SAP ABAP Domain - Index A, page 7
Domain - A
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 APBUT_QSSYSBEW Valuation QM system NUMC   
2 APBUT_QSSYSFAM QS system family CHAR   
4 APB_ISR_ACTIVE_DATE Validity date DATS   
5 APB_ISR_APPL Application CHAR   
6 APB_ISR_CHAR20 20 character field CHAR 20    
7 APB_ISR_CHARACATEG Characteristics Category CHAR   
8 APB_ISR_EVH_FIELD_TYPE field category CHAR   
9 APB_ISR_FIELDTXT Field label CHAR 40    
12 APB_ISR_VERSION Version of scenario NUMC   
14 APB_LPD_ADD_INFO Additional Information STRG   
15 APB_LPD_APPLICATION_TEXT Application Type Text CHAR 30    
16 APB_LPD_APPLICATION_TYPES Applikation types CHAR   
17 APB_LPD_APPLICATION_TYPE_DESCR Application Type Description CHAR 30    
18 APB_LPD_APPL_ALIAS Application Alias STRG   
19 APB_LPD_AQS_BGNAME SAP Query (S): Name of a user group CHAR 12    
20 APB_LPD_AQS_QUNAME SAP Query (S): Query name CHAR 14    
21 APB_LPD_AQS_WSID SAP Query (S): Work Area ID CHAR   
22 APB_LPD_BI_INFOCUBE BI Info cube CHAR 30    
23 APB_LPD_BI_PARAMETER_TYPE Filter-Value or Variable or Fix-Value CHAR   
24 APB_LPD_BI_QUERY BI Query CHAR 30    
25 APB_LPD_BI_SEL_OPT BI Select option CHAR   
26 APB_LPD_BI_TEMPLATE BI Template Id CHAR 30    
28 APB_LPD_BI_VIEW BI View CHAR 30    
29 APB_LPD_BI_WEBID BI Webid CHAR 25    
30 APB_LPD_BI_WORKBOOK BI Workbook CHAR 25    
31 APB_LPD_BO_EXCELSIUS_DASHBD BO Excelsius Dashboard CHAR 30    
32 APB_LPD_BO_POLESTAR Polestar CHAR 30    
34 APB_LPD_BO_REPORT_TYPE BO Cristal Report Type CHAR   
35 APB_LPD_BO_WEBI_DISP_TYPE Web Inteligence Display Type CHAR   
36 APB_LPD_BO_WEB_INTELLIGENCE Web Intelligence Report Name CHAR 30    
40 APB_LPD_CR_PARAMETER_TYPE Filter-Value or Variable or Fix-Value CHAR   
41 APB_LPD_CR_VERSION Crystal Report Version CHAR   
42 APB_LPD_DATA_FIELD Data field CHAR 40    
43 APB_LPD_DESCRIPTION Name of Object CHAR 80    
44 APB_LPD_DISPLAY_VARIANT_FOR_LT Display Variants for Descriptions CHAR   
45 APB_LPD_DISP_VAR_FOR_LT_CHIP Display Variants for Longtext CHAR   
46 APB_LPD_FCODE Function Code CHAR 20    
47 APB_LPD_FOLDER_TYPE Folder type CHAR   
49 APB_LPD_FTYPE Type of Function Code CHAR   
52 APB_LPD_HISTORY_MODE Portal History Mode CHAR   
53 APB_LPD_ID Id CHAR 60    
54 APB_LPD_INSTANCE Instance CHAR 32    
55 APB_LPD_KIND_OF_SERVER Kind of server CHAR   
56 APB_LPD_KIND_OF_VALUE_BI Kind of value (single, multi, interval,...) CHAR 10    
57 APB_LPD_KIND_OF_VALUE_BO Kind of value (single, multi, interval,...) CHAR 10    
58 APB_LPD_LANGUAGE Language (2 characters) CHAR   
59 APB_LPD_LINK_TEXT Link Text CHAR 255    
60 APB_LPD_LONGTEXT String case sensitive STRG   
61 APB_LPD_NAV_MODE Navigation Mode CHAR   
62 APB_LPD_NUMBER_OF_LINES Number of visible Lines INT1   
63 APB_LPD_OBJECT Launchpad Objects CHAR 10    
64 APB_LPD_OBJTYPE Object type CHAR 32    
68 APB_LPD_PARAM_FORWARDING Portal Navigation forwarding mode CHAR   
69 APB_LPD_PCD_BO_ACTIVITY PCD Business Object Activity STRG   
70 APB_LPD_PCD_BUS_OBJ PCD Business Object STRG   
71 APB_LPD_PFCG_BO_ACTIVITY PFCG Business Object Activity CHAR 32    
72 APB_LPD_PFCG_BUS_OBJ PFCG Business Object CHAR 32    
74 APB_LPD_PROXY_CLASS Proxy Class name CHAR 30    
75 APB_LPD_RALDB_VARI Variant Name CHAR 14    
76 APB_LPD_ROLE Role CHAR 10    
77 APB_LPD_RW_RGJNR Report group CHAR   
79 APB_LPD_SELECT_OPTION Select options CHAR   
80 APB_LPD_SERVER_TYPES Types of Servers CHAR 10    
81 APB_LPD_SHORT_STRING Short String CHAR 127    
82 APB_LPD_SHORT_TEXT Short Text up to 255 Characters CHAR 255    
83 APB_LPD_STATUS Status of the application CHAR   
84 APB_LPD_STRING String case sensitive STRG   
85 APB_LPD_SYSTEM_ALIAS System Alias CHAR 100    
86 APB_LPD_TEXT100 Text 100 Characters CHAR 100    
88 APB_LPD_TRA_OBJ Line of start param obj of report APB_LPD_CALL_TRANSACTION CHAR 256    
89 APB_LPD_TRA_OBJ_SHORT Line of start param obj of report APB_LPD_CALL_TRANSACTION CHAR 132    
90 APB_LPD_TYPE_OF_LPD Type of Launchpad CHAR   
91 APB_LPD_UNIQUE_ID Unique Id for a Launchpad CHAR 11    
92 APB_LPD_UNIQUE_ID_WITH_NS Unique Id with namespace for a Launchpad CHAR 21    
93 APB_LPD_URL String case sensitive STRG   
94 APB_LPD_VARIANT Variant CHAR 14    
95 APB_LPD_VERSION_OF_LPD Version of Launchpad CHAR   
96 APCLS Applicant class CHAR   
97 APCM_ORDER_TYPE Order Categories for Production Campaign CHAR   
98 APCM_RESULT_TYPE Desired Information for Production Campaign CHAR   
99 APC_ACTION_TYPE Actions for a APC connection INT2   
100 APC_APPLICATION_ID ABAP Push Channel Application ID CHAR 30    
101 APC_APPL_PATH ABAP Push Channel application path SSTR 380    
102 APC_APPL_STATE State of apc application stateful/stateless CHAR   
103 APC_CROSS_ORIGIN_PROTOCOL APC protocol for Cross Origin Header CHAR   
104 APC_LOGON_METHOD Logon method of APC CHAR   
105 APC_PROTOCOL Protocol for APC INT1   
106 APC_SSTRING ABAP Push Channel Short String ( URL ) SSTR 380    
107 APC_WSP_PROTOCOL_TYPE_ID APC WebSocoket protocol type ID CHAR 30    
108 APDAILY Air Pressure to-the-Day CHAR   
110 APERB_STAT Status of Periodic Posting Run CHAR   
111 APGRP Applicant group CHAR   
112 APIDLVUNIT (Doman) Delivery Unit for APIs CHAR 30    
113 API_FLAG Use API interface CHAR   
114 APLKZ Indicator showing a task list exists CHAR   
115 APLNO Applicant number NUMC   
116 APLNR Applicant number NUMC   
117 APLSTAT Processing Results from Business View CHAR   
118 APNR Sales Order Item NUMC   
119 APNR_PR Item in ad pre-print order NUMC   
120 APO20B_CVTYP Days' supply type CHAR   
121 APO20B_C_CHAR40K Detail text CHAR 40    
122 APO20B_DELPS MRP element item NUMC   
123 APO20B_LOCNO Location CHAR 20    
124 APO20B_MENGV15 Quantity, format 12.3 with sign QUAN 15 
125 APO20B_ORDER_STATUS Actual state of an order INT1   
126 APO20B_SOURCE_TYPE Type of source of supply CHAR   
127 APOANWDG ATP: Application for APO CHAR   
128 APOAPP APO application name CHAR 10    
129 APOAZERG ATP: APO display control CHAR   
130 APOCMETHOD Method to be executed while transferring an object CHAR   
131 APODELGRPCORR Delivery Date Correlation in Consolidation Location CHAR   
132 APOINIT ATP: Initialization indicator for APO NUMC   
133 APOINTVERS ATP: Version of interface to APO server NUMC   
134 APOKZ Indicator: Material is relevant for APO CHAR   
135 APOLINENO Schedule Line Number of an I/O Node in APO CHAR 10    
136 APOLOCID Internal number of location CHAR 22    
137 APOLOCNO Location number in APO CHAR 20    
138 APOLOCTYPE APO location type CHAR   
139 APOMATID APO internal material number CHAR 22    
140 APOMATNR Material number for APO CHAR 40    
141 APOMOBILE Indicator for schedule line transfer to APO CHAR   
142 APOMS APO as planning system CHAR   
143 APOMSSD APO as Planning System CHAR   
144 APOPLANNED Planning in APO CHAR   
145 APOPSSPARAM Parameters of the Parameter-Dependent ATP Safety Stock CHAR   
146 APOQUANDIVISOR Denominator of Quotient for Unit of Measure Conversion DEC   
147 APOQUANFACTOR Numerator of Quotient for Unit of Measure Conversion DEC   
148 APORDPRF APO rounding profile CHAR   
149 APOREQPRF ATP: Profile at Requirement Level for APO NUMC   
150 APORESMD Mode for Check Result CHAR   
151 APORESTSUB Product Substitution Restriction CHAR   
152 APOSYSTEM APO system CHAR   
153 APOTSTAMP UTC abbreviated time stamp (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) for APO DEC 15    
154 APOUTC_TMS Time stamp in short form (Local date and time/format) NUMC 15    
155 APOVENTYPE APO location type for vendors CHAR   
156 APOWHATBOM Indicator: Where should the BOM and task list be exploded? CHAR   
157 APO_DELNR MRP element number CHAR 12    
158 APO_FDNAME Local field name CHAR 30    
159 APO_KCGRP Product allocation group CHAR 30    
160 APO_KFDNA Local field name CHAR 30    
161 APO_KOMTH Product allocation: Selection of product allocation methods CHAR   
162 APO_TABLE Table name CHAR 30    
163 APPAG Appointments: Deviation reason CHAR   
164 APPBN Appointments: Document number CHAR 10    
165 APPBT Appointments: Document category CHAR   
166 APPDI Appointments: Time difference DEC   
167 APPDS Appointments: Default waiting time NUMC   
168 APPDT Appointments: Long text for document categories CHAR 20    
169 APPDX_KK Existing document supplements CHAR   
170 APPEND_CO_FUNCT Fixed Value Append for CO_FUNCT     
171 APPEND_FLG_WM_REL_2 WMS + Delivery Request Upon Order Release     
172 APPEND_PKSAR Fixed Value Enhancement for PKSAR     
173 APPEND_PKSAU_7 Fixed Value Enhancement for PKSAU     
174 APPEND_SP_ATYPE Fixed Value Enhancemnt for SP_ATYPE     
175 APPEND_SP_PERIODE Fixed Value Enhancemnt for SP_PERIODE     
176 APPFT Appointments: Remarks CHAR 30    
177 APPID Assignment of data to an application CHAR   
178 APPKL IS-H: Application CHAR   
179 APPKZ Application indicator (price list components) NUMC   
180 APPKZ_S Customer and Vendor Master Data Application Authorization CHAR   
181 APPL Application class CHAR   
182 APPLBS_KK Transfer Account Statement/MultiCash File to FI-CA: Applictn CHAR   
183 APPLCLASS Application class for DD objects CHAR   
184 APPLEVEL Approval level for workflow role definition NUMC   
185 APPLI Planning parameters: Application NUMC   
186 APPLICATIO Application classes CHAR 30    
187 APPLICATION_AREA CRM - Customer relationship management (Telesales) NUMC   
188 APPLICATION_ID Application Id INT2   
189 APPLICATION_NAME Application Name STRG   
190 APPLICATION_RFW Applications Calling Up Reconciliation Framework CHAR 10    
191 APPLICID Application ID CHAR   
192 APPLIK Application CHAR   
193 APPLIKATION Application indicator CHAR   
194 APPLIKBSIS Application for Basis Programs CHAR   
195 APPLITXT CHAR 20    
196 APPLI_TR01 SAP applications (product name) CHAR   
197 APPLKTEXT Application short texts (program attributes) CHAR 15    
198 APPLKZ Application ID CHAR   
199 APPLK_BA Application Flag in Business Framework CHAR   
200 APPLK_BF Application indicator in Business Framework CHAR   
201 APPLK_BF_BASIS Application Flag in Business Framework CHAR   
202 APPLK_FI FI application identification CHAR   
203 APPLK_ICA Application Area CHAR   
204 APPLK_KK Application area CHAR   
205 APPLK_KK2 Application Areas (without '*') CHAR   
206 APPLK_TFBUF Application that saves entry screen data CHAR   
207 APPLK_VK Application indicator ("I" for insurance) CHAR   
208 APPLN Area CHAR   
209 APPLOG_MSG_TIMESTAMP UTC time stamp in long form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss,mmmuuun) DEC 21 
210 APPLPART Application Part (e.g. Component) CHAR 127    
211 APPLTEXT Application texts (program attributes) CHAR 30    
212 APPL_BESTP Append     
213 APPL_ID_SOCM External Applications of SAP Change Manager CHAR   
214 APPL_INFO Application Information CHAR 128    
215 APPL_KUERZ Application ID CHAR   
216 APPL_OKKG Applications for Results Analysis CHAR   
217 APPL_OKKK Costing Applications for Customizing CHAR   
218 APPL_OKKV Object Types for Variance Calculation CHAR   
219 APPL_TEXT Application program long text CHAR 24    
220 APPL_UPOS Calling application of sub-item processing CHAR   
221 APPMO Appointments: matchcode object CHAR   
222 APPMODE Domain for PPM Application Flag NUMC   
223 APPNO Appointments: Number CHAR 10    
224 APPNR Number of application 1 or 2 CHAR   
225 APPPK Application from which a kanban is to be printed CHAR   
226 APPPR Appointments: Appointments Profile CHAR   
227 APPR Approval indicator for Fast Pay CHAR   
228 APPRC Event Category Release/Rejection INT4 10    
229 APPROVAL_STATE The state of an approval CHAR   
230 APPROVED_KK Indicator: Approved CHAR   
231 APPRZ Percentage variance for adjustment to be made NUMC   
232 APPSF Appointments: Factor for the wait time determined (workload) DEC
233 APPSK Appointments: Length in seconds DEC 15    
234 APPTG Appointments: Period pattern NUMC   
235 APPTP Application Type CHAR   
236 APPTYPEX Application type CHAR 10    
237 APPUA Appointments: Time from TIMS   
238 APPUB End time TIMS   
239 APPUV Time from TIMS   
240 APPVU Appointments: Party responsible for the schedule deviation CHAR   
241 APP_COMP Application Area CHAR 24    
242 APP_INPUT Flag: Appraisal Result Can Be Entered CHAR   
243 APP_NUMB Type of numbering used CHAR   
244 APP_RCODE Return code approve/reject for workflow NUMC   
245 APP_SEASONAL_SCHED New Fixed Values for Seasonal Scheduling     
246 APQ_TYPE Queue type is either appendable or unique CHAR   
247 APROF Settlement profile CHAR   
248 APROG Copy reference CHAR   
249 APROVNUM Official document numbering: Approval number(MX) CHAR 10    
250 APROVYEAR Official document numbering: Approval Year(MX) NUMC   
251 APRUE Schema, alloc tbl check CHAR   
252 APR_SC APR DEC 30  10 
253 APSTA Status of applicant CHAR   
254 APSTAT Status of Automatic Postings CHAR   
255 APSTP Item category in alloc. tbl CHAR   
256 APTXT Exclusion reason validity text CHAR 35    
257 APTYP Applicant range CHAR   
258 APXNR IS-H: Appendixnummer CHAR 10    
259 APZKZ Work Center CHAR   
260 AP_FORMEL Formula for work center costs/capacity CHAR   
261 AP_PLANV Work center usage CHAR   
262 AP_STAND Work center location CHAR 10    
263 AP_STATUS Maintenance status of the work center CHAR   
264 AP_VERAN Person responsible for the work center CHAR   
265 AP_VERWE Work center category CHAR   
266 AP_VGW_FLG Standard value for work center verification CHAR   
267 AQARROWSIZ Length of Arrowhead CHAR   
268 AQARROWSTY Style of an Arrowhead CHAR   
269 AQARROWTYP Edge Arrowhead Type in Network Graphic CHAR   
270 AQARROWWID Width of Arrowhead CHAR   
271 AQCHECKBOX Checkbox in Network INT2   
272 AQDX132 SAP Query: RAW132 RAW 132    
273 AQLINETYPE Line Type of Link in Network INT2   
274 AQLINSTYLE Edge Style in Network Graphic CHAR   
275 AQL_DFORM SAP Query (L): Data format CHAR   
276 AQL_DKIND SAP Query (L): Data type CHAR   
277 AQL_PKIND SAP Query (L): Display type CHAR   
278 AQQPROZ Per Cent NUMC (3) NUMC   
279 AQQTXT15 Text 15 CHAR 15    
280 AQQTXT20 Text 20 CHAR 20    
281 AQQ_BOOL Boolean CHAR   
282 AQS_ACTION SAP Query(S): Time CHAR 30    
283 AQS_BOOL SAP Query (L): Boolean Value CHAR   
284 AQS_C1 SAP Query (S): C1 CHAR   
285 AQS_C1024K SAP Query (L): Data line for download to memory CHAR 1024    
286 AQS_C12 ABAP Query (S): C12 CHAR 12    
287 AQS_C12K ABAP Query (S): C12 Large/small CHAR 12    
288 AQS_C132K ABAP Query (S): C132 large/small CHAR 132    
289 AQS_C14 ABAP/4 Query (S): C14 CHAR 14    
290 AQS_C15K ABAP QUery (S): C15 large/small CHAR 15    
291 AQS_C16K ABAP Query (S): C16 large/small CHAR 16    
292 AQS_C2 ABAP Query (S): C2 CHAR   
293 AQS_C20 SAP Query (S): C20 Uppercase letters CHAR 20    
294 AQS_C20K ABAP Query (S): C20 large/small CHAR 20    
295 AQS_C24K ABAP Query (S): C24 large/small CHAR 24    
296 AQS_C255K ABAP Query (S): C255 large/small CHAR 255    
297 AQS_C3 ABAP Query (S): C3 CHAR   
298 AQS_C30 ABAP/4 Query (S): C30 CHAR 30    
299 AQS_C30K ABAP Query (S): C30 large/small CHAR 30    
300 AQS_C35K ABAP QUery (S): C35 large/small CHAR 35    
301 AQS_C4 ABAP Query (S): C4 CHAR   
302 AQS_C40K ABAP Query (S): C40 large/small CHAR 40    
303 AQS_C5 ABAP Query (S): C5 CHAR   
304 AQS_C50K ABAP Query (S): C50 large/small CHAR 50    
305 AQS_C6 ABAP Query (S): C6 CHAR   
306 AQS_C60K ABAP Query (S): C60 large/small CHAR 60    
307 AQS_C63K ABAP Queyr (S): C63 large/small CHAR 63    
308 AQS_C70 ABAP Query (S): C70 CHAR 70    
309 AQS_C70K ABAP Query (S): C70 large/small CHAR 70    
310 AQS_C72K ABAP Query (S): C72 large/small CHAR 72    
311 AQS_C76K ABAP Query (S): C76 large/small CHAR 76    
312 AQS_C8 ABAP Query (S): C8 CHAR   
313 AQS_C80K ABAP Query (S): C80 large/small CHAR 80    
314 AQS_CODNAM SAP Query (S): Coding areas NUMC   
315 AQS_D ABAP/4 Query (S): D DATS   
316 AQS_FTYPE Field type (output/selction feld) NUMC   
317 AQS_I ABAP Query (S): I INT4 10    
318 AQS_N1 ABAP Query (S): N1 NUMC   
319 AQS_N2 ABAP Query (S): N2 NUMC   
320 AQS_N3 ABAP Query (S): N3 NUMC   
321 AQS_N4 ABAP Query (S): N4 NUMC   
322 AQS_N5 ABAP Query (S): N5 NUMC   
323 AQS_N6 ABAP Query (S): N6 NUMC   
324 AQS_N8 ABAP Query (S): N8 NUMC   
325 AQS_N9 ABAP/4 Query (S): N9 NUMC   
326 AQS_P20 ABAP Query (S): P2,0 DEC   
327 AQS_P50 ABAP Query (S): P5,0 DEC   
328 AQS_PASEL SAP Query (S): Type of selection CHAR   
329 AQS_T ABAP Query (S): T TIMS   
330 AQTYPENAME ABAP Type Name CHAR 200    
331 AQT_BGNAME ABAP Query (T): Name of a user group CHAR 12    
332 AQT_BGNUMB SAP Query (S): User group number NUMC   
333 AQT_DEVC ABAP Query (T): Package CHAR 30    
334 AQT_DONAME ABAP Query (T): Name of a domain CHAR 30    
335 AQT_FLAG ABAP Query (S): Flag CHAR   
336 AQT_FNAME ABAP Query (T): Field name (tab field) CHAR 70    
337 AQT_FTEXT ABAP Query (T): Field text CHAR 60    
338 AQT_IKNAME ABAP Query (T): Internal short name NUMC   
339 AQT_KNAME ABAP Query (T): Short text CHAR 10    
340 AQT_LOGDB ABAP Query (T): Name of a logical database CHAR 20    
341 AQT_NUMB ABAP Query (T): Functional group name CHAR   
342 AQT_PGNAME ABAP Query (T): Program name (long) CHAR 40    
343 AQT_PGNAMS ABAP Query (T): Program name (short) CHAR 30    
344 AQT_PSNAME ABAP Query (T): Name of a selection CHAR   
345 AQT_QUNAME ABAP Query (T): Name of a query CHAR 14    
346 AQT_QUNUMB SAP Query (S): Query number NUMC 12    
347 AQT_SGNAME ABAP Query (T): Name of a functional area CHAR 24    
348 AQT_SGNUMB SAP Query (S): Functional Area Number NUMC 18    
349 AQT_TFNAME ABAP Query (T): Name of a database field without prefix CHAR 30    
350 AQT_TINDX ABAP Query (T): Text index NUMC   
351 AQT_TNAME ABAP Query (T): Table name CHAR 30    
352 AQT_TRANS ABAP Query (T): Transport request CHAR 20    
353 AQT_VARI ABAP Query (T): Variant name CHAR 14    
354 AQT_WSID ABAP Query (T): Query area ID CHAR   
355 AQT_ZFNAME ABAP Query (T): Name of an additional field CHAR 21    
356 AQZIF Equivalence number for order settlement DEC 10    
357 AQ_LANGU ABAP/4 Query: Language LANG   
358 AQ_MARK Selection (DO NOT DELETE) CHAR   
359 ARAKT Alloc. rule status CHAR   
360 ARBEIT Work in activity in network QUAN
361 ARBEIT_2 Work with 2 decimal places QUAN
362 ARBFELD Company work field CHAR   
363 ARBGB Application area CHAR 20    
364 ARBGB_FK Consolidation application area CHAR   
365 ARBGB_R4 Application area, Release-4-compatible CHAR 20    
366 ARBGEB Application area CHAR   
367 ARBPL Work center CHAR   
368 ARBS1 Place of employment key for S74 tax and DA information DK CHAR   
369 ARBST Job for DA/DS statistics CHAR   
370 ARBVG Operation CHAR   
371 ARCDELFLAG Char 1 Field Archiving / Deletion CHAR   
372 ARCHIK_SC Indicator: Incoming payment processed (internal, ...) CHAR   
373 ARCH_APPL_LOG_STATUS Archiving: Application Log - Log Status CHAR   
374 ARCH_CHECK_STANDARD_BOOLE Archiving - Standard Check: X / SPACE or Your Icon CHAR   
375 ARCH_CHECK_STANDARD_FULFILLMNT Archiving - Standard Checks: Standard Fulfillment CHAR 20    
376 ARCH_CHECK_STANDARD_RESULT Archiving - Standard Checks: Check Results CHAR   
377 ARCH_CLASS Class of integrated objects in archive CHAR 10    
378 ARCH_DATS Date field DATS   
379 ARCH_DETAIL_LOG Archiving: Detail Log CHAR   
380 ARCH_ENQUE Lock object for archiving and reorganization CHAR 10    
381 ARCH_EVENT Definition of events for archiving generation program CHAR 20    
382 ARCH_FILE_ACCESSIBLE Accessibility of an Archive File CHAR   
384 ARCH_JOB Distinguishing criterion: Archiving and deletion program CHAR   
385 ARCH_LOCK Lock method for archiving and reorganization NUMC   
386 ARCH_OBJ_PROT_OUTPUT Archiving: Output of Object Logs CHAR   
388 ARCH_PACK Table line of a compressed archive object RAW 4096    
389 ARCH_PROG Type of Write Program CHAR   
390 ARCH_RANGES Package Ranges RAW 16    
391 ARCH_RZPT_ACTIONS Archiving: Residence Time Maintenance Tool - Actions CHAR 10    
392 ARCH_TYP Key to the function of the archive segments CHAR   
393 ARCKW Indicator for archived pricing documents (IS-R) CHAR   
394 ARC_CHEC_A Storge System: Activate/Deactivate File Access Check CHAR   
395 ARC_CHEC_F File System: Switch On/Off File Access Check CHAR   
396 ARC_CHGR_ST Status of Archive File CHAR   
397 ARC_COMMENT Description CHAR 70    
398 ARC_DESTRDB_MESSAGE_COUNT Number of Similar Messages and Texts in Totals Log NUMC 10    
399 ARC_DESTRDB_STATUS Status of Data Destruction in DB CHAR   
400 ARC_DESTR_OBJECT Destruction Object for Data from Database CHAR 30    
401 ARC_DESTR_RES_TYPE Type of Resources to Be Destroyed CHAR   
402 ARC_DESTR_RW_CONFIRM Destroy in RW Without Checks in Legacy Systems CHAR   
403 ARC_DESTR_STATUS Status of Data Destruction CHAR   
404 ARC_DISTRIB Values for decentralized archiving (EHP5)     
405 ARC_ENH_FLG Flag for Enhanced Archiving Options in related components CHAR   
406 ARC_MONITO Data Archiving Monitor On/Off CHAR   
407 ARC_OBJ_STATUS Status of an Archiving Object Based on Sessions CHAR   
408 ARC_OPTION Option to read archive NUMC   
409 ARC_TRANS_AL_TYPE Type of ArchiveLink Document CHAR   
410 ARC_TRANS_SESSION_STATUS Status of Archiving Sessions CHAR   
411 ARC_TRANS_STATUS Status of Data Transfer, Conversion, or Storage INT1   
412 ARC_VERI_D Verify Archive File when Deleting CHAR   
413 ARC_VERI_L Verify Archive File When Reloading CHAR   
414 ARC_VERI_R Verify Archive Files when Reading CHAR   
415 ARC_VERI_W Create Verifiable Archive Files CHAR   
416 ARDB_COUNT Table Analysis: Number of Entries in a Table INT4 10    
417 ARDB_DATASEL Table Analysis: Data Selection Indicator CHAR   
418 ARDB_FIELDCAT Table Analysis: Field Category CHAR   
419 ARDB_LENGTH3 Table Analysis: Length NUMC   
420 ARDB_MAXCOUNT Max. Number of Entries INT4 10    
421 ARDB_STATE Table Analysis: Status of Table Analysis CHAR   
422 ARDB_TABLE16 Table Analysis: Name of a Database Object (Length 16) CHAR 16    
423 ARDB_VF_NAME Table Analysis: Virtual Field CHAR 24    
424 ARDB_VF_TYPE Table Analysis: Value Determination Type of a Virtual Field CHAR   
425 AREA Function group name CHAR 26    
426 AREA3 Area CHAR   
428 AREAT Function group text CHAR 40    
429 AREA_USAGE_IND Purpose of Depreciation Area CHAR   
430 AREN_EVENT_MESSAGE Message CHAR 100    
431 AREN_MODE_SCENARIONAME Display Mode: Scenario Name CHAR   
432 AREN_OUTPUT_OBJCATG Category of Output Object CHAR   
433 ARE_TASK_STATUS Status of Task CHAR   
434 ARFA_ACTIVE Configuration Active CHAR   
435 ARFCBLCNT Block number for chopping data of an ARFC call RAW   
436 ARFCDATADO Maximum definable size of a fixed field (trick) RAW 255    
437 ARFCHASH HASH for tRFC/qRFC RAW 40    
438 ARFCIPID Unique host name (IP address) CHAR   
439 ARFCLUWCNT Counter for ARFC calls within an LUW CHAR   
440 ARFCOPTION Options for an asynchronous connection CHAR 128    
441 ARFCPID Process ID for ARFC CHAR   
442 ARFCSTATE Status of an ARFC call CHAR   
443 ARFCTIDCNT Counter which determines the key of an ARFC call CHAR   
444 ARFCTIME Time which determines the key of an ARFC call CHAR   
445 ARGID ID of a partial argument for an object CHAR 10    
446 ARGMT Key for premium function NUMC   
447 ARGRD_CA Adjustment Request Reason CHAR   
448 ARGST Status of shpmt costs settl. CHAR   
449 ARGST_BEZ Descr.for overall status of settlm. of shipping costs CHAR 25    
450 ARGUMENT Table argument CHAR 40    
451 ARITH_TYPE Type of arithmetical update CHAR   
452 ARKEY Key for Archive File CHAR 20    
453 ARM_CATALOG Catalog Type for ARM     
455 AROFKTEST2 test CHAR   
457 AROSTRING Test: string STRG   
458 ARRANG_BOSTA_MODE Level of Status Change CHAR   
459 ARRANG_CHAR1 Single-Character Character Field CHAR   
460 ARRANG_CHAR10 Text Field of Length 10 CHAR 10    
461 ARRANG_CHAR2 Character Field Length 2 CHAR   
462 ARRANG_LINE_TYPE_ALV Type of Displayed Line (for example, Billing Doc., Vendor) CHAR   
463 ARRANG_PARTNER_DATA Data on Arrangement Partner CHAR 130    
464 ARREP Check dependent reservations CHAR   
465 ARSTA Status of shpmt costs settl. CHAR   
466 ARSTA_BEZ Description for status of shipment costs settlement CHAR 25    
467 ART01 Indicator: is subtype valid for attendances or absences? CHAR   
468 ARTAENDNR IS-M/SD: Type of change number CHAR   
469 ARTDESBW Type of calorific value CHAR   
470 ARTEFFZI Type of Effective Interest CHAR   
471 ARTGEO IS-M/SD: Types of geographical unit NUMC   
472 ARTICLES1034 ARTICLES1034 CHAR 48    
473 ARTMENGE UIS: Classification of Billed Quantity for Statistics CHAR   
474 ARTMITTEL Type of averaging CHAR   
475 ARTMITTELBW Type of averaging for calorific values CHAR   
476 ARTPOSTE IS-M/SD: Type of postal unit NUMC   
477 ARTPR Priority Type CHAR   
478 ARTRE Legal control: Type of law for foreign trade processing CHAR   
479 ARTTAB Component 709: Type of data description CHAR   
480 ARTVT Distrib. type CHAR   
481 ARTZULASS Installer license type CHAR   
482 ART_FERTIG Packing type (bundles, containers) CHAR   
483 ART_ID Material ID CHAR   
484 ARZTNR IS-H: Physician number CHAR 12    
485 AR_KK_GRP ARGENTINA: Legal report grouping CHAR   
486 AR_KK_OFFTX Argentina: Official Tax Regime CHAR   
487 AR_KK_PERTP Argentina: Perception type CHAR   
488 AR_TCI Business Indicator - Tax Payer List CHAR   
489 AR_TRC Status of Change in Trace Rate CHAR   
490 AR_TTR Trace Tax Payer Registration Status CHAR   
491 AS400FLAG Unknown CHAR   
492 AS4COMLINE Unknown CHAR 60    
493 AS4COMPAR Unknown CHAR 20    
494 AS4COMWORD Unknown CHAR   
495 AS4DATE Date of Last Change DATS   
496 AS4FLAG Flag (X or blank) CHAR   
497 AS4FLDNAME Unknown CHAR 21    
498 AS4FRKNAME Unknown CHAR 24    
499 AS4LOCAL Local Validity of DD Objects CHAR   
500 AS4MASK Template CHAR 20