SAP ABAP Domain - Index R, page 6
Domain - R
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
2 RKESKMSTGE Strat. Business Unit NUMC   
3 RKESKMWNHG Main material group NUMC   
5 RKESTATU Status string for CO-PA line items CHAR 10    
6 RKESUBNR Profitability segment changes (CO-PA) NUMC   
7 RKEVERSI Version (CO-PA) NUMC   
8 RKEY1 General key, 1st part CHAR 13    
9 RKEY2 General key, 2nd part CHAR   
10 RKEY3 General key, 3rd part CHAR   
11 RKEYYY Dependency price unit in CO area currency NUMC   
12 RKE_ACT Active indicator for Profitability Analysis CHAR   
13 RKE_AGGTM Time-based aggregation CHAR   
14 RKE_AKTIV SAP HANA Activated/Deactivated CHAR   
15 RKE_ALEACT CO-PA Distribution: Active indicator CHAR   
16 RKE_ALEFU1 Function CHAR   
17 RKE_ALGNEGVAL Processing Algorithm for Negative Values CHAR   
18 RKE_ANZ_EP No. of line items in delta read process (CO-PA drill-down) NUMC   
19 RKE_APPL CO-PA: Application CHAR   
20 RKE_ASCDES Sort direction CHAR   
21 RKE_AUSPR Type of Profitability Analysis CHAR   
22 RKE_BERNA CO-PA: Report name CHAR 12    
23 RKE_BERVA Report variant CHAR   
24 RKE_BOOL CO-PA: Boolean CHAR   
25 RKE_BOPE Condition parameter CHAR   
26 RKE_BRANC Profitability Analysis - Industry version CHAR   
27 RKE_BUTYP Posting type CHAR   
28 RKE_BWFKT Business function CHAR   
29 RKE_COND_ID CO-PA: Formula ID CHAR 32    
30 RKE_COUNTER Counter for time-dependent revaluation factor NUMC   
31 RKE_COUNTER_CCU CO-PA: Conditional use of segment-level chars - counter NUMC   
32 RKE_COUNTER_COND CO-PA: Sequence number, formula storage NUMC   
33 RKE_DACTUAL CO-PA: status indicator CHAR   
34 RKE_DB_ANALYSE Character Sequence Only with Figures 30 NUMC 30    
35 RKE_DEFINE Read (defined) data CHAR   
36 RKE_DELTA Safety interval in seconds for delta read process NUMC   
37 RKE_DEZDAR Decimal display CHAR   
38 RKE_DIMPI Master data default display CHAR   
39 RKE_DISTRIBUTION COPA Distribution CHAR 10    
40 RKE_DIST_APPL COPA Distribution: Application CHAR   
41 RKE_DIST_CTYPE COPA Distribution: Value Field / Characteristic Type CHAR   
42 RKE_DIST_DIFF CO-PA Distribution: Differenciation Indicator CHAR   
43 RKE_DIST_NAME COPA Distribution: Name CHAR 30    
44 RKE_DIST_SNAME CO-PA Segment Identifier CHAR 30    
45 RKE_DIST_TYPE COPA Distribution: Type CHAR   
46 RKE_DMESSAGE CO-PA: message behavior CHAR   
47 RKE_DSOURCE CO-PA: summarization indicator CHAR   
48 RKE_EBENE CO-PA: Report level CHAR   
49 RKE_EFORM Characteristic group CHAR   
50 RKE_EIG Characteristic CHAR   
51 RKE_EISUEB RK-E - SAP-EIS data transfer CHAR   
52 RKE_ENSTA Status of the Environment of the Operating Concern NUMC   
53 RKE_ENTRY Entries: Single value or interval CHAR   
54 RKE_ENV CO-PA: Formula environment CHAR 10    
55 RKE_EPOSKZ Line Item Indicator CHAR   
56 RKE_ERKRS_STATUS Status: Operating concern CHAR 40    
57 RKE_ERROR CO-PA: control flag for reading product cost estimate CHAR   
58 RKE_ESTAT Entry status for characteristic field CHAR   
59 RKE_EVKZ Basic/user-defined report structure CHAR   
60 RKE_EWSKZ Characteristic/value field CHAR   
61 RKE_EXDOC CO-PA: Indicator for an external document CHAR   
62 RKE_FLAGLH Flag for from/to value in replacement path CHAR   
63 RKE_FLAGR Flag for characteristic/text in replacement path CHAR   
64 RKE_FLAG_3 3-value flag CHAR   
65 RKE_FMLTYP Formula type for calculation element NUMC   
66 RKE_FORM CO-PA form name CHAR 12    
67 RKE_FORMAT Cell format for row/column structure CHAR   
68 RKE_FORMAT_COND Formula display CHAR   
69 RKE_FORMULA CO-PA: Formula CHAR 72    
70 RKE_FVKZ Fixed/variable flag CHAR   
71 RKE_GEN H/V/X-indicator CHAR   
72 RKE_GETTINFO Control Variable for Tree Descriptions (Nodes/Leaves) CHAR   
73 RKE_GETVINFO Control Table for Tree Value Range CHAR   
74 RKE_IPVAR CO-PA: Entry aids for characteristics CHAR 12    
75 RKE_ITYPE Information Type for CO-PA Planning Log CHAR 10    
76 RKE_KAEING CO-PA: Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders CHAR   
77 RKE_KNTFRM Use in account-based Profitability Analysis NUMC   
78 RKE_LPAGE Report/Planning Painter: Logical page NUMC   
79 RKE_MD_CALLMODE Type of jump CHAR   
80 RKE_MD_HIDDEN Flag: Hide fixed / referenced characteristic CHAR   
81 RKE_METHOD Access method for reading data CHAR   
82 RKE_MKAKZ Report selection indicator CHAR   
83 RKE_MKEKZ Characteristic value indicator CHAR   
84 RKE_MODE Program mode CHAR   
85 RKE_MULTI Value display in CO-PA planning transaction NUMC   
86 RKE_MWKZ Quantity/value flag CHAR   
87 RKE_MWKZ2 Quantity/value flag CHAR   
88 RKE_NCGRP CO-PA Net Change: Groups CHAR   
89 RKE_NCLFD CO-PA Net Change: Sequential Numbers NUMC   
90 RKE_NCLIST List type CHAR   
91 RKE_NODE_TYPE Node type NUMC   
92 RKE_OFFSET Field offset in CO-PA table CExnnnn INT2   
93 RKE_OPERND Operand for local calculation CHAR   
94 RKE_PARAM Parameter settings CHAR   
95 RKE_PARAM_VALUE Parameter value CHAR 50    
96 RKE_PAREG CO-PA special characteristic: (Land, Region) CHAR   
97 RKE_PATYP2 Type of profitability analysis NUMC   
98 RKE_PATYPE Type of profitability analysis NUMC   
99 RKE_PCTRP Update to profit centers CHAR   
100 RKE_PERIOFLAG Period type flag CHAR   
101 RKE_PERSHIFT Period shift DEC   
102 RKE_PGKZ Indicator for use of PMNUX CHAR   
103 RKE_PLAKZ Planning indicator CHAR   
104 RKE_PLATYPE Type of planning function CHAR   
105 RKE_PLENV Planning environment CHAR   
106 RKE_PLLEV Planning level CHAR   
107 RKE_PLPCK Planning package CHAR   
108 RKE_PLSZ Planning scenario CHAR   
109 RKE_POINT CO-PA pointer CHAR 30    
110 RKE_POS Item number NUMC 10    
111 RKE_POSNR Item number of CO-PA line item CHAR   
112 RKE_POST_RUNID Log Key: Post Directly to CO-PA CHAR 10    
113 RKE_PROFILE Planning interface profile CHAR   
114 RKE_PROTOID Log Structure ID for CO-PA Planning Logs CHAR   
115 RKE_PSTRUK Plan structure CO-PA CHAR   
116 RKE_PVERS Program version NUMC   
117 RKE_QUNR Source number for number display CHAR   
118 RKE_QUO_SE Report totals SP / Delta line items (CO-PA drill-down) NUMC   
119 RKE_RAS Calculation type: Copy planning data CHAR   
120 RKE_READ_MODE Type of access used to read CO-PA data NUMC   
121 RKE_REPL_TYPE CO-PA Accelerator: Replication Type CHAR   
122 RKE_REVAL Revaluation key CHAR   
123 RKE_ROUNDD Display factor DEC 10    
124 RKE_SCENARIO ALE Scenario CHAR 10    
125 RKE_SCEN_TYPE RKE ALE Scenario Transaction CHAR   
126 RKE_SEL Flag: normal / segment-specific planning aid CHAR   
127 RKE_SEQNR COPA Distribution: Segment NUMC   
128 RKE_SHANDLING Special handling of fields of an operating concern CHAR   
129 RKE_SKTW Sort orders in profitability report CHAR   
130 RKE_SMODE CO-PA: Summarization CHAR   
131 RKE_SORHI Sales order history CHAR   
132 RKE_SOURCE Data source when reading data CHAR   
133 RKE_SPLIT Type of Value Category Selection in PA Cycles CHAR   
134 RKE_STAT Status of time-dependent revaluation factor CHAR   
135 RKE_STATUS Status of totals records level NUMC   
136 RKE_STATUS_PLAN Status of planning object NUMC   
137 RKE_SUMM_MODE Summarization Mode CHAR   
138 RKE_SZALT Planning scenario: alternative NUMC   
139 RKE_SZTYP Planning scenario: type NUMC   
140 RKE_TABNM Table name CHAR 10    
141 RKE_TERKRS Operating concern (text) CHAR   
142 RKE_TESTRUN Planning method: test run settings CHAR   
143 RKE_TREVAL ID of time-dependent revaluation factors CHAR 10    
144 RKE_TREVAL_VAL Value of time-dependent revaluation factor DEC 15 
145 RKE_TRFLAG Totals records storage NUMC   
146 RKE_TRLFD Sequential number of a summarization level NUMC   
147 RKE_TRPERSTAT Build-status of a period for a summarization level NUMC   
148 RKE_TRPR_CALLA Calling application: classification NUMC   
149 RKE_TRPR_DATASRC Data source from which data is read NUMC   
150 RKE_TRSTAT Status of totals records NUMC   
151 RKE_TRUSE Field usage in totals records files CHAR   
152 RKE_TSTMP Seconds since 1.1.1990,0:00 GMT * 10000 DEC 16    
153 RKE_TXTKEY Text key in Information System CHAR   
154 RKE_TYPE Type of time-dependent revaluation factor CHAR   
155 RKE_UPDMOD Update mode for totals records CHAR   
156 RKE_VALSTDET Determination of Valuation Strategy CHAR   
157 RKE_VARNAM Planning Variable Name CHAR 10    
158 RKE_VERSI Version (CO-PA) NUMC   
159 RKE_VFGROUP CO-PA: Value field assignment CHAR   
160 RKE_VSTYP CO-PA: Version type CHAR   
162 RKE_VVNEUA Build CHAR   
163 RKE_WERT3 Four-digit number with two decimal places (packed) DEC
164 RKE_WERTV9 Pos./neg. value with three decimal places DEC 17 
165 RKE_WRTDAR Value display CHAR   
166 RKE_ZEILE Line used in a key figure scheme NUMC   
167 RKE_ZSPKZ Form CHAR   
168 RKE_ZWZEI Time reference for currency translation CHAR   
169 RKFKF Form of billing for RK/PPS orders CHAR   
170 RKKPIPOSNR Item number for RKKPIPD INT4 10    
171 RKMELD_ZT Completion confirmation time NUMC   
172 RKONT Quota number NUMC   
173 RKPI_CNTPE Number of Significant Digits for Determining Price Unit NUMC   
174 RKPI_ITCNT Activity Price Settings: Maximum Number of Iterations INT4 10    
175 RKPI_OCCXX Occurs parameters of generated table structues INT4 10    
176 RKPI_PIPRO Type of price determination CHAR   
177 RKSTA Status of kanban control cycle CHAR   
178 RKTIO Response on reaching release order value in value contract CHAR   
179 RKTOALT Loan number in previous system CHAR 12    
180 RKUEGRU Reason for notice NUMC   
181 RKUND Customer(reason for trip) CHAR 17    
182 RKUNDE Customer(reason for trip) CHAR 59    
183 RKURSART Rate type CHAR   
184 RKURSBER Exchange rate calculation indicator CHAR   
185 RKURSHDL Currency or securities market CHAR   
186 RKURSTYP Rate Type CHAR   
187 RKWG14 SCB borrower number acc. to Par. 14 KWG CHAR   
188 RKZBEST Portfolio indicator CHAR   
189 RKZLG Repayment or forfeiture CHAR   
190 RKZ_DSN Name of sequential archive file CHAR 60    
191 RKZ_STUFE Segement level in logical database INT1   
192 RKZ_TIME Start time of archive session TIMS   
193 RK_DATE Order Closing Date DATS   
194 RK_DAY Weekday CHAR   
195 RK_RSL Test calculation method CHAR   
196 RL01SPRAUS Percentage bin utilization displayed in graphic CHAR 20    
197 RL01SPRPRO Percentage utilization DEC 10 
198 RL03ABECHA Control parameters for stock/batch search CHAR   
199 RL03ADRUCK Print CHAR   
200 RL03AIMART Calling pos. in IM CHAR   
201 RL03TANZHU Number of required HUs DEC   
202 RL03TCHPRU Check batch CHAR   
203 RL03TDAUER Storage time of a material in a bin in number of days NUMC   
204 RL03TEINTA Processing for putaway transfer order CHAR   
205 RL03TLFDAZ Number of records DEC   
206 RL03TNQUIT Confirmation indicator for destination subitem CHAR   
207 RL03TQUKNZ Confirmation indicator for separate confirmation CHAR   
208 RL03TRQUIT Confirmation indicator for return item CHAR   
209 RL03TSTZIN Indicator for record control CHAR   
210 RL03TSTZKZ Field to describe record status? CHAR   
211 RL03TTALIF Processing of transfer order for delivery CHAR   
212 RL04IABWEI Deviation that leads to a warning DEC   
213 RL04IAPSRM Number of items in the RM document for clearing procedure DEC   
214 RL04IERART Input type for inventory counting CHAR   
215 RL04IKOLIS Complete list CHAR   
216 RL04IKZINV Inventory indicators CHAR   
217 RL04INVERC Recount version as character field CHAR   
218 RL05SLFSEL Selection of deliveries during multiple processing CHAR   
219 RL99NLFNDR Current number of number range DEC   
220 RLADDR_KK Rule for additional receivable CHAR   
221 RLAND Country key CHAR   
222 RLANZ_KK Number of returns that occurred over the period NUMC   
223 RLBDDOCID Reuse Library: Documentation object identification CHAR 140    
224 RLBDEXTID Reuse Library: Reuse product external identification CHAR 32    
225 RLBDLIBRNA Reuse Library: Sublibrary name CHAR 100    
226 RLBDPRODNA Reuse Library: Product name CHAR 100    
227 RLBDSTATUS Reuse Library: Reuse product status CHAR   
228 RLBDTECHTY Reuse Library: Technical type of Reuse product CHAR   
229 RLBESANFME Quantity field for initial entry of stock balances in MM-WM CHAR 15    
230 RLBPRIVATE Reuse Library: Private library CHAR   
231 RLB_DOCTY Reuse Library: Documentation object type CHAR   
232 RLB_LIBRID Reuse Library: Library ID CHAR 32    
233 RLB_PRTAB Reuse Library: Tabstrip in product maintenance CHAR   
234 RLCPPKZMNG Indicator: Unit of measure for WM/PP material staging CHAR   
235 RLDEPO Number of logical securities acct CHAR 10    
236 RLDIVLAUFZ Processed before (no.days) NUMC   
237 RLDNR Ledger CHAR   
238 RLDNR_LTD AVC Ledger - limited to default values CHAR   
239 RLDRURFLGN WM reference number and warehouse number compressed CHAR 13    
240 RLDRURFLTN WM reference no., storage type and warehouse no. compressed CHAR 16    
241 RLDRUTALGN TO number and warehouse number compressed NUMC 13    
242 RLDRUTAPLG TO number, TO item and warehouse number in compressed form NUMC 17    
243 RLDRUTAPOB Help field bar code print in WM NUMC 14    
244 RLEVL Posting level CHAR   
245 RLEVL_GC Posting level CHAR   
246 RLEVL_KK Posting level for inclusion in consolidation of investments CHAR   
247 RLFW_SERVER_GROUP Group ID for application servers CHAR   
248 RLFW_SERVICE_ID Runlevel Service ID CHAR 40    
249 RLFW_SERVICE_RL Service runlevel INT4 10    
250 RLFW_SYSTEM_RL System runlevel INT4 10    
251 RLGESCH Location on Floor CHAR   
252 RLGRD_KK Return reason CHAR   
253 RLGRD_VK Returns reason domain CHAR   
254 RLHBK_KK House bank's return reason CHAR   
255 RLIFT Type of elevator installation NUMC   
256 RLINTYP Line category of the confirmation in variable lists CHAR   
257 RLISTALTER Calculation field: age of a quant (list) NUMC   
258 RLISTFAGEL Hazardous materials stored incorrectly CHAR   
259 RLISTSORK2 Sort indicator for material data per storage type (list) CHAR   
260 RLISTSORKZ Sort indicator for WM stock (list) CHAR   
261 RLMFW_ACTIVITY Activity in Release Management CHAR   
263 RLMFW_AGTYPE Address Type CHAR   
264 RLMFW_BELNR Document Number CHAR 10    
265 RLMFW_CHKSTA Check Result CHAR   
266 RLMFW_CHKTP Type of Check CHAR   
267 RLMFW_FLAG Indicator CHAR   
268 RLMFW_IFACT Release Management Status CHAR   
269 RLMFW_OBJKEY Release Object Key CHAR 60    
270 RLMFW_OBJKEY_EXT Object Key CHAR 128    
271 RLMFW_OBJTYP Release Object Type CHAR   
272 RLMFW_POSNR Item Number NUMC   
273 RLMFW_RONUM Order Number CHAR 14    
274 RLMFW_ROSTAT Order Status CHAR   
275 RLMFW_TARGET Release Target CHAR   
276 RLMOD_KK Returns posting type CHAR   
277 RLSTTYP List category of the confirmation overview CHAR   
278 RLTYP Reference functional location category CHAR   
279 RLTYP_CP Business partner has been created as contract partner CHAR   
280 RLTYP_INST Business partner has been created as installer CHAR   
281 RLTYP_KK Returns category NUMC   
282 RL_ACCTNO Number of returnable packaging account CHAR 12    
283 RL_ACCTNO_S Number of returnable packaging account at sender CHAR 12    
284 RL_ACCTSTATE Returnable packaging account status CHAR   
285 RL_ACHOL Exchange partner ID CHAR 10    
286 RL_ACHOLDC Exchange partner for account posting type CHAR   
287 RL_ACHOLTY Exchange partner partner type CHAR   
288 RL_ACMAN Location ID CHAR 10    
289 RL_ACMANTY Location partner type CHAR   
290 RL_ACSTIT No. of transaction in returnable packaging account statement NUMC   
291 RL_ACSTNO Number of returnable packaging account statement CHAR 12    
292 RL_ACSTREM Comments (text field) CHAR 132    
293 RL_ACSTTRNO_I Internal transmission number for RP account statements NUMC   
294 RL_ACST_CREATE_CTRL Control of Creation and Output of RP Account Statements CHAR   
295 RL_ACST_CTRL Statement control for returnable packaging account CHAR   
296 RL_ACST_DIRECT Direction of account statement CHAR   
297 RL_BALANCE Account balance QUAN 13 
298 RL_BALANCE_ABS Amount of account balance QUAN 13 
299 RL_BT_ERROR_STATE Aggregated error status for business transaction CHAR   
300 RL_BT_PROC_STATE Processing status of the business transaction CHAR   
301 RL_CHNGTYPE Creation/change type of account statement/transaction CHAR   
302 RL_CONTEXT Call Context for Inbound Processing of Statement Request CHAR   
303 RL_CONTXT Context of returnable packaging account maintenance CHAR   
304 RL_CONTXT_ACSTCREA Context for Account Statement Creation CHAR   
305 RL_CONTXT_PO Context of returnable packaging account postings maintenance CHAR   
306 RL_CONTXT_ST Context of returnable packaging acct statement maintenance CHAR   
307 RL_CPCTRL Procedure for returnable packaging account matching CHAR   
308 RL_CPGRPNO Number of matching group (internal) NUMC 12    
309 RL_CPGRP_USECNT Usage counter for matching groups INT4 10    
310 RL_CPITTYPE Type of matching record: account posting/statement transact. CHAR   
311 RL_CPKIND Way in which matching was carried out CHAR   
312 RL_CPSTATEHD Matching status for posting record or statement transaction CHAR   
313 RL_CPSTATEIT Matching status for posting record or statement transaction CHAR   
314 RL_CPSTATE_ICON Indicator for matching status CHAR   
315 RL_CUSTNO Customer Number in Account Statement CHAR 10    
316 RL_CUSTNO_PR Customer Number in Account Statement (Main Relationship) CHAR 10    
317 RL_DEC2S Two-character number with sign DEC   
318 RL_DEFAULT_VALUE Default value of a field CHAR 40    
319 RL_DETAIL_ICON Indicator for details or current item CHAR 132    
320 RL_DLMT_PARAM Parameter for delimitation of account postings CHAR   
321 RL_DLMT_TYPE Type of delimitation for RP account postings CHAR   
322 RL_DLMT_USE Delimitation use CHAR   
323 RL_DOCIT Document item NUMC   
324 RL_DOCNO Document number CHAR 35    
325 RL_EVTYPE Transaction Type for Returnable Packaging Account Posting CHAR   
326 RL_EXTERNAL_ID Description of object at partner CHAR 35    
327 RL_FRBNR Number of Bill of Lading (XBLNR with ALPHA) CHAR 16    
328 RL_ICON_ACCTSTATE Container field for icons: RP account status CHAR 40    
329 RL_ICON_PLANING Field for Icons: Quantity Below Reorder Point Quantity CHAR 40    
330 RL_LFSNR Number of Int. or Ext. Delivery Note (XBLNR with ALPHA) CHAR 16    
331 RL_MATGR Type of returnable packaging CHAR   
332 RL_NAMED_ID Named object CHAR 18    
333 RL_PARNR Partner number CHAR 10    
334 RL_PARRET_MATNR Returnable packaging description at partner CHAR 35    
335 RL_PARTNER_NO Number of a returnable packaging business partner CHAR 10    
336 RL_PARTNER_ROLE Partner role in RP account posting transaction CHAR   
337 RL_PARTNER_SIDE Role of partner in relationship (location/exch. partner) CHAR   
338 RL_PARTNER_TYPE Partner type within returnable packaging relationships CHAR   
339 RL_PLANING_CTRL Planning Type for Account CHAR   
340 RL_POCATEGORY Account posting type CHAR   
341 RL_PODOCIT Item number for document reference in RP account posting NUMC   
342 RL_POSNR Item number of the SD document NUMC   
343 RL_POSTIT Item number of account number NUMC   
344 RL_POSTNO Account posting number CHAR 12    
345 RL_POST_CTRL Permissibility of manual/automatic posting CHAR   
346 RL_POST_LINE_ICON Indicator for the posting line CHAR 132    
347 RL_POTYPE Account posting type CHAR   
348 RL_POTYPE_TXT Text for account posting type CHAR 50    
349 RL_POTY_TRANSL Conversion profile for return. pack. account posting types CHAR   
350 RL_POTY_TRANSL_TXT Text for conversion profile CHAR 40    
351 RL_PSHPASS Sequence number of assignments of relationship to account NUMC 12    
352 RL_PSHPNO Account relationship number CHAR 12    
354 RL_REPROCNO Number of reprocessing record CHAR 12    
355 RL_ROLEACM Role of account manager in account statement CHAR   
356 RL_ROLEPARTNER Role of partner in the relationship CHAR   
357 RL_SEQNO Sequence number INT4 10    
358 RL_SUPPNO Vendor Number in Account Statement CHAR 10    
359 RL_SUPPNO_PR Vendor Number in Account Statement (Main Relationship) CHAR 10    
360 RL_TRANSPTN Shipping Partner Number CHAR 20    
361 RL_TRMNO_EXT_CHECK Handling of faulty external transmission numbers CHAR   
362 RL_TYPE_NAMED_ID Type of named object CHAR   
363 RM08V_WBEW Goods Movement CHAR   
364 RM08_IDENT Identification of the application that generated the invoice CHAR   
365 RMAN_PRPL_ACC_CYRBELAS Capacity Load Per Period Due to Remaining Capacity DEC
366 RMAN_PRPL_STYPE Stock Categories CHAR 25    
367 RMAN_PRSP_BOOLEAN Boolean Variable (X = True, Space = False) CHAR   
368 RMAN_PRSP_COMP_DISPLAY Show WD Component Depending On Mode CHAR   
369 RMAN_PRSP_ERROR_FLAG Error Flag for Detail Check CHAR   
370 RMAN_PRSP_PRESUC Predecessor/Successor Identification CHAR   
371 RMAN_PRSP_PRIORITY WD Component Sequence on Screen NUMC   
374 RMAN_PRSP_TEXT_LINE Long Text Lines CHAR 132    
375 RMAN_PRSP_UIELEMENT Screen Element CHAR   
376 RMA_ATTRI Repairs processing: Display item attributes CHAR   
377 RMA_REPKZ Repair procedure: Confirm inspection lot/service order CHAR   
378 RMA_SCHEMA Repair procedure: Procedure CHAR   
379 RMA_SEFUE Repair procedure: Leading material(serviceable item/service) CHAR   
380 RMA_VORGA Repair procedure: Transaction CHAR   
381 RMA_ZEITP Repair procedure: Stage CHAR   
382 RMBABG00_REPART Parameter value for invoice verification type in RMBABG00 CHAR   
383 RMBET CURR 11 
384 RMBID Risk Management area CHAR   
385 RMDERITYPE RM: Derivation Type CHAR   
386 RMDPRTYPE RM: Category of a Detail Log Entry CHAR   
387 RMEDIEN Media reception NUMC   
388 RMET_KK Rounding rules for currencies CHAR   
389 RMFILTERLOGIC Filter Logic CHAR   
391 RMMATCHTYP Roadmap: Conversion Type CHAR   
392 RMNPVKEYF Key figure selection CHAR   
393 RMPHSTATE RM: Status of a Portfolio Hierarchy CHAR   
394 RMPSCHAR200L Character field of lenght 200, case sensitive (used in RMPS) CHAR 200    
395 RMPSDATS DATE (8 char.) for SYST DATS   
396 RMPSDEFTYPE Type for which the default setting is valid CHAR 12    
397 RMPSDOCTYPE Document Types CHAR 40    
398 RMPSDOD_LINKED_REC_INSTR Linked Record Disposal Instruction CHAR   
399 RMPSDOD_OPEN_CONTENT_FLAG DOD: Flag for Open Content CHAR   
400 RMPSGENSPTYPE Type of generic service providers in history table CHAR 10    
401 RMPSOTYPE Differentiation Document- ,Incoming Post, Record Types CHAR 10    
402 RMPSPBSPSID PBRM : POID Type( R: Record C:Case D:Document ) CHAR   
403 RMPSPETYPE Document Types CHAR 10    
404 RMPSPROFPLANTYPE Type of Fileplan CHAR   
405 RMPSPRO_CHIND Change Indicator CHAR   
406 RMPSPRO_DISP_INSTRUCTION Disposal Transaction CHAR   
407 RMPSPRO_PERIOD_MONTHS Disposal Period (Months) CHAR   
408 RMPSPRO_PERIOD_YEARS Disposal Period (Years) CHAR   
410 RMPSP_CUSTODIAN Custodian in Summarized Form CHAR 17    
412 RMPSP_DESC_USAGE Usage Type of a Descriptor CHAR   
413 RMPSP_DOCTYPE Dod: Document type CHAR   
414 RMPSP_DP_EXPSTAT PRO Disposal: Export Status (with fixed values) CHAR   
415 RMPSP_DP_HOLD Boolean Value for Disposal Lock CHAR   
416 RMPSP_DP_ID Disposal Schedule CHAR 24    
417 RMPSP_DP_LOC Logical Storage (DoD) CHAR   
418 RMPSP_DP_REVSTAT PRO Disposal: Review Status (with fixed values) CHAR   
419 RMPSP_DP_STATUS PRO Disposal Status of an Individual POID CHAR   
420 RMPSP_DSP_STATUS Physical Disposal Status CHAR   
421 RMPSP_EMAIL_TYPE RMPS: E-Mail Body or E-Mail Attachment CHAR   
422 RMPSP_LANG_ISO_639_2B Language Key Code ISO 639-2B (3-figure) CHAR   
423 RMPSP_PART_CUT_OFF_ID Rule for Closing a Part CHAR   
424 RMPSP_TRANS_EXT_ST Transfer to External Storage CHAR   
425 RMPSRECTYPE Record Types CHAR 40    
426 RMPSRGRNAME Name of a Generation Rule CHAR 32    
427 RMPSTNA_DISP_INSTRUCTION Disposal Transaction CHAR   
428 RMPSTYPEACT Activity Type CHAR   
429 RMPSU_DP_AUTHORITY Disposal Authority CHAR 12    
430 RMPSU_TEMPLATE_DESCRIPTION Attribute Template Description CHAR 64    
431 RMPSU_TEMPLATE_NAME Attribute Template Name CHAR 24    
432 RMPS_A2RM_ACCESS Access Type CHAR   
433 RMPS_A2RM_SPTYPE Service Provider Type CHAR   
434 RMPS_ACL_AGTID Agent ID of an ACL CHAR 12    
435 RMPS_ACL_OTP Object Type Access Control List CHAR   
438 RMPS_ACL_STAT Status of a Distribution List as ACL CHAR   
439 RMPS_ACL_TYPEID Type-Specific ACL Key CHAR 14    
440 RMPS_ACT_SIGNATURE Type of Description CHAR   
441 RMPS_ACT_TYPE Activity Type CHAR   
442 RMPS_ATTR_INHERIT_FROM_PARENT Indicator: Value Inherited from Parent Attr. with Same Name CHAR   
443 RMPS_ATTR_UPDATE_FOR_CHILDREN Indicator: Passed onto Subordinate Objects CHAR   
444 RMPS_AUTH_TYPE Type of Authorization Check CHAR   
445 RMPS_AUTUNIT Organizational Object for Authorization Check CHAR   
446 RMPS_AUT_GEN_ACTIVITY General Activity for Authorization Check CHAR   
447 RMPS_BP_REL Relevance of Field CHAR   
448 RMPS_CUTOFF_CALCULATION Cutoff Calculation CHAR   
449 RMPS_CUTOFF_PERIOD DoD: Cutoff Period CHAR   
450 RMPS_DECLARE_TYPE Possible Assignment CHAR   
451 RMPS_DEPARTMENT Head position (organizational unit) NUMC   
452 RMPS_DESK_ITEM_TYPE Type of Item in Tree CHAR   
453 RMPS_DESK_MODULE Desk Module CHAR   
454 RMPS_DESK_TSTAT Item Status CHAR   
455 RMPS_DISPOSAL_OVERALL_STATUS Overall Status of Disposal CHAR   
456 RMPS_DISPOSAL_STATE Disposal Status CHAR 10    
458 RMPS_DISP_DATE_CALC_TRIGGER Disposal Date calculation trigger CHAR   
459 RMPS_DMWB_WHERE Where to read the value from (LOIO or PHIO) CHAR   
461 RMPS_DOD_LEVEL DoD: Event triggering level CHAR   
462 RMPS_DOD_LINKED_REC_CHECK DoD: Flag For checking linked record CHAR   
463 RMPS_DOD_SDOK_STCAT SDOK: Category for Physical Documents CHAR 10    
464 RMPS_DP_INSTRUCTION_TYPE Disposal Instruction Type CHAR   
465 RMPS_EML_SOURCE Source of E-Mail attributes: Business Workplace or Mime CHAR   
466 RMPS_EVENT_COMBINATION Event Combination (UND/ODER Relationship) CHAR   
467 RMPS_EXT_EML_ATTR RMPS: External email attributes CHAR 25    
468 RMPS_EXT_EML_ATTR_DESC RMPS: External email attributes description CHAR 64    
469 RMPS_FPLAN_POS Record Plan Item CHAR 64    
470 RMPS_FREEZE_CODE Reasons for Freezing Record CHAR 64    
471 RMPS_INHERITANCE_VARIANT Variant of Inheritance Operation for Inheritance API CHAR 10    
472 RMPS_INT_EML_ATTR RMPS: Internal email attributes CHAR 25    
473 RMPS_INT_EML_ATTR_DESC RMPS: Internal email attributes description CHAR 64    
474 RMPS_KEEP_CUTOFF_DATE Keep Cutoff Date CHAR   
475 RMPS_LEVEL Level at which Disposal Schedule Applies CHAR   
476 RMPS_MAILSELECT Transfer of E-Mail Parts CHAR 10    
477 RMPS_OP_DESCR Description CHAR 64    
478 RMPS_OP_OBJ_STATE Status of Object in a Recursive Operation NUMC   
479 RMPS_ORGLEVEL Organizational Level CHAR   
480 RMPS_PORTION_ID Disposal Portion CHAR 12    
481 RMPS_PROT_ENTRY_TYPE Type of log entry CHAR 20    
482 RMPS_PRO_AGGREGATION Position of Object in Object Hierarchy (TNA, DoD) CHAR 32    
483 RMPS_PRO_DUPLICATE_CHECK PRO: Duplicate Check CHAR 32    
484 RMPS_PRO_RECORD_TYPE PRO: Record Type CHAR 32    
485 RMPS_PUT_AWAY RMPS: Yes/No Field with X and - (incl. temporary objects,..) CHAR   
486 RMPS_RAW134 Raw134 RAW 134    
487 RMPS_REFERENCE Unique Indicator CHAR 128    
488 RMPS_REFGEN_PROFILE Profile for Indicator Generation CHAR 32    
489 RMPS_RESUB_PATTERN Resubmission Template CHAR   
490 RMPS_RESUB_PERIOD_UNIT Unit for Period CHAR   
491 RMPS_SEL_TYPE Selection Type for Declaration CHAR   
492 RMPS_SETTING_NAME Settings CHAR 20    
493 RMPS_STORAGE_DURATION Storage catalog (without conversion exit) CHAR 20    
494 RMPS_STORAGE_DURATION_CONVEXIT Storage catalog (with conversion exit) CHAR 20    
495 RMPS_STORAGE_DURATION_DESCR Retention Time: Description CHAR 50    
497 RMPS_STORAGE_PLACE Storage Location CHAR 16    
498 RMPS_STORAGE_PLACE_CONVEXIT Storage Location CHAR 16    
499 RMPS_STORAGE_PURPOSE Storage Purpose CHAR   
500 RMPS_TRF_ACTION Import Action CHAR