SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index L
IMG Activity - L
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 L2TC_COMP_EXP S_EBJ_98000248 Define Compression Logic 
2 L2TVC_CONDICOMM S_EBJ_98000111 Assign Commodity IDs to Condition Types 
3 L2TVC_CONDICOMM_M S_EBJ_98000264 Define Commodity Settings for MM Condition Types 
4 L2TVC_CONDICOMM_V S_EBJ_98000265 Define Commodity Settings for SD Condition Types 
5 L2TVV_160M S_EBJ_98000243 Define Attributes of System Messages 
6 L2TV_CONDICOMM S_EBS_44000370 Assign Commodity IDs to Condition Types 
7 L2TV_IM_RELEVANT S_EBJ_98000146 Define Relevance Settings 
8 L2TV_IM_SETTINGS S_EBJ_98000249 Define General Settings 
9 L2TV_RDP_PROFILE S_EBJ_98000015 Define Risk Distribution Plan Profiles 
10 L2TV_RDP_T161 S_EBJ_98000016 Assign RDP Profile to Purchase Contract Type 
11 L2TV_RDP_TVAK S_EBJ_98000017 Assign RDP Profile to Sales Contract Type 
12 L2TV_SETTINGS_PO S_EBJ_98000240 Define Exposure Update for Purchase Orders 
13 L2TV_SETTINGS_VA S_EBJ_98000239 Define Exposure Update for Sales Documents 
14 LAUNCHPAD_MT_BADI S_AEN_10000754 Create Customer-Specific Enhancements for the Report LaunchPad 
15 LAUNCHPAD_QI_BADI S_AEN_10000766 Create Customer-Specific Enhancements for the Report LaunchPad 
16 LAYOUT_ERGEBNISDB S_KFM_86000129 Define Initial Layout 
17 LBWG_SD S_EBS_44000356 Delete Data in New Setup Tables 
18 LEDSP_SPLIT_EXECUTE S_AL0_96000398 Business Add-In for Subsequent Outbound Delivery Split 
19 LEGACY_AUTO_MONITOR S_GF1_13000183 Activities for Legacy Automated Monitoring 
20 LEITWAHRUNGEN S_ALR_87009304 Define Leading Currency 
21 LE_POD_REASON_CODE S_EB5_05000206 BAdI: Determine Reason for Deviation in Proof of Delivery 
22 LE_SD_ANALYTICS S_EBS_44000117 Analytical Functions 
23 LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC S_AL0_96000392 Business Add-In for Delivery Processing 
24 LE_SHP_GN_DLV_CREATE S_AC0_52000485 Business Add-In for Transferring Fields from General Delivery Interface 
25 LE_SHP_GOODMOVEMENT S_AL0_96000394 Business Add-In for Posting Goods Movements 
26 LE_SHP_ITEM_STATUS S_AC0_52000486 Business Add-In for Controlling the Delivery Item Status 
27 LE_SHP_PRICING S_AL0_96000393 Business Add-In for Price Determination in the Delivery 
28 LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_HEAD S_AL0_96000395 Business Add-In for Additional Header Detail Screen in Delivery Transaction 
29 LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_ITEM S_AL0_96000396 Business Add-In for Additional Item Detail Screen in Delivery Transaction 
30 LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_OVER S_AL0_96000397 Business Add-In for Additional Overview Screen in Delivery Transaction 
31 LE_SHP_WS_MONITOR_OU S_YDH_92000049 BAdI: Enhancement of the Delivery Monitor Lists 
32 LE_WM_INV_WM_IM S_AL0_96000415 Business Add-In for Entering Inventory Data in Inventory Management 
33 LE_WM_LATER_DN S_AL0_96000521 Business Add-In for Influencing Delayed Delivery Update 
34 LE_WM_LE_QUANT S_AL0_96000410 Business Add-In for Quant Determination 
35 LE_WM_REPPL_BADI_01 S_XB4_60000075 Business Add-In for Replication of Deliveries to External WMS 
36 LE_WM_RF_QUEUE S_AL0_96000413 Business Add-In for Queue Determination 
37 LE_WM_SE_HUMOVE S_EE5_50000115 Business Add-In for Integration of SAP AII 
38 LE_WM_STORAGETYPE_HU S_AL0_96000411 Business Add-In for Determining Storage Type 
39 LE_WM_SUTYPE_HU S_AL0_96000412 Business Add-In for Determining Storage Unit Type 
40 LGEBS42 S_ALI_97000040 Maintain Selection Profile 
41 LGEBS52 S_ALI_97000039 Create Authorization Keys for User Status Authorizations 
42 LGEOIBS S_ALI_97000038 Define Status Profile 
43 LGE_SUBSCR_ACL S_KA5_12001392 Add-In: Log Entry Subscreen 
44 LGN_SUBSCR_ACL S_ALI_97000061 Add-In: Log Notification Customer Subscreen 
45 LIM_ART_TR S_ALR_87007825 Define Limit Types 
46 LIM_PROD_GRP_TR S_ALR_87007798 Define Limit Product Groups 
47 LIQUISZEN S_AEN_10000804 Define Liquidation Scenarios 
48 LIQUISZEN_ZUORD S_AEN_10000805 Assign Liquidation Scenarios to Valuation Rules 
49 LIS_CUSTEX_TIS S_ALR_87000766 Perform statistical setup: TIS - transport documents 
50 LIS_MC3V S_ALR_87000701 U3 Update (Collective Update) 
51 LIS_TIS S_ALR_87000965 Perform Setup - Transportation 
52 LMIKLFZ S_KFM_86000265 Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration 
53 LOECH_PD_255 S_P00_07000310 Maintain Basic Settings for Digital Signature 
54 LOECH_PD_280 S_P00_07000311 Specify Signature Method for Approval Using Simple Signature 
55 LOG_TRM_INT_OVERVIEW S_EBS_44000417 Overview of Configuration and Customizing Activities 
56 LOG_TRM_INT_RELBADI S_EBS_44000446 BAdI Implementation: Relevance Determination for Logistics-TRM Integration 
57 LOG_TRM_UPD_EXPOS S_EBS_44000387 BAdI: Change Raw Exposures 
58 LOG_TRM_UPD_EXPOSURE S_EBS_44000380 BAdI: Logistics Treasury Integration - Change Raw Exposure 
59 LOMD_VC_CUSTOMER_EXP S_AL0_96000724 Prepare Modification-Free Enhancement of Customer Master Record 
60 LOMD_VC_VENDOR_EXP S_AL0_96000725 Prepare Modification-Free Enhancement of Vendor Master Record 
61 LOP_CAT S_EBJ_98000027 Maintain Logistical Option Category 
62 LOP_DECL_CAT S_EBJ_98000022 Maintain Declaration Date Category 
63 LOP_DECL_DAT_GRP S_EBJ_98000023 Maintain Declaration Date Group 
64 LOP_EXERCISE_CHECK S_EBJ_98000260 BAdI: Check Option Before Exercising or Resetting 
65 LOP_EXERCISE_PUBLISH S_EBJ_98000261 BAdI: Publish Option After Exercising or Resetting 
66 LOP_GRP S_EBJ_98000028 Maintain Logistical Option Group 
67 LOP_NUM_RANGE S_EBJ_98000019 Maintain Number Ranges 
68 LOP_PPE_EVENTS S_EBJ_98000021 Define Pricing and Payment Events 
69 LOP_TDID_HD S_EBJ_98000024 Maintain Header Text IDs 
70 LOP_TDID_IT S_EBJ_98000025 Maintain Item Text IDs 
71 LOP_TXT_GRP S_EBJ_98000026 Maintain Text Group 
72 LOP_V_C_MAIN S_EBJ_98000020 Maintain General Settings 
73 LO_S95_ALERT S_AEN_10000348 Assign Alert Categories to the S95 Message Types 
74 LO_S95_BADI_ALERT S_AEN_10000337 BAdI: S95 Alerts 
75 LO_S95_BADI_ENHANCE S_AEN_10000338 BAdI: S95 Enhancements 
76 LO_S95_BADI_S95_INT S_AEN_10000335 BAdI: S95 Interface (to be deleted) 
77 LO_S95_CUSTOMIZING S_AEN_10000345 ANSI / ISA S95 
78 LO_S95_CUST_OPEN S_AEN_10000336 S95 Customizing - information to be provided 
79 LO_S95_GEN_SETTINGS S_AEN_10000349 Activate S95-Based Shop-Floor Integration 
80 LO_S95_XI_DEST S_AEN_10000350 Maintain the XI Destination for the ANSI/ISA S95 Interface 
81 LPCONFIG S_X1D_36000009 Create Logical Ports 
82 LPD_BUYER S_EBS_44000408 Setting Up Launchpad (For Buyer Role Release 1.5 and Higher) 
83 LPD_CUST S_B20_88000165 Set Up Launchpads 
84 LPD_CUST_ISR S_EB5_05000740 Set Up Launchpad (ABAP) (New) 
85 LPD_CUST_ISR_5 S_EBS_44000215 Set Up Launchpad (ABAP) (New) 
86 LPD_MP_REP_CUST S_EAE_99000037 Set Up LaunchPad for Maintenance Planner 
87 LPD_MS_REP_CUST S_EAE_99000036 Set Up LaunchPad for Maintenance Supervisor 
88 LPD_MT_REP_CUST S_EAE_99000038 Set Up LaunchPad for Maintenance Technician 
89 LPD_QI_REP_CUST S_E36_82000042 Set Up Launchpad for Quality Inspector 
90 LSB_V_T7UNPAD_EGPSH S_PAD_19000120 Maintain Flat Rate for Lumpsum Payment of Book Expense 
91 LZB-KZ S_ALR_87003717 Define SCB Indicators for Expense/Revenue Group