SAP ABAP Domain - Index R
Domain - R
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 R05_BSLT1 Decision CHAR   
2 R2 R/2 flag CHAR   
3 R2DDMODE R/2 Dictionary: Entry mode CHAR   
4 R2DDMODIFY R/2 Dictionary: Modification ID RAW   
5 R2DDPOS R/2 Dictionary: Line position NUMC   
6 R2DDSTATE R/2 Dictionary: Entry status CHAR   
7 R2DDVERSIO R/2 Dictionary: Entry version NUMC   
8 R2DMBTR IS-M/SD: Amount in non-SAP system CURR 10 
9 R2DOMNAME Dictionary: Domain name in R/2 CHAR 20    
10 R3BATCH_ID Master Batch CHAR 10    
11 R3BATCH_ID_UI Master Batch CHAR 10    
12 R3MATERIAL_ID Material CHAR 40    
13 R3MATERIAL_ID_UI Material CHAR 40    
14 R3MODE ABAP/4: Mode or program component (SAP / modified) CHAR   
15 R3POSNR Item No. (Document Flow SAP Retail) CHAR   
16 R3RELEASE ABAP/4: Version of a program (SAP Release) CHAR   
17 R3SERIAL_NO Serial Number CHAR 18    
18 R3SERIAL_NO_UI Serial Number CHAR 18    
19 R3STATE ABAP/4: Status of prog. component (active, saved, transp...) CHAR   
20 R3TRANSEXPTS R3trans Export Time Stamp CHAR 14    
21 R3VERSION ABAP/4: Version of program component NUMC   
22 RAAIPQPARAMTYPE RAA: IP Query Parameter Type CHAR   
23 RAART Sorted List Type CHAR   
24 RAASUMLINETYPE IPM-RAA: Summary line type CHAR   
25 RAASUMMETTYPE IPM-RAA: Summary met type CHAR   
26 RAASUMOLLTYPE IPM-RAA: OLL type for Options or Last Licensees CHAR   
27 RABART Discount type CHAR   
28 RABATT IS-PAM: Current discount rate DEC
29 RABATTKATEGORIE Discount category CHAR   
30 RABATT_NR IS-M: Number of discount in a billing dataset NUMC   
31 RABLGRU Reason for rejection NUMC   
32 RABPREIS Price after discount DEC 17 
33 RABPROZ Percentage rate for discount/surcharge DEC 10 
34 RABRSTAT Settlement status CHAR   
35 RABTYP Discount category CHAR   
36 RABZUS Discount/surcharge CHAR 10    
37 RACKY Ethnic origin CHAR   
38 RADBUT Selection Field - 3 Radio Buttons for Vendor Synchronization CHAR   
39 RADIO Domain for radio button CHAR   
40 RADIO200 Position of Radio Button ORF (200) in a String CHAR 30    
41 RADIOBUTT Radio button ('X' or ' ') CHAR   
42 RADIOFIELD Radio button field CHAR   
43 RAHMENTYP IS-M/AM: Border type CHAR   
44 RAILW Social subscription railway NUMC   
45 RALDB_BUTT Checkbox CHAR   
46 RALDB_INFO Variant information CHAR 79    
47 RALDB_MARK Checkbox CHAR   
48 RALDB_NAME Variant created/last changed by CHAR 12    
49 RALDB_OPTI OPTION field for setting up SELECT-OPTIONS tables CHAR   
50 RALDB_OPTI_F4 OPTION field for setting up SELECT-OPTIONS tables CHAR   
51 RALDB_REPO Report Name CHAR 40    
52 RALDB_SIGN SIGN field in creation of SELECT-OPTIONS tables CHAR   
53 RALDB_TXTV Description of Variant CHAR 40    
54 RALDB_VARI Variant name CHAR 14    
55 RALDB_VNAM Variable name for variant maintenance CHAR 30    
56 RALTF No longer used NUMC   
57 RALTM No longer used NUMC   
58 RANDOM_ALG Algorithm for Random Number Generator CHAR   
59 RANGE_ASSIGNED Indicator for assigned range in use CHAR   
60 RANGE_AUS Valuation CHAR   
61 RANGE_AUSS Valuation for totals reports CHAR   
62 RANGE_ID Identification of the number range for VOFM routines CHAR   
63 RANGE_LOWERLIMIT Lower limit value of range CHAR   
64 RANGE_UPPERLIMIT Upper limit value of range CHAR   
65 RANGE_VAL Values of the number range for VOFM routines CHAR   
66 RANGF Sorting order CHAR   
67 RANKPOS Ranking Position NUMC   
68 RANK_PS Ranking Order Mapping Application of Funds Account Statement INT1   
69 RANL Asset number CHAR 13    
70 RANL_T Contract Number of Target Loan (Upper and Lower Case) CHAR 13    
71 RANTYP Contract number typing CHAR   
72 RANTYP3 Not Used CHAR   
73 RAOTP Object type (do not use) CHAR   
74 RAPOSD Domain for item intervall INT4 10    
75 RARTOPT Option rate calculation type NUMC   
76 RASID Interval identification (days in arrears) CHAR   
77 RASTERDAYSBW_KK Number of Days NUMC   
78 RASTERUNG IS-M/AM: Grid spacing CHAR   
79 RASTER_PAM IS-M: Grid for periodic date entries in the order CHAR   
80 RASTFAKT Grid factor NUMC   
81 RASTTEIL Grid divider NUMC   
82 RASTYPBW_KK Grid type CHAR   
83 RATES Tax rate DEC
84 RATETYP Interest rate indicator for PPA CHAR   
85 RATE_CODE IS-M/SD: Price group for subscription CHAR   
86 RATE_SHIFT Interest rate shift DEC 10 
87 RATING_LONG_TEXT Long Text CHAR 255    
88 RATING_RANK Rank of Rating NUMC   
89 RATING_SHORT_TEXT Description CHAR 60    
91 RATING_TEXT Text for Ratings CHAR 255    
92 RATIOJTH Key: Pressure-temperature ratio Joule Thomson CHAR   
93 RATIO_COLU Column text of a key figure (short) CHAR 10    
94 RATIO_FORM Formula of a key figure (short) CHAR 10    
95 RATRKORR Auftrag / Aufgabe (MDS) CHAR 20    
96 RATR_TARGET Transportziel eines Auftrags (MDS) CHAR 10    
97 RATYP Value type CHAR   
98 RAT_FB_BELTYP Document category of allocation table follow-on documents CHAR   
99 RAUBE Storage condition(s) CHAR   
100 RAUMBEDNG IS-PSD: Space requirement at loading/drop-off point CHAR   
101 RAW1 Hexadecimal field of length 1 RAW   
102 RAW100 Binary field length 100 RAW 100    
103 RAW1000 Binary field length 1000 RAW 1000    
104 RAW12 RAW12 RAW 12    
105 RAW120 Lock argument for enqueue RAW 120    
106 RAW128 RAW field for RFC without code conversion RAW 128    
107 RAW16 RAW16 RAW 16    
108 RAW2 Hexadecimal field of length 2 RAW   
109 RAW2000 Binary Field of Length 2000 RAW 2000    
110 RAW24 RAW24 RAW 24    
111 RAW256 256 bytes RAW 256    
112 RAW32000 Binary Data 32000 Bytes RAW 32000    
113 RAW4 RAW4 RAW   
114 RAW8192 Binary Field of Length 8192 RAW 8192    
115 RAW8K Raw-Field with 8k-Bytes LRAW 8192    
116 RAWDATA Data type or RAW 32 RAW 32    
117 RAWSTRING RawString RSTR   
118 RAW_25 Hexadecimal, 25 characters RAW 25    
119 RAW_DATA RAW DATA CHAR String (512 bytes) CHAR 512    
120 RA_COUNT Total number of pages which were read ahead INT4 10    
121 RA_PAGES Number of pages to read ahead for sequential or index scans INT4 10    
122 RA_PCNT Percentage of pages read ahead actually used INT4 10    
123 RA_PERSCAN Number of read aheads per sequential scan INT4 10    
124 RA_THRESH Read ahead page trigger INT4 10    
125 RA_USED Number of used pages from read ahead data INT4 10    
126 RBACONTROL Control of Rules-Based ATP Check CHAR   
127 RBAEXCHANGE RBA Substitution Control CHAR   
128 RBAM_ATTRIBUTE_NAME Downported Dummy- "RBAM Attribute Name" CHAR 30    
129 RBAM_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE Downported Dummy - "RBAM Attribute Type" CHAR   
130 RBART_VK Legal relationship CHAR   
131 RBAUSW Parameter values for invoice status CHAR   
132 RBBUDAT Parameter value for posting date determination in RMBABG00 CHAR   
133 RBDNR RBD Account Number CHAR 13    
134 RBEHA Type of Challenge Group NUMC   
135 RBELAST Land register section 3 debit type NUMC   
136 RBELBIND Occupancy obligation CHAR   
137 RBELKPF Document number of document header CHAR 10    
138 RBELKPFD Document number of document header CHAR 10    
139 RBINFO_SC Error Status Information CHAR   
140 RBNR Notif.catalog profile CHAR   
141 RBNRI Notif.catalog profile indicator CHAR   
142 RBO Business operation no. CHAR 15    
143 RBO_ALPHA Business operation no. CHAR 15    
144 RBO_APLHA Business Operation Number (With Alpha Conversion) CHAR 15    
145 RBPROD IS-B: Domain for product number NUMC   
146 RBRFLF Consecutive number of letter in document NUMC   
147 RBSTAT Invoice document status CHAR   
148 RBSTLF Consecutive number of module in letter NUMC   
149 RBSTNM Module name CHAR 15    
150 RBUTTON Radio button CHAR   
151 RBZNR_VK Number of legal relationship CHAR 17    
152 RB_CGYCM IS-H*MED: X-ray sheet - cGycm² NUMC   
153 RB_DLZEIT IS-H*MED: X-ray sheet - Duration of radiation DEC
154 RB_FILTERD IS-H*MED: X-ray sheet - Filter width DEC
155 RB_FILTERM IS-H*MED: X-ray sheet - Filter material CHAR   
156 RB_GROUP1 Values for Radio Group 1 Payment Plan CHAR   
157 RB_LETZTEW IS-H*MED: X-ray sheet - Last exam internal/external/unknown CHAR   
158 RB_MAS IS-H*MED: X-ray sheet - mAs DEC
159 RB_SCHW IS-H*MED: X-ray sheet - pregnant yes/no/unknown CHAR   
160 RB_WSK IS-H*MED: X-ray sheet - Value density correction DEC
161 RC70P_NAME Name, 1st name CHAR 62    
162 RCATG_CC Payment Cards: Type of Check CHAR   
163 RCC_DO_APP RCCF Application ID CHAR   
164 RCC_DO_CHAR01 Char01 in RCCF CHAR   
165 RCC_DO_CHAR255 Character of Length 255 in RCCF CHAR 255    
166 RCC_DO_CHAR50 Character of Length 50 in RCCF CHAR 50    
167 RCC_DO_CID Character-Like Identifier CHAR 10    
168 RCC_DO_COMDEST Destination for Communication with External Engines CHAR 64    
169 RCC_DO_COMM_GRID_COMMAND Command for Grid Call in RCCF CHAR 255    
170 RCC_DO_COMM_GRID_LOGID Log ID for Grid Call in RCCF CHAR 255    
171 RCC_DO_COMM_GRID_MODE Mode for Grid Call in RCCF CHAR 20    
172 RCC_DO_COMM_GRID_NUMPROC Number of Parallel Processes for Grid INT4 10    
173 RCC_DO_COMTYPE Type of Communication with External Engines CHAR 20    
174 RCC_DO_CUST_PARAM_FLOAT Floating Point Number as DEC for Saving in Database DEC 28  12 
176 RCC_DO_ENGINE_CUSTID RCCF Engine: Profile Customizing ID CHAR 12    
177 RCC_DO_ENGINE_DUMPLEVEL RCCF: Engine Dumplevel (see constants IF_RCC_ENGINE_C) INT1   
178 RCC_DO_ENGINE_MODE Engine Mode in RCCF (Tool or Application Mode) CHAR 10    
179 RCC_DO_ENGINE_PROFILE RCCF Engine Profile CHAR 25    
180 RCC_DO_ENGINE_RESULT Result Value of External Engine in RCCF CHAR   
181 RCC_DO_ENGINE_TOOL_MODE_CMD Commdand for the Engine Tool Mode CHAR   
182 RCC_DO_ENGINE_TRACELEVEL RCCF: Engine Tracelevel (see constants IF_RCC_ENGINE_C) CHAR 10    
183 RCC_DO_FILE_DATA_ASC File Data in RCCF STRG 1024    
184 RCC_DO_FILE_DATA_BIN File Data in RCCF RSTR 1024    
186 RCC_DO_FILE_TYPE File Type (Binary or ASCII) for Files in RCCF CHAR 20    
187 RCC_DO_GUID22 GUID with 22 Characters for RCCF CHAR 22    
188 RCC_DO_ICON Icon Domain for RCCF CHAR   
189 RCC_DO_ICON_WITH_TOOLTIP Icon Field with Option to Add Tool Tips (@...Q..@) CHAR 255    
190 RCC_DO_INT4 32bit Integers in RCCF INT4 10    
191 RCC_DO_LOG_DELETIONTIME Time After Which the Log Entries in RCCF Are Deleted INT4 10    
192 RCC_DO_LOG_STARTDATE Start Date of a Log Entry DATS   
193 RCC_DO_LOG_STARTTIME Start Time of a Log Entry in RCCF TIMS   
194 RCC_DO_MAXUSER Maximum Number of Users per Engine Destination INT4 10    
195 RCC_DO_PARAM_CUSTID RCCF Parameter: Profile Customizing ID CHAR 12    
196 RCC_DO_PARAM_FLOAT_VALUE RCCF Parameter: Float Value FLTP 16  16 
197 RCC_DO_PARAM_INTEGER_VALUE RCCF Parameter: Integer Value INT4 10    
198 RCC_DO_PARAM_NAME RCCF Parameter: Name CHAR 32    
199 RCC_DO_PARAM_PROFILE RCCF Parameter: Profile CHAR 25    
200 RCC_DO_PARAM_SECTION RCCF Parameter: Section CHAR 32    
201 RCC_DO_PARAM_STRING_VALUE RCCF Parameter: String Value CHAR 255    
202 RCC_DO_PARAM_SWITCH RCCF Parameter: Value Switch CHAR   
203 RCC_DO_PRIO Priority INT4 10    
204 RCC_DO_RUNTIME Maximum Run Time for Calling an Engine in RCCF INT4 10    
205 RCC_DO_SERVICE_PROFILENAME RCCF Service Profile Name CHAR 20    
207 RCC_DO_SLOT_NUMBER Slot Number in Load Distribution of RCCF INT4 10    
208 RCC_DO_STATUS Status for RCCF INT1   
209 RCC_DO_STEXT General Short Text for RCCF Description CHAR 50    
210 RCELIDPART Part of the ID of a development element CHAR 106    
211 RCF_ACTIVITY_STATUS Activity Status NUMC   
212 RCF_ACTIVITY_STATUS_SEL Activity Status in Selections CHAR   
213 RCF_ACT_CAT Activity Category NUMC   
214 RCF_ACT_CNF Confirmation NUMC   
215 RCF_ACT_PROC Process NUMC   
216 RCF_ACT_PROC_GROUP Group of Activity Processes CHAR   
217 RCF_ACT_TYPE Activity Types CHAR   
218 RCF_ANNUAL_SALARY Annual Basic Salary CURR 15 
219 RCF_APPLICATION_CLASS Application class CHAR   
220 RCF_APPLICATION_STATUS Application Status NUMC   
221 RCF_APPLICATION_STATUS_SEL Application Status in Selections CHAR   
222 RCF_APPL_GROUP_STATUS Status of Application Group NUMC   
223 RCF_APPL_SOURCE Application Source NUMC   
224 RCF_APPL_SOURCE_TYPE Type of Application Source NUMC   
225 RCF_ATTACHMENT_TYPE Attachment Type NUMC   
226 RCF_BSP_ELEM_ID ID of a BSP Element CHAR 30    
227 RCF_BUTTON_MODE Navigation Mode for Pushbutton CHAR   
228 RCF_CANDIDACY_STATUS Candidacy Status NUMC   
229 RCF_CANDIDACY_STATUS_SEL Candidacy Status in Selections CHAR   
230 RCF_CANDIDATE_CLASS Candidate Class CHAR   
231 RCF_CAND_STATUS Candidate Status NUMC   
232 RCF_CAND_STATUS_SEL Candidate Status in Selections CHAR   
233 RCF_COMM_AVAILABLE Contact Rule/Availability NUMC   
234 RCF_COMM_CHANNEL Communication channel NUMC   
235 RCF_COMPANY Holding Company NUMC   
236 RCF_COMPONENT_ID Type of Search/Search Function CHAR 30    
237 RCF_CORR_ACTION Possible Actions for Correspondence Activities CHAR   
238 RCF_CPRSTEP Talent Consultant - Process Step NUMC   
239 RCF_CS_CHANNEL Output Channel CHAR   
240 RCF_CS_COVERLETTER Name of Cover Letter CHAR 30    
241 RCF_CS_DOC_CAT_DESCRIPTION Document Category Description CHAR 40    
242 RCF_CS_DOC_FORMAT Document Format CHAR   
243 RCF_CS_FORMNAME Form Name CHAR 30    
244 RCF_CS_ID Container Sequence Identifier NUMC   
245 RCF_CS_ITEM Container Sequence Item NUMC   
246 RCF_CS_PRINT_DEFAULTS Print Settings of Service CHAR   
247 RCF_CS_REC_CATEGORY Recipient Category NUMC   
248 RCF_CS_SEQ_NR Sequence Number in Container Sequence NUMC   
249 RCF_CS_SERVICE Name of Service CHAR 30    
250 RCF_CS_TEXTNAME Text CHAR 30    
251 RCF_CS_TYPE_OF_OUTPUT Output Mechanism CHAR   
252 RCF_CTRL_COMP_ID Component ID of an MVC Controller CHAR 30    
253 RCF_CTRL_PARAM Controller Parameter CHAR 20    
254 RCF_DEGREE_LEVEL Degree Level NUMC   
255 RCF_DESIRED_JOB_RELEV Relevance for Desired Job CHAR   
256 RCF_DESIRED_JOB_RELEV_NO No Relevance for Desired Job CHAR   
257 RCF_DOC_CAT Document Category NUMC   
258 RCF_EDUCATION_FIELD Broad Field of Education NUMC   
259 RCF_EDUCATION_TYPE Education Type NUMC   
260 RCF_EMPLOYMENT_FRACTION Distribution of Employment Fraction NUMC   
261 RCF_FOLDER_TYPE Storage Type CHAR   
262 RCF_FORM_FILLED Questionnaire Indicator CHAR   
263 RCF_FORM_FORMAT Smart Form Output Formats CHAR   
264 RCF_FUNCTIONAL_AREA Functional Area NUMC   
265 RCF_GROUP_ID Questionnaire Group Identification NUMC   
266 RCF_HIERARCHY_LEVEL Hierarchy Level NUMC   
267 RCF_HRKWF_SEQNR In the Context of RCF Serial Number of Doc. (HRKWF_VERSION) NUMC   
268 RCF_ICF_PATH ICF: URL (Uniform Resource Locator) CHAR 255    
269 RCF_IMG_HEIGHT Image Height INT4 10    
270 RCF_IMG_SRC Image Source CHAR 200    
271 RCF_IMG_WIDTH Image Width INT4 10    
272 RCF_INDUSTRY Industry NUMC   
273 RCF_INFO_AREA Area of an Infoset NUMC   
274 RCF_LEGAL_PERIOD Legal Period in Months NUMC   
275 RCF_LEGAL_PERIOD_TYPE Legal Period Types NUMC   
276 RCF_LEVEL_OF_DETAIL Level of Detail of a Page CHAR   
277 RCF_LIST_TYPE List Type in List Processor CHAR   
278 RCF_LOC_DESIRED_SOURCE Information Source for Desired Work Location CHAR   
279 RCF_LOG_APPL Applications in E-Recruiting CHAR 30    
280 RCF_LOG_OPERATOR_FTS Logical Operator for Free Text Search CHAR 10    
281 RCF_MAP_FLD Mapping Field CHAR   
282 RCF_MAP_VAL_ID Field Value Identifier NUMC   
283 RCF_MDL_IMAGE_SIZE Size of Image CHAR 10    
284 RCF_MDL_IMAGE_URL Domains for URL to Image CHAR 255    
285 RCF_MDL_PRIVACY_URL Domain for Language-Dependant Data Privacy Statement CHAR 255    
286 RCF_NODE Navigation Nodes NUMC   
287 RCF_NODE_ID ID of a Navigation Node NUMC   
288 RCF_NON_AVAILABILITY_PERIOD Relative Start (Months) NUMC   
289 RCF_NUSED4 Not Defined CHAR   
290 RCF_OPERA Master Data Update Operation CHAR   
291 RCF_OPERATOR Operator ID CHAR   
292 RCF_OPTION Selection Operator OPTION CHAR   
293 RCF_PAGE_ALIAS Page Alias NUMC   
294 RCF_PAGE_MODE Page Mode CHAR   
295 RCF_PERCENTAGE Percentage NUMC   
296 RCF_PERS_RESPONSIBILITY Personnel Responsibility NUMC   
297 RCF_POOL Permitted Access Mode for Candidate Pool CHAR 10    
298 RCF_PORT_TYPE Dispatch Type CHAR 10    
299 RCF_POSTING_CHANNEL Posting Channel NUMC   
300 RCF_POSTING_STATUS Posting Status NUMC   
301 RCF_POSTING_STATUS_SEL Posting Status in Selections CHAR   
302 RCF_POST_DOC_STAT Status of Posting Instance NUMC   
303 RCF_POST_DOC_STAT_SEL Status of Posting Instance in Selections CHAR   
304 RCF_PRIVACY_STATEMENT Indicator 'Data Privacy Statement Accepted' CHAR   
305 RCF_PROCESS Process NUMC   
306 RCF_PROFILE_STATUS Profile Status NUMC   
307 RCF_QA_ANS_TYPE Response Type CHAR   
308 RCF_QA_DOCUMENT_STATUS Status of a Document NUMC   
309 RCF_QA_ELEMENT_STATUS Element Status CHAR   
310 RCF_QA_FREETEXT Free Text Response STRG   
311 RCF_QA_SEL_ANS Selected Response STRG   
312 RCF_QA_TYPE Questionnaire Type CHAR   
313 RCF_RACECT_COUNTER Counter for Race Category NUMC   
314 RCF_RAWSTRING Rawstring RSTR   
315 RCF_REASON_CODE Status Reason NUMC   
316 RCF_REFERENCE_NAME Name of Reference (to be changed) CHAR 120    
317 RCF_REQUESTED_RSN_CODE Requested Status Reason CHAR   
318 RCF_REQUESTED_STATUS Requested Status CHAR   
319 RCF_REQUISITION_STATUS Requisition Status NUMC   
320 RCF_REQUISITION_STATUS_SEL Requisition Status in Selections CHAR   
321 RCF_REQUISITION_TYPE Requisition Type NUMC   
322 RCF_RFC_DEST_TYPE Direction of Destination CHAR   
323 RCF_RM_ID Identifier of Roadmap NUMC   
324 RCF_RM_SEQ_NR Sequence Number in Roadmap Scenario NUMC   
325 RCF_RM_STEP Identifier of Roadmap Step NUMC   
326 RCF_RM_STEP_TXT Description of Roadmap Step CHAR 50    
327 RCF_ROLE Roles in E-Recruiting NUMC   
328 RCF_ROOT Root of a Navigation Tree NUMC   
329 RCF_RP_ACT_STATUS Status of Support Team (Activities) NUMC   
330 RCF_RSN_CODE_SEL Status Reason (in Selections) CHAR   
331 RCF_SCALE_TYPE Scale Types in E-Recruiting CHAR   
332 RCF_SERVER_EVENT Server Event CHAR 30    
333 RCF_SE_HIT_QUALITY Measure of Hit Quality in a Search DEC
334 RCF_SE_HIT_QUALITY_NUMC Measure of Hit Quality in a Search NUMC   
335 RCF_SE_REQUEST_OPTION Option for the Search Query STRG 256    
336 RCF_SE_TERM_WEIGHT Weighting for Search Engine Query DEC   
337 RCF_SMASK_ID Search Templates NUMC   
338 RCF_SM_GROUP_ID ID for a Search Template Group NUMC   
339 RCF_SM_TYPE Type of Search Template for Display CHAR   
340 RCF_SPT_FDTYPE Type of the Field Assigned to a Search Profile Type CHAR   
341 RCF_SPT_ID Search Profile Type ID CHAR   
342 RCF_SPT_INFO_CATEGORY Information Category for Search Profile Types CHAR 40    
343 RCF_SP_GROUP Groups on Start Page NUMC   
344 RCF_SP_ID Start Page Identifier NUMC   
345 RCF_SP_LINK Link on Start Page NUMC   
346 RCF_SP_SEQ_NR Sequence Number on Start Page NUMC   
347 RCF_STRING String for E-Recruiting STRG   
348 RCF_SUBAREA Subarea of E-Recruiting CHAR   
349 RCF_SUITABLE_INDICATOR Three Values: X=Unsuitable, Space=Suitable, N=Not Ranked CHAR   
350 RCF_SUPP_GROUP_CAT User List Category NUMC   
352 RCF_TABLE_ID Table Identifier CHAR 80    
353 RCF_TARGET_GRP Interest Group NUMC   
354 RCF_TC_ACTION Action of TC CHAR   
355 RCF_TC_CAND_UI_STATUS UI status for proposed postings by TC to candidate NUMC   
356 RCF_TC_ID User Name of Personal Talent Consultant CHAR 12    
357 RCF_TC_MGR_UI_STATUS UI status for proposed candidates by TC to manager NUMC   
358 RCF_TC_PROP_STATUS Status of Talent Consultant's Proposal NUMC   
359 RCF_TECH_APPL_SOURCE Technical Application Source CHAR   
360 RCF_TG_ASSIGNMENT_SOURCE Source of Assignment Between Candidate and Talent Group CHAR   
361 RCF_TIME_VIEW View by Time ID NUMC   
362 RCF_UI_TAG Type of Interface Element CHAR   
364 RCF_VIEW Data Overview in E-Recruiting CHAR 10    
365 RCF_WD_ACCESSIBILITY Accessibility Mode CHAR   
366 RCF_WD_COMPONENT Web Dynpro Component CHAR 25    
367 RCF_WD_CONFIG_ID Configuration Identifier CHAR 32    
368 RCF_WD_PLUG Web Dynpro Inbound Plug CHAR 20    
369 RCF_WD_RIGHT2LEFT Rendering Direction CHAR   
370 RCF_WD_SP_1ST_ID Identifier First Level of Start Page NUMC   
371 RCF_WD_SP_2ND_ID Identifier Second Level of Start Page NUMC   
372 RCF_WD_SP_ID Start Page Identifier NUMC   
373 RCF_WD_SP_SEQ_NR Sequence Number in Start Page NUMC   
374 RCF_WD_THEME_URL Path to Theme CHAR 255    
375 RCF_WD_WINDOW Web Dynpro Window CHAR 20    
377 RCF_WF_TASK_TYPE Workflow Task Type in E-Recruiting CHAR   
378 RCF_WILLINGNESS_TO_RELOCATE Willingness to Relocate NUMC   
379 RCF_WL_ACTION Identifier for Action on Worklist CHAR 10    
380 RCF_WL_APPLICATION_STATUS Application Status in Worklists NUMC   
381 RCF_WL_AREA Application Area for Worklists NUMC   
382 RCF_WL_ID Identifier of Worklist CHAR   
383 RCF_WL_INDEX_GROUP Index Group for Worklists CHAR   
384 RCF_WL_OBJ_TYPE Object Type for Worklists CHAR   
385 RCF_WL_OTR_ALIAS OTR-Alias for Worklists CHAR 50    
387 RCF_WL_PROFILE_ID Identifier for Worklist Profile CHAR   
388 RCF_WL_SELOPTION Selection Operator (EQ/BT/CP/...) CHAR   
389 RCF_WL_SEL_SRC_TYPE Type of Source of Selection Quantity CHAR   
390 RCF_WL_SEQNR Sequence Number NUMC   
391 RCF_WL_SIGN ID for Selection: I/E (Include/Exclude Values) CHAR   
392 RCF_WL_VALSRC Name of Value Help CHAR 30    
393 RCF_WL_VALSRCTYPE Type of Value Help for Worklist NUMC   
394 RCF_WORK_CONTRACT_TYPE Work Contract Type NUMC   
395 RCF_WORK_PERMIT Work Permit NUMC   
397 RCHGART Invoice type for Invoice Verification CHAR   
398 RCID20 ID for characteristics and their values - obsolete CHAR 20    
399 RCINS Recruitment instrument NUMC   
400 RCJROWHEIGHT Height of the lines in the planning board INT4 10    
401 RCL_TRIG Transaction classification for reconcilation ledger posting CHAR   
402 RCM_CHAR RCM: Char CHAR   
403 RCM_ELEM_TOOLBAR_TYPE_WD Toolbar Element Types STRG   
404 RCM_ELEM_TOOLB_ID RCM: Toolbar Element ID CHAR 40    
405 RCM_ORG_ACTIVITY RCM Activity for Quick Action CHAR   
406 RCM_ORG_ACTIVITY_WD RCM Activity for Quick Action CHAR   
407 RCM_ORG_QACT_PROFILE_DESCR RCM: Quick Action, Description of a Profile CHAR 80    
408 RCM_ORG_QACT_PROFILE_ID RCM Organizer: Profile ID for Quick Action CHAR 10    
409 RCM_ORG_UI RCM Organizer: UI CHAR   
410 RCM_REC_FP_ID RCM Record: Function Profile: ID CHAR 10    
411 RCM_REC_FP_TXT RCM: Function Profile: Text CHAR 80    
412 RCM_REC_FP_TYPE RCM Function Profile Type CHAR   
413 RCM_REC_MODEL_ACTIVITY Record: Activity STRG   
414 RCM_REC_MODEL_NODE_MODE RCM: Modes for Handling Model Nodes CHAR   
415 RCM_REC_TBELEM_DESCR RCM Record: Toolbar Element: Description CHAR 40    
416 RCM_REC_TBELEM_ENABLED RCM Record: Toolbar Element: Availability CHAR   
417 RCM_REC_TBELEM_TOOLT RCM Record: Toolbar Element: Quick Info CHAR 40    
418 RCM_REC_TBELEM_VISIBLE RCM: Record: Toolbar Element Visible CHAR   
419 RCM_REC_TBICON_NAME RCM: Name of a Toolbar Icon CHAR 40    
421 RCM_UI_BOOLEAN RCM Boolean, for use in in UIs CHAR   
422 RCODE Return code CHAR   
423 RCODE_ARI FI-ARI: Reason for inquiry CHAR   
424 RCOLUMN Column number in ratio block NUMC   
425 RCOMP Company CHAR   
426 RCOND Counter Conditions and Level Number NUMC   
427 RCPD_ACTTIME RMS-RCP: Recipe Activation Time NUMC   
428 RCPD_ADATUM_DYNP RMS-RCP: Valid from with Special Conversion Routine DATS   
430 RCPD_BDATUM_DYNP RMS-RCP: Valid to with Special Conversion Routine DATS   
431 RCPD_BEZK RMS-RCP: View Short Description CHAR 20    
432 RCPD_BEZL RMS-RCP: View Long Description CHAR 30    
433 RCPD_CONFFLAG RMS-RCP: Confidential Indicator CHAR   
434 RCPD_CONS_FLG RMS-RCP: Consistent CHAR   
435 RCPD_CPYFROM Copy Model RAW 16    
436 RCPD_CRTYPE RCP Relationship Category Indicator CHAR   
437 RCPD_DEL_FLG Deletion Indicator in Initial Data Load for Recipes CHAR   
438 RCPD_DEVTIME RMS-RCP: Recipe Development Time NUMC   
439 RCPD_ESTATACT Switch User Status Active or Inactive CHAR   
440 RCPD_GRMR_DBOP RMS-RCP: Update Program Indicator CHAR   
441 RCPD_GRMR_ICNT RMS-RCP: Internal Counter NUMC   
442 RCPD_GRMR_RCNT RMS-RCP: Auxiliary Counter NUMC   
443 RCPD_GRMR_RGUID RMS-RCP: Internal Relationship Key RAW 16    
444 RCPD_KLART_SEARCH Search: Class Type CHAR   
445 RCPD_OTPT_ELEDES Element Description CHAR 255    
446 RCPD_OTPT_RCPREF Reference Recipe CHAR 30    
447 RCPD_OTPT_RHRDES Recipe Description CHAR 225    
448 RCPD_OTPT_RHRKEY Recipe CHAR 255    
449 RCPD_OTPT_VALDES Value Description CHAR 255    
450 RCPD_PNAME_BB RMS-RCP: Name Building Block (With Conversion Exit) CHAR 40    
451 RCPD_POBNR RMS-RCP: Item Number Process Objects NUMC   
452 RCPD_POB_TYPE POB Types (Process,Operation,Stage,Action) CHAR   
453 RCPD_PPA_ID Attribute for Process Parameters CHAR 10    
454 RCPD_PPT_ID Process Parameter Type CHAR 30    
455 RCPD_PPV_ID RCP-PP Process Parameter Value Assignment NUMC 20    
456 RCPD_PP_CHSTCNT RCP-PP Counter Change State Process Parameter Value Assgmt NUMC 20    
457 RCPD_PP_COL Column Name NUMC   
458 RCPD_PP_COL_ROLE Column Role for Process Parameter Data CHAR   
459 RCPD_PP_DEL_FLG RCP-PP Delete Indicator for Process Parameter Value Assgmt CHAR   
460 RCPD_PP_ID Process Parameter CHAR 21    
462 RCPD_PP_POSNR RCP-PP Item in Process Parameter Value Assignment NUMC   
463 RCPD_PREF_RCP RMS-RCP: Preferred Process CHAR   
464 RCPD_PRODTIME RMS-RCP: Productive Time NUMC   
465 RCPD_RCP_PREFIX Name Prefix for Data Creation CHAR   
466 RCPD_REFQUANT RMS-RCP: Reference Quantity of the Recipe QUAN 13 
467 RCPD_REMCTRL_FORM Type of Relationship Between Recipe and Formula CHAR   
468 RCPD_SRC_EXCVAL RMS-RCP: Exception Value of a Component CHAR   
470 RCPD_SRC_OPLOW RMS-RCP: Lower Operator Limit CHAR   
471 RCPD_SRC_OPUP RMS-RCP: Upper Operator Limit CHAR   
472 RCPD_SRC_PARA_PNODE RMS-RCP: Recipe Name CHAR 40    
474 RCPD_SRC_QUAN6_6 RMS-RCP: QUAN Field with 6 Predecimal and 6 Decimal Places QUAN 12 
476 RCPD_STATPROFT Text for Status Change Profile CHAR 40    
477 RCPD_STATYPE Status Type CHAR   
478 RCPD_TEXT_TYPE Text Type CHAR 15    
479 RCPD_TIME Time QUAN   
480 RCPD_TIME_UNIT Time Unit UNIT   
481 RCPD_WORKFLOW_CTRL User Status Is Controlled by Workflow CHAR   
482 RCPD_XFELD Yes/No Field CHAR   
486 RCPE_CTRL_FRML Formula Dependency CHAR   
487 RCSZK Record length for sequential datasets RAW   
488 RCTXT Improper Invoice Reason Code Text CHAR 50    
489 RCVER_KK Recipient ID of Systems Connected to FI-CA CHAR   
490 RCV_DOCUMENTTYPE Document Type NUMC   
491 RCV_RECEIVERGROUP Correspondence Recipient Group CHAR   
492 RCV_RECEIVER_KIND Recipient type CHAR   
493 RCV_REC_DET_EXT_FILTER_ID BAdI Filter Value for Enhanced Recipient Determination CHAR 20    
494 RCV_RELCHIP_KIND Dependency Type CHAR   
495 RC_CALC Numeric field of 2 characters for return code NUMC   
496 RC_OPIND Processing type CHAR   
497 RDATN Evaluation run number NUMC 10    
498 RDBPA_AMOUNT21 Amount Field with +/- Sign (TRM Results Database) CURR 21 
499 RDBPA_FLOW_RECORD_ID Single Record ID for a Flow (TRM Results Database) CHAR 10    
500 RDBPA_POSITION_RECORD_ID Single Record ID for a Position (TRM Results Database) CHAR 10