SAP ABAP Domain - Index R, page 12
Domain - R
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 RSKPI_STATUS_TRAFFICLIGHTS Domains for KPI Status: Traffic Lights CHAR 10    
2 RSKPI_THRESHOLD_UNIT Unit of Threshold Value CHAR 10    
3 RSKPI_TIMELINESS Required Currentness of KPI CHAR 10    
4 RSKPI_USAGE_TYPE KPI Infrastructure: Usage Type CHAR 10    
5 RSKPI_VNT_VISIBILITY Visibility of KPI Variant CHAR 10    
6 RSKSVERSSAVE Status of New InfoSource: Saved / Not Saved CHAR 15    
8 RSKYFAMO Standard domain for amount key figure CURR 17 
9 RSKYFDECIM Decimal places (of a key figure) CHAR   
10 RSKYFFLO Standard domain for floating point key figures FLTP 16  16 
11 RSKYFGIS Standard domains for GIS key figures with greater precision DEC 15  12 
12 RSKYFINT Standard domain for integer key figures INT4 10    
13 RSKYFINVALIDITY Key Figure Value Invalid CHAR   
14 RSKYFINVALIDITY_V2 Invalidity of a Key Figure Value CHAR   
15 RSKYFNAV Navigation indicator for key figures CHAR   
16 RSKYFNUM Standard domain for number key figures (3 decimal places) DEC 17 
17 RSKYFNUM0 Standard domain for number key figures (without dec.places) DEC 17    
18 RSKYFPRSNT Display (of a key figure) CHAR   
19 RSKYFQUA Standard domain for quantity key figures QUAN 17 
20 RSKYFTP Key Figure Type CHAR   
21 RSLBCT_ACC_KEY Stock Ledger Account CHAR   
22 RSLBCT_NO_ACCOUNTS IND: Deactivate Account Model or Key Figure Model CHAR   
23 RSLBCT_NO_ALTFISCPER IND: No Alternative Posting Period CHAR   
24 RSLBCT_NO_ALTPERIV IND: No Alternative Fiscal Year Variants CHAR   
25 RSLDB_C26 Character 26 CHAR 26    
26 RSLDB_C50 Character 50 CHAR 50    
27 RSLDB_GTXT Functional group text CHAR 24    
28 RSLDB_IXFI Matchcode field names CHAR 21    
29 RSLDB_NUMB Functional group IDs CHAR   
30 RSLDB_ORIG Origin of selection view CHAR   
31 RSLENGTH2 Length in Database RAW   
32 RSLEVELTABTYPE Level table type for hierarchies in BW NUMC   
34 RSLGABTIME Time in ABAP format TIMS   
35 RSLGAREA System log: Message area (1st part of message number) CHAR   
36 RSLGBUFFNA SysLog: Name of a buffer or memory space CHAR   
37 RSLGCLASID System log: Message class ID CHAR   
38 RSLGCLASS Class of problems that generate system log messages INT1   
39 RSLGCLINE SysLog: lines in C program CHAR   
40 RSLGCNT SysLog: an (unspecific) counter NUMC   
41 RSLGDURA SysLog: Time interval ( +dddddhhmmss ) CHAR 12    
42 RSLGENDREA SysLog: Reason for a work termination CHAR   
43 RSLGENTCNT System log: No. of log entries NUMC 10    
44 RSLGENTR System log: LIKE RSLGENTR structure CHAR 180    
46 RSLGERRNO SysLog: Operating system error number: "errno" NUMC   
48 RSLGFILENO SysLog: File number NUMC   
49 RSLGFILNAM SysLog: File name CHAR 79    
50 RSLGFILOFF SysLog: File offset NUMC 10    
51 RSLGGENLEN Length (from left) used for generic search NUMC   
53 RSLGINSTID SysLog: Instance name (System & Computer & Number) CHAR 20    
54 RSLGINSTNO SysLog: Instance number ("SAPSYSTEM") NUMC   
55 RSLGLOCAT SysLog: Location in C program NUMC   
56 RSLGMACMNO Part number of mail command word for sending syslog INT1   
57 RSLGNKKD Monitoring categories for system log CHAR   
58 RSLGNKVD Values for syslog mon. categories CHAR 32    
59 RSLGNO System log message Identifier CHAR   
60 RSLGOUTDST SysLog: Output destination (Screen, Printer,...) CHAR   
61 RSLGPID SysLog: LIKE RSLGPID structure CHAR 12    
62 RSLGSELFIL SysLog: File selection CHAR   
63 RSLGSORT SysLog: Sort order CHAR   
64 RSLGSQLCOD SysLog: SQL error ID number NUMC   
65 RSLGSUBCID System log/ audit: Sub-class classification INT4 10    
66 RSLGSUBID System log: Third character of message name CHAR   
67 RSLGSUBKEY Subkey if several lines are to be allowed INT1   
68 RSLGS_ Function selection, check box on screen CHAR   
69 RSLGTIME System log time stamp CHAR 16    
70 RSLGTYPE System log entry type CHAR   
71 RSLGVERNO SysLog: Version number CHAR   
72 RSLGWPTYPE Workprocess Type CHAR   
77 RSLG_DATA SysLog: variable message text data CHAR 64    
78 RSLG_DUMMY2 Syslog: Dummy 22 Characters CHAR 22    
79 RSLG_DUMMY6 Syslog: Dummy 6 Characters CHAR   
80 RSLG_GUID_32 Syslog: GUID 32 CHAR 32    
83 RSLG_TERMINAL Syslog terminal name CHAR 20    
84 RSLG_TERM_ID_NEW_32 New Terminal ID CHAR 12    
85 RSLG_TERM_NEW Terminal CHAR 32    
86 RSLHNODEVERS Folder Version CHAR   
87 RSLINESTYLE Line style NUMC   
89 RSLOCD External system type CHAR   
90 RSLOCKED Lock mode CHAR   
91 RSLOGALIGN Position NUMC   
92 RSLOGDPID packet CHAR 30    
93 RSLOGONAME Logo name CHAR 30    
94 RSLONGCURR Amount DEC 28 
95 RSLONGQUAN Quantity Field DEC 31  14 
96 RSLOW Selection criteria: From value CHAR 45    
97 RSLPO DataStore CHAR 30    
98 RSLPONAME Logical Partitioning: Name of LPO CHAR 30    
99 RSLPO_COMPROLE Logical Partitioning: Role of LPO Component CHAR   
100 RSLPO_CREATEFROM Build an object version from another version CHAR   
101 RSLPO_F4_HELP_TYPE Type of input help you want to use CHAR   
102 RSLPO_GEN_TASK_MODE Semantic Partitioning: Mode of a Generation Process CHAR   
103 RSLPO_GEN_TASK_STATUS Logical Partitioning: Status of Generation Process CHAR   
104 RSLPO_GUI_POPUP Status of User Query CHAR   
105 RSLPO_GUI_RANGE_VALUE Left or Right Edge of Area CHAR   
108 RSLPO_LOCKS_SUB_ACTION Sub-action of lock service (lock for ...) CHAR   
109 RSLPO_POBJ Semantic Partitioning: Subobject for Authorization Check CHAR 10    
110 RSLPO_TASK_MODE Semantic Partitioning: Mode of a Process CHAR   
111 RSLTIPNAME TransientProvider CHAR 30    
113 RSLUI_UPLOAD_SOURCE Source for Upload INT2   
114 RSLUPDMODE Upload Modes (Workspace Folder) CHAR   
115 RSLWSPNAME Workspace Name CHAR 30    
116 RSLWSPNAMESPACE BW Workspace Namespace CHAR 30    
117 RSLWSPOBJ Object in Workspace CHAR 30    
118 RSLWSPTLOGO Workspace TLOGO Types CHAR   
119 RSL_BACKUP_ID Backup ID CHAR 32    
120 RSL_BINDING_TYPE Connection Type CHAR   
121 RSL_IS_LOCAL Object is local (WorkSpace) CHAR   
122 RSL_MI_RUN_STATE Execution Status for Import Process CHAR   
123 RSL_UI_AINDEX_SOURCE Source of an Analytic Index in the Workspace INT1   
124 RSL_UI_AINX_NAME Name of Provider CHAR 19    
125 RSL_UI_CALC_TYPE Calculation Types CHAR 30    
126 RSL_UI_CLEANS_ACTION Data Cleansing Actions During Upload CHAR   
127 RSL_UI_CLEANS_STAT_PARTS Data Cleansing Actions During Upload CHAR   
128 RSL_UI_CONCAT_OPRD_TYPE Operand Type for Concatenation CHAR 30    
129 RSL_UI_CONV_ERROR_HANDLING Handling of Conversion Errors During WSP File Upload CHAR   
130 RSL_UI_COPR_NAME CompositeProvider Name in WEB UI CHAR 10    
131 RSL_UI_COPR_STATUS Status of CompositeProvider CHAR   
132 RSL_UI_COPY_QUERY_TYPE Types of Query Copy CHAR   
133 RSL_UI_COPY_QUERY_TYPE_EXT Types of Query Copy CHAR   
134 RSL_UI_DATATYPE Data Types for Provider Upload CHAR   
135 RSL_UI_DECIMALS Decimals INT2   
137 RSL_UI_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 255    
139 RSL_UI_DUPLICATE_HANDLING Handling of Duplicates upon Creation of Local Providers CHAR   
140 RSL_UI_FIXED_UNIT_CURRENCY Fixed Unit of Measure or Fixed Currency CHAR   
141 RSL_UI_GRAPH_DISTANCE Horizontal Distance Between the Nodes (Graphical Preview) CHAR   
145 RSL_UI_JOIN_COLUMN_TYPE Type of Join Field CHAR   
146 RSL_UI_LENGTH Length INT2   
147 RSL_UI_MAPPING_RATING Rating for Link Proposal INT1   
148 RSL_UI_MAPPING_USAGE Type of Link for Provider Field with Composite Provider INT1   
149 RSL_UI_MAP_TYPE Mapping Object Type CHAR   
150 RSL_UI_MY_WORKSPACE_PROV_TABS List of Tabs with Providers INT1   
151 RSL_UI_NAME Name CHAR 30    
152 RSL_UI_PROPOSAL_RULE Rule for Mapping Proposal NUMC   
153 RSL_UI_PROPOSAL_RULES Rule for Mapping Proposal NUMC   
154 RSL_UI_PROV_SRC Proposal for Providers: Create COPR INT2   
155 RSL_UI_SIZE Size INT4 10    
156 RSL_UI_TRANSFORMATION_TYPE Transformation Type for Provider Field CHAR   
157 RSL_UI_UNIT_CURRENCY Unit or Currency CHAR   
158 RSL_UI_VARIANT_TYPE Query Variant Type CHAR   
159 RSL_WSP_VIEW View in Workspace UI CHAR   
160 RSM3_DSOURCE Special DataSource Field CHAR 41    
161 RSM3_ICON_D First 3 Characters of an Icon CHAR   
162 RSM3_ISOURCE Special InfoSource Field CHAR 31    
163 RSM3_SYUNAME First 3 Characters of an Icon CHAR   
164 RSMARGIN Border NUMC   
165 RSMDALPHASTATE ALPHA Status of a Characteristic CHAR   
166 RSMDCNVOPERATION Conversion Operation Type CHAR   
167 RSMDCNVSTATE Conversion Status CHAR   
168 RSMDCONVEXITSTATE ALPHA Status of a Characteristic CHAR   
169 RSMDNUMDOM Domain for Number Generation used in MD Naming NUMC 10    
170 RSMDOBJTP Object type CHAR   
171 RSMDP_TABLE_TYPE Master Data: Type of Master Data Table CHAR   
172 RSMDS_BOOLEAN Boolean ('0' = False, '1' = True, ' ' = Undetermined) CHAR   
173 RSMDS_CALHALFYEAR Calendar Quarter NUMC   
174 RSMDS_CALMONTH Calendar Month NUMC   
175 RSMDS_CALQUARTER Calendar Quarter NUMC   
176 RSMDS_CALWEEK Calendar Week NUMC   
177 RSMDS_CHAR36 Character Type of Length 36 CHAR 36    
178 RSMDS_COMPARE_RESULT Comparison Result INT4 10    
180 RSMDS_HASH32 32-Character Hash Value CHAR 32    
181 RSMDS_HASHX Binary Hash Value RAW 20    
182 RSMDS_UNINAME Name of the Universe CHAR 20    
183 RSMDUSAGETYPE Usage Type for Master Data CHAR   
184 RSMD_IS_ALPHA_CONFORM Indicators Chars. have Correct Internal Vals (X,N, SPACE) CHAR   
185 RSMD_REUSE_USAGE_LIST Mode of reuse of last where-used list of an InfoObject CHAR   
186 RSMD_REUSE_USAGE_LIST_HC Mode of reuse of last where-used list of an HC InfoObject CHAR   
187 RSMD_RS_AUTH_MODE Authorisation check mode for master data read services CHAR 10    
188 RSMD_RS_CONST_TP Type of constant of a characteristic CHAR 10    
189 RSMD_RS_PRSNT Presentation of one InfoObject CHAR 10    
190 RSMD_RS_READ_MODE Read Mode(F4) for Master Data Read Services CHAR   
191 RSMD_RS_ROLE Role for meta data of an info object CHAR   
192 RSMD_RS_SEARCH_ACTION Search Action for TREX Search CHAR   
193 RSMD_RS_SORT_PRSNT info object presentation based on which it will be sorted CHAR 10    
194 RSMD_RUN_ORDER Execution Order INT4 10    
195 RSMD_UC_CHECKMODE Mode for Where-Used Check of Master Data CHAR   
196 RSMD_UC_MAPTYPE Where-used check :Mapping type bet. temp. tab and object tab CHAR   
197 RSMD_UC_STATUS Status of Temporary Table for Where-Used Check of MD CHAR   
198 RSMESSAGETEXT Message short text (variables expanded) CHAR 273    
199 RSMETAUPDIC Data handling type when updating the IC CHAR   
200 RSMETH Provision method CHAR   
201 RSMETYPE Key Figure Category NUMC   
203 RSMIGRATE_ACTION Migration: Action to be Performed CHAR   
204 RSMIGRATE_ERROR Migration: Error in the current area CHAR   
205 RSMIGRATE_OBJRES Migration: Result of Object Handling CHAR   
206 RSMIGRATE_OBJSTATUS Migration: Object Status CHAR   
207 RSMIGRATE_SCOPE Migration: Areas (Execution in this sequence) CHAR   
208 RSMIGRATE_STATUS Migration: Status CHAR   
209 RSMIGRATE_TLOGO_ROOT Object type as root object CHAR   
210 RSMIGRATE_TODO Migration To do CHAR 20    
211 RSMIME Mime data targets (RAW255) RAW 255    
212 RSMMR_COMPARATOR Relational Operator for MMR Query CHAR   
213 RSMODDATE Last changed on DATS   
214 RSMODTIME Time of Last Change TIMS   
215 RSMONTREEOBJ Monitor tree: Object can be displayed CHAR   
216 RSMPER Read Time-Dependent Master Data CHAR   
217 RSMPICTURE File name screen for scheduler/monitor CHAR 30    
218 RSMPROPARTOBJ MultiProvider Subobject CHAR 10    
219 RSMRMD_A_ACCR_FIELD Accrual Field Name CHAR 30    
220 RSMRMD_A_CALC_TYPE Calculation Type CHAR   
221 RSMRMD_A_CUSTOMIZING_PARAM Customizing Parameter CHAR 30    
222 RSMRMD_A_CUSTOMIZING_VALUE Accrual Modelling -> Customizing Parameter Value CHAR 30    
224 RSMRMD_A_MAP_NAME Map Name CHAR 30    
225 RSMRMD_A_RUN_TYPE Execution Run Type CHAR   
226 RSMRMD_A_STATUS Model Status CHAR   
227 RSMRMD_C_STATUS Model Status CHAR   
229 RSMRT_APPL_STEPNM Application Step Name for display in monitor CHAR 68    
230 RSMRT_CGNM Remodeling Rule Name CHAR 10    
231 RSMRT_CMODE Object Creation Mode CHAR   
232 RSMRT_CONVERSION_STEP Conversion step CHAR 10    
233 RSMRT_FIELDTYPE Whether a field is a SID field or a value field CHAR   
234 RSMRT_LASTRUNDT Date when a conversion request was last run DATS   
235 RSMRT_LASTRUNTM Time when the last conversion for this request was run TIMS   
236 RSMRT_OPNO Operation Number NUMC   
237 RSMRT_OPTP Operation Type INT1   
238 RSMRT_OPTYPE Operation type CHAR 10    
239 RSMRT_PARAM Operation Parameter CHAR 60    
240 RSMRT_PARAMCONST Constant parameter for operation CHAR 120    
241 RSMRT_REQSTATUS Status of Conversion Request CHAR   
242 RSMRT_RRNM Remodeling Rule Name CHAR 10    
243 RSMRT_SE14 Domain for Data Element RSMRT_SE14 CHAR   
244 RSMRT_STEPNO Serial Number of Conversion Step NUMC   
245 RSMRT_STEPSTATUS Status of Conversion step CHAR   
246 RSMSGCLASS Message class CHAR 20    
247 RSMSGNUM Message number CHAR   
248 RSM_ACTION_TYPE External personnel action type CHAR   
249 RSM_COM_ID Identification of transaction CHAR 40    
250 RSM_DESTINATION_MODE Destination mode for determining recipient stores CHAR   
251 RSM_OPTION Options for ranges CHAR   
252 RSM_RETURN_MSG Return code for subsystem CHAR 450    
253 RSM_SEQNR Sequence number for external employee maintenance interface NUMC 12    
254 RSM_SIGN Sign for ranges CHAR   
255 RSM_STATUS2 Processing status for an employee data record CHAR   
256 RSM_STATUS2_PARA Status 2 parameter for external HR master data CHAR   
257 RSNAMECONV Naming Convention for Forming Substitution Names CHAR   
258 RSNCUMFL Non-cumulative value CHAR   
259 RSNDP NDP (New Dimension Product) Identifier CHAR   
260 RSNG_ARROWSIZE Length of Arrowhead CHAR   
261 RSNG_ARROWSTYLE Style of an Arrowhead CHAR   
262 RSNG_ARROWTYPE Edge Arrowhead Type in Network Graphic CHAR   
263 RSNG_ARROWWIDTH Width of Arrowhead CHAR   
264 RSNG_BOOL Boolean CHAR   
265 RSNG_CHECKBOX Checkbox in Network INT2   
266 RSNG_LINESTYLE Edge Style in Network Graphic CHAR   
267 RSNG_LINETYPE Line Type of Link in Network INT2   
268 RSNG_TYPENAME ABAP Type Name CHAR 200    
269 RSNODENAME Name of the hierarchy node CHAR 32    
270 RSNODETYPE Type of a hierarchy node CHAR   
271 RSNOSISICO No single SID commit with master data update CHAR   
272 RSNR Number INT4 10    
273 RSNSPACEPATTERN Permitted Namespace for Object Type CHAR   
274 RSNTP Reason Type (Reject / Delete) CHAR   
275 RSNUM Reservation/dependent requirements number NUMC 10    
276 RSNUMBER Counter for Rep.Serv. INT4 10    
277 RSNUMC10 10 digit numerical character field NUMC 10    
278 RSNUMC3 BIW: 3-Place Numeric Character Field NUMC   
279 RSNUMC4 NUMC field length 4 NUMC   
280 RSNUMC6 BIW: 6-Place Numeric Character Field NUMC   
281 RSNUMC8 8 digit numerical field NUMC   
282 RSNUMRECORD Number of transferred data records INT4 10    
283 RSN_CODE Reason Code CHAR   
284 RSOACTIVITY TLOGO Version Origin INT1   
285 RSOACTIVITY_TEXT UI Text Descriptions for Origin of a TLOGO Version CHAR 32    
286 RSOADSOCOLNM DataStore Object Column Name CHAR 200    
287 RSOADSODESCR Datastore Object: Descriptions SSTR 225    
288 RSOADSONM DataStore Object: Name CHAR 30    
289 RSOADSOPARTOBJ Subobject for ADSO CHAR 10    
290 RSOADSOTTYP DataStore Object Text type CHAR   
291 RSOASSOCOBJECT Association Object Type NUMC   
292 RSOBCTCOMP Obsolete. Do not delete CHAR 10    
293 RSOBI_MF_EXT_IOBJSUBTP SOBI Model Factory: Enhanced Type of an InfoObject CHAR   
294 RSOBJECT Object name CHAR 72    
295 RSOBJFUNC How is the object transferred from the Content CHAR   
296 RSOBJSEL Object selection for the call-up of object generation CHAR   
297 RSOBJSTAT Object Status CHAR   
298 RSOBJS_ACTION Object Services: Node Change (Delete, Create, etc.) CHAR   
299 RSOBJS_ACTION_TYPE Action Type (for User Locks) CHAR   
300 RSOBJS_BASE_OBJT Object Servces: Search Attribute (for Projections) CHAR 30    
301 RSOBJS_CATEGORY Object Services: Category (TLOGO, Projection, Union) CHAR   
302 RSOBJS_CHECK_FLAG Check Result CHAR   
303 RSOBJS_CHECK_TYPE Type of check CHAR   
304 RSOBJS_DESC Objekt Services: Description Field 255 Characters CHAR 255    
305 RSOBJS_INIT_PARAM Object Services: Transfer of Object Parameters for Front End CHAR 16    
306 RSOBJS_JAVA_CLASS Object Services: Name of the Java Klasse CHAR 120    
307 RSOBJS_KEY Object Services: Key CHAR 40    
308 RSOBJS_MODE Object Services: Display Mode O = Open, S = Save CHAR   
309 RSOBJS_NAME Object Services: Name for Name-Value Pairs CHAR 30    
310 RSOBJS_NODE_ID Object Services: Node ID for Transfer Table CHAR 12    
311 RSOBJS_SEARCHSTR Object Services: Search String CHAR 60    
312 RSOBJS_SEMANTIC Object Services: Semantic CHAR   
313 RSOBJS_TECHNAME Object Services: Technichal Name CHAR 30    
314 RSOBJS_TIMESTMP Timestamp in the Format YYYYMMDDhhmmss for RFC NUMC 14    
315 RSOBJS_TXT_ID Object Services: ID for the Text Maintenance CHAR 10    
316 RSOBJS_TYPE Object Service: Object Type CHAR   
317 RSOBJS_VALUE Object Services: Value for Name-Value Pairs CHAR 60    
318 RSOBJS_VIEW Object Services: Object View CHAR   
319 RSOBJTP Object types to which text table entries refer CHAR   
320 RSOBJTYPE Type of requested data CHAR   
321 RSOBJVERS Object version CHAR   
322 RSOBJ_CLS Object Class CHAR   
323 RSOCOPYMODE Copy Mode (0: Check, 1: Copy) NUMC   
324 RSOCOPYSEGMENT Copy Table Segment CHAR   
325 RSOCTOSTATE Status regarding the transport CHAR   
326 RSODELTA Delta procedure of an OLTP source CHAR   
327 RSODFEATURES TREX Features of a Document STRG   
328 RSODINDXJOBSTATE Status of Indexing Job CHAR   
329 RSODPCOMMITSTAT ODP: Commit Status CHAR 10    
330 RSODPDEBUG Debug Level CHAR   
331 RSODPLOADSTAT Status CHAR 15    
332 RSODPPACKSTAT ODP: Status of a Data Package CHAR 15    
333 RSODPTYPE Type of Operational Data Provider CHAR   
334 RSODSDEC172 DEC 17 2 for generated structures DEC 17 
335 RSODSDEC173 DEC 17 3 for generated structures DEC 17 
336 RSODSDEC192 DEC 19 2 for generated structures DEC 19 
337 RSODSENGINESTATE Status of the Search Engine CHAR   
338 RSODSINT2 INT2 for generated structures INT2   
339 RSODSINT4 INT4 for generated structures INT4 10    
340 RSODSOAGGRHDB Description of Aggregation Behavior for HDB INT4 10    
341 RSODSOASSIGNTP Assignment Type CHAR 10    
342 RSODSOBPWAITTIME Wait Time for Breakpoints INT4 10    
343 RSODSOBREAKID Break ID INT4 10    
344 RSODSOCONSTANTS Constants for Related DataStore Object Implementations CHAR   
345 RSODSOCONTEXTNAME Name of Context CHAR 30    
346 RSODSODELTP Deletion Context CHAR 10    
347 RSODSOFIELDTPREQ Type of Field Request CHAR 10    
348 RSODSOIMOACT DataStore Action CHAR 32    
349 RSODSOMAXTASKS Maximum Number of Parallel Processes to Be Started INT4 10    
350 RSODSOPACKAGESIZE Package Size INT4 10    
352 RSODSOPROCESSING Type of Processing (Batch, Dialog, Serial) CHAR   
353 RSODSORESTYPE Type of Result Structure CHAR   
354 RSODSORTTF Valid Start Time TIMS   
355 RSODSOSERIALPROCESSING Processing Occurs Serially CHAR   
357 RSODSOSIDSTATE Status of SID Scan INT4 10    
358 RSODSOTABTYPE Table Type of the DataStore Object CHAR   
360 RSODSOWAITTIME Wait Time until Process Is Considered Lost INT4 10    
361 RSODSOWAITTIMEOUT Wait Time in Seconds until Termination of Parallel Process INT4 10    
362 RSODSO_COMPRESSCL Compressed Change Log for HANA-opt. DataStores CHAR   
363 RSODSO_DATABASE_OPERATION Specifies a Database Operation CHAR   
364 RSODSO_DSODOMAIN Domain for DataStore objects INT4 10    
365 RSODSO_MIGROPT Migration Options INT4 10    
366 RSODSO_REQUEST_AVAILABILITY Display of Availablility of a Request in DataStore Object CHAR   
367 RSODSO_TASK_EXCEPTION Mapping Class-Based / Conventional Exception INT4 10    
368 RSODSPACKSTATE Package Status During the Conversion NUMC   
369 RSODSPARTOBJ Subobject for ODS Object CHAR 10    
370 RSODSREQSTATE DSO Request Status NUMC   
371 RSODSTYPE Operational Data Store type CHAR   
372 RSOD_DOC_CLASS BW Document Class CHAR   
373 RSOD_DOC_CLASS_ITEM_DOC BW Document Class for F4 Help in Individual Document Item CHAR   
374 RSOD_OVERWRITE_MODE Overwrite Mode for Documents CHAR   
375 RSOD_SHOW_CONTEXT Indicator to Display Conditions for Documents CHAR   
376 RSOD_VERSION_HANDLING Version Management of Documents in Web CHAR   
377 RSOHCPRCOLNM Hana CompositeProvider Column Name CHAR 200    
378 RSOHCPRDESCR HanaCompositeProvider: Descriptions SSTR 255    
379 RSOHCPRNM HanaCompositeProvider: Name CHAR 30    
380 RSOHDEST Open Hub Destination CHAR 30    
381 RSOHDESTPARTOBJ Subobject for Open Hub Destination CHAR 10    
382 RSOHLOGSYS Logical Target System CHAR 10    
383 RSOHSOURCE Data Source CHAR 30    
384 RSOHSRCTYPE Type of Data Source CHAR   
386 RSONLTYPE Online type - popup or report selection screen CHAR   
387 RSOPTION Selection criteria: OPTION CHAR   
389 RSOSAUTHFIELDTP Type of Authorization Field CHAR   
390 RSOSCARDINALITY Join Cardinality CHAR   
391 RSOSC_BFUNCTION Business Function CHAR 30    
392 RSOSC_DOM_LOGSYS Logical System CHAR 10    
393 RSOSDESCRIPTION Description CHAR 60    
394 RSOSJOINTP Join Type CHAR   
395 RSOSNTLOGO BW Search TLOGO Objects CHAR   
396 RSOSOBJTYPE BW: Object type for Search in TREX CHAR   
397 RSOSOBJVERS Object version for BI Metadata Search CHAR   
399 RSOSOURCE InfoSource CHAR 30    
401 RSOSSEARCHMETH BI Search Method (technical) CHAR   
402 RSOSSTATUS Object status CHAR   
403 RSOSTABLETP Table Type CHAR   
404 RSOSTENGINESTATE Status of TREX Search Engine CHAR   
405 RSOSTSRCHSTATE Status of TREX Search for an object type CHAR   
406 RSOSTYPE Type of OLTP Source that delivers master data CHAR   
407 RSOSUSAGETP Type of TLOGO usage NUMC   
408 RSOSVERSION Object version CHAR   
409 RSOSVIEWTP Attribute View Type CHAR 10    
410 RSOS_AUTHORITY_CHECK Authority check CHAR   
411 RSOS_CHANGETP Type of Change (Metadata Queue) CHAR   
413 RSOS_ES_LOG_OPEARATOR Logical operator CHAR   
414 RSOS_ES_MODEL_TYPE Type of Object Type CHAR   
415 RSOS_ES_REQUEST_TYPE Type of request CHAR   
416 RSOS_INDEX_STATUS Index Status CHAR   
417 RSOS_INDXNG_STAT Flag to show whether any of indexing job is running CHAR   
418 RSOS_QUEUE_STATUS Status of an object in the indexing Queue CHAR   
419 RSOS_SEARCH_TYPE Type of search CHAR   
420 RSOS_STATUSFL Status for Indexing/Searching CHAR   
421 RSOS_VERSFL Version to be indexed for TLOGO objects CHAR   
422 RSOTEXTTYP Type of local text to be stored CHAR   
423 RSOXMLIMPSTATUS BW Metadata Repository: Status Import XML NUMC   
424 RSOXMLTAGALIAS Alias for XML Name CHAR 255    
425 RSO_ACT_CONT_AUTOM Setting: Business Content Is Autom. Activated After Import CHAR   
426 RSO_ASC_TYPE Association type in BW Repository NUMC   
427 RSO_ASC_TYPE_REVERSE RSO_ASC_TYPE reversal - always with maintenance NUMC   
428 RSO_BIXP_ACTIVITY Possible Actions of a BI Conversion Object CHAR 40    
429 RSO_BIXP_STATUS Status for BI Conversion Objects CHAR   
430 RSO_BOIS_FIELDID BO Information Steward: Field ID CHAR 60    
431 RSO_BOIS_INOUT BO Information Steward: In/Out Flag CHAR   
432 RSO_BOIS_RULEID BO Information Steward: Rule ID CHAR 25    
433 RSO_BOIS_RULETYPE BO Information Steward: Rule Type CHAR 30    
434 RSO_CLASS_ATTRIBUTE BW Metadata Repository, Class: Attributes CHAR 30    
435 RSO_CLASS_CLASSID BW Metadata Repository, Classe: Qualified Name CHAR 80    
436 RSO_CLASS_ID BW Metadata Repository, Class: Object ID CHAR 40    
437 RSO_CLASS_REFERENCE BW Metadata Repository, Class: Reference CHAR 30    
438 RSO_COLLECT_GROUPING BW Repository: Grouping of types when collecting objects NUMC   
439 RSO_COLLECT_MODE BW Repository: Object Collection Mode CHAR   
440 RSO_CONTENT_STATE Status of a Content Object CHAR   
442 RSO_ENH_VERSION Version of Enhancement (A or I) CHAR   
443 RSO_FILTER_TLOGO BW Repository: Object type filter CHAR   
444 RSO_IMPACT_TYPE Type of Impact Analysis CHAR   
445 RSO_LOGSYS Logical system with conversion exit, no BDLS CHAR 10    
446 RSO_LOGSYS_TRUE Logical system (no conversion exit, no BDLS) CHAR 10    
447 RSO_MAINTENANCE_STATE Processing Status of a TLOGO Object CHAR   
448 RSO_MAIN_PACKAGE BW Main Package (values - see CL_RSO_COMP_MEDIATOR_FACTORY) CHAR 30    
449 RSO_MMR_VALUE Value for Name-Value Pair CHAR 1024    
450 RSO_MODEL_VERSION Meta Model Version CHAR   
451 RSO_NSP_CUSTOMER Customer Namespace for BW Content Objects CHAR 13    
452 RSO_PROPERTY BW Repository: Property CHAR 32    
453 RSO_PROPERTY_VALUE BW Repository: Property value CHAR 64    
454 RSO_RES_AUTH Authority Settings CHAR   
455 RSO_RES_XML Any XML Data RSTR   
456 RSO_SCOPE_CHECK_MSGTY Error Severity for Messages About Consistency of Switch CHAR   
457 RSO_TLOGO_EVENT BI TLOGO Framework: Time or Event CHAR   
458 RSPARANM Technical Name of Variant CHAR 30    
459 RSPARNAME Domain for RSPARNAME ( 64 Bytes ) CHAR 64    
460 RSPARTMODE InfoCube: Partitioning Type CHAR   
461 RSPARTNO Partition number for PSA partitioning NUMC   
462 RSPARTSIZE Size of PSA partition INT4 10    
463 RSPARTVAL Partition value INT4 10    
464 RSPARTVL Field for partitioning value CHAR 10    
465 RSPARVALUE Domain for RSPARVALUE ( 256 Characters) CHAR 255    
466 RSPATH Path CHAR 255    
468 RSPBPC_CAP_ID PBPC Formula Cap ID CHAR 10    
469 RSPBPC_LOOKUP_ID Lookup buffer settings ID CHAR 10    
470 RSPBPC_SCEN_ID Personnel Budget Calc: Scenario ID CHAR 30    
471 RSPBPC_UPDATE_MISSING Treatment of missing rows for planning update CHAR   
472 RSPBP_CONTTYPEID PBP: Content Category of InfoProvider CHAR 10    
473 RSPBP_IOBJID_D PBP: Type ID of Key Figure or Characteristic CHAR 10    
474 RSPCPARTOBJ Subobject for the Process Chains CHAR 10    
475 RSPC_CATEGORY Category of a Process NUMC   
476 RSPC_CHAIN Process Chain (Guid) CHAR 25    
477 RSPC_CONTROLMODE Which control should be used for display? CHAR   
478 RSPC_DECISIONCOMMAND If / else if / else CHAR   
479 RSPC_DECISION_LOWHIGH Low Value or High Value CHAR   
480 RSPC_DEPENDENCY_FLAG Flag for Controlling Dependencies between Processes CHAR   
481 RSPC_DIRECTION Direction of an Event CHAR   
482 RSPC_DOCUTYPE Type of Documentation Object CHAR   
483 RSPC_EVENTCOLOR "Color" of Event (Red, Green) CHAR   
484 RSPC_EVENTNO Event Number NUMC   
485 RSPC_EVENTRANGE Possible Events of a Process NUMC   
486 RSPC_FLAG Flag for Controlling Dependencies CHAR   
487 RSPC_FRONTENDMODE Display Mode Process Chain Maintenance CHAR   
488 RSPC_INSTANCE Process Instance (Value) CHAR 30    
489 RSPC_LOGID Log ID of a Process Chain Run CHAR 25    
490 RSPC_OBJECTTYPE Type of Object (CL or BO) CHAR   
491 RSPC_OPTION Selection criteria: OPTION CHAR   
492 RSPC_PLANSTATE Process Schedule Status CHAR   
493 RSPC_SIGN Selection criteria: SIGN CHAR   
494 RSPC_STATE Status of Process CHAR   
495 RSPC_TYPE Process Type CHAR 10    
496 RSPC_VARIANT Process Variant (Name) CHAR 30    
497 RSPC_VIEWMODE Expert View or Simplified View CHAR   
498 RSPER0 Period 0 CHAR   
499 RSPERIV Period version CHAR   
500 RSPERSMULTI_TYPE Denotes multiplicity for personal value selection NUMC