph Bracket Counter NUMC   
91 ABC_CALCTP CO-OM-ABC: Domain for F4 Help in Calculation Types CHAR   
92 ABC_CLASS Permitted Environments for Costing with the Process Template CHAR   
93 ABC_COMP_ID Calculation Row ID CHAR 72    
94 ABC_DATE_TYPE CO-OM-ABC: Data Element for F4 in Project Data CHAR   
95 ABC_ETYPE CO-ABC: Editor Type CHAR   
96 ABC_EVALMODE ABC: Describes When Column Appears CHAR   
97 ABC_EVAL_MODE Tracing Mode for Template CHAR   
98 ABC_E_TYPE ABC Formula Editor: Type of Transferred Entry? CHAR   
99 ABC_FACTOR Quantity Portion Factor DEC 11  10 
100 ABC_FLDNAM Field Name/String CHAR 72    
101 ABC_FLD_AR Areas: H (Header), P (Parameter), E (Column Entry), * (All) CHAR   
102 ABC_LONG Long Text for Analysis Strategy CHAR 30    
103 ABC_METHOD Process Template Method CHAR 72    
104 ABC_OBJECT General Object for Selection, Boolean, Quantity Formulas CHAR 10    
105 ABC_OPER Operator CHAR   
106 ABC_PLAN_ACT CO-OM-ABC: Domain for F4 Help in Project Plan/Actual CHAR   
107 ABC_PLISTC Parameter List Number NUMC   
108 ABC_POSTYP CO-ABC Template Item Category (View Maintenance) CHAR   
109 ABC_POSTYP_0 CO-ABC Item Category in Template (Internal Display) CHAR   
110 ABC_POSTYP_1 CO-ABC Item Category in Template (Template Maintenance) CHAR   
111 ABC_POSTYP_2 CO-ABC Item Category in Template (Structured Processes) CHAR   
112 ABC_POSTYP_3 Item Category (Formula Planning) CHAR   
113 ABC_POSTYP_4 CO-ABC Item Category in Environment Maintenance (Template) CHAR   
114 ABC_POSTYP_5 CO-ABC Item Category in Template (Template Maintenance) CHAR   
115 ABC_POSTYP_6 Item Category (Formula Planning, Profit Center Accounting) CHAR   
116 ABC_POSTYP_7 Item Categories for ISR CHAR   
117 ABC_POSTYP_BPP Item Category (Formula Planning) CHAR   
118 ABC_QUANFLAG CO-OM-ABC Indicator: Callup from Indiv. Processing or Plan CHAR   
119 ABC_QUANT Quantity QUAN 15 
120 ABC_QUANTP CO-OM-ABC: Domain for F4 Help in Fxd/Vbl./Ttl Quantity/Costs CHAR   
121 ABC_RESULTTP CO-OM-ABC: Domain for F4 Help in Revenue Types CHAR   
122 ABC_SEQNRC Entry NUMC   
123 ABC_SHORT Short Text for Analysis Strategy CHAR   
124 ABC_STATUS Status of a Process Template Definition CHAR   
125 ABC_STRING Character String CHAR 30    
126 ABC_STRLC String Length NUMC   
127 ABC_STRTYP String Type CHAR   
128 ABC_SUBENV CO-ABC: Item Area: 1:Object, 2:Compl. Func., 3:Calc. Row CHAR   
129 ABC_TABNAME CO-OM-ABC: Table Name as Realization of Logical Function CHAR 30    
130 ABC_TEMPL Process template CHAR 10    
131 ABC_TPLCOL Column Within a Process Template CHAR   
132 ABC_TPLPOS Process Template Item NUMC   
133 ABC_VALNR Number of Corresponding Item in the Value List NUMC   
134 ABC_WBS_TABLE CO-OM-ABC: Data Element for F4 Help in WBS Table Types CHAR 30    
135 ABDAT_VK Invoicing Date DATS   
136 ABDOCFLAG Flag (initial or not) CHAR   
137 ABDOCSUBJECT Keyword for Searching in the ABAP Documentation CHAR 50    
138 ABDOCTYPE ABAP Keyword Documentation Node Type CHAR   
139 ABEDART IS-M: Requirement Types for Contract Requirements NUMC   
140 ABEFZ Cumulative figure for customer in sales unit QUAN 13 
141 ABEIN Scope of sett. statement for reb. arrangements (Purchasing) CHAR   
142 ABELF Store item in alloc. tbl document NUMC   
143 ABELG Store group items in alloc. tbl document NUMC   
144 ABELN Purchasing document number CHAR 10    
145 ABELP Item in alloc. tbl document NUMC   
146 ABELU Sub-item in alloc. tbl document NUMC   
147 ABFER Handling Type CHAR   
148 ABFER_TPS Completion type for transportation planning systems CHAR   
149 ABFORMNAME ABAP/4: Name of a subroutine (FORM) CHAR 30    
150 ABFTB Consider Nonworking Days CHAR   
151 ABGER_LS IS-H: indicator whether service partially billed or billed CHAR   
152 ABGGRND Reason for proration CHAR   
153 ABGKZ Delimit indicator for attendance/absence reasons CHAR   
155 ABGRD_CA Write-Off Reason CHAR   
156 ABGRD_KK Write-Off Reason CHAR   
157 ABGRD_VK Cancellation reason NUMC   
158 ABGRENZKZ Proration for changes in measured pressure CHAR   
159 ABGRFIBUKZ Transfer Results Analysis Version to Financial Accounting? CHAR   
160 ABGRU Reason for rejection CHAR   
161 ABGRU_VA Reason for rejection for quotation or order CHAR   
162 ABGR_ABGTY Results Analysis Form CHAR   
163 ABGR_ABKAT Results Analysis Category NUMC   
164 ABGR_ART Results Analysis Type CHAR   
165 ABGR_AWKUS Results Analysis: Creation/Cancellation, Usage, and Balance CHAR   
166 ABGR_BASIS Valuation Basis for Results Analysis CHAR   
167 ABGR_BEWKZ Valuation Indicator CHAR   
168 ABGR_ENDKZ End Indicator CHAR   
169 ABGR_SCHL Results analysis key CHAR   
170 ABGTYP Treatment of retirement NUMC   
171 ABG_LTYPE List type for asset retirements NUMC   
172 ABHTP Dependency type CHAR   
173 ABI_DOCITM Document Item CHAR 20    
174 ABI_DOCNR Reference Document CHAR 10    
175 ABI_DOCTY Document Type CHAR   
176 ABI_ELEMENT Element Name CHAR 32    
177 ABI_ELEMENT_VALUE Value of element CHAR 128    
178 ABI_EPC_OBTYP Obeolte: EPC object type CHAR   
179 ABI_EXEC_STTS Execution Status CHAR   
181 ABI_HEX64 EPC Hexadecimal Field with 64 bytes CHAR 96    
182 ABI_LENGTH Length of EPC Serial Number (Bits) CHAR   
183 ABI_LOCTY Location Type CHAR   
184 ABI_MATNR Material Number CHAR 18    
185 ABI_NODE Auto-ID Infrastructure CHAR   
186 ABI_NROBJCT Number Range Element CHAR 18    
187 ABI_NROBJTY Number Range Element Type CHAR   
188 ABI_OBJCT Reference Object in Backend System CHAR 20    
189 ABI_OBJTY Auto-ID Infrastructure Object Type CHAR   
190 ABI_QTTY Quantity QUAN 13 
191 ABI_QUALF ID Element Identification for AII CHAR   
192 ABI_RQOBJTY Requested ElementType CHAR   
193 ABI_RQSTTS Required Status Type of Delivery for Output Creation CHAR   
194 ABI_RSDNC Residence Time for Archiving DEC   
196 ABI_TSTMP Time Stamp DEC 15    
197 ABI_UOM Unit of Measure UNIT   
198 ABI_URI_FORMAT URN Format CHAR 128    
199 ABKAT Category for Variance/Results Analysis NUMC   
200 ABKND Attendance/absence category CHAR   
201 ABKOD A/B category CHAR   
202 ABKOM REM-PT: MRP segment aggregation CHAR   
203 ABKRS Payroll area CHAR   
204 ABLADPL Domain for Data Element ABLADPL CHAR   
205 ABLAR Derivation type CHAR   
206 ABLBELNR Internal number for identifying meter reading document CHAR 20    
207 ABLEINHEIT Meter reading unit CHAR   
208 ABLEINHTXT Text (30 Characters) CHAR 30    
209 ABLESART Meter reading type defined by SAP CHAR   
210 ABLESARTST Control of meter reading type to be prepared CHAR   
211 ABLESER Meter reader number CHAR   
212 ABLESETYP Meter reading category CHAR   
213 ABLESGR Meter reading reason CHAR   
214 ABLESGRC Preparation of meter reading reasons: contract CHAR   
215 ABLESGRD Preparation of meter reading reasons: device CHAR   
216 ABLESGRE Meter reading reasons for single entry CHAR   
217 ABLESGRI Preparation of meter reading reasons: installation CHAR   
218 ABLESGRU Preparation of meter reading reasons: meter reading unit CHAR   
219 ABLESGRUP MR group for controlling decimal places to be read CHAR   
220 ABLESGR_CORR Meter Reading Reason for Generation of MR Results CHAR   
221 ABLESGR_VTE610 Meter reading reasons for interval check CHAR   
222 ABLESGR_VTE611 Meter reading reasons for interpolation CHAR   
223 ABLFIRMA Number of subcontractor CHAR   
224 ABLFZ Cumulative quantity delivered in sales unit QUAN 13 
225 ABLGNR IS-M/SD: Consecutive number for drop-off NUMC 16    
226 ABLHINW Note from meter reader CHAR   
227 ABLLI External release number CHAR 20    
228 ABLRGLNR IS-M/SD: Consecutive number for drop-off rules CHAR 10    
229 ABLSCHR Controlling of notification for meter reading preparation CHAR   
230 ABLSPERR Reason for blocking meter reading CHAR   
231 ABLSTAT Meter Reading Status CHAR   
232 ABLZEIT Meter reading time in hours DEC
233 ABL_LIST IS-M/SD: Several drop-off points defined for item CHAR   
234 ABL_Z Meter reading center CHAR   
235 ABMSGMSGID Error number CHAR 23    
236 ABMSGTXT Error Message CHAR 73    
237 ABNKR Bank reference (e.g. account number) CHAR 15    
238 ABNNR Recipient of distribution CHAR 10    
239 ABNTP Recipient category for distribution CHAR   
240 ABNUM Maintenance plan call number INT4 10    
241 ABPER Settlement period NUMC   
242 ABPKMVIEW Display Level of Kernel Method Attributes INT1   
243 ABPRC Percentage NUMC   
244 ABP_CHANGE Budget Billing Plan Modifiable ('X') Not Modifiable (' ') CHAR   
245 ABRAB MRP for Release Types CHAR   
246 ABRABBKZ Direct debit procedure indicator CHAR   
247 ABRABS Combine due date for budget billing/bill CHAR   
248 ABRAR Payroll type CHAR   
249 ABRART IS-H: Billing type CHAR   
250 ABREART Settlement type for service charges CHAR   
251 ABREC Trip accounting status CHAR   
252 ABRECHK IS-M/AM: COA settlement indicator CHAR   
253 ABREG CO-PA derivation rule CHAR   
254 ABREI Display coverage in the planning table CHAR   
255 ABREL Relevant for settlement CHAR   
256 ABREMPKZ Settlement to Receiver Required/Optional/Not Allowed CHAR   
257 ABRFAKT Billing factor DEC 12 
258 ABRFNAME Synonym for table field names for CO object settlement CHAR 10    
259 ABRFREIG Reason for releasing billing block CHAR   
260 ABRGEMKZ Common rooms, indicator CHAR   
261 ABRGNR IS-PAM: COA settlement number NUMC   
262 ABRG_POSNR IS-PAM: COA settlement item number NUMC   
263 ABRIST Settlement of Actual Costs CHAR   
264 ABRKN Payroll constant CHAR   
265 ABRKZ_FALL IS-H: Billing Indicator for Case CHAR   
266 ABRKZ_FK IS-H: Billing indicator for invoice CHAR   
267 ABRKZ_LS IS-H: billable indicator = 'X', non-billable = ' ' CHAR   
268 ABRKZ_STA IS-H: Use billability specified in service master CHAR   
269 ABRLF Number of a settlement run (subsequent settlement) CHAR 10    
270 ABRLI Internal release order number NUMC   
271 ABRMENGE Quantity to be billed DEC 14 
272 ABRMWSTKZ Display value added tax (indicator) CHAR   
273 ABRNR_VK Invoicing number NUMC 11    
274 ABROB_VK Invoicing number for number range object (VVKKABRCH) NUMC   
275 ABRPE Accounting settlement period CHAR   
276 ABRSPERR Reason for blocking an installation for billing CHAR   
277 ABRST Call status CHAR 46    
278 ABRUF Forecast delivery schedule number NUMC 10    
279 ABRUFANZ Number of calls DEC   
280 ABRUFWERT Value of value contract already released CURR 17 
281 ABRUF_PART Check partner authorizations CHAR   
282 ABRUMLWKZ Calculation of apportionment loss risk CHAR   
283 ABRV PM: User setting for maintaining settlement rule CHAR   
284 ABRVAR Settlement variant CHAR   
285 ABRVERRKZ Clearing of Advance Payments by Settlement Company CHAR   
286 ABRVF PS Supplementary Pension: Payroll Procedure CHAR   
287 ABRVORG Billing Transaction CHAR   
288 ABRVW Release order usage ID CHAR   
289 ABR_APPL Application for Settlement Processor CHAR   
290 ABR_EMP General settlement receiver CHAR 35    
291 ABR_PROTO Indicator: disconnection reason relevant to billing log CHAR   
292 ABR_STATUS IS-M/AM: COA settlement status CHAR   
293 ABR_TYP_OL IS-M: Settlement type for online advertising CHAR   
294 ABR_ZSTAT IS-M: Settlement status of the assignment CHAR   
295 ABSBETRG Control of budget billing amount calculation CHAR   
296 ABSCH Settlement structure for cost element/account determination CHAR   
297 ABSCHLGRP Abschlußgruppe für den Tagesabschluss CHAR 20    
298 ABSCHLKZ02 Indicator: budget billing due date CHAR   
299 ABSCHL_BEG IS-M/AM: Rule for contract start CHAR   
300 ABSCHL_END IS-M/AM: End of customer outline agreement CHAR   
301 ABSCH_KK Reconciliation of Check Encashments CHAR   
302 ABSERMIT Type of budget billing determination CHAR   
303 ABSET SAP Selection Filter: Releases Instead of Schedule Lines CHAR   
304 ABSFLDNR Consecutive number of budget billing amount NUMC   
305 ABSFORM_CM Form of payment guarantee CHAR   
306 ABSLANFO Indicator: budget billing request NUMC   
307 ABSLANFOAB Indicator: budget billing request for debtor CHAR   
308 ABSLBETR Budget billing amount (CURR 6, dec. 2) CURR 12 
309 ABSLE Interval between billing and 1st budget billing (DEC 3) DEC   
310 ABSLL Interval between last budget billing and billing (DEC 3) DEC   
311 ABSLM Interval between billing and month of first budget billing NUMC   
312 ABSPZ Scope of verification level for rebate agreements CHAR   
313 ABSRATE_KK FPN1: installment interval NUMC   
314 ABSSCHE_CM Payment Guarantee Procedure CHAR   
315 ABSSTEU Budget billing control CHAR   
316 ABSTA Release status (current release, old release) CHAR   
317 ABSTAG Budget billing days NUMC   
318 ABSTB_KK Calculation type of tax in write-offs CHAR   
319 ABSTK Reject status at header level CHAR   
320 ABSTP Absence category CHAR   
321 ABSTT Status of development CHAR   
322 ABSTW_KK Calculation type of tax in write-offs CHAR   
323 ABSTY Attendance/absence type CHAR   
324 ABSTYP_CM Payment guarantee category CHAR   
325 ABSUN Time unit CHAR   
326 ABSVZ Absence Indicator for Supplementary Pension CHAR   
327 ABSWH_KK Interval between repetition items NUMC   
328 ABSZYK Budget billing cycle (in months) NUMC   
329 ABSZYKTER Budget billing cycle (in months) CHAR   
330 ABSZYKV Budget billing cycle (in months) in contract CHAR   
331 ABS_ATT_TYPE Attendance or Absence Type CHAR   
332 ABS_BEDNR IS-M/AM: Contract requirement number (COA) CHAR 10    
333 ABS_LVEWE IS-M: Use of list variants for COAs CHAR   
334 ABS_MENGE IS-M/AM: Agreed acceptance quantity QUAN 12 
335 ABS_NAME Abstract name within exit context CHAR 26    
336 ABS_POSNR IS-M/AM: COA item number NUMC   
337 ABS_STZART IS-PAM: Record types for data transfer from COA CHAR   
338 ABS_TYP IS-M/AM: COA type CHAR   
339 ABS_VBSTAT IS-M: Assignment not updated in COA standing CHAR   
340 ABS_VTNR IS-M/AM: Number of customer outline agreement NUMC   
341 ABTEI Department CHAR 12    
342 ABTIM Indicator denoting when the valuation should be performed CHAR   
343 ABTKZ Departmental indicator CHAR   
344 ABTL_LIST_FORMAT_TYPE List format type NUMC   
345 ABTL_TEXT10 ABAP Tools Docu for AiE: String CHAR 10    
346 ABTL_TEXT120 ABAP Tools Docu für AiE: Text string CHAR 120    
347 ABTL_TEXT256 ABAP Tools Docu for AiE: String CHAR 256    
348 ABTNR Department classification CHAR   
349 ABTNR_CL Department classification CHAR   
350 ABTXT Payroll type text CHAR   
351 ABTYP Category of the rebate agreement CHAR   
352 ABTYP_KK Interval Type CHAR   
353 ABTYP_PS Revenue Type CHAR   
354 ABTYP_VK Information category CHAR   
355 ABTYZ Permissibility string for payroll categories CHAR 10    
356 ABUEB Forecast delivery schedule: Transmission profile CHAR   
357 ABVOR Prepopulate Standard Release Order Quantity in Contract CHAR   
358 ABWADR Partner function repeated in order-BP assignment CHAR   
359 ABWBL_CA Document Number of Representative Contract Accounting Doc. CHAR 12    
360 ABWBL_KK Number of the substitute document in FI-CA CHAR 12    
361 ABWCHKZ Indicator for charging of variances CHAR   
362 ABWEICH Permissible deviation for gas data control NUMC   
363 ABWESART IS-M/SD: Reason for lost time CHAR   
364 ABWGR Attendance/absence reason CHAR   
365 ABWKO Absence quota type NUMC   
366 ABWNAKST Deviating decimal places NUMC   
367 ABWRG Absence rule NUMC   
368 ABWST Processing control CHAR   
369 ABWTP_CA Type of Summarizing Object CHAR   
370 ABWTP_KK Category of substitute document in FI-CA CHAR   
371 ABZBT Deduction amount/percentage CURR 10 
372 ABZKZ Travel Expenses Deduction Type CHAR   
373 ABZUO Settlement assignment CHAR   
374 AB_JAHR From Year CHAR   
375 AB_KOTYP IS-H: Use of the condition type CHAR   
376 AB_MONAT From Month CHAR   
377 ACAC_CHAR75 Texts in Accrual Accounting CHAR 75    
378 ACAC_EXAMPLE_PARAMETER Sample Parameter CHAR 10    
379 ACAC_NUMC22 22-Character Numeric Fields without Check NUMC 22    
380 ACAC_OBJNUMBER Accrual Object Number CHAR 22    
381 ACAC_OBJTYPE Accrual Object Cat. CHAR 10    
382 ACAC_PARAMETER ACAC Parameters CHAR 30    
383 ACBETR_VK Payment Plan Behavior When Payment Amount is Changed CHAR   
384 ACCADDFILTER_CA Display Filter for Additional Information CHAR   
385 ACCCLOSINGST Closing Phase NUMC   
386 ACCDEFVIEW_CA FI-CA Account Balance - Standard View CHAR   
387 ACCDETKEY Account determination key CHAR   
389 ACCESSMODE Access modes for table types CHAR   
390 ACCHAR40 Domain char40 CHAR 40    
391 ACCHG_KK Account Swapped for Aperiodic Posting CHAR   
392 ACCNR Accrual rule for absence quota types NUMC   
393 ACCNTC_KK Transaction-Specific Account Determination Check CHAR   
394 ACCOP Operation indicators for leave accrual CHAR   
395 ACCOUNTGRP Account Assignment Group for Role Definiton CHAR 10    
396 ACCOUNTING_PRINCIPLE Accounting Principle CHAR   
397 ACCOUNT_C Account determination check for specific transaction CHAR   
398 ACCRAPPL Accrual/Deferral: Applications CHAR   
399 ACCRDOCTYP Accruals/Deferrals Master Data Document Type CHAR   
400 ACCRKONTYP Accrual/Deferral Account Assignment Category CHAR   
401 ACCRPAOBJSEP Separate Account Assignment for Profitability Segment CHAR   
402 ACCRRC Return code INT1   
403 ACCRREF Reference CHAR 10    
404 ACCRTYPE Results Analysis Form CHAR   
405 ACCR_PAR_NAME Accrual Engine: Additional parameter for distribution CHAR 30    
406 ACCTP_PAY Account category CHAR   
407 ACCTR Transfer of Accrual Entitlement CHAR   
408 ACCTSTATUS Status for transfer to accounting CHAR   
409 ACCTTYPE Account Type for US Federal IPAC Interface Process CHAR   
410 ACCTYP Accelerator Type CHAR   
411 ACCTYPE Accumulation Type CHAR   
412 ACCT_TYPE US Fed. Government Treasury Confirm DIT/FBT account CHAR   
413 ACCUM HR accumulator NUMC   
414 ACC_ACCOUNT G/L Account CHAR 10    
415 ACC_ACCOUNT_TYPE Account Category NUMC   
416 ACC_ACCTGROUP Account Group CHAR   
417 ACC_ACTIVITY IS-M/SD: Posting Transaction for Revenue Accrual CHAR   
418 ACC_ACTV_ACCOUNT Active Accounting Indicator (FI-CA, FI-AR) CHAR   
419 ACC_ASSTYPE Account Assignment Category CHAR   
420 ACC_BE_HEAD_NO Header Number for BE Object (Transfer to Accounting) CHAR 12    
421 ACC_BREAKDOWN Breakdown Type NUMC   
422 ACC_BUS_SCENARIO Business Scenario CHAR   
423 ACC_BUS_TR_CAT Business Transaction Category CHAR   
424 ACC_CHRT_ACCTS Chart of Accounts CHAR   
425 ACC_CLA_CONTROL Claim accounting posting control CHAR   
426 ACC_CLOSE_ACTN ACC:Alert Group close action CHAR   
427 ACC_COMPON Accounting Components CHAR   
428 ACC_CONFIG Accounting Configuration CHAR 16    
429 ACC_CURRID Currency ID CHAR   
430 ACC_CURTYPE Currency ID CHAR   
431 ACC_DATABASIS Data Basis CHAR   
432 ACC_DATACAT Obsolete! To Be Deleted! Data Category! NUMC   
433 ACC_DATA_ORIGIN Origin of the Master Data CHAR   
434 ACC_DATE_CURCONV Date to be used for currency conversion CHAR   
435 ACC_DEBCRED Debit/Credit Indicator CHAR   
436 ACC_DOCTYPE Document Type CHAR   
437 ACC_DOMAIN Business Domain CHAR 16    
438 ACC_ECS_IF_TYPE ECS Environment CHAR 10    
439 ACC_IB_LEVEL Accounting Intercompany Billing Level NUMC   
440 ACC_INTERVAL Range Limit CHAR   
441 ACC_INT_ID Transient ID for Posting Level or Model Version INT2   
442 ACC_JOURNAL Journal of ACC Document CHAR   
443 ACC_LEGENT Legal Entity CHAR 10    
444 ACC_LOGICSYS Logical System ID CHAR 10    
445 ACC_LOG_OBJ_CAT Logistical Object Type CHAR 10    
446 ACC_METHOD IS-M/SD: Accounting Method CHAR   
447 ACC_OBJ_STATUS Object Status CHAR 10    
448 ACC_PRINCIPLE_ASSIGNMENT_KEY Key for Assigning Accounting Principles CHAR   
449 ACC_REVERSAL_ITEM Reversal Indicator CHAR   
450 ACC_ROLE_NAME Role Name CHAR 10    
451 ACC_ROLE_REGLEV Level on which the Application Role Is Registered CHAR   
452 ACC_ROLE_REGNUM Number of Permitted Registrations CHAR   
453 ACC_SDATA Application data for MS ACCESS communication: max. 2K data CHAR 2048    
454 ACC_SELACCTYPE Type of Selection Condition/Target Assignment NUMC   
455 ACC_SIGN Flow Direction / +/- Sign CHAR   
456 ACC_STATUS Status of the document that is transferred to Accounting CHAR   
457 ACC_STRUCTURE Structure ID in Accounting CHAR 22    
458 ACC_STRU_NAME Techn. Name of a Structure ID in Accounting CHAR 10    
459 ACC_SUBSET Defines subset of components for the FI/CO interface CHAR   
460 ACC_SYSTEM Accounting System CHAR   
461 ACC_SYSTYPE System Type CHAR   
462 ACC_TRANTYPE Transaction Type CHAR   
463 ACC_TYPE_NAME Name of a Structured Type CHAR 10    
464 ACC_XPERCLOSED Period Status CHAR   
465 ACD_BO_JOB_ID Domain for BO Job Id CHAR 50    
466 ACD_BO_JOB_TYPE Domain values for BO Job type CHAR 30    
467 ACD_JOB_OWNER Domain for Job Owner CHAR 30    
468 ACD_PROC_CHAIN_STEP_TYPE domain values for step types of bw process chains CHAR 30    
469 ACEDS_AUTH_ACTIVITY Activities for Authorization Validation (Distrib. Server) CHAR   
470 ACEDS_HEADER_STATUS Processing Status of an Accrual Subobject CHAR   
471 ACEDS_LEGACY_EXCLUSIVE Legacy Data Transfer Only CHAR   
472 ACEDS_LEGACY_MODE Status of Legacy Data Transfer CHAR   
473 ACEDS_OPERATOR_PERCENT Percentage for Operator "P" (Derived Accrual Type) DEC
474 ACEDS_VALEVENT Validation/substitution callup point NUMC   
475 ACEDS_VALUSER Validation/substitution application area CHAR   
476 ACEND_VK Payment Plan Behavior - Premature Cancellation CHAR   
477 ACENV_LO Source in TR-LO posting area NUMC   
478 ACEPSAD_ACTION Account Determination Meta-Customizing or Customizing CHAR   
479 ACEPSAD_AREA Account Determination Area CHAR   
480 ACEPS_AUTH_ACTIVITY Activities for Authorization Validation (Posting Server) CHAR   
481 ACEPS_FI_REVERSAL_INDICATOR Indicator to Control Reversal Postings CHAR   
482 ACEPS_HEADER_STATUS Processing Status of Accrual Item CHAR   
483 ACEPS_RUNID Number (Run ID) of a Periodic Posting Run in Accrual Engine CHAR 10    
484 ACEPS_RUNSTATUS Status of Periodic Posting Run CHAR   
485 ACEPS_STATUS Processing Status CHAR 20    
486 ACERRTYPE FI: Error type CHAR   
487 ACE_ACCMETHOD Accrual Method CHAR 10    
488 ACE_ACRTYPE Accrual Type CHAR   
489 ACE_AGGREGAT Linkage/grouping for accrual types CHAR   
490 ACE_APPL Application Within the Accrual Engine CHAR   
491 ACE_ARCHPREP_STATUS Preparation for Archiving: Result CHAR   
492 ACE_ARCH_PREP_STATUS Processing Status for Archiving Preparation CHAR 20    
493 ACE_BUKRS Company Code CHAR   
494 ACE_BUKRS_TEXT Name of Company Code CHAR 70    
495 ACE_CALC_VARIABLES Variable for calculation CHAR 20    
496 ACE_CHAR70_SMALL_LETTERS Character Field Length 70, Lower Case CHAR 70    
497 ACE_COMP Application component CHAR   
498 ACE_DATA_TRANSFER_PURPOSE Purpose of Data Transfer CHAR   
499 ACE_DATA_TRANSFER_TYPE Selection Method for Data Transfer to the Accrual Engine CHAR 10    
500 ACE_DB_ACTION Database Activity CHAR