SAP ABAP Domain - Index A, page 9
Domain - A
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 AVMENR IS-M/AM: Schedule line number NUMC   
2 AVMPOS_ART IS-M/AM: Order-publishing-media - item type CHAR   
3 AVMUPD_CAL IS-M: Order update - caller CHAR   
4 AVMUPD_EVN IS-M: Order update - caller CHAR   
5 AVM_ENR IS-M: Order-Publishing-Media error NUMC   
6 AVM_HRKNFT IS-M/AM: Order Origin CHAR   
7 AVM_MOTHLP IS-M: Ad spec selection in the order: F4 Help CHAR   
8 AVM_NR IS-M/AM: Number for order-publishing-media CHAR 10    
9 AVM_PNR IS-M/AM: Order-Publishing-Media Item NUMC   
10 AVM_STZART IS-M/AM: Record type for order transfer CHAR   
11 AVM_UPNR IS-M/AM: Order-Publishing-Media Sub-Item NUMC   
12 AVNR Sales order CHAR 10    
13 AVNR_PR Flyer order CHAR 10    
14 AVOGR Upper Limit for Unemployment Insurance CURR
15 AVORGA Asset processing CHAR   
16 AVRULE Calculation rules for averages CHAR   
17 AVSID Payment advice number CHAR 16    
18 AVSND Type of Communication for Payment Advice Notes CHAR   
19 AVSPO Payment advice line item NUMC   
20 AVSRT Payment advice type CHAR   
21 AVSTA Level of Unemployment Insurance NUMC   
22 AVTAR Insurance rate FI-AA CHAR   
23 AVTXT Active Version Text CHAR 15    
24 AVUGR Lower Limit for Unemployment Insurance CURR
25 AVWEG_VK Invoicing dispatch method CHAR   
26 AVZP Settlement rule time CHAR   
27 AV_CHECK_O Execute availability check (session) CHAR   
28 AV_FIELD Selection of fields to be edited (averages) CHAR   
29 AV_FIELD_NUM Selection of fields to be edited (averages) only NUM CHAR   
30 AV_KAPFX Ind: Only select capacity planned orders CHAR   
31 AV_METHOD Worklist method CHAR   
32 AV_PER_REL Relevance of average periods CHAR   
33 AV_SIGN Cumulation postive or negative CHAR   
34 AWAHR Sales Probability NUMC   
35 AWAKZ Selection indicator for configurable BOMs CHAR   
36 AWART Attendance/Absence Type CHAR   
37 AWAUS Only Calculate Scrap CHAR   
38 AWBEL Variances: Debit/Credit CHAR   
39 AWBRF Valuation Strategy for Scrap and WIP NUMC   
40 AWBVA Valuation Variant for Scrap and WIP CHAR   
41 AWBVK Variances: Value Type CHAR   
42 AWCODE Actual Workers Compensation Classification Code CHAR 10    
43 AWDEG Level of Detail for Variances CHAR   
44 AWDTP Award type CHAR   
45 AWEKZ Execute Calculation CHAR   
46 AWEPS Variances: Write Line Items CHAR   
47 AWID Information on interfaces: Reference document identification CHAR 10    
48 AWKDF Variances: Minor Differences Percentage NUMC   
49 AWKEY Interface information: Calling Application key CHAR 20    
50 AWKUM Variances: Cumulation CHAR   
51 AWKUS Variances: Cost Overrun/Underrun CHAR   
52 AWKVT Variances: Costing Variant Type CHAR   
53 AWLFX Variances: Lot-Size-Independent Quantities/Costs CHAR   
54 AWLOS Calculate Lot Size Variances Only CHAR   
55 AWORG Interface information: Reference organizational units CHAR 10    
56 AWPER Selection for Repayment CHAR   
57 AWPOS Interface information: Reference document item CHAR 10    
58 AWPSK Variances: Primary/Secondary Cost Element CHAR   
59 AWQUL Variances: Source CHAR   
60 AWREF Interface information: Reference document number CHAR 10    
61 AWREG Rule for selection: quantity fields to be displayed CHAR   
62 AWRFK Variances: Order of Categories NUMC   
63 AWSFS Variances: Update of Target Costs CHAR   
64 AWSLS Variance Key CHAR   
65 AWSVS Variances: Target Cost Version CHAR   
66 AWTYP Interface information: Object type for calling application CHAR   
67 AWVAR Variance Variant CHAR   
68 AWVRS Variance Version CHAR   
69 AWZAF Setting for selection period data for Infotype header CHAR   
70 AXT_ACTIVE_INACTIVE_COMB Enumeration for all active-inactive combinations NUMC   
71 AXT_ALLOW_EXTENSION Allow New Enhancements CHAR   
72 AXT_APPLICATION_GROUP_TYPE Applicaiton Group Type CHAR   
73 AXT_APPLICATION_NAME Application Name CHAR 15    
75 AXT_BINDING_TYPE Binding Type CHAR   
76 AXT_BO Enhanced Object CHAR 30    
77 AXT_BOL_PATH BOL Path for Enhanced Subobjects CHAR 255    
78 AXT_BOL_UI_ELEMENT_TYPE Type of element for BOL UI CHAR   
80 AXT_BOOLEAN Boolean (please synch with OTR texts AXT_MODEL/FALSE TRUE) CHAR   
81 AXT_BO_PART Part of Enhanced Object CHAR 30    
82 AXT_BO_QUERY Enhancement Query CHAR 30    
83 AXT_BO_REFERENCE Object Reference CHAR   
84 AXT_BUFFER_ENTRY_TYPE Type of a buffer entry CHAR   
86 AXT_CATALOGUE_KIND Catalogue Kind CHAR   
87 AXT_CAT_STATUS Catalog Object Status CHAR   
88 AXT_CONTEXT Enhancement Context CHAR 20    
89 AXT_CONTROLLER_TYPE Controller Type CHAR   
90 AXT_DEPENDENCY Dependency Type CHAR 10    
91 AXT_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 60    
93 AXT_EXT_OBJ_TYPE Extensible Object Types CHAR   
94 AXT_EXT_OPERATION Enhancement Operation CHAR   
95 AXT_EXT_STATUS Enhancement Status CHAR   
96 AXT_FIELDEXT_DECIMALS Decimals of Field Enhancement in UI INT1   
97 AXT_FIELDEXT_LENGTH Length of Field Enhancement in UI INT2   
98 AXT_FIELD_BEHAVIOR_TYPE Field Behavior Type CHAR 30    
99 AXT_FIELD_DATA_TYPE Field Data Type CHAR 10    
100 AXT_FIELD_DECIMALS Field Decimals NUMC   
101 AXT_FIELD_ID Enhacement Field ID CHAR 16    
102 AXT_FIELD_LABEL Field Label CHAR 20    
103 AXT_FIELD_LENGTH Field Length NUMC   
104 AXT_FIELD_USAGE Field Usage CHAR   
105 AXT_FLAG_CONTROL Indicator CHAR   
106 AXT_FLIGHT_KEY Key type for flight CARRID CONNID FLDATE CHAR 15    
107 AXT_GENERATION_DEPENDENCY Generation dependency (before/after/?) NUMC   
108 AXT_GENERATION_MODE Generation Mode INT1   
110 AXT_ID Enhancement ID CHAR 30    
111 AXT_LAST_ID_TYPE Type of last ID CHAR   
112 AXT_MAP_TYPE Mapping Type CHAR   
113 AXT_NAME Name CHAR 30    
114 AXT_NAV_FIELD_DESCR Nav. field description CHAR   
115 AXT_NB_BR_RELEVANT Navbar and Business Role Relevant CHAR   
116 AXT_NR_PREFIX Generation Prefix CHAR   
117 AXT_OBJECT_KIND Object Type CHAR   
118 AXT_OBJECT_NAME Object Name CHAR 30    
119 AXT_PLACE Field Enhancement Place CHAR 30    
120 AXT_POSITION Position NUMC   
121 AXT_PROFILE_TYPE Profile Type CHAR   
122 AXT_REG_OBJNAME AET Registry concatenated object name CHAR 100    
123 AXT_REG_OBJTYP AXT Registry Object Type CHAR   
124 AXT_RELATION_NAME Relation Name CHAR 40    
125 AXT_REL_OBJ_ADDITION AET related object name addition CHAR 60    
126 AXT_REL_OBJ_NAME AET related object name CHAR 100    
127 AXT_REL_OBJ_TYP AET related object type CHAR 12    
128 AXT_REL_RELKIND AET Registry relation kind CHAR   
129 AXT_RENDER_TYPE Rendering Type of an attribute CHAR 10    
130 AXT_REPORTING_TYPE Reporting Type CHAR 20    
131 AXT_REPOSITORY_VERSION Version in Enhancement Repository CHAR   
132 AXT_REUSE_TYPE Reuse Type CHAR   
133 AXT_SEARCHPART Part of a search CHAR   
134 AXT_SEARCHSTRING String to Search For CHAR 30    
136 AXT_SOURCE_TARGET Source or Target CHAR   
137 AXT_STATUS_UI Enhancement Status for UI CHAR   
138 AXT_SUBSTITUTION Substitution CHAR 10    
139 AXT_SYSTEM_TYPE System Type CHAR   
141 AXT_TABLE_CARDINALITY Cardinality of table extension CHAR   
142 AXT_TIME_DEPENDENT Time dependency CHAR   
143 AXT_TYPE Enhancement Type CHAR 30    
144 AXT_UI_FRAMEWORK UI Framework Constants CHAR   
145 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_CHAR Extensibility Domain (Generated) CHAR 20    
146 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_CHAR_DDLB1 with empty key CHAR 20    
147 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_CHAR_DDLB2 without empty key CHAR 20    
148 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_CHECKBOX Extensibility Domain (Generated) CHAR   
149 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_CURRENCY Extensibility Domain (Generated) CURR
150 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_DATE Extensibility Domain (Generated) DATS   
151 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_DECIMAL Unit Test Decimal with even no. of chars. (is problematic) DEC
152 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_DECIMAL_2 Unit Test Decimal with uneven no. of chars (not problematic) DEC
153 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_NUMC_DDLB1 Numerical DDLB with empty key NUMC   
154 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_NUMC_DDLB2 Numerical DDLB without empty key NUMC   
155 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_NUMERICAL Extensibility Domain (Generated) NUMC   
156 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_NUM_OLD Extensibility Domain (Generated) NUMC   
157 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_QUANTITY Extensibility Domain (Generated) QUAN
158 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_TEXT Extensibility Domain (Generated) CHAR 60    
159 AXT_UNITTEST_PLACE_TIME Extensibility Domain (Generated) TIMS   
160 AXT_VALUE_CODE Code for Value Help CHAR 10    
161 AXT_VALUE_DESCRIPTION Value Description CHAR 60    
162 AZART CM&F display type: domain no longer used CHAR   
163 AZART_AREA IS-M/AM: Format proposal ad type (print) CHAR   
164 AZART_FARB IS-M/AM: Color scheme ad type CHAR   
165 AZART_FORM IS-M/AM: Shape advertisement type CHAR   
166 AZART_GEST IS-M/AM: Design ad type CHAR   
167 AZART_PLAZ IS-PAM: Placement type for advertisements CHAR   
168 AZART_RECH IS-M/AM: Calculation advertisement type CHAR   
169 AZART_SOND IS-M/AM: Advertisement type - special handling type CHAR   
170 AZART_VORL IS-M/AM: Template advertisement type CHAR   
171 AZBSH Display of multi-level info sets CHAR   
172 AZCOD Sub-classification code for additions to asset NUMC   
173 AZDEZ Number of decimal places for currency fields (0,2,3) CHAR   
174 AZERG ATP Server: Result Display Control Indicator CHAR   
175 AZGRD Reason for equalization payment CHAR   
176 AZGRT Reason for equalization payment CHAR   
177 AZINSSATZ Interest Rate DEC 10 
178 AZKZ Receipts/Issues indicator CHAR   
179 AZMIT Number of passengers CHAR   
180 AZNB_FUNC Automatic Payment Postprocessing: Function CHAR   
181 AZOST Foreign Trade: Type of customs office CHAR   
182 AZUSAFAS Combination CHAR