SAP ABAP Domain - Index A, page 6
Domain - A
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 ALCCMPARAM Parameter for CCMS Customizing CHAR 20    
2 ALCHAR25 Char25 with Alpa-Conversion CHAR 25    
3 ALCHAR7 PFDB: character with length 7 CHAR   
4 ALDB_LRAW Monitoring infr. DB data container LRAW 2886    
5 ALEFL Mode of Change Authorizations for Integrated Distributed PDM CHAR   
6 ALEGRP ALE CCMS Monitoring Connection: Group Definition CHAR 25    
7 ALEHRIF Interfaces relevant to ALE NUMC   
8 ALEIST ALE send status of payment data CHAR   
9 ALEPARTNER ALE partner CHAR 10    
10 ALERTLEVEL SD Monitor: Key figure alert level CHAR   
11 ALERT_COMMENT alert comment text CHAR 30    
12 ALE_ACTIVE ALE active flag CHAR   
13 ALE_BMSCH ALE: Base quantity, length 13, incl. 3 decimals NUMC 15    
14 ALE_BUTAG ALE: Posting day in period NUMC   
15 ALE_MESTYP ALE message type CHAR   
16 ALE_PROCES ALE processing indicator CHAR   
17 ALFLOAT Float number to accept perf value from ITS FLTP 16  16 
18 ALGRYVAL Alerts: measured value in graphical display of perf. values DEC 15 
19 ALIASNR IS-PAM: Business partner alias number NUMC 10    
20 ALIAS_HANDLING IS-M: Setting to Determine User Name CHAR   
21 ALIAS_KIND Kind of Alias for HTTP services CHAR   
22 ALIENPRO Backlog Entry Processed by Other Process CHAR   
23 ALIGNMENT Justification on printed page CHAR   
24 ALINT Archivelink Integer INT4 10    
25 ALITYPE Alias Type for shadow instance CHAR   
26 ALJOB Job name for allocation CHAR   
27 ALK Alcohol contents DEC
28 ALKEY_VK Algorithm Key CHAR   
29 ALK_STRING Domain for String in Lowercase STRG   
30 ALLDATA IS-U Device Checker: Work Areas of Test Data (Back Up) CHAR 219    
31 ALLGAUSBER Evaluation area (securities and/or loans) NUMC   
32 ALLGAZMD Display mode for 'Call transaction .. using ..' CHAR   
33 ALLGBMONAT Months under review (posting periods) NUMC   
34 ALLGBUKD Company code data CHAR   
35 ALLGKONTO Account number CHAR 10    
36 ALLGVBMD Update session for 'Call transaction .. using ..' CHAR   
37 ALLGVLZEIT General extension period DEC   
38 ALLGWHRSCH Currency key (foreign and/or local currency) NUMC   
39 ALLG_KSORT Account sorting CHAR   
40 ALLG_POSTA Communication with customer or vendor CHAR   
43 ALLOC_PLANNED_FLAG_DOM Planned Indicator CHAR   
44 ALLTEXT General text CHAR 40    
45 ALL_C1 For database table mapping CHAR   
46 ALL_C20 Char(20) standard domain for ALLBASE CHAR 20    
47 ALL_I2 int2 standard domain for ALLBASE INT2   
48 ALL_I4 int4 standard domain for ALLBASE INT4 10    
49 ALL_NATION Indicator: Display country-specific infotypes CHAR   
50 ALL_PRICES All prices are displayed in the list CHAR   
51 ALL_RTYPE Locking mode for ALLBASE database tables CHAR 10    
53 ALMONTH List of Month in number (1, 2, 3, ...) CHAR   
54 ALMTEPATH Path of an MTE in the Monitoring Tree CHAR 128    
55 ALM_MEWAF_SYNC_SCENARIO Synchronization Scenario CHAR   
56 ALM_ME_APPLICATION_TYPE Application Area (Object + PM/CS/QM) CHAR   
57 ALM_ME_ATP_CHECK_TYPE Type for Availability Check CHAR   
58 ALM_ME_CUST_TIME_FORMAT Time Format on the Mobile Device CHAR   
59 ALM_ME_DEBUG_METHOD Method for Debug Loop CHAR   
60 ALM_ME_DEFECTS_RECORD Damage Confirmation CHAR   
61 ALM_ME_DEVICE_LIST_COLUMN Device Customizing Manager: Column NUMC   
62 ALM_ME_DEVICE_LIST_FIELD Device Customizing Manager: Field Name CHAR 15    
63 ALM_ME_DEVICE_LIST_ROW Device Customizing Manager: Line NUMC   
65 ALM_ME_ERROR_ACTION_HANDLING Automatic error management CHAR   
66 ALM_ME_ERROR_ACTION_TYPE Automatic Error Handling Type CHAR   
70 ALM_ME_FINAL_CONFIRM Final Confirmation Capability of Operations CHAR   
71 ALM_ME_FREE_SORTING Free Sorting on the Mobile Device CHAR   
72 ALM_ME_GIS_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE GIS Customizing Attribute Selection CHAR   
73 ALM_ME_IMPROVED_CONFIRM New Confirmation Process CHAR   
74 ALM_ME_INVNT_CHECK Check of Technician Stock CHAR   
75 ALM_ME_INVNT_TYPE Origin of Technician Stock CHAR   
76 ALM_ME_LOG_ACTION Promotion category CHAR   
77 ALM_ME_LPM_COLUMN List Line Device Profile CHAR 10    
78 ALM_ME_LPM_LIST_ENTRY Profile List Entry NUMC   
79 ALM_ME_LPM_OBJECT MAM 1.0 Obsolete CHAR 10    
80 ALM_ME_LPM_OBJ_TYPE MAM 1.0 Obsolete CHAR   
82 ALM_ME_MATERIAL_CONF_MATNR_VF Check of Material Number CHAR   
83 ALM_ME_MATERIAL_CONF_SCENARIO Type of Material Consumption CHAR   
84 ALM_ME_MEAS_RECORD Measurement Reading Entry CHAR   
85 ALM_ME_MODUS MAM 1.0 Obsolete CHAR   
86 ALM_ME_NOTIF_SCREEN_AREA Notification Area Selection CHAR   
87 ALM_ME_NOTIF_SELECT_SCENARIO Type of Notification Selection CHAR   
88 ALM_ME_NUMBER_OF_SIGNATURES Number of Allowed Signatures CHAR   
89 ALM_ME_OBJECT_LIST_ACTIVE Download Object List CHAR   
91 ALM_ME_OPR_CONF_ACTTYPE Activity Type for Confirmation CHAR   
92 ALM_ME_OPR_CONF_TIME_TYPE Operation Confirmation: Unit CHAR   
93 ALM_ME_OPR_CONF_TYPE Operation Confirmation: Persons Reference CHAR   
94 ALM_ME_OPR_CONF_UNIT Operation Confirmation: Unit CHAR   
95 ALM_ME_ORDER_CLOSE_SCENARIO Order Completion Control CHAR   
98 ALM_ME_PROFILE_OPR_CONF Operation Confirmation Profile CHAR 10    
100 ALM_ME_PSUH_NOTIFY Inform Technician of Push Status CHAR   
101 ALM_ME_REFERENCE_SCREEN Reference Object Display CHAR   
102 ALM_ME_RELATED_NOTIF Display Assigned Notifications CHAR   
103 ALM_ME_RELATED_ORDERS Display Assigned Orders CHAR   
104 ALM_ME_REPLICATION_TYPE Type of Replication CHAR   
105 ALM_ME_RETURN_MESSAGE Return Message CHAR 199    
106 ALM_ME_SCENARIO_MYALM Mobile Asset Management Scenario CHAR 10    
107 ALM_ME_SD_AMMOUNT Number of Calls for Backend-Controlled Replication CHAR   
108 ALM_ME_SIGNATURE_SEND_TYPE Type of Signature Transfer to Customer CHAR   
109 ALM_ME_STATUS Status NUMC   
110 ALM_ME_STATUS_OBJECT Object status CHAR 10    
111 ALM_ME_SYNCBO_ID SyncBO Identification CHAR   
113 ALM_ME_SYNC_CONTAINER_OBJECT Sync Container Object CHAR 20    
114 ALM_ME_TIME_CONF_UPDATE_SCEN Posting of Time Confirmation CHAR   
115 ALNUM Legal control: Export control class CHAR 14    
116 ALORT IS-M/SD: City Number (Postal Unit - City) CHAR   
117 ALPACK8 Alert: calculation field without sign DEC 15    
118 ALPERI Allocation Period Type CHAR   
119 ALPFAGGRTYP CPH Aggregation Type CHAR 10    
120 ALPFDBAGGT PerfDB: Aggregation type or Display option for data CHAR 15    
121 ALPFGRPOPR Group Operation for CPH Reporting CHAR   
122 ALPFREPTIT Title of an Executed CPH Report CHAR 40    
123 ALPFREPTYP Number with 6 Decimal Places DEC 21 
124 ALPFTHRHISTNOSD Number of Performance Threshold Sets to Be Stored INT1   
125 ALPFTIMERES CPH Aggregate Time Resolution CHAR 10    
126 ALPFVALTYPE CPH Output Type: Total (T), Average (A), or Number (N) CHAR   
127 ALPF_STRING String Domain STRG   
128 ALPHANUMC10 Numerical field (length 10) NUMC 10    
129 ALPHA_20_KK 20 Character Field with ALPHA Conversion CHAR 20    
130 ALPHN Version number increment control CHAR   
131 ALPLP Alternative Items with Level and Path CHAR   
132 ALQUART Quarter in single digit NUMC   
134 ALSTATE Application log: processing status CHAR   
135 ALTDATEN Legacy Data Transfer CHAR   
136 ALTERN Alternative CHAR   
137 ALTERNATE Alternate Line Type CHAR   
138 ALTERNATIVE Alternate Line Type CHAR   
139 ALTERNATIVE_LOCATION_NAME Alternative Location Name CHAR 30    
140 ALTEXTCOLTYPE Collect the text history daily or hourly CHAR   
141 ALTEXTTYPE Type of CCMS node for Text DB CHAR   
142 ALTGR IS-H: Age group NUMC   
143 ALTINP Entry source CHAR   
144 ALTITUDE Altitude above mean sea level in meters DEC   
145 ALTKT Account number in corporate group CHAR 10    
146 ALTNR Alternative CHAR   
147 ALTNR_CL Alternative CHAR   
148 ALTSL Alternative selection indicator CHAR   
149 ALTSV Indicator: Validation type for accounts CHAR   
150 ALTYPEACTIV CCMS: General Type Activation (Active/Inactive) CHAR   
151 ALT_MSG Alternate Message STRG   
152 ALT_SEARCH_KEY Alternative Search Ky CHAR 15    
153 ALVALUEBTCMON Severity of a CCMS Alert for Job Monitoring INT4 10    
154 ALVCOLPOS_WP ALV: Column Item INT4 10    
155 ALVDECOUT_WP ALV: No. of Decimal Places for Output INT4 10    
156 ALVDISPTYPE_WP ALV: Table View Display Type CHAR   
157 ALVFI ALVFI Domain NUMC   
158 ALVFIELDNAME_WP ALV: Field Name CHAR 30    
159 ALVHALIGN_WP ALV: TableView halign CHAR   
160 ALVIMAGEPATH_WP ALV: Path for Image CHAR   
161 ALVLINKTYPE_WP ALV: Table View Link Type CHAR   
162 ALVNAME alv name CHAR 10    
163 ALVPNAME_WP ALV: Parameter Name CHAR 45    
164 ALVPVAL_WP ALV: Parameter Value CHAR 255    
165 ALVRETCODE_WP ALV: Return code CHAR 40    
167 ALVTEXTSEL_WP ALV: Selection of a DDIC Text CHAR   
168 ALVTOOLTIP_WP ALV: Tooltip CHAR 60    
169 ALVTVDESIGN_WP ALV: Table View Design CHAR   
170 ALVTVMOBILE_WP ALV: Table View Mobile (not yet) CHAR   
171 ALVTVNAVMODE_WP ALV: Table View Navigation Mode CHAR   
172 ALVTVSELMODE_WP ALV: Table View Selection Mode CHAR   
173 ALVUNITTYPE_WP ALV: Table View Quantity Type CHAR   
174 ALVUNIT_WP ALV: Unit of Measure or Currency CHAR   
175 ALVVALIGN_WP ALV: TableView valign CHAR   
176 ALV_BOOL_WP ALV: TableView Bool CHAR   
177 ALV_CHAR132_WP ALV: Character 132 CHAR 132    
178 ALV_CUKY ALV Currency Reference Column CUKY   
179 ALV_CURR ALV Currency CURR
180 ALV_DUMMY Dummy field (for setting up columns in hierarch. ALV list) CHAR   
181 ALV_GRID_ID ID for ALV Grid CHAR 15    
182 ALV_LDATA_WP ALV: Character 1024 CHAR 1024    
183 ALV_ROW_COLOR Color of line in ALV CHAR   
185 ALWEEK Week number in 2-digit format NUMC   
186 ALWPKL General security classification? CHAR   
187 ALXMBINFOCLASS Information Class for XMB Monitoring CHAR 40    
188 ALXMBINFOSUBTYPE Information Subtype for XMB Monitoring CHAR 40    
189 ALXMBINFOTYPE Information Type for XMB Monitoring CHAR 40    
190 AL_APPL Application for allocations CHAR   
191 AL_GROUP_NO Assortment list group number NUMC 10    
192 AL_TABKEYD CCA transport: Allocation of generic table key, domain CHAR 120    
193 AL_VERS_NO Assortment list version no. NUMC   
194 AMCHK_KK Amount Check for Direct Debit Pre-Notification CHAR   
195 AMC_AUTH_ACTION Actions for AMC-Logging authorization CHAR   
199 AMC_CHANNEL_CLIENT_SPECIFIC Client specific ABAP Messaging Channel CHAR   
200 AMC_CHANNEL_EXTENSION_ID Extension to the Channel Ids CHAR 60    
201 AMC_CHANNEL_ID Identifier of the ABAP Messaging Channel SSTR 140    
202 AMC_CHANNEL_SCOPE Scope of an AMC channel CHAR   
203 AMC_C_AUTH Client attribute for AMC Authority Object CHAR   
204 AMC_LOG_ACTIVATION_MODE AMC log activation mode, e.g. only for channel w/o user CHAR   
205 AMC_LOG_LAYERS Involved layers in AMC Runtime CHAR   
206 AMC_LOG_STATUS AMC log status code (see CL_AMC_LOGGING=>_FILL_STATUS_INFO) CHAR 10    
207 AMC_LOG_STATUS_F4 AMC log status CHAR   
208 AMC_LOG_STATUS_UI AMC Log Status for UI CHAR   
209 AMC_MRSH_DRPDWN_OPT AMC: Drop Down Option for Marshalling class CHAR   
210 AMC_MSG_TYPE_ID Message type ID for for ABAP Messaging Channel Messages CHAR 30    
211 AMC_ROLE AMC role, i.e. producer or consumer CHAR   
213 AMDAY Mid-month calendar day NUMC   
214 AMDP_ID_KIND Number Range Name for AMDPs CHAR   
215 AMEKZ Indicator: adapt to unit of measure by rounding CHAR   
216 AMETHOD Appraisal Procedures CHAR   
217 AMFIACTION Action indicators interface AM - FI CHAR   
218 AMITFB Notif. form - Plant notification (Alloc tbl / Promotion) NUMC   
219 AMITFV Notif. form - DC notification (Alloc tbl / Promotion) NUMC   
220 AMOBETR IS-M/SD: Amortization Amount CURR 13 
221 AMORTN IS-M/SD: Liability account in order CHAR   
222 AMORTN_FORT IS-M/SD: Update method for liability account CHAR   
223 AMOUNT1034 AMOUNT1034 CHAR 18    
224 AMOUNTGRP Amount groups for FM role definition CHAR   
225 AMOUNTGRPF Amount groups for FM role definition CHAR   
226 AMO_DATATYPE CIM/ABAP Datatype for AMO Repository CHAR 12    
227 AMPEL_ALV Status of traffic light CHAR   
228 AMPEL_IK Status display NUMC   
229 AMPSP Blocked manufacturer/part combinations CHAR   
230 AMTCL_KK Clearing rule for amount limit checks CHAR   
231 AMTRU_KK Rules for the amount limit check CHAR   
232 AMTYP_KK Amount Type CHAR   
233 AMT_ZONADJ Selection: same price key/ amount CHAR   
234 AMUNT Amount payable DEC
235 AMUST Day Schedule CHAR   
236 AMYO_NODD key for MyObjects (must contain a letter) CHAR 10    
237 AM_ABIND AM: Table entry with which display should begin NUMC   
238 AM_ACTIV Activation flag for application monitor CHAR   
239 AM_ACTIVE Control flag for analysis CHAR   
240 AM_ACTIVS Activation flag for application monitor CHAR   
241 AM_ACT_PER Asset Accounting: Periodic processing (authoriz. check) CHAR   
242 AM_AEDES Description of changes and their consequences CHAR 100    
243 AM_AENAME Changed by CHAR 30    
244 AM_AFAART Depreciation type for FI-AA reporting NUMC   
245 AM_AMETH Analysis method for tables and indexes under ORACLE 7 CHAR   
246 AM_CAUSE Reason for status in screen layout of asset master record CHAR   
247 AM_CAUSE_EHP5_REORG Reorganization EHP5     
248 AM_CHECC Perform check CHAR   
249 AM_CHECK CHECK Indicator CHAR   
250 AM_COUNT4 4-digit ID CHAR   
251 AM_DBOBJ Database object CHAR 30    
252 AM_DEPR_RUN_TYPE Type of Depreciation Run CHAR   
253 AM_DOTYP Database object types CHAR   
254 AM_GAINTYPE Type of gain/loss from asset retirements NUMC   
255 AM_HIST Flag: with history CHAR   
256 AM_HISTO Track history of creation of statistics CHAR   
257 AM_KDFL Customer Flag CHAR   
258 AM_KFZKZ License plate no. of vehicle CHAR 15    
259 AM_MAINTL Maintenance level in screen layout of asset master records CHAR   
260 AM_MONAT Calendar month NUMC   
261 AM_PLAND Protect default param. from being automatically overwritten CHAR   
263 AM_PPERC Percentage DEC
264 AM_PROKP Medium number of items per head DEC
265 AM_RCTYP Record type for legacy data transfer in Asset Accounting CHAR   
266 AM_RELEA SAP Release CHAR   
267 AM_RULES Rules for Readiness for Input of Values with Legacy Data CHAR   
268 AM_SIGNI Accuracy of the analysis significance value INT1   
269 AM_SIGNI2 Copy of AM_SIGNI as INT2 to be DB2 SMALLINT-conform INT2   
270 AM_SQLOP SQL operation in trace (application monitor) CHAR   
271 AM_STATBAUFBAU Status of a field in screen layout rule (screen selection) CHAR   
272 AM_SYKAT System category CHAR   
273 AM_SYSIZ System size CHAR   
274 AM_TAG Calendar day NUMC   
275 AM_TBDO TODO Flag for Statistics Creation CHAR   
276 AM_TFILL AM: Maximum number of entries in a displayed table NUMC   
277 AM_TOBDO Flag: Analysis required CHAR   
278 AM_TXTART Type of long text in the asset CHAR   
279 AM_UMWKZ Reason for environmental investment CHAR   
280 AM_VERKZ Indicator: Distribute remaining value or acq/prodn costs CHAR   
281 AM_VWTYPE Usage type CHAR   
282 AM_WRTTP Asset-value type CHAR   
283 ANAATTR Analyzer attribute field CHAR 80    
284 ANALYSEART IS-H: Analysis type of service (acc. to DKG-NT in Germany) CHAR   
285 ANALYSIS_TYPE CMIS: Domain for Analysis Type CHAR 20    
286 ANBEDNFI Trigger condition, message determination - internal CHAR   
287 ANDEC Number of rounding decimal places INT2   
288 AND_STR String with Text And CHAR   
289 ANEQK Indicator: Historical management NUMC   
290 ANEQK_ALTD Indicator: Historical management CHAR   
291 ANEQS Completeness indicator for the asset NUMC   
292 ANEW_VK Behavior of Payment Plan When Renewed CHAR   
293 ANF Return to initial screen CHAR   
294 ANFID IS-H*MED: Identification of a Request (Number) NUMC   
295 ANFMKZ Error indicator CHAR   
296 ANFMV Error variable CHAR 20    
297 ANFRF Itinerary during rule tour NUMC   
298 ANFST Inquiry Status CHAR   
299 ANFSTIN IS-H*MED: Internal request status CHAR   
300 ANFTY IS-H*MED: Request Type CHAR   
301 ANFTYP IS-H: Request Category for Medical Records CHAR   
302 ANGNR Quotation Number CHAR 10    
303 ANG_KAPA Avaialble capacity as volume or quantity FLTP 16  16 
304 ANHWSL Cut-off value key CHAR   
305 ANKEY_KK Payment Notification CHAR 30    
306 ANKREUZ Checkbox CHAR   
307 ANKREUZ_CL Checkbox CHAR   
308 ANLAGE Installation CHAR 10    
309 ANLART Installation type CHAR   
310 ANLAZ System Status CHAR   
311 ANLKL Asset class CHAR   
312 ANLKWERT Cumulative asset value CURR 13 
313 ANLKWERT_LARGE Cumulative asset value CURR 15 
314 ANLN1 Main Asset Number CHAR 12    
315 ANLN2 Asset subnumber CHAR   
316 ANLN2_4 Asset subnumber CHAR   
317 ANLNR Attachment Number CHAR 20    
318 ANLRES String to control the check analysis CHAR   
319 ANLSTAT Installation status CHAR   
320 ANLSTATTXT Text for technical status of installation CHAR 30    
321 ANLTP Asset category NUMC   
322 ANLUE Asset number CHAR 12    
323 ANLZU System condition CHAR   
324 ANMNT Number of Months to Be Imputed NUMC   
325 ANNO_KK Report RFKKCAPH: Posting / status year NUMC   
326 ANNSCHART IS-M/SD: Type of order deadline CHAR   
327 ANNSCHLUSS IS-M/AM: Order deadline (duration before publication) QUAN   
328 ANNUALCONSUMPTION Utilities: Annual Consumption NUMC 14    
329 ANNUAL_COST_INCREASE Plant Maintenance: Factor for Annual Cost Increase DEC
330 ANOBJTYP Allowed object types for triggering message determination CHAR   
331 ANPAF Allocation profile, adjust allocation table CHAR   
332 ANPASSUNGSSTORNO Billing documents in print document are reversed for adjust. CHAR   
333 ANPASS_BBP Type of adjustment to budget billing plans NUMC   
334 ANPASS_EPP Type of Adjustment for Payment Plans NUMC   
335 ANPLN Asset planning record no. CHAR 12    
336 ANPOS Number of items NUMC   
337 ANRDE Form-of-address key CHAR   
338 ANRED Form of address CHAR 15    
339 ANREK Addresses: Key field for form of address CHAR   
340 ANREX Form of address text CHAR   
341 ANR_JAHR IS-M/SD: Publication year and issue number CHAR   
342 ANSCHKAR Interval (in days) for notification DEC   
343 ANSCHREI Notification control for MR announcement/request CHAR 10    
344 ANSKGZV Entitlement to Child Allow. or Relevant Benefit (SP Notifs) CHAR   
345 ANSSL Address key CHAR   
346 ANSSZ General Entitlement to Special Payment - PSG - CHAR   
347 ANSTD Number of hours NUMC   
348 ANSTU Proportion of Full Standard Working Time -PSG- CHAR   
349 ANST_CHAR100 ANST Char 100 lowercase CHAR 100    
350 ANST_CRMT_UI_LINK_ID Logical Link Definition CHAR 10    
351 ANST_CRM_BSP_APP Application for ANST CRM BSP Search Help CHAR 20    
352 ANST_CRM_BSP_DES Description for ANST BSP Search help CHAR 50    
353 ANST_DESCRIPTION Trace Description CHAR 70    
354 ANST_GUID Anst GUID Trace RAW 16    
355 ANST_MAX_OBJECTS Max objects number for notes search INT2   
356 ANST_MAX_SIZE Max size of Text INT2   
357 ANST_NOTE_CAT Note category CHAR   
358 ANST_SETTING Setting field CHAR 10    
360 ANST_YESNO Yes or No CHAR   
361 ANSVH Work contract CHAR   
362 ANSVX Work contract - other employers CHAR   
363 ANSWERS Possible answers in a popup dialog CHAR   
364 ANTAN Aerial connection CHAR   
365 ANTBT_VK Prorated amount CURR 13 
366 ANTLF Number of partial deliveries allowed DEC   
367 ANTPR_VK Proportionate amount in percentages DEC
368 ANTRAGSKZ IS-H: Request indicator CHAR   
369 ANTRG Travel request/Approval of trip CHAR   
370 ANTWORTART Type of order confirmation CHAR   
371 ANTWT Proportionate value type NUMC   
372 ANUEP Number of nights for per diems DEC   
373 ANUPD Indicator table update type CHAR   
374 ANWBER Application Area CHAR   
375 ANWBERT Application Areas (Texts for Table TBER and TBERX) CHAR 20    
376 ANWBT Legal Right to Future Pension Payments - Amount CURR
377 ANWDG ATP Server: Calling application CHAR   
378 ANWEN IS-H: Logical application CHAR   
379 ANWKO Attendance quota type NUMC   
380 ANWN2_KK Application CHAR   
381 ANWND_021A Application which uses forms for additional information CHAR 10    
382 ANWND_021F Fast entry: Application CHAR   
383 ANWND_021M Application CHAR   
384 ANWND_AD Account determination: Application CHAR   
385 ANWND_EBF Account determination: app -- fixed value for bank statement CHAR   
386 ANWND_EBKO Application using bank data storage CHAR   
387 ANWND_KK Fast entry: Application CHAR   
388 ANW_BPROT Use of environment log CHAR   
389 ANYURI Any URI SSTR 255    
390 ANZ Number of days, weeks or months INT4 10    
391 ANZ15 Number / value (15-character) DEC 15    
392 ANZ5_2 5 places before, 2 behind decimal point DEC
393 ANZ5_4 5 digits before, 4 after DEC
394 ANZABSL Number of budget billings NUMC   
395 ANZAH No. of records DEC   
396 ANZAHL Counter for info structures DEC   
397 ANZAHL1 Number (1 digit) NUMC   
398 ANZAHL2 Number of entities (2 digits) NUMC   
399 ANZAHL3 Number of entities (3 digits) NUMC   
400 ANZAHL5 Number (5 digits) DEC   
401 ANZAHL6 Number (6 digits) DEC   
402 ANZAHL6_3 Number with 3 decimal places DEC
403 ANZAHLENT Number of entities DEC   
404 ANZAHLOBJ Number of objects (INT4) INT4 10    
405 ANZAL No.of counters NUMC   
406 ANZART Register display type CHAR   
407 ANZAUF Maximum number of sales orders NUMC   
408 ANZAUSP Number of characteristic value records NUMC   
409 ANZA_FBWE Number of bills of exchange CHAR   
410 ANZBEILAGE Number of inserts NUMC   
411 ANZBP Number of posting periods NUMC   
412 ANZBYTEMDE Number of bytes in PDC unit DEC   
413 ANZCA Calculation of Default Value for Number Field CHAR   
414 ANZDAYSOFPERIOD Length of period in which period consumption is valid NUMC   
415 ANZDJ No. of Fields for IT 0527, Employment Years, Calendar Days NUMC   
416 ANZDZ Number of decimal places INT2   
417 ANZEB No.of levels: values 1 - 9 NUMC   
418 ANZEI Number of lines in address DEC   
419 ANZEIGENAUSST IS-M: Ad mix in issue NUMC   
420 ANZEINZ Number of individual devices for heating installations INT4 10    
421 ANZEP Number of periods of event INT4 10    
422 ANZET Number of publication days DEC   
423 ANZEVU Number of external utility companies NUMC   
424 ANZFAELL Number of due dates CHAR   
425 ANZFI No. of stores NUMC   
426 ANZFIL Number of branches supported NUMC   
427 ANZFR Display field, purchase requisition release procedure CHAR 24    
428 ANZGERLOS Number of devices in lot NUMC   
429 ANZGERVB Numerical 5, decimal 0 DEC   
430 ANZGL Field for internal use only INT4 10    
431 ANZGR Display group CHAR   
432 ANZHL Number DEC
433 ANZHLPOS NUMBER: Only Positive Values or Zero DEC
434 ANZHS Template for number fields CHAR 10    
435 ANZINTRT Number of Additional Installments from Interest NUMC   
436 ANZKON Number of conditions INT4 10    
437 ANZKSA Number of customer meter readings allowed NUMC   
438 ANZKSAC Number of customer meter readings allowed CHAR   
439 ANZLEER Number of spaces between characteristics or char. and unit INT1   
440 ANZLT Number of load carriers NUMC   
441 ANZMA Number of employees DEC
442 ANZMOD Display mode (filter) CHAR   
443 ANZMO_KK Number of months NUMC   
444 ANZNK Number of decimal places INT1   
445 ANZNO No. days after Easter DEC   
446 ANZOB Number of objects to be archived INT4 10    
447 ANZPERS IS-M/SD: Number of Persons NUMC 10    
448 ANZPK Total number of parcels NUMC   
449 ANZPO_FBZP Lines on the data medium NUMC   
450 ANZRATE_CA No. of Instalments NUMC   
451 ANZRATE_KK Number of Installments NUMC   
452 ANZRE Rules for display of goods movements CHAR   
453 ANZSM Number of characteristics NUMC   
454 ANZSN_C Number of serial numbers CHAR 10    
455 ANZSP Number of special periods NUMC   
456 ANZST Number of Characters INT2   
457 ANZSTD21 No. of hours (2 digits, 1 dec.) DEC
458 ANZTA Number of days NUMC   
459 ANZTAG IS-M: Number of days deposit retained NUMC   
460 ANZTAGE No. of days DEC   
461 ANZTXT Display text instead of content CHAR   
462 ANZUNTNR Total is printed after this number of subnumbers NUMC   
463 ANZUO Selection indicator for displaying allocations CHAR   
464 ANZVERT Numerical (4) DEC   
465 ANZVGRP Numerical (4) DEC   
466 ANZVORDRCK Number of forms NUMC   
467 ANZWB Number of status changes INT4 10    
468 ANZXX No. of records DEC   
469 ANZ_ANFS IS-M: Number of placements qualifying for discount NUMC   
470 ANZ_PERS Number of Persons: Three Characters NUMC   
471 ANZ_PLATZ Number of parking spaces per vehicle NUMC   
472 ANZ_QUART IS-M: Default Values for No.of Quarters for Cal.Display NUMC   
473 ANZ_SCHALT IS-M/AM: Number of placements during the period NUMC   
474 ANZ_ZEILEN IS-M/SD: Number of address lines in form INT1   
475 ANZ_ZYKLUS IS-M/AM: Period unit of publishing advertisements CHAR   
476 AOBAR Type of relationship CHAR   
477 AOBAR_NUM Numerical key for type of relationship NUMC   
478 AOBDAUER Duration of the relationship QUAN
479 AOBDAUKZ Indicator for the duration of the relationship CHAR   
480 AOBJTYP Worklist Object Type CHAR   
481 AOBJVAKEY Worklist Object Key CHAR 50    
482 AOBJVER Worklist ID CHAR 12    
483 AOBJVWD Worklist Object Usage CHAR   
484 AOBKY Key for type of relationship CHAR   
485 AOBNR Number of the relationship NUMC   
486 AOB_DARST Relationship display CHAR   
487 AOB_KEY Indicator for type of relationship maintenance selected CHAR   
488 AOB_PROVG Indicator to interpret the duration of the relationship CHAR   
489 AOB_PRZNT Percentage value of the duration of the activity/predecessor NUMC   
490 AOFORM Anordnungstypen Formulardruck CHAR   
491 AOMVTYPE Type of Add-On Move CHAR   
492 AOTYP Reconciliation Object CHAR   
493 AOVERSN_KK Execution Period of a Standing Request NUMC   
494 AOVERSN_TXT_KK Execution Period CHAR   
495 APACT Activity NUMC   
496 APAGE Current page DEC   
497 APAMSGTYP Obsolete CHAR   
499 APAR_EBPP_DSTAT Biller Direct: Display Status of a Bill CHAR   
500 APAR_EBPP_INIID Biller Direct: Identification of the INIT Data CHAR