SAP ABAP Domain - Index A, page 3
Domain - A
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 ADCSTRSTAT Communication strategy table status flag CHAR   
2 ADDAA Additional Acct Assignments for Split: Cash Disc. Exch. Difs CHAR 150    
3 ADDCO Additional condition for time constraint 3 CHAR 12    
4 ADDCOMPARE Comparison Criterion CHAR 40    
5 ADDCOMPARE_CORE Reference Element PM/PS CHAR 40    
6 ADDFIELD Domain for additional field for later enhancement CHAR 32    
7 ADDFIELD_PUR Further Fields for Selection When Transaction Is Invoked CHAR 2000    
8 ADDFL_KK Selection Level for Partial Clearing Reset CHAR 30    
9 ADDIFFLAG Checkbox in Difference Tables for Quarterly Adjustment CHAR   
10 ADDIFORIGN Record Creation Type (Difference Table) CHAR   
11 ADDIS_1 Additionals: Status values CHAR   
12 ADDIS_2 Additionals: General indicator CHAR   
13 ADDIS_POOK Additionals: Indicator for purchase order for additionals CHAR   
14 ADDIS_SUPP Additionals: Status for determination of additionals vendor CHAR   
15 ADDI_APPL Application for triggering follow-up actions for additionals CHAR   
16 ADDI_BELNR Document number for additional CHAR 10    
17 ADDI_CALC Additionals: Indicator for price calculation CHAR   
18 ADDI_EVENT Event that triggers follow-up actions for additionals CHAR   
19 ADDI_FM Procedure for Additionals CHAR   
20 ADDI_INVOC Bill-to party for additional ordered from an external source CHAR   
21 ADDI_NUM Additionals: Number control CHAR   
22 ADDI_ON Flag: Additional is active in the system CHAR   
23 ADDI_OPER Follow-up action for procedure for additionals CHAR   
24 ADDI_POACT Additionals: Vendor selection for purchase orders CHAR   
25 ADDI_PRASS Usage indicator for additionals in promotions CHAR   
26 ADDI_ROWNR Line number per line of supplementary text for an additional NUMC   
27 ADDI_STATUS Status of an additional INT4 10    
28 ADDI_WTKEY Key for transaction data for additionals NUMC   
29 ADDJN Bonus indicator for time leveling and time sheet CHAR   
30 ADDKO Additive constant for conversion to SI units DEC
31 ADDMIN Add/subtract specification CHAR   
32 ADDNO Address Sequence Number CHAR   
33 ADDONID Name of Add-On Product CHAR 10    
34 ADDRESS_EXTRACTION Address origin CHAR   
35 ADDRESS_FI Street and House Number CHAR 60    
36 ADDRESS_PRIVACY_STATUS IS-M: Status of Address As Regards Saving CHAR   
37 ADDRS Address routine CHAR   
38 ADDRSECABBREV IS-M: Secondary address text CHAR   
39 ADDRSECNUMBER IS-M: Secondary address number CHAR   
40 ADDRS_TYPE Addresses: Address type CHAR   
41 ADDRTINT Create Additional Installments for Interest CHAR   
42 ADDR_ADDRESS_TYPE Tpye of the Address CHAR   
43 ADDR_CATEGORY Category of an Address CHAR   
44 ADDR_CURRENT_STATE Indicator: Ignore updateflags during update CHAR   
45 ADDR_FIELDNAME Name of an Address Field CHAR 61    
46 ADDR_MSG_RELEVANCE During which transaction steps is the message relevant CHAR   
47 ADDR_NODE_ID Node Id as in the ESA model CHAR 70    
48 ADDR_NODE_NAME Name of an ESA-Node CHAR 70    
49 ADDR_ORIGIN Origin of an address CHAR   
50 ADDR_RETRIEVE_BEFORE_IMAGE Indicator: Read directly from the database CHAR   
51 ADDR_TABLE_NAME Address Table Name CHAR 16    
52 ADDR_TYPE Addresses: Address type CHAR   
53 ADDSUB Factory calendar: Add, subtract NUMC   
54 ADD_AMNT Budget Change in Position Management DEC 10 
55 ADD_INFO_DOM Data Element for Plant and Material Info CHAR 50    
56 ADD_MRM_REFERENZBELEGTYP Outbound Delivery as Reference     
57 ADD_REFOBJID (DEL) Identifier for technical reference object CHAR   
58 ADD_REFOBJID_KK Identifier for Technical Reference Object CHAR   
59 ADD_REFOBJ_KK Technical Reference Object CHAR 25    
60 ADEDIQUALFI IDoc object identification (A&D) NUMC   
61 ADEZ_____4 Number of decimal places RAW   
62 ADFDR_CHAR10 Character, 10 Places CHAR 10    
63 ADFDR_CHAR2 Character, 2 Places CHAR   
64 ADFDR_CHAR20 Character, 20 Places CHAR 20    
65 ADFDR_CHAR3 Character, 3 Places CHAR   
66 ADFDR_CHAR4 Character, 4 Places CHAR   
67 ADFDR_CHAR40 Character, 40 Places CHAR 40    
68 ADFDR_CHAR60 Character, 60 Places CHAR 60    
69 ADFDR_DOCID ID 20 Places CHAR 20    
71 ADFDR_FLAG Flag (Yes/No) CHAR   
73 ADFDR_NUMC3 Numeric, 3 Places NUMC   
74 ADFLD1 First additional field for user-defined account assignments CHAR 10    
75 ADFLD2 Second additional field for user-defined account assignments CHAR 10    
76 ADFLD3 Third additional field for user-defined account assignments CHAR 10    
77 ADFSH_AAUVI Flight Scheduling: Audio Visual Devices Available CHAR   
78 ADFSH_ABFST Flight Scheduling: Breakfast Served CHAR   
79 ADFSH_ACBELT Flight Scheduling: Cargo Belt Number CHAR   
80 ADFSH_ACDATE Flight Scheduling: Date of Flight DATS   
81 ADFSH_ACDML Flight Scheduling: Cold Meal Served CHAR   
82 ADFSH_ACDST Flight Scheduling: Cold Storage CHAR   
83 ADFSH_ACFCAT Flight Scheduling: Aircraft Category CHAR   
84 ADFSH_ACRWT Flight Scheduling: Weight of Cargo QUAN   
85 ADFSH_ACTYP Flight Scheduling: IATA Aircraft Type CHAR   
86 ADFSH_AFSHP Flight Scheduling: Inflight Shop CHAR   
87 ADFSH_AHZRD Flight Scheduling: Hazardous Goods Allowed CHAR   
88 ADFSH_AIRCODE Flight Scheduling: Airline Code CHAR   
89 ADFSH_AISDP Flight Scheduling: ISD Telephone Facility CHAR   
90 ADFSH_AMNML Flight Scheduling: Main Meals Served CHAR   
91 ADFSH_APTCD Flight Scheduling: Airport Code CHAR   
92 ADFSH_ARBTM Flight Scheduling: Airborne Time TIMS   
93 ADFSH_ARCODE Flight Scheduling: ICAO Aircraft Code CHAR   
94 ADFSH_ARMNT Flight Scheduling: Refreshments Served CHAR   
95 ADFSH_ARRDEP Flight Scheduling: Arrival/ Departure Indicator CHAR   
96 ADFSH_ARRTM Flight Scheduling: Arrival Time TIMS   
97 ADFSH_ASNCK Flight Scheduling: Snacks Served CHAR   
98 ADFSH_ASPML Flight Scheduling: Special Meals Served CHAR   
99 ADFSH_ATOPS Flight Scheduling: Number of Passengers NUMC   
100 ADFSH_AWLCH Flight Scheduling: Number of Wheelchairs required NUMC   
101 ADFSH_BAYNR Flight Scheduling: Bay Number CHAR   
102 ADFSH_CABCW Flight Scheduling: Number of Cabin Crew NUMC   
103 ADFSH_CARUT Flight Scheduling: Unit of Cargo Weight UNIT   
104 ADFSH_CHDOM Flight Scheduling: Checkin Time for Domestic Flight QUAN
105 ADFSH_CHTRN Flight Scheduling: Checkin Time for in Transit QUAN
106 ADFSH_CLASPX Flight Scheduling: Passengers in a class NUMC   
107 ADFSH_CLASS Flight Scheduling: Class in a Flight CHAR   
108 ADFSH_COORD_MIN Flight Scheduling: Coordinate Minutes DEC   
109 ADFSH_COORD_SEC Flight Scheduling: Coordinates: Seconds DEC   
110 ADFSH_COORD_SIGN Flight Scheduling: +/- (longitude/latitude) CHAR   
111 ADFSH_DATE Flight Scheduling: Date DATS   
112 ADFSH_DEPTM Flight Scheduling: Departure Time TIMS   
113 ADFSH_DISUT Flight Scheduling: Unit of Distance UNIT   
114 ADFSH_ETOPS Flight Scheduling: ETOPS Indicator CHAR   
115 ADFSH_FIELD Flight Scheduling: Field CHAR 30    
116 ADFSH_FLCAT Flight Scheduling: Flight Category CHAR   
117 ADFSH_FLCON Flight Connector Number CHAR 10    
118 ADFSH_FLDIS Flight Scheduling: Flight Distance QUAN   
119 ADFSH_FLDUR Flight Scheduling: Flight Duration QUAN
120 ADFSH_FLTFRQ Flight Scheduling: Flight Frequency CHAR   
121 ADFSH_FLTNUM Flight Scheduling:Flight Number CHAR   
122 ADFSH_FLTYP Flight Scheduling: Flight Type CHAR   
123 ADFSH_FLTYPX Flight Scheduling: Flight Type CHAR   
124 ADFSH_ITMNR Flight Scheduling: Item Number NUMC   
125 ADFSH_LANDGS Flight Schduling : Number of Aircraft Landings NUMC   
126 ADFSH_LANTM Flight Scheduling: Landing Time TIMS   
127 ADFSH_LATCD Flight Scheduling: Latitude of the Airport CHAR 12    
128 ADFSH_LAT_DEG Flight Scheduling: Latitude DEC   
129 ADFSH_LONCD Flight Scheduling: Longitude of Airport CHAR 12    
130 ADFSH_LON_DEG Flight Scheduling: Longitude DEC   
131 ADFSH_MODEOP Flight Scheduling: Mode of Operation CHAR   
132 ADFSH_OFFDATE Flight Scheduling: Offset for Date CHAR   
133 ADFSH_OPDAY Flight Scheduling: Days of Operation CHAR   
134 ADFSH_PRFNR Flight Scheduling: Profile Number NUMC   
135 ADFSH_PRFTXT Flight Scheduling: Profile Text CHAR 40    
136 ADFSH_PRTNUM Flight Scheduling: PRT Number NUMC   
137 ADFSH_PRTQTY Flight Scheduling: PRT Quantity QUAN   
138 ADFSH_PRTUNT Flight Scheduling: Unit of PRT UNIT   
139 ADFSH_PVLFR Flight Scheduling: Schedule Valid From Date DATS   
140 ADFSH_PVLTO Flight Scheduling: Schedule Valid To Date DATS   
141 ADFSH_SECNR Flight Scheduling: Sector Number CHAR   
142 ADFSH_SEQNR Flight Scheduling: Flight Sequence Number NUMC 10    
143 ADFSH_SHRNR Flight Scheduling: Code Share Number NUMC   
144 ADFSH_STACD Flight Scheduling: Flight Status Code CHAR   
145 ADFSH_STATS Status CHAR 10    
146 ADFSH_TECCW Flight Scheduling: Number of Technical Crew NUMC   
147 ADFSH_TMLNR Flight Scheduling: Terminal Number CHAR   
148 ADFSH_TMUNIT Flight Scheduling: Unit for Time UNIT   
149 ADFSH_TRDOM Flight Scheduling: Transfer Time for Domestic Flights QUAN
150 ADFSH_TRTRN Flight Scheduling: Transfer Time for in Transit Flight QUAN
151 ADGD_ACT_EMIS_TYPE Radioactive Emission Type CHAR   
152 ADGD_AUTH_EXCEPT_OBJ DG: Assignment Object for Exceptions to DG Regulations CHAR 10    
153 ADGD_AUTH_HU_OBJTYP GG: Object Types of DG Packaging for Handling Unit CHAR 10    
154 ADGD_BLOCKEDFLG Block Indicator for Exception to Dangerous Goods Regulations CHAR   
155 ADGD_CHKS DG: Dangerous goods check schema NUMC   
156 ADGD_CKMCAT Check method type NUMC   
157 ADGD_COLL_MOT EHS: Collective Mode-of-Transport Category NUMC   
158 ADGD_CORD Sequence NUMC   
159 ADGD_COUNT_LWDG Number of Dangerous Goods Regulations NUMC   
160 ADGD_COWE DG: Water Pollution Class CHAR   
161 ADGD_CTRYR DG: Country function CHAR   
162 ADGD_DAOR Data origin (filling and distribution) CHAR   
163 ADGD_DEC_11_7 Value for Decimal Figure Length 11, 7 Decimal Places DEC 11 
164 ADGD_DGCL DG-MAT: Dangerous goods class CHAR   
165 ADGD_DGOBJ DG: Objects for dangerous goods management CHAR   
166 ADGD_DG_PACKAGE_LEVEL Level of Dangerous Goods Packaging CHAR   
167 ADGD_DG_USE_CASE Dangerous Goods: Use CHAR   
168 ADGD_EDIQ Qualifier for EDI processing CHAR   
169 ADGD_EXCEPTID Exception to Dangerous Goods Regulations CHAR 18    
170 ADGD_EXCEPTOBJ Assignment object CHAR 20    
171 ADGD_EXCEPTOBJNAM Name of Assignment Object for Exception to DG Regulations CHAR 40    
172 ADGD_EXCEPTPROFILE Assignment Profile of Exception to DG Regulations NUMC   
173 ADGD_EXCEPTPROFILED Description of Assgmt Profile f. Exception to DG Regulations CHAR 132    
174 ADGD_EXCEPT_VERSION Version of Exception to Dangerous Goods Regulations NUMC   
175 ADGD_FACTR DG: Factor FLTP 16  16 
176 ADGD_HNU DG-MAT: Hazard identification number CHAR   
177 ADGD_HPN DG-MAT: Danger label number CHAR   
178 ADGD_HYGRO DG: Hygroscopicity CHAR   
179 ADGD_INDC Indicator category CHAR   
180 ADGD_LAB DG: Label CHAR   
181 ADGD_LAFI DG: Ind. departure/destination country sea/air CHAR   
182 ADGD_LDBC DG-MAT: Dangerous goods letter CHAR   
183 ADGD_LTXTFIELD Short Text Field for Long Text Editors CHAR 132    
184 ADGD_MAPOL DG: Marine Pollutant CHAR   
186 ADGD_MCHG DG: Result Values for Material Exchange CHAR   
187 ADGD_MCOMP DG: Result Values for Component Exploding CHAR   
188 ADGD_MOS DG-MAT: Dangerous goods - transport type NUMC   
189 ADGD_MOTD DG-MAT: Label for mode of transport category CHAR 40    
190 ADGD_MTYP DG: Assignment Object Category for Target CHAR   
191 ADGD_ORDER Sequence NUMC   
192 ADGD_PAI DG-MAT: Marg. inner packaging (quantity/volume) QUAN
193 ADGD_PAO DG-MAT: Marg. outer packaging (quantity/volume) QUAN
194 ADGD_PGRO DG Mat: Packing group CHAR   
195 ADGD_PIH DG: Text field for poisonous by inhalation (PIH) CHAR   
196 ADGD_PIN DG-MAT: Packing instruction number CHAR   
197 ADGD_PRMO DG: Times During Filling CHAR   
198 ADGD_PROCESS_TYPE Dangerous Goods Process CHAR   
199 ADGD_PROFILE Regulation profile CHAR   
200 ADGD_PROFL DG-MAT: Indicator profile CHAR   
201 ADGD_PROFL_SCENR DG: Indicator Scenario CHAR   
202 ADGD_PROLI DG: Indicator profile CHAR   
203 ADGD_Q102 DG: Value for quantity 10.2 QUAN 10 
204 ADGD_Q112 DG: Value for quantity 11.2 QUAN 11 
205 ADGD_Q122 DG: Value for quantity 12.2 QUAN 12 
206 ADGD_Q82 DG: Value for quantity 8.2 QUAN
207 ADGD_Q92 DG: Value for quantity 9.2 QUAN
208 ADGD_QMTYP DG: Assignment Object Category for Source CHAR   
209 ADGD_QUAN_11_4 Value for Quantity Length 11, 4 Decimal Places QUAN 11 
210 ADGD_QUAN_5_3 Value for Quantity Length 5, 3 Decimal Places QUAN
211 ADGD_QUAN_8_3 Value for Quantity Length 8, 3 Decimal Places QUAN
212 ADGD_QUAN_9_5 Value for Quantity Length 9, 5 Decimal Places QUAN
213 ADGD_REACT Reaction type CHAR   
214 ADGD_REF_ACT Reference Value (Class 7) CHAR   
215 ADGD_RELQ DG-MAT: Excepted quantity (mg. 10011) QUAN
216 ADGD_SDCL DG: Storage Hazard Class CHAR   
217 ADGD_TABSTRIP_KEY Key for a Dynamic Tab Title CHAR   
218 ADGD_TBTYP Dangerous goods - shipment document categories CHAR   
219 ADGD_TEXTPATT_PROF Text Pattern Profile CHAR 10    
220 ADGD_TPMA Indicator for one-time material/template material CHAR   
221 ADGD_TRANSPORT_INDICATOR Indicators for Transport CHAR 10    
222 ADGD_TRANSPORT_INDICATOR_USAGE Restrict Use of Indicator for Transport NUMC   
223 ADGD_UETENR DG: Counter NUMC   
224 ADGD_UPOSNR DG: Subitem Counter NUMC   
225 ADGD_VBFC DG: VbF Class CHAR   
226 ADGD_VBTYP Dangerous goods - SD document category CHAR   
227 ADGD_VCATD EHS: Shipping Docum. Categories for Template Material Proc. CHAR   
228 ADGD_VCATS EHS: Sales Document Categories for Template Material Proc. CHAR   
229 ADGD_VCATSH EHS: Shipment Docum. Categories for Template Material Proc. CHAR   
230 ADGD_VKBTYP Dangerous goods sales document types CHAR   
231 ADGD_VSART DG: Indicator shipping type CHAR   
232 ADGD_VSBTYP Dangerous goods - shipping document categories CHAR   
233 ADGD_YES_NO_NOT_DEFINED Domain with Fixed Values: Yes / No / Not Evaluated CHAR   
234 ADGE_DRANDNR Marginal for ADR/ADNR NUMC   
235 ADGE_VK Mode-of-Transport Category CHAR 16    
236 ADHAC Tax authority CHAR   
237 ADHASH E-Mail Address for Avis: Hash Value CHAR 10    
238 ADICC Interchangeability Code NUMC   
239 ADISC Cash Discount Credit Memo CHAR   
240 ADJTYP Adjustment type CHAR   
241 ADJ_SIGN Adjustment positive and negative ?? CHAR   
242 ADKNZ_VK Additional account assignments for BP items as well CHAR   
243 ADMEXEC Permissibility of Corrections CHAR   
244 ADMI_ACTN Action CHAR   
245 ADMI_CHKL Document Check CHAR 10    
246 ADMI_CHKLS Document Check CHAR 10    
247 ADMI_DATE Date of an Archiving Session DATS   
248 ADMI_DRNG Delete Range CHAR   
249 ADMI_GMODE Transfer Resource from XML DAS to the Client CHAR 10    
250 ADMI_HOST Host name (short form) CHAR   
251 ADMI_JOB_T Category of data archiving job CHAR   
252 ADMI_JOB_TYPE Category of a Data Archiving Job (Reduced Scope) CHAR   
253 ADMI_LRNG List Range CHAR   
254 ADMI_RES_T Resource Type CHAR   
255 ADMI_RUN Archiving session ID CHAR   
256 ADMI_STFIL Archive file status CHAR   
257 ADMI_STIDX Archive status for index CHAR   
258 ADMI_STOPT Status of an Archiving File re. Storage in Archive System CHAR   
259 ADMI_STRUN Status of the Archiving Session CHAR   
260 ADMOI Type Identification CHAR   
261 ADMSP_DOM_DMND_ID Master Demand Id CHAR 22    
262 ADMSP_DOM_SLOT_NO Slot No : External CHAR 12    
264 ADM_NITF Eligibility New Infotype Framework CHAR   
265 ADOFPER Length of period in which period consumption is valid NUMC   
266 ADPIC_DOM_CATEGORY Interchangeability Category Description CHAR 40    
267 ADPIC_DOM_DOC_TYPE Document type for reference document CHAR   
268 ADPIC_DOM_PROCESS_CODE ADPIC: Pseudo Process Code for supported processes for MPN CHAR 20    
269 ADPIC_DOM_PROC_DESCR Pseudo Process Code Description CHAR 40    
270 ADPIC_DOM_SORT_ID Sort Sequence id INT1   
271 ADPIC_DOM_UPDATE Update Flag for update of tables CHAR   
272 ADPIC_DOM_XFLAG Flag for MPN selections ('X', '.' or blank) CHAR   
273 ADPIC_INDICATOR indicates whether automatic PIC for STO is customized INT1   
274 ADPM_BUSINESSTYPE CMC: Business Type of Order Code CHAR   
276 ADPM_LGGRP Inventory Group ID CHAR   
278 ADPM_PRIOCODE Priority Keys for Rotable Orders CHAR   
279 ADPM_ROTCOND Condition Determination for Rotables CHAR   
280 ADPM_STOCKTYPE Different Stocks that are Comparison Parameters for CMC CHAR   
281 ADPM_TIMEFRAME CMC: Time/Date Event in Timeframe CHAR   
282 ADPRI Order priority CHAR   
283 ADRDA Address indicator CHAR   
284 ADRESSE Address CHAR 20    
285 ADRF_ZUO IS-PAM: Name assignment address field CHAR   
286 ADRHK Origin of the address CHAR   
287 ADRID_001E Address ID CHAR   
288 ADRKNZ Origin indicator of address in shipment stage CHAR   
289 ADRNR Address key CHAR 10    
290 ADRTY Address Type NUMC   
291 ADRTYP Address type (home-, postal-, business address...) CHAR   
292 ADRTYPE Address Type CHAR   
293 ADRZUS Address affix CHAR   
294 ADR_STATUS Processing Type of a Data Record in RSADRLSM02 CHAR   
295 ADR_TYPE Address Type CHAR   
296 ADR_ZUGRIFF Address access sequence CHAR   
297 ADS2KIPUPL_DM_LEVEL SPEC2000 IP Upload: Data Model Level CHAR   
298 ADS2KIPUPL_MSG_CATEGORY SPEC2000 IP Upload: Application Log Message Category CHAR   
299 ADS2KIPUPL_MSG_RAISER SPEC2000 IP Upload: Message Raising module CHAR   
301 ADS2KUPL_FILE_PATH SPEC2000 Initial Provisioning: Upload File Path CHAR 2048    
302 ADSCP_ICC International Commodity Code NUMC   
303 ADSDOCTYPE Document Type for PDF Spool Requests CHAR   
304 ADSEXTENSION File Extension for PDF Print Formatting CHAR   
305 ADSPCIPTA IP Transaction CHAR 10    
306 ADSPCIP_INC Interchangeability Code NUMC   
307 ADSPCIP_PBP Price Break Price DEC 12 
308 ADSPCIP_PBQ Price Break Quantity NUMC   
309 ADSPCIP_RANGE Domain Element for No. Range CHAR 20    
310 ADSPCIP_TEI Text Element Identifier CHAR 10    
311 ADSPCM_ACTIVE Active/Inactive Flag CHAR   
312 ADSPCM_SEGMENT complete message segment CHAR 10000    
313 ADSPCM_SYSTEM Spec System ATA 'A' or AECMA 'M' CHAR   
314 ADSPC_ANGNR Quotation number CHAR 20    
315 ADSPC_BLQ SPEC2000: Balance Quantity CHAR   
316 ADSPC_CHAPTER SPEC2000: IPC - Chapter Number CHAR   
317 ADSPC_CHAR3 Sequence nr. CHAR   
318 ADSPC_CHG SPEC2000: Change Code CHAR   
319 ADSPC_CIC customer identification code CHAR   
320 ADSPC_CNFLCT_RSLTN_FLG SPEC2000: Conflict Resolution Flag CHAR   
321 ADSPC_COCODE Spec2000: Command Code CHAR   
322 ADSPC_CPN SPEC2000: Category I Container Part Number CHAR 32    
323 ADSPC_CREATED_ON_DATE SPEC2000: Created on Date DATS   
324 ADSPC_CREATED_ON_TIME SPEC2000: Created on Time TIMS   
325 ADSPC_CSD SPEC2000: Control Specification/Drawing Number CHAR 32    
326 ADSPC_CSN SPEC2000: Catalog Sequence Number CHAR 13    
327 ADSPC_CUR SPEC 2000: Currency Code CHAR   
328 ADSPC_DATASOURCE Selection of Data Source CHAR   
329 ADSPC_DATE SPEC2000: Created on Date DATS   
330 ADSPC_EC SPEC 2000: Explanation Code NUMC   
331 ADSPC_EFF Effectivity Range Code CHAR   
332 ADSPC_EFFDATE Effective Date NUMC   
333 ADSPC_EIM SPEC2000: End Item Manufacturer Code CHAR   
334 ADSPC_EIP SPEC2000: End Item Part Number CHAR 15    
335 ADSPC_ELM Engine Level of Maintenance Code NUMC   
336 ADSPC_ESD Electrostatic Sensitive Device Indicator CHAR   
337 ADSPC_ESS Essentiality Code NUMC   
338 ADSPC_EXP SPEC2000: Expiration Date CHAR   
339 ADSPC_EXTDREPORT Extended transaction or report name for S2K trans for cust CHAR 48    
340 ADSPC_FIC SPEC2000: File Identifier Code CHAR   
341 ADSPC_FIELD_VALUE SPEC2000: Field Value CHAR 255    
342 ADSPC_FIELD_VALUE_S IP Field Value CHAR 40    
343 ADSPC_FIGURE SPEC2000: IPC - Figure Number CHAR   
344 ADSPC_FLAG Flag for check CHAR   
345 ADSPC_HAZ SPEC2000: Hazardous Material Code CHAR   
346 ADSPC_ICR SPEC 2000: International Currency Code CHAR   
347 ADSPC_INDC Indenture Code NUMC   
348 ADSPC_IPTA IP Transaction CHAR 10    
349 ADSPC_IP_MD_TABLE Table with IP related master data CHAR 10    
350 ADSPC_ITEM SPEC2000: IPC - Item Number CHAR   
351 ADSPC_LENGTH SPEC2000: Length of the field CHAR   
352 ADSPC_MENU_LEVEL Level at which the menu is (Tran . Cust . S2K) NUMC   
353 ADSPC_MENU_NUM Number of the object id NUMC   
354 ADSPC_MFR Manufacturer Code CHAR   
355 ADSPC_MFRTXT Manufacturer's Authority Text CHAR 40    
356 ADSPC_MFR_TYPE Manufacturer Type (Aircraft or Engine Manufacturer) CHAR   
357 ADSPC_MOA Model of Applicability Code CHAR   
358 ADSPC_MOR Maintenance / Overhaul / Repair Code NUMC   
359 ADSPC_MPC Maintenance Percent NUMC   
360 ADSPC_MST Mean Shop Processing Time DEC
361 ADSPC_OBTYP Object Type CHAR   
362 ADSPC_OCHAMT Other Charges - Amount DEC 12 
363 ADSPC_OCHCOD Other Charges - Code NUMC   
364 ADSPC_OPN Overlength Part Number CHAR 32    
365 ADSPC_ORD SPEC2000: Order Receipt Date CHAR   
366 ADSPC_OSC SPEC2000: Optional supplier code CHAR   
367 ADSPC_OSCDSTTP Identifier that tells if it is an OSC or a DST CHAR   
368 ADSPC_OWNER Creator of the transaction as a transaction for customizing CHAR   
369 ADSPC_PARTTP Part Type CHAR   
370 ADSPC_PCC SPEC 2000: Price Condition Code NUMC   
371 ADSPC_PIC Pool Item Candidate Indicator CHAR   
372 ADSPC_PNR Part Number CHAR 15    
373 ADSPC_PNR_CPO SPEC2000: Customer Order Number / Part Number CHAR 15    
374 ADSPC_POSTAT Trap the message S1POSTAT CHAR   
375 ADSPC_PRCC Price Condition Code CHAR   
376 ADSPC_PRP SPEC2000: Proprietary Code CHAR   
377 ADSPC_PSP SPEC2000: Preferred Spare Part Number Text CHAR 38    
378 ADSPC_PTC SPEC2000: Price Type Code CHAR   
379 ADSPC_PTQ Provisioning Total Quantity NUMC   
380 ADSPC_QEC Quick Engine Change Indicator NUMC   
381 ADSPC_QTO Order Quantity NUMC   
382 ADSPC_QUALFS SPEC2000: Qualfier for Customer Order Number or Part Number CHAR   
383 ADSPC_QUOTNO_SD Vendor's quotation number CHAR 14    
384 ADSPC_REC Recommended Quantity NUMC   
385 ADSPC_REPORTTYPE Report Type for transaction table for customizing for SPEC2K CHAR   
386 ADSPC_RFS Reason for Selection Code NUMC   
387 ADSPC_RLD SPEC2000: Release Date CHAR   
388 ADSPC_RLQ SPEC2000: Release Quantity CHAR   
389 ADSPC_RMC SPEC2000: Revised Manufacturer Code CHAR   
390 ADSPC_RPDETP Part Type - Replacing Part or Replaced Part? CHAR   
391 ADSPC_RSN_FOR_CHANGE SPEC2000: Reason for Change CHAR 40    
392 ADSPC_RTC SPEC2000: Record Type Code CHAR   
393 ADSPC_SBNBR Service Bulletin Number CHAR 20    
394 ADSPC_SCR Scrap Rate INT2   
395 ADSPC_SEG SPEC2000: Segment Identifier Code CHAR   
396 ADSPC_SEGNAM S2K segment type CHAR 27    
397 ADSPC_SEQUENCE_NUMBER SPEC2000: Sequence Number NUMC   
398 ADSPC_SFR Select From Range Indicator NUMC   
399 ADSPC_SIR SPEC2000: Selected Item Reference Part Number Text CHAR 38    
400 ADSPC_SLC Shelf Life Code CHAR   
401 ADSPC_SOURCE_OF_CHANGE SPEC2000: Source of Change CHAR   
402 ADSPC_SPC Spare Part Class Code NUMC   
403 ADSPC_SRNBR Serial number NUMC   
404 ADSPC_STD Standard/Attaching Part Code NUMC   
405 ADSPC_SUB_CHAPTER SPEC2000: IPC - SubChapter Number CHAR   
406 ADSPC_SUB_SUB_CHAPTER SPEC2000: IPC - SubSubChapter Number CHAR   
407 ADSPC_TBC SPEC2000: Time/Cycles Between Scheduled Shop Visits Text CHAR   
408 ADSPC_TCBSV Time/Cycles Before Scheduled Shop Visit NUMC   
409 ADSPC_TCC Time Cycle Code CHAR   
410 ADSPC_TDC Transmitter of Data Code CHAR   
411 ADSPC_TEXT Text for customizing transaction CHAR 100    
412 ADSPC_TIME SPEC2000: Created on Time TIMS   
413 ADSPC_TQA Total Quantity per Aircraft/Engine DEC 11 
414 ADSPC_TRD SPEC2000: Transmission Date CHAR   
415 ADSPC_TSN SPEC2000: Transmission Sequence Number NUMC   
416 ADSPC_UNC SPEC2000: Unit of Measure Clarification Text CHAR   
417 ADSPC_UNIT SPEC2000: IPC - Unit Number CHAR   
418 ADSPC_UNT Unit of measure code CHAR   
419 ADSPC_URR Unscheduled Removal Rate DEC
420 ADSPC_URRDEC SPE 2000: Unscheduled Reversal Rate Decimal Code NUMC   
421 ADSPC_URRTCC Unscheduled removal rate time cycle code CHAR   
422 ADSPC_URT SPEC2000: Unscheduled Removal Text CHAR 11    
423 ADSPC_VALIDTY_FLAG SPEC2000: Validity Flag CHAR   
424 ADSPC_VARIANT_FIGURE SPEC2000: IPC - Variant-Figure Number CHAR   
425 ADSPC_VARIANT_ITEM SPEC2000: IPC - Variant-Item Number CHAR   
426 ADSPEC2K_FLDNAM Field names for SPEC messages CHAR 15    
427 ADSPL Supplier Authorization field TRUE (='X') and FALSE (= ' ') CHAR   
429 ADTCF_FIELD Profile Field Domain CHAR 80    
430 ADTCF_KEY Profile Key Domain INT4 10    
431 ADTCF_LAST ADTCF : Last used Profile CHAR   
433 ADTCF_PROFILEKEY ADTCF Profile Key - Domain CHAR 10    
434 ADTCF_PROGRAM ADTCF Program - Domain CHAR 80    
436 ADTCF_REF_FIELD ADTCF : Ref text Field CHAR 80    
439 ADTCF_USER ADYCF : User Domain CHAR 80    
440 ADTKEY_BADI Job Index Key CHAR 12    
441 ADTYP Recipient group NUMC   
442 ADVCODE Advice Code CHAR   
443 ADVCONTROL Control of advance billing CHAR   
444 ADZUSATZ Address supplement CHAR 30    
445 AD_ADDRNUM Address Number (Business Address Services) CHAR 10    
446 AD_ADDR_ID Physical address ID CHAR 10    
447 AD_ADRTYPE Addr.object typ (1=Organization, 2=Person, 3=Contact person) CHAR   
448 AD_ASUBREM Comments on Filter Value Application-Defined Subscreen CHAR 50    
449 AD_BADIFLT Reference for Filter Data Elements BAdI ADDR_LANGU_TO_VERS CHAR   
450 AD_BLKFLAG Block Flag CHAR   
451 AD_CHECK Flag for Check ('X', 'C', ' ') CHAR   
452 AD_CHECKST City file test status CHAR   
453 AD_CMP_PRS Flag: Person in company (C) or private (P) address CHAR   
454 AD_CMP_TXT Auxiliary field for COMPANY (cases-sensitive) CHAR 42    
455 AD_COMM Communication type CHAR   
456 AD_COMMUSE Flag: Communication Type in Use CHAR   
457 AD_COMM_ISO Communication Type (ISO code) CHAR   
458 AD_COMM_TB Flag: user data table + maintenance function exist CHAR   
459 AD_COMTYPE Communication Method (Business Address Services) CHAR   
460 AD_CONSIDER_ADRCOMC_INS Indicator: Consider ADRCOMC When Generating Seq. Number CHAR   
461 AD_CONSREF Encoded Reference to a Sequence Number CHAR   
462 AD_CONS_INSERT Consider Consnumber for Insert CHAR   
463 AD_CONTEXT Semantic description of an object address NUMC   
464 AD_CUSAGE Communication Usage: Key CHAR 10    
465 AD_DELIVERY_SERVICE_TYPE Address Delivery Service Type. CHAR   
466 AD_DELRETC Return Code for Deletion of Addresses CHAR   
467 AD_DLVTYPE Address format delivery type CHAR   
468 AD_DUPMODE Duplicate check method call mode CHAR   
469 AD_DUPSTAT Duplicate search result NUMC   
470 AD_DUP_CONTEXT Dialog Context for Calling Duplicate Check CHAR 10    
471 AD_ENCODE Desired Data Coding (E-Mail) CHAR   
472 AD_ERR_STATUS Error Status of Address CHAR   
473 AD_FIELD Key for CAM container CHAR 30    
474 AD_FLDNAME Name format field names CHAR 10    
475 AD_FLDSEL Field Selection for Screen Field CHAR   
476 AD_FLGMOB Indicator: Telephone is Mobile Telephone CHAR   
477 AD_FLGSMS Indicator: Telephone is SMS-Enabled CHAR   
478 AD_FORM_TEXT Text Element for Formatted Addresses NUMC   
479 AD_FORM_TEXT_DSCR Text for Formatted Addresses (Language-Dependent) CHAR 40    
480 AD_FRGNLCK Flag: Foreign lock CHAR   
481 AD_FSELECT Selection of other communication types CHAR   
482 AD_FXGRP Fax Device Group (Business Address Services) CHAR   
483 AD_GROUP Address Group (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR   
484 AD_GROUP_P Person Group (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR   
485 AD_ID_CATEGORY Category of an Address ID CHAR   
486 AD_LINENUM Row Number of Application-Defined Subscreen Area NUMC   
487 AD_LINE_TP Address line type in the formatted address CHAR   
488 AD_MNTMD Maintenance operation mode CHAR   
489 AD_MOBILE Indicator: Telephone is a Mobile Telephone CHAR   
490 AD_NAMCONV NAME_TEXT field status CHAR   
491 AD_NAMFORM Name format key CHAR   
492 AD_NATION Version Name for Internal Addresses (Bus. Addr. Services) CHAR   
493 AD_NO_USE Flag: Not Deliverable CHAR   
494 AD_OP_CODE Change operation code ('I'nsert, 'U'pdate, 'D'elete) CHAR   
495 AD_ORIGIN Address/Personal Data Source (Business Address Services) CHAR   
496 AD_PAGUSE Usage of Pager Service CHAR   
497 AD_PERSNUM Person Number (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR 10    
498 AD_PREFIX Name Prefix (Key) (Business Address Services) CHAR   
499 AD_PRFCOMM Preferred Telephone Type CHAR   
500 AD_RCERROR Return code: Address data check error (E,W,I, SPACE) CHAR