SAP ABAP Domain - Index R, page 8
Domain - R
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
2 RPLM_TD_FLAG Flag for Check CHAR   
4 RPL_AKT_GRUND Action/Reason in Pension Information Procedure CHAR 15    
5 RPL_RENTNR Pension Number in Pension Information Procedure CHAR 14    
6 RPL_RTBTCHAR Pension Amount CHAR CHAR 10    
7 RPL_TEXT Text CHAR 89    
8 RPL_ZAHLBEG Payment Start in Pension Information Procedure CHAR 10    
9 RPMAX Maximum period NUMC   
10 RPMKR Regional market CHAR   
11 RPMS1 HR time units UNIT   
12 RPMSH HR time units CHAR   
13 RPM_ACTION_GROUP Project Info iview: Link Groups NUMC   
14 RPM_ACTION_TYPE Action Type CHAR   
15 RPM_ACTIVITY_TYPE Activity Type CHAR   
16 RPM_ADV_DIST_BREAKDOWN Resource Manager Worklist Period Breakdown CHAR   
17 RPM_ALLOCATION_UNIT Portfolio Management: Assignment Unit CHAR   
18 RPM_APPLICATION Application CHAR   
19 RPM_APPLICATION_AREAS Application Areas CHAR   
20 RPM_APPLICATION_TEXT Backend Application Text CHAR 30    
21 RPM_AVAILABILITY Portfolio Management: Assignment Data DEC 20 
22 RPM_AVAIL_UNIT RPM Resource Availability Unit CHAR   
23 RPM_AVLB_PERIOD Availability Unit NUMC   
24 RPM_AVLB_UNIT Availabilty Unit UNIT   
25 RPM_AVLB_UNIT_MEASURE Availabilty Unit NUMC   
26 RPM_BCOS_TSTMP UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
27 RPM_BOOKING_STATUS Booking Status Reource to Proejct CHAR   
28 RPM_BOOLE_D Boole CHAR   
29 RPM_BUDGET_GROUP Budget Status Group NUMC   
30 RPM_CALC_BASE Calculation Base CHAR   
31 RPM_CAPACITY Portfolio Management Capacity DEC 26 
32 RPM_CAUSE Reason CHAR 15    
33 RPM_CHANGEABILITY Changeability CHAR   
34 RPM_CHANGEABILITY_ITEM Changeability of Checklist ItemsC CHAR   
35 RPM_COMPLETION Completion NUMC   
36 RPM_CONVERSION_FACTOR Portfolio Management: Capacity Management Conversion DEC 12 
37 RPM_CON_AREA Controlling Area CHAR   
38 RPM_COSTCAT Cost Category CHAR 15    
40 RPM_COST_OBJECT_ID Portf. Mgmt: Cost Object ID CHAR 24    
41 RPM_COST_SUBSUM Cost sub-sum category CHAR   
42 RPM_CO_AMOUNT Cost Amount CURR 15 
43 RPM_CRITICALITY Portfolio Management: Criticality NUMC   
44 RPM_CSF_WEIGHT Critical Success Factor Weight DEC
45 RPM_CTEMPLATE_STATUS Custom Development Template - Status CHAR   
46 RPM_DAILY_HOURS Hours per Day DEC
47 RPM_DATE Date DATS   
48 RPM_DEPENDENCY_STATUS Dependency Status NUMC   
49 RPM_DEPENDENCY_TYPE Type of Dendency between Tasks. NUMC   
50 RPM_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 30    
51 RPM_DPR_PROC_STATUS Summarized Processing Status Project Management CHAR   
52 RPM_DP_STATUS_GRP Dependency:Status Indicators NUMC   
53 RPM_DX_APPLICATION Data Transfer Application CHAR   
54 RPM_DX_APPLICATION_TEXT Data Transfer Application Text CHAR 50    
55 RPM_DX_FILETYPE Portf. Mgmt Data Transfer: External File Type CHAR 10    
56 RPM_DX_RAW_DATA External File Raw Data CHAR 4096    
57 RPM_DX_RAW_DATA_FIELD Single Field of an External Raw Data Record CHAR 512    
58 RPM_DX_UP_FILETYPE Portfolio Management: Import File Type CHAR 10    
59 RPM_DX_UP_FILETYPE_XLS Portfolio Management: Import File Type CHAR 10    
60 RPM_ECV Project expected commercial value CURR 16 
62 RPM_EXTID External Identification NUMC 20    
63 RPM_FACTOR Conversion Factor DEC 15 
65 RPM_FES_TD_AUTHORIZATION Staffing Authorization CHAR   
69 RPM_FIELD_UTILIZATION_TYPE Utilization of Portfolio Management Fields CHAR   
70 RPM_FIF_OBJLINK_ID RPM Object Link CHAR 24    
72 RPM_FIF_PERTYPE Period Type CHAR   
73 RPM_FIF_PROJ_ID Project ID CHAR 24    
75 RPM_FILENAME Local File for Import/Export CHAR 128    
76 RPM_FI_PROJ_PHASE Project Phase NUMC   
77 RPM_FLAG Portfolio Management CHAR   
78 RPM_FMEA_RATING FMEA Key Figure (0-10) DEC   
79 RPM_FUNCNAME Portfolio Management RFC CHAR 30    
80 RPM_GROUP_NAME Group Name CHAR 15    
81 RPM_GUID Guid for application objects RAW 16    
82 RPM_HTML_COLOR HTML Color Selection CHAR   
83 RPM_ICONS Portfolio Management Graphics CHAR   
84 RPM_IF_FI_OBJLINK_ID RPM Object Link CHAR 24    
85 RPM_IF_FI_PROJ_ID Project ID CHAR 24    
87 RPM_LINK_GROUP_APPEND Project Info:Portal Link Group NUMC   
88 RPM_MANDT Client CLNT   
89 RPM_MILESTONE Portfolio Mgmt: Milestone Object Link NUMC 12    
90 RPM_MLST_PRCNT Time interval percentage-milestone/activity date DEC   
91 RPM_MSG_TXT Portfolio Management: Message Text CHAR 170    
92 RPM_NO_WORKING_DAYS No. of Working Days CHAR   
93 RPM_OBJECT_TYPE Business Object Type CHAR   
94 RPM_OBJECT_TYPE_TEXT Backend Cost Object Type Text CHAR 30    
95 RPM_OBJTYPE Cost Object Type CHAR   
96 RPM_OBJ_LINK_TYPE Type of Linked Object CHAR 15    
97 RPM_OBL_SRCH_HLP_NAME Search Help Name CHAR 30    
98 RPM_OLPROXY_APPL Application CHAR 12    
99 RPM_OLPROXY_APPT Backend Application Text CHAR 30    
100 RPM_OLP_APPL Application CHAR 12    
101 RPM_OLP_APPT Backend Application Text CHAR 30    
102 RPM_OPERATION_TYPE Operation Type CHAR   
103 RPM_ORGID Organisation ID CHAR   
104 RPM_ORGTYPE Organisation Type CHAR   
105 RPM_PARTICIPANT_ROLE Role Type for Projects CHAR 15    
106 RPM_PERIOD Portfolio Management: Time Period CHAR   
107 RPM_PERIOD_ID Portfolio Management: Period ID CHAR   
108 RPM_PERIOD_NO Week/Month ID ACCP   
109 RPM_PERIOD_TYPE Period Type CHAR   
110 RPM_PHASE_ALERT_OBJECT Stage Alert Object NUMC   
111 RPM_PRIORITY_GROUP Project Priority Group NUMC   
112 RPM_PRIO_OBJECT Portfolio Prioritization Object NUMC   
113 RPM_PROCESS Process CHAR 15    
114 RPM_PROJECTTYPE Project type NUMC   
115 RPM_PROJECT_APPL Backend Application CHAR   
116 RPM_PROJECT_APPST Project Approval Status NUMC   
117 RPM_PROJECT_APST_FIX Project Approval Status fixed values CHAR   
118 RPM_PROJECT_CATEGORY Portfolio Item Category NUMC   
119 RPM_PROJECT_EXECSTAT Project Execution Status NUMC   
120 RPM_PROJECT_EXECSTAT_GROUP Project Execution Status Group NUMC   
121 RPM_PROJECT_GEOGRAPHY Project Geography CHAR   
122 RPM_PROJECT_LOCATION Project Location CHAR   
123 RPM_PROJECT_PHASE Portfolio Item Stage NUMC   
124 RPM_PROJECT_TECHTYPE Project Technology Type NUMC   
125 RPM_PROJ_CATEGORY Project Type CHAR   
126 RPM_PROJ_UPD_APPL Backend Application CHAR   
127 RPM_PS_FLAG PPM Integration: Boolean values TRUE (='X') and CHAR   
128 RPM_PS_GROUP Group (Cost Center/Activity Type/Cost Element Group) CHAR 15    
130 RPM_PS_OFFSTB Offset to production resource/tool usage dates QUAN   
132 RPM_PS_VNZTV Offset to production resource/tool usage dates QUAN   
133 RPM_QUANTITY Portfolio Management Quantity DEC 15 
134 RPM_QUANT_AMOUNT PPM Capacity amount QUAN 26 
135 RPM_R3LOCATION Location CHAR 10    
136 RPM_RATE_TYPE Cost/Revenue Rate for Roles CHAR 15    
137 RPM_RECEIVER_TYPE Settlement Receiver Type CHAR   
138 RPM_REL_GUID Guid RAW 16    
139 RPM_REPORT_TIME_UNIT Portfolio Management: Reporting Time Unit NUMC   
140 RPM_RES_MGMT_VIEW Resource Management View CHAR   
141 RPM_RES_SYSUUID Universal Unique Identifier RAW 16    
142 RPM_RISKREWARD_FIELD Risk/Reward Field CHAR   
143 RPM_RISK_GROUP Project Risk Group NUMC   
144 RPM_RM_ACO_ACTVT Activity for Authorization Check CHAR 10    
145 RPM_RM_TD_RES_POOL_ID Domian for Resource Pools CHAR 24    
146 RPM_ROLE_TYPE Role Type NUMC   
147 RPM_RPN Risk Priority Number DEC   
149 RPM_RV_RELTYPE Relationship Type CHAR   
150 RPM_SCHEDULE_GROUP Schedule Status Group NUMC   
151 RPM_SCN_VIEW What-If Scenario Field NUMC   
152 RPM_SCROLL Scroll Direction CHAR   
153 RPM_SETTINGS_AREA area settings NUMC   
154 RPM_SETTINGS_NAME Settings Name NUMC   
155 RPM_SETTLEMENT_FLAG Settlement Consideration Indicator CHAR   
156 RPM_STAFFING_GROUP Staffing Status Group NUMC   
157 RPM_SUBCATEGORY Portfolio Item Subcategory NUMC   
158 RPM_TASK_EXEC_STATUS Task Execution Status NUMC   
159 RPM_TASK_EXST_GROUP Task Execution Status NUMC   
160 RPM_TASK_STATUS Portfolio Management: Task Status NUMC   
161 RPM_TD_CHAR132 char 132 CHAR 132    
162 RPM_TD_DX_SHEET Sheet CHAR 10    
163 RPM_TD_EXCH_RATE Domain for Exchange Rate DEC 20 
165 RPM_TD_ITEM_PROJ_TYPE Underlying Project Type of an Item CHAR   
166 RPM_TD_NUMC4 numc 4 NUMC   
167 RPM_TD_PM_WORKLIST_ALLOC_UNIT Resource Manager Worklist Assignment Unit CHAR   
168 RPM_TD_PM_WORKLIST_INFO_TYPE Project Management Worklist Entry Info Type CHAR   
169 RPM_TD_PM_WORKLIST_PER_BKDOWN Project Management Worklist Period Breakdown CHAR   
170 RPM_TD_RAW Raw 255 RAW 255    
171 RPM_TD_RM_DISTR_METHOD Resource Manager Advance Distribution Method CHAR   
172 RPM_TD_RM_WORKLIST_ALLOC_UNIT Resource Manager Worklist Assignment Unit CHAR   
173 RPM_TD_RM_WORKLIST_BUPA_ID Resource Manager Worklist BuPa ID CHAR 10    
174 RPM_TD_RM_WORKLIST_BUPA_NAME Resource Manager Worklist BuPa Name CHAR 40    
175 RPM_TD_RM_WORKLIST_DATE Resource Manager Worklist Date DATS   
176 RPM_TD_RM_WORKLIST_INFO_TYPE Resource Manager Worklist Entry Info Type CHAR   
177 RPM_TD_RM_WORKLIST_PER_BKDOWN Resource Manager Worklist Period Breakdown CHAR   
178 RPM_TD_WORKLIST_DATE Resource Manager Worklist Date DATS   
179 RPM_TEXT Text CHAR 40    
180 RPM_TV_CHANGE_MODE Domain for Change Mode CHAR   
181 RPM_TV_FIELDVAL Portfolio Management: Field Value CHAR 24    
182 RPM_TV_OLP_OBJTYPE Type of object CHAR 15    
183 RPM_TV_PP_UNIT Prioritization Unit DEC 16 
184 RPM_TV_PROJECT_PROCESSING Project Processing CHAR   
186 RPM_TV_RM_SCOPE Domain for scope CHAR   
187 RPM_TV_ROLE_SEARCH_STATUS Stautus of Role Profile CHAR   
189 RPM_TV_STATE iView State CHAR   
190 RPM_TYPE Type of object CHAR 15    
192 RPM_UI_PROP_ID iView Property ID CHAR 20    
193 RPM_VALUE_TYPE Value Type CHAR   
194 RPM_VERSION_TYPE Version Type CHAR   
195 RPM_WHATIF_VIEW_ID View ID for What If Additional Data NUMC   
196 RPM_WORK Work/Required Capacity QUAN
197 RPOHD Corporate standard report heading CHAR 12    
198 RPONA Consolidation report ID CHAR 12    
199 RPORTB Portfolio position CHAR 10    
200 RPRCA_CA Type of Printout for Letter and Payment Form NUMC   
201 RPRCA_KK Print type of letter and payment forms NUMC   
202 RPRCI_KK Index: Process installment plan while printing paymt forms CHAR   
203 RPRCK_KK Indicator for delayed printout CHAR   
204 RPROGRAMM IS-H Name of a remote ABAP/4 program (without check) CHAR   
205 RPROZGRD Reason for alternative increase in percentage rate CHAR   
206 RPSTE Retail maintenance statuses (0 to 8) NUMC   
207 RPTYP_CA Repayment Plan Category CHAR   
208 RPTYP_KK Repayment plan cat. CHAR   
209 RPT_BOOL RPT: Boolean value CHAR   
210 RPT_FEED Page break, Report Writer CHAR   
211 RPUGDF_INT1 Domain INT1 for RPUGDF.. INT1   
212 RPUGDF_TEXTART Classification of text type in RPUGDF00 CHAR   
213 RPVGA PS Reporting: Budget Update Transaction CHAR   
214 RPXRECH Posting ID for invoice/credit memo items CHAR   
215 RPYGSERCLS Error class repository API CHAR 10    
217 RPYGSPSTAT Processing degree of a function CHAR   
218 RPYGSREQTY Type of CICO request CHAR 10    
219 RP_CHAR30 Character string length: 30 CHAR 30    
220 RP_OUTPUT Output format CHAR   
221 RQNUM Requirements total record number NUMC 10    
222 RRACTUALDATA Request Status NUMC   
223 RRACTUALDATAVAR Status of Data for Query Variables NUMC   
224 RRADDNLS Should the near-line storage be read too? CHAR   
225 RRBLFV Indicator for virtual value (filling gaps in non-cumul.) CHAR   
226 RRCTY Record type CHAR   
227 RRCTY_BCS Recort type for BCS CHAR   
228 RRDELTAMODE Data Read Mode of the Query (Partitioning of the SP) NUMC   
229 RRDISPLAY Display Mode for Variables CHAR   
230 RREGEL RI: Rounding rule CHAR   
231 RREMPTY Display Values Not Posted CHAR   
232 RRGL Interest calculation rule CHAR 10    
233 RRGRUND Reason for the mandatory characteristic NUMC   
234 RRHIERACTTP Indicator Whether Hierarchy Must Be Active NUMC   
235 RRHIREADMODE Hierarchy - Data selection on demand - Mode CHAR   
236 RRHI_MARK Hierarchy Selection NUMC   
237 RRINPUTMODUS Data entry type NUMC   
238 RRINTTYP Type of interval CHAR   
239 RRISUSED Use Indicator CHAR   
240 RRI_DATE Date DATS   
241 RRI_RECSEN Sender/receiver indicator CHAR   
242 RRKEN Component 709: Retroactive accounting indicator NUMC   
243 RRKFVALUE Float Value FLTP 16  16 
244 RRLAGGR Local aggregation NUMC   
245 RRLBD AB-RRLE: Basis of Remuneration List Date CHAR   
246 RRLCG AB-RRLE: Condition Type Group CHAR   
247 RRLCGTYPE AB-RRLE: Condition Type Group Category CHAR   
248 RRLEVEL Hierarchy level in OLAP INT4 10    
249 RRLOCK FEMS is to be locked CHAR   
250 RRLPA Agency Business: Remuneration List Partner CHAR   
251 RRLREC Agency Business: Remuneration List Recipient CHAR 10    
252 RRLRG AB-RRLE: Remuneration List Group CHAR   
253 RRLSOURCE Original Document Category for Remuneration List Creation CHAR   
254 RRNODEI Internal node ID NUMC   
255 RRNUMBR Name of currency translation type CHAR 10    
256 RROALIST List type CHAR   
257 RROBOPE Condition? CHAR   
258 RROBWRT Value with 3 decimal places and +/- indicator DEC 17 
259 RROSART Sort type CHAR   
260 RROSDIR Sort direction CHAR   
261 RROW Row number in ratio block NUMC   
262 RRPACKLEVEL Packageability Level of a Query CHAR   
263 RRPLEVEL Standardizing type CHAR   
264 RRPRALIGN Text alignment CHAR   
265 RRPRCURUNITPOSIT Position of the currency / unit of the key figures CHAR   
266 RRPRDIRECTION Printing direction (horizontal / vertical) CHAR   
267 RRPRHRYPRSNT Browser view CHAR   
268 RRPRLENGTH Length Type for Printing INT4 10    
269 RRPRLINE Line for printing CHAR 255    
270 RRPRMEDIA Print output medium CHAR   
271 RRPRPAGENR Page number when batch printing INT4 10    
272 RRPRSIGNPOSIT Position of the +/- sign CHAR   
273 RRPRTITLE Title CHAR 80    
274 RRRETURNNM Field name of the data return CHAR   
275 RRRONLY Function: Only RRR CHAR   
276 RRSITHRESHOLD Threshold Value: Select Single -> Select for All Entries INT4 10    
277 RRSMODE Mode in which a query is executed (online, batch) CHAR   
278 RRSPCNM Field name in the SP CHAR   
279 RRSPL Bit String RAW   
281 RRSTOCK_COVER Stock Coverage CHAR   
282 RRSUMMEPOS Position of results row CHAR   
283 RRTAGGREGATOR Description of how a measure was derived NUMC   
284 RRTALLPRPTYS Selection of properties for method members_get CHAR   
285 RRTCELLSTATUS Status of a cell of an ODBO dataset CHAR   
286 RRTCMDTXT mdx command text CHAR 75    
287 RRTCOLOR Color CHAR   
288 RRTCUBE Name of a cube CHAR 70    
289 RRTCUBETYPE Type of a cube in the RFC interface of the OLAP engine CHAR 20    
290 RRTDBTYPE type indicator for tensor data type NUMC   
291 RRTDESFLAGS desc_flags of a DESCENDANTS set expression CHAR   
292 RRTDIMENSIONTYPE Type of a dimension NUMC   
293 RRTDIMUNAM Unique name of a dimension CHAR 32    
294 RRTEMPHASIS Indicator if cell value should be displayed with emphasis CHAR   
295 RRTEXECEPTION Status of an exception of a md dataset cell CHAR   
296 RRTFUNCTION Function Name CHAR 70    
297 RRTHIEID Unique name of a hierarchy CHAR 32    
298 RRTIMEMODE Source of this condition NUMC   
299 RRTIMETP Characteristic larger than or the same as time-ref. charact. CHAR   
300 RRTLEVELTYPE Characteristics of a hierarchy level NUMC   
301 RRTLONGDSCRPTN Description (Long) CHAR 255    
302 RRTMDXSTATEMENT MDX statement CHAR 1000    
303 RRTMEMUNAM Unique name of a member CHAR 143    
304 RRTOBJECT Type of Object in MDX CHAR 30    
305 RRTOBJECT2 Type of Object in MDX CHAR 30    
306 RRTOBJTYPE ODBO Object type NUMC   
307 RRTORDERDIR Sort direction in an ORDER set_value_expression CHAR   
308 RRTPARAMLIST Parameters CHAR 132    
309 RRTPARAMPROCTYPE Parameter processing type NUMC   
310 RRTPARAMREPLTYPE Parameter replacement type (optional, mandatory) NUMC   
311 RRTPARAMSELCTYPE Parameter selection type (single value, interval...) NUMC   
312 RRTPARAMTYPE Type (formula, characteristic value) of cube parameter NUMC   
313 RRTPROPID ID for data source info properties INT4 10    
314 RRTPROPNAME Properties of MD dataset cells CHAR 30    
315 RRTREQTYPE Type of a Query about XML for Analysis NUMC   
317 RRTSCOPE Visibility NUMC   
318 RRTSELCATTP Entry type in the selection elements catalog INT4 10    
319 RRTSELTYPE Type of selection: (V)alue, (N)ode, (T)able CHAR   
320 RRTSETTYPE Type of a set NUMC   
321 RRTSUBTYPE Type of Subgroup in Data Stream CHAR   
322 RRTTOTAL MD dataset cell status with respect to total, subtotal. CHAR   
323 RRTTRACEMSGTYPE Type of a debug/trace mesg of the MDX parser CHAR   
324 RRTTRACETXT Text for trace/debug information CHAR 100    
325 RRTTREEOP Tree operations for restrictions on the members rowset NUMC   
326 RRTUNITS Unit of a measurement CHAR 60    
327 RRULE Assessment/Distribution Rule Receiver CHAR   
328 RRULE_RLV Receiver rule for indirect activity allocation CHAR   
329 RRUSED Requested Value Fields RAW 16    
330 RRVALEXCP Value Exceptions CHAR   
331 RRVALTYPE Value Type CHAR   
332 RRVBUCKET Bucket CHAR 30    
333 RRX2_TRACELEVEL Trace Level of the Trace Tool CHAR   
334 RRXAXIS Axes along which a characteristic can be drilled down CHAR   
335 RRXCAPTION Text for Excel menu entry CHAR 60    
336 RRXCHAUSAGE Characteristic Usage CHAR   
337 RRXCONTENT Semantic content of a grid cell CHAR   
338 RRXCONTEXT Context/meaning of a data record in the query table CHAR 12    
339 RRXCONTYPE Requirement type NUMC   
340 RRXCOORD Key figure coordinate = Ongoing number in the text table INT4 10    
341 RRXCURSP Translate All Currencies When Filling the SP RAW   
342 RRXDATA Data part of a grid cell CHAR 73    
343 RRXDCPCHAR Decimal separator used by client CHAR   
344 RRXDECIM Number of decimal places CHAR   
345 RRXDEPENDENCY Items a cache entry is dependent on RSTR   
346 RRXDIM Condition indicator CHAR   
347 RRXDISPMODE Display mode of a node CHAR   
348 RRXDRILLSTATE Status of a hierarchy node with respect to tree structure CHAR   
349 RRXEMPHASIS Highlighting CHAR   
350 RRXEXCEP Status of an exception CHAR   
351 RRXFACTYPE Type of factor for requirements and exceptions NUMC   
352 RRXFORMAT VB Formating string CHAR 64    
353 RRXGENTIME String representation of a time stamp CHAR 18    
354 RRXHANDLE Object handle NUMC   
355 RRXHDAR Hierarchy display CHAR   
356 RRXHID Hierarchy identifier CHAR 34    
357 RRXHRYNODEPOSIT Positions of the nodes in reference to their leaves CHAR   
358 RRXITEMTYPE Type of request data record CHAR 12    
359 RRXKEYTYPE Type of key CHAR   
360 RRXMEMTYPE Type of Member CHAR   
361 RRXMENU Use flag for menu entry CHAR   
362 RRXMENUID ID for entry in Excel context menu CHAR   
363 RRXMSGNR Message no. NUMC   
364 RRXNOSUMS Suppression of totals rows CHAR   
365 RRXPABSOLUT Ranked List Parameter(s) CHAR   
367 RRXPMKZ Plus-minus indicator from hierarchy nodes CHAR   
368 RRXPORDER Ranked list direction: Top or bottom CHAR   
369 RRXPRANKORDER Ranked list sorting (top, bottom) CHAR   
370 RRXPRANKTYPE Ranked list type (total, number of Objects, percentage) CHAR   
371 RRXPRSNT Display type of an object CHAR   
372 RRXSCALING Scaling factor CHAR   
373 RRXSELSCRN Processing modes of the variables screen CHAR   
374 RRXSIGNPRSNT Display of +/- Signs CHAR   
375 RRXSPOC Hierarchy Node Suppression CHAR   
376 RRXSUMPOSIT Position of results row CHAR   
377 RRXSWAHL Sort position NUMC   
379 RRXSYMTYPE Type of text symbol CHAR   
380 RRXSYMVALTYP Type of symbol value CHAR   
381 RRXSYMVALUE Value of a text symbol CHAR 132    
382 RRXVALTYP Value type (normal, undefined, diff0 ...) CHAR   
383 RRXW3CMDID ID for Web command CHAR 25    
384 RRXWS_ATR_TYP Attribute type CHAR 10    
385 RRXWS_ATR_VALUE Character Display for an Attribute Value CHAR 250    
386 RRXWS_CLASS Renderer class CHAR   
387 RRXWS_F4TYPE F4 Type of Attribute of a Renderer in Web Reporting CHAR   
388 RRXWS_MS Multi-Selection of Attribute in Web Publisher CHAR   
389 RRXXY Coordinate indicator for report component CHAR   
390 RRX_DOC_LIST_TYPE Type for BEx Analyzer Interface Document Links CHAR   
391 RRX_PAGENO Page ID for Web Reporting INT4 10    
392 RRX_RETURN_CODE Return Code for Web Reporting INT4 10    
394 RR_ACCPD Accrual period DEC 10 
395 RR_ACDATV Proposed start date for accrual period CHAR   
396 RR_AWTYP Evaluation type in customer/vendor information system CHAR   
397 RR_BILTP Balance sheet type CHAR   
398 RR_DSOCT DSO calculation type CHAR   
399 RR_KONST Name of FI constant CHAR 10    
400 RR_LRAW Variable function part of table RFRR LRAW 3500    
401 RR_OWNER Evaluation view CHAR   
402 RR_REFFLD Sequential number CHAR 10    
403 RR_RELTYP Revenue recognition category CHAR   
404 RR_REVEVDOCN Revenue Event Document Number CHAR 10    
405 RR_REVEVDOCNI Item Number of Revenue Event NUMC   
406 RR_REVEVTYP Revenue Event Type CHAR   
407 RR_REVEVTYP_CUST Revenue Event Type (Customizing) CHAR   
408 RR_REVFIX Fixed Revenue Line Indicator CHAR   
409 RR_REVSP Revenue Distribution Type CHAR   
410 RR_RRCTY Record type - planned/actual indicator CHAR   
411 RR_SORT Sort retroactive run printout CHAR   
412 RR_TSN_ID_DEC generic transaction sequence number / request SID DEC 23    
413 RR_UZEIT Time TIMS   
414 RR_VERSN Version within an evaluation type CHAR   
415 RR_VTAGE Days in arrears for due date analysis NUMC   
416 RS2HANA_AUTH_ACTION Generation Action INT1   
418 RS2HANA_AUTH_ASSIGNMENT_TYPE Privileges assignment type CHAR   
419 RS2HANA_AUTH_DBMS_USER SAP BW user to SAP HANA user mapping option CHAR   
420 RS2HANA_AUTH_ENVIROMENT Execution Enviroment (Batch, PC, Manual) INT1   
421 RS2HANA_AUTH_MODE Execution Mode INT1   
422 RS2HANA_AUTH_OBJTP RS2HANA Authorization Object Types CHAR   
423 RS2HANA_AUTH_STATUS Status of Artifact CHAR   
424 RS2HANA_VIEW_PACKAGE SAP HANA Content Package for HANA Views CHAR 500    
425 RS38L_KIND Parameter type CHAR   
426 RS38L_NORM Normal Function Module CHAR   
427 RS38L_OBLI Obligatory parameters CHAR   
428 RS38L_OPTI Optional parameters CHAR   
429 RS38L_PARA Function module parameter CHAR 30    
430 RS38L_TYP Associated Type of an Interface Parameter CHAR 132    
431 RS38L_TYPE Reference Structure is an ABAP/4 Type CHAR   
432 RS3RDDATATYPE Data type in ABAP dictionary CHAR   
433 RS3RDKEYVALUE 3rd-party-specific key value CHAR 128    
434 RS3RDPWD Password for logging on to 3rd party tools CHAR   
435 RSACTION Actions to reduce request lists in DTAs CHAR   
437 RSAC_FILE_STRING String Field STRG   
438 RSAC_OPTIONAL_CONVERSION Run Optional Conversion Exit in the Transfer Rules CHAR   
439 RSADMWBOBJ Administrator Workbench object CHAR 10    
440 RSAD_SEGMENT Displayed Segment CHAR   
441 RSAD_TSMETHODE Method for Loading Data into BI (Display) CHAR   
442 RSAF_CHANGEMODE Change Mode ('C'= Create, 'U'= Update, 'D'= Delete) CHAR   
443 RSAF_ENTITYCNTR Entity Counter (-1 for Before Image, +1 for After Image) DEC 19    
444 RSAF_TRANSEQUNO Transaction Sequence Number DEC 31  14 
445 RSAGGREXC Exception aggregation CHAR   
446 RSAGGRGEN Usual aggregation CHAR   
447 RSALIGN Alignment on printed page CHAR   
448 RSALVLPARTOBJ Aggregation Level Subobject CHAR 10    
449 RSAL_C256 256 characters (uppercase and lowercase) CHAR 256    
450 RSAN_CLTV_DEC172 Decimal 17.2 with +/- Sign DEC 17 
451 RSAN_MDL_AGGR Aggregation: Analysis Process CHAR   
453 RSAN_MDL_FILE_WRITE_MODE File Write Mode CHAR 10    
454 RSAN_MDL_HIERAGGR Aggregation: Analysis Process CHAR   
455 RSAN_MDL_NODE_TYPE Type of Node in the Analysis Process CHAR   
456 RSAN_MDL_OLAP_INDX_VIEW Data View Analytical Index CHAR 15    
457 RSAN_MDL_OLAP_INDX_WRITE_MODE Write Mode Analytical Index CHAR 10    
458 RSAN_OM_ATTRTYPE Attribute Type CHAR   
459 RSAN_OM_CLASSID Class Identifier for Objects CHAR 30    
460 RSAN_PATH Path CHAR 200    
461 RSAN_PROCESS Analysis Process CHAR 30    
462 RSAN_PRR_ARUN Analysis Run CHAR 30    
463 RSAN_PRR_MONITOR_OBJECT Outline Nodes in the Analysis Run Monitor CHAR 10    
464 RSAN_PRR_STATE Status of an Analysis Run - (Constants in RSANQ_C_STATE) CHAR   
465 RSAN_PRR_TARGET_TLOGO Analysis Run - Domains for Object Type of the Data Target CHAR   
466 RSAN_PR_APPLICATION Analysis Process Application CHAR 16    
467 RSAN_PR_SERVTYPE Type of Server CHAR   
468 RSAN_RESPONSE_MODEL Response Prediction Model CHAR 32    
469 RSAN_RFM_FORECAST_VERSION RFM Forecast Version CHAR 24    
470 RSAN_RFM_SEGMENT_COUNT No. of segments NUMC   
471 RSAN_RFM_SEGMENT_VERSION RFM Segmentation Model CHAR 12    
472 RSAN_TEXT Description CHAR 60    
473 RSAN_UT_RESULT_GUID Interim Result GUID CHAR 32    
474 RSAN_VI_STAT1_CONTENT_TYPE Content type of data: Discrete or continuous CHAR   
475 RSAN_WB_APPL_TYPE Application Type for Analysis Process Modeling CHAR 16    
476 RSAN_WB_TOOL Tool in the Analysis Process Designer Toolbar CHAR 30    
477 RSAN_WB_TOOLGROUP Tool Group in the Analysis Process Designer Toolbar CHAR 30    
478 RSAOS_DESTTYPE RFC connection type CHAR   
479 RSAO_FILETYPE_D Analysis Office: File Type Values CHAR   
480 RSAO_LAUNCH_OPEN_TYPE_D Analysis Office Launch Open Type NUMC   
481 RSAO_OBJTYPE_D Analysis Office Object Type NUMC   
482 RSAO_SYSCON_D Analysis Office: System Connection CHAR 255    
483 RSAO_SYSCON_TYPE_D Analysis Office: System Connection Type NUMC   
484 RSAPO_VALUE_DOM APO: Floating point number FLTP 16  16 
485 RSAPPCOMPNM Parent Component of Variant NUMC   
486 RSAPPLNM Application Component CHAR 30    
488 RSAP_CALLSTACK_ID Call Stack ID RAW 20    
489 RSAP_INT8_AS_DEC 64-Bit Integer as BCD Number DEC 19    
490 RSARCHDELMODE BW Archiving: Mode for Selective Deletion CHAR   
491 RSARCHDELPARDEG BW Archiving: Parallel Process Capacity for Reorganization INT4 10    
492 RSARCHDELTHRESH BW Archiving: Threshold for Selective Reorgn in Percentage DEC   
493 RSARCHMTHD Archive Access CHAR   
494 RSARCHOBJNUM Archive Object Number in BW NUMC   
495 RSARCHOBJTYPE BW Archiving Object Type CHAR   
496 RSARCHPTYPE BW Achiving: Program Type CHAR   
497 RSARCHRECSTAT BW Archiving: Archiving Status NUMC   
498 RSARCHREQSTAT BW Archiving: Request Status CHAR   
499 RSARCHREQUID BW Archiving: Archiving Request CHAR 30    
500 RSARCHSELTYPE BW Archiving: Selection Type CHAR