SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index E
IMG Activity - E
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 EA-SCHALTER S_S6B_86000007 Activate Business Functions 
2 EAML_CHECK_LFE_DATA S_EB5_05000509 BAdI: Checking of Linear Data 
3 EAML_D_LFE_NDR_V S_EB5_05000399 Define Default Rules for Linear Data in Notification Items 
4 EAML_D_OFFSET_V S_EB5_05000395 Define Offset Types 
5 EAML_LFE_SCREEN_CUST S_EB5_05000534 BAdI: Enhancement of Linear Data Screen 
6 EAML_LFE_SCREEN_MODI S_EB5_05000444 BAdI: Adjustment of Linear Data Display 
7 EAML_NET_NUMBER S_EBJ_98000012 Define Number Range for Network Attribute Values 
8 EAML_OIUXG S_EBS_44000163 Define Field Selection for Network Fields 
9 EAML_POINT_BY_MARKER S_EB5_05000394 BAdI: Adjustment of Linear Point Determination 
10 EAML_V_TCLS S_EB5_05000404 Define Organizational Area for Characteristics with Linear Data 
11 EAMS_COLOURCODE S_EE6_85000008 Edit Color Coding for System Priority 
12 EAMS_CONFIG_COUNCODE S_EE6_85000124 Configure Country Code 
13 EAMS_CONFIG_SCRNSIZ S_EE6_85000084 Configure Screen Sizing 
14 EAMS_CONFIG_SCR_TIM S_EE6_85000113 node- temp 
15 EAMS_CVBATTRMANF S_EE5_50000344 Edit Attribute Manager Fields 
16 EAMS_CVBEXTDS S_EE5_50000346 Edit ESRI Web Service Source for Retrieving Ext. Attributes 
17 EAMS_CVBOBJICON S_EE5_50000350 Edit Icons for Object Type and Category 
18 EAMS_CVBOBSYS S_EE6_85000038 Edit Icons for Object Type and System Status 
19 EAMS_CVBOPT S_EE5_50000409 Enable Map Display Functionality 
20 EAMS_CVBPARVWPRI S_EE5_50000345 Edit Partner Function Priority for Address Search 
21 EAMS_CVBSYSTS S_EE5_50000348 Edit System Status for Technical Objects and Order/Notification 
22 EAMS_LTXT_USAGE S_EE5_50000151 Specify Long Text for Job 
23 EAMS_OBTYP_SYS S_EE6_85000039 Edit Icons for Object Type and System Status 
24 EAMS_SEARCH S_EE5_50000187 Configure Embedded Search 
25 EAMS_VB_INT_EXT_ID S_EE5_50000366 BAdI: Enhancements for Internal-External ID Mapping 
26 EAMS_V_OBJTYPE S_EE5_50000145 Specify Objects for Structure View 
27 EAMS_V_UISETTING S_EE5_50000146 Configure Display of Jobs in the Launchpad 
28 EAMS_V_WD_CONFIG S_EE5_50000154 Configure General Data Screen for Asset Viewer 
29 EAMWS_ASSIGN_SM S_EE6_85000076 BAdI: Assignment of Safety Measures to Operations 
30 EAMWS_ORG_AREA S_EE6_85000048 Specify Organizational Area for Safety 
31 EAMWS_RM_SYSTEM S_EE6_85000043 Configure Connection to Risk Management System 
32 EAMWS_SFTY_SYMB S_EE6_85000101 Specify Folder in MIME Repository for Safety Symbols 
33 EAM_ACTIVATE_FUNC S_EBJ_98000094 Activate Functions for Enterprise Asset Management 
34 EAM_CC_DOC_FLOW_COL S_VBS_01000027 BAdI: Display Additional Columns in Document Flow 
35 EAM_EXIT_IPRM0002 S_EB5_05000229 BAdI: Determination of Planned Date for Maintenance Plan 
36 EAM_EXIT_IPRM0005 S_EB5_05000237 BAdI: Determination of Offset for Performance-Based Strategy Plans 
37 EAM_EXIT_IPRM003 S_EB5_05000232 BAdI: Processing of User Fields for Maintenance Plans 
38 EAM_FERC_DEFAULT S_EE5_50000411 BAdI: IS-U/FERC: Erweiterung für Regulatorbericht 
39 EAM_INSP_ROUNDS_CHK S_E4A_94000159 BAdI: Make Checks When Changing Technical Objects 
40 EAM_IPAR_FILL_LHNUM S_EBS_44000299 BAdI: Long House Number Initialization for Addresses in Russia 
41 EAM_MULTILEVEL_LIST S_E38_98000049 BAdI: Extend Multilevel Lists 
42 EAM_MULTLIST_FCODE_C S_E38_98000050 BAdI: Implement Customer Function Codes in Multilevel Lists 
43 EAM_MULTLIST_FIELD S_E38_98000051 BAdI: Activate Field Selection for New Objects in Multilevel List 
44 EAM_OAA_DEFAULT S_EB5_05000554 BAdI: Define Default Values for Operation Account Assignment 
45 EAM_RIAFVC20_FCODE_C S_E38_98000053 BAdI: Implement Customer Function Code in Operation List 
46 EAM_RIAUFK20_FCODE_C S_E38_98000055 BAdI: Implement Customer Function Code in Order List 
47 EAM_RIEQUI20_FCODE_C S_E38_98000056 BAdI: Implement Customer Function Code in Equipment List 
48 EAM_RIFLET20_FCODE_C S_E36_82000118 BAdI: Implement Customer Function Code in Fleet Object List 
49 EAM_RIIFLO20_FCODE_C S_E38_98000058 BAdI: Implement Customer Function Code in Function Location List 
50 EAM_RIINET30_FCODE S_EBS_44000433 BAdI: Implement Customer Function Code in Network List 
51 EAM_RIORD_OPER_FC_C S_E36_82000120 BAdI: Implement Customer Function Code in Order/Operation List 
52 EAM_RIQMEL20_FCODE_C S_E38_98000060 BAdI: Implement Customer Function Code in Notification List 
53 EAM_SINGLELEVEL_LIST S_E38_98000061 BAdI: Extend Single-Level Lists 
54 EAM_STRUCTLIST_FC_C S_E38_98000062 BAdI: Implement Customer Function Code in Structure Lists 
55 EAM_STRUCTLIST_FIELD S_E38_98000063 BAdI: Activate Field Selection for New Objects in Structure List 
56 EAM_STRUCTURE_LIST S_E38_98000064 BAdI: Extend Structure Lists 
57 EAM_WKCTR_SYNC S_E4E_66000226 BAdI: Set Up Synchronization of Work Center in Order/Notification 
58 EAM_WS_GET_RISK S_EE6_85000042 BAdI: Retrieval of Risks and Risk Responses 
59 EANC_0001 S_P8K_45000076 Maintain Field Catalog 
60 EANC_0002 S_P8K_45000080 Maintain Condition Tables 
61 EANC_0003 S_P8K_45000081 Maintain Access Sequences 
62 EANC_0004 S_P8K_45000082 Maintain Condition Types 
63 EANC_0005 S_P8K_45000083 Maintain Determination Procedure 
64 EANC_0006 S_P8K_45000084 Assign Procedure to Document Type 
65 EANC_0007 S_P8K_45000085 Maintain GTIN Variant Types 
66 EANC_0008 S_P8K_45000086 Maintain Condition List 
67 EANC_0010 S_P8K_45000077 Maintain Unit of Measure Groups 
68 EANC_0011 S_P8K_45000079 Maintain Process to be Mapped 
69 EANC_0012 S_P8K_45000078 Maintain Global Location Number for Object 
70 EAR_CHECK S_KK4_82000142 Verify customizing consistency 
71 EAR_GIPER S_KK4_82000133 Maintain percentage rates for municipal taxes 
72 EAR_GROUP S_KK4_82000124 Define groups 
73 EAR_INFO S_KK4_82000147 General information 
74 EAR_MACOF S_KK4_82000132 Maintain coefficients for municipal taxes 
75 EAR_REPCLS S_KK4_82000123 Define reporting classification 
76 EAR_REVTAX_M S_KK4_82000131 Assign selection and sort variants to municipes 
77 EAR_REVTAX_P S_KK4_82000130 Assign selection and sort variants to regions 
78 EAR_SALESTAX S_KK4_82000129 Assign sort variant and special parameters to reports 
79 EAR_SORT S_KK4_82000125 Define sort variants 
80 EAR_SORTDEF S_KK4_82000126 Assign grouping criteria per report classification 
81 EAR_TAXID S_KK4_82000127 Assign selection variant to sales taxes 
82 EAR_TAXID1 S_KK4_82000128 Assign selection variant to "other" taxes 
83 EAR_TFK009_REV S_KK4_82000134 Define revenue tax global parameters 
84 EAR_VARI S_KK4_82000121 Define selection variant 
85 EAR_VARIDEF S_KK4_82000122 Assign reporting criteria per report classification 
86 EASYDMS_DOC_ANZ S_AEN_10000936 Display Document Key 
87 EASYDM_BADI_EASYDMS S_EE5_50000340 BAdI: Manage Document Info Records 
88 EASYDM_BADI_EXT_UI S_E4E_66000023 BAdI: Extendable User Interface 
89 EASYDM_BADI_MAIN01 S_E4E_66000024 BAdI: SAP Easy Document Management Enhancements 
90 EASYDM_BADI_NEWNAME S_E4E_66000025 BAdI: Rename File 
91 EASYDM_CUS S_PEN_05000018 Define User Group 
92 ECEIS_EXTRACTOR S_AX7_53000016 Set Up Extractors for EC-EIS/EC-BP 
93 ECHT_CUST4INBOUNDSRV S_BT6_28000028 Create Process for a Service Operation 
94 ECHT_PLX_MAINTENANCE S_BT6_28000064 Make Payload-Specific Settings 
95 ECHVC_ENCRYPTION S_SI3_21000034 Define Encryption of the Paylod 
96 ECHVC_PLA_ATTRIB S_ABA_72000485 Define Payload Attributes 
97 ECH_PE_CHECK_BEFORE_ S_BT6_28000047 BAdI: Customer-Specific Check Before Saving in Payload Editor 
98 ECM_AEOI_CI S_S7B_68000003 BAdI: Define Customer Fields for Object Management Record 
99 ECM_PERMISSION_CHECK S_YI3_39000042 Hinweise zur Implementierung 
100 ECM_UNDO S_S7B_68000002 BAdI: Undo Changes 
101 ECP_BATCHPROCESS S_AX8_68000337 R/3 Batch Processes 
102 ECP_FIELDS S_AX8_68000329 Select fields for iView 
103 ECP_FUNCTION S_AX8_68000356 Maintain customizing keys for iViews 
104 ECP_FUNCTION_TYPE S_AX8_68000357 Maintain iView function types 
105 ECP_PORTAL1 S_AX8_68000338 Fields for iView 
106 ECRERAPP S_EE5_50000010 Execute Periodic Posting 
107 ECRESCSE S_EE5_50000011 External Heating Expenses Settlement 
108 EDI-03 S_BCE_68000368 Assign authorizations 
109 EDIT FDA ATTRIBUTES S_GR4_71000005 Edit FDA Attributes 
110 EDX_BP_SP S_E4A_94000249 Define Business Partners 
111 EDX_CONFIG_IN S_E4A_94000250 Define Inbound Object Types 
112 EDX_CONFIG_OUT S_E4A_94000251 Define Outbound Object Types 
113 EDX_SETUP S_E4A_94000248 Define Basic Settings 
114 ED_MONASN S_ALI_97000011 BAdI: IDoc Monitor for Inbound Shipping Notifications 
115 ED_MONORD S_ALI_97000010 BAdI: IDoc Monitor for Inbound Orders 
116 EFFR_US_001 S_PEN_05000383 Maintain Variance Codes 
117 EFFR_US_002 S_PEN_05000385 Maintain Participating Employees 
118 EFFR_US_003 S_P7H_77000080 Maintain Bundled Period for Certification 
119 EFFR_US_004 S_P7H_77000081 Maintain Wage types for Effort certification 
120 EFFR_US_006 S_P7H_77000083 Maintain Effort Certification Attributes 
121 EFFR_US_008 S_P7H_77000084 Maintain Tolerance for Variance code 
122 EFFR_US_009 S_P7H_77000085 Maintain Equal Values for Cost Distribution and Effort Percentages 
123 EFFR_US_010 S_P7H_77000086 Activate Bundling of Period for Effort Certification 
124 EFFR_US_011 S_P7H_77000088 BAdI : Define Employee Group Eligible for Effort Certification 
125 EFFR_US_012 S_P7H_77000089 BAdI : Define Approvers 
126 EFFR_US_013 S_P7H_77000090 BAdI : Determine Cost Object Validity 
127 EFWRSDFSD S_XSD_23000133 dfsdfsdfsdf 
128 EHFND_FW_CI_BADI S_EE5_50000036 BAdI: Content Integration 
129 EHFND_FW_CI_IP S_EE5_50000035 Specify Content Integration Points 
130 EHP_BADI_BIL_CCARD S_EAC_24000036 Authorization of Credit Cards in Billing Documents 
131 EHQMNUMCODE S_AER_95000448 Specify Number Ranges for Codes 
132 EHQMNUMGRP S_AER_95000449 Specify Number Ranges for Code Groups 
133 EHQMNUMSLST S_AER_95000450 Specify Number Ranges for Phrase Sets 
134 EHSBCV_COMPTYP S_PRN_53000356 Specify Composition Types 
135 EHSBC_RC_CONSTR S_PRN_53000608 Set Up Constraints 
136 EHSBC_RC_FIPARA S_PRN_53000357 Set Up Parameters for Selecting Constraints and Constraint Validity 
137 EHSBC_RC_PARA S_PRN_53000355 Set Up Technical Parameters 
138 EHSBV_RC_ADPARA S_PRN_53000358 Set Up Parameters for Determining Composition 
139 EHSBV_RC_CUST_ACT S_PRN_53000670 Set Up Compliance Check 
140 EHSB_DMS_DOCUMENT S_AEN_10000420 BAdI: Fill Authorization Group for Document 
141 EHSB_DMS_ENCODE S_AEN_10000386 BAdI: Encrypt User-Defined Texts 
142 EHSB_D_RC_02 S_PRN_53000777 Define Number Ranges 
143 EHSB_ECM_CHECK S_EE6_85000131 BAdI: Extended Checks for Engineering Change Management 
144 EHSB_VAI_ADD_INF S_ALN_01001472 BAdI: Enhancement of Table-Based Value Assignment 
145 EHSH_BC_DET_SCR S_AEN_10000865 BAdI: Screen Enhancement for Brief Consultations 
146 EHSH_EXAM_MEX_01 S_AEN_10000855 BAdI: Menu Exit 1 Examinations 
147 EHSH_EXAM_MEX_02 S_AEN_10000856 BAdI: Menu Exit 2 Examinations 
148 EHSH_MED_SRV_MEX_01 S_AEN_10000387 BAdI: Menu Exit 1 Medical Service 
149 EHSH_MED_SRV_MEX_02 S_AEN_10000388 BAdI: Menu Exit 2 Medical Service 
150 EHSH_MPC_INTEGRATION S_AEN_10000352 BAdI: Integration of Medical Practice Calendar 
151 EHSH_PCP_ABSENCES S_AEN_10000862 BAdI: Display Absences for a Person 
152 EHSH_PCP_MEX_01 S_AEN_10000857 BAdI: Menu Exit 1 Planning Cockpit 
153 EHSH_PCP_MEX_02 S_AEN_10000858 BAdI: Menu Exit 2 Planning Cockpit 
154 EHSH_PCP_SELECT S_AEN_10000863 BAdI: Person Selection in Planning Cockpit 
155 EHSH_PERSDAT_SCR S_PEN_05000088 BAdI: Screen Enhancement: Person Tab Page in Medical Service 
156 EHSH_PERSID_SCR S_PEN_05000089 BAdI: Screen Enhancement: Search for Person in Medical Service 
157 EHSH_POH_CHECK_AUTH S_PEN_05000090 BAdI: Enhanced Authorization Check for Medical Data on Person 
158 EHSH_PROT_MEX_01 S_AEN_10000849 BAdI: Menu Exit 1 Health Surveillance Protocol 
159 EHSH_PROT_MEX_02 S_AEN_10000851 BAdI: Menu Exit 2 Health Surveillance Protocol 
160 EHSH_PROT_NEXT_CALC S_AEN_10000381 BAdI: Calculate Next Date for a Health Surveillance Protocol 
161 EHSH_PROT_SUGGEST S_AEN_10000861 BAdI: Edit Proposal List for Health Surveillance Protocols 
162 EHSH_SRVDIA_DET_SCR S_AEN_10000864 BAdI: Screen Enhancement for Diagnoses 
163 EHSH_SRV_EXA_SCR S_P7E_63000002 BAdI: Screen Enhancement for Examinations 
164 EHSH_SRV_FILTER S_PEN_05000091 BAdI: Filter in Edit Overview of Medical Services 
165 EHSH_SRV_OV_SCR S_PEN_05000092 BAdI: Screen Enhancement: Edit Overview of Medical Services 
166 EHSH_VACC_MEX_01 S_AEN_10000859 BAdI: Menu Exit 1 Vaccinations 
167 EHSH_VACC_MEX_02 S_AEN_10000860 BAdI: Menu Exit 2 Vaccinations 
168 EHSI_ACPM_DATA_TRANS S_P7E_63000004 BAdI: Data Exchange Between Safety Measures and PM Notifications 
169 EHSI_AC_COSTC S_ALN_01001969 BAdI: Cost Calculation 
170 EHSI_ANNC_RATCP S_ALN_01001970 BAdI: Calculation of Rating for Standardized Criteria 
171 EHSI_ER_FOLLOWON_RAS S_AER_95000431 BAdI: Handling of Follow-On Assessments 
172 EHSI_ER_MEX_01 S_PEN_05000080 BAdI: Menu Exit 1 for Risk Assessment 
173 EHSI_ER_MEX_02 S_PEN_05000081 BAdI: Menu Exit 2 for Risk Assessment 
174 EHSI_ER_MEX_03 S_PEN_05000082 BAdI: Menu Exit 3 for Risk Assessment 
175 EHSI_ER_MEX_04 S_PEN_05000083 BAdI: Menu Exit 4 for Risk Assessment 
176 EHSI_FAL_ASS_SRV_SCR S_XEN_65000060 BAdI: Screen Enhancement: Injury/Illness Log-Service Assignment 
177 EHSI_FAL_MEX_01 S_PEN_05000084 BAdI: Menu Exit 1 for Injury/Illness Log 
178 EHSI_FAL_MEX_02 S_PEN_05000085 BAdI: Menu Exit 2 for Injury/Illness Log 
179 EHSI_FAL_MEX_03 S_PEN_05000086 BAdI: Menu Exit 3 for Injury/Illness Log 
180 EHSI_FAL_MEX_04 S_PEN_05000087 BAdI: Menu Exit 4 for Injury/Illness Log 
181 EHSI_IA_BAPI S_XD9_88000001 BAdI: Handling of Enhancements in Incident/Accident Log BAPIs 
182 EHSI_IA_RPHDFLG_COMP S_ALN_01002342 BAdI: Determination of Reportable Event Indicator in Inc./Acc. Log Header 
183 EHSI_IH_POST_COMMIT S_AER_95000430 BAdI: Handling of Actions After the Database Commit 
184 EHSI_IH_STATUS_SWITC S_AER_95000429 BAdI: Handling the Status Switch 
185 EHSI_IPEVA_TIMDAT S_P7E_63000003 BAdI: Edit Absences 
186 EHSI_MJVA_MATCHUP S_ALN_01001976 BAdI: Transfer of Measured Values to Amounts 
187 EHSI_MJ_IMPORT S_ALN_01001975 BAdI: Import of Measured Values 
188 EHSI_MJ_MEX_01 S_PLN_06000041 BAdI: Menu Exit 1 for Measurements 
189 EHSI_MJ_MEX_02 S_PLN_06000042 BAdI: Menu Exit 2 for Measurements 
190 EHSI_MP_CREATE S_ALN_01001971 BAdI: Creation of a Measurement Project 
191 EHSI_MP_DV_SCR S_PEN_05000093 BAdI: Screen Enhancement: Device List in Measurement Project 
192 EHSI_MP_EPI_IMP S_ALN_01002158 BAdI: Import of Exposure Profile 
193 EHSI_MP_METHOD_HELP S_ALN_01001974 BAdI: Input Help for Measurement Method 
194 EHSI_MP_MEX_01 S_PLN_06000039 BAdI: Menu Exit 1 for Measurement Projects 
195 EHSI_MP_MEX_02 S_PLN_06000040 BAdI: Menu Exit 2 for Measurement Projects 
196 EHSI_WA_MEX_01 S_PEN_05000063 BAdI: Menu Exit 1 for Work Area 
197 EHSI_WA_MEX_02 S_PEN_05000075 BAdI: Menu Exit 2 for Work Area 
198 EHSI_WA_MEX_03 S_PEN_05000078 BAdI: Menu Exit 3 for Work Area 
199 EHSI_WA_MEX_04 S_PEN_05000079 BAdI: Menu Exit 4 for Work Area 
200 EHSI_WA_OVERALL_RAT S_ALN_01002258 BAdI: Calculation of Overall Rating 
201 EHSI_WA_RECEIVED_RAT S_ALN_01002259 BAdI: Calculation of Received Rating 
202 EHSSX_SE_IUCLIDCHSUB S_EE5_50000143 BAdI: Inbound and Outbound BAdI for IUCLID View of Chemical Substance 
203 EHSS_HITLIST S_PEN_05000390 BAdI: Enhancement of Hit Lists 
204 EHSS_PROP_TREE S_AEN_10000008 BAdI: Determination of Property Tree 
205 EHSS_SPEC_CHECKS S_PLN_06000376 BAdI: Extended Checks for Specifications 
206 EHSS_SPEC_VAL_CHECK S_EE6_85000053 BAdI: Extended Checks for Specification Value Assignments 
207 EHSW_DISPOSAL_PAPERS S_PLN_62000054 BAdI: Selection of Disposal Documents 
208 EHSW_EN_CHECK S_P7E_63000022 BAdI: Additional Authorization Check on Entry Documents 
209 EHSW_MN_PRINT S_P7E_63000007 BAdI: Disposal Document Printing 
210 EHSW_MN_SAVE_TO_DB S_AEN_10000073 BAdI: Save Additional Disposal Document Data 
211 EHSW_WASTE_APPROVAL S_ALN_01001417 BAdI: Check Waste Approvals 
212 EHS_BOMBOS_01 S_SH8_72000893 Specify Selection Criteria for Worklist 
213 EHS_BOMBOS_02 S_SH8_72000892 Specify Environment Parameters and Conditions 
214 EHS_BOMBOS_05 S_SH8_72000894 Develop Enhancement for Generating Secondary Data 
215 EHS_BOMBOS_06 S_SH8_72000885 Develop Enhancement for Calculating Composition 
216 EHS_BOMBOS_07 S_SH8_72000886 Develop Enhancement for Entering Customer-Specific Data 
217 EHS_BOMBOS_08 S_SH8_72001022 Check Prerequisites 
218 EHS_DDS_100_10_03 S_SH8_72000875 Specify Business Processes 
219 EHS_DDS_100_10_05 S_SH8_72000876 Specify Shipping Reasons 
220 EHS_DDS_100_10_07 S_SH8_72000844 Assign Recipient for Error Handling 
221 EHS_DDS_100_10_10 S_SH8_72000842 Specify Parameter Values to Be Saved 
222 EHS_DDS_100_10_11 S_SH8_22000003 Develop Enhancement for Sorting Parameters 
223 EHS_DDS_100_10_20 S_SH8_72000843 Assign Templates: Cover Sheets/Acknowledgements of Receipt 
224 EHS_DDS_100_10_22 S_SH8_72000850 Assign Names for User Exits 
225 EHS_DDS_100_10_26 S_SH8_72000847 Assign Default Printer 
226 EHS_DDS_100_10_27 S_SH8_72000877 Specify Communication 
227 EHS_DDS_100_10_28 S_SH8_72000878 Specify Shipping Objects 
228 EHS_DDS_100_10_29 S_SH8_72000862 Assign Communication Types 
229 EHS_DDS_100_10_30 S_SH8_72000849 Assign Shipping Objects 
230 EHS_DDS_100_10_31 S_VBS_10000016 Output Addresses in Country-Specific Format 
231 EHS_DDS_100_10_40 S_SH8_72000999 Set Up Jobs for Report Shipping 
232 EHS_DDS_100_10_50 S_SH8_72000845 Develop Enhancement to Check Material Name 
233 EHS_DDS_100_10_60 S_SH8_72000846 Check Output Device Type and Set Up SAP Spool 
234 EHS_DDS_100_10_61 S_P99_41000202 Develop Enhancement to Select Output Device 
235 EHS_DDS_100_10_611 S_SH8_72000848 Develop Enhancement to Select Output Device 
236 EHS_DDS_100_10_70 S_AER_95000215 Specify Number Ranges 
237 EHS_DGC_002 S_ALN_01002058 BAdI: Custom Error Control for Dangerous Goods Checks 
238 EHS_DG_CONSIST_001 S_PEN_05000355 BAdI: Consistency Checks for Dangerous-Goods Updating 
239 EHS_DG_INT_001 S_ALN_01002269 BAdI: Filter Specifications for Filling 
240 EHS_DG_INT_002 S_ALN_01002161 BAdI: Convert and Change Data in ALE Distribution 
241 EHS_DG_MAINT_001 S_XEN_65000001 BAdI: Button in Product Release 
242 EHS_DG_MASTER_001 S_EE5_50000181 BAdI: Selection and Determination of DG Master Data 
243 EHS_DG_OUTPUT_001 S_AEN_10000696 BAdI: Output of Dangerous Goods Data 
244 EHS_DG_REL_001 S_AEN_10000656 BAdI: Dangerous Goods Product Release 
245 EHS_DG_SAVE_001 S_PEN_05000356 BAdI: Enhancements When Saving Master Data 
246 EHS_ENTERPRISE_01 S_EE5_50000170 Set Up Search Connector 
247 EHS_ENTERPRISE_02 S_EE5_50000171 Set Up Job for Change Pointer 
248 EHS_ENTERPRISE_03 S_EE5_50000172 Include Graphic Image in the Search Dialog Box 
249 EHS_ENTERPRISE_04 S_EE5_50000173 Set Up Table Assignments of Embedded Search Objects 
250 EHS_GLM_BADI_001 S_EEI_69000037 BAdI: Display Label Tree in 'Label Printing' 
251 EHS_GLM_BADI_002 S_EEI_69000038 BAdI: Read Logistics Data from Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order Production 
252 EHS_GLM_BADI_003 S_EEI_69000039 BAdI: Read Logistics Data from the Delivery 
253 EHS_GLM_BADI_004 S_EEI_69000040 BAdI: Read Logistics Data from Goods Receipt 
254 EHS_GLM_BADI_005 S_EEI_69000041 BAdI: Change Material-Substance Assignment 
255 EHS_GLM_GEN_SERVER S_SH8_84000412 Set Up WWI Server for Label Printing 
256 EHS_GLM_GEN_SERV_EXT S_VBS_10000037 Configure WWI Server for Print Request Generation 
257 EHS_GLM_JOB_PRINTREQ S_EEI_69000142 Background Jobs for Processing Print Requests 
258 EHS_GLM_KONFIG_SUMMA S_EEI_69000150 Configuration of Global Label Management 
259 EHS_GLM_LABELSCEN S_EEI_69000083 Specify Labeling Scenarios 
260 EHS_GLM_LABELSIZE S_SH8_84000385 Specify Label Sizes 
261 EHS_GLM_LABELTYPE2 S_SH8_84000386 Specify Label Categories 
262 EHS_GLM_LABEL_VERIF S_EEI_69000077 Configure Label Check 
263 EHS_GLM_LABEL_WB_BAS S_VBS_10000030 Define Basic Data for Function Workbench 
264 EHS_GLM_LABEL_WB_SPE S_VBS_10000031 Define Layout of Function Workbench 
265 EHS_GLM_LABPRINT S_EEI_69000078 Print Labels Using PC 
266 EHS_GLM_LABPRINT_PR S_EEI_69000079 Set Up Manual Print Request Generation 
267 EHS_GLM_LABPRI_PR_AU S_EEI_69000168 Set Up Automatic Print Request Generation 
268 EHS_GLM_LABPRI_TRIGG S_EEI_69000080 Print Print Request Manually and Automatically 
269 EHS_GLM_LABSCEN_EXT S_EEI_69000009 Define Print Scenarios 
270 EHS_GLM_LABSCEN_MESS S_EEI_69000102 Set Up Output Control for Labeling Scenarios 
271 EHS_GLM_LABSCEN_MIGR S_EEI_69000103 Migrate Labeling Scenarios for Global Label Management 
272 EHS_GLM_LABTEMP_PRE S_EEI_69000076 Create Label Templates 
273 EHS_GLM_LOGLEVEL S_AER_95000502 Set Log Level 
274 EHS_GLM_MAT_MASTER S_PLN_06000220 Edit Label Data in Material Master 
275 EHS_GLM_NUMBER_LABEL S_VBS_10000022 Specify Additional Labels for Print Request 
276 EHS_GLM_PACKUNIT S_SH8_84000395 Specify Packaging Units 
277 EHS_GLM_PAPERSIZE S_SH8_84000393 Specify Size of Label Stock 
278 EHS_GLM_PREREQU S_EEI_69000042 Prerequisites for Global Label Management 
279 EHS_GLM_PRINTERMAINT S_SH8_84000394 Transfer and Check Printers 
280 EHS_GLM_PRINTERMAI_2 S_E36_82000154 Transfer and Check Printers for Label Printing 
281 EHS_GLM_PRINTMAI_EXT S_VBS_10000036 Transfer and Activate Printers for Print Requests 
282 EHS_GLM_PRINTSTATION S_VBS_10000028 Specify Print Station for Print Requests 
283 EHS_GLM_PRINT_PROG S_SH8_84000413 Install Program for Label Printing on Workplace PC 
284 EHS_GLM_PRINT_STATIO S_VBS_10000029 Assign Printer to Print Station 
285 EHS_GLM_PRI_REQ_HEAD S_VBS_10000024 Specify Default Header Data for Print Request 
286 EHS_GLM_PRODOR_RULE S_VBS_10000026 Specify Rules for Print Requests of Process Orders 
287 EHS_GLM_PROD_RULE_EX S_VBS_10000027 Additional Rules for Print Requests of Process Orders 
288 EHS_GLM_RECN_PRIREQ S_EEI_69000005 Define Number Ranges for Print Requests 
289 EHS_GLM_REORG_PRIREQ S_EEI_69000141 Reorganize Print Requests and Change Documents 
290 EHS_GLM_RFCCONECT S_SH8_84000392 Specify RFC Destinations to Logistics Systems 
291 EHS_GLM_SECDATADEF S_SH8_84000397 Specify Secondary Value Determination for Report Symbols 
292 EHS_GLM_SEQUNUMDEF S_SH8_84000396 Define Sequential Numbering 
293 EHS_GLM_SEQ_NUMB S_VBS_10000025 Specify Default Values for Sequential Numbering 
294 EHS_GLM_SPECIF_DESTI S_VBS_10000021 Specify Print Destination 
295 EHS_GLM_SYMBOLGROUP S_SH8_84000391 Specify Transport Symbol Groups 
296 EHS_GLM_VALIDITYAREA S_SH8_84000388 Specify Values for EPA Numbers, Validity Areas, and Modes of Transport 
297 EHS_GLM_VARIANT_FILT S_VBS_10000023 Set Filters for Print Requests 
298 EHS_GLM_WORKCENTER S_EEI_69000178 Work Centers for Print Request Generation Using Process Orders 
299 EHS_GLM_WWI S_EEI_69000081 Configure WWI Document Management System 
300 EHS_GLM_WWI_BARC_BIB S_EEI_69000146 Install Bar Code Library 
301 EHS_GLM_WWI_DATABASE S_EEI_69000148 Install WWI Database 
302 EHS_GLM_WWI_DYNTEXT S_EEI_69000149 Character Sizing in Global Label Management 
303 EHS_GLM_WWI_HVP S_EEI_69000147 Install Printer for Mass Printing 
304 EHS_HM_MASTER_001 S_KCF_79000001 Specify Storage Hazards 
305 EHS_HM_MASTER_002 S_PRN_53000514 Hazardous Substance Master for Warehouse Management 
306 EHS_HM_MASTER_005 S_KCF_79000002 Specify Text Types 
307 EHS_HM_MASTER_010 S_KCF_79000003 Specify Numeric Value Types 
308 EHS_HM_MASTER_011 S_KCF_79000053 Activate Phrase Assignment 
309 EHS_HM_MASTER_012 S_KCF_79000054 Generate Standard Phrase Sets 
310 EHS_HM_MASTER_015 S_KCF_79000008 Specify Authorizations 
311 EHS_HM_MASTER_018 S_AEN_10000466 Set Up Hazardous Substance Indicator in Material Master 
312 EHS_HM_MASTER_020 S_KCF_79000004 Assign Countries and Regions to Warehouse Numbers 
313 EHS_HM_MASTER_024 S_KCF_79000043 Specify Priorities for Ratings 
314 EHS_HM_MASTER_025 S_KCF_79000005 Specify Priorities for Validity Areas 
315 EHS_HM_MASTER_030 S_KCF_79000006 Assign Source Objects to Target Objects 
316 EHS_HM_MASTER_039 S_AEN_10000826 Set Up Distribution of Hazardous Substance Data Between ERP Systems 
317 EHS_HM_MASTER_040 S_KCF_79000009 Set Up Distribution of Hazardous Substance Data to an SCM System 
318 EHS_HSM_GEN S_ALN_01001364 Configure Hazardous Substance Management 
319 EHS_LVS_MGEF S_ALN_01001139 Transfer Hazardous Substance Data to the Hazardous Materials Table 
320 EHS_LVS_MGEV S_ALN_01001120 Transfer Hazardous Substance Data from the Specification Database 
321 EHS_MD_100_3 S_SH8_72000970 Specify Environment Parameters 
322 EHS_MD_100_4 S_SH8_72000978 Manage User Exits 
323 EHS_MD_100_5 S_SH8_72000977 Assign Parameter User Exits 
324 EHS_MD_100_6 S_SH8_72000891 Specify Exchange Profiles 
325 EHS_MD_100_6_01 S_PRN_53000697 Set Up TREX Search 
326 EHS_MD_110_01_1 S_SH8_72000961 Specify Number Ranges for Specifications 
327 EHS_MD_110_02_1 S_SH8_72000906 Specify Data Origin 
328 EHS_MD_110_03_1 S_PLN_62000065 Specify Tab Pages for the Specification Header 
329 EHS_MD_110_05_007 S_P99_41000201 Set Up Job for Deleting Data 
330 EHS_MD_110_05_1 S_SH8_72000960 Specify Specification Types 
331 EHS_MD_110_05_10 S_SH8_72000968 Specify Context Fields for Creation of Change Documents 
332 EHS_MD_110_05_11 S_SH8_72000958 Develop Enhancement for Status Checks 
333 EHS_MD_110_05_12 S_SH8_72000959 Develop Enhancements for Other Activities 
334 EHS_MD_110_05_13 S_SH8_72001018 Set Up Job for Creation of Change Documents 
335 EHS_MD_110_05_14 S_PLN_06000345 Specify Substance Nature 
336 EHS_MD_110_05_15 S_SH8_72000964 Enhance Status Profiles 
337 EHS_MD_110_05_2 S_SH8_72000955 Specify Authorization Groups 
338 EHS_MD_110_05_20 S_SH8_72000965 Activate Status Profiles 
339 EHS_MD_110_05_3 S_SH8_72000967 Check Identification Types 
340 EHS_MD_110_05_32 S_SH8_72000974 Specify Regulatory Lists 
341 EHS_MD_110_05_4 S_SH8_72000943 Check Identification Listing 
342 EHS_MD_110_05_41 S_PLN_16000244 Set Up Specification Assignment in Material Master 
343 EHS_MD_110_05_5 S_SH8_72000966 Specify Groups 
344 EHS_MD_110_05_6 S_SH8_72000962 Specify Group Trees and Assign Groups 
345 EHS_MD_110_05_7 S_SH8_72000984 Set Up Job for Deleting Data 
346 EHS_MD_110_05_8 S_SH8_72000993 Set Up Job for Inheritance 
347 EHS_MD_110_05_9 S_SH8_72000963 Specify Statuses 
348 EHS_MD_110_06 S_SH8_72000928 Develop Enhancement for Menu Exit 1 
349 EHS_MD_110_07 S_SH8_72000949 Develop Enhancement for Menu Exit 2 
350 EHS_MD_110_12_1 S_SH8_72000973 Develop Enhancement for Material Names 
351 EHS_MD_110_12_2 S_SH8_72000936 Develop Enhancement for Value Assignment Information 
352 EHS_MD_110_12_3 S_SH8_72000948 Develop Enhancement for Phrase Sets 
353 EHS_MD_110_12_9 S_SH8_72000938 Develop Enhancement for Input Help for Referencing 
354 EHS_MD_120_10_10_0 S_SH8_72000946 Protect Characteristics Within Namespace 
355 EHS_MD_120_10_10_1 S_SH8_72000947 Define Characteristic Groups 
356 EHS_MD_120_10_10_5 S_SH8_72000971 Check Characteristic Status 
357 EHS_MD_120_10_20_1 S_SH8_72001031 Check Object Types for Classification 
358 EHS_MD_120_10_20_5 S_SH8_72001032 Check Object Keys 
359 EHS_MD_120_20_40_2 S_SH8_72001026 Define Class Groups 
360 EHS_MD_120_30_00 S_SH8_72000956 Adopt Standard Specification Database Structure 
361 EHS_MD_120_30_01 S_SH8_72000957 Generate Standard Phrase Sets 
362 EHS_MD_120_30_05 S_ALN_01002514 Specify Tab Pages 
363 EHS_MD_120_30_07 S_ALN_01002515 Assign Tab Pages to Value Assignment Categories 
364 EHS_MD_120_30_1 S_SH8_72001013 Set Up Characteristics 
365 EHS_MD_120_30_2 S_SH8_72001024 Set Up Classes 
366 EHS_MD_120_30_20 S_ALR_87008739 Copy units of measurement 
367 EHS_MD_120_30_3 S_SH8_72000969 Specify Value Assignment Types 
368 EHS_MD_120_30_35 S_ALN_01001368 Set Up Table-Based Value Assignment 
369 EHS_MD_120_30_36 S_VBS_10000039 Generate Standard Phrase Sets 
370 EHS_MD_120_30_3B S_SH8_72000867 Assign Characteristic-Specific Identification 
371 EHS_MD_120_30_4 S_SH8_72000934 Set Up Property Trees 
372 EHS_MD_120_30_5 S_SH8_72000930 Develop Enhancement for Checking Value Assignments 
373 EHS_MD_120_40_02 S_SH8_72000985 Set Up Distribution of Specification Data 
374 EHS_MD_120_40_10 S_SH8_72000887 Develop Enhancement for Identification 
375 EHS_MD_120_40_20 S_SH8_72000888 Specify Additional Table and Parameter Filter (1) 
376 EHS_MD_120_40_30 S_SH8_72000889 Specify Additional Table and Parameter Filter (2) 
377 EHS_MD_120_50_01 S_SH8_72000897 Specify Start Condition 
378 EHS_MD_120_50_02 S_SH8_72000898 Specify Task Profile 
379 EHS_MD_120_50_03 S_SH8_72000987 Set Up Job for Starting EH&S Workflow 
380 EHS_MD_120_50_04 S_SH8_72000982 Check User Exit and Environment Parameters 
381 EHS_MD_120_60_1 S_SH8_72000944 Specify Exception Values for a Component 
382 EHS_MD_120_60_2 S_SH8_72000942 Specify Reference Values for the Composition 
383 EHS_MD_120_60_3 S_XBK_47000051 Specify Context-Specific Exception Values 
384 EHS_MD_120_60_5 S_E36_82000102 Specify Context-Specific Component Types and Exception Values 
385 EHS_MD_130_01_0 S_SH8_72000954 Specify Source Types 
386 EHS_MD_130_01_2 S_SH8_72000953 Specify Sources 
387 EHS_MD_130_05_1 S_SH8_72000952 Specify User-Defined Text Types 
388 EHS_MD_130_10_1 S_SH8_72000951 Check Assessments 
389 EHS_MD_130_15 S_SH8_72000950 Specify Unit of Measurement Profiles 
390 EHS_MD_130_20_1 S_SH8_72000941 Specify Ratings 
391 EHS_MD_130_20_2 S_SH8_72000932 Specify Validity Areas 
392 EHS_MD_130_20_2B S_SH8_72000915 Assign Language and Lead Time to Country 
393 EHS_MD_130_20_3 S_SH8_72000931 Specify Usage Profiles 
394 EHS_MD_130_20_5 S_SH8_72000933 Specify Validity Area Categories 
395 EHS_MD_130_30 S_SH8_84000348 Develop Enhancement for Checking Risk Potential 
396 EHS_MD_130_30_1 S_SH8_72000945 Specify Component Types for Compositions 
397 EHS_MD_130_30_2 S_XBK_47000050 Specify Context-Specific Component Types 
398 EHS_MD_135_01 S_SH8_72000988 Set Up EH&S Expert 
399 EHS_MD_135_02 S_SH8_72000989 Set Up Windows Registry 
400 EHS_MD_135_03 S_SH8_72000990 Set Up SAPRFC.INI 
401 EHS_MD_135_04 S_SH8_72000991 Extend Entry in Secondary Data Determination 
402 EHS_MD_135_05 S_SH8_72000992 Set Up RFC Destination 
403 EHS_MD_135_06 S_SH8_72000980 Set Up Easy Expert 
404 EHS_MD_135_07 S_SH8_72000981 Set Up EH&S Expert Server As a Windows Service 
405 EHS_MD_135_08 S_VBS_10000038 Configure Call of Rule Sets in a Rule Set Sequence 
406 EHS_MD_138_08 S_PLN_06000285 Set Up Server Using EH&S Service Administration 
407 EHS_MD_138_09 S_PLN_06000286 Set Up EH&S Expert Server As a Console Program 
408 EHS_MD_140_01 S_PLN_06000261 Set Up EH&S Management Server 
409 EHS_MD_140_01_0 S_PLN_06000317 Configure Data Extraction 
410 EHS_MD_140_01_1 S_SH8_72000929 Specify Number Ranges for Phrases 
411 EHS_MD_140_01_3 S_SH8_72000940 Specify Phrase Libraries and Phrase Groups 
412 EHS_MD_140_01_4 S_ALR_87008759 Specify Phrase Groups 
413 EHS_MD_140_02 S_PLN_06000262 Set Up RFC Destination 
414 EHS_MD_140_05_1 S_SH8_72000939 Specify Language Selection 
415 EHS_MD_140_05_2 S_SH8_72000937 Specify Phrase Status 
416 EHS_MD_140_20 S_SH8_72000935 Develop Enhancement for Menu Exit 1 
417 EHS_MD_140_30 S_SH8_72000972 Develop Enhancement for Menu Exit 2 
418 EHS_MD_140_40_01 S_SH8_72000895 Specify Additional Table and Parameter Filter (1) 
419 EHS_MD_140_40_02 S_SH8_72000901 Specify Additional Table and Parameter Filter (2) 
420 EHS_MD_140_40_04 S_SH8_72000979 Set Up Distribution of Phrase Data Between ERP Systems 
421 EHS_MD_140_40_05 S_AEN_10000801 Set Up Distribution of Phrase Data to an SCM System 
422 EHS_MD_150_01_1 S_SH8_72000900 Specify Authorizations 
423 EHS_MD_150_01_2 S_ALR_87008745 Define Authorization Profiles 
424 EHS_MD_150_40_01 S_SH8_72000983 Set Up Distribution of EH&S Reports 
425 EHS_MD_150_40_02 S_PLN_16000317 Specify Additional Table and Parameter Filter 
426 EHS_MD_160_10 S_SH8_72000918 Set Up Excel Connection 
427 EHS_MD_160_20 S_SH8_72001016 Specify Parameters 
428 EHS_MD_160_30 S_SH8_72000919 Develop Enhancement for Menu Exit 3 
429 EHS_MD_160_40 S_SH8_72000920 Develop Enhancement for Menu Exit 4 
430 EHS_MD_160_40_01 S_XD9_88000056 Set Up Distribution of Accident Data 
431 EHS_MD_160_70 S_SH8_72000921 Develop Enhancement for Menu Exit 1 
432 EHS_MD_160_80 S_SH8_72000922 Develop Enhancement for Menu Exit 2 
433 EHS_MD_160_90 S_SH8_72001017 Specify Groups and Group Trees 
434 EHS_MD_160_95 S_SH8_84000382 Specify External Callers 
435 EHS_MD_200_22 S_SH8_72000986 Set Up EH&S Native Language Support 
436 EHS_MD_300_10 S_PLN_62000284 Set Up EH&S Open Content Connector 
437 EHS_MD_300_20 S_PLN_62000285 Set Up Windows Registry for EH&S OCC 
438 EHS_MD_300_30 S_PLN_62000286 Set Up RFC Destination for EH&S OCC 
439 EHS_MD_300_40 S_PLN_62000287 Edit Mapping for EH&S OCC 
440 EHS_MD_300_50 S_PLN_62000316 Extend Entry in Secondary Data Determination for EH&S OCC 
441 EHS_MD_300_60 S_PLN_62000469 Specify Mapping for EH&S OCC 
442 EHS_NKO_001 S_PLN_16000257 Number Range Objects in EH&S 
443 EHS_QM_100 S_SH8_72000899 Specify Types of Characteristics 
444 EHS_SAF_BD_00 S_PLN_06000347 Configure Basic Data and Tools for Product Safety 
445 EHS_SARA_001 S_ALN_01002159 Schedule Report to Determine Hazardous Substance Quantities 
446 EHS_SARA_003 S_ALN_01002235 Specify Units for SARA Reports 
447 EHS_SARA_005 S_ALN_01002162 Set Up Value Assignment Type for Hazard Classification 
448 EHS_SARA_006 S_ALN_01002172 Configure Customizing of Other Components for SARA Reports 
449 EHS_SARA_010 S_ALN_01002160 Develop Enhancement for Output of SARA Reports 
450 EHS_SD_100_10_005 S_SH8_72001001 Check External Prerequisites 
451 EHS_SD_100_10_013_10 S_SH8_72000857 Check Output Types 
452 EHS_SD_100_10_013_15 S_SH8_72000858 Check Conditions 
453 EHS_SD_100_10_013_20 S_SH8_72000851 Check Access Sequence and Condition Tables 
454 EHS_SD_100_10_013_30 S_SH8_72000859 Check Output Determination Procedures 
455 EHS_SD_100_10_013_40 S_SH8_72000860 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
456 EHS_SD_100_10_013_50 S_SH8_72001000 Edit Condition Records 
457 EHS_SD_100_10_023 S_SH8_72000861 Set Up Partner Determination 
458 EHS_SD_100_10_033 S_SH8_72001002 Check Determination of MSDS Data 
459 EHS_SD_100_10_10 S_SH8_72000841 Assign Check and Subsequent Shipping Functions 
460 EHS_SD_100_10_15 S_SH8_72000914 Specify Key Date for Shipping 
461 EHS_SD_100_10_20 S_SH8_72001015 Set Up Periodic Job for SD Output Processing 
462 EHS_SD_100_20_013_10 S_SH8_72000853 Check Output Types 
463 EHS_SD_100_20_013_15 S_SH8_72000854 Check Conditions 
464 EHS_SD_100_20_013_20 S_SH8_72000852 Check Access Sequence and Condition Tables 
465 EHS_SD_100_20_013_30 S_SH8_72000855 Check Output Determination Procedures 
466 EHS_SD_100_20_013_40 S_SH8_72000856 Assign Output Determination Procedures 
467 EHS_SD_100_20_013_50 S_SH8_72001025 Edit Condition Records 
468 EHS_SD_100_20_023 S_SH8_72000884 Check Partner Determination 
469 EHS_SD_100_20_10 S_SH8_72000916 Develop Enhancement to Determine Report Category 
470 EHS_SD_100_20_20 S_SH8_72000907 Develop Enhancement to Determine Material ID 
471 EHS_SD_100_20_30 S_SH8_72000908 Develop Enhancement to Check MSDS Request 
472 EHS_SD_100_20_40 S_SH8_72000909 Develop Enhancement to Determine MSDS Language 
473 EHS_SD_100_40_05 S_SH8_72001027 Set Up Report Templates 
474 EHS_SD_100_40_06 S_SH8_72001028 Check Settings in the EH&S Components 
475 EHS_SD_100_40_10 S_SH8_72001029 Set Up Output Determination 
476 EHS_SD_100_40_15 S_SH8_72001030 Check Language Determination 
477 EHS_SD_100_40_16 S_SH8_72000912 Develop Enhancement for SD Shipping Unit 
478 EHS_SD_100_40_17 S_SH8_72000913 Develop Enhancement for Filtering Specifications 
479 EHS_SD_100_40_20 S_SH8_72001023 Printer Setup 
480 EHS_SD_100_40_25 S_SH8_72001014 Set Up Key Date for Shipping 
481 EHS_SD_200_10_01 S_SH8_72000917 Condition Schema: Edit Table 1 
482 EHS_SD_200_10_02 S_SH8_72000923 Condition Schema: Edit Table 2 
483 EHS_SD_200_10_03 S_SH8_72000924 Condition Schema: Edit Table 3 
484 EHS_SD_200_10_04 S_SH8_72000925 Condition Schema: Edit Table 4 
485 EHS_SD_200_10_05 S_SH8_72000926 Condition Schema: Edit Table 5 
486 EHS_SD_200_10_10 S_SH8_72000910 Develop Enhancement to Determine RGV 
487 EHS_SD_200_10_20 S_SH8_72000911 Develop Enhancement to Check MSDS Shipping 
488 EHS_SD_300_30 S_SH8_72000927 Develop Enhancement for Enhancement Field 
489 EHS_SRE_IMG_121 S_PLN_06000307 Report Export by Program: Check Additional Settings 
490 EHS_SRE_IMP_100 S_EE6_85000100 Platform-Independent File Names 
491 EHS_SRE_IMP_100_01 S_SH8_72001020 Report Import: Check Additional Settings 
492 EHS_SRE_IMP_120 S_SH8_72001021 Report Export (Dok-X): Check Additional Settings 
493 EHS_SRE_IMP_70 S_SH8_72000890 EHS: Maintain File Names and File Paths (Cross-Client) 
494 EHS_SRE_IMP_70_OA S_EE6_85000099 EHS: Maintain File Names and File Paths (Cross-Client) 
495 EHS_SRE_IMP_80 S_SH8_72001019 Check Basic Settings 
496 EHS_SRE_IMP_90 S_SH8_72000997 Import Sample Templates 
497 EHS_SR_100_20 S_SH8_72000883 Develop Enhancement for Menu Exit 1 
498 EHS_SR_100_30 S_SH8_72000874 Develop Enhancement for Menu Exit 2 
499 EHS_SR_210_10_05 S_ALR_87008700 Describe Language-Dependent Document Type 
500 EHS_SR_210_10_10 S_SH8_72000976 Check Document Types and Document Statuses