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SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index 1
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IMG Activity - 1

# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
?   ?  
1 OHAEHU001D S_AHR_61004046 Process in deferred period 
2 PT_TMW_SCRA_RC_104 S_PLN_16000124 Select Time Data for Calendar 
3 V_T7UNOM_FUNDT S_PAD_19000017 Funding Type 
4 V_T7UNOM_POSIT S_PAD_19000015 Position Type 
5 _FICABTDCSV_FQZ17 S_KK4_74002537 Maintain Value Adjustment Variants for Automatic Adjustments 
6 /AIN/ACTTYPE /AIN/38000009 Define Action Types 
7 /AIN/ACTTYPEBP /AIN/38000010 Determine Business Processes 
8 /AIN/ACTVT000001 /AIN/71000022 BAdI: Modify Observation Related Data 
9 /AIN/ACTVT000002 /AIN/71000023 BAdI: Transfer Custom Fields to BI 
10 /AIN/ACTVT000003 /AIN/71000024 BAdI: Get Product Associated With an Object 
11 /AIN/ACTVT000004 /AIN/71000025 BAdI: Get Object ID Version 
12 /AIN/ACTVT000005 /AIN/71000026 BAdI: Match Objects to Document Items 
13 /AIN/ACTVT_EPCIS_CAP /AIN/79000034 BAdI: EPCIS Event Capture 
14 /AIN/ACTV_DLV_CONF /AIN/71000037 BAdI: Processing of Delivery Confirmations 
15 /AIN/APP_LOG_BADI_MA /AIN/79000020 BAdI: Map Application Log from Activity Message 
16 /AIN/ARC_OBJECT_CHEC /AIN/79000001 BAdI: Check Object Data Before Archiving 
17 /AIN/BADIAILDEVOBCRE /AIN/79000058 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceObservationCreateRequestConfirmation_In 
18 /AIN/BADIAILDEVOBEL /AIN/79000057 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceObservationByElementsQueryResponse_In 
19 /AIN/BADIAIL_COLCRRC /AIN/46000009 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelSCMCollectionCreateRequestConfirmation_In 
20 /AIN/BADIAIL_COLDERC /AIN/46000011 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelSCMCollectionDecodeRequestConfirmation_In 
21 /AIN/BADIAIL_COLENRC /AIN/46000010 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelSCMCollectionEncodeRequestConfirmation_In 
22 /AIN/BADIAIL_DEVDFRC /AIN/46000012 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceSCMDefaultReferenceSetRequestConfirmation_In 
23 /AIN/BADIAIL_DOBTDQR /AIN/46000013 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceObservationSCMLabelByBTDRefQueryResponse_In 
24 /AIN/BADIAIL_DOCNTQR /AIN/46000014 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceObservationSCMLabelCountByBTDRefQueryResponse_In 
25 /AIN/BADINRGEGEN_OER /AIN/79000072 BAdI: Number Range Administration Enhancements 
26 /AIN/BADINRGEREQ_OER /AIN/79000073 BAdI: Send Number Range Request 
27 /AIN/BADI_AILDEVCGRC /AIN/79000055 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceChangeRequestConfirmation_In 
28 /AIN/BADI_AILDEVCNRC /AIN/79000054 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceCancelRequestConfirmation_In 
29 /AIN/BADI_AILDEVCRRC /AIN/79000056 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceCreateRequestConfirmation_In 
30 /AIN/BADI_AILDEVELQR /AIN/79000052 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceByElementsQueryResponse_In 
31 /AIN/BADI_AILDEVIDQR /AIN/79000053 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDeviceByIDQueryReponse_In 
32 /AIN/BADI_AIL_BYELQR /AIN/79000042 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelByElementsQueryResponse_In 
33 /AIN/BADI_AIL_BYIDQR /AIN/79000043 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelByIDQueryResponse_In 
34 /AIN/BADI_AIL_CANCRC /AIN/79000044 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelCancelRequestConfirmation_In 
35 /AIN/BADI_AIL_CHNGRC /AIN/79000045 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelChangeRequestConfirmation_In 
36 /AIN/BADI_AIL_CREARC /AIN/79000046 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelCreateRequestConfirmation_In 
37 /AIN/BADI_AIL_DEC_RC /AIN/79000047 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelDecodeRequestConfirmation_In 
38 /AIN/BADI_AIL_ENC_CR /AIN/79000048 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelEncodeRequestConfirmation_In 
39 /AIN/BADI_AIL_PRNTRC /AIN/79000049 BAdI: Auto-IDLabelPrintRequestConfirmation_In 
40 /AIN/BADI_BUS_DOC_EX /AIN/79000024 BAdI: Generic Business Document Execution Request 
41 /AIN/BADI_ID_CONV /AIN/71000020 BAdI: Encode or Decode User Defined IDs 
42 /AIN/BADI_NRGEREQREC /AIN/79000060 BAdI: Receive Number Range Request 
43 /AIN/BADI_NRGERES_RE /AIN/79000062 BAdI: Receive Response for Number Range Request 
44 /AIN/BADI_NRGE_GEN /AIN/79000050 BAdI: Number Range Administration Enhancements 
45 /AIN/BADI_NRGE_REQ /AIN/79000059 BAdI: Send Number Range Request 
46 /AIN/BADI_NRGE_REQ_R /AIN/79000031 BAdI: Receive Number Range Request 
47 /AIN/BADI_NRGE_RESP /AIN/79000061 BAdI: Send Number Range Response 
48 /AIN/BARCODE_DECODE /AIN/71000021 BAdI: Decoding of Bar Code 
49 /AIN/COMM_HIERARCHY /AIN/38000014 Define Product Hierarchy 
50 /AIN/DEPL_SPECIFIC /AIN/15000003 Deployment-Specific Customizing Activities 
51 /AIN/DM_ATBP /AIN/71000002 Assign Action Type to Business Process 
52 /AIN/DM_ATDGR /AIN/71000003 Assign Action Type to Device Group Role 
53 /AIN/DM_CTRLPARV /AIN/79000051 Define Client-Specific Control Parameters 
54 /AIN/DM_CTRLPARV_OER /AIN/79000063 Define Client-Specific Control Parameters 
55 /AIN/DM_DOC_TYP /AIN/79000012 Define Document Types 
56 /AIN/DM_LOCK_RTY /AIN/79000023 Number of Retries and Wait Times for Critical Resources 
57 /AIN/DM_PRODUCT /AIN/15000004 BAdI: Product Master-Specific Data Retrieval 
58 /AIN/EVENT /AIN/71000009 Define Device Controller Event 
59 /AIN/HTTP_SERVICE /AIN/38000015 Activate HTTP Service for Auto-ID 
60 /AIN/IDMAPPING_F4 /AIN/79000077 BAdI: Define Input Help for ID Mapping 
61 /AIN/IDMAPPING_F4OER /AIN/79000078 BAdI: Define Input Help for ID Mapping 
62 /AIN/IDM_AIILOCIDGET /AIN/46000008 BAdI: Get New Location ID and Description 
63 /AIN/IDM_PROD_ID_GET /AIN/46000007 BAdI: Get New Product ID and Description 
64 /AIN/ID_FROM_BC_COMP /AIN/46000016 BAdI: Construct ID from Components in Bar Code 
65 /AIN/IF_BADI_ASN_IN /AIN/71000033 BAdI: Processing of ASNs 
66 /AIN/IF_BADI_DLV_EL /AIN/71000035 BAdI: Processing of DeliveryElectronicLabelQuery Messages 
67 /AIN/IF_BADI_DLV_EL_ /AIN/71000034 BAdI: Processing of DeliveryElectronicLabelQuery Messages 
68 /AIN/IF_BADI_DLV_EXE /AIN/71000036 BAdI: Processing of DeliveryExecutionRequest Messages 
69 /AIN/KBN_DECODE_BARC /AIN/79000003 BAdI: Decode Barcode for RFID-Enabled Kanban 
70 /AIN/KBN_KANBANSTATU /AIN/79000021 BAdI: Execute Kanban Status Change 
71 /AIN/KBN_PREPARE_ID /AIN/79000004 BAdI: Prepare Creation of Tag ID for RFID-Enabled Kanban 
72 /AIN/KBN_RETRIEVE_MD /AIN/79000022 BAdI: Retrieve Kanban Master Data from External System 
73 /AIN/LOGPORTMAP /AIN/79000014 Map Application Data to Logical Port 
74 /AIN/LOGPORTMAP_FUNC /AIN/79000013 Define Application-Specific Functions for Logical Port Mapping 
75 /AIN/NRGEREQREC_OER /AIN/79000074 BAdI: Receive Number Range Request 
76 /AIN/NRGERESP_OER /AIN/79000075 BAdI: Send Number Range Response 
77 /AIN/OER_SETTINGS /AIN/79000076 Making Settings for SAP Object Event Repository 
78 /AIN/PRF000001 /AIN/71000027 BAdI: Profile Deletion Check 
79 /AIN/PRF000003_2 /AIN/71000030 BAdI: Change Parameters for Profile Determination 
80 /AIN/PUBSERVICE_POBJ /AIN/46000015 BAdI: Generate Object Quantity for Aggregation 
81 /AIN/RFC /AIN/38000016 Create HTTP RFC Connections 
82 /AIN/RP_BADI_RULE_CH /AIN/79000019 BAdI: Check Rule 
83 /AIN/TACT_CAT_V /AIN/79000009 Define Activity Categories 
84 /AIN/TBW_URL /AIN/71000018 Assign BI Query URL 
85 /AIN/TCONDBM_V /AIN/38000005 Define Conditions for Backend and Completion Messages 
86 /AIN/TCONDBM_VSR /AIN/71000013 REFERENCE ONLY: Delivered Conditions for Backend and Completion Messages 
87 /AIN/TCONDEUIMVSR /AIN/79000027 REFERENCE ONLY: SAP Delivered Conditions for Exception Handling UI Messages 
88 /AIN/TCONDEUIM_V /AIN/79000026 Define Conditions for Exception Handling UI Messages 
89 /AIN/TCONDEUIVSR /AIN/79000028 REFERENCE ONLY: SAP Delivered Conditions for Exception Handling UI Messages 
90 /AIN/TCONDFRM_V /AIN/38000004 Define Conditions for Fixed Device Messages 
91 /AIN/TCONDMM_V /AIN/38000003 Define Conditions - SAP Web Console & Desktop UI 
92 /AIN/TCONDMM_VS /AIN/71000011 Default Conditions for Mobile Messages 
93 /AIN/TCONDMM_VSR /AIN/71000012 REFERENCE ONLY: Delivd. Condit.- SAP Web Console & Desktop UI 
94 /AIN/TCONDUIMVSR /AIN/79000029 REFERENCE ONLY: Delivered Conditions - Mobile Device Messages 
95 /AIN/TCONDUIM_V /AIN/79000025 Define Conditions - Mobile Device Messages 
96 /AIN/TDCMSGSER /AIN/71000019 Set Processing Preferences for Device Controller/ Message Type 
97 /AIN/TDGROLE /AIN/38000013 Define Device Group Role 
98 /AIN/TDGTYPE /AIN/38000012 Define Device Group Type 
99 /AIN/TIDM_EPCIS /AIN/46000006 Define EPCIS-Relevant ID Type 
100 /AIN/TIDM_HEADER /AIN/46000001 Specify Removable ID Headers 
101 /AIN/TIDM_SSLT /AIN/46000002 Site Sublocation Type 
102 /AIN/TIDM_SSLTA /AIN/46000003 Site Sublocation Type Attribute 
103 /AIN/TIDM_SSLTA_OER /AIN/46000005 Site Sublocation Type Attribute 
104 /AIN/TIDM_SSLT_OER /AIN/46000004 Site Sublocation Type 
105 /AIN/TID_TYPEOBJ /AIN/79000010 Specify Possible ID Type for Object Type 
106 /AIN/TLOCEXTTYPE /AIN/71000014 Define External Location Types 
107 /AIN/TLOCEXTTYPE_OER /AIN/79000068 Define External Location Types 
108 /AIN/TOBJ_CAT_V /AIN/79000015 Define Physical Object Categories 
109 /AIN/TPRNDETPRFC /AIN/38000026 Classes to determine profile 
110 /AIN/TPRNGTNFLPR /AIN/38000019 Assign profile to GTIN and Filter Value 
111 /AIN/TSAMPLE_UI /AIN/71000031 Assign Sample UI URL 
112 /AIN/TUI_MOB_URL /AIN/16000001 Assign Auto-ID Mobile UI URL 
113 /AIN/TUI_URL /AIN/71000010 Assign Auto-ID Cockpit URL 
114 /AIN/TU_VC_ERR /AIN/71000007 Define Mobile Device Errors 
115 /AIN/TU_VC_TAG /AIN/71000008 Define Tag Formats 
116 /AIN/TU_V_FLD_NM /AIN/71000016 Define Tag Fields 
117 /AIN/TXIMSG /AIN/38000011 REFERENCE ONLY: Define Exchange Infrastructure Messages and Mapping 
118 /AIN/TXIMSG_C /AIN/15000005 Define Exchange Infrastructure Messages and Mapping 
119 /AIN/T_BUS_PRO /AIN/38000022 Define Business Processes 
120 /AIN/T_FORMAT_V /AIN/38000020 Assign format to printer and profile 
121 /AIN/T_UE_RSN /AIN/38000021 Maintain Reasons for Unexpected Events (UE) 
122 /AIN/UI_DOCUMENT_OUT /AIN/79000040 BAdI: Document Search User Interface Enhancement 
123 /AIN/VACTPACKLEV /AIN/71000001 Assign Pack Levels to Filter Values 
124 /AIN/VACTPCKLEVS /AIN/71000015 REFERENCE ONLY: SAP Delivered Pack Levels 
125 /AIN/VBCSAITYDEF /AIN/79000035 REFERENCE ONLY: SAP Delivered Bar Code Types 
126 /AIN/VBC_ELMCOMP /AIN/79000036 Maintain Composite Bar Code Element 
127 /AIN/VCPRF_OBJCTX /AIN/79000005 Maintain User Data Profile 
128 /AIN/VCPRF_OPRUI /AIN/79000017 Maintain Operator UI Profile 
129 /AIN/VC_ACTIVITIES /AIN/38000008 Define Activities 
130 /AIN/VC_BARCODE /AIN/38000023 Define Bar Code Types and Element Identifiers 
131 /AIN/VC_DCMSGMAP /AIN/38000007 Define Device Controller Types 
132 /AIN/VC_ELEMSET /AIN/38000017 Maintain Element Sets and Attributes 
133 /AIN/VC_ELEMSET_OER /AIN/79000067 Maintain Element Sets and Attributes 
134 /AIN/VC_EPC /AIN/38000006 Maintain ID Types 
135 /AIN/VC_EPCISVOC /AIN/15000001 Display Internal and External Formats of EPCIS Vocabulary 
136 /AIN/VC_EPC_OER /AIN/79000065 Maintain ID Types 
137 /AIN/VC_ESETCTO /AIN/79000016 Maintain Condition Tables for Object Category Determination 
138 /AIN/VC_ESETCTP /AIN/79000007 Maintain Condition Tables for Profile Determination 
139 /AIN/VC_ISS_AGNC /AIN/79000018 Maintain Internal & External IAC 
140 /AIN/VC_ISS_AGNC_OER /AIN/79000064 Maintain Internal & External IAC 
141 /AIN/VC_PRFID /AIN/79000006 Maintain ID Profile 
142 /AIN/VC_PRFID_OER /AIN/79000066 Maintain ID Profile 
143 /AIN/VC_PROFILE /AIN/38000018 Maintain Print Profile 
144 /AIN/VC_RULECOND /AIN/38000002 Define Condit. Types, Applic. Log, & Monitoring for Msg. Type 
145 /AIN/VC_RULEDEF /AIN/38000001 Define Rules 
146 /AIN/VPRF_DOCDET /AIN/79000039 Assign Element Sets to Document Context Profile 
147 /AIN/VPRF_PRFDET /AIN/79000008 Assign Condition Table Set to Usages 
148 /AIN/VPRNFILTER /AIN/71000006 Assign profile to Filter Value 
149 /AIN/VPRNGRAIFLT /AIN/71000005 Assign profile to GRAI and Filter Value 
150 /AIN/VUIBUSPGRAI /AIN/71000004 Assign profile to Business Process and GRAI 
151 /AIN/VUIBUSPROC /AIN/71000017 Assign Profile to Business Process and Encoding Type 
152 /AIN/V_TBIZSTEP /AIN/79000037 Define Business Steps 
153 /AIN/V_TBIZSTEP_OER /AIN/79000070 Define Business Steps 
154 /AIN/V_TBTTYPE /AIN/79000041 Define Business Transaction Types 
155 /AIN/V_TBTTYPE_OER /AIN/79000069 Define Business Transaction Types 
156 /AIN/V_TDISP /AIN/79000038 Define Disposition Codes 
157 /AIN/V_TDISP_OER /AIN/79000071 Define Disposition Codes 
158 /AIN/V_UPD_BW /AIN/38000024 BI Update Settings 
159 /AIN/V_UPD_CCMS /AIN/38000025 Maintain CCMS Update Flags 
160 /BA1/F4_15_IR_REL01 /BA1/70000039 Assign Release Procedure to Release Object 
161 /BA1/F4_FX_CUS /BA1/26000176 Information About Currency Customizing in Financial Services 
162 /BA1/F4_IR_AUTH_CHK /BA1/40000012 BAdI: Extended Authorization Check for Reference Interest Rates 
163 /BA1/F4_OY03 /BA1/26000177 Check Currency Codes 
164 /BA1/F4_OY04 /BA1/26000178 Set Decimal Places for Currencies 
165 /BA1/F4_SEC_CORP_ACT /BA1/22000894 BAdI: Model for Corporate Actions 
166 /BA1/F4_V15IRR /BA1/70000041 Assign Release Procedure to Release Procedure Workflow 
167 /BA1/F4_VV15IR /BA1/70000040 Assign Rule to Release Steps 
168 /BA1/F4_V_TCURN /BA1/75000011 Define Standard Quotation for Exchange Rates 
169 /BA1/F4_YIELD_CURVE /BA1/40000014 BAdI: Model for External Yield Curve 
170 /BA1/VC_TF4_APPL /BA1/58000006 Create Application 
171 /BA1/VC_TF4_FXRT /BA1/22000206 Define Exchange Rate Categories and Translation Ratios 
172 /BA1/VC_TF4_IR /BA1/26000088 Edit Reference Interest Rates and Yield Curves 
173 /BA1/VC_TF4_MDST /BA1/22000347 Create Market Data Set 
174 /BA1/VC_TF4_MSTR /BA1/79000153 Edit Maturity Structures 
175 /BA1/VC_TF4_RR /BA1/03000057 Define Reference Interest Rates 
176 /BA1/VC_TF4_SCEN /BA1/22000264 Edit Market Data Scenarios 
177 /BA1/VC_TF4_SCNP /BA1/22000265 Edit Scenario Progressions 
178 /BA1/VC_TF4_SCNS /BA1/24000003 Edit Scenario Sequences 
179 /BA1/VC_TF4_SEC /BA1/22000205 Edit Customizing for Security Prices 
180 /BA1/VC_TF4_VCLU /BA1/22000472 Create Cluster from Volatility Types 
181 /BA1/V_TF4_CACTG /BA1/22000858 Define Corporate Action Categories 
182 /BA1/V_TF4_CAIMP /BA1/22000860 Select Implementation for Corporate Actions 
183 /BA1/V_TF4_COMP /BA1/43000001 Select Activated Components 
184 /BA1/V_TF4_FXKST /BA1/03000005 Map Exchange Rate Category to Exchange Rate Type 
185 /BA1/V_TF4_MDC /BA1/26000087 Create Market Data Area 
186 /BA1/V_TF4_MDSCN /BA1/22000725 Create Scenarios 
187 /BA1/V_TF4_PINFO /BA1/22000589 Assign Price Units to Security 
188 /BA1/V_TF4_RRCCB /BA1/03000051 Define Calculation Bases 
189 /BA1/V_TF4_RRCTG /BA1/03000056 Define Categories for Reference Interest Rate 
190 /BA1/V_TF4_SCNCO /BA1/15000040 Edit Composite Scenarios 
191 /BA1/V_TF4_SCTYP /BA1/83000054 Edit Spread Curve Types 
192 /BA1/V_TF4_VOLID /BA1/24000039 Create Non-Underlying-Based Volatility Structures 
193 /BA1/V_TF4_VTYP /BA1/22000471 Edit Volatility Types 
194 /BCV/SIN_SES_TRANSFO /BCV/28000065 BAdI: Transformation of SES Data 
195 /BEV1/ECCODE /BEV1/91000024 Routines for Contract Check and F4 Input Help 
196 /BEV1/ECMITD /BEV1/91000022 Reconciliation Accounts for Extra Charge 
197 /BEV1/EMDASV /BEV1/91000082 Sort Variants 
198 /BEV1/EMDKZ /BEV1/91000081 Indicator for Print Suppression 
199 /BEV1/EMFAKTA /BEV1/91000098 Billing Types Without Empties Update 
200 /BEV1/EMFAS1 /BEV1/91000083 Material Sorting: Sales Documents 
201 /BEV1/EMFAS2 /BEV1/91000084 Material Sorting: Shipping Documents 
202 /BEV1/EMFAS3 /BEV1/91000085 Material Sorting: Groups 
203 /BEV1/EMFAS4 /BEV1/91000086 Material Sorting: Billing Documents 
204 /BEV1/EMGRP /BEV1/91000103 Manage Empties Groups 
205 /BEV1/EMLGFLD /BEV1/91000099 Manage Empties Fields 
206 /BEV1/EMLGMAT /BEV1/91000105 Material for Manual Empties Return Block 
207 /BEV1/EMMATR /BEV1/91000104 Calculation Matrix for Empties 
208 /BEV1/EMMTART /BEV1/91000101 Material Types That Determine Empties 
209 /BEV1/EMN /BEV1/91000106 Number Range for Empties Update 
210 /BEV1/EMPART /BEV1/91000100 Determine Empties Account Holder 
211 /BEV1/EMPTYP /BEV1/91000102 Manage Item Categories for Empties 
212 /BEV1/LUT903 /BEV1/91000175 Units of Measure and Tolerances 
213 /BEV1/LUT904 /BEV1/91000176 Unit of Measure Divisor for Loading Units 
214 /BEV1/LUT906 /BEV1/91000177 Check Table for LU Groups for Material Master 
215 /BEV1/LUTA /BEV1/91000173 Permissible Document Types - Order 
216 /BEV1/LUTL /BEV1/91000174 Permissible Document Types - Delivery 
217 /BEV1/NESETTINGS /BEV1/10000557 Activate Empties Management 
218 /BEV1/NE_ITEM_PO /BEV1/10000796 BAdI: Postprocess Generated Empties Purchase Order Items 
219 /BEV1/SRABF /BEV1/91000120 Filling Facilities 
220 /BEV1/SRBEF /BEV1/91000116 Analysis Key 
221 /BEV1/SRBF /BEV1/91000123 Additional Analysis Keys 
222 /BEV1/SRBLG /BEV1/91000115 Document Types for Sales Returns 
223 /BEV1/SRBSTY /BEV1/91000118 Assign Analysis Key to Item Categories 
224 /BEV1/SRINH /BEV1/91000121 Contents 
225 /BEV1/SRKV /BEV1/91000122 Keg Lock 
226 /BEV1/SRVS /BEV1/91000117 Refunding Key 
227 /BEV1/SR_MAIL /BEV1/91000188 Recipient for Express Mail from Background Processing 
228 /BEV1/SR_MP_MT_M /BEV1/91000186 Field Assignment Order -> Material Movement 
229 /BEV1/TSABER /BEV1/91000142 Application Area 
230 /BEV1/TSAGRP /BEV1/91000143 Application Group 
231 /BEV1/TSSAIDEF /BEV1/91000147 Season Definition 
232 /BEV1/TSSAIFLG /BEV1/91000148 Season Sequences 
233 /BEV1/TSSEQFL /BEV1/91000149 Layout for Rearrangement of Sales Routes 
234 /BEV1/TSSGLSET /BEV1/91000150 Global Settings Statistics Telephone Sales 
235 /BEV1/TSSSPBFE /BEV1/91000158 Single Documents Permissible Document Types Column Fine Definition 
236 /BEV1/TSSSPBFT /BEV1/91000157 Statistics Column Fine Definition - Settings per Transaction Group 
237 /BEV1/TSSSPBG /BEV1/91000156 Column Definition Statistics Telephone Sales 
238 /BEV1/TSSTMATS /BEV1/91000155 Type/Material Status Sales and Distribution 
239 /BEV1/TSSVARI /BEV1/91000218 Fast Entry: Define Additional Fields 
240 /BEV1/TSSVBEL /BEV1/91000146 Select Sales Documents 
241 /BEV1/TSSVBEL2 /BEV1/91000139 Select Sales Documents 
242 /BEV1/TSSVBEL2_V /BEV1/01002508 Select Sales Documents 
243 /BEV1/TSSVBFL /BEV1/91000140 Select Fields for Document Header/Item Display 
244 /BEV1/TSSVBZB /BEV1/91000138 Define Permissible Order Types 
245 /BEV1/TSSZTYP /BEV1/91000151 Types for Material Allocation 
246 /BEV1/TSVB /BEV1/91000141 Settings for Sales Area 
247 /BEV1/TSVM /BEV1/91000145 Sales Methods 
248 /BEV1/TSZTYMAVT /BEV1/91000154 Types/Material Allocation Sales Area 
249 /BEV1/TSZYK /BEV1/91000144 Phone Call Cycle 
250 /BEV1/TS_SPHA /BEV1/91000153 SAPPhone: Administration 
251 /BEV1/TS_VOC0 /BEV1/91000152 Configure Sales Activity List 
252 /BEV1/VDT685BV /BEV1/91000162 Assign Shipping Messages/Billing Type 
253 /BEV2/CS_BADI /BEV2/85000028 BAdI: Enhancement for EMCS Process 
254 /BEV2/CS_CCODE /BEV2/85000023 Define Product Category Codes 
255 /BEV2/CS_DEL /BEV2/85000026 Define Delivery Types for EMCS Control 
256 /BEV2/CS_EMCS /BEV2/85000021 Activate EMCS 
257 /BEV2/CS_MMTYP /BEV2/85000024 Define Relevant Movement Types and Process Usage 
258 /BEV2/CS_ORDER /BEV2/85000025 Define Order Types for EMCS Control 
259 /BEV2/CS_PCODE /BEV2/85000022 Define Product Codes 
260 /BEV2/CS_PLANT /BEV2/85000027 Define Journey Time Between Plants 
261 /BEV2/CS_SNRO /BEV2/85000041 Define Number Range Intervals 
262 /BEV2/ED901 /BEV2/91000034 Maintain Tax Types 
263 /BEV2/ED902 /BEV2/91000044 Define Tax Warehouse 
264 /BEV2/ED902ADR /BEV2/01002113 Addresses for Tax Warehouse 
265 /BEV2/ED903 /BEV2/91000042 Warehouse Assignment 
266 /BEV2/ED905 /BEV2/91000053 Movement Category for Tax Type 
267 /BEV2/ED906 /BEV2/91000052 Movement Category for Movement Type 
268 /BEV2/ED907 /BEV2/91000060 Maintain Characteristics of Stock Ledger Groups 
269 /BEV2/ED907K /BEV2/91000061 Create New Stock Ledger Groups 
270 /BEV2/ED908 /BEV2/91000058 Maintain Print Formats 
271 /BEV2/ED910 /BEV2/91000160 Order Reasons 
272 /BEV2/ED911 /BEV2/91000062 Customer groups 
273 /BEV2/ED914 /BEV2/91000054 Movement Categories 
274 /BEV2/ED915 /BEV2/91000043 Settlement Unit 
275 /BEV2/ED916 /BEV2/91000051 Movement Category for Cost Center 
276 /BEV2/ED917 /BEV2/91000063 Print control 
277 /BEV2/ED917ARC /BEV2/91000196 Maintain Parameters for Optical Archiving 
278 /BEV2/ED918 /BEV2/91000065 Tax rates 
279 /BEV2/ED919 /BEV2/91000050 Permissible Subsequent Postings 
280 /BEV2/ED920 /BEV2/91000161 Item categories 
281 /BEV2/ED921 /BEV2/91000033 Basic Settings 
282 /BEV2/ED922 /BEV2/91000041 List Header 
283 /BEV2/ED923 /BEV2/91000049 Define Storage Types 
284 /BEV2/ED924 /BEV2/91000048 Shrinkage Storage Type 
285 /BEV2/ED925 /BEV2/91000047 Shrinkage Storage Location 
286 /BEV2/ED926 /BEV2/91000046 Theoretical Shrinkage 
287 /BEV2/ED927 /BEV2/91000045 Actual Shrinkage 
288 /BEV2/ED937B /BEV2/01000034 ALV: Conditions for Filling Additional Fields 
289 /BEV2/ED937K /BEV2/01000033 ALV: Maintain Additional Fields 
290 /BEV2/ED938 /BEV2/91000057 Maintain Print Format Items 
291 /BEV2/ED947 /BEV2/91000059 Replace Stock Ledger Groups 
292 /BEV2/ED951 /BEV2/91000039 Maintain Procurement Types Schema 
293 /BEV2/ED952 /BEV2/91000038 Assign Procurement Types to Schema 
294 /BEV2/ED953 /BEV2/91000056 Maintain Block Schema for Stock Ledger Groups 
295 /BEV2/ED954 /BEV2/91000055 Assign Procurement Types to Block Schema 
296 /BEV2/ED955 /BEV2/91000037 Maintain Tax Type Independent Material Groups 
297 /BEV2/ED956 /BEV2/91000036 Maintain Tax Type Dependent Material Groups 
298 /BEV2/ED960 /BEV2/91000198 Definition of Special Partner Types in Excise Duties 
299 /BEV2/ED961 /BEV2/91000199 Maintenance of Special Partner Types Allowed for Ship-To Parties 
300 /BEV2/ED962 /BEV2/91000200 Maintenance of Special Partner Types Allowed for Vendors 
301 /BEV2/ED963 /BEV2/91000201 Assignment of Customer Group Ship-To Party to Special Partner Types 
302 /BEV2/ED966 /BEV2/91000202 Maintenance of EU-Affiliated Non-EU Countries 
303 /BEV2/ED970 /BEV2/91000195 Maintain List Types for Optical Archiving 
304 /BEV2/ED994O /BEV2/91000068 Database Adjustment ED Read Operations 
305 /BEV2/ED995 /BEV2/91000067 Replace ED Standard Forms (SAP Script) 
306 /BEV2/ED995SF_V /BEV2/91000185 Replace ED Standard Forms (SmartForms) 
307 /BEV2/ED996 /BEV2/91000064 Inserted Sheets in Collective Filing 
308 /BEV2/ED997 /BEV2/91000066 Replace ED Standard Programs 
309 /BEV2/ED998 /BEV2/91000070 Report Thresholds 
310 /BEV2/ED999 /BEV2/91000069 Error messages 
311 /BEV2/EDZUS1 /BEV2/91000040 Additional Charges 
312 /BEV3/CH40 /BEV3/77000402 Object Master 
313 /BEV3/CH41 /BEV3/77000404 Object spaces 
314 /BEV3/CH42 /BEV3/77000406 Valuation 
315 /BEV3/CH43 /BEV3/77000403 Partner assignment 
316 /BEV3/CH44 /BEV3/77000408 Purchase Expectation 
317 /BEV3/CH45 /BEV3/77000405 Business Hours 
318 /BEV3/CH46 /BEV3/77000407 Performance 
319 /BEV3/CHAR /BEV3/77000412 Relevance Table for Exception Analysis 
320 /BEV3/CHAUTHGRP /BEV3/01000008 Authorization group 
321 /BEV3/CHAV_EFFZI /BEV3/77000261 FIMA effective interest rate sign 
322 /BEV3/CHAV_KOND /BEV3/77000260 FIMA Condition Groups 
323 /BEV3/CHBDGBROWSER /BEV3/77000414 Condition Browser 
324 /BEV3/CHBDGSTBLD /BEV3/77000252 Strategy Builder 
325 /BEV3/CHBL /BEV3/77000304 Amount Lists 
326 /BEV3/CHBT /BEV3/77000075 Generate Interface Modules 
327 /BEV3/CHCAAOBJ /BEV3/77000197 Settlement information object 
328 /BEV3/CHCAATAB /BEV3/77000200 Settlement information table 
329 /BEV3/CHCABSAST /BEV3/77000416 Sales Scale 
331 /BEV3/CHCA_FBS /BEV3/77000118 Assignment Exception ID - Evaluation FM 
332 /BEV3/CHCA_RV /BEV3/77000119 Log display: possible relevance levels of exceptions 
333 /BEV3/CHCBASDRNG /BEV3/77000192 Permissible period for to-settlement selection date 
334 /BEV3/CHCBDGIODV /BEV3/77000108 Input_Output_Design 
335 /BEV3/CHCBDGKLASSE /BEV3/77000109 Condition Classes 
336 /BEV3/CHCBDGLISTV /BEV3/77000130 Condition Lists 
337 /BEV3/CHCBDGMOD /BEV3/77000117 Condition Module 
338 /BEV3/CHCBDGPO /BEV3/77000135 Condition log object assignment to conditions/log type 
339 /BEV3/CHCBDGPRIM /BEV3/77000110 Log module INPUT 
340 /BEV3/CHCBDGPROM /BEV3/77000101 Log module OUTPUT 
341 /BEV3/CHCBDGPTIN /BEV3/77000105 Log type INPUT 
342 /BEV3/CHCBDGPTOUT /BEV3/77000102 Log type OUTPUT 
343 /BEV3/CHCBDGSTRG /BEV3/77000104 Log control 
344 /BEV3/CHCBG /BEV3/77000137 Condition Groups 
345 /BEV3/CHCBPO0350 /BEV3/77000131 Field name (350) dep. on BPO and date (AC-RI-ENT) 
346 /BEV3/CHCC /BEV3/77000379 Maintenance objects 
347 /BEV3/CHCCLSF /BEV3/01000014 Classification 
348 /BEV3/CHCDOKUPFAD /BEV3/77000358 Documentation Path 
349 /BEV3/CHCDOKUPOOL /BEV3/77000359 Documentation File Names 
350 /BEV3/CHCDPAS /BEV3/01000002 CDP: Definition of Application Areas 
351 /BEV3/CHCDPASP /BEV3/01000003 CDP: Control 
352 /BEV3/CHCDPFBV /BEV3/01000004 CDP: Function Modules 
353 /BEV3/CHCDPPARMV /BEV3/01000005 CDP: Definition of Parameters 
354 /BEV3/CHCDPPROCV /BEV3/01000018 CDP: Definition of application area of the update 
355 /BEV3/CHCDPTABV /BEV3/01000007 CDP: Definition of Database Tables 
356 /BEV3/CHCEITR /BEV3/77000316 Subrogation 
357 /BEV3/CHCERGPER /BEV3/01000022 Supplement - periods to be supplemented 
358 /BEV3/CHCEVACC /BEV3/77000059 Event Account Process 
359 /BEV3/CHCEVAD /BEV3/77000060 Event Administration 
360 /BEV3/CHCEVADPR /BEV3/77000073 Event Administration Process 
361 /BEV3/CHCEVCL /BEV3/77000064 Event Classes 
362 /BEV3/CHCEVDEL /BEV3/77000055 Min. retention period before deletion 
363 /BEV3/CHCEVDELP /BEV3/77000056 Event Delete Process 
364 /BEV3/CHCEVDIST /BEV3/77000074 Event Distribute Process 
365 /BEV3/CHCEVEVLICL /BEV3/77000062 Event <-> Event Listener Class 
366 /BEV3/CHCEVLIDM /BEV3/77000090 Event listener demand ID 
367 /BEV3/CHCEVPRFA /BEV3/77000065 Error numbers in event process 
368 /BEV3/CHCEVRES /BEV3/77000072 Event Reserve Process 
369 /BEV3/CHCEVVEO /BEV3/77000061 CH EventObject 
370 /BEV3/CHCEVVWD1030EX /BEV3/77000092 Permissible Events - Combination CHD /1030 
371 /BEV3/CHCFBKAT /BEV3/77000229 Category of a FM (in Create-Invoice-Interface) 
372 /BEV3/CHCFDFIELD /BEV3/77000290 Target Fields of Agreements 
373 /BEV3/CHCFLT /BEV3/01000011 Filter 
374 /BEV3/CHCFORMELF /BEV3/77000282 Calculation formula 
375 /BEV3/CHCFRML /BEV3/77000278 Formula Builder 
376 /BEV3/CHCFSOSV /BEV3/77000395 Create/Delete Release/Lock Object (RLO) 
377 /BEV3/CHCG /BEV3/77000392 Copy Field Status and Maintenance Overview 
378 /BEV3/CHCH /BEV3/77000377 Transfer Transaction Types to TZB0A 
379 /BEV3/CHCHASB /BEV3/77000311 Tap/Dispenser Use 
380 /BEV3/CHCHDPV /BEV3/01000027 Assignment of report for evaluation agreement 
381 /BEV3/CHCIMATART /BEV3/77000210 Material Type CH 
382 /BEV3/CHCIMATNR /BEV3/77000209 Settlement material CH 
383 /BEV3/CHCIPR /BEV3/77000230 CH Standard Process 
384 /BEV3/CHCIPRO /BEV3/77000220 Interface Processes 
385 /BEV3/CHCIVORG /BEV3/77000381 Business Process Basic Control 
386 /BEV3/CHCI_AUART /BEV3/77000213 Allowed Sales Order Types 
387 /BEV3/CHCI_FKART /BEV3/77000227 Permissible Billing Types 
388 /BEV3/CHCI_STGRK /BEV3/77000226 Permissible Statistics Groups 
389 /BEV3/CHCI_STKLVORG /BEV3/77000214 Permissible tax classifications CH events 
390 /BEV3/CHCI_STKM /BEV3/77000219 Tax classification 
391 /BEV3/CHCI_VORG /BEV3/77000212 Business process basic control 
392 /BEV3/CHCI_VORGD_001 /BEV3/77000211 Business process detail control (settlement-/document item) 
393 /BEV3/CHCKMPLBCHGRP /BEV3/77000096 Complement posting group (BTE) 
394 /BEV3/CHCLEISTBEW /BEV3/77000317 Performance Valuation 
395 /BEV3/CHCLISTDEFINE /BEV3/77000171 Parameter definitions for list viewer reports 
396 /BEV3/CHCLISTFNAME /BEV3/77000169 Language-dependent texts for field headers 
397 /BEV3/CHCLSPGCHK /BEV3/77000398 Execution release 
398 /BEV3/CHCL_ERF /BEV3/77000308 Requirement ID for amount types 
399 /BEV3/CHCL_FELD /BEV3/77000309 Fields of table /BEV3/CHLERF 
400 /BEV3/CHCL_LART /BEV3/77000285 Amount types 
401 /BEV3/CHCL_LFORM /BEV3/77000305 Amount form 
402 /BEV3/CHCL_PRUEF /BEV3/77000302 Test modules for fields of external amounts 
403 /BEV3/CHCL_STAT /BEV3/77000307 Status of an external amount 
404 /BEV3/CHCNDDSCR /BEV3/01000013 Node name 
405 /BEV3/CHCNDNAME /BEV3/01000012 Node name 
406 /BEV3/CHCOBJTAB /BEV3/77000411 Object master tables 
407 /BEV3/CHCPERI /BEV3/77000314 Period 
408 /BEV3/CHCPG /BEV3/77000276 Period groups 
409 /BEV3/CHCPTXSP /BEV3/77000216 Language-dependent entries in item text parts 
410 /BEV3/CHCR /BEV3/77000279 Overview 
411 /BEV3/CHCRGKLTAB /BEV3/77000393 Rule class tables 
412 /BEV3/CHCRUNDG /BEV3/77000410 Rounding 
413 /BEV3/CHCS345 /BEV3/77000355 Filter maintenance 
414 /BEV3/CHCS345GRENZE /BEV3/77000348 Enter limiting filter number 
415 /BEV3/CHCS345_0107 /BEV3/77000333 Filter maintenance 
416 /BEV3/CHCSALA /BEV3/77000312 Payment in Kind Type 
417 /BEV3/CHCSALG /BEV3/77000313 Payment in Kind Group 
418 /BEV3/CHCSOCB_MARA /BEV3/77000329 Material master: General data 
419 /BEV3/CHCSOCB_MVKE /BEV3/77000310 Material master: Sales data 
420 /BEV3/CHCSOCB_SORTTY /BEV3/77000286 Product proposal types 
421 /BEV3/CHCSORTCB /BEV3/77000327 Check Modules 
422 /BEV3/CHCSORTTYP /BEV3/77000331 Product proposal types 
423 /BEV3/CHCSTABR /BEV3/77000150 Basic settings of settlement cancellation 
424 /BEV3/CHCSTAF /BEV3/77000415 Scales 
425 /BEV3/CHCTBE01 /BEV3/77000362 Event maintenance 
426 /BEV3/CHCTFSOBV /BEV3/77000396 Object existence 
427 /BEV3/CHCTVBKLTB /BEV3/77000383 Agreement class tables 
428 /BEV3/CHCUMPRST /BEV3/77000417 Sales percentage scale 
429 /BEV3/CHCVALI1 /BEV3/77000418 Validation table CH transactions 
430 /BEV3/CHCVARREP /BEV3/77000361 Reports to be started with variant popup 
431 /BEV3/CHCVBFIMA1 /BEV3/77000262 FIMA Conversions 
432 /BEV3/CHCVBWBKRI /BEV3/77000248 RI, DAPART, contract view dependent on contract movement type 
433 /BEV3/CHCVERDSTRVV /BEV3/77000272 Compression strategy CH 
434 /BEV3/CHCVERW /BEV3/77000322 Use 
435 /BEV3/CHCVKTORP /BEV3/77000409 Settlement-specific representation of an agreement class 
436 /BEV3/CHCVORGEV /BEV3/77000397 Process Result Control 
437 /BEV3/CHCVRABRF /BEV3/77000413 Settlement method for clearing transactions 
438 /BEV3/CHCWS_DST /BEV3/77000372 Value date service 
439 /BEV3/CHCWS_FORM /BEV3/77000375 Value date formula 
440 /BEV3/CHCWS_KAT /BEV3/77000374 Value date category 
441 /BEV3/CHCWS_PRO /BEV3/77000373 Value date process 
442 /BEV3/CHCWS_TAG /BEV3/77000376 Min./max. days for formula determination 
443 /BEV3/CHC_KAWDEF /BEV3/77000174 Definition of the CEV evaluations 
444 /BEV3/CHC_KAWDEFINE /BEV3/77000176 Evaluation parameter ALV 
445 /BEV3/CHC_KAWFB /BEV3/77000179 Customizing: Control of the FuMos 
446 /BEV3/CHC_KAWFB_DETA /BEV3/77000178 Customizing: Control of the FuMos (in the FM) 
447 /BEV3/CHC_KAWFIELD /BEV3/77000175 Evaluation Reports - Field Definitions 
448 /BEV3/CHC_KAWTAB /BEV3/77000177 Definition of the CEV evaluation tables 
449 /BEV3/CHC_PROT /BEV3/01000017 Waiting time for deleting logs 
450 /BEV3/CHDVWANBINDUNG /BEV3/77000315 CD - CHD connection 
451 /BEV3/CHEB /BEV3/77000284 External amounts 
452 /BEV3/CHF2 /BEV3/77000390 Field status for CHD 
453 /BEV3/CHFS /BEV3/77000391 Field status for agreements 
454 /BEV3/CHGRS /BEV3/77000394 Office control 
455 /BEV3/CHLDGRFLD /BEV3/01000019 Fields from FI-SL journal entry table for CH 
456 /BEV3/CHLEDGER /BEV3/01000001 Ledger for Contract Handling 
457 /BEV3/CHOBJSTAMMDOKU /BEV3/77000039 Document connection 
458 /BEV3/CHPERS /BEV3/77000046 Employee responsible for object performance and valuation 
459 /BEV3/CHPRSTCI /BEV3/77000225 Process control create invoice 
460 /BEV3/CHPT /BEV3/77000215 Maintenance of posting texts 
461 /BEV3/CHRA /BEV3/77000387 Create Rules 
462 /BEV3/CHRB /BEV3/77000388 Change Rules 
463 /BEV3/CHRC /BEV3/77000389 Display Rules 
464 /BEV3/CHRDSTAT /BEV3/77000288 Modules to read statistics 
465 /BEV3/CHREPFLDV /BEV3/01000025 Field definitions for ALV evaluation reports 
466 /BEV3/CHREPPARM /BEV3/01000024 Parameters for Evaluation Reports 
467 /BEV3/CHREPSRTV /BEV3/01000026 Sort variants for ALV evaluation reports 
468 /BEV3/CHRGTRANS /BEV3/77000401 Rule transport 
469 /BEV3/CHRLINKTYP /BEV3/77000078 Linktype-in-variants for link types 
470 /BEV3/CHRT /BEV3/77000378 Table list 
471 /BEV3/CHRULE125 /BEV3/01000028 Rule maintenance for control times 1/2/5 
472 /BEV3/CHSETTINGSADM /BEV3/01000020 Administer user settings 
473 /BEV3/CHSNUM /BEV3/77000326 Number ranges for product proposals 
474 /BEV3/CHTK /BEV3/77000386 Transport and Copy tool for Contracts 
475 /BEV3/CHTRSTI /BEV3/77000363 Report - Report interface assignments 
476 /BEV3/CHVAGCLSF /BEV3/01000015 Assignment: Agreement to classification 
477 /BEV3/CHVA_DRG /BEV3/77000185 Output groups 
478 /BEV3/CHVA_DRG_ZUORD /BEV3/77000190 Assignment CH Business Transactions 
479 /BEV3/CHVA_DRK_FUSS /BEV3/77000186 Form footer control 
480 /BEV3/CHVA_DRK_KPF /BEV3/77000180 Form header control 
481 /BEV3/CHVA_DRK_MAIN /BEV3/77000188 Control main area contract statement 
482 /BEV3/CHVA_FORMDEF /BEV3/77000151 Define Forms 
483 /BEV3/CHVA_FORMGR /BEV3/77000181 Form layout group 
484 /BEV3/CHVA_FORM_AUSG /BEV3/77000156 Permitted forms 
485 /BEV3/CHVA_FUBA_BELE /BEV3/77000148 Allowed function modules document selection 
486 /BEV3/CHVA_FUBA_FUSS /BEV3/77000153 Allowed function modules document footer processing 
487 /BEV3/CHVA_FUBA_KOPF /BEV3/77000155 Allowed function modules document header processing 
488 /BEV3/CHVA_FUBA_MAIN /BEV3/77000154 Allowed function modules document main area processing 
489 /BEV3/CHVA_KOMSTR /BEV3/77000184 Assignment function module for contract statement control 
490 /BEV3/CHVA_KOMSTR_FK /BEV3/77000149 Allowed function modules communication control 
491 /BEV3/CHVA_KOMSTR_GR /BEV3/77000168 Communication control groups 
492 /BEV3/CHVA_KOND /BEV3/77000189 Output control for conditions from SD 
493 /BEV3/CHVA_NACHTART /BEV3/77000173 Control output types for contract statement 
494 /BEV3/CHVA_NCHVRA_PF /BEV3/77000172 Output processing 
495 /BEV3/CHVA_NUM /BEV3/77000152 Number ranges contract statement 
496 /BEV3/CHVA_PRG_AUSG /BEV3/77000146 Allowed output programs for contract statement 
497 /BEV3/CHVA_SPOOL_001 /BEV3/77000183 Detailed data communication contract statement 
498 /BEV3/CHVA_SPOOL_002 /BEV3/77000182 Detailed data communication contract statement per contract 
499 /BEV3/CHVA_STAT /BEV3/77000187 Compression Statistics 
500 /BEV3/CHVA_STAT_TAB /BEV3/77000147 Allowed statistics tables for compression 
501 /BEV3/CHVCLSFFLT /BEV3/01000016 Assignment: Classification to filter 
502 /BEV3/CHVRS /BEV3/77000380 Settlement Modules 
503 /BEV3/CHVSIMKONT /BEV3/77000384 Account views in the extended settlement simulation 
504 /BEV3/CHVSIMSALD /BEV3/77000385 Balancing methods in the settlement simulation 
505 /BEV3/CHVTRLNG /BEV3/01000023 Display languages in contract tree 
506 /BEV3/CHV_DRFUSS /BEV3/77000157 Control document footer print 
507 /BEV3/CHV_DRGR /BEV3/77000160 CH print groups 
508 /BEV3/CHV_DRKPF /BEV3/77000159 Control document header print 
509 /BEV3/CHV_DRMAIN /BEV3/77000158 Control: Document item printout 
510 /BEV3/CHV_DRPOSGR /BEV3/77000161 Print groups item categories 
511 /BEV3/CHV_NACHART /BEV3/77000191 CH output types 
512 /BEV3/CHWSK /BEV3/77000298 Value date 
513 /BEV3/CH_BKRIVBW /BEV3/77000223 Contract MVT dependent on CoCd, RI, Date part, Contract view 
514 /BEV3/CH_BPO0500 /BEV3/77000124 Assignment of the basic data to BPO 
515 /BEV3/CH_BPO300K /BEV3/77000133 Info for evaluating posting material - data sources 
516 /BEV3/CH_BPO300P /BEV3/77000128 Info for evaluating posting material - processing 
517 /BEV3/CH_BPO700A /BEV3/77000126 BPOs for link type 0700: Build-up BPO with components 
518 /BEV3/CH_BPO700K /BEV3/77000140 Information for evaluating link type 0700 - processing 
519 /BEV3/CH_BPO700P /BEV3/77000127 Information for evaluating link type 0700 - data sources 
520 /BEV3/CH_BPO700V /BEV3/77000125 BPOs for Link Type 0700: Processing Information for Components 
521 /BEV3/CH_BPOGLDT /BEV3/77000134 Assignment of Global Control Data to BPO 
522 /BEV3/CH_BTRG300 /BEV3/77000132 Amount Field Names of Structure YVLT0300 
523 /BEV3/CH_CAVKEVLIC_V /BEV3/77000094 Active Agreement Class/EvliClass/ACB 
524 /BEV3/CH_CHGVIS /BEV3/01000021 Control of Change Update to SIS 
525 /BEV3/CH_CTMABRF /BEV3/77000269 Settlement Methods 
526 /BEV3/CH_CVKEVLIC_VB /BEV3/77000099 Agreement Class/EvliClass/ACB 
527 /BEV3/CH_EVACCGTDT /BEV3/77000057 Assignment to Posting, Document, and To-Settlement Date 
528 /BEV3/CH_EVACCPRV /BEV3/77000058 Selection of Posting Line for Date Compensation 
529 /BEV3/CH_FMCON /BEV3/77000292 Formula constant 
530 /BEV3/CH_FMVARS /BEV3/77000291 Formula variable 
531 /BEV3/CH_KMPLMNT /BEV3/77000208 Customizing of Complementation for Negative Amounts in Settlement Record 
532 /BEV3/CH_KMPLPRF /BEV3/77000224 Check Table/Complementation for Negative Amounts in Settlement Record 
533 /BEV3/CH_LTLOABR /BEV3/77000206 Link type/place for data transfer in settlement record 
534 /BEV3/CH_MANSTAT /BEV3/77000246 Values permissible for manual status 
535 /BEV3/CH_PRTSTRT /BEV3/77000264 Program assignment of document print strategies 
536 /BEV3/CH_RSTRT /BEV3/77000193 Positive List - Restart or Change Despite Completed Final Settlement 
537 /BEV3/CH_STMZS /BEV3/77000163 Setting to change payment/dunning block 
538 /BEV3/CH_STVCHCK /BEV3/77000164 Var. check criteria for document selection 
539 /BEV3/CH_T056P_IM /BEV3/77000258 Maintain reference interest rates: V_T056P_IM 
540 /BEV3/CH_VARSTART /BEV3/77000360 Select report variants before the start 
541 /BEV3/CH_VCLISTFIELD /BEV3/77000170 Field Definitions for Report 
542 /BEV3/CH_VWDNRAP /BEV3/77000335 Assignment of Passive Agreement Class to an Active One 
543 /BEV3/CH_YV180 /BEV3/77000340 Maintenance of Start Values For Each Transaction 
544 /BEV3/CH_YV181 /BEV3/77000341 Function Code Exclusions 
545 /BEV3/CH_YV182 /BEV3/77000351 Start Values for Function Modules 
546 /BEV3/CH_YV183 /BEV3/77000352 Screen Modification 
547 /BEV3/CH_YV184 /BEV3/77000353 User-Related Transaction Control Table 
548 /BEV3/CH_YV186 /BEV3/77000354 Specialization Control 
549 /BEV3/CH_YVABA /BEV3/77000038 Purchase Type 
550 /BEV3/CH_YVBRI /BEV3/77000240 Agreement Class / Rule Identifier 
551 /BEV3/CH_YVBRKAZ /BEV3/77000283 Rule Classes / Rule Attribute / Agreement Class Time-Related 3 
552 /BEV3/CH_YVBRS /BEV3/77000045 Function Room Control 
553 /BEV3/CH_YVBWA /BEV3/77000054 Valuation Type 
554 /BEV3/CH_YVBWK /BEV3/77000053 Valuation Key Figure 
555 /BEV3/CH_YVCAAB /BEV3/77000115 Exception Handling Programs 
556 /BEV3/CH_YVCAABB /BEV3/77000111 Termination cancelled for AC/RI 
557 /BEV3/CH_YVCAAKZL /BEV3/77000201 Settlement Information From Settlement Key Figures 
558 /BEV3/CH_YVCAAKZLK /BEV3/77000202 Settlement Information From Settlement Key Figures 
559 /BEV3/CH_YVCAAMOD /BEV3/77000199 Settlement Information Modules/Tables 
560 /BEV3/CH_YVCAAUS /BEV3/77000113 Exceptions - descr. and assignment/program to handle exceptions 
561 /BEV3/CH_YVCABH /BEV3/77000112 Handling IDs 
562 /BEV3/CH_YVCABRERF /BEV3/77000273 Successful Date Settlement 
563 /BEV3/CH_YVCABRINF /BEV3/77000198 Settlement Information 
564 /BEV3/CH_YVCABSAST /BEV3/77000295 Sales Scale 
565 /BEV3/CH_YVCABZTPKT /BEV3/77000265 From-date: Control ID of item in a settlement period 
566 /BEV3/CH_YVCAMOD /BEV3/77000114 Valuation module - Fundamental set 
567 /BEV3/CH_YVCARE /BEV3/77000116 Exception/AC/RI - Assign Handling ID 
568 /BEV3/CH_YVCARE_BDG /BEV3/77000121 Exception - Assign Handling ID 
569 /BEV3/CH_YVCAUSG /BEV3/77000236 Clearing Indicator 
570 /BEV3/CH_YVCAVW /BEV3/77000120 Comperative Data for Currency 
571 /BEV3/CH_YVCBDG /BEV3/77000122 Condition 
572 /BEV3/CH_YVCBDGPRIN /BEV3/77000100 Log INPUT 
573 /BEV3/CH_YVCBDGPRIO /BEV3/77000138 Condition Priority 
575 /BEV3/CH_YVCBDGSTF /BEV3/77000277 Condition Strategy Formula 
576 /BEV3/CH_YVCBDGSTR /BEV3/77000253 Condition Strategy Formula ID 
577 /BEV3/CH_YVCBDGSZ /BEV3/77000129 Assignment Payment Key to Deferral Period 
578 /BEV3/CH_YVCBDGVKRA /BEV3/77000123 Rule Attributes to be Copied to LT0500 
579 /BEV3/CH_YVCBEWA /BEV3/77000235 Contract Movement Type 
580 /BEV3/CH_YVCBGRU /BEV3/77000237 Grouping characteristic 
581 /BEV3/CH_YVCBKVRKT /BEV3/77000241 PC-field contents initial => not date link 
582 /BEV3/CH_YVCBPO0600 /BEV3/77000141 Condition Log Object <-> Settlement Information 
583 /BEV3/CH_YVCBPOFSO /BEV3/77000139 Condition Log Object Release/Lock Object 
584 /BEV3/CH_YVCBPOFSS /BEV3/77000144 Condition Log Object Release/Lock Object Status Signal 
585 /BEV3/CH_YVCBSCHL /BEV3/77000222 Posting key dependent on CoCd,account type/Datepart,settlement method 
586 /BEV3/CH_YVCBTBEWA /BEV3/77000066 Assignment of Movement Types to BTE/MAN 
587 /BEV3/CH_YVCBTBSCHL /BEV3/77000071 Assignment of Posting Keys to BTE/MAN 
588 /BEV3/CH_YVCBTDATA /BEV3/77000076 Table Definition and Coding Assignment per BTE 
589 /BEV3/CH_YVCBTFILT /BEV3/77000069 Maintenance of the Filters per Event/Client 
590 /BEV3/CH_YVCBTVART /BEV3/77000068 Assignment of CH Contract Types to BTE/MAN 
591 /BEV3/CH_YVCBTVWD /BEV3/77000067 Assignment of Contract Numbers to BTE/MAN 
592 /BEV3/CH_YVCBUCH /BEV3/77000238 Posting indicator 
593 /BEV3/CH_YVCBUSCHL /BEV3/77000167 Allowed CH Posting Keys 
594 /BEV3/CH_YVCBWA /BEV3/77000162 Validation table CH transactions 
595 /BEV3/CH_YVCCHVS /BEV3/77000343 Check Transaction (Control) 
596 /BEV3/CH_YVCDCMOD /BEV3/77000194 Link Modules 
597 /BEV3/CH_YVCELC_ACCN /BEV3/77000098 Event Listener Class Account 
598 /BEV3/CH_YVCELC_ASSF /BEV3/77000097 Event Listener Class Assessment FI 
599 /BEV3/CH_YVCEVCLDT /BEV3/77000063 Event Class Detail 
600 /BEV3/CH_YVCEVENT /BEV3/77000077 Events Accepted by CH 
601 /BEV3/CH_YVCEVEX /BEV3/77000093 General Event Exclusion 
602 /BEV3/CH_YVCEVLICL /BEV3/77000089 Event Listener Classes 
603 /BEV3/CH_YVCEVPERM /BEV3/77000070 BTEs Allowed in CH 
604 /BEV3/CH_YVCEVVVEO /BEV3/77000091 Assignment Event - CH Event Object 
605 /BEV3/CH_YVCFB /BEV3/77000228 Function Modules with Create Invoice Interface 
606 /BEV3/CH_YVCFORMEL /BEV3/77000280 Formula Identifier 
607 /BEV3/CH_YVCFSOB /BEV3/77000371 Release/Lock Objects 
608 /BEV3/CH_YVCFSOFALSE /BEV3/77000143 Release Objects RLObject = Lock Object 
609 /BEV3/CH_YVCFSOS /BEV3/77000342 Release/Lock Object (Control) 
610 /BEV3/CH_YVCFSOTRUE /BEV3/77000142 Release Objects RLObject = Release Object 
611 /BEV3/CH_YVCHECKPOIN /BEV3/77000364 Check Points for Authorization Check 
612 /BEV3/CH_YVCKLASS1 /BEV3/77000318 Classification 1 
613 /BEV3/CH_YVCKLASS2 /BEV3/77000334 Classification 2 
614 /BEV3/CH_YVCKLASS3 /BEV3/77000336 Classification 3 
615 /BEV3/CH_YVCKLASS4 /BEV3/77000251 Classification 4 
616 /BEV3/CH_YVCKLASS5 /BEV3/77000250 Classification 5 
617 /BEV3/CH_YVCKMPLBCH /BEV3/77000095 Complementary Posting 
618 /BEV3/CH_YVCKOFO /BEV3/77000350 Account Statement: Assign Form to Print Program 
619 /BEV3/CH_YVCKONT /BEV3/77000245 Account view 
620 /BEV3/CH_YVCKREIS /BEV3/77000239 Set (Differentiation of Rules, Conditions) 
621 /BEV3/CH_YVCKREISKZ /BEV3/77000233 Set Indicator 
622 /BEV3/CH_YVCLIN /BEV3/77000079 Link Type In Variant - Link Types 
623 /BEV3/CH_YVCLINK /BEV3/77000274 Link Dereferencing, Code Assignment 
624 /BEV3/CH_YVCLORT /BEV3/77000083 Link Locations 
625 /BEV3/CH_YVCLTBER /BEV3/77000084 AC/RI/LT_out - Link Locations 
626 /BEV3/CH_YVCLTSPZ /BEV3/77000207 AC/RI AC/RI/LT Out - Link Locations 
627 /BEV3/CH_YVCLTYP /BEV3/77000081 Link Types 
628 /BEV3/CH_YVCLVAR /BEV3/77000080 Link Type In Variant 
629 /BEV3/CH_YVCMSTFUBA /BEV3/77000344 Function Modules for the Manual Status 
630 /BEV3/CH_YVCMVWOB /BEV3/77000337 Contract Handling Object for Manual Status 
631 /BEV3/CH_YVCMVWOP /BEV3/77000339 Contract Handling Object Process for Manual Status 
632 /BEV3/CH_YVCMVWPR /BEV3/77000338 Contract Handling Process for Manual Status 
633 /BEV3/CH_YVCMVWSTATS /BEV3/77000345 Control manual CH process 
634 /BEV3/CH_YVCMVWVO /BEV3/77000346 Manual CH process 
635 /BEV3/CH_YVCOLOR /BEV3/77000300 Color Display in Tree 
636 /BEV3/CH_YVCPR /BEV3/77000275 Period split 
637 /BEV3/CH_YVCPTDO /BEV3/77000218 Documentation of Table Fields 
638 /BEV3/CH_YVCPTKO /BEV3/77000217 Standard Texts in Item Texts 
639 /BEV3/CH_YVCPVIEW /BEV3/77000266 Period View 
640 /BEV3/CH_YVCREG /BEV3/77000296 Rule Classes 
641 /BEV3/CH_YVCRESVWVOR /BEV3/77000165 Status: CHD Process in Reset 
642 /BEV3/CH_YVCRGI /BEV3/77000242 Rule Identifier 
643 /BEV3/CH_YVCS01 /BEV3/77000040 Selection Tables + Default Selection Fields 
644 /BEV3/CH_YVCS01RGKL0 /BEV3/77000319 Selection Tables + Default Selection Fields 
645 /BEV3/CH_YVCS01_ALL /BEV3/77000347 Selection Tables + Default Selection Fields 
646 /BEV3/CH_YVCS01_VWD /BEV3/77000257 Selection Tables and Default Selection Fields 
647 /BEV3/CH_YVCS02 /BEV3/77000041 Determination of Selection Field 
648 /BEV3/CH_YVCS02RGKL0 /BEV3/77000330 Determination of Selection Field 
649 /BEV3/CH_YVCSALD /BEV3/77000256 Balancing Method 
650 /BEV3/CH_YVCSECORT /BEV3/77000321 Depository of the Collaterals 
651 /BEV3/CH_YVCSOTYPCB /BEV3/77000287 Assignment Product Proposal Type -> Check Modules 
652 /BEV3/CH_YVCSTAF /BEV3/77000294 Scales 
653 /BEV3/CH_YVCSTBSCHL /BEV3/77000249 Complementary Posting Keys 
654 /BEV3/CH_YVCSTKL /BEV3/77000247 Tax classification 
655 /BEV3/CH_YVCSTRGBMOD /BEV3/77000106 Condition Modules - Log Control 
656 /BEV3/CH_YVCSTRGIOD /BEV3/77000107 Log Control - IO Design 
657 /BEV3/CH_YVCSTRKZ /BEV3/77000221 Tax classification 
658 /BEV3/CH_YVCTM2OTHER /BEV3/77000166 Additional Function Modules 
659 /BEV3/CH_YVCTMPRIO /BEV3/77000205 Date Priority 
660 /BEV3/CH_YVCTMPRIOV /BEV3/77000204 Date Priority of Each CH Organizational Unit 
661 /BEV3/CH_YVCTMSTZP /BEV3/77000195 Date Control Coding Time/Hours 
662 /BEV3/CH_YVCUMPRST /BEV3/77000297 Sales percentage scale 
663 /BEV3/CH_YVCVB /BEV3/77000234 Agreement Classes 
664 /BEV3/CH_YVCVBAC /BEV3/77000232 Agreement Activities 
665 /BEV3/CH_YVCVBLOAB /BEV3/77000086 AC/Link Type Out - Module, LT in Variant 
666 /BEV3/CH_YVCVBLOLI /BEV3/77000087 AC/Link Type Out - Link Type in Variants 
667 /BEV3/CH_YVCVBRI /BEV3/77000244 Agreement coding specializations according to AGCL and RI 
668 /BEV3/CH_YVCVBRILO /BEV3/77000088 Agr. Class/Rule ID - Link Location 
669 /BEV3/CH_YVCVBSP /BEV3/77000231 Agreement class-specific coding assignment 
670 /BEV3/CH_YVCVERDSTRF /BEV3/77000271 Compression strategy FI 
671 /BEV3/CH_YVCVERDSTRS /BEV3/77000270 Compression strategy SD 
672 /BEV3/CH_YVCVERKKRS /BEV3/77000243 Concatenation code 
673 /BEV3/CH_YVCVKEVASSF /BEV3/77000082 AC Event Assessment FI (FuMo) 
674 /BEV3/CH_YVCVKRAKKZ /BEV3/77000268 AGCL RA Area/Range ID 
675 /BEV3/CH_YVCVKTMST /BEV3/77000203 AC Date Coding Date Control 
676 /BEV3/CH_YVCVKTMST2 /BEV3/77000196 AC Date Coding Date Control 
677 /BEV3/CH_YVCVKVKLO /BEV3/77000145 AC/RI AC/RI/LT Out - Module ID 
678 /BEV3/CH_YVCVRABG /BEV3/77000267 Agreement Class Rule ID Rule Attribute Condition Group 
679 /BEV3/CH_YVCVRABG2 /BEV3/77000136 AC RI RA Range <- Condition Group for F4 in Rule Maintenance 
680 /BEV3/CH_YVCVRILOLT /BEV3/77000085 AC/RI/LT Out - Module ID 
681 /BEV3/CH_YVCVWDKL /BEV3/77000324 CHD Classes 
682 /BEV3/CH_YVCVWDVTBEZ /BEV3/77000323 Relations between contracts 
683 /BEV3/CH_YVCVWOB /BEV3/77000370 Contract Handling Object 
684 /BEV3/CH_YVCVWOP /BEV3/77000368 Contract Handling Object Process 
685 /BEV3/CH_YVCVWPR /BEV3/77000369 Contract Handling Process 
686 /BEV3/CH_YVCVWSS /BEV3/77000367 Control: Contract Handling Status 
687 /BEV3/CH_YVCVWST /BEV3/77000365 Contract Handling Status 
688 /BEV3/CH_YVCVWVO /BEV3/77000366 Contract Handling Transaction 
689 /BEV3/CH_YVCWS_ATTR /BEV3/77000281 VD attributes 
690 /BEV3/CH_YVCWS_BDAT /BEV3/77000293 VD Basic Date 
691 /BEV3/CH_YVCWS_BSTR /BEV3/77000328 Basic Date Strategy 
692 /BEV3/CH_YVCWS_DDAT /BEV3/77000325 Default Value Date 
693 /BEV3/CH_YVCWS_FIND /BEV3/77000289 VD Formula Determination 
694 /BEV3/CH_YVCWS_STR /BEV3/77000332 Value Date Strategy 
695 /BEV3/CH_YVCZEIT /BEV3/77000255 Time Condition 
696 /BEV3/CH_YVCZNSCHL /BEV3/77000259 Internal Interest Keys 
697 /BEV3/CH_YVCZTP /BEV3/77000299 Events 
698 /BEV3/CH_YVDNLDTAB /BEV3/77000349 Download Tables 
699 /BEV3/CH_YVEA /BEV3/77000033 Fixtures/Fittings Type 
700 /BEV3/CH_YVGRA /BEV3/77000034 Size Type 
701 /BEV3/CH_YVGZA /BEV3/77000036 Business Hours Type 
702 /BEV3/CH_YVGZI /BEV3/77000035 Business Hours Interval 
703 /BEV3/CH_YVKTGWE /BEV3/77000049 Account Groups SH 
704 /BEV3/CH_YVLA /BEV3/77000044 Storage type 
705 /BEV3/CH_YVNKRS /BEV3/77000357 Number range objects 
706 /BEV3/CH_YVOAA /BEV3/77000050 Attribute type 
707 /BEV3/CH_YVOKA /BEV3/77000047 Classification Type 
708 /BEV3/CH_YVOPR /BEV3/77000037 Partner type 
709 /BEV3/CH_YVORGE /BEV3/77000356 Assignment of CH org. unit to sales organization 
710 /BEV3/CH_YVORS /BEV3/77000032 Object Room Control 
711 /BEV3/CH_YVOS /BEV3/77000048 Object type 
712 /BEV3/CH_YVOSA /BEV3/77000051 Status type 
713 /BEV3/CH_YVOZ /BEV3/77000052 Assignment type 
714 /BEV3/CH_YVPBTYP /BEV3/77000254 Partner bank type 
715 /BEV3/CH_YVRAT /BEV3/77000263 Rule Attributes 
716 /BEV3/CH_YVRKVKZ /BEV3/77000303 Rule Classes / Agreement Class Time-related 2.4 
717 /BEV3/CH_YVSECTYP /BEV3/77000320 Collateral type 
718 /BEV3/CH_YVWDART /BEV3/77000301 Contract Handling Doc. Type 
719 /BEV3/CH_YVWDRKZ /BEV3/77000306 Rule Classes / CHD Time-related 1.5 
720 /BEV3/CH_YVWRA /BEV3/77000043 Maintenance Living Space Type 
721 /BEV3/CH_YVWRETA /BEV3/77000042 Floor Type 
722 /BEV4/PLAF /BEV4/77000021 Generate Update Determination 
723 /BEV4/PLCU /BEV4/77000031 Maintain Control Definitions 
724 /BEV4/PLDALCUSTV /BEV4/77000399 Transport Control Definitions 
725 /BEV4/PLDANFBEL_V /BEV4/77000029 Maintain Document Types for Indirect Orders 
726 /BEV4/PLDANFCSTV /BEV4/77000400 Transport Control Definitions 2 
727 /BEV4/PLDANFVKO_V /BEV4/77000018 Assign Sales Organization for Output 
728 /BEV4/PLDAUSGABE_V /BEV4/77000019 Assign Output Mediums 
729 /BEV4/PLDFAUFTRV /BEV4/01000010 Maintain Function Module Call for Order Creation 
730 /BEV4/PLDIFST_V /BEV4/77000028 Maintain Interface Control 
731 /BEV4/PLDKART_V /BEV4/77000026 Maintain Origin Indicator 
732 /BEV4/PLDPERIOD_V /BEV4/77000025 Maintain Period Table 
733 /BEV4/PLDPFAD_V /BEV4/77000020 Maintain Output Files and Directories 
734 /BEV4/PLDROLZU_V /BEV4/77000027 Maintain Role Assignments 
735 /BEV4/PLDSTAT_V /BEV4/77000030 Define and Assign Status 
736 /BEV4/PLDVKORGZ_V /BEV4/77000017 Assign Higher-Level Sales Organization 
737 /BEV4/PLPERIGRP /BEV4/77000022 Maintain Period Groups 
738 /BEV4/PLPERIRAS /BEV4/77000023 Maintain Period Split 
739 /BEV4/PLPERIVIE /BEV4/77000024 Period View 
740 /BEV4/PLPL /BEV4/77000382 Pendulum List 
741 /BOFU/PPFOC_INTR_FRM /BOFU/28000082 BAdI: Transfer of Interactive Form Content 
742 /BOFU/V_PPF_CATG /BOFU/28000081 Define Document Categories for Actions 
743 /CBAD/CFMENUOLISAKTI /CBAD/98000083 Activate Update 
744 /CBAD/CFMENUOLMCOVRH /CBAD/98000084 Assign Statistics Groups for Each Sales Document Type 
745 /CBAD/CFMENUOLMCOVRO /CBAD/98000086 Assign Update Group at Header Level 
746 /CBAD/CFMENUOLMCOVRP /CBAD/98000085 Assign Update Group at Item Level 
747 /CBAD/CFMENUOLSDBS02 /CBAD/98000077 Define and Assign Status Profile 
748 /CBAD/CONFIGUF /CBAD/98000078 Configure Additional User Fields 
749 /CBAD/LINETYPES /CBAD/98000082 Define Line-Type Texts for Contract Subitems 
750 /CBAD/MODTYPES /CBAD/98000080 Define Modification Types 
751 /CBAD/ORDTYPE /CBAD/98000079 Maintain Order Type 
752 /CBAD/OSD5_ODP1 /CBAD/98000076 Maintain DIP Profile 
753 /CBAD/REQMODID /CBAD/98000081 Activate Fields for Changes with Required Modification ID 
754 /CBAD/SD_ORDTYPE /CBAD/98000075 Maintain Order Type 
755 /CCIS/INVCARD /CCIS/67000092 BAdI: Inventory Card Enhancements 
756 /CCIS/PBU18TRANSFORM /CCIS/44000039 BAdI: Document Change During Data Transfer to FI-SL 
757 /CCIS/SMOD_J_3RKAC1 /CCIS/52000667 BAdI: Automatic Offsetting Account Determination 
758 /CCIS/SMOD_J_3RSINV /CCIS/52000364 BAdI: Export Document Chains 
759 /CEERE/FU /CEERE/19000330 Define Tax Offices (Till December 31, 2012) 
760 /CEERE/FUC /CEERE/50000452 Define Tax Offices (As of January 1, 2013) 
761 /CEERE/FU_REGW /CEERE/50000453 Assign Local Branch to Company Code and Tax Office 
762 /CEERE/KU /CEERE/19000334 Cadastral district 
763 /CEERE/MFUKD /CEERE/50000123 Maintain Tax Office Settings 
764 /CEERE/MKOEF /CEERE/85000114 Factors according to §6 par.4 a) and §11 par.3 a) 
765 /CEERE/MKONST /CEERE/50000178 Define Coefficients for Property Tax 
766 /CEERE/MKONSTC /CEERE/19000328 Constants for property tax 
767 /CEERE/MKUK /CEERE/50000122 Define Average Prices for Cadastral Disitricts 
768 /CEERE/MMAPL /CEERE/19000327 Mapping areas for property tax to Real Estate Management areas 
769 /CEERE/MMAPLFX /CEERE/14000052 Assign Area Types to Measurement Types 
770 /CEERE/MNUCOK /CEERE/19000332 Define Settings for Comp.Code and Property Tax Posting 
771 /CEERE/MOBCOVYK /CEERE/50000121 Define Settings for Municipalities 
772 /CEERE/MRIZENI /CEERE/19000329 Company code settings 
773 /CEERE/MTPNEM /CEERE/19000319 Property categories 
774 /CEERE/MTPZDR /CEERE/19000326 Define Property Categories and Property Types 
775 /CEERE/OKRESY /CEERE/19000331 Define Counties 
776 /CEERE/RIZBUK /CEERE/50000420 Settings for Company Codes and Dominant Enterprise Co.Cd. 
777 /CEERE/TBUKRS /CEERE/50000419 Dominant Company Codes - definition 
778 /CUM/ACTIONC /CUM/82000028 Define Time of Technical Object Creation 
779 /CUM/ACTIONM /CUM/82000046 Example Action Mapping Table 
780 /CUM/ARC_MSP /CUM/85000078 Maintain Selection Profiles 
781 /CUM/BADI_AFVU_MAINT /CUM/82000043 BAdI: Customer Fields in Order Operation 
782 /CUM/BADI_CATS_DTR /CUM/82000044 BAdI: CATS Time Distribution to Operations 
783 /CUM/BADI_COMPLEXITY /CUM/82000035 BAdI: Calculation of Complexity Factor 
784 /CUM/BADI_CONMS /CUM/82000041 BAdI: Customer Fields in Construction Measure 
785 /CUM/BADI_CUICALC /CUM/82000034 BAdI: Definition of Report for Design Cost Simulation 
786 /CUM/BADI_CUI_CHECK /CUM/82000042 BAdI: Customer Checks for CU Instance Data in Design 
787 /CUM/BADI_CU_EXPLODE /CUM/82000036 BAdI: Explosion of Multilevel Compatible Unit 
788 /CUM/BADI_CU_MASTER /CUM/82000047 BAdI: Customer Checks for Compatible Unit Master Data 
789 /CUM/BADI_OPR /CUM/82000039 BAdI: Search Help for Technical Object Allocation to CU 
790 /CUM/BADI_ORDER_SRD /CUM/82000040 BAdI: Settlement Rule Determ. f. OLC Compatible Unit Order 
791 /CUM/BADI_SCLS /CUM/82000048 BAdI: Customer Screen for Secondary Class Selection 
792 /CUM/BADI_TL_OPR_SEL /CUM/82000037 BAdI: Selection of Operations from Task List 
793 /CUM/BADI_VCU /CUM/82000038 BAdI: Enhance Virtual Compatible Unit Instance Data 
794 /CUM/BADI_WF_FL_DATA /CUM/82000033 BAdI: Define Key for New Functional Location in Workflow 
795 /CUM/CLASS_GLOBAL /CUM/82000026 Define Compatible Unit Classes 
796 /CUM/CLASS_INFLUENCE /CUM/82000027 Define Influencing Class 
797 /CUM/CLASS_INFO /CUM/82000025 Classification Information 
798 /CUM/CM_NR_RANGE /CUM/82000021 Define Number Ranges for Construction Measures 
799 /CUM/CM_TYPE /CUM/82000022 Define Construction Measure Types 
800 /CUM/COPYCUST /CUM/66000019 Define Cost Copy Settings 
801 /CUM/CU1 /CUM/53000658 Define User Status 
802 /CUM/CU2 /CUM/53000659 Define Attributes of Material Types 
803 /CUM/CU3 /CUM/53000660 Define Number Ranges for Each Material Type 
804 /CUM/CU4 /CUM/53000661 Define Item Categories 
805 /CUM/CU5 /CUM/53000662 Define Spare Part Indicators 
806 /CUM/CUNITWERK /CUM/82000011 Define Compatible Unit Plant-Specific Data 
807 /CUM/CUTYPEA /CUM/82000029 Define Compatible Unit Category Attributes 
808 /CUM/CU_ACTION /CUM/82000004 Define Actions and Time of Technical Object Creation 
809 /CUM/CU_CATEGORY /CUM/82000001 Define Compatible Unit Categories 
810 /CUM/CU_CLASS /CUM/82000003 Define Funds Classes 
811 /CUM/CU_CLASS_NODE /CUM/82000007 Classification Settings Specific to CU 
812 /CUM/CU_FUNCTION /CUM/82000002 Define Functions of Compatible Units 
813 /CUM/CU_NR /CUM/82000009 Define Number Ranges 
814 /CUM/CU_ORDER_SW /CUM/82000008 Define Order Types 
815 /CUM/CU_ORDTYPE /CUM/82000006 Define Compatible Unit Types 
816 /CUM/CU_SERVICE /CUM/82000005 Define Types of Service 
817 /CUM/CU_TYPES /CUM/82000010 Define Types of Compatible Units 
818 /CUM/DES_NUM_RANGE /CUM/82000020 Define Number Ranges for Designs 
819 /CUM/DES_TYPE /CUM/82000023 Define Design Types 
820 /CUM/FIELDS_CHECK /CUM/53000542 BAdI: Validate Fields of Compatible Unit Instance Data 
821 /CUM/FIELDS_DERIVE /CUM/53000541 BAdI: Derivation of Compatible Unit Instance Data 
822 /CUM/GEN_CLASS_STRUC /CUM/82000019 Generate Global Class Structure 
823 /CUM/GRP /CUM/82000017 Define Number Range for CU Order Group 
824 /CUM/G_CUST /CUM/82000014 Define Classes To Be Used 
825 /CUM/G_PLANT /CUM/82000045 Define Global Planning Plant for Company Code 
826 /CUM/INH_CHAR /CUM/95000473 Define Inherited Characteristics 
827 /CUM/INH_CHAR1 /CUM/53000657 Define Characteristics To Be Inherited 
828 /CUM/INH_CHARS /CUM/82000024 Define Characteristics to be Inherited 
829 /CUM/OLCCUST /CUM/82000030 Define Cost Settings 
830 /CUM/OLI5_CU /CUM/82000031 Regenerate Order Costs 
831 /CUM/SPARE_PARTS /CUM/82000018 Define Critical Parts Indicator 
832 /CUM/V_ACPOS /CUM/82000015 Define Value Categories For Cost Distribution 
833 /CUM/V_CU_SRD /CUM/82000013 Example Settlement Rule Determination Table 
834 /CUM/V_KOKRS /CUM/82000016 Define Controlling Data For Cost Distribution 
835 /CUM/V_KOKRSR /CUM/82000032 Configure Report for Cost Simulation Display 
836 /CUM/V_PRF_ORD /CUM/82000012 Define Profile 
837 /CWM/ACTIVATE /CWM/28000005 Activate Catch Weight Management in Client 
838 /CWM/CREATE_DELIVERY /CWM/15000032 BAdI: Creation of a Delivery 
839 /CWM/DEFAULT_MIGO /CWM/15000033 BAdI: Default Logic for Entry Quantities and Units of Measure in MIGO 
840 /CWM/DEFAULT_PI /CWM/15000034 BAdI: Default Logic for Quantities Counted 
841 /CWM/DEFAULT_STOCK_O /CWM/15000031 BAdI: Conversion of Base or Parallel Unit of Measure to Alternative UoM 
842 /CWM/DEFAULT_VAL_IV /CWM/15000035 BAdI: Default Logic in Invoice Verification 
843 /CWM/DLV_QTY_ROUND /CWM/15000045 BAdI: Rounding Quantities in Logistics UoM in Deliveries 
844 /CWM/GM_CREATE /CWM/15000036 BAdI: Deriving CWM-Relevant Quantity Fields from Entry Quantities 
845 /CWM/HU_GET_2TQ_QTY /CWM/15000038 BAdI: Parallel Quantity Calculation and Check 
846 /CWM/LES_TO_CONF_QTY /CWM/15000040 BAdI: Changing Proposal Data Upon Complete Stock Pick of Handling Unit 
847 /CWM/LES_TO_CONF_TIM /CWM/15000039 BAdI: Controlling the Entry Point for Confirmation of the TO Parallel Qty 
848 /CWM/LES_WMINV /CWM/15000041 BAdI: Automatic Transfer Posting of Storage Units 
849 /CWM/PO_HIST_VALUE /CWM/15000037 BAdI: Determining Values for Purchase Order History 
850 /CWM/SIMG_ACTIVATE /CWM/28000006 Activation of Catch Weight Management in Client 
851 /CWM/SIMG_ACTIVATION /CWM/28000007 Activate SAP Catch Weight Management in Client 
852 /CWM/SIMG_TOLGROUP /CWM/28000008 Define Tolerance Groups 
853 /CWM/T134_VP /CWM/09000001 Define Default Values for Valuation Procedure 
854 /CWM/TOLERANCE_GROUP /CWM/09000003 BAdI: Determining an Alternative Tolerance Group 
855 /CWM/V_T160M /CWM/09000002 Define Attributes of System Messages 
856 /DSD/BADI_GS_EXTV_CO /DSD/82000147 BAdI: Implementation of Data Compilation for Extraction Variants 
857 /DSD/BADI_GS_EXT_MET /DSD/82000148 BAdI: Implementation of Extraction Methods 
858 /DSD/BADI_GS_EXT_VAR /DSD/82000149 BAdI: Implementation of Extraction Variants 
859 /DSD/BADI_HH_CUST_BC /DSD/82000098 BAdI: Creation of Customer Barcode Identifier 
860 /DSD/BADI_MF_UPLOAD /DSD/82000075 BAdI: More Flexibility in Upload 
861 /DSD/BADI_OC_ATP_PRI /DSD/50000124 BAdI: Customer Enhancements ATP Check and Price Determination 
862 /DSD/BADI_SL_ASL_EXC /DSD/82000150 BAdI: Exclude Tour from Automatic Settlement 
863 /DSD/BADI_ST /DSD/82000151 BAdI: Customer Enhancements Tour Status 
864 /DSD/BADI_SV_LOAD_CO /DSD/82000152 BAdI: Customer Enhancements Loading Confirmation 
865 /DSD/BADI_SV_POSTING /DSD/82000153 BAdI: Customer Enhancements Stock Visibility 
866 /DSD/BADI_VC_BAPI /DSD/82000145 BAdI: Customer Enhancements Visit Control 
867 /DSD/C_OC_PRCDEF /DSD/50000114 Define Document Settings for ATP Check and Price Determination 
868 /DSD/DE_FUPREC /DSD/62000183 Maintain Tour Data Entry Control 
869 /DSD/DX_CARCH /DSD/66000189 Maintain Residence Time for Archiving 
870 /DSD/DX_CDTEL_VC /DSD/66000185 Define Data Elements and Fixed Values 
871 /DSD/DX_CPRTFORM /DSD/66000188 Define Alternative PDF Form 
872 /DSD/DX_CSEGM /DSD/66000206 Define Segments 
873 /DSD/DX_CVERS_VC /DSD/66000187 Define Structures for the Different Versions 
874 /DSD/DX_EANC_0012 /DSD/66000201 Maintain Global Location Number for Object 
875 /DSD/ES_CUST_REP /DSD/82000014 Signature Repository 
876 /DSD/ES_TEXT_ID /DSD/82000015 Signature Text ID 
877 /DSD/GS_CAPPL /DSD/82000005 Define Application for Statistical Data 
878 /DSD/GS_CVAR_DET /DSD/82000009 Define Extraction Variant Determination 
879 /DSD/GS_DMI_CHK_PAR /DSD/82000008 Check Settings for BI Data Mart Interface 
880 /DSD/GS_DMI_VAR /DSD/82000007 Define Specific Extraction Variant Settings for Usage of BI Data Mart IF 
881 /DSD/GS_EXT_VAR /DSD/82000006 Define Extraction Variant for Statistical Data 
882 /DSD/HH_DEST_CN /DSD/63000039 Maintain Destination of DSD Connector 
883 /DSD/HH_DRVTXT /DSD/91000222 Define Driver Messages 
884 /DSD/HH_DRVTXT_3 /DSD/82000130 Define Driver Messages 
885 /DSD/HH_RAARTT /DSD/91000224 Define Allowed Route Transaction Types 
886 /DSD/HH_RACKDRS /DSD/91000225 Define Reasons for Differences for Check-in and Check-out 
887 /DSD/HH_RADISTYP /DSD/91000226 Define Distance Types 
888 /DSD/HH_RAPAYMNT /DSD/91000227 Define Payment Methods 
889 /DSD/HH_RAPROFIL /DSD/91000228 Details of the Tour Status 
890 /DSD/HH_RAREASON /DSD/91000229 Define Reasons for Changing Deliveries 
891 /DSD/HH_RATIMTYP /DSD/91000230 Define Time Types 
892 /DSD/HH_RAVISCOD /DSD/91000231 Define Customer Visit Reasons 
893 /DSD/HH_RTATYP /DSD/91000232 Define Route Transaction Types 
894 /DSD/HH_TBALCTRL /DSD/91000233 Maintain Treatment of Message per Object 
895 /DSD/HH_TBALHD /DSD/91000249 Maintain General Settings 
896 /DSD/HH_TRADAT /DSD/91000223 Specify Volume of Transmitted Shipping Data 
897 /DSD/ME_ACT2RFC /DSD/60000010 Maintain EDI Port Definition 
898 /DSD/ME_CAN_REV /DSD/60000023 Define Payment Cancellation Reasons 
899 /DSD/ME_CAN_RSN /DSD/60000022 Define Cancellation Reasons 
900 /DSD/ME_CHG_RSN /DSD/60000020 Define Reasons for Changing Deliveries and Orders 
901 /DSD/ME_CND_PROM /DSD/63000046 Define Condition Types for Deal Condition Discounts 
902 /DSD/ME_CND_T_V /DSD/63000045 Define Condition Types for Manual Discounts 
903 /DSD/ME_COCI_RST /DSD/60000019 Define Reasons for Differences for Check-in and Check-out 
904 /DSD/ME_CPT_GRP /DSD/60000024 Define Mobile Device Groups 
905 /DSD/ME_CPT_MEST /DSD/60000008 Define Mobile Engine Server 
906 /DSD/ME_CPT_MESV /DSD/60000009 Maintain Destination of Mobile Engine Server 
907 /DSD/ME_CUSTKEY /DSD/60000035 Parameter for General Settings 
908 /DSD/ME_DELV_LFT /DSD/60000030 Assign Delivery Documents Types to DSD Delivery Scenarios 
909 /DSD/ME_DX_PQU_V /DSD/66000193 Mapping EAN category to DEX product/service qualifier 
910 /DSD/ME_DX_UOM_V /DSD/66000191 Mapping UoM from ISO-Code to DEX UoM 
911 /DSD/ME_ES_CANC /DSD/82000016 Define Settings for Cancelling/Changing Signed Documents 
912 /DSD/ME_ES_CUST /DSD/82000017 Assign Signer Roles to Documents 
913 /DSD/ME_EXPTYPE /DSD/60000027 Define Expense Types 
914 /DSD/ME_GEN_CU_V_DE /DSD/60000034 Device specific Settings 
915 /DSD/ME_GEN_CU_V_GL /DSD/60000032 Define Mobile Device Settings 
916 /DSD/ME_GEN_CU_V_GR /DSD/60000033 Group specific Settings 
917 /DSD/ME_MAP_FM /DSD/60000014 Define Function Modules for Mapping 
918 /DSD/ME_MAP_RULE /DSD/60000015 Define Mapping Rules 
919 /DSD/ME_MAT_TYPE /DSD/60000016 Assign Material Types to DSD Connectivity Material Types 
920 /DSD/ME_MSGT2OBJ /DSD/60000013 Assign Message Types to Connectivity Objects 
921 /DSD/ME_OBJECT /DSD/60000011 Define Connectivity Objects 
922 /DSD/ME_OBJ_FM /DSD/60000012 Assign Function Modules to Connectivity Objects 
923 /DSD/ME_OI_DOC /DSD/60000017 Assign Document Types to DSD Connectivity Document Types 
924 /DSD/ME_OI_INV /DSD/60000018 Assign Invoice Document Types as Selection Criteria for Open Items 
925 /DSD/ME_ORD_AUT /DSD/60000031 Assign Sales Document Types to DSD Order Scenarios 
926 /DSD/ME_PAYMENT /DSD/60000038 Define Payment Methods 
927 /DSD/ME_PAY_TYPT /DSD/60000028 Define allowed Payment / Credit Card Types 
928 /DSD/ME_ROLE /DSD/60000025 Define group-specific Roles 
929 /DSD/ME_ROLE_GRP /DSD/60000026 Assign group-specific Roles to Mobile Device Groups 
930 /DSD/ME_TOUR_SHP /DSD/60000029 Assign Shipment / Visit Plan Types to DSD Tour Scenarios 
931 /DSD/ME_TOUR_SV2 /DSD/82000097 Define Tour Scenario Settings 
932 /DSD/ME_TOUR_S_V /DSD/05000074 Define Tour Scenario Settings 
933 /DSD/ME_VISIT_RT /DSD/60000021 Define Customer Visit Reasons 
934 /DSD/PE_CONFIG /DSD/26000004 Define General Settings 
935 /DSD/PE_KALSM /DSD/26000005 Define Pricing Procedure 
936 /DSD/PE_PROCE /DSD/91000041 Define Pricing Procedure 
937 /DSD/PR_CUFC /DSD/63000044 Define Field Selection 
938 /DSD/PR_CUST /DSD/63000042 Define Customer Hierarchy Type for Each Sales Area 
939 /DSD/PR_CUTP /DSD/63000043 Define Deal Condition Types 
940 /DSD/RP_CHECK_SA /DSD/05000294 Activate Single Sales Area Processes 
941 /DSD/RP_DRVKTOKD /DSD/01002294 Specify Allowed Account Groups for Drivers 
942 /DSD/RP_LICCAT /DSD/06000099 Define Driver's License Categories 
943 /DSD/RP_LMT /DSD/06000108 Determine Capacity Limits 
944 /DSD/RP_MOTRCAT /DSD/01002295 Assign Means-of-Transport Type to Equipment Category and Vehicle Type 
945 /DSD/RP_SETUP /DSD/06000098 Activate Direct Store Delivery 
946 /DSD/RP_SUM /DSD/62000175 Determine Categories for Totals Fields 
947 /DSD/SL_ACTIVETA /DSD/91000253 Activate Transaction Types 
948 /DSD/SL_CLEARSET /DSD/91000234 Maintain Settings for Automatic Clearing 
949 /DSD/SL_CLUSTAT /DSD/91000235 Maintain Settings for Manual Clearing 
950 /DSD/SL_CON_RN /DSD/56000001 Assign Allowed Sales Activity Results to Customer Transaction Status 
951 /DSD/SL_DP_CTRL /DSD/82000090 Define Difference Processing with Interim Account 
952 /DSD/SL_NRZUORD /DSD/01002241 Assign Number Range Interval 
953 /DSD/SL_POSTSET /DSD/91000236 Posting Control of Driver Receipts and Expenditures 
954 /DSD/SL_SNUM_FSR /DSD/91000256 Maintain Number Range for Final Settlement Run 
955 /DSD/SL_SNUM_SLCOC /DSD/91000258 Maintain Number Ranges for Check-Out Documents 
956 /DSD/SL_SNUM_SLCOC_E /DSD/06000175 Maintain Number Range for Check-In Documents 
957 /DSD/SL_SNUM_SLDEL /DSD/91000257 Maintain Number Range for External Delivery Numbers 
958 /DSD/SL_SNUM_SLDEL_A /DSD/06000179 Maintain Number Range for External Order Numbers 
959 /DSD/SL_SNUM_SLDID /DSD/91000255 Maintain Number Range for Settlement Documents 
960 /DSD/SL_SNUM_SLINV /DSD/91000259 Maintain Number Range for External Invoice Numbers 
961 /DSD/SL_TBSO /DSD/91000237 Define Settlement Office 
962 /DSD/SL_TBSOASSM /DSD/91000238 Set Determination of Settlement Office 
963 /DSD/SL_TBSOSLTY /DSD/91000239 Assign Allowed Settlement Types to Settlement Office 
964 /DSD/SL_TCSTAMAP /DSD/91000240 Document Control for Each Customer Sales Transaction Type 
965 /DSD/SL_TCSTATYP /DSD/91000241 Define Customer Sales Transaction Types 
966 /DSD/SL_TC_CSTT /DSD/10000609 Define Customer-Specific Customer Sales Transaction Types 
967 /DSD/SL_TC_CTRL /DSD/10000610 Set Up Customer Sales Transaction Types Determination 
968 /DSD/SL_TGFINDV /DSD/66000018 Determination of Tolerance Groups 
969 /DSD/SL_TGGRPV /DSD/66000016 Tolerance Groups 
970 /DSD/SL_TGSEAR_V /DSD/66000017 Search Criteria of Tolerance Groups 
971 /DSD/SL_TGTYPV /DSD/66000015 Tolerance Types 
972 /DSD/SL_TIDTAARE /DSD/91000242 Maintain Transaction Screens 
973 /DSD/SL_TSLTYASM /DSD/91000243 Set Determination of Settlement Types 
974 /DSD/SL_TSLTYP /DSD/91000244 Define Settlement Types 
975 /DSD/SL_TSLTY_V3 /DSD/82000129 Define Settlement Types 
976 /DSD/ST_ACTIV_V /DSD/82000249 Function Modules available for Tour Profiles 
977 /DSD/ST_CPROF_VC /DSD/82000048 Define Tour Scenarios and Tour Status Profiles 
978 /DSD/ST_CSCEN_SH /DSD/82000021 Delivery Process: Assign Shipment to Tour Scenario 
979 /DSD/ST_CSCEN_VL /DSD/82000023 Sales Process: Assign Visit List to Tour Scenario 
980 /DSD/ST_CSTATUS /DSD/82000018 Define Tour Status ID 
981 /DSD/ST_CTYPE_SH /DSD/82000020 Delivery Process: Assign Shipment to the Connected Medium 
982 /DSD/ST_CTYPE_VL /DSD/82000022 Sales Process: Assign Visit List to the Connected Medium 
983 /DSD/SV_ACT /DSD/82000010 Activate Stock Visibility 
984 /DSD/SV_CG_LEV_UOM /DSD/82000086 Define UoM Hierarchy for Counting with Counting Groups 
985 /DSD/SV_CNTGR /DSD/82000085 Define Counting Groups 
986 /DSD/SV_CUS /DSD/82000011 Stock Visibility Scenario Settings 
987 /DSD/SV_LC_CUS /DSD/82000083 Settings for Loading Confirmation Dialog 
988 /DSD/SV_LC_SCR /DSD/82000084 Settings for Display of Detail Screen 
989 /DSD/SV_LOCATION /DSD/82000012 Storage Locations per Plant 
990 /DSD/SV_MAIL_REC /DSD/82000013 Recipient for Express Mail 
991 /DSD/SV_RLD_ACT /DSD/63000040 Define Activity Types and Their Assignment to Order Types 
992 /DSD/SV_RLD_ORD /DSD/63000041 Configure Order Type Determination 
993 /DSD/VC_AUTH /DSD/01002299 Define Visit Groups 
994 /DSD/VC_BUSTRANS /DSD/82000031 Specify Allowed Transaction Types 
995 /DSD/VC_B_ACC /DSD/62000218 Maintain Access Sequences 
996 /DSD/VC_B_CAT /DSD/62000217 Maintain Field Catalog 
997 /DSD/VC_B_CT1 /DSD/62000214 Maintain Condition Tables 
998 /DSD/VC_B_CT2 /DSD/62000215 Change 
999 /DSD/VC_B_CT3 /DSD/62000216 Display 
1,000 /DSD/VC_B_MAP /DSD/62000223 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
1,001 /DSD/VC_B_SCH /DSD/62000222 Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
1,002 /DSD/VC_B_TYP /DSD/62000219 Maintain Message Types 
1,003 /DSD/VC_CALTYP /DSD/01002309 Define Calendar Types 
1,004 /DSD/VC_DELIVER /DSD/01002314 Determine Allowed Delivery Types 
1,005 /DSD/VC_GRP /DSD/01002300 Define DSD Groupings 
1,006 /DSD/VC_MSGTYP_V7 /DSD/62000212 Define Message Types 
1,007 /DSD/VC_MSGTYP_VL /DSD/62000220 Define Message Types 
1,008 /DSD/VC_ORDER /DSD/01002311 Specify Allowed Sales Document Types 
1,009 /DSD/VC_TEXT_CONTROL /DSD/82000131 Text Control Within Visit Control 
1,010 /DSD/VC_TRADAT_V /DSD/62000234 Download: Define Scope of Data Transfer 
1,011 /DSD/VC_V7_PRN /DSD/62000213 Print Output: Determine Individual Messages to Be Processed 
1,012 /DSD/VC_VLRANGE /DSD/01002313 Define Number Range for Visit Lists 
1,013 /DSD/VC_VL_PRN /DSD/62000221 Print Output: Determine Individual Messages to Be Processed 
1,014 /DSD/VC_VPRANGE /DSD/01002312 Define Number Range for Visit Plans 
1,015 /DSD/VC_VPTYPE /DSD/01002310 Define Visit Plan Types 
1,016 /DSD/VC_VPTYPE_3 /DSD/82000026 Define Visit Plan Types 
1,017 /DSD/VC_VSTATCON /DSD/06000104 Assign Sales Activity Type and Outcome to Customer Visit Status 
1,018 /EACA/GL_ACCTGRP /EACA/50000058 Assign Account Groups to Account Assignment Categories 
1,019 /EACA/GL_ACCT_PB /EACA/50000059 Lock G/L Accounts against Posting 
1,020 /EACA/GL_ADET_CLR /EACA/50000055 Define Account Assignment for Clearing Items 
1,021 /EACA/GL_ADET_SDF /EACA/50000056 Define Account Assignment for Currency Translation Difference Items 
1,022 /EACA/GL_ASSTYPE /EACA/50000057 Define Account Assignment Category 
1,023 /EACA/GL_CHARACT /EACA/50000037 Set Characteristics 
1,024 /EACA/GL_CHARACT2 /EACA/50000051 Set Account Assignment Characteristics 
1,025 /EACA/GL_CONFGJRN /EACA/50000038 Configure Journals 
1,026 /EACA/GL_CONFIG /EACA/50000039 Configure General Ledger 
1,027 /EACA/GL_CONFNROB /EACA/50000040 Define Number Range 
1,028 /EACA/GL_DOCNO /EACA/50000050 Define Document Number Assignment 
1,029 /EACA/GL_POST_ACT /EACA/63000004 Activate Interface 
1,030 /EACA/GL_POST_FIE /EACA/50000053 Define Field Properties 
1,031 /EACA/GL_POST_LAY /EACA/50000052 Set Interface Display 
1,032 /EACA/GL_REVREA /EACA/50000054 Define Reasons for Reversal 
1,033 /EACA/GL_REV_D_C /EACA/63000003 Set Debit/Credit Indicator for Reversals 
1,034 /EACA/PM_UR_MAINTAIN /EACA/22000600 Maintain Assignment Changes 
1,035 /EACA/SIMG_BTPRO_ACT /EACA/50000031 Activate the Business Transaction Profit 
1,036 /EACA/SIMG_INST_ACTI /EACA/50000028 Activate Components in the Accounting Instance 
1,037 /EACA/SIMG_INST_DEFI /EACA/50000030 Define Accounting Instance 
1,038 /EACA/SIMG_PM_BTAPRO /EACA/50000032 Configure Business Transaction Profit for PM 
1,039 /EACA/SIMG_PM_CKGRP /EACA/50000047 Characteristic and Key Figure Groups / Entry Variants 
1,040 /EACA/SIMG_PM_VAR_ST /EACA/50000036 Set Up Variant 
1,041 /EACC/ACC_ARCHIVE /EACC/50000060 Document Archiving 
1,042 /EACC/ACTIVATE_AE /EACC/63000002 Activate Accounting Engine for the Accounting Instance 
1,043 /EACC/SIMG_ACSY_COPY /EACC/50000025 Copying Valuation Systems 
1,044 /EACC/SIMG_ACSY_CUST /EACC/50000017 Customizing for the Valuation System 
1,045 /EACC/SIMG_COMP_DEFI /EACC/50000019 Define Components 
1,046 /EACC/SIMG_DM_COPY /EACC/50000029 Copy Map Information between Instances (Temporary) 
1,047 /EACC/SIMG_DM_OBJMAP /EACC/50000024 Set BW Objects in the Accounting Views 
1,048 /EACC/SIMG_INST_COMP /EACC/50000020 Assign Components 
1,049 /EACC/SIMG_INST_KFCH /EACC/50000014 Register Key Figures and Characteristics in the Accounting Instance 
1,050 /EACC/SIMG_INST_LDBW /EACC/50000005 Assign Business Warehouses 
1,051 /EACC/SIMG_INST_SET /EACC/63000001 Set Accounting Instance 
1,052 /EACC/SIMG_INST_SHRG /EACC/50000034 Display Characteristic Registration 
1,053 /EACC/SIMG_INST_STKC /EACC/50000033 Activate Business Warehouse Assignment 
1,054 /EACC/SIMG_JRCR_ACTI /EACC/50000023 Costs & Revenues - Activate Journal 
1,056 /EACC/SIMG_PM_ACTIV /EACC/50000022 Activate Profitability Management View 
1,057 /EACC/SIMG_PM_CHAR_A /EACC/50000015 Define Characteristic Use 
1,058 /EACC/SIMG_PM_INST /EACC/50000013 Assign Active Variant 
1,059 /EACC/SIMG_PM_KEYF_A /EACC/50000016 Set Costs Revenues Sales Deduction Flag 
1,060 /EACC/SIMG_PM_STR_CR /EACC/50000011 Configure Structure of Cost & Revenue Journal 
1,061 /EACC/SIMG_PM_VAR /EACC/50000012 Define variant 
1,062 /EACC/SIMG_PM_VAR_ST /EACC/50000018 Set Up Variant 
1,063 /ECRS/BADI_CHECKITEM /ECRS/12000018 BAdI: Additional Item Checks in Intrastat Declarations 
1,064 /ECRS/BADI_SEND_FILE /ECRS/24000001 BAdI: Using the Intrastat Declaration File in Automatic Sending 
1,065 /ECRS/BUSTRANSTY_DEF /ECRS/12000006 Define Intrastat Code for Business Transaction Type 
1,066 /ECRS/CNTRY_ORIG_ASS /ECRS/12000004 Assign Intrastat Code for Country of Origin to Country of Declaration 
1,067 /ECRS/CNTRY_ORIG_DEF /ECRS/12000003 Define Intrastat Code for Country of Origin 
1,068 /ECRS/CURRENCY_GPCTR /ECRS/12000013 Define Foreign Currency in Partner Country 
1,069 /ECRS/EXCEMPT_REGION /ECRS/12000014 Define Regions for Exclusion from Intrastat Declaration 
1,070 /ECRS/EXC_COO_DEFINE /ECRS/12000016 Define Exceptions for Mapping the Country of Origin 
1,071 /ECRS/EXC_GPCTRY_DEF /ECRS/12000015 Define Exceptions for Mapping Partner Country 
1,072 /ECRS/GP_COUNTRY_ASS /ECRS/12000002 Assign Intrastat Code for Partner Country to Country of Declaration 
1,073 /ECRS/GP_COUNTRY_DEF /ECRS/12000001 Define Intrastat Code for Partner Country 
1,074 /ECRS/GTSLINKS /ECRS/12000019 Activation of Commodity Codes 
1,075 /ECRS/INCOTERMS_DEF /ECRS/12000009 Define Intrastat Code for Incoterms 
1,076 /ECRS/MODE_TRANS_DEF /ECRS/12000008 Define Intrastat Code for Mode of Transport at the Border 
1,077 /ECRS/OFFICE_DEFINE /ECRS/12000012 Define Intrastat Code for Collection Center 
1,078 /ECRS/PORT_AIRPO_DEF /ECRS/12000010 Define Intrastat Code for Ports and Airports 
1,079 /ECRS/PROCEDURE_DEF /ECRS/12000007 Define Intrastat Code for Procedure 
1,080 /ECRS/REGIONS_ASSIGN /ECRS/12000017 Assign Regions in Worklist to Regions for Intrastat Declaration 
1,081 /ECRS/REGION_DEFINE /ECRS/12000005 Define Intrastat Code for Region 
1,082 /ECRS/SPECMOVEMT_DEF /ECRS/12000011 Define Intrastat Code for Special Movement Code 
1,083 /FSIH/BADI_REBATE /FSIH/10000979 BAdI: Calculation of Rebate Amount when Notice Given 
1,084 /FSIH/DEFINE_PORTFOL /FSIH/10000978 Define Portfolios 
1,085 /FSIH/DEFINE_SETTING /FSIH/10000977 Determine System Settings for Insurance Handler 
1,086 /FSIH/MD_CHANGES /FSIH/10000980 BAdI: Creation of Master Data Changes List 
1,087 /GRCPI/GRACVNOTIFYMS /GRCPI/13000004 Maintain Text for Custom Notification Messages (Plug-In) 
1,088 /GRCPI/GRIA_CONV /GRCPI/80000001 Maintain Plug-In Configuration Settings 
1,089 /GRCPI/SSM_CUST /GRCPI/80000002 Maintain User Exits for Plug-In Systems 
1,090 /GRCPI/VGRIAEXTN /GRCPI/13000001 Maintain Validity Dates for Firefighter Assignments (Plug-In) 
1,091 /GRCPI/VGRIANOTC /GRCPI/13000003 Maintain Custom Notification Messages for Emergency Access (Plug-In) 
1,092 /GRCPI/VGRIANOTF /GRCPI/13000002 Maintain Text for Custom Notification Messages 
1,093 /IBS/CRB_IASCON /IBS/47000047 Contract Valuation (IAS) 
1,094 /IBS/IF_EX_RB_ECFUPD /IBS/76000125 BAdI: Change ECF Data After RBD Update 
1,095 /IBS/IF_EX_RB_LOSS_I /IBS/76000124 BAdI: Transfer Loss Information to Source System 
1,096 /IBS/IF_EX_RB_MAN_IN /IBS/05000020 RBD: BAdI for Distribution of Manual Planned Records 
1,097 /IBS/RB_ARBBEST /IBS/10000621 Define Assignment of Conditions for Planned Record Creation 
1,098 /IBS/RB_BALANCE /IBS/10000408 Define RBD Balancing Rules 
1,099 /IBS/RB_BASISCUST /IBS/01002330 Basic Settings for the RBD Module 
1,100 /IBS/RB_BASISEINST /IBS/01002331 Basis Settings for the RBD Module 
1,101 /IBS/RB_BA_NRKR /IBS/25000538 RBD Define Number Range Assignments 
1,102 /IBS/RB_BA_SRT /IBS/25000541 Sort Key for Error Messages 
1,103 /IBS/RB_BA_SRTP /IBS/25000543 Value Table for Error Message Sort Field 
1,104 /IBS/RB_BCRPBAL /IBS/76000112 ECF: Define Derivation of Risk Provision Positions 
1,105 /IBS/RB_BENORD /IBS/62000209 Assignment of Administrators to Organizational Units 
1,106 /IBS/RB_BEWAT /IBS/25000134 Customizing for Flow Type - Attributes 
1,107 /IBS/RB_BEWME /IBS/25000135 Define Valuation Methods 
1,108 /IBS/RB_BTCML /IBS/01001595 Define CML Flow Type from Selection of Excluded Flow Categories 
1,109 /IBS/RB_BVC_P /IBS/76000111 ECF: Define Book Value Components 
1,110 /IBS/RB_BWTXT /IBS/76000107 Define Different Texts for Risk Provision Position 
1,111 /IBS/RB_CBA /IBS/25000136 Definition of CML Flow Categories for Loss Postings 
1,112 /IBS/RB_CFMENUORFBOB /IBS/01002305 Define Document Types 
1,113 /IBS/RB_CFTYP /IBS/76000062 Define Cash Flow Category 
1,114 /IBS/RB_CF_ZUL /IBS/76000068 Permitted Cash Flow Categories for RBD Account Dialog 
1,115 /IBS/RB_COLTY_P /IBS/76000063 Define Collateral Type 
1,116 /IBS/RB_CONBVC /IBS/76000120 ECF: Assignment of Book Value Components to Risk Provision Position 
1,117 /IBS/RB_CONFST /IBS/10000409 Define Rules for Value Adjustment Position Generation in RBD 
1,118 /IBS/RB_CSG /IBS/25000137 Define Collateral Types Encumbrances 
1,119 /IBS/RB_CSM /IBS/25000157 Define Collateral Types 
1,120 /IBS/RB_DUEPO /IBS/76000074 Define Relevant Date for Data Selection 
1,121 /IBS/RB_ECFGAAP /IBS/76000109 ECF: GAAP Assignment 
1,122 /IBS/RB_ECFGLB /IBS/76000108 ECF: General Settings 
1,123 /IBS/RB_ECF_CTRLMAN /IBS/76000115 ECF: Function Control in Valuation Sheet 
1,124 /IBS/RB_ECF_LIBUE /IBS/76000118 ECF: Define Accounting Units for Manual Contract Management 
1,125 /IBS/RB_ECF_MCO_MOD /IBS/76000117 ECF: Define Component ID for Manual Contract Management 
1,126 /IBS/RB_ECF_PROCCAT /IBS/76000113 ECF: Define and Classify Processing Types 
1,127 /IBS/RB_ECF_ZBWARVB /IBS/76000121 ECF: Assignment of Source System Flow to Risk Provision Position 
1,128 /IBS/RB_ECF_ZSICRVB /IBS/76000122 ECF: Assignment of Collateral Types to Risk Provision Position 
1,129 /IBS/RB_ECLCTRL /IBS/76000110 ECF: Define Loss Processing 
1,130 /IBS/RB_ECMPROD /IBS/76000119 ECF: Define Product Types for Manual Contract Management 
1,131 /IBS/RB_EX_IS /IBS/62000712 BAdI: Information System 
1,132 /IBS/RB_EX_KTO /IBS/62000695 BAdI: Overall Check RBD Account 
1,133 /IBS/RB_EX_KTO_QUOT /IBS/62000704 BAdI: Distribution of Individual Amount to Individual Documents 
1,134 /IBS/RB_EX_POST_BAFI /IBS/10000818 BAdI: Data Supply for Regulatory Reporting 
1,135 /IBS/RB_EX_PWV_DATA /IBS/10000817 BAdI: Data Export for Flat-Rate Individual Value Adjustment 
1,136 /IBS/RB_EX_UE /IBS/62000711 BAdI: Consistency Check Individual Documents 
1,137 /IBS/RB_EX_UP /IBS/62000707 BAdI. Consistency Check Planned Records 
1,138 /IBS/RB_EX_VA_LABEL /IBS/10000816 BAdI: Definition for Individual Flat-Rate Value Adjustment Records 
1,139 /IBS/RB_FCON /IBS/76000116 ECF: ALV Field Control at Row Level 
1,140 /IBS/RB_FPERIOD /IBS/76000073 Define Settlement Period Change 
1,141 /IBS/RB_FUPDATE /IBS/76000106 Define Resubmission Date 
1,142 /IBS/RB_FVARISK /IBS/76000014 Define Valuation Basis for Flat-Rate Value Adjustment 
1,143 /IBS/RB_GATE /IBS/10000622 Define Assignment of RBD Gate to RBD Flow Types 
1,144 /IBS/RB_GBEWEG /IBS/25000297 Deleted Define FLow Type Define RBD Offsetting Flow Type 
1,145 /IBS/RB_GLOBAL /IBS/10000615 General Settings for RBD Tool 
1,146 /IBS/RB_IASACC /IBS/76000075 Provision Valuation per IAS 
1,147 /IBS/RB_IASBEWE /IBS/76000061 Relevant Previous System Flows for IAS/IFRS Gate Fill 
1,148 /IBS/RB_IASCOL /IBS/47000048 Collateral Valuation (IAS) 
1,149 /IBS/RB_IASHDG /IBS/47000049 Hedge Valuation (IAS) 
1,150 /IBS/RB_KKT /IBS/25000158 Define Permitted Account- Category Combinations 
1,151 /IBS/RB_KLS /IBS/25000141 Define RBD Classes 
1,152 /IBS/RB_KTART /IBS/01002101 Define RBD Account Type 
1,153 /IBS/RB_KTOFI /IBS/25000153 RBD Account Determination 
1,154 /IBS/RB_MAN_INI /IBS/05000019 RBD: BAdI for Distribution of Manual Planned Records 
1,155 /IBS/RB_MODID /IBS/25000140 Define Systems to be Linked 
1,156 /IBS/RB_M_DISC /IBS/76000114 ECF: Define General Discount Rates 
1,157 /IBS/RB_ORGEIN /IBS/62000208 Maintain Organizational Units for RBD 
1,158 /IBS/RB_PARSY /IBS/25000540 Define Partner Systems 
1,159 /IBS/RB_PERIO /IBS/62000753 Define Time Periods for Valuation Areas 
1,160 /IBS/RB_PRCB /IBS/25000156 Prioritze Valuation Status Indicators 
1,161 /IBS/RB_PRIOTYP /IBS/10000406 Define Priority of RBD Flow Types 
1,162 /IBS/RB_PROCCATTYPE /IBS/76000067 Define and Classify Processing Type 
1,163 /IBS/RB_PWVKK /IBS/01002100 Define Valuation Basis for Flat-Rate Value Adjustment 
1,164 /IBS/RB_RANKTYP /IBS/10000407 Define Ranking Order of RBD Flow Types for Planned Record Processing 
1,165 /IBS/RB_RBAA /IBS/25000162 RBD Assign Loss Flow Types 
1,166 /IBS/RB_RBD /IBS/25000139 Define RBD Area 
1,167 /IBS/RB_RBDAT /IBS/25000144 Define RBD Area Attributes 
1,168 /IBS/RB_RBDBW /IBS/25000142 Define RBD Flow Types 
1,169 /IBS/RB_RBDSB /IBS/25000160 Define Permitted RBD Administrators 
1,170 /IBS/RB_RBEWEG /IBS/25000296 Define RBD Flow Type and FI Account Determination 
1,171 /IBS/RB_RECLAS /IBS/76000015 Assign Flow Types for Special Business Operations 
1,172 /IBS/RB_RFCCAL /IBS/25000315 Define Leading Partner System (Local or Remote RFC) 
1,173 /IBS/RB_RFCXTRA /IBS/25000314 RFC Table for Extractors of Linked Systems 
1,174 /IBS/RB_RISIKO /IBS/25000295 Define RBD Risk Classes 
1,175 /IBS/RB_RKAPB /IBS/25000537 RBD Assign Capital Flow Types for Balance Transfers 
1,176 /IBS/RB_RKL /IBS/25000143 Define RBD Risk Classes 
1,177 /IBS/RB_RKLASSE /IBS/25000294 Define RBD Class 
1,178 /IBS/RB_RKLUE /IBS/25000154 Transfer of RBD Risk Class per RBD Account 
1,179 /IBS/RB_RKREIS /IBS/25000293 Define RBD Area 
1,180 /IBS/RB_RPRODART /IBS/25000492 Define RBD Product Type 
1,181 /IBS/RB_RS_PROP /IBS/76000076 Definition Usage Probability Provisions 
1,182 /IBS/RB_SAPRE /IBS/25000542 Define SAP Release of Partner System 
1,183 /IBS/RB_TREVENT /IBS/76000123 ECF: Maintain Processing Events 
1,184 /IBS/RB_ZAR /IBS/25000146 Assign Aggregation Levels to RBD Area 
1,185 /IBS/RB_ZBEVWW /IBS/25000370 Define Flow Type Source System (Capital Only) for Currency Change 
1,186 /IBS/RB_ZBR /IBS/25000149 Define RBD Valuation Methods 
1,187 /IBS/RB_ZGPAP /IBS/25000159 Define Permitted Business Partner Roles for Aggregation Level Partner 
1,188 /IBS/RB_ZGPAR /IBS/25000161 Prioritize Permitted Addresses 
1,189 /IBS/RB_ZGPDAVS /IBS/76000077 Assignment of Business Partner Role to Product Type Source System 
1,190 /IBS/RB_ZKK /IBS/25000150 Assign RBD Class to RBD Account Category 
1,191 /IBS/RB_ZKKV /IBS/25000151 Assign RBD Class to Account Assignment Source System 
1,192 /IBS/RB_ZKRBA /IBS/25000364 Assign Capital Flows from Source System to RBD Flow Type 
1,193 /IBS/RB_ZKRBW /IBS/25000536 Assign Capital from Source System to RBD Flow Type 
1,194 /IBS/RB_ZMR /IBS/25000145 Assign Source System Component ID to RBD Area 
1,195 /IBS/RB_ZPVR /IBS/25000148 Assign Product Type from Source System to RBD Area 
1,196 /IBS/RB_ZRBWA /IBS/25000152 Assign Source System Flow Type to RBD Flow Type 
1,197 /IBS/RB_ZRK /IBS/25000155 Status Transfers for Risk Classes 
1,198 /IBS/RB_ZRLIB /IBS/25000147 Assign Source System Accounting Unit to RBD Area 
1,199 /IBS/RB_ZVSK /IBS/62000518 Define RBD Class 
1,200 /IPRO/ACTIONS /IPRO/67000068 Enhance Actions 
1,201 /IPRO/ACTIVE_VAR /IPRO/67000082 List Variables Used in Element Full Texts 
1,202 /IPRO/ASSEMBLE /IPRO/67000021 Assemble Documents 
1,203 /IPRO/BADI_WD_ELMNT /IPRO/53000087 BAdI: Web Dynpro Configuration for Element Maintenance 
1,204 /IPRO/BLDFRM /IPRO/67000034 Maintain Build-from Attributes 
1,205 /IPRO/CONFL_VAR /IPRO/67000087 List Conflicting Variables 
1,206 /IPRO/CONFL_VARIABLE /IPRO/67000088 Display Conflicting Variables 
1,207 /IPRO/CONTENTMGT /IPRO/17000001 Define Contents 
1,208 /IPRO/DETERMINE_BR /IPRO/67000046 Create By-Reference Text from Full-Text 
1,209 /IPRO/DIAG_DOCSEL /IPRO/67000055 Check Document Selections 
1,210 /IPRO/DOC_FM_ACTIONS /IPRO/67000072 Document Builder Actions via User Interface 
1,211 /IPRO/DOC_WB_ACTIONS /IPRO/67000073 Document Builder Actions via Web Service or RFC 
1,212 /IPRO/DUET_BAS_DIAGN /IPRO/67000079 Run Extended Content Check for Duet 
1,213 /IPRO/DUET_DISPL_TXT /IPRO/67000076 Define Configuration Parameters 
1,214 /IPRO/EDITOR /IPRO/67000060 Replace Editor 
1,215 /IPRO/ELEMENT_ACTION /IPRO/67000090 Enhance Action for Elements 
1,216 /IPRO/ELMNT_VAR /IPRO/28000041 Display Elements and Variable Assignments 
1,217 /IPRO/ELM_RULE /IPRO/67000056 Display Affected Elements 
1,218 /IPRO/ELM_TYPE /IPRO/67000033 Define Element Types 
1,219 /IPRO/ENHANCE_WF_SCR /IPRO/67000074 Enhance Workflow Screens 
1,220 /IPRO/FILTER_GUID /IPRO/67000045 Filter Guidance by Content Modifier 
1,221 /IPRO/GEN_METADATA /IPRO/67000077 Generate Metadata 
1,222 /IPRO/GET_DUET_DATA /IPRO/67000078 Access Extended Duet IMG Data 
1,223 /IPRO/GET_EXT_DATA /IPRO/67000081 Retrieve Data from External Systems 
1,224 /IPRO/GET_RGSET /IPRO/67000023 Set Up Regulation Sets per Group 
1,225 /IPRO/GROUP_MANAGER /IPRO/67000042 Enhance Group Manager Authorization 
1,226 /IPRO/IMG_DIAG /IPRO/67000047 Run Extended Content Check 
1,227 /IPRO/IMPL_NOTE /IPRO/67000071 Notes on Implementation 
1,228 /IPRO/INSERT_ELM /IPRO/67000057 Check Elements 
1,229 /IPRO/LABEL_CHANGE /IPRO/67000043 Change Labels 
1,230 /IPRO/LIST_ACT_EL /IPRO/67000086 List Active Elements 
1,231 /IPRO/LIST_ALL_VARS /IPRO/67000049 List Variables 
1,232 /IPRO/LIST_DOCSEL /IPRO/67000054 List Document Selections 
1,233 /IPRO/LIST_ELMNT /IPRO/67000036 List System Templates and Related Elements 
1,234 /IPRO/LIST_ELMS /IPRO/67000051 List Standard Elements 
1,235 /IPRO/LIST_RULE /IPRO/67000052 List Rules 
1,236 /IPRO/LIST_STRUCT /IPRO/67000058 List Structure Variables and Related Variables 
1,237 /IPRO/LIST_VAR /IPRO/67000037 Display Variables not Contained in the Structure Variable 
1,238 /IPRO/LIST_VAR_REF /IPRO/67000050 List Variable-Reference Associations 
1,239 /IPRO/MAP_ATTR /IPRO/67000075 Change Attribute Mapping 
1,240 /IPRO/MATERIAL /IPRO/67000062 Trigger Approval Workflow 
1,241 /IPRO/MGT_AUXTYPE /IPRO/17000021 Maintain auxilary document type 
1,242 /IPRO/MGT_BADI_ELMNT /IPRO/67000017 Start Editor 
1,243 /IPRO/MGT_BADI_ORDER /IPRO/67000018 Define Element Ordering Sequence 
1,244 /IPRO/MGT_BADI_REPT /IPRO/67000019 Report / Schedule Generation 
1,245 /IPRO/MGT_BADI_SRCH /IPRO/67000020 Search Text 
1,246 /IPRO/MGT_CATEG /IPRO/67000063 Define Element Categories 
1,247 /IPRO/MGT_CHOICE /IPRO/17000012 Select document selections for document group 
1,248 /IPRO/MGT_CLS_ASSIGN /IPRO/67000005 Assign Classes to Contents 
1,249 /IPRO/MGT_CLS_SETUP /IPRO/67000004 Set Up Classification System 
1,250 /IPRO/MGT_CLS_VAR /IPRO/67000006 Define Variable Classification Category 
1,251 /IPRO/MGT_CMODIF /IPRO/67000013 Define Content Modifiers 
1,252 /IPRO/MGT_CONFIG /IPRO/17000002 Define Configuration Parameters 
1,253 /IPRO/MGT_DOCSLPOP /IPRO/67000003 Populate DOCSL_ELM table with default values 
1,254 /IPRO/MGT_DOCSL_ELM /IPRO/17000020 Define element attribute for each selection 
1,255 /IPRO/MGT_DOCSTAT /IPRO/67000084 Notify Agent Prior to Document Expiration 
1,256 /IPRO/MGT_ELMNT /IPRO/17000016 Define Elements 
1,257 /IPRO/MGT_ELMORDER /IPRO/17000019 Define Ordering 
1,258 /IPRO/MGT_ELMVAR /IPRO/17000017 Associate variables to elements 
1,259 /IPRO/MGT_ELM_GUID /IPRO/17000025 Add guidance to elements 
1,260 /IPRO/MGT_ELM_PRESC /IPRO/17000024 Add prescriptions to elements 
1,261 /IPRO/MGT_ELM_PROP /IPRO/17000023 Associate properties to elements 
1,262 /IPRO/MGT_FILL_LOCAT /IPRO/67000012 Populate Default Sections for Document Selection 
1,263 /IPRO/MGT_FIND_ELMNT /IPRO/67000015 Find elements linked to Presc/Guide with keyword 
1,264 /IPRO/MGT_FIND_TMPL /IPRO/67000016 Find Affected System Templates 
1,265 /IPRO/MGT_FMT /IPRO/17000006 Define Document Formats and Sections 
1,266 /IPRO/MGT_GRP /IPRO/17000007 Define Document Groups 
1,267 /IPRO/MGT_LOCAT /IPRO/17000010 Maintain sections for document selections 
1,268 /IPRO/MGT_OUTDEF /IPRO/67000027 Define Output Definition 
1,269 /IPRO/MGT_OUTPUT /IPRO/67000028 Maintain Output Attributes 
1,270 /IPRO/MGT_OVERLAY /IPRO/67000026 Define Overlay 
1,271 /IPRO/MGT_OVERVIEW /IPRO/67000009 Overview of the Document Builder IMG 
1,272 /IPRO/MGT_OWNER /IPRO/67000031 Define Fill-In Owners 
1,273 /IPRO/MGT_PROP /IPRO/17000003 Define Properties 
1,274 /IPRO/MGT_REGSET /IPRO/17000015 Define Regulation Sets 
1,275 /IPRO/MGT_RGSET_HIST /IPRO/67000001 Regulation Set Change History 
1,276 /IPRO/MGT_RULE /IPRO/17000008 Rule maintenance 
1,277 /IPRO/MGT_RULES /IPRO/67000007 Define Rules 
1,278 /IPRO/MGT_SEL /IPRO/17000013 Define Document Selections 
1,279 /IPRO/MGT_SRCH_ELMNT /IPRO/67000008 Find all elements linked to rule(s) 
1,280 /IPRO/MGT_STAT /IPRO/17000005 Maintain document status 
1,281 /IPRO/MGT_STYLE /IPRO/67000002 Define Styles 
1,282 /IPRO/MGT_STYLE_VAR /IPRO/67000024 Define Stylesheet Variables 
1,283 /IPRO/MGT_TEXT /IPRO/17000022 Define References, Prescriptions, and Guidance 
1,284 /IPRO/MGT_TMPL /IPRO/17000014 Define Templates 
1,285 /IPRO/MGT_TPCAT /IPRO/67000065 Define Template Categories 
1,286 /IPRO/MGT_TXTFMT /IPRO/67000014 Define Text Format 
1,287 /IPRO/MGT_TYPE /IPRO/17000004 Define Document Types 
1,288 /IPRO/MGT_USER_ASSIG /IPRO/67000064 Assign Users to Element Categories 
1,289 /IPRO/MGT_USER_ASSTP /IPRO/67000066 Assign Agents to Template and Document Approval Workflows 
1,290 /IPRO/MGT_USER_STAT /IPRO/67000089 Define Status Profile for User Status 
1,291 /IPRO/MGT_VAR /IPRO/17000029 Define Variables 
1,292 /IPRO/MGT_VARB /IPRO/17000018 Add/Change simple variables 
1,293 /IPRO/MGT_VAR_STRUCT /IPRO/17000027 Add/Change structure variables 
1,294 /IPRO/MGT_VAR_TAB /IPRO/17000028 Add/Change table variables 
1,295 /IPRO/MIGRATION /IPRO/67000085 Migrate Data 
1,296 /IPRO/NAME_VALIDATOR /IPRO/67000041 Validate Element or Variable Names 
1,297 /IPRO/NUMGEN /IPRO/67000070 Generate Custom Document Numbers 
1,298 /IPRO/NUM_RANGE /IPRO/67000035 Set Document Number Ranges 
1,299 /IPRO/OUTPUT /IPRO/67000022 Generic Output Interface 
1,300 /IPRO/OUTPUT_WSDL /IPRO/67000038 Display Output as WSDL 
1,301 /IPRO/POP_VAR /IPRO/67000083 Populate Variables 
1,302 /IPRO/READ_SRM_VAR /IPRO/67000091 Populate Variables Based on SRM Data 
1,303 /IPRO/RULES /IPRO/67000040 Enhance Rules 
1,304 /IPRO/RULE_LOGIC /IPRO/67000053 Rule Logic Verification Report 
1,305 /IPRO/RUN_RULE /IPRO/67000059 Run Rules 
1,306 /IPRO/SEND_CM_MSGS /IPRO/67000044 Notify Content Manager for Rules that Cannot be Determined 
1,307 /IPRO/TEXT_TYP /IPRO/67000029 Define Text Types 
1,308 /IPRO/UNICODE /IPRO/67000061 Remove Invalid Characters 
1,309 /IPRO/VAR_ASSIGN /IPRO/28000043 Display Variable Assignments 
1,310 /IPRO/VAR_NO_ASSIGN /IPRO/28000042 Display Fill-In Variables Without Assignments 
1,311 /IPRO/VAR_REF /IPRO/67000030 Link References to Variables 
1,312 /IPRO/VAR_STRUCT /IPRO/67000039 Display Variable Structure 
1,313 /IPRO/WFL_USRSTATUS /IPRO/53000210 Define User-Specified Statuses 
1,314 /IPRO/WF_APPROVAL /IPRO/67000067 Change Approval Workflow 
1,315 /IPRO/WF_ELEMENT_AGT /IPRO/67000069 Change Workflow Agents for Elements 
1,316 /ISDFPS/ACCHIER /ISDFPS/54000049 Generate/Replace Standard and Alternative Hierarchy 
1,317 /ISDFPS/ACCHIERCOPY /ISDFPS/54000035 Copy CO Standard Hierarchy as Alternative Hierarchy 
1,318 /ISDFPS/ACCHIERGEN /ISDFPS/54000034 Generate CO Standard Hierarchy from Organizational Structure 
1,319 /ISDFPS/ACCHIERREST /ISDFPS/54000036 Replace CO Standard Hierarchy with Alternative Hierarchy 
1,320 /ISDFPS/ACCHIERSET /ISDFPS/54000048 Settings 
1,321 /ISDFPS/ACCMDDEL /ISDFPS/54000033 Delete CO Account Assignment Object and Hierarchy Object Assignments 
1,322 /ISDFPS/ACCMDGEN /ISDFPS/54000032 Generate and Assign CO Account Assignment Objects 
1,323 /ISDFPS/ACTUAL_STOCK /ISDFPS/54000023 BAdI: Determination of Curr. Stock f. Initial Supply of Provisions Packages 
1,324 /ISDFPS/ADD_OPEN_POS /ISDFPS/54000080 BAdI: Selection of Open MM Documents 
1,325 /ISDFPS/ALE_OBJ /ISDFPS/89000008 Assign Message Types to Object Categories 
1,326 /ISDFPS/ALE_PRI /ISDFPS/89000009 ALE Object Categories and Transfer Priorities 
1,327 /ISDFPS/ALE_SYS /ISDFPS/89000007 Systems and Connection Parameters 
1,328 /ISDFPS/BADI_PM_CO /ISDFPS/99000006 BAdI: Check and Define CO Data Transfer 
1,329 /ISDFPS/CASSIGN /ISDFPS/89000022 Control Assignment of iPPE Objects to Force Elements 
1,330 /ISDFPS/CBRANCHS /ISDFPS/54000053 Define Branch Additions 
1,331 /ISDFPS/CCMS_SYS /ISDFPS/89000033 Assignment of Clients to CCMS Mechanisms 
1,332 /ISDFPS/CDFPSK1 /ISDFPS/89000023 Basic Settings 
1,333 /ISDFPS/CFDPDA09 /ISDFPS/89000011 Hide Tab Pages for Operations and Exercises 
1,334 /ISDFPS/CFDPSA06 /ISDFPS/54000024 Settings for Master Data Generation 
1,335 /ISDFPS/CGG /ISDFPS/54000051 Define Weight Groups 
1,336 /ISDFPS/CIF_ENHANCE /ISDFPS/05000328 BAdI: Influence Data Before it Is Sent to SAP APO 
1,337 /ISDFPS/CIL21SUB /ISDFPS/11000051 Define Field Selection for Equipment Usage Periods of Installed Equipment 
1,338 /ISDFPS/CIL21SUP /ISDFPS/11000052 Define Field Selection f. Equipment Usage Periods of Installation Locations 
1,339 /ISDFPS/CLOGLEV /ISDFPS/54000005 Logistics Level 
1,340 /ISDFPS/CLSERV /ISDFPS/54000003 Define Organizational Area Types 
1,341 /ISDFPS/CMATNRAS /ISDFPS/89000021 Control Assignment of Material to Material Planning Objects 
1,342 /ISDFPS/CMATNRP /ISDFPS/89000013 Define Name Prefix for Material Masters 
1,343 /ISDFPS/CMATPLN /ISDFPS/54000057 Parameters for Material Planning 
1,344 /ISDFPS/CMATPLNP /ISDFPS/89000049 Parameters for Plant-Dependent Control of Document Types 
1,345 /ISDFPS/CMATUCOM /ISDFPS/89000035 Jumps to Material Planning Applications 
1,346 /ISDFPS/CMPAFE /ISDFPS/54000073 Control of Assignment to Force Element 
1,347 /ISDFPS/CMTART /ISDFPS/89000012 Exclude Material Types for Usage as Models 
1,348 /ISDFPS/CPMGOS1 /ISDFPS/99000007 Change Authorization: Activate GOS 
1,349 /ISDFPS/CPMUTYP /ISDFPS/99000005 Assign UPS Package Types 
1,350 /ISDFPS/CPRMPOSE /ISDFPS/54000050 Control Assignment of Additional Parts 
1,351 /ISDFPS/CRELSTY /ISDFPS/54000052 Define Relocation Step Types 
1,352 /ISDFPS/CRETDELC /ISDFPS/54000004 Return Code 
1,353 /ISDFPS/CSTACHK /ISDFPS/10000702 Define Status Switch for Relocations 
1,354 /ISDFPS/CSTAREL /ISDFPS/10000703 Control Assignments and Status Switch 
1,355 /ISDFPS/CUST_RELAT /ISDFPS/54000076 BAdI: Customer-Specific Relationships 
1,356 /ISDFPS/CUST_TRANS /ISDFPS/11000002 Restrictions for the Industry Solution for Defense Forces & Public Security 
1,357 /ISDFPS/C_CID /ISDFPS/89000044 Define Number Range for Cross-System Commands 
1,358 /ISDFPS/DEBI_CREA /ISDFPS/10000698 BAdI: Default Values for Creation of Customers 
1,359 /ISDFPS/DOKVERW /ISDFPS/06000280 Assign Documents 
1,360 /ISDFPS/FE011 /ISDFPS/54000001 Organizational Area Types 
1,361 /ISDFPS/FE015 /ISDFPS/54000002 Organizational Area Types 
1,362 /ISDFPS/FUNDC_DERIVE /ISDFPS/54000039 BAdI: Define Funds Center Derivation 
1,363 /ISDFPS/GNR_SYS /ISDFPS/89000055 Specify Systems for Number Range Check 
1,364 /ISDFPS/HANDLE_REFS /ISDFPS/54000081 BAdI: Processing of Reference Documents of Next Logistics Level 
1,365 /ISDFPS/HRBAS00_SRC /ISDFPS/10000927 BAdI: Search Help 
1,366 /ISDFPS/HRFPM_ADT /ISDFPS/54000047 BAdI: Derive Rank Key 
1,367 /ISDFPS/IF_EX_IT1953 /ISDFPS/54000075 BAdI: Follow-Up Actions and Filters for Infotypes 1953/1954 
1,368 /ISDFPS/IS_PARAM /ISDFPS/54000022 Parameters for Controlling the Initial Supply of Provisions Packages 
1,369 /ISDFPS/LGORT_CHANGE /ISDFPS/10000699 BAdI: Default Values for Storage Location When Creating MRP Area (Template) 
1,370 /ISDFPS/MATMASSRCDET /ISDFPS/11000049 BAdI: Define Templates for Creating Material Master Data 
1,371 /ISDFPS/MATPLN_JUMP /ISDFPS/89000034 BAdI: Define Jump to Customer Reports 
1,372 /ISDFPS/MATST /ISDFPS/10000720 Material Status Characteristic 
1,373 /ISDFPS/MAT_INHERIT /ISDFPS/54000059 BAdI: Inheritance 
1,374 /ISDFPS/MAT_STA /ISDFPS/10000709 Material Assignment Status 
1,375 /ISDFPS/MBSARTCS /ISDFPS/89000042 Derive Recipient Purchase Order Document Type 
1,376 /ISDFPS/MB_DELIV /ISDFPS/11000014 Define Shipping Data for Stock Transfers Between Storage Locations 
1,377 /ISDFPS/MD_EXT_SUP /ISDFPS/54000031 BAdI: Activate Stock Transfer Processing for Issuing Storage Location 
1,378 /ISDFPS/MEHRVAHD /ISDFPS/89000051 Specify Selection Period for HR Objects 
1,379 /ISDFPS/MEHRVCTP /ISDFPS/89000050 Define Usage Types 
1,380 /ISDFPS/MEMMV161 /ISDFPS/89000048 Assign Order Types 
1,381 /ISDFPS/MEMM_VCREQ /ISDFPS/89000004 Define Requisition Types 
1,382 /ISDFPS/MEVEXP /ISDFPS/89000002 Specify Retention Period of Documents 
1,383 /ISDFPS/MEVLANG /ISDFPS/89000003 Specify Languages Available when Mobilized 
1,384 /ISDFPS/ME_MM_REQ /ISDFPS/99000002 BAdI: Define Distribution of Service Master 
1,385 /ISDFPS/MFRGKZ /ISDFPS/89000043 Define Release Indicator for Synchronization 
1,386 /ISDFPS/MM_SLOC_NAMS /ISDFPS/54000079 BAdI: Conversion of a Naming Convention for MM Storage Locations 
1,387 /ISDFPS/MPANR /ISDFPS/06000279 Define Number Range Intervals for Material Packages 
1,388 /ISDFPS/MPONR /ISDFPS/06000278 Define Number Range Intervals for Material Planning Objects 
1,389 /ISDFPS/M_CS_CMD /ISDFPS/89000045 Define Cross-System Commands 
1,390 /ISDFPS/M_CS_SYS /ISDFPS/89000041 Assign Plant/Storage Location to Logical System 
1,391 /ISDFPS/M_MM_CS /ISDFPS/89000040 Basic Settings for Distributed Materials Management 
1,392 /ISDFPS/NOTE_MOBILE /ISDFPS/10000697 Availability of the Mobile Applications 
1,393 /ISDFPS/OMT3E /ISDFPS/89000047 Define Screen Sequence for Material Master 
1,394 /ISDFPS/OM_REF /ISDFPS/89000015 Define Structure Evaluations 
1,395 /ISDFPS/ORGM_SUBAREA /ISDFPS/89000046 BAdI: Change Measure Subareas 
1,396 /ISDFPS/PM_CP_CHECK /ISDFPS/99000004 BAdI: Restrict Change Authorization 
1,397 /ISDFPS/PRIO /ISDFPS/11000067 Define Prioritizations 
1,398 /ISDFPS/PROJ_EXTPOST /ISDFPS/89000032 BAdI: External Number Assignment for PSPNR Project Definition and WBS (UPS) 
1,399 /ISDFPS/PRPLCNTL /ISDFPS/89000029 Control Prioritized Materials Planning 
1,400 /ISDFPS/PRPL_BACKGR /ISDFPS/89000030 BAdI: Control the Program Logic for Prioritized Materials Planning 
1,401 /ISDFPS/PRPL_DLG /ISDFPS/89000031 BAdI: Control the Dialog for Prioritized Materials Planning 
1,402 /ISDFPS/REBWART /ISDFPS/54000006 Movement/Order Types Relevant for Return Delivery 
1,403 /ISDFPS/RETDEL_DATA /ISDFPS/89000039 BAdI: Influencing of Data for Return Delivery 
1,404 /ISDFPS/RSUSERANL /ISDFPS/54000071 User Initialization in a Remote System 
1,405 /ISDFPS/SCODE /ISDFPS/54000054 Define Symbol Codes 
1,406 /ISDFPS/SHLP /ISDFPS/54000083 Define Search Helps 
1,407 /ISDFPS/SLOCNAMS /ISDFPS/54000078 Define Name Determination for Storage Locations 
1,408 /ISDFPS/SYADM_WF /ISDFPS/89000058 Set Up Workflow for the System Structure 
1,409 /ISDFPS/SYNC_EOU /ISDFPS/89000010 Systems: Organizational Unit Responsible for Monitoring 
1,410 /ISDFPS/VADVCOD1 /ISDFPS/10001000 Define Advice Code 
1,411 /ISDFPS/VADVCOD2 /ISDFPS/10001001 Assignment of Advice Codes to Document Types 
1,412 /ISDFPS/VBRANTY /ISDFPS/89000001 Define Branch Types 
1,413 /ISDFPS/VCFDPSC /ISDFPS/54000077 Define Relationship Types/Groups and Object Subtypes 
1,414 /ISDFPS/VCIVPMP /ISDFPS/89000037 Distributed Maintenance: Explosion Profile for Dynamic FOX Explosion 
1,415 /ISDFPS/VCLAYTAB /ISDFPS/89000056 Specify Mode for Tab Pages 
1,416 /ISDFPS/VC_ADT /ISDFPS/54000044 Define Rank Key 
1,417 /ISDFPS/VC_ADTGRP /ISDFPS/54000045 Define Main Groups and Subgroups 
1,418 /ISDFPS/VC_USER_DIST /ISDFPS/89000053 User Distribution: Basic Settings 
1,419 /ISDFPS/VC_USER_SYS /ISDFPS/89000052 User Distribution: Systems 
1,420 /ISDFPS/VFDPSA05 /ISDFPS/54000025 Control: Master Data Generation - Accounting 
1,421 /ISDFPS/VFDPSA07 /ISDFPS/54000026 Message Filter: CO Master Data Generation 
1,422 /ISDFPS/VMCBWART /ISDFPS/54000020 Condition Code-Relevant Movement Types 
1,423 /ISDFPS/VRELATOS /ISDFPS/10000925 Assign Relationships 
1,424 /ISDFPS/VSTAACT /ISDFPS/11000068 Define Check Routines for Status Change 
1,425 /ISDFPS/VSTACHGC /ISDFPS/11000069 Define Checks for Status Change 
1,426 /ISDFPS/VSTASUA /ISDFPS/11000071 Define Follow-Up Action for Status Change 
1,427 /ISDFPS/VSTASUCC /ISDFPS/11000070 Define Follow-On Activity After Status Change 
1,428 /ISDFPS/V_ACODE1 /ISDFPS/10000714 Define Area Code 1 
1,429 /ISDFPS/V_ACODE2 /ISDFPS/10000715 Define Area Code 2 
1,430 /ISDFPS/V_ADVCOD /ISDFPS/54000018 Advice Code 
1,431 /ISDFPS/V_ASMODC /ISDFPS/54000064 Assign Configuration Code Class to Model Identification Code 
1,432 /ISDFPS/V_CATSIV /ISDFPS/54000058 Define Categories for the Logistics Adjustment Parameter 
1,433 /ISDFPS/V_CLMSH /ISDFPS/89000016 Configure Graphical Utilization Overview 
1,434 /ISDFPS/V_CMLILE /ISDFPS/89000036 Control Structure Explosion in Authorized/Actual Comparison 
1,435 /ISDFPS/V_COLOR /ISDFPS/10000716 Define Colors 
1,436 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM1 /ISDFPS/89000024 Define Measure Types 
1,437 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM2 /ISDFPS/89000025 Define Measure Areas 
1,438 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM3 /ISDFPS/89000026 Define Measure Subareas 
1,439 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM4 /ISDFPS/89000054 Assign Measure Areas 
1,440 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM5 /ISDFPS/89000027 Assign Measure Subareas 
1,441 /ISDFPS/V_CORGM6 /ISDFPS/89000028 Assign Tab Pages 
1,442 /ISDFPS/V_CPRIO /ISDFPS/11000056 Define Organizational Priorities 
1,443 /ISDFPS/V_DECOR /ISDFPS/10000717 Define Decorations 
1,444 /ISDFPS/V_FDPDA5 /ISDFPS/11000040 Define Tab Pages for Command and Support Relationships 
1,445 /ISDFPS/V_FDPDA6 /ISDFPS/11000041 Assign Subscreens to the Structures Workbench 
1,446 /ISDFPS/V_LMCAPP /ISDFPS/89000019 Set Up Controlled Usage Rate 
1,447 /ISDFPS/V_LMCUS /ISDFPS/89000020 Set Up Inspections 
1,448 /ISDFPS/V_LMEXST /ISDFPS/54000065 Assign Status Profile to Equipment Category 
1,449 /ISDFPS/V_LMFLAU /ISDFPS/54000062 Determine Maintenance Order Type for Flights 
1,450 /ISDFPS/V_LMFLST /ISDFPS/54000063 Determine Status Profile and Control Key 
1,451 /ISDFPS/V_LMIAST /ISDFPS/54000069 Activation by Order Type 
1,452 /ISDFPS/V_LMIMST /ISDFPS/54000068 Activation by Notification Type 
1,453 /ISDFPS/V_LMISE /ISDFPS/89000014 Activate Sending of ISE Events 
1,454 /ISDFPS/V_LMMDID /ISDFPS/54000066 Define Model Identification Code (MIC) 
1,455 /ISDFPS/V_LMSAD /ISDFPS/54000070 Semantics 
1,456 /ISDFPS/V_LMSFCT /ISDFPS/99000003 Control of Operation Status 
1,457 /ISDFPS/V_LMSTB /ISDFPS/54000061 Configuration 
1,458 /ISDFPS/V_LMSTIC /ISDFPS/54000060 Assign Icons to User Status 
1,459 /ISDFPS/V_LMUPRI /ISDFPS/54000067 Define Usage Priorities 
1,460 /ISDFPS/V_MATMVT /ISDFPS/10000710 Material Movement Types per Action 
1,461 /ISDFPS/V_MCCODE /ISDFPS/54000017 Condition Code 
1,462 /ISDFPS/V_MCHG01 /ISDFPS/54000082 Define Mass Changes 
1,463 /ISDFPS/V_MILNAT /ISDFPS/54000028 Define Country Codes 
1,464 /ISDFPS/V_NATORO /ISDFPS/10000718 Define Assignment of Position to Country 
1,465 /ISDFPS/V_OPINT /ISDFPS/54000029 Define Operational Intensity 
1,466 /ISDFPS/V_OPTYPE /ISDFPS/54000030 Define Operation Types 
1,467 /ISDFPS/V_PGRURG /ISDFPS/11000061 Define Requirement Urgency Groups 
1,468 /ISDFPS/V_PREQ /ISDFPS/11000063 Define Requirement Priorities 
1,469 /ISDFPS/V_PRILOC /ISDFPS/11000064 Assign Storage Location Priorities 
1,470 /ISDFPS/V_PROJST /ISDFPS/10000711 Define Project Stock 
1,471 /ISDFPS/V_PS /ISDFPS/54000027 Define Services 
1,472 /ISDFPS/V_PURG /ISDFPS/11000062 Define Requirement Urgencies 
1,473 /ISDFPS/V_PURGPM /ISDFPS/11000066 Assign Maintenance Priorities 
1,474 /ISDFPS/V_PURGSD /ISDFPS/11000065 Assign Delivery Priorities 
1,475 /ISDFPS/V_ROGEN /ISDFPS/54000021 Role Generator 
1,476 /ISDFPS/V_RSUSERANL /ISDFPS/54000072 User Initialization in Local Systems 
1,477 /ISDFPS/V_SA04 /ISDFPS/11000055 Evaluate Level of Readiness 
1,478 /ISDFPS/V_SANCTIONS /ISDFPS/10000719 Define Sanctions/Offences 
1,479 /ISDFPS/V_STACOD /ISDFPS/54000019 Status Code 
1,480 /ISDFPS/V_STRCEN /ISDFPS/10000712 Define Central Storage Locations 
1,481 /ISDFPS/V_STRINF /ISDFPS/89000057 Define Large Structures 
1,482 /ISDFPS/V_T156 /ISDFPS/05000301 Define Permitted Movement Types 
1,483 /ISDFPS/V_T77S0SC /ISDFPS/54000046 Activate Main Groups and Subgroups 
1,484 /ISDFPS/V_TPLRAN /ISDFPS/89000005 Define Number Ranges for WM Sample Templates 
1,485 /ISDFPS/V_USAGEV /ISDFPS/10000713 Evaluation of Organizational Structure by Usage Type 
1,486 /ISDFPS/V_VMCHG2C /ISDFPS/89000018 Exclude Infotypes from Mass Change 
1,487 /ISDFPS/WMOBJREF /ISDFPS/89000006 Define WM Object References 
1,488 /ISDFPS/_CFDP01 /ISDFPS/11000012 Define Transactions for Structures Workbench 
1,489 /ISDFPS/_FE01 /ISDFPS/11000003 Define Organizational Areas 
1,490 /ISDFPS/_FE02 /ISDFPS/11000013 Define Structure Levels 
1,491 /ISDFPS/_FE03 /ISDFPS/11000004 Define Structure Types 
1,492 /ISDFPS/_FE04 /ISDFPS/11000005 Define Branches 
1,493 /ISDFPS/_FE05 /ISDFPS/11000006 Define Readiness 
1,494 /ISDFPS/_FE06 /ISDFPS/11000007 Define Classifications for Armed Forces 
1,495 /ISDFPS/_FE07 /ISDFPS/11000042 Define Material Indicators 
1,496 /ISDFPS/_HR_OPPE12 /ISDFPS/11000032 Define Tab Pages for iPPE Workbench 
1,497 /ISDFPS/_MB_DELIV /ISDFPS/54000010 Define Shipping Data for Stock Transfers Between Storage Locations 
1,498 /ISDFPS/_MD_EXT_SUP /ISDFPS/54000009 Business Add-In for Determination of Issuing Storage Location 
1,499 /ISDFPS/_OOVK /ISDFPS/11000031 Edit Relationships 
1,500 /ISDFPS/_OPPE02 /ISDFPS/11000020 Define iPPE Node Types 
1,501 /ISDFPS/_OPPE03 /ISDFPS/11000021 Define iPPE Variants 
1,502 /ISDFPS/_OPPE04 /ISDFPS/11000022 Define iPPE Alternatives 
1,503 /ISDFPS/_OPPE05 /ISDFPS/11000023 Define iPPE Relationship Types 
1,504 /ISDFPS/_OPPE06 /ISDFPS/11000024 Define iPPE Model Assignments 
1,505 /ISDFPS/_OPPE11 /ISDFPS/11000025 Define iPPE User Profiles 
1,506 /ISDFPS/_OPPE12 /ISDFPS/11000028 Define Tab Pages for iPPE Workbench 
1,507 /ISDFPS/_OPPE13 /ISDFPS/11000026 Define iPPE User Assignments 
1,508 /ISDFPS/_OPPE14 /ISDFPS/11000027 Define Reports for the Report Tree 
1,509 /ISDFPS/_OPPE15 /ISDFPS/11000029 Set Relationships in iPPE Workbench 
1,510 /ISDFPS/_OPPESTATUS /ISDFPS/11000030 Define Settings for Status Management 
1,511 /ISDFPS/_OR01 /ISDFPS/11000008 Define Basic Types 
1,512 /ISDFPS/_OR02 /ISDFPS/11000009 Define Usage Types 
1,513 /ISDFPS/_ORMNT01 /ISDFPS/11000011 Define Damage Types for Maintenance Relationships 
1,514 /ISDFPS/_ORSUP01 /ISDFPS/11000010 Define External Material Groups for Supply Relationships 
1,515 /ISDFPS/_SHIPPT_LGOR /ISDFPS/54000012 Assign Shipping Points According to Storage Location 
1,516 /ISDFPS/_SHIPPT_RULE /ISDFPS/54000011 Define Rule for Determination of Shipping Point 
1,517 /ISDFPS/_T77OMTAB /ISDFPS/11000033 Add Infotype as Tab Page in Detail Area 
1,518 /ISDFPS/_TCURM_SUPPS /ISDFPS/54000007 Activate Stock Transfer Between Storage Locations 
1,519 /ISDFPS/_V161VN /ISDFPS/54000008 Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule According to Storage Location 
1,520 /ISDFPS/_V_DA04 /ISDFPS/11000034 Assign Tab Pages to Workbench 
1,521 /ISIDEX/_00001 /ISIDEX/54000037 Define Use of Required Field Check 
1,522 /ISIDEX/_00002 /ISIDEX/54000038 Define Use of Process Variants for Identifying Points of Delivery 
1,523 /ISIDEX/_00003 /ISIDEX/54000039 Define Cancellation Conditions for Checking Minimum Duration of Contract 
1,524 /ISIDEX/_00004 /ISIDEX/54000040 Define Process Variants for Identifying Points of Delivery 
1,525 /IWBEP/1 /IWBEP/57000003 tes 
1,526 /IWBEP/APPS_LOG /IWBEP/92000005 Application Log 
1,527 /IWBEP/BATCH_CONFIG /IWBEP/92000026 Define Parallelization of Batch Queries 
1,528 /IWBEP/BGRFC_MONITOR /IWBEP/57000008 Monitor bgRFC Queues 
1,529 /IWBEP/BGRFC_SUP /IWBEP/57000007 Create bgRFC Supervisor Destination 
1,530 /IWBEP/BOR_EVENT /IWBEP/57000006 Event Type Linkages 
1,531 /IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP /IWBEP/92000006 Clear Cache 
1,532 /IWBEP/CCMS_CUST /IWBEP/97000005 Customizing of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway CCMS Context 
1,533 /IWBEP/CHECK_CONFIG /IWBEP/57000009 Check Configuration 
1,534 /IWBEP/CLEAR_LOG /IWBEP/92000004 Clear Application Log 
1,535 /IWBEP/CP_BGRFC_DEST /IWBEP/57000001 Create RFC Destination for Outbound Queues 
1,536 /IWBEP/EVENT /IWBEP/57000004 Event Definition 
1,537 /IWBEP/IDEMPOTENT /IWBEP/92000009 Define Settings for Idempotent Services 
1,538 /IWBEP/IMPORT_MODEL /IWBEP/97000007 OData Channel Generation Tool 
1,539 /IWBEP/MGW/MODEL /IWBEP/92000002 Maintain Models 
1,540 /IWBEP/MGW_REG_SERVI /IWBEP/92000003 Maintain Services 
1,541 /IWBEP/MGW_ROLE_MAP /IWBEP/92000007 Create BAdI Implementation to Fetch List of Users for Roles 
1,542 /IWBEP/ODC_ROLE_ADM /IWBEP/92000021 Define Role for Backend OData Channel Administrator 
1,543 /IWBEP/ODC_ROLE_DEV /IWBEP/92000022 Define Role for Backend OData Channel Developer 
1,544 /IWBEP/ODC_ROLE_USR /IWBEP/92000020 Define Role for Backend OData Channel User 
1,545 /IWBEP/REG_VOCAN /IWBEP/92000023 Maintain Annotation Models 
1,546 /IWBEP/SUBS /IWBEP/57000005 Event subscribers 
1,547 /IWBEP/SYSTEM /IWBEP/57000002 SAP NetWeaver Gateway Settings 
1,548 /IWBEP/UM_DEST_CONF /IWBEP/92000024 Maintain RFC Destination for User Replication 
1,549 /IWBEP/UM_NOTIF /IWBEP/92000012 Define Handler for User Management Notification 
1,550 /IWBEP/UM_NR_INT /IWBEP/92000025 Maintain Number Range Interval for User Self Service 
1,551 /IWBEP/UM_UMGR /IWBEP/92000013 Implement User Management 
1,552 /IWBEP/URM_CLEANUP /IWBEP/92000018 User Request Cleanup 
1,553 /IWBEP/URM_CONF /IWBEP/92000016 Maintain URL for User Account Activation 
1,554 /IWBEP/URM_NOTIF /IWBEP/92000014 Define Notification Process for User Request Management 
1,555 /IWBEP/URM_USR_CAT /IWBEP/92000019 Maintain User Category 
1,556 /IWBEP/URM_VERIFY /IWBEP/92000015 Verify User Request 
1,557 /IWBEP/VC_MGW_SG /IWBEP/97000002 Display Models and Services 
1,558 /IWBEP/V_LOGLV /IWBEP/97000003 Set Log Level for All Users 
1,559 /IWBEP/V_LOGLV_SPEC /IWBEP/97000004 Set Log Level for Specific Users 
1,560 /IWFND/01 /IWFND/50000001 Activate / Deactivate Service Consumption Layer 
1,561 /IWFND/ABSO_IMPL /IWFND/50000044 Backend Service Object (BSO) 
1,562 /IWFND/APPS_LOG /IWFND/59000020 Application Log 
1,563 /IWFND/BADI_COMPO /IWFND/59000022 Create BAdI Implementation for Model Composition 
1,564 /IWFND/BGRFC_MONITOR /IWFND/50000076 Monitor bgRFC Queues 
1,565 /IWFND/BULK_USER_MAP /IWFND/50000056 Map SAP User Names to Consumer 
1,566 /IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUP /IWFND/32000012 Clear Cache 
1,567 /IWFND/CCMS_CUST /IWFND/50000054 Customizing of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway CCMS Context 
1,568 /IWFND/CLEANUP /IWFND/50000008 dfs 
1,569 /IWFND/CLEAN_CREATE /IWFND/50000009 Create Cleanup Jobs 
1,570 /IWFND/CLEAN_EXECUTE /IWFND/50000010 Clean Up Cache and Persistency 
1,571 /IWFND/CLEAN_MANAGE /IWFND/50000011 Manage Cleanup Jobs 
1,572 /IWFND/CLEAR_APPSLOG /IWFND/59000021 Clear Application Log 
1,573 /IWFND/COC_WSIL_DEST /IWFND/50000073 Create RFC Destination for WSIL Service 
1,574 /IWFND/CONSA /IWFND/50000053 Activate or Deactivate Consumers 
1,575 /IWFND/CP_BGRFC_DEST /IWFND/50000051 Create RFC Destination for Outbound Queues 
1,576 /IWFND/CP_BGRFC_REG /IWFND/50000052 Register RFC Destination for Outbound Queues 
1,577 /IWFND/CP_BGRFC_SUP /IWFND/50000075 Create bgRFC Supervisor Destination 
1,578 /IWFND/C_CO_ISSR /IWFND/50000027 Issuer Certificate 
1,579 /IWFND/DCS_BADI /IWFND/50000068 Processing Integration: BAdIs 
1,580 /IWFND/DE_ROLE_ADMIN /IWFND/50000014 Define Role for SAP NetWeaver Gateway Administrator 
1,581 /IWFND/DE_ROLE_DEV /IWFND/50000015 Create Role for SAP NetWeaver Gateway Developer 
1,582 /IWFND/DE_ROLE_GW_US /IWFND/32000004 Define Role for SAP NetWeaver Gateway User 
1,583 /IWFND/DE_ROLE_USER /IWFND/50000062 Enhance Role for SAP NetWeaver Gateway SAP System User 
1,584 /IWFND/END_POINTS /IWFND/50000019 Create Endpoints in Remote Systems 
1,585 /IWFND/ERROR_LOG /IWFND/59000018 Error Log 
1,586 /IWFND/ERR_MAIL /IWFND/50000077 Configure Notification Mails 
1,587 /IWFND/FILE_CONFIG /IWFND/50000057 Specify File for Mapping Users 
1,588 /IWFND/GSDO_CUST /IWFND/50000022 Set Display of Sensitive Information 
1,589 /IWFND/IDEMPOTENT /IWFND/50000007 Define Settings for Idempotent Services 
1,590 /IWFND/IWF_ACTIVATE /IWFND/50000003 Activate or Deactivate SAP NetWeaver Gateway 
1,591 /IWFND/LDAP_CONFIG /IWFND/50000078 Configure LDAP Server for Mapping Users 
1,592 /IWFND/LOG_ALL /IWFND/50000066 Set Log Level for Specific Users 
1,593 /IWFND/LOG_LEVEL_GLB /IWFND/50000072 Set Log Level for All Users 
1,594 /IWFND/MED_ACTIVATE /IWFND/32000011 Activate or Deactivate Cache 
1,595 /IWFND/MED_SA_ACTIV /IWFND/59000027 Activate or Deactive System-Alias based Cache 
1,596 /IWFND/MGW_NOTF_CNTF /IWFND/59000013 OData Channel: Notification Content Formatter 
1,597 /IWFND/MGW_NOTF_CNTP /IWFND/59000012 OData Channel: Notification Content Publisher 
1,598 /IWFND/MOC_PARALLED /IWFND/59000025 Define Parallelization for Multiple Origin Composition 
1,599 /IWFND/NOTIF_AGGREG /IWFND/59000024 Create BAdI Implementation for processing Bulk Notification 
1,600 /IWFND/NOTIF_CLEANUP /IWFND/59000010 Cleanup Cached Notifications 
1,601 /IWFND/OBJ_GROUP_DEV /IWFND/50000043 GSDO Groups 
1,602 /IWFND/REG_SERVICE /IWFND/32000013 Activate and Maintain Services 
1,603 /IWFND/RFC_DESTIN /IWFND/50000005 Manage RFC Destinations 
1,604 /IWFND/RL_SYNC_PROCS /IWFND/50000061 Synchronize Roles to Consumers 
1,605 /IWFND/ROLE_ADMIN_DE /IWFND/50000013 fsd 
1,606 /IWFND/ROLE_SYNC_JOB /IWFND/50000060 Role Sync schedule process 
1,607 /IWFND/R_ROLE_SYNC /IWFND/50000058 Role Sync schedule process 
1,608 /IWFND/R_RS_HANDLER /IWFND/50000059 Role Sync schedule Process 
1,609 /IWFND/SERVICE_GROUP /IWFND/50000006 Manage Web Service Communications 
1,610 /IWFND/SERVICE_GRP /IWFND/50000063 Configure Service Endpoint 
1,611 /IWFND/SLD /IWFND/50000031 Connect SAP NetWeaver Gateway to SLD 
1,612 /IWFND/SM_CNRL /IWFND/50000045 Define Cleanup Scenario 
1,613 /IWFND/SM_CRT /IWFND/50000046 Implement Cleanup Scenario 
1,614 /IWFND/SYSTEM_ALIAS /IWFND/50000004 Manage SAP System Aliases 
1,615 /IWFND/TRACES /IWFND/59000019 Traces 
1,616 /IWFND/TRUST /IWFND/50000018 Define Trust for SAP Business Systems 
1,617 /IWFND/TRUST_SEC /IWFND/50000074 Manage Security Trusts 
1,618 /IWFND/UM_SYNC_EXTID /IWFND/59000023 Maintain Context Based SAP System Aliases 
1,619 /IWFND/VIRUS_SCAN /IWFND/59000011 Define Virus Scan Profiles 
1,620 /IWFND/V_MGDEAM /IWFND/32000018 Assign SAP System Aliases to OData Service 
1,621 /IWFND/V_MGDETS /IWFND/59000026 Flag OData Services to be error tolerant in case of MDC 
1,622 /IWFND/V_MGDPIM /IWFND/32000017 Assign Data Provider to Data Model 
1,623 /IWFND/WSS_SETUP /IWFND/50000065 Configure Web Service Message-Based Authentication 
1,624 /IWWRK/WF_FILTER /IWWRK/97000001 Enable Task Filter 
1,625 /IWWRK/WF_MIME /IWWRK/92000008 Set Mime Types for Attachments 
1,626 /IWWRK/WF_PROV_CSTM /IWWRK/92000001 Task Provider Customizing 
1,627 /IWWRK/WF_STEP /IWWRK/97000006 Maintain Task Names and Decision Options 
1,628 /J7L/ES_REA_MM /J7L/85000166 BAdI: Default Values for Master Data (Material Master) 
1,629 /J7L/ES_REA_VARIANTS /J7L/85000017 BAdI: Control Use of Variants in Processes 
1,630 /J7L/REA_PRICING /J7L/85000051 BAdI: Adapt Price and Cost Calculation 
1,631 /J7L/REA_T_CONNECTOR /J7L/85000094 BAdI: Determine Transaction Data (Universal Data Collector) 
1,632 /LIME/BACKGROUND_DEL /LIME/04000002 BAdI: Filter Data of Background Delete Report 
1,633 /LIME/BADI_TIP_ACT /LIME/86000086 Dependencies Between BAdIs 
1,634 /LIME/COLLECTOR_ACT /LIME/86000087 BAdI: Fill LIME Collections 
1,635 /LIME/CUST_ACT /LIME/86000088 BAdI: LIME Customizing 
1,636 /LIME/CUST_DISPA_ACT /LIME/86000084 Determine Control Data for Dispatcher 
1,637 /LIME/CUST_GLOB_ACT /LIME/86000083 Determine Global Customizing Settings for Each Client 
1,638 /LIME/CUST_ICD_ACT /LIME/48000007 Define Description of Stock Change 
1,639 /LIME/CUST_WIDTH_ACT /LIME/42000001 Determine Node Width 
1,640 /LIME/CUSY_FLTDI_ACT /LIME/86000105 Define Filter Values for the Distribution of Documents 
1,641 /LIME/DISPATCHER_ACT /LIME/86000096 BAdI: Distribution of LIME Documents 
1,642 /LIME/DOC_CHECK_ACT /LIME/86000093 BAdI: Static Checks of Inbound Documents 
1,643 /LIME/GEN_CODE_ACT /LIME/86000100 Generate LIME Source Code 
1,644 /LIME/GEN_HU_BIZ_ACT /LIME/86000101 Create New HU Fields 
1,645 /LIME/GEN_HU_IDX_ACT /LIME/86000102 Generate Handling Unit Index Table 
1,646 /LIME/GEN_LOC_BIZACT /LIME/86000098 sthgrhgsghg 
1,647 /LIME/GEN_LOC_IDXACT /LIME/86000099 Generate Location Index Table 
1,648 /LIME/GEN_STCKBIZACT /LIME/86000103 Create New Stock Item Fields 
1,649 /LIME/GEN_STCKIDXACT /LIME/86000104 Generate Stock Index Table 
1,650 /LIME/MASTER_DATAACT /LIME/86000094 BAdI: Read LIME Master Data 
1,651 /LIME/MMIM_BSART_ACT /LIME/86000107 Determine Stock Type for R/3 MM-IM Dispatcher 
1,652 /LIME/MMIM_BWADA_ACT /LIME/86000108 Set Movement Types for Communication LIME -> R/3 MM-IM 
1,653 /LIME/MMIM_BWART_ACT /LIME/86000109 Determine Movement Types for R/3 MM-IM Dispatcher 
1,654 /LIME/MMIM_SOBKZ_ACT /LIME/86000110 Determine Special Stock Indicator R/3 MM-IM 
1,655 /LIME/QCI_ACT /LIME/86000095 BAdI: LIME QCI Converter 
1,656 /LIME/SNUM_DIEX_ACT /LIME/86000106 Determine Number Assignment for Documents 
1,657 /LIME/SNUM_EXDO_ACT /LIME/48000002 Determine External Number Assignment for Inbound Documents 
1,658 /LIME/V_CUST_CAT_ACT /LIME/86000068 Determine Stock Type 
1,659 /LIME/V_CUST_FDR_ACT /LIME/86000097 Set Filter Values for Dispatcher 
1,660 /LIME/V_CUST_HIE_ACT /LIME/86000065 Determine Hierarchy 
1,661 /LIME/V_CUST_IND_ACT /LIME/86000064 Determine Index Tables 
1,662 /LIME/V_CUST_PAR_ACT /LIME/86000066 Determine Grouping Parameters 
1,663 /LIME/V_CUST_PRO_ACT /LIME/86000063 Determine Process Type of Calling Application 
1,664 /LIME/V_CUST_QCI_ACT /LIME/86000067 Determine Type of Quantity Calculation 
1,665 /LIME/V_CUST_REA_ACT /LIME/86000071 Determine Reason for Movement 
1,666 /LIME/V_CUST_USG_ACT /LIME/86000070 Determine Indicator for Stock Use 
1,667 /LIME/V_CUST_VSI_ACT /LIME/86000069 Determine Indicator for Virtual Stock 
1,668 /MRSS/ADDN_UI_CHECK /MRSS/92000133 BAdI: Performance of Additional UI Checks 
1,669 /MRSS/ALERT /MRSS/92000134 BAdI: Addition of Alert Checks for Assignments 
1,670 /MRSS/ALERT_FUNCTION /MRSS/35000045 BAdI: User functions for alerts 
1,671 /MRSS/ASSIGNMENT_REF /MRSS/92000078 BAdI: Validation of Assignment Refine 
1,672 /MRSS/BASIS_QUAL_MAT /MRSS/92000361 BAdI: Matching of HR Qualifications 
1,673 /MRSS/BUND0110 /MRSS/92000341 Set Up Bundle Groups 
1,674 /MRSS/BUND0111 /MRSS/92000342 Specify User Status for Exclusion 
1,675 /MRSS/BUND0112 /MRSS/92000343 Specify Message Type for Messages Related to Bundling 
1,676 /MRSS/BUND0220 /MRSS/92000340 Define Number Range for Bundle IDs 
1,677 /MRSS/BUND0230 /MRSS/92000362 Specify Bundling Rule 
1,678 /MRSS/CAG_DEM_FILTER /MRSS/92000338 BAdI: Filter Out Demands from Capacity Calculation 
1,679 /MRSS/CAG_TIMEZONE /MRSS/92000382 BAdI: Time Zone Determination for Work Center Transfer 
1,680 /MRSS/CANDIDATE_STAT /MRSS/92000079 BAdI: Handling of Candidate Status on UI 
1,681 /MRSS/CAPA_ASS_LIST /MRSS/35000031 BAdI: Enhancement of capacitive assignments list 
1,682 /MRSS/CPRO_AUTO_ASG /MRSS/92000235 Define default assignment type for automatic assignment creation 
1,683 /MRSS/CRM_INT /MRSS/92000280 BAdI: Integration in SAP Multiresource Scheduling and CRM 
1,684 /MRSS/CSG_BADI_CHECK /MRSS/92000396 BAdI: Integration of CRM Service Orders 
1,685 /MRSS/CUST_ATTRIBUTE /MRSS/92000236 Additional Customer Attribute for Team 
1,686 /MRSS/C_1TO1_REL /MRSS/92000175 Activate 1:1 Relationship of Assignments and Demands for Demand Categories 
1,687 /MRSS/C_ABSTAT /MRSS/34000048 Maintain Abstract Status 
1,688 /MRSS/C_AUT_ASGR /MRSS/92000247 Control Automatic Creation of Assignments by Resource Type 
1,689 /MRSS/C_AUT_ASGS /MRSS/92000248 Control Automatic Creation of Assignments by Status Type 
1,690 /MRSS/C_AVG_TIME /MRSS/92000303 Determine Average Travel Time for Assignments 
1,691 /MRSS/C_BACK_INT /MRSS/92000176 Activate Backward Integration of Data 
1,692 /MRSS/C_CUSTPARM /MRSS/92000167 Configure Advanced Settings 
1,693 /MRSS/C_DEMSCHED /MRSS/92000177 Define Type of Demand Scheduling 
1,694 /MRSS/C_DPR_ASG /MRSS/92000111 Define Threshold for "Partially Planned" Status 
1,695 /MRSS/C_ENGINES /MRSS/92000165 Define External Engines in RCCF 
1,696 /MRSS/C_ENG_DEST /MRSS/92000166 Process Destinations of RCCF Engines 
1,697 /MRSS/C_GANTT_CL /MRSS/92000146 Define Classes for Gantt Charts 
1,698 /MRSS/C_GEO_CODE /MRSS/92000161 Define Profile for Geocoding of Addresses 
1,699 /MRSS/C_GEO_SYS /MRSS/92000160 Define Travel Time Calculation and Distribution 
1,700 /MRSS/C_MULT_DEM /MRSS/92000285 Make Demand Settings for Automatic Scheduling of Multiday Assignments 
1,701 /MRSS/C_OPT_DEM /MRSS/92000170 Define RP-Node-Based Optimization Parameters for Demands 
1,702 /MRSS/C_OPT_DPRI /MRSS/92000171 Define Factors for Demand Priority 
1,703 /MRSS/C_OPT_QUAL /MRSS/92000172 Define Profile for Suitability-Dependent Change to Cost Rate 
1,704 /MRSS/C_OPT_RES /MRSS/92000169 Define RP-Node-Based Optimization Parameters for Resources 
1,705 /MRSS/C_OPT_SYS /MRSS/92000168 Define Optimization Profile 
1,706 /MRSS/C_PN_BREAK /MRSS/92000143 Define Breaks for Work Centers 
1,707 /MRSS/C_POT_CUST /MRSS/92000305 Determine Time Unit for Capacity Pot 
1,708 /MRSS/C_POT_INTV /MRSS/92000302 Create Time Intervals 
1,709 /MRSS/C_RM_ASG_S /MRSS/92000081 Map Booking Types to MRS Assignment Status 
1,710 /MRSS/C_RM_ASSGC /MRSS/92000082 Configure Colors for Assignments Display 
1,711 /MRSS/C_RM_BTNV /MRSS/92000096 UI settings 
1,712 /MRSS/C_RM_CAND /MRSS/92000097 Maintain Candidate Status Profiles 
1,713 /MRSS/C_RM_CDRF /MRSS/92000147 Activate Refinement E-Mail 
1,714 /MRSS/C_RM_PRRQ /MRSS/92000148 Proposed to Requester Email Flag by Region / RM Group 
1,715 /MRSS/C_RM_SRCHC /MRSS/92000083 Configure Colors for Search Results 
1,716 /MRSS/C_RM_VALI /MRSS/92000098 Activate Validation E-Mail 
1,717 /MRSS/C_SGE_LOG /MRSS/92000296 Define Logging 
1,718 /MRSS/C_SQE_DEF /MRSS/92000041 Define Default Plant for Qualifications 
1,719 /MRSS/C_TOUR /MRSS/92000252 Specify Locations for Determining the Travel Route 
1,720 /MRSS/C_TRV_PROF /MRSS/92000163 Define Travel Profiles 
1,721 /MRSS/C_TRV_RES /MRSS/92000164 Assign Travel Profiles to Resource Planning Nodes 
1,722 /MRSS/C_TRV_SYS /MRSS/92000162 Specify Profile for Distance Calculation Type 
1,723 /MRSS/C_WF_ACKN /MRSS/92000150 Automatic Alerts Acknowledgement Flag by Region 
1,724 /MRSS/DEF_OBJ_ID /MRSS/92000132 BAdI: Set Default Object IDs in Candidate Search 
1,725 /MRSS/DISABLE_CM /MRSS/92000201 BAdI: Disable Context Menu Entries 
1,726 /MRSS/DPR_CALCULAT /MRSS/92000121 BAdI: Enhancement of cProject Calculations 
1,727 /MRSS/DPR_CPRO_INT /MRSS/92000055 BAdI: Integration of cProjects with MRS 
1,728 /MRSS/DPR_DEF_ASG_TY /MRSS/92000268 BAdI: Identification of the Default Employment Type for cProjects 
1,729 /MRSS/DPR_EMPPRF /MRSS/92000110 BAdI: Authorization for Staff Profile on the Web UI 
1,730 /MRSS/DPR_EMP_SEARCH /MRSS/92000242 BAdI: Definition of Default Values and Result Filter for Employee Search 
1,731 /MRSS/DPR_ENH_CPRO /MRSS/92000114 BAdI: CPro Enhancements for the Integration with MRS 
1,732 /MRSS/DPR_PROJECT_AC /MRSS/92000056 BAdI: Data Procurement from cProjects 
1,733 /MRSS/DPR_SUBSYSTEM /MRSS/92000057 BAdI: Integration of MRS as a Subsystem of cProjects 
1,734 /MRSS/DPR_UI /MRSS/92000058 BAdI: UI Integration 
1,735 /MRSS/D_RM_MBODY /MRSS/92000091 Assign Smart Forms for E-Mail Message Body 
1,736 /MRSS/D_RM_MDISC /MRSS/92000092 Assign Smart Forms for E-Mail Message Disclaimer 
1,737 /MRSS/D_RM_MSUBJ /MRSS/92000093 Assign Smart Forms for E-Mail Message Subject 
1,738 /MRSS/D_RM_MTRIG /MRSS/92000094 Define Triggers for E-Mail 
1,739 /MRSS/ES_CAND /MRSS/92000135 BAdI: Booking Type Change 
1,740 /MRSS/GEN_WORK_SCHED /MRSS/92000266 Create MRS Work Schedule 
1,741 /MRSS/MESSAGES /MRSS/35000037 BAdI: Message Creation 
1,742 /MRSS/MULTID_AUTOSCH /MRSS/92000282 BAdI: Filtering of Data for Multiday Automatic Resource Planning 
1,743 /MRSS/NN_RES_NUM /MRSS/92000391 Define Number Range for N.N. Resource Numbers 
1,744 /MRSS/NW_DEM_FOLLOW /MRSS/92000336 BAdI: Control of "Demand Follows Assignment" Logic 
1,745 /MRSS/NW_DEM_FOLLOWS   BAdI: Control of "Demand Follows Assignment" Logic 
1,746 /MRSS/NW_RAC_BADI_CH /MRSS/92000357 BAdI: Determination of Planning Status for PM/CS Orders 
1,747 /MRSS/NW_SEARCH_ALG /MRSS/92000392 BAdI: Search Algorithm for Access to Customizing Tables 
1,748 /MRSS/OPT_ASSIGNMENT /MRSS/92000297 BAdI: Assignment-Based Functions in Optimization 
1,749 /MRSS/OPT_CUSTOMIZE /MRSS/92000313 BAdI: Customizing-Based Functions in Optimization 
1,750 /MRSS/OPT_DEMANDS /MRSS/92000219 BAdI: Demand-Based Functions in Optimization 
1,751 /MRSS/OPT_GEOCODE_TR /MRSS/92000065 BAdI: Determination of Geocoordinates and Travel Times 
1,752 /MRSS/OPT_RESOURCES /MRSS/92000220 BAdI: Resource-Based Functions in Optimization 
1,753 /MRSS/OPT_USER_CHECK /MRSS/92000221 BAdI: User-Based Functions in Optimization 
1,754 /MRSS/POT_DET_POT_ID /MRSS/92000321 BAdI: Determination of the Capacity Pot ID 
1,755 /MRSS/POT_DET_RES /MRSS/92000319 BAdI: Resource Determination for Capacity Pots 
1,756 /MRSS/POT_UPDATE_RUL /MRSS/92000320 BAdI: Update of the Capacity Pots 
1,757 /MRSS/PREFERRED_RESO /MRSS/92000384 BAdI: Determination of Preferred Resource 
1,758 /MRSS/PROF_DATA_CH /MRSS/92000130 BAdI: Profile Data Change 
1,759 /MRSS/RAC_NOTIF /MRSS/01000026 BAdI: Tasks for Notification 
1,760 /MRSS/RAL_DATA_SELEC /MRSS/92000334 BAdI: Data Selection for Resource Assignment List 
1,761 /MRSS/REQ_INTP_WKL /MRSS/92000215 Maintain Cons Published Worklists 
1,762 /MRSS/REQ_INTP_WKLK /MRSS/92000216 Maintain Cons Published Roles Worklist Keys and Description 
1,763 /MRSS/REQ_WKL_STS /MRSS/92000217 Maintain Cons Published roles worklist status(Broadcast & Candidate) 
1,764 /MRSS/RESOURCE_ATTRI /MRSS/92000387 BAdI: Determination of N.N. Resource Attributes 
1,765 /MRSS/RESOURCE_WORK_ /MRSS/92000080 BAdI: Set Resource Work Hours 
1,766 /MRSS/RES_INTEGRATIO /MRSS/92000281 BAdI: Resource Integration 
1,767 /MRSS/RES_SERV_AREA /MRSS/92000279 BAdI: Determination of Service Area 
1,768 /MRSS/RMOR_ADD_CUST /MRSS/92000129 BAdI: Addition of Customer Fields 
1,769 /MRSS/RMOR_CUST_ADD /MRSS/92000128 BADI: Customer Additional Fields 
1,770 /MRSS/RMOR_DB_LAYER /MRSS/92000033 BAdI: Enhancement of DB Layer 
1,771 /MRSS/RMOR_POWL_FEDR /MRSS/92000036 BAdI: Enhancement of POWL Feeder Class 
1,772 /MRSS/RMOR_PST_FTCH2 /MRSS/92000034 BAdI: Addition of Custom Filtering 
1,773 /MRSS/RMOR_SEL_CRIT /MRSS/92000035 BAdI: Enhancement of POWL Reporting Selection Criteria 
1,774 /MRSS/RM_ADDNL_BC /MRSS/34000039 Maintenance of additional Broadcast targets 
1,775 /MRSS/RM_ADD_STAT /MRSS/34000026 Maintain additional status 
1,776 /MRSS/RM_ASSFL /MRSS/92000157 Maintain Filters for Assignment Overview 
1,777 /MRSS/RM_ASSIGN_TYPE /MRSS/34000009 Maintain Assignment Types 
1,778 /MRSS/RM_BCCON /MRSS/34000043 Maintain countries for RM regions 
1,779 /MRSS/RM_BC_COUNTRY /MRSS/34000027 Maintain country broadcast information 
1,780 /MRSS/RM_BC_CTRY_GRP /MRSS/34000029 Maintain RM Groups for Countries 
1,781 /MRSS/RM_BC_OTHER /MRSS/34000028 Maintain Broadcast Information for Other Groups 
1,782 /MRSS/RM_BC_OTHR_GRP /MRSS/34000030 Maintain RM Groups for Other Groups 
1,783 /MRSS/RM_BC_VEND_GRP /MRSS/34000036 Maintain RM Groups for Vendor Groups 
1,784 /MRSS/RM_BC_VNDRMGRP /MRSS/34000032 Maintain RM groups for vendors 
1,785 /MRSS/RM_BC_VND_DTL /MRSS/34000034 Define Vendor Groups 
1,786 /MRSS/RM_BC_VND_GRP /MRSS/34000033 Assign Vendors to Vendor Groups 
1,787 /MRSS/RM_BROADC_TGT /MRSS/34000010 Maintain Broadcast Targets 
1,788 /MRSS/RM_CAND_CHECK /MRSS/92000066 BAdI: Candidate Status Check 
1,789 /MRSS/RM_CAND_STATUS /MRSS/34000008 Configure Candidate Status 
1,790 /MRSS/RM_CDOPR /MRSS/92000144 Maintain CD Opportunities 
1,791 /MRSS/RM_CONF /MRSS/15000013 Maintain Routing for Demand Confidentiality 
1,792 /MRSS/RM_CONTRT_TYPE /MRSS/34000014 Maintain Contract Types 
1,793 /MRSS/RM_CORP_CO /MRSS/34000011 Maintain Corporate Companies 
1,794 /MRSS/RM_CORP_ORG /MRSS/34000012 Maintain Corporate Organizations 
1,795 /MRSS/RM_CRM_PROB /MRSS/34000013 Maintain CRM Probability 
1,796 /MRSS/RM_DT /MRSS/34000054 Maintain Default Date Ranges 
1,797 /MRSS/RM_EMP_DETAILS /MRSS/92000067 BAdI: Maintenance of Employee Details 
1,798 /MRSS/RM_ENHANCE_RES /MRSS/92000068 BAdI: Enhancement of Search Results 
1,799 /MRSS/RM_ESC_TYPE /MRSS/34000015 Maintain Escalation Types 
1,800 /MRSS/RM_ES_CANDIDAT /MRSS/92000069 BAdI: Update of Candidate Details 
1,801 /MRSS/RM_FD_ADD /MRSS/34000040 Maintain Flow Down Terms 
1,802 /MRSS/RM_HIER_EVA /MRSS/92000136 Specify Evaluation Paths for Authorization Checks 
1,803 /MRSS/RM_HTFIL /MRSS/34000055 Maintain Call Filters 
1,804 /MRSS/RM_ICON_ALERTS /MRSS/92000127 Configure Alert Icons 
1,805 /MRSS/RM_IMG /MRSS/92000211 Configure Settings for Web-Based Resource Management 
1,806 /MRSS/RM_JOB_TEXTS /MRSS/34000037 Maintain relevant Job texts 
1,807 /MRSS/RM_JT /MRSS/34000044 Maintain Job Texts 
1,808 /MRSS/RM_LEFT_LINK /MRSS/92000158 Add Links to Left Frame 
1,809 /MRSS/RM_LOB /MRSS/34000016 Maintain Lines of Business 
1,810 /MRSS/RM_MRWL /MRSS/34000053 Maintain Regional Worklist settings 
1,811 /MRSS/RM_NETWORK /MRSS/34000006 Assign network specific defaults 
1,812 /MRSS/RM_NN_RESOURCE /MRSS/92000388 BAdI: Determination of N.N. Resource per Role 
1,813 /MRSS/RM_ORDER_PROB /MRSS/34000017 Maintain Values for Probability to Close 
1,814 /MRSS/RM_ORIGIN /MRSS/34000018 Maintain Request Origins 
1,815 /MRSS/RM_PARD_STATUS /MRSS/34000021 Maintain partner candidate status 
1,816 /MRSS/RM_POSTMATCHIN /MRSS/92000070 BAdI: Postmatching for Search Results 
1,817 /MRSS/RM_PRESELECTIO /MRSS/92000071 BAdI: Candidate Search Preselection 
1,818 /MRSS/RM_PROF_VALIDA /MRSS/92000072 BAdI: PACE Profile Validation 
1,819 /MRSS/RM_PROJACT_TYP /MRSS/34000020 Maintain Role Activity Types 
1,820 /MRSS/RM_PROJ_TYPE /MRSS/34000019 Maintain project activity types 
1,821 /MRSS/RM_PRSRV /MRSS/92000145 Maintain Project Services 
1,822 /MRSS/RM_QCK_CLOSE /MRSS/92000218 Configure Quick Save 
1,823 /MRSS/RM_REASON_CODE /MRSS/34000022 Maintain Codes for Closing Reasons 
1,824 /MRSS/RM_REJ_CODES /MRSS/34000041 Maintain Candidate Rejection Codes 
1,825 /MRSS/RM_REQ_TYPE /MRSS/34000023 Maintain Request Types 
1,826 /MRSS/RM_RFC_DES /MRSS/92000099 RFC destinations for IL* landscape 
1,827 /MRSS/RM_ROLE_TYPE /MRSS/34000024 Maintain Role Types 
1,828 /MRSS/RM_RTE /MRSS/15000012 Maintain Routing Class Name 
1,829 /MRSS/RM_SLAEX_CODES /MRSS/34000025 Maintain SLA exclusion codes 
1,830 /MRSS/RM_SUB_REGIONS /MRSS/34000042 Maintain Subregions for Countries 
1,831 /MRSS/RM_UI_ENHANCEM /MRSS/92000073 BAdI: WebDynpro UI Changes 
1,832 /MRSS/RM_UNSTR_TYPES /MRSS/92000063 Maintain Unstructured Qualification Types 
1,833 /MRSS/RM_UPDATE_BC_D /MRSS/92000074 BAdI: Update of Broadcast Data 
1,834 /MRSS/RM_UPDATE_REQU /MRSS/92000075 BAdI: Request Update 
1,835 /MRSS/RM_VEN_EMAIL_I /MRSS/92000076 BADI: Update Vendor Email Info 
1,836 /MRSS/RM_WF_RL_CL /MRSS/92000077 BAdI: Control Workflow Recipients After Role Close 
1,837 /MRSS/RM_WORKLIST /MRSS/92000151 BAdI: Enhancement of Worklists 
1,838 /MRSS/SCHED0001 /MRSS/92000123 Define pushbuttons for user statuses 
1,839 /MRSS/SCHED00040 /MRSS/92000026 Define Resource Planning Nodes and Evaluation Paths 
1,840 /MRSS/SCHED0024 /MRSS/92000124 Define customer exits and context menu entries 
1,841 /MRSS/SCHED0031 /MRSS/92000126 Define collisions 
1,842 /MRSS/SCHED0033 /MRSS/92000029 Define Communication Data for Resources 
1,843 /MRSS/SCHED004 /MRSS/92000027 Assign Object Type for Number Range Determination for Assignments 
1,844 /MRSS/SCHED00700 /MRSS/92000045 Set up approval workflow 
1,845 /MRSS/SCHED0080 /MRSS/92000031 Define On-Call Types 
1,846 /MRSS/SCHED0081 /MRSS/92000037 Define number ranges for qualifications 
1,847 /MRSS/SCHED00810 /MRSS/92000048 Define basic settings for qualification matching 
1,848 /MRSS/SCHED00811 /MRSS/92000049 Define weighting factors for matching criteria 
1,849 /MRSS/SCHED00813 /MRSS/92000050 Define fulfillment values for matching on-call types 
1,850 /MRSS/SCHED00814 /MRSS/92000053 Define language for matching unstructured qualifications 
1,851 /MRSS/SCHED00815 /MRSS/92000051 Enter RFC destination of TREX interface 
1,852 /MRSS/SCHED0082 /MRSS/92000038 Define number ranges for qualification catalogs 
1,853 /MRSS/SCHED00820 /MRSS/92000039 Define Maintenance Groups for Qualification Catalogs 
1,854 /MRSS/SCHED0083 /MRSS/92000040 Define system parameters for qualification catalogs 
1,855 /MRSS/SCHED0084 /MRSS/92000196 Define number ranges for qualification matrixes 
1,856 /MRSS/SCHED0085 /MRSS/92000042 Define profile settings 
1,857 /MRSS/SCHED0090 /MRSS/92000028 Activate Creation of Change Documents 
1,858 /MRSS/SCHED00900 /MRSS/92000047 Approval Workflow: Define Infotypes and Fields 
1,859 /MRSS/SCHED030 /MRSS/92000054 Define Classes for Determining Worklist Fields 
1,860 /MRSS/SCHED040 /MRSS/92000059 Define the Fields in the Worklist 
1,861 /MRSS/SCHED041 /MRSS/92000060 Assign Fields from Generic Demand 
1,862 /MRSS/SCHED050 /MRSS/92000061 Define Attributes for Date Fields in Worklist 
1,863 /MRSS/SCHED060 /MRSS/92000062 Create Worklist Profile 
1,864 /MRSS/SCHED070 /MRSS/92000064 Define Classes for Performing the Checks 
1,865 /MRSS/SCHED080 /MRSS/92000109 Define Check Profiles 
1,866 /MRSS/SCHED090 /MRSS/92000115 Define Alert Types 
1,867 /MRSS/SCHED100 /MRSS/92000116 Define Alert Profiles 
1,868 /MRSS/SCHED110 /MRSS/92000117 Define User Interface Profiles 
1,869 /MRSS/SCHED120 /MRSS/92000118 Define Planning Board Profile 
1,870 /MRSS/SCHED130 /MRSS/92000119 Define Determination of Planning Board Profile 
1,871 /MRSS/SCHED140 /MRSS/92000137 Define Planning Horizon 
1,872 /MRSS/SCHED190 /MRSS/92000052 Define Status for Resources 
1,873 /MRSS/SCHED_CAG_CUST /MRSS/92000139 Include Capacitive Assignments During Slot-Based Availability Determination 
1,874 /MRSS/SCHED_C_ABROLE /MRSS/92000022 Define Abstract Partner Roles 
1,875 /MRSS/SCHED_C_ABSTAT /MRSS/92000024 Define Abstract Status 
1,876 /MRSS/SCHED_C_HCMD /MRSS/92000001 Specify RFC Destination of HR System 
1,877 /MRSS/SCHED_C_SQE_PS /MRSS/92000010 Define Preselection Modes for Free Employee Search 
1,878 /MRSS/SCHED_DWS_VAR /MRSS/92000179 Use Daily Work Schedule Variants for Varying Working Times 
1,879 /MRSS/SCHED_MOB_ABS /MRSS/92000181 Define Abstract Assignment Statuses for Integration with Mobile Devices 
1,880 /MRSS/SCHED_PLBOMGR /MRSS/92000142 Define Settings for Manager Planning Board 
1,881 /MRSS/SCHED_SGE_HMCI /MRSS/92000178 Define Function Modules for HR Integration 
1,882 /MRSS/SCHED_SMS_DEST /MRSS/01000036 Define Permitted Communication Types for Short Messages to Resources 
1,883 /MRSS/SCHED_SQM_CH /MRSS/92000032 Activate Creation of Change Documents for Master Data 
1,884 /MRSS/SCHED_STAT_PRG /MRSS/92000138 Assignment in Process: Define Status 
1,885 /MRSS/SCHED_TRV_TIME /MRSS/92000159 Assign Travel Time Mode 
1,886 /MRSS/SEARCH_DEF /MRSS/92000131 BAdI: Setting of Default Object Types in Candidate Search 
1,887 /MRSS/SGD_BUNDLE /MRSS/92000369 BAdI: Bundling of Demands 
1,888 /MRSS/SGE_ADDRESS /MRSS/92000385 BAdI: Determination of Team Address 
1,889 /MRSS/SGE_APP_OFFER /MRSS/92000283 BAdI: Customer-Specific Extension for Appointment Booking 
1,890 /MRSS/SGE_ASGN_RELAT /MRSS/01000023 BAdI: Determine Related Assignments and Demands 
1,891 /MRSS/SGE_ASG_FROM_T /MRSS/92000335 BAdI: Creation of Assignments for Demands with Time Rules 
1,892 /MRSS/SGE_ASG_MOD /MRSS/92000238 BAdI: Change Assignment before Save 
1,893 /MRSS/SGE_ASS_SHF /MRSS/92000108 BAdI: Intelligent Shifting 
1,894 /MRSS/SGE_AUTH_CHECK /MRSS/01000022 BAdI: Authorization Check for Resource Planners 
1,895 /MRSS/SGE_AUTO_ASG_R /MRSS/92000018 BAdI: Change Resource During Automatic Assignment Creation 
1,896 /MRSS/SGE_DAY_ALLOCA /MRSS/92000386 BAdI: Change of Staffing Data 
1,897 /MRSS/SGE_MOBILE_PS /MRSS/01000024 BAdI: Sending Assignments to Mobile Devices 
1,898 /MRSS/SGE_RESOURCE /MRSS/35000028 BAdI: Anonymize resources 
1,899 /MRSS/SGE_RES_FILTER /MRSS/92000276 BAdI: Definition of Non-Relevant HR Persons 
1,900 /MRSS/SGE_SCHEDAUTO /MRSS/92000046 BAdI: Utilization-Based Automatic Resource Planning 
1,901 /MRSS/SGE_STAFFING_V /MRSS/92000376 BAdI: Staffing View 
1,902 /MRSS/SGE_TEAM_CHECK /MRSS/92000222 BAdI: Check Team Before Save 
1,903 /MRSS/SGE_TEAM_WC /MRSS/92000044 BAdI: Determine Work Center for Team 
1,904 /MRSS/SGE_TECH /MRSS/92000030 Technical Settings for the Resource Selection 
1,905 /MRSS/SGE_TECH_OBJEC /MRSS/92000372 BAdI: Determination of Technical Object Type 
1,906 /MRSS/SGE_WC_SCHED /MRSS/92000373 BAdI: Determination of Demand Sequence 
1,907 /MRSS/SGU_ASSGN /MRSS/92000173 BAdI: Determine Graphical Element for Assignments 
1,908 /MRSS/SGU_ASSGN_LIST /MRSS/92000306 BAdI: Extension of the Assignment List 
1,909 /MRSS/SGU_ASSIGNMENT /MRSS/92000290 BAdI: Addition of Assignment Details to the Planning Board 
1,910 /MRSS/SGU_ASSIGNM_UI /MRSS/92000291 BAdI: Additional Customer Fields for Assignments 
1,911 /MRSS/SGU_CAPA_LIST /MRSS/01000035 BAdI: Enhancement of capacitive assignments list 
1,912 /MRSS/SGU_COLOR_PN /MRSS/92000324 BAdI: Determine Color for Capacity Planning Nodes 
1,913 /MRSS/SGU_DEMAND_GE /MRSS/92000125 BAdI: Determine Graphical Element and Quick Info for Demands 
1,914 /MRSS/SGU_DEMAND_UI /MRSS/92000292 BAdI: Additional Customer Fields for Demands 
1,915 /MRSS/SGU_DESC_DETER /MRSS/58000038 BAdI: Determine Description and Quick Info for Assignments 
1,916 /MRSS/SGU_EQUI_AUTH /MRSS/01000025 BAdI: Equipment Check 
1,917 /MRSS/SGU_GIS_MAP_DE /MRSS/92000354 BAdI: Default Values for GIS Map 
1,918 /MRSS/SGU_RES_FILTER /MRSS/35000050 BAdI: Resource filter - selection screen 
1,919 /MRSS/SGU_RES_LIST /MRSS/92000314 BAdI: Extension of the Resource List in the Gantt Chart 
1,920 /MRSS/SGU_RES_MESSAG /MRSS/01000027 BAdI: Send Messages to Resources 
1,921 /MRSS/SGU_RFILT_PLBM /MRSS/01000040 BAdI: Filter Resources in Manager Planning Board 
1,922 /MRSS/SGU_SUMBAR /MRSS/92000315 BAdI: Determination of the Remaining Assignment Duration for Totals Bar 
1,923 /MRSS/SGU_WORKLIST /MRSS/35000032 BAdI: Change field catalog for operation worklist 
1,924 /MRSS/SGX_BADI_IL_PL /MRSS/92000293 BAdI: Extension of the Web-Based Planning Board 
1,925 /MRSS/SGX_DEMAND_FIE /MRSS/92000389 BAdI: Additional Fields in Demand List 
1,926 /MRSS/SGX_GANTT_VIEW /MRSS/92000368 BAdI: Creation of Gantt View Variants 
1,927 /MRSS/SGX_RES_FILTER /MRSS/92000294 BAdI: Definition of Filters for the Resources in the Gantt Chart 
1,928 /MRSS/SOFTBOOK_EXP /MRSS/92000120 BAdI: Setting of Soft Book Expiration Date 
1,929 /MRSS/SORT_RESOURCES /MRSS/92000141 BAdI : Sorting of Resources 
1,930 /MRSS/SOS_SHIFTS /MRSS/92000182 Determine Standard Shift Schedule for Organizational Units 
1,931 /MRSS/SQE_MATCHING /MRSS/35000040 BAdI: Qualification matching 
1,932 /MRSS/SQE_QUALRESULT /MRSS/35000033 BAdI: Display of Additional Resource-Related Fields 
1,933 /MRSS/SQL_CAT_MIGR /MRSS/35000058 BAdI: Transfer of Qualification Catalogs 
1,934 /MRSS/SQL_QUAL_MIGR /MRSS/01000039 BAdI: Transfer of Qualifications 
1,935 /MRSS/SQM_CAT_EXIT /MRSS/01000028 BAdI: Enhance Catalog Options 
1,936 /MRSS/SQM_MAT_EXIT /MRSS/01000029 BAdI: Enhance Matrix Options 
1,937 /MRSS/SQPP_NUM /MRSS/92000043 Define Number Ranges for Requirements Profiles 
1,938 /MRSS/SQP_DEM_EXIT /MRSS/35000054 BAdI: Extend requirements profiles 
1,939 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_EXIT /MRSS/35000055 BAdI: Extend employee profiles 
1,940 /MRSS/VC_CSG_WNDW /MRSS/92000209 Define Date Types for Demand 
1,941 /MRSS/VC_LN_SGR /MRSS/92000383 Map Abstract Statuses to Status Groups 
1,942 /MRSS/VC_LOG_RFC /MRSS/92000212 Configure Multiple Back-End Systems 
1,943 /MRSS/VC_SGX_GRAPH_E /MRSS/92000240 Define Graphical Elements for Web-Based Planning Board 
1,944 /MRSS/VC_SGX_PROFILE /MRSS/92000239 Define Profiles of the Web-Based User Interface 
1,945 /MRSS/V_AIG /MRSS/92000245 Define Appointment Interval Groups 
1,946 /MRSS/V_ANON_RES /MRSS/92000326 Specify Names for Anonymous Resources 
1,947 /MRSS/V_APPOINT /MRSS/92000244 Define Settings for Appointment Booking 
1,948 /MRSS/V_APPT_STG /MRSS/92000272 Determine the Search Strategy for Appointment Booking 
1,949 /MRSS/V_APPT_TYP /MRSS/92000270 Determine Appointment Booking Type 
1,950 /MRSS/V_APP_CANC /MRSS/92000249 Set Status for Appointment Cancellations 
1,951 /MRSS/V_APP_HOLD /MRSS/92000250 Set Status for Service Areas 
1,952 /MRSS/V_APP_MAT /MRSS/92000251 Determine Resource Weighting for Appointment Booking 
1,953 /MRSS/V_APP_NOTE /MRSS/92000254 Set Notes Function 
1,954 /MRSS/V_APP_PROC /MRSS/92000358 Make General Settings for Appointment Booking 
1,955 /MRSS/V_APT_TRVD /MRSS/92000271 Determine Travel Times for Appointments 
1,956 /MRSS/V_BAS_TA /MRSS/92000154 Define Time Allocation Types 
1,957 /MRSS/V_BP_ROLE /MRSS/92000260 Assign Role Type to Business Partner 
1,958 /MRSS/V_BRK_SHDL /MRSS/92000262 Manage MRS Break Schedule 
1,959 /MRSS/V_CAG_EXCU /MRSS/92000337 Exclude Demands from Capacity Calculation by Status 
1,960 /MRSS/V_CAG_PROC /MRSS/92000375 Configure Planning Node Capacity Calculation 
1,961 /MRSS/V_CAP_DATE /MRSS/92000295 Carry Out Date Settings for Capacitive Assignments 
1,962 /MRSS/V_CAR_CAL /MRSS/92000348 Specify First Weekday for Capacity and Demand Overview 
1,963 /MRSS/V_CAR_UNIT /MRSS/92000347 Configure Day Unit Conversion 
1,964 /MRSS/V_CHNG_FRM /MRSS/92000152 Define Classes for Additional Activities 
1,965 /MRSS/V_COLL /MRSS/92000370 Configure Settings for Collisions 
1,966 /MRSS/V_CRM_ASG /MRSS/92000397 Set Up Assignment Status Integration 
1,967 /MRSS/V_CSG_CTRL /MRSS/92000208 Determine CRM Service Orders for Resource Planning 
1,968 /MRSS/V_CSG_LOC /MRSS/92000210 Determine Usage Site of Service Order 
1,969 /MRSS/V_CSG_ORG_UNIT /MRSS/92000398 Determine Origin of Organizational Unit Information 
1,970 /MRSS/V_CSG_SL /MRSS/92000246 Define Time Frame as Equivalent of Orders 
1,971 /MRSS/V_CUP_RT_E /MRSS/92000390 Define Residence Time for Deletion Objects 
1,972 /MRSS/V_DAG_CALC /MRSS/92000346 Control Options for Total Demand Calculation 
1,973 /MRSS/V_DEF_FRZN /MRSS/92000274 Determine Blocked Period 
1,974 /MRSS/V_DEM_GRP /MRSS/92000352 Demand Group and PM Activity Details 
1,975 /MRSS/V_DISTRBTR /MRSS/92000269 Manage Spare Parts Suppliers 
1,976 /MRSS/V_DLY_W_SD /MRSS/92000263 Manage MRS Daily Work Schedule 
1,977 /MRSS/V_DM_ABROL /MRSS/92000356 Specify Partner Types for Assignment-Based Resource Selection 
1,978 /MRSS/V_DPR_ACCL /MRSS/92000241 Define Color Code for Assignment Calendar 
1,979 /MRSS/V_DPR_FORM_N /MRSS/92000378 Form for Communicating via E-Mail and Groupware 
1,980 /MRSS/V_DPR_REJ_N /MRSS/92000380 Define Rejection Reasons for Candidates 
1,981 /MRSS/V_DPR_ROLE_N /MRSS/92000377 Make MRS-Relevant Settings for Project Role Type 
1,982 /MRSS/V_DPR_STAT_N /MRSS/92000381 Maintain Status for cProjects 
1,983 /MRSS/V_DPR_UI_N /MRSS/92000379 Configure Interface Elements in cProjects 
1,984 /MRSS/V_FIL_UPLD /MRSS/92000311 Carry Out Settings for File Upload 
1,985 /MRSS/V_GEO_MAP /MRSS/92000223 Define Map Profile 
1,986 /MRSS/V_GIS_ACT /MRSS/92000287 Define Active Geographical Information Systems 
1,987 /MRSS/V_GIS_CONN /MRSS/92000286 Define Connectors for Geographical Information Systems 
1,988 /MRSS/V_HR_ACTI /MRSS/92000339 Define HR Subtype for Hiring and Termination 
1,989 /MRSS/V_LN_ATTR /MRSS/92000350 Logical Node Attribute 
1,990 /MRSS/V_LN_OBJ /MRSS/92000349 Logical Node Objects Names 
1,991 /MRSS/V_MAT_CHK /MRSS/92000273 Define Profiles for Part Availability Check 
1,992 /MRSS/V_MIMETYPE /MRSS/92000327 Define Permitted MIME Types 
1,993 /MRSS/V_MULT_RES /MRSS/92000284 Make Resource Settings for Automatic Scheduling of Multiday Assignments 
1,994 /MRSS/V_NW_ABS_A /MRSS/92000230 Permit Abstract Assignments 
1,995 /MRSS/V_NW_AFD /MRSS/92000316 Activate Assignment Follows Demand Function 
1,996 /MRSS/V_NW_AVAIL /MRSS/92000231 Partial Concretization Stretched; Check Assignments in Non-Availability 
1,997 /MRSS/V_NW_CAP_A /MRSS/92000229 Control Capacitive Planning 
1,998 /MRSS/V_NW_MAPRO /MRSS/92000225 Assign Partner Roles for SAP NetWeaver 
1,999 /MRSS/V_NW_MAPST /MRSS/92000226 Assign Status (to Use Demands from SAP NetWeaver) 
2,000 /MRSS/V_NW_STCTR /MRSS/92000227 Control Assignment Processing Based on Order Status 
2,001 /MRSS/V_NW_STR_A /MRSS/92000228 Permit Stretched Assignments 
2,002 /MRSS/V_NW_SUPVI /MRSS/92000261 Determine Site Supervisor Assignment for Specific Order Types 
2,003 /MRSS/V_OPT_FIL /MRSS/92000298 Filter Demands for Optimization 
2,004 /MRSS/V_OPT_LOG /MRSS/92000214 Define Logging of Optimization Runs 
2,005 /MRSS/V_OPT_MSG /MRSS/92000275 Override Message Type for Individual Optimization Messages 
2,006 /MRSS/V_OPT_SCE /MRSS/92000213 Define Optimization Scenario 
2,007 /MRSS/V_PHASE /MRSS/92000309 Manage Phases 
2,008 /MRSS/V_PHASE_RL /MRSS/92000308 Determine Phase and Time for Release 
2,009 /MRSS/V_PLANSTAT /MRSS/92000393 Control Display of Planning Status Icon 
2,010 /MRSS/V_PN_CAPA /MRSS/92000394 Define Distribution of Demand Work 
2,011 /MRSS/V_PN_TEAM /MRSS/92000351 Settings to link Teams to Planning Node 
2,012 /MRSS/V_POT_PHPR /MRSS/92000310 Carry Out Assignment for Priority and Phases 
2,013 /MRSS/V_POT_PROC /MRSS/92000299 Select Scenario for the Use of Capactity Pots 
2,014 /MRSS/V_POT_QCAT /MRSS/92000301 Manage Qualification Category 
2,015 /MRSS/V_POT_SLAP /MRSS/92000307 Determine Priority for the Service Level Agreement 
2,016 /MRSS/V_POT_TZN /MRSS/92000322 Set Time Zones for Capacity Pots 
2,017 /MRSS/V_PRD_W_SD /MRSS/92000264 Manage MRS Periodic Work Schedule 
2,018 /MRSS/V_PREF_TECH /MRSS/92000395 Specify Preferred Resource for Second Visit 
2,019 /MRSS/V_RAL_DSEL /MRSS/92000333 Define Data Selection for Resource Assignment List 
2,020 /MRSS/V_REL_INT /MRSS/92000374 Control Integration of Relationships 
2,021 /MRSS/V_RES_GRP /MRSS/92000259 Manage Resource Groups 
2,022 /MRSS/V_RES_SLOT /MRSS/92000267 Manage Time Windows for External Service Providers 
2,023 /MRSS/V_RES_TYP /MRSS/92000155 Assign Time Allocation Types to Resource Types 
2,024 /MRSS/V_RM_ADDNL /MRSS/92000084 Maintain Additional Broadcast Targets 
2,025 /MRSS/V_RM_BCCON /MRSS/34000049 Maintain Broadcast Information for Countries 
2,026 /MRSS/V_RM_BCOAC /MRSS/92000224 Broadcast Regions - Others - Trigger Actions 
2,027 /MRSS/V_RM_BCOTH /MRSS/92000085 Broadcast Regions - Others 
2,028 /MRSS/V_RM_BCPRT /MRSS/92000199 Maintain Consulting Groups 
2,029 /MRSS/V_RM_BCRMC /MRSS/92000086 Countries assignment for RM groups 
2,030 /MRSS/V_RM_BCRMO /MRSS/92000087 Maintain others assignment for RM groups 
2,031 /MRSS/V_RM_BCRMV /MRSS/92000088 Vendors assignment for RM groups 
2,032 /MRSS/V_RM_BCVEN /MRSS/92000089 Vendors assignment to vendor groups 
2,033 /MRSS/V_RM_BCVGP /MRSS/92000090 Vendors group for tree hierarchy 
2,034 /MRSS/V_RM_BTN /MRSS/92000100 Maintain buttons 
2,035 /MRSS/V_RM_COLS /MRSS/92000101 Maintain Column Display for WDA ALV 
2,036 /MRSS/V_RM_CUST /MRSS/92000300 Maintain RM Custom Fields 
2,037 /MRSS/V_RM_CVUI /MRSS/92000323 Configure Consultant View 
2,038 /MRSS/V_RM_HTFIL /MRSS/92000102 Maintain Hard To Fill Flag 
2,039 /MRSS/V_RM_INTP /MRSS/92000200 Maintain Others Assignment for RM Groups 
2,040 /MRSS/V_RM_MDATA /MRSS/34000051 Configure Basic Settings 
2,041 /MRSS/V_RM_NNRES /MRSS/92000367 Configure Settings for N.N. Resources 
2,042 /MRSS/V_RM_ORG /MRSS/92000103 Maintain Responsible RM Organizations 
2,043 /MRSS/V_RM_PS /MRSS/92000104 Partner (Candidate) Statuses 
2,044 /MRSS/V_RM_SLA /MRSS/92000105 Exclude from SLA Tracking 
2,045 /MRSS/V_RM_STAT /MRSS/34000052 Manage RM Request and Role Status 
2,046 /MRSS/V_RM_TRULE /MRSS/92000331 Specify Default Values for Time Rules 
2,047 /MRSS/V_RM_UNIT /MRSS/92000106 Specify Units for Duration 
2,048 /MRSS/V_RM_USROL /MRSS/92000107 Button User Roles 
2,049 /MRSS/V_RM_WL /MRSS/34000050 Maintain Worklists 
2,050 /MRSS/V_SGE_NOTE /MRSS/92000360 Configure Note Management Settings 
2,051 /MRSS/V_SGE_PREB /MRSS/92000363 Assign Pre-Booking Status 
2,052 /MRSS/V_SGE_PRNT /MRSS/92000332 Activate Printing for Demand Types 
2,053 /MRSS/V_SGE_PROC /MRSS/92000025 Configure Basic Settings 
2,054 /MRSS/V_SGE_TZON /MRSS/92000359 Set Time Zone Priority 
2,055 /MRSS/V_SGU_ABRS /MRSS/92000355 Activate Assignment-Based Resource Selection 
2,056 /MRSS/V_SGU_CFL /MRSS/92000317 Define Color Legends for Item Worklist 
2,057 /MRSS/V_SGU_CFLD /MRSS/92000318 Define Color Legends for Item Worklist 
2,058 /MRSS/V_SPAREPRT /MRSS/92000256 Manage Item Category for Spare Parts 
2,059 /MRSS/V_SRCHHELP_D /MRSS/92000330 Define Search Helps for Resources and Demands 
2,060 /MRSS/V_SUMBAR /MRSS/92000288 Define Settings for Totals Bar 
2,061 /MRSS/V_TOBJ_INT /MRSS/92000371 Control Integration of Technical Objects 
2,062 /MRSS/V_WFM_TOLT /MRSS/92000156 Define Time Allocation Type for Tools 
2,063 /MRSS/V_W_SCD_RL /MRSS/92000265 Compile Rules for MRS Work Schedules 
2,064 /NFM/BADI_MV02 /NFM/12001288 BAdI: IDoc Material Master 
2,065 /NFM/IMGBADI_VEDA_VE /NFM/12001289 BAdI: IDoc Sales Order 
2,066 /NFM/IMG_CA_C_BOESL /NFM/80000209 Maintain Exchange Keys 
2,067 /NFM/IMG_CA_C_NES /NFM/80000206 Maintain NF Keys and Base Values 
2,068 /NFM/IMG_CA_C_NFM /NFM/80000207 Maintain Rate Determination Modules 
2,069 /NFM/IMG_CA_C_NFR /NFM/80000208 Maintain Rate Determination Routines 
2,070 /NFM/IMG_CA_TBASIC /NFM/80000211 Maintain Basic Settings for NF Metal Processing 
2,071 /NFM/IMG_CA_TEBG /NFM/80000210 Maintain Movement Reasons for Coverage 
2,072 /NFM/IMG_CO_C_CO /NFM/80000212 Assign Controlling Area/Origin to NF Key 
2,073 /NFM/IMG_INFO_EBELEG /NFM/80000230 Display NF Data for Purchasing Documents 
2,074 /NFM/IMG_INFO_VBELEG /NFM/80000231 Display NF Data for Sales Documents 
2,075 /NFM/IMG_MM_CA_BADI /NFM/12001214 BAdI: Changes to Document Data of NF Metal Processing 
2,076 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_KBB /NFM/80000227 Maintain Movement Types for Material Provision in Purchasing 
2,077 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_MM_SD /NFM/80000225 Rate Reference Purchasing Org. --> Sales Org. 
2,078 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_NES_EK /NFM/80000221 Maintain Different NF Key Data on Purchasing Org. Level 
2,079 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_NFS /NFM/80000224 Rate Determination Key for Purchasing 
2,080 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_NKTYP /NFM/80000222 Assign Condition Category/NF Key to Condition Types in MM 
2,081 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_NORG /NFM/80000226 Maintain Coverage/Provision Settings in Purchasing 
2,082 /NFM/IMG_MM_C_TOL /NFM/80000228 Include NF Metal Rates in Invoice Verification Tolerance 
2,083 /NFM/IMG_MM_STRPREIS /NFM/12001473 Pricing Control 
2,084 /NFM/IMG_SD_C_KBB /NFM/80000219 Maintain Movement Types for Material Provision in SD 
2,085 /NFM/IMG_SD_C_NES_VK /NFM/80000213 Maintain Different NF Key Data on Sales Org. Level 
2,086 /NFM/IMG_SD_C_NFS /NFM/80000217 Maintain Rate Determination Keys for SD 
2,087 /NFM/IMG_SD_C_NKTYP /NFM/80000214 Assign Condition Category/NF Key to Condition Types in SD 
2,088 /NFM/IMG_SD_C_NORG /NFM/80000218 Maintain Coverage/Provision Settings in SD 
2,089 /NFM/IMG_SD_SPERRGR /NFM/80000220 Define Blocking Reasons for Billing Document/Invoice 
2,090 /NFM/IMG_SD_STRPREIS /NFM/80000215 Pricing Control 
2,091 /OLC/BADI_OPR /OLC/53000540 BAdI: Assignment Data Determ. f. Operation PM/CS OLC Order 
2,092 /OLC/OLCCUST /OLC/53000538 Define Cost Settings 
2,093 /OLC/REBUILD_COSTS /OLC/53000539 Regenerate Order Costs 
2,094 /ORM/CATM /ORM/31000030 Set Up Structure: Expert Mode 
2,095 /ORM/GOAL_ASGN /ORM/30000045 Maintain the Goal-Risk Assignmet mode 
2,096 /ORM/MIS /ORM/31000003 text 
2,097 /ORM/ORMT_ILD_ATTR /ORM/71000100 Assign Incident/Loss Attributes to Organizational Unit 
2,098 /ORM/ORMT_LV /ORM/31000019 RFC Connections for SAP List Viewer 
2,099 /ORM/ORMT_MNT_INT /ORM/31000021 Maintain Number Range for Incidents 
2,100 /ORM/ORMT_MNT_WF_SEQ /ORM/31000018 Maintain Workflow Sequences 
2,101 /ORM/ORMT_MS_SUR /ORM/31000016 Maintain Mail Settings for Survey 
2,102 /ORM/ORMT_OOCR /ORM/31000014 Set Up Transport Connection 
2,103 /ORM/ORMT_PER_SET /ORM/31000022 Perform Segment Settings 
2,104 /ORM/ORMT_RRFREQ /ORM/31000027 Risk Reassessment Required 
2,105 /ORM/ORMT_SNRO /ORM/31000029 Specify Number Ranges 
2,106 /ORM/ORMT_SPEC_NO /ORM/31000024 Specify Number Ranges 
2,107 /ORM/ORMT_SYNC_WF_BU /ORM/31000017 Synchronize Workflow Buffer 
2,108 /ORM/ORMT_TLWAFS /ORM/31000026 Three Point Analysis 
2,109 /ORM/ORMT_TS_CUST /ORM/31000015 Task Specific Customization 
2,110 /ORM/ORMV_ACT_TRIG /ORM/31000008 Activate Event Triggering in Workflows 
2,111 /ORM/ORMV_ASN_AGNT /ORM/31000005 Assign Agent for Workflow Tasks 
2,112 /ORM/ORMV_CR_TNODE /ORM/31000013 Create Top Nodes 
2,113 /ORM/ORMV_IMP_LT /ORM/30000021 Impact Levels 
2,114 /ORM/ORMV_PDF /ORM/31000020 Enabling PDF Connectivity 
2,115 /ORM/ORMV_PRBDEF /ORM/30000049 Maintain Probability Level Matrix 
2,116 /ORM/ORMV_PROB_LVL /ORM/30000047 Maintain Probability Levels 
2,117 /ORM/ORMV_PRRITY /ORM/30000014 Maintain Risk and Opportunity Priorities 
2,118 /ORM/ORMV_RISK_PM /ORM/30000015 Risk Priority Matrix 
2,119 /ORM/ORMV_RSK_LV /ORM/30000019 Maintain Risk and Opportunity Levels 
2,120 /ORM/ORMV_RSK_LVS /ORM/31000007 Risk Levels 
2,121 /ORM/ORMV_RSK_PM /ORM/30000016 Maintain Risk and Opportunity Priority Matrix 
2,122 /ORM/ORMV_RSP_CM /ORM/30000022 Maintain Response Type Combinations 
2,123 /ORM/ORMV_RSP_TY /ORM/30000023 Maintain Response Types 
2,124 /ORM/ORMV_RS_L_D /ORM/30000018 Maintain Risk and Opportunity Level Matrix 
2,125 /ORM/ORMV_TIMEFR /ORM/30000017 Maintain Speed of Onset 
2,126 /ORM/ORMV_TLWAFS /ORM/31000028 Define Three-Point Analysis 
2,127 /ORM/ORMV_WRK_CUST /ORM/31000025 Perform Automatic Workflow Customizing 
2,128 /ORM/ORM_CR_TP_NODE /ORM/31000012 Create Top Nodes 
2,129 /ORM/ORM_GOAL_ASGN /ORM/30000046 Set the mode of Goal assignment to risks 
2,130 /ORM/ORM_MAIL_SET /ORM/31000011 Maintain Mail Settings for Survey 
2,131 /ORM/ORM_MNT_WF_SEQ /ORM/31000010 Maintain Workflow Sequences 
2,132 /ORM/ORM_SYNC_WF_BUF /ORM/31000009 Synchronize Workflow Buffer 
2,133 /ORM/VC_ORM_CLSF /ORM/59000002 Maintain Incident and Loss Attributes 
2,134 /OSP/ID_APPL_FLWBVRA /OSP/68002417 Define Application Behavior Settings 
2,135 /OSP/ID_APPL_FLW_BVR /OSP/32000026 Define Application Behavior Settings 
2,136 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CAN_SC /OSP/32000019 Cancel Budget Monitoring Scheduler Settings 
2,137 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CLT_CP /OSP/32000024 Copy Reports to Productive Client 
2,138 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CTXMAP /OSP/68002405 Define Context Variable Mappings 
2,139 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CTXVARA /OSP/68002404 Define Context Variables 
2,140 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CTX_GRP /OSP/80000008 Define Context Groups 
2,141 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CTX_MAP /OSP/80000009 Define Context Variable Mappings 
2,142 /OSP/IMG_ACT_CTX_VAR /OSP/80000007 Define Context Variables 
2,143 /OSP/IMG_ACT_ERLOG_A /OSP/68002409 View Error Log 
2,144 /OSP/IMG_ACT_ERR_LOG /OSP/80000016 View Error Log 
2,145 /OSP/IMG_ACT_LOGPOT /OSP/32000017 Define Logical Ports 
2,146 /OSP/IMG_ACT_LOGPRT /OSP/32000021 Maintain Logical Ports 
2,147 /OSP/IMG_ACT_MDR_DP /OSP/32000013 Deploy Application Metadata 
2,148 /OSP/IMG_ACT_MDR_LD /OSP/32000023 Upload Application Metadata 
2,149 /OSP/IMG_ACT_MDR_MT /OSP/32000012 Define Application Metadata 
2,150 /OSP/IMG_ACT_MDR_UI /OSP/32000018 Deploy Application UI 
2,151 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RFC /OSP/32000027 Create Logical RFC Destination 
2,152 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RFC_A /OSP/68002403 Create Logical RFC Destination 
2,153 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RFC_DT /OSP/32000022 Define Target Systems 
2,154 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RPTPR_A /OSP/68002408 Schedule Reports for Time Points 
2,155 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_CAT /OSP/32000014 Create Report Catalogs 
2,156 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_DC /OSP/32000029 Define Data Change Events 
2,157 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_DC_A /OSP/68002407 Define Data Change Events 
2,158 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_RLV /OSP/32000015 Assign Rule Violation Reports 
2,159 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_SEND /OSP/80000006 Resend Unsent Reports 
2,160 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_TP /OSP/32000028 Define Time Points 
2,161 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_TP_A /OSP/68002406 Define Time Points 
2,162 /OSP/IMG_ACT_RP_TP_R /OSP/32000030 Schedule Reports for Time Points 
2,163 /OSP/IMG_ACT_SCHDLR /OSP/32000016 Read Budget Monitoring Scheduler Settings 
2,164 /OSP/IMG_CHKTOOL /OSP/80000020 Run Duet Check Tool 
2,165 /OSP/IMG_CHKTOOL_ATL /OSP/68002425 Run Information Worker Check Tool 
2,166 /OSP/IMG_CUST /OSP/80000021 Customizing Cross System Viewer 
2,167 /OSP/IMG_CUST_A /OSP/68002412 Customizing Cross System Viewer 
2,168 /OSP/IMG_ENH_A /OSP/68002413 Implement User Exit for Reporting 
2,169 /OSP/IMG_LPCNFG /OSP/80000018 Configure Logical Ports 
2,170 /OSP/IMG_LPCNFG_A /OSP/49000007 Configure Logical Ports 
2,171 /OSP/IMG_RFCDST /OSP/80000019 Maintain RFC Destinations 
2,172 /OSP/IMG_RFCDST_A /OSP/68002410 Maintain RFC Destinations 
2,173 /OSP/IMG_SLDRFC /OSP/80000017 Maintain RFC Destinations Using SLD 
2,174 /OSP/IMG_SLDRFC_A /OSP/68002411 Maintain RFC Destinations Using SLD 
2,175 /OSP/IMG_WSR_TIME /OSP/32000034 Read Time Management WSR Settings 
2,176 /OSP/I_MDR /OSP/32000009 Delpoyment 
2,177 /OSP/SCH /OSP/32000008 Scheduling 
2,178 /PLMB/FRW_FLDTYP /PLMB/38000095 Define Field Types 
2,179 /PLMB/FRW_MAPDTL /PLMB/38000094 Define Mapping of Data Elements to Parameters 
2,180 /PLMB/FRW_MAPFLD /PLMB/38000093 Define Mapping of Structure Components to Parameters 
2,181 /PLMB/FRW_PRM /PLMB/38000092 Define Parameters for Parameter Mapping 
2,182 /PLMB/GOS_SGRP /PLMB/38000103 Assign Services to Service Groups 
2,183 /PLMB/RFC_DEST /PLMB/38000099 Define RFC Destinations 
2,184 /PLMB/SPI_ACCESS_MET /PLMB/38000089 BAdI: Adjustment of Data for Service Provider Access Methods 
2,185 /PLMB/SPI_METADATA /PLMB/38000090 BAdI: Enrichment of Node Definition 
2,186 /PLMB/SPI_TRANSACTN /PLMB/38000091 BAdI: Steps After the Save and Clean-Up Process 
2,187 /PLMB/VC_NAV /PLMB/38000076 Make Settings for Object Navigator 
2,188 /PLMB/VC_NAV_XS /PLMB/53000173 Define Cross-System Access Settings for Object Navigator 
2,189 /PLMB/VWR_INST /PLMB/53000175 Define Viewer Installation 
2,190 /PLMB/V_GOS_OTYP /PLMB/38000083 Define Generic Object Types 
2,191 /PLMB/V_GOS_SDEF /PLMB/38000101 Define Generic Services 
2,192 /PLMB/V_GOS_SGDF /PLMB/38000102 Define Service Groups 
2,193 /PLMB/V_RFC_LSYS /PLMB/53000203 Assign Logical System to RFC Destination 
2,194 /PLMB/V_SPI_ABB /PLMB/38000100 Define Application Building Blocks 
2,195 /PLMU/EX_FRW_CONSUME /PLMU/53000176 BAdI: Consumer Application Controller 
2,196 /PLMU/FRW_CTXM /PLMU/38000096 Define the Context Menu 
2,197 /PLMU/FRW_NAV /PLMU/38000097 Assign the Navigation Target 
2,198 /PLMU/FRW_NAVTG /PLMU/38000098 Define Navigation Targets 
2,199 /PLMU/FRW_PREVW /PLMU/38000106 Define Preview for Object Type 
2,200 /PLMU/UI_FRW_ACTION /PLMU/38000086 BAdI: Context Menu 
2,201 /PLMU/UI_FRW_CONTEXT /PLMU/38000087 BAdI: Context Menu 
2,202 /PLMU/UI_FRW_PARAMTR /PLMU/38000088 BAdI: UI Framework Parameters 
2,203 /PLMU/UI_FRW_SIDEPNL /PLMU/38000084 BAdI: Side Panel Settings 
2,204 /RPM/AUTHORIZATION /RPM/36000004 BAdI: ACL Authorization for Portfolio Management 
2,205 /RPM/CLASS_ROLLUP_BA /RPM/36000060 BAdI: Modification of Classification Rollup Factor 
2,206 /RPM/CP_CUST_FIELDS /RPM/47000052 BAdI: Custom Mapping of Portf. Mgmt Item to Base Fields 
2,207 /RPM/DECISION_POINT /RPM/47000075 BAdI: Decision Point Object 
2,208 /RPM/EX_BUCKET_BADI /RPM/47000046 BAdI: Definition for Bucket Enhancement 
2,209 /RPM/EX_CALCULATION /RPM/36000048 BAdI: Calculation of Portfolio Item Alerts 
2,210 /RPM/EX_CAP_B_PLAN /RPM/47000071 BAdI: Definition for Bucket Capacity Enhancement 
2,211 /RPM/EX_CAP_PLAN /RPM/47000072 BAdI: Definition for Capacity Enhancement 
2,212 /RPM/EX_COLLECTION /RPM/47000070 BAdI: Definition for Collection Enhancement 
2,213 /RPM/EX_CO_DOWNLOAD /RPM/36000072 BAdI: SAP ERP Transfer to PS WBS Elements 
2,214 /RPM/EX_FIN_B_PLAN /RPM/47000073 BAdI: Definition for Bucket Financial Enhancement 
2,215 /RPM/EX_FIN_PLAN /RPM/47000074 BAdI: Definition for Financial Enhancement 
2,216 /RPM/EX_ITEM_CHNG_PR /RPM/36000022 BAdI: Change Process for the Item 
2,217 /RPM/EX_OBJ_CONSISTE /RPM/51000070 BAdI: Object Consistency Check 
2,218 /RPM/EX_PFSFORM_BADI /RPM/51000082 BAdI: Print Fact Sheet Forms 
2,219 /RPM/EX_PORTFOLIO_BA /RPM/47000047 BAdI: Definition for Portfolio Enhancement 
2,220 /RPM/EX_REVIEW_BADI /RPM/47000048 BAdI: Definition for Review Enhancement 
2,221 /RPM/EX_WHATIF_BADI /RPM/47000069 BAdI: Definition for What-if Enhancement 
2,222 /RPM/FIN_CAP_PLAN /RPM/47000049 BAdI: Financial and Capacity Planning 
2,223 /RPM/IDENTITY_MAN /RPM/36000006 BAdI: Identity Management for SAP Portfolio and Project Management 
2,224 /RPM/ITEM_API /RPM/36000049 BAdI: Item/Decision Point API 
2,225 /RPM/MSP_CUST_FIELDS /RPM/47000051 BAdI: Custom Mapping of Portf. Mgmt Item to MS Project Fields 
2,226 /RPM/OBJECT_SERVICES /RPM/36000050 BAdI: Support Services for Portf. Mgmt Object 
2,227 /RPM/PERSON_CUST_FLD /RPM/47000059 BAdI: Resource Customer Fields 
2,228 /RPM/PLMPS_CUS_FIELD /RPM/47000054 BAdI: Custom Mapping of Portf. Mgmt Item to PS Project Fields 
2,229 /RPM/VC_CP_MAP /RPM/51000065 Map Item Type to Project or PS 
2,230 /RPM/VC_DASH_FIELDS /RPM/36000024 Define Fields for Dashboards 
2,231 /RPM/VC_DASH_PERS /RPM/36000025 Define the Personalization Options for Dashboards 
2,232 /RPM/VC_FIELD_TAB /RPM/51000073 Assign Fields to Views/Subviews 
2,233 /RPM/VC_FINCAP_UI /RPM/47000027 Define Financial and Capacity View for Front-End Configuration 
2,234 /RPM/VC_ITCT_MAP /RPM/51000071 Map Item Template to Project Template or PS Project 
2,235 /RPM/VC_ITEM_TYPE_ST /RPM/36000018 Make Settings for the Status Mapping For Items 
2,236 /RPM/VC_LTXT_FIELD_C /RPM/36000027 Define Custom Long Text Fields 
2,237 /RPM/VC_PORT_FIN_CAP /RPM/47000030 Define Financial Capacity Settings for Portfolio Types 
2,238 /RPM/V_ACT_GRP_C /RPM/36000039 Maintain Activity Groups for Complex Column Chart 
2,239 /RPM/V_ACT_GRP_G /RPM/36000038 Maintain Activity Groups for Complex Gantt Chart 
2,240 /RPM/V_CHANGEDOC /RPM/51000076 Activate Change Document 
2,241 /RPM/V_CR_SETTNG /RPM/36000008 Configure Collaboration Room Integration 
2,242 /RPM/V_DB_SCOPE /RPM/36000026 Define Dashboard Scopes 
2,243 /RPM/V_FI_HIERAR /RPM/51000012 Financial Object Link Types for Hierarchical Processing 
2,244 /RPM/V_OBJ_FORMS /RPM/51000074 Define Print Forms per Object Type 
2,245 /RPM/V_REP_FIN_M /RPM/36000059 Define Xcelsius Chart View Mappings 
2,246 /RPM/V_SCENCLASS /RPM/47000032 Define Scenario Classification for What-If 
2,247 /RPM/V_SCENTYPES /RPM/47000029 Define Scenario Types for What-If 
2,248 /RPM/V_SUBST_OBJ /RPM/47000026 Maintain Objects for Substitution 
2,249 /SAPCEM/DISPOGRU /SAPCEM/12000560 Define Planning Group 
2,250 /SAPCEM/MESSPUNKT /SAPCEM/12000446 Measurement Document Entry in PBE Document 
2,251 /SAPCEM/PIBLART /SAPCEM/12000438 Document Types per Activity Settlement Type 
2,252 /SAPCEM/PIVARLV /SAPCEM/12000436 Activity Settlement Types per Variant 
2,253 /SAPCEM/PSPBUKRS /SAPCEM/12000447 Assign WBS Element per Company Code 
2,254 /SAPCEM/SD_MATERIAL /SAPCEM/97000065 BAdI: Choose Material for SD Settlement 
2,255 /SAPCEM/VARPI /SAPCEM/12000437 Variants for Price Information 
2,256 /SAPCEM/WF_EQUI /SAPCEM/12000439 Activate Workflow from Equipment 
2,257 /SAPCND/APPLICATION /SAPCND/43000003 Set Up Application 
2,258 /SAPCND/ARCH_CHECK /SAPCND/89000018 Enhanced Checks for Archiving of Condition Records 
2,259 /SAPCND/CONTEXT /SAPCND/43000005 Set Up Condition Maintenance Context