SAP ABAP Domain - Index A, page 2
Domain - A
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 ACE_DMETHOD_FUNCNAME Function Module Name CHAR 30    
2 ACE_D_EVENT_INSTANCE_KIND Defines whether the event is of rootcause or see-also kind CHAR   
3 ACE_D_EVENT_STATUS Event status CHAR   
4 ACE_D_EVENT_VALUE Value of an Event DEC 17 
5 ACE_D_HISTORY_CATEGORY Alert category performance categories CHAR 30    
6 ACE_D_METRIC_FILTER_TYPE Filter type for metrics CHAR 30    
7 ACE_D_MON_OBJECT_VIEW_TYPE View type of monitored object hierarchy CHAR 10    
8 ACE_D_NODE_TYPE Node object type CHAR 30    
9 ACE_D_SCENARIO_TYPE Scenario type of alert calculation engine CHAR 30    
10 ACE_D_TRAFFIC_LIGHT_NUMERIC Correcponding numeric values for treffic lights INT1   
11 ACE_EIGRN_AD Account determination: account determination keys CHAR   
12 ACE_ENVIRONMENT Environment in Which Accrual Engine is Used: ERP or BusAcc. CHAR   
13 ACE_ENVIRONMENT_EVENTS Accrual Engine: Environment-Dependent Events CHAR 10    
14 ACE_EXTRACTOR_STATUS Data extractor status CHAR   
15 ACE_FDNAME Local Field Name CHAR 30    
16 ACE_FUNCTYPE Function type CHAR   
17 ACE_GLSYMB ACE Account Determination: Account Symbol CHAR 20    
18 ACE_GUID GUID for Accrual Object RAW 16    
19 ACE_NUMC22 22-Character Numeric Fields without Check NUMC 22    
20 ACE_OBJECT_STATUS Accrual Object: Possible Status CHAR   
21 ACE_OPERATOR Operator for Calculating Accrual Types CHAR   
22 ACE_OPERATOR_FUNCNAME Function Module Name CHAR 30    
23 ACE_OPTION Option for ranges CHAR   
24 ACE_ORDER Sequence DEC   
25 ACE_PERIODS Number od posting period in Accrual Engine NUMC   
26 ACE_POSTING_SUMMARIZATION Possible Summarization Settings with FI/CO Document CHAR   
27 ACE_PSRULE ACE Account Determination: Account Determination Rule CHAR   
28 ACE_REF_KEY External Reference of an Accrual Object CHAR 32    
29 ACE_REF_SUBKEY Reference Sub-Object Number CHAR 32    
30 ACE_RHYTHM Rhythm for Posting Program CHAR   
31 ACE_RUNTYPE Run Type Periodic Posting Program CHAR   
32 ACE_SIGN Debit/credit sign (+/-) CHAR   
34 ACE_SOP_COST_CENTER Cost Center CHAR 10    
35 ACE_SOP_DEC15_5 Decicmal places, 5 after decimal point, no +/ DEC 15 
36 ACE_SOP_DECV3_7 Decimal number with +/- sign DEC 10 
37 ACE_SOP_INDEX_RATE Status of an Index DEC 15 
38 ACE_SOP_LOCATION Exchange key CHAR 10    
39 ACE_SOP_LT_DEC25_6 Amount Field with 19 Places before Decimal Point and 6 After DEC 25 
40 ACE_SOP_MODE Processing Mode CHAR   
41 ACE_SOP_PERCENT Percentage DEC 15  12 
43 ACE_SOP_PERCENT_LONG Percentage DEC 30  14 
45 ACE_SOP_PERS_NUMBER Personnel Number NUMC   
46 ACE_SOP_RATE_TYPE Security Price Type CHAR   
47 ACE_SOP_SECURITY_ID Security ID number CHAR 13    
48 ACE_SOP_SIMU_FFVERSN Simulation Version for Forfeiture Rates CHAR   
49 ACE_SOP_SIMU_INDVERSN Simulation Version for Index Values CHAR   
50 ACE_SOP_SIMU_VERSN Simulation Version CHAR   
51 ACE_SOP_STATUS Processing Status CHAR 20    
52 ACE_SOP_VOLATILITY Volatility DEC 10 
53 ACE_STATUS Accrual Engine: Processing status CHAR   
54 ACE_SYS_EVENT Accrual Engine System Event CHAR 10    
55 ACE_TACE001_STATUS Productive Indicator CHAR   
56 ACE_TRANSTYPE Activity in the Accrual Engine CHAR   
57 ACE_TREEFIELD_DISPLAY Representation of the Fields of a Tree in Accrual Accounting CHAR   
58 ACE_TREEVARI Tree Variant CHAR 16    
59 ACE_TREEVARIT Text of the Tree Structure Variant CHAR 30    
60 ACE_TSTMP Seconds since 1.1.1990,0:00 GMT * 10000 DEC 16    
61 ACE_XPOST Posting supported CHAR   
62 ACE_XPOST_FIN_DELTA Indicator: Post Deltas for Deactivation Posting CHAR   
63 ACE_XPOST_INC_DELTA Flag: Post Deltas at Opening Entry CHAR   
65 ACIND Account Determination Characteristic CHAR   
66 ACI_DOM_ECS_BRF_FUNAME Name of Derivation Function CHAR 20    
68 ACI_SOURCE_TYPE type of source INT4 10    
69 ACKEY1_VS Activities Key Change Event CHAR   
70 ACKEY_CA Dunning - Activity Key CHAR   
71 ACKEY_KK FI-CA Dunning: Activities Key CHAR   
72 ACKEY_VK VKK Bill Scheduling - Activities Key CHAR   
73 ACKEY_VS Activity key payment plan event CHAR   
74 ACLAS Schedule class CHAR   
75 ACL_ACTGRP ACL: Role CHAR 32    
76 ACL_ACTVTY ACL: Activity CHAR 32    
77 ACL_APPDTA ACL: Application Data CHAR 64    
78 ACL_CHK Domain for ACL Checkbox CHAR   
79 ACL_DESCR ACL: Description CHAR 255    
80 ACL_GRNTMD ACL: Grant Mode CHAR   
81 ACL_NAME ACL: Name CHAR 32    
82 ACL_OBJTY ACL: Object Type CHAR 32    
83 ACL_TSTMP ACL: Timestamp (Saved in UTC Time) NUMC 14    
84 ACL_TYP SNC: Type of access control list entry CHAR   
85 ACMAT_SUBJ2ROLE_STATUS ACM: Status of a persisted User-Role-Assignment CHAR 10    
86 ACMDT_ABAPDCL_OBJSTATUS ACM: Object-Status of the persisted ABAP-/DCL-Objects CHAR 10    
87 ACMDT_SCOPE ACM: Policy Generation Scope CHAR   
88 ACMETHOD domain for the various HTTP methods CHAR   
89 ACMRT_COMPARISON_OPERATOR ACM-Runtime: Comparison Operator INT4 10    
90 ACMRT_CONTENT_TYPE ACM-Runtime: Content-Type INT4 10    
91 ACMRT_FUNCAUTH_RESULT ACM-Runtime: Result of the functional Authorization-Check INT4 10    
92 ACMRT_LOGIC_OPERATOR ACM-Runtime: Logical Operator INT4 10    
93 ACMTST_AD_TYPE ACMTST: Domain for Address Type CHAR 10    
94 ACMTST_BP_ROLE ACMTST: Domain for Business Partner Roles CHAR   
95 ACMTST_GENDER ACMTST: Domain for Gender/Sex CHAR   
96 ACMTST_SO_CF_STATUS ACMTST: Domain for SalesOrder Confirmation Status CHAR   
97 ACMTST_SO_LC_STATUS ACMTST: Domain for SalesOrder Lifecycle Status CHAR   
98 ACMTST_SO_OR_STATUS ACMTST: SalesOrder Ordering Status CHAR   
99 ACMTST_USERS_4_UI_DROPLISTBOX ACMTST: Helper-Domain to display ACMTST-User in a UI-Dropdow CHAR 12    
100 ACM_ACAVIEWDETAIL_TYPE ACM: Type of an AC-AuthView-Detail CHAR 10    
101 ACM_ACCONDPATH_TYPE ACM: Type of an Access-Condition Path CHAR 10    
102 ACM_ASPECT_EVAL_TIME ACM: Aspect Evaluation Time CHAR   
103 ACM_ASPECT_TYPE ACM: Type of an Aspect CHAR 10    
104 ACM_AUTH_VIEW_COLUMN_TYPE ACM: Type of an Authorization-View Column CHAR   
105 ACM_COMPARISON_OPERATOR ACM: Comparison Operator (=, <>, <, >) CHAR 10    
106 ACM_DCLNAME ACM: Name of a DCL Source CHAR 40    
108 ACM_DCLTOPLEVEL_TYPE ACM: Type of an DCL Top-Level Object CHAR 10    
109 ACM_DDSTRUCOBJNAME ACM: ID of an Entity CHAR 30    
110 ACM_EFFECT ACM: Effect on Authorization Decision CHAR   
111 ACM_ENDUSERTEXT_LABEL ACM: Description like @EndUserText.Label in DCL CHAR 80    
112 ACM_ID ACM: Globally unique-ID - Primary-Key of all ACM-Tables RAW 16    
113 ACM_LOGIC_OPERATOR ACM: Logic Operator CHAR   
114 ACM_QUANTIFIER ACM: Quantifier for logic statements (FORALL / EXISTS) CHAR   
115 ACM_RESOURCE_TYPE ACM: Resource Type INT4 10    
116 ACM_SEQUENCE_NUMBER ACM: Position in a Sequence (First Position = 0) INT4 10    
118 ACN Aircraft registration number CHAR   
119 ACOBJ Key value of a transport object CHAR 10    
120 ACODE_VK Request code NUMC   
122 ACONNID Index of shadow table for link to archive NUMC 20    
123 ACO_ABBREVIATION Abbreviation for Activity in Authorization Check CHAR   
124 ACO_ACTIVITY_SUPER Activity for Assigning Authorization to Object ACO_SUPER CHAR 10    
125 ACO_ACTVT Authorization Check Activity CHAR 10    
126 ACO_AUTHORIZATION_TYPE Type of "Authorization Object" CHAR   
127 ACO_DESCRIPTION Object Description CHAR 255    
128 ACO_NAME Object Name CHAR 150    
129 ACO_NAME_UPPER_CASE Name of User Group in Capital Letters CHAR 150    
130 ACO_OBJECT_TYPE Object Category CHAR 15    
131 ACO_PARAM_TYPE AVO Parameterv Type CHAR   
132 ACO_PROXY_COMPATIBILITY Compatibility of ACO Proxy CHAR   
134 ACO_STRING Character String for Authorization Check STRG   
135 ACPI_KNTYP Condition type: Freight, tax, cost,,...... CHAR   
136 ACPI_MABER Dunning Area CHAR   
137 ACPOS Value category CHAR 14    
138 ACSTAT_CM_CA Status einer Aktion CHAR   
139 ACTAC_KK Open Item Accounting Active Indicator (FI-CA, FI-AR) NUMC   
140 ACTCAT Activity CHAR   
141 ACTCMBDESC_DO Status Combination Description. CHAR 200    
142 ACTCMBDESC_DOM Status Combination Description. CHAR 200    
143 ACTCMBDES_DOM User/System Status Combination CHAR 255    
144 ACTCMBDE_DOM User/System Status CHAR 255    
145 ACTCMBDS_DOM User /System Status CHAR 255    
146 ACTCMB_CUS_DOM Status Combiantion:Customizing table NUMC   
147 ACTCMB_DOM Status combination INT1   
148 ACTCNT SDB: Activity Counter NUMC   
149 ACTCODE Indicator: Permissibility of an Action CHAR   
150 ACTEXIT Activity at user exit NUMC   
151 ACTFAC Actual Activity for Planned Activity DEC 11  10 
152 ACTFACT Demand in the facts is active CHAR   
153 ACTFACTIND Indicator: Demand is active CHAR   
154 ACTFLAG Activation flag CHAR   
155 ACTFLD Activation Indicator: Single Attribute CHAR   
156 ACTFLD_VAL Activation Indicator: Multiple Attributes CHAR   
157 ACTGRP Name Space for CO_ACTION (first two characters) CHAR   
158 ACTID Identification number NUMC   
159 ACTID_KK Follow-Up Actions: Activity Type ID NUMC   
160 ACTIO Infotype operation CHAR 20    
161 ACTION Action for authorization check CHAR   
162 ACTIONBA_1 Short text CHAR   
163 ACTIONEMPTY Action that is carried out when the TC column is empty CHAR   
164 ACTIONME_1 Name of the action bar CHAR   
165 ACTIONMR Meter reading action CHAR   
166 ACTIONNOTEMPTY Action that is carried out when the TC column is not empty CHAR   
167 ACTIONS Acitivities for billing outline agreements CHAR 10    
168 ACTIONWL Action in the work list for installation, etc. (IS-U) CHAR   
169 ACTION_ABR IS-H: Action for billing message CHAR   
170 ACTION_FLAG Action Indicator for xCBL Documents CHAR   
171 ACTION_ID_SOCM Action in Change Management CHAR 12    
172 ACTION_KK Actions for Requests CHAR   
173 ACTION_NAME Action Name CHAR 30    
174 ACTION_TYPE Values for actions to be triggered in function module CHAR   
175 ACTION_VIEWCLUSTER SD: Action Within View Cluster CHAR   
176 ACTIO_KK Action executed for the action log NUMC   
177 ACTIPC Activity for profit center CHAR   
178 ACTITYPE Activity type CHAR   
179 ACTIV Processing function key CHAR   
180 ACTIVAUTH Action for authorization check CHAR   
181 ACTIVEFLAG Activation flag CHAR   
182 ACTIVE_SES Foo INT4 10    
183 ACTIVITY Business Transaction CHAR   
184 ACTIVITYID_BRO Key (ID) for the executed activity CHAR 20    
185 ACTIVITYKEY_KK Activity key CHAR   
186 ACTIVITY_BRO Broker collections - activity key CHAR   
187 ACTIVITY_MANDATORY Flag: Activity is required CHAR   
188 ACTIV_AUTH Activity which is subject to the authorization check CHAR   
189 ACTIV_FLAG Activation flag CHAR   
190 ACTKEY_KK Activity key CHAR   
191 ACTMODE Activation type INT2   
192 ACTMODE_BRO Processing mode in which the activity can be executed CHAR   
193 ACTOVIEW_CA FI-CA Account Balance CHAR   
194 ACTPERIOD Category of a period for current billing CHAR   
195 ACTTP ATP: Transaction type for RBA CHAR   
196 ACTTX Text for action CHAR 30    
197 ACTTY Consolidation of Investments Activity CHAR   
198 ACTTYP Transaction activity category (1=Cr, 2=Ch, 3=D) CHAR   
199 ACTTYPE Action Type in Change and Transport System CHAR   
200 ACTUALWEEK IS-M: Offset current week NUMC   
201 ACTXY Activity description type CHAR   
202 ACTYP_KK Activity category CHAR   
203 ACTYP_VK Activity category CHAR   
204 ACT_ALTID_TYPE Alternative ID Type CHAR 16    
205 ACT_ALTID_TYPE_UI Alternative ID Type CHAR 16    
206 ACT_APRICE Promotion price in store CURR 23 
207 ACT_APRICE_UI Promotion price in store DEC 23 
208 ACT_BATCH_ID Batch ID CHAR 10    
209 ACT_BATCH_ID_UI Batch ID CHAR 10    
210 ACT_BREIT Width of the Product or of the Packaging QUAN 13    
211 ACT_BREIT_UI Width of the Product or of the Packaging DEC 13    
212 ACT_BRGEW Gross Weight QUAN 15 
213 ACT_BRGEW_UI Gross Weight DEC 15 
214 ACT_CHAR10 IMG status activities CHAR 10    
215 ACT_DARST Activity display in graphic CHAR   
216 ACT_DEF Aircraft Table, Default CHAR   
217 ACT_DEKOTP_UI Deko type CHAR   
218 ACT_DIRECTION Sales Activity Direction: Incoming/Outgoing CHAR   
219 ACT_DISCUSS Discussed CHAR   
220 ACT_DISCUSS_UI Discussed CHAR   
221 ACT_DOM Domain for Activity and Network CHAR 24    
222 ACT_ECROPT_UI Optimization of the shelf CHAR   
223 ACT_EDAY_LOW_PRICE Everyday-Low-Price CURR 12 
224 ACT_EDAY_LOW_PRICE_UI Everyday-Low-Price DEC 12 
225 ACT_ENTERED_PRODCUT Entered Product ID CHAR 54    
226 ACT_ENTERED_PRODCUT_UI Entered Product ID CHAR 54    
227 ACT_FACDEP Depth of facing DEC
228 ACT_FACDEP_UI Depth of facing DEC
229 ACT_FACLEN Length of facing DEC   
230 ACT_FACLEN_UI Length of facing DEC   
231 ACT_FACUNIT_UI Units of Measure for the Product UNIT   
232 ACT_FACWID Width of facing DEC   
233 ACT_FACWID_UI Width of facing DEC   
234 ACT_FLDS Criteria for transaction statistics CHAR 120    
235 ACT_GEWEI_UI Weight Unit UNIT   
236 ACT_HOEHE Height of the Product or of the Packagin QUAN 13    
237 ACT_HOEHE_UI Height of the Product or of the Packagin DEC 13    
238 ACT_KVCURR1_UI Currency CUKY   
239 ACT_KV_DEKO_UI Deko-Material CHAR   
240 ACT_KV_RESULT Result CHAR   
242 ACT_KV_STOCK Number of Products in stocks DEC   
243 ACT_KV_STOCK_UI Number of Products in stocks DEC   
244 ACT_KV_ZPANZ Number of Second placements DEC   
245 ACT_KV_ZPANZ_UI Number of Second placements DEC   
246 ACT_KV_ZPAVA_UI Second Placement Available CHAR   
247 ACT_LAENG Length of the Product or of the Packagin QUAN 13    
248 ACT_LAENG_UI Length of the Product or of the Packagin DEC 13    
249 ACT_LBVAL Value of Samples DEC 15 
250 ACT_LBVAL_UI Value of Samples DEC 15 
251 ACT_MEABM_UI Unit in Which Length/Width/Height Is Mea UNIT   
252 ACT_MONTH Month in which the transaction statistics record was created CHAR   
253 ACT_NRMSHF Number of produts in main shelf DEC   
254 ACT_NRMSHF_UI Number of produts in main shelf DEC   
255 ACT_NROFFAC Number of facings DEC   
256 ACT_NROFFAC_UI Number of facings DEC   
257 ACT_NROFSAM Number of samples QUAN   
258 ACT_NROFSAM_UI Number of samples DEC   
259 ACT_NRPSHF Number of products in promation shelf DEC   
260 ACT_NRPSHF_UI Number of products in promation shelf DEC   
261 ACT_NTGEW Net Weight QUAN 15 
262 ACT_NTGEW_UI Net Weight DEC 15 
263 ACT_OPRICE Order Price in store CURR 23 
264 ACT_OPRICE_UI Order Price in store DEC 23 
265 ACT_PERIOD Period in weeks for DBA actions DEC   
266 ACT_PHREFNR Pharmaceutical Reference Number CHAR 10    
267 ACT_PHREFNR_UI Pharmaceutical Reference Number CHAR 10    
268 ACT_POSHOR_UI horizontal position in shelf CHAR   
269 ACT_POSLOC_UI main location of placement, eg. pallet, CHAR   
270 ACT_POSQLI_UI Qualification of the shelf position CHAR   
271 ACT_POSVER vertical position in shelf CHAR   
272 ACT_POSVER_UI vertical position in shelf CHAR   
273 ACT_PRAVA Product available after visit at checkou CHAR   
274 ACT_PRAVA_UI Product available after visit at checkou CHAR   
275 ACT_PRAVB Product available before Visit at check CHAR   
276 ACT_PRAVB_UI Product available before Visit at check CHAR   
277 ACT_PRDHA Product hierarchy CHAR 20    
278 ACT_PRDHA_UI Product hierarchy CHAR 20    
279 ACT_PRDS_EXPLOSION Product Category/Heirarcy Explosion CHAR   
280 ACT_PRDS_EXPLOSION_UI Product Category/Heirarcy Explosion CHAR   
281 ACT_PRDS_STATUS Status of documented product CHAR   
282 ACT_PRDS_STATUS_UI Status of documented product CHAR   
283 ACT_PRPRIO Product Priority CHAR   
284 ACT_PRPRIO_UI Product Priority CHAR   
285 ACT_QTY_UNIT_UI Sales Unit UNIT   
286 ACT_RESREAS_UI Result Reason CHAR   
287 ACT_SAMRETURN Flag for Returns CHAR   
288 ACT_SAMRETURN_UI Flag for Returns CHAR   
289 ACT_SAMTOBESENT Product Request CHAR   
290 ACT_SAMTOBESENT_UI Product Request CHAR   
291 ACT_SENDSTA Send Status CHAR   
292 ACT_SENDSTA_UI Send Status CHAR   
293 ACT_SPRICE Sales Price in store CURR 23 
294 ACT_SPRICE_UI Sales Price in store DEC 23 
295 ACT_STAT Status of Repository objects (active - inactive) CHAR   
296 ACT_STATUS Activities for Vacancy and Advertisement Processing CHAR   
297 ACT_STIME Start time for DBA actions TIMS   
298 ACT_STORNO Indicator: Data to Be Canceled CHAR   
299 ACT_STORNO_UI Indicator: Data to Be Canceled CHAR   
300 ACT_SUBJECTA Free Text: Subject A CHAR 10    
301 ACT_SUBJECTA_UI Free Text: Subject A CHAR 10    
302 ACT_SUBJECTB Free Text: Subject B CHAR 10    
303 ACT_SUBJECTB_UI Free Text: Subject B CHAR 10    
304 ACT_TW Actions for status on test workbench CHAR 10    
305 ACT_TYPE Transaction statistics category NUMC   
306 ACT_VOLEH_UI Unit for the Volume UNIT   
307 ACT_VOLUM Volume QUAN 15    
308 ACT_VOLUM_UI Volume DEC 15    
309 ACVIEW_CA FI-CA Account Balance Display CHAR   
310 AC_ACTION_TYPE Action Type CHAR 15    
311 AC_ACTIVITY Activity in Monitoring & Alerting CHAR   
312 AC_ASPECT AC Diagnosis Tool: View AC Interface CHAR   
313 AC_BOOLEAN Alert configuration: domain for boolean variable CHAR 10    
314 AC_CACHEINSTANCESTATUS Alert Configuration:CacheInstance Status(used by rep manager CHAR 30    
315 AC_CACHESTATUS AlertConfiguration:Cache Instance Status(Used by UI) CHAR 50    
316 AC_CACHEWORKSTATUS Alert Configuration:Work Status of cache Class CHAR 10    
317 AC_CACHE_ENTITY_TYPE Alert Configuration : Different Cache Entity Type CHAR 50    
318 AC_CATEGORY Alert configuration: domain for alert categories CHAR 10    
319 AC_CHECK_CATEGORIES AC: domain for consistency check categories CHAR 30    
320 AC_CHECK_TYPE AC: domain for consistency check type CHAR 30    
321 AC_CLASS_NAME Alerting configuration: domain for Class Name CHAR 40    
322 AC_COLLECTOR_TYPE Alert configuration: domain for collector types CHAR 30    
323 AC_COLLECTOR_TYPE_UNIT Alert configuration: domain for collector type unit CHAR 30    
324 AC_COLLECTOR_UNIT_PREDEFINED Alert Config: Data Collector unit for predefined CHAR 30    
325 AC_COLLECT_ON Relative Restrictions CHAR   
326 AC_COLL_RULE_TYPE AC: domain for collection rule types CHAR 10    
327 AC_CONFIGURATION_SCOPE Scope of Directory Configuration INT1   
328 AC_CONFIG_STATUS AC: configuration status CHAR   
329 AC_CONFIG_TYPE Configuration Type INT1   
330 AC_CONF_TREE different display modes for config browser tree CHAR 10    
331 AC_CONSUMER Alert configuration: domain for consumer CHAR 30    
332 AC_CONTENT_CONSUMER Custom content consumer domain CHAR 10    
333 AC_CONTEXTDESCR_ID Alert configuration: context description ID CHAR 40    
334 AC_CONTEXT_NAME Alert configuration: domain for context name CHAR 128    
335 AC_CONTEXT_STATUS AC: Context Status INT1   
336 AC_CONTEXT_SUBTYPE AC: domain subtype for managed objects CHAR 10    
337 AC_CONTEXT_TYPE Alert configuration: Domain element for context type CHAR 10    
338 AC_COUNTER_THRES_TIME_INTERVAL Alert Config : Time interval for Counter Threshold CHAR 10    
340 AC_DATAPROV_ID DOMAIN FOR DataProvider CHAR 30    
341 AC_DATAPROV_PARAM_ID Parameter ID CHAR 30    
342 AC_DATAPROV_PARAM_TYPE Parameter for Data Provider CHAR   
343 AC_DATAPROV_PARAM_USAGE usage for data provider parameter CHAR 10    
344 AC_DATAPROV_SOURCE Source for Data Provider CHAR 100    
345 AC_DATATYPE AlertConfig: Data type for Metric and Event. CHAR 10    
346 AC_DELIVERY_NUMBER Alert Configuration : Domain for Delivery Number NUMC   
347 AC_DIRECTION evaluation direction modes for simple threshold rule types CHAR 10    
348 AC_DIRECTORY_ENTITY_TYPE Directory Entity Type CHAR 10    
349 AC_DIRECTORY_OPTION AC: basic directory settings CHAR 10    
350 AC_DIRECTORY_TP Alert configuration: domain for directory types CHAR 32    
351 AC_DIROBJ_CLASS Alert configuration: directory object classes CHAR 30    
352 AC_DIR_CONFIG_ACTIVITY Directory Configuration Activity NUMC   
353 AC_DURATION Alert Configuration: Domain for metric duration unit(period) CHAR 20    
354 AC_D_CONFIGURATION_STATUS Configuration status in MAI CHAR 32    
355 AC_ENTITIES Alert Configuration CHAR 10    
356 AC_ENTITY_MODE AlertConfiguration:Entity Mode (Diaplay or Edit) CHAR 30    
357 AC_ENTITY_TYPE All entities, superior for AC_ENTITIES, AC_OBJECT_TYPE) CHAR 10    
358 AC_ENVIRONMENT_WDC Master web dynpro component CHAR 10    
359 AC_ERRORLEVEL Alert configuration: error level CHAR 20    
360 AC_EVENTRULE Alert Config: Rule options for event type CHAR 30    
361 AC_EVENTYPECLASS Alert Configuration:displaying EventType class CHAR 30    
362 AC_EVENT_CLASS Alert configuration: domain for event class CHAR 10    
363 AC_EVENT_ORIGIN AC: event origin CHAR 30    
364 AC_EVENT_RULE_CLASS Alert Configuration : Rule Class for EventType CHAR 10    
365 AC_EXTRACTOR Alert configuration: DOMAIN FOR EXTRACTOR CHAR 30    
366 AC_EXTRACTORCLASS Alert configuration: domain for extractor class CHAR 100    
367 AC_FIELDNAME Alert configuration: calculation mode CHAR 30    
368 AC_FIELDTYPE AC: domain for field type description CHAR   
369 AC_FIELD_NAME Alerting configuration: domain for Field Name CHAR 40    
370 AC_FILTER Alerting configuration: domain for Filter value CHAR 100    
371 AC_FLAG Alert configuration: domain for a flag CHAR   
372 AC_GUID AC: domain for guid CHAR 32    
373 AC_HOLIDAYSCHEDULE AC: Data Element for Holiday Schedule CHAR   
374 AC_IMPORT_TYPE Import Type CHAR 30    
375 AC_INT_ECS_APPEND_DI Fixed Values for ECS Direct Input     
376 AC_LOGICAL_OPERATOR Logical operator for sub rule correlation of a complex rule CHAR 10    
377 AC_MAI_STATE Domain for Inci,Notif and Third Party Flag State CHAR   
378 AC_MANAGEMENT_TYPES Management types CHAR 30    
379 AC_MEA_ASSIGNED_TO MEA Assignment CHAR 10    
380 AC_MEA_STATUS Mea status in a given template CHAR 10    
381 AC_MEA_VALIDITY AC: domain for mea validity CHAR 30    
382 AC_METHOD_NAME Alerting configuration: domain for Method Name CHAR 60    
383 AC_METRICDATATYPE Alert configuration: datatype of the measured value CHAR 10    
384 AC_METRICTYPECLASS Alert Configuration: for displaying MetricType, Metric Group CHAR 10    
385 AC_METRICTYPE_RULETYPES AlertConfiguration:Domain for MetricType rule types CHAR 50    
386 AC_METRIC_CONSUMER Alert configuration: domain for metric consumer CHAR 30    
387 AC_METRIC_EVENT_TYPE AlertConfiguration:Metric/Event Type CHAR 30    
388 AC_METRIC_ORIGIN AC: metric origin CHAR 30    
389 AC_MONITOR Monitors in Alerting & Monitoring CHAR 10    
390 AC_MONTH AC: Domain for Month NUMC   
391 AC_NAME Alert configuration: MEA name CHAR 60    
392 AC_OBJECT_TYPE Alert configuration: Domain object type CHAR 10    
393 AC_PARAMETERNAME Alert configuration: domain for a parameter name CHAR 32    
394 AC_PARAMETERTYPE AC: domain for parametertype CHAR 30    
395 AC_PARAM_TYPE Alert configuration: parameter type CHAR 30    
396 AC_PAR_SELFILT Parameter Type: Selection or Filter CHAR   
397 AC_PAR_TYPE Alert configuration: domain for parameter types CHAR 30    
398 AC_PERIOD AC: period of measurement INT4 10    
399 AC_PRIORITY Alert configuration: domain for alert priority CHAR 30    
400 AC_PROBLEM_CONTEXT AC: problem context collection CHAR 10    
401 AC_PRODUCT_CONTEXT_TYPE Type of Product Context INT1   
402 AC_PRODUCT_ID Alert configuration: domain for product id CHAR 40    
403 AC_PROPAGATION_TYPE Propagation type CHAR   
404 AC_PROPERTY_NAME AC: domain for property name CHAR 30    
405 AC_PROPERTY_VALUE AC: domain for property value CHAR 100    
406 AC_PROTOCOL Alert Configuration: Domain values for protocol CHAR 30    
407 AC_PUSH_BARRIER AC: barrier to suppress metric pushing to central system CHAR 10    
408 AC_REACTION_FILTER Defines Filter Criteria for Alert Reaction Scope NUMC   
409 AC_REACTION_USAGE Describes Type of Reaction Handling (Auto-, 3rd Party) NUMC   
410 AC_REPMEAP Alert Configuration: Names for RepMEAP CHAR 50    
411 AC_REPOSITORY_TYPES product info values CHAR 30    
412 AC_RULE_TYPES Alert configuration: domain for rule types CHAR 50    
413 AC_RUNTIME Runtime in Seconds DEC
414 AC_SAVE_FLAG AlertConfiguration:Save Flag CHAR 30    
415 AC_SCHEDULINGTYPE AC: Collection Scheduling Type Domain CHAR   
416 AC_SCHEDULING_TYPE Alert configutation: domain for scheduling type CHAR 100    
417 AC_SELF_MON_COMPONENT Domain for Self-Monitoring Components CHAR 10    
418 AC_SEVERITY Alert configuration: domain for alert severity INT1   
419 AC_STRING AC: string STRG   
420 AC_SUB_CATEGORY Alert configuration: domain for subcategory CHAR 30    
421 AC_SYMBOLTYPE Alert configuration: domain for symbol type CHAR   
422 AC_TABLE_NAME Alerting configuration: domain for Table Name CHAR 40    
423 AC_TECHNICAL_COMPONENT AC: Technical Components of the Alerting Framework CHAR 10    
424 AC_TECHNICAL_SCENARIO E2E MAI Technical Scenario CHAR 10    
425 AC_TEMPLATE Alert configuration: domain for template type CHAR 10    
426 AC_TEMPLATE_DELTA Delta Operation for Templates CHAR 20    
427 AC_TEMPLATE_NAME Alert Templates: Template Name CHAR 40    
428 AC_TEMPLATE_TYPES Domain for Template Types INT1   
429 AC_TEXT Alert configuration: domain for short text CHAR 100    
430 AC_TEXT_10 AC: dataelement for text CHAR 10    
431 AC_TEXT_100 Alert configuration: domain for short text CHAR 100    
432 AC_TEXT_1000 Alert configuration: domain for text CHAR 1000    
433 AC_TEXT_2000 Alert configuration: domain for text CHAR 2000    
434 AC_TEXT_255 Alert configuration: domain for text CHAR 255    
435 AC_TEXT_30 Alert configuration: domain for short text CHAR 30    
436 AC_TEXT_50 Alert configuration: domain for short text CHAR 50    
437 AC_TEXT_COMPARISON_OPERATOR Text comparison operators CHAR   
438 AC_TIMEFRAME Alert configuration: domain for timeframe TIMS   
439 AC_TIMEUNIT Alert configuration: time units UNIT   
440 AC_TIME_UNIT Alert configuration: domain for time unit CHAR 30    
441 AC_TMSTMP_ID Identifier for Timestamps Measured During Autoconfiguration NUMC   
442 AC_TRAFFIC_LIGHT Traffic Light Values INT1   
443 AC_TRISTATE Tristate flag on Alert/Template level CHAR   
444 AC_TRISTATE_FLAG Alert configuration: domain for a flag CHAR   
445 AC_UNIT Alert configuration: units CHAR 10    
446 AC_UNITTYPES Alert configuration: unit types CHAR 30    
447 AC_URL_FLAG Alert configuration:Domain for URL relevant symbols CHAR   
448 AC_USER_INTERFACE_ACTION Action name of user interface CHAR 32    
449 AC_UTILIZATION Alert configuration: domain for utilization CHAR 10    
450 AC_VALUE Alert configuration: domain for a value CHAR 100    
451 AC_VARIANT Alert configuration: Domain for variant CHAR   
452 AC_VERSION Alert configuration: domain for version NUMC   
453 AC_WEEKDAYSCHEDULE AC: Days of the Week Scheduling NUMC   
454 AC_WORKMODE_ID AC: domain for workmodes CHAR 40    
455 AD00CLASS domain for class definition CHAR   
456 AD00EVENT Event Definition NUMC   
457 AD01CALPCT Percentage (18/5 with +/- sign) DEC 18 
458 AD01CHECK Check code for DIP profile CHAR   
459 AD01CONUSE Usage of condition types NUMC   
460 AD01COSTYP Apportionment reason CHAR   
461 AD01DEFPCT Percentage (5/2 with +/-sign) DEC
462 AD01DLINR Dynamic item number NUMC 20    
463 AD01DLISRC Dynamic item source CHAR   
464 AD01DLITAB Dynamic item source table CHAR 10    
465 AD01DOPENSIGN Indicator: DOPEN Status in Single Flow CHAR   
466 AD01ERLOES Check actual revenue? CHAR   
467 AD01FAREG Billing rule for A&D periodic billing CHAR   
468 AD01INVQUA Transfer Quantity and Costs CHAR   
469 AD01LINE Line number NUMC   
470 AD01LINMAT DIP profile: Material determination condition line number NUMC   
471 AD01LINSEL DIP profile: Selection criteria line number NUMC   
472 AD01MACOND Number of manual conditions for pricing NUMC   
473 AD01PROFNR Profile for Customizing Dynamic Items CHAR   
474 AD01SCRPTR Pointer to DIP profile maintenance screen CHAR   
475 AD01SUM_LV Summarization level NUMC   
476 AD01USAGE DI usage NUMC   
477 AD01VAR_APPL Variant Application CHAR 10    
478 AD01WIP_LINE_TYPE Line type for WIP reporting CHAR   
479 AD01WIP_RCATID WIP Revenue Category ID CHAR   
480 AD03FORMU Formualn apply to plan data calculation CHAR   
481 AD03PRO Plan data handling profile CHAR   
482 AD03RTF Total revaluation: Function to calculate factor CHAR   
483 AD04ADJIND Adjustment indicator CHAR   
484 AD04FAREG Billing rule for A&D periodic billing CHAR   
485 AD04NMCTG Number Category domain CHAR   
486 AD04STGRSW Switch for processing st.k.figs. CHAR   
487 AD04VCHNR Voucher Number NUMC   
488 AD23_LAYTYPE BPP: alternative layout type (may be initial) CHAR   
489 AD23_LINTYP BPP: type of output structure line CHAR   
490 AD23_TETYPE BPP: text element type for output CHAR 10    
491 ADACH30000 SAP DB: Text of SQL statement CHAR 30000    
492 ADACN Aircraft registration number CHAR   
493 ADADEC7_2 DEC7 with two places after decimal point DEC
494 ADAJN "Y"=Yes or "N"=No CHAR   
495 ADATAR General additional data field RAW 255    
496 ADAYS Effective business event duration in days DEC   
497 ADBADICALL Indicator for Controlling the BAdI Call CHAR   
498 ADBOS_PERCENTAGE52 AD_BOS: % with 3 Places Before Decimal Point and 2 After DEC
499 ADCONTEXT2 Filter Value (Context) for BAdI ADDR_BUPA_TD_READ CHAR 10    
500 ADCSN Location authorization field TRUE (='X') and FALSE (= ' ') CHAR