SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index N
IMG Activity - N
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 N1APPLAN_CHECK S_KK4_98000201 BADI Plans Check 
2 N1APPLAN_CHECK_GLDRG S_ANI_98000217 Release Plan 
3 N1_APPS_MOVE S_PNI_98000303 BAdI for Presetting Move Dialog During Collective Processing 
4 N1_AT_EDIVKA_ADRART S_P7C_98000378 AT: EDIVKA Adressierungsart pflegen 
5 N1_AT_EDIVKA_BADI_DO S_P7C_98000369 BAdI: EDIVKA Dokumentenermittlung übersteuern 
6 N1_AT_EDIVKA_DOKS S_P7C_98000368 AT: EDIVKA Dokumente festlegen 
7 N1_AT_EDIVKA_DOKTYP S_P7C_98000367 AT: EDIVKA Mapping Dokumententypen 
8 N1_AT_EDIVKA_EMTYP S_P7C_98000366 AT: EDIVKA Empfängertypen pflegen 
9 N1_AT_EDIVKA_VSWEG S_P7C_98000365 AT: EDIVKA Versandwege pflegen 
10 N1_CHG_APP_TEMPLATE S_KK4_98000199 BAdI for Changing an Appointment Template (Create Appt with Template) 
11 N1_DOC_PREPARE_ADDR S_KK4_98000165 BAdI for Contolling Document Recipients 
12 N1_DOC_PREPARE_PRINT S_KK4_98000164 BAdI for Controlling Printer Default Settings 
13 N1_GENERATE_MEEVENT S_P7C_98000336 BAdI - Change Event Data Prior to Generation 
14 N1_MEDSRV_INFO S_ANI_98000218 Display Details for Medical Services 
15 N1_PERFORM_SERVICE S_KK4_98000140 BAdI for Performing/Releasing Services - Before Dialog 
16 N1_PERFORM_SRV_CHECK S_KK4_98000142 BAdI when Performing/Releasing Services - Check 
17 N1_PERFORM_SRV_SAVE S_KK4_98000141 BAdI when Performing/Releasing Services - Before Commit 
18 N1_PG_GET_START_POS S_KK4_98000177 BAdI for Calculating Start Date and Start Position 
19 N1_SCR_PARTNER S_KK4_98000145 BAdI for Changing Employee Selection on Team Planning/Entry 
20 N1_SET_PLAN_TOOL S_KK4_98000188 BAdI for Controlling Planning Tool 
21 N1_WPOOL_LABEL_NODE S_KK4_98000176 BADI for Labeling Nodes in Worklist 
22 N2MV_BADI_AUTH S_AIR_98000326 BAdI Checks 
23 N2MV_BADI_CONV S_AIR_98000325 BAdI Document Conversion 
24 N2MV_BADI_DISP S_AIR_98000322 BAdI Dispatch Routes 
25 N2MV_BADI_PREL S_AIR_98000324 BAdI Presetting Functions 
26 N2MV_BADI_RECP S_AIR_98000323 BAdI Recipient Types 
27 N2MV_BADI_TOOLBAR S_P7C_98000364 BAdI Toolbar Modification 
28 N2MV_CUST_ADRART S_AIR_98000316 Maintain Addressing Types 
29 N2MV_CUST_CONVT S_AIR_98000321 Prioritize Conversion Methods 
30 N2MV_CUST_EMTYP S_AIR_98000317 Maintain Recipient Categories 
31 N2MV_CUST_FAX_STAT S_PRI_97000150 Set Up Status Transfer for BCS Dispatch 
32 N2MV_CUST_SCRMOD S_AIR_98000319 Set Field Control 
33 N2MV_CUST_VSVOR S_AIR_98000320 Set up Presettings 
34 N2MV_CUST_VSWEG S_AIR_98000318 Maintain Dispatch Routes 
35 N2MV_SEND_DOC S_PRI_97000147 Send Document 
36 NACE S_E4A_94000256 Define Conditions for Message Control 
37 NACHBEARB_TR_TM S_ALR_87003507 Cleanup in TR-CM/TR-LO and TR-TM-SE 
38 NACHRICHT_TRGF S_ALR_87007910 Change Message Control 
39 NAMESPACE_FOR_REPT S_BCE_68000647 Set namespace for report tree migration and specific IMG activities 
40 NAMES_UI_FIELDS S_ALN_01002123 Define Indicators for Interface Fields 
41 NAVIGATION_ACL S_KA5_12001393 Add-In: Manipulation of Logbook Tree Columns 
42 NEU S_MID_66000006 Assign texts to device ID of mobile devices 
43 NK GATTUNG S_ALR_87004307 Define Number Ranges for Linking Class and Issuer 
44 NK-BELEGE S_ALR_87003731 Define Number Ranges for Flow Headers 
45 NK-PRIMANOTA S_ALR_87003699 Define Number Ranges for Daybook Numbers 
46 NK_TR-KLAMMER S_ALR_87007917 Define Number Ranges for Linking Transactions 
47 NOBJ_ATTR_HEAT_TREAT S_E17_83000007 Heater Treater: Define Configuration 
48 NOBJ_ATTR_HTTRT_MECH S_E17_83000008 Heater Treater: Define Treater Mechanism 
49 NOTES_ES_CPE_FE S_BY3_13000001 Notes on Implementation 
50 NOTE_VIEW S_PL7_36000002 Define Note Views 
51 NOTIF_COST_CUS_CHECK S_ALN_01000355 Business Add-In: Customer-Specific Check Before Creating Cost Collector 
52 NOTIZBUCH_FX S_ALR_87007902 Define Memo Book 
53 NP000 S_PCO_36000126 New PEnsions 
54 NPO_PA_BASIC_DS S_PAD_19000001 Create Duty Station / Duty Station Area(s) 
55 NPO_PA_DS_ASSGN S_PAD_19000002 Duty Station Assignment to Personnel Area/-Subarea 
56 NPO_V_T554S S_PAD_19000131 Define Absence Types 
57 NRKRSGESCHAEFTSVORFA S_ALR_87099937 Business Operation 
58 NUMCGB2 S_AER_95000464 Specify Number Range for Record Number Allocation 
59 NUMCGB3 S_AER_95000451 Specify Number Range for Change State Counter 
60 NUMKR_GATT_OPTFUT S_ALR_87007472 Define Number Ranges for Listed Options/Futures Class Data 
61 NUMMERNKREISE_GP S_ALR_87009540 Create Number Ranges 
62 NUMMERNKR_BUCH_BELEG S_ALR_87007350 Define number range for posting documents 
63 NUM_KAP S_ALR_87003881 Define Number Ranges for Corporate Actions 
64 NUM_WERE_BELEG S_P00_07000298 Maintain Number Assignments for Accounting Documents 
65 NUM_WERE_BELEG II S_P00_07000307 Maintain Number Assignments for Accounting Documents 
66 NWBCR_MAN_PERS_001 S_EE6_85000167 Personalization Framework: Overview 
67 NWECM_ACL_GROUP S_YI3_39000030 Define ACL Groups 
68 NWECM_APP_CONFIG S_YI3_39000032 Configure ECMI Application 
69 NWECM_APP_SETTING S_YI3_39000031 Create ECMI Application 
70 NWECM_CMIS_REP S_YI3_39000028 Configure CMIS Repository 
71 NWECM_ECM_REP S_YI3_39000029 Configure ECMI Repository 
72 NWMOD_BUS_RULE S_EE5_50000369 Business Rules for Network Modeling 
73 NWOBJ_CRT_NW_OBJSTAT S_EB5_05000621 Create Network Object Status 
74 NWOBJ_CRT_OBJ_TYP S_EB5_05000530 Create Object Type 
75 NWOBJ_DEF_CAT_FUNLOC S_EB5_05000556 Define Category of Functional Location 
76 NWOBJ_DEF_DATINT_SYS S_EBS_44000004 Define Data Integration System IDs 
77 NWOBJ_ELEV_REF S_EB5_05000561 Elevation Reference 
78 NWOBJ_LNK_FUNLOC_CAT S_EB5_05000557 Link Object Type to Functional Location Category 
79 NWOBJ_MAINT_CATALOG S_EB5_05000559 Maintain Catalogs (Reason Codes) 
80 NWOBJ_MED_OBJ_LINK S_EB5_05000558 Define Media for Object Links 
81 NWOBJ_STAT_TYP_OBJTY S_EB5_05000560 Link Status and Types to Object Type 
82 NW_MI_ALERTSCONF S_ABA_72000157 Create and Configure Alerts 
83 NW_MI_CONFIG S_MID_66000011 Configure Enhanced SAP MI Settings 
84 NW_MI_DEVICETEXT S_MID_66000004 Define mnemonic names for mobile devices 
85 NW_MI_J2EE S_MID_66000001 Make host name and port of the J2EE Engine known 
86 NW_MI_J2EEHO S_MID_66000010 Specify Host Name and Port of J2EE Engine 
87 NW_MI_J2EEHOST S_MID_66000003 Dummy 1 
88 NW_MI_J2EEHOSTPORT S_MID_66000002 Make host name and port of the J2EE Engine known