SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index K
IMG Activity - K
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 KA5_V_CPPE_HDR_USE S_KA5_12001420 Define Settings for Access Object 
2 KAB_KANBAN_BOARD_ALV S_EAC_24000004 BAdI: Adjust Tabular Representation of Kanban Board 
3 KAB_PLANT_OVERVIEW S_EAC_24000005 BAdI: Adjust Tabular Representation of Plant Overview 
4 KAL2 S_ALR_87008635 Archive Reconciliation Ledger 
5 KALENDER S_ALR_87007914 Assign Calendar 
6 KANBAN_MODIFY_ALERTS S_EAC_24000006 BAdI: Change Standard Settings for Kanban Alerts 
7 KAOV_ORD_PLD_REVENUE S_EB5_05000684 BAdI: Influence Planned Revenue Update for Internal Orders 
8 KAP_ART S_ALR_87003872 Define Types of Corporate Actions 
9 KAP_GRUENDE S_ALN_01001317 Define Reasons for Capitalization 
10 KAP_GRUNDEINSTELLUNG S_ALN_01002127 Determine Basic Settings 
11 KAP_NACHBEAR_GRUENDE S_ALN_01001324 Define Reasons for Postprocessing 
12 KAP_STEUERDATEN S_ALN_01001323 Define General Control Data 
13 KG_ERMITTLUNGVERF_WP S_ALR_87099665 Assign Position Management Procedure 
14 KL01_VV_KLXAKT_01 S_KFM_86000164 Global Settings 
15 KL01_VV_KLXAKT_02 S_KFM_86000264 Enter Global Settings 
16 KL01_V_KLFAZ06 S_KFM_86000075 Define Facilities 
17 KL01_V_KLLR01 S_KFM_86000067 Assignments to the Country 
18 KL01_V_KLLR02 S_KFM_86000069 Edit Country Value-at-Risk Weight 
19 KL01_V_KLLR03 S_KFM_86000070 Edit CEQ 
20 KL01_V_KLLR04 S_KFM_86000072 Edit Country Default Probability 
21 KL01_V_KLLR05 S_KFM_86000071 Edit LEQ 
22 KL01_V_KLLRDEF01 S_KFM_86000068 Define Country Rating 
23 KL01_V_KLLRDEF02 S_KFM_86000065 Define CEQ Class 
24 KL01_V_KLLRDEF03 S_KFM_86000066 Define LEQ Class 
25 KL01_V_KLSIART S_KFM_86000073 Define Collateral Type 
26 KL01_V_KLSIPRIO S_KFM_86000074 Define Collateral Priority 
27 KLABL_ACP S_KFM_86000195 Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Class Position in Securities Act 
28 KLABL_BCA S_KFM_86000189 Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for BCA Accounts 
29 KLABL_DE S_KFM_86000191 Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Derivatives 
30 KLABL_FAZ S_KFM_86000266 Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Facilities 
31 KLABL_FX S_KFM_86000192 Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Foreign Exchange 
32 KLABL_LO S_KFM_86000193 Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Loans 
33 KLABL_MM S_KFM_86000194 Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Money Market Transactions 
34 KLABL_RC S_KFM_86000188 Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Generic Transactions 
35 KLABL_VT S_KFM_86000190 Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Variable Transactions 
36 KL_JBAP S_KFM_86000269 Define Analysis Structure 
37 KL_JBVBEWREG S_KFM_86000271 Define Valuation Rule 
38 KL_TMA5 S_KFM_86000268 Define Analysis Characteristics 
39 KL__JBRZ S_KFM_86000273 Define Derivation Strategy for Non-Integrated Financial Object Processing 
40 KOMP/PART S_ALR_87004703 Assign Number Components to Product Type 
41 KONDARTZUORDNUNG_GH S_ALR_87007827 Assign Condition Types to Transaction Type 
42 KONDITIONSARTEN_DE S_ALR_87007477 Define Condition Types 
43 KONDITIONSARTEN_GH S_ALR_87007864 Define Condition Types 
44 KONDITIONSINDEX_1 S_P00_07000084 Change Condition Types 
45 KONDITIONSINDEX_2 S_P00_07000085 Define Permitted Fields 
46 KONDITIONSINDEX_3 S_P00_07000086 Edit Condition Index Tables 
47 KONDITIONSINDEX_4 S_P00_07000087 Activate Condition Index Tables 
48 KONDITIONSINDEX_5 S_P00_07000088 Rebuild Condition Index Tables 
49 KONDITIONSINDEX_6 S_P00_07000089 Define Overviews 
50 KONDITIONSINDEX_7 S_P00_07000090 Assign Overviews 
51 KOND_KAPITALISIERUNG S_ALN_01002121 Determine Condition Types for Inclusion in Loan Contract 
52 KOND_KOND_TABLEAU S_ALN_01002120 Determine Condition Types for Condition Table 
53 KOND_NEUGESCHTAB S_ALR_87004649 Define Condition Types for New Business Table 
54 KONTENFINDUNG S_KP6_83000009 Define Account Determination 
55 KONTENGRUPPEN_DEF S_P99_41000031 Define Account Groups 
56 KONTENPFLEGEMV S_P00_07000018 Incoming Payments and Account Maintenance 
57 KONTFINDUNG_DEF_GH S_ALR_87007860 Define Settings 
58 KONTFINDUNG_DEF_WP S_ALR_87009626 Define Account Determination for Transaction Flow Types 
59 KONTFIND_PRUFUNG_GH S_ALR_87009307 Check 
60 KONTIERUNGSREFERENZ S_KP6_83000007 Define Account Assignment References 
61 KONTOGLATT_AUSGBEWEG S_ALN_01002253 Exclude Flow Types 
62 KONTOGLATT_BEWEGAUSS S_ALN_01002292 Exclude Flow Types 
63 KONTOGLATT_DEBITOR S_PLN_06000412 Check at Customer Account Level 
64 KONTOGLATT_GRENZBETR S_ALN_01002293 Define Amount Limit 
65 KONTOGLATT_VERTRAG S_PLN_06000411 Check at Contract Level 
66 KONTREF_DEF_DE S_ALR_87007341 Define Account Assignment Reference 
67 KONTREF_DEF_FX S_ALR_87007797 Define Settings 
68 KONTREF_DEF_GH S_ALR_87007799 Define Settings 
69 KONVERTER-DVS S_P00_07000042 Maintain Converter 
70 KORRELATIOSART S_ALR_87007805 Define Correlation Type 
71 KORRESPARTENZUORDNEN S_ALN_01002130 Assign Correspondence Types to Correspondence Activities and Roles 
72 KORRESPONDENZ S_ALR_87004083 Define Correspondence Activities 
73 KORRESPONDENZART_DE S_ALR_87099706 Define Correspondence Types 
74 KORRESPONDENZART_FX S_ALR_87099708 Define Correspondence Types 
75 KORRESPONDENZART_GF S_ALR_87007897 Define Correspondence Types 
76 KORRESPONDENZART_MM S_ALR_87099704 Define Correspondence Types 
77 KORRESPONDENZART_SE S_ALR_87099710 Define Correspondence Types 
78 KORRESPONDENZ_KLASSE S_ALR_87003733 Define Correspondence Classes 
79 KORRVORTRANSAKTION S_ALR_87099926 Assign Transactions to Correspondence Activities 
80 KORR_PFLEGEN S_ALR_87008532 Enter Correlations 
81 KOSTENRECHNUNG S_ALR_87009628 Activate Real Estate Management in Controlling Area 
82 KPE_OMC_BASIC S_KPE_53000025 Activate Enhanced Dependency Editor 
83 KPE_OMC_BASIC_1 S_ALN_01002103 Activate Enhanced Dependency Editor 
84 KPE_OMC_BASIC_PD S_ALN_01002182 Activate Enhanced Dependency Editor 
85 KPE_OMC_BASIC_PLM S_ALN_01002104 Activate Enhanced Dependency Editor 
86 KPE_OMC_MCDEP S_KPE_53000026 Create Scheme for Enhanced Dependency Editor 
87 KPE_OMC_MCDEP_PD S_ALN_01002183 Create Schema for Extended Dependency Editor 
88 KPE_OMC_MCDEP_PLM S_ALN_01002107 Create Schema for Extended Dependency Editor 
89 KPE_OMC_MDEP S_KPE_53000027 Assign Scheme 
90 KPE_OMC_MDEP_PD S_ALN_01002185 Assign Schema 
91 KPE_OMC_MDEP_PLM S_ALN_01002108 Assign Schema 
92 KPE_OPPE01 S_KPE_53000003 Define General iPPE Customizing 
93 KPE_OPPE02 S_KPE_53000004 Define General iPPE Node Types 
94 KPE_OPPE03 S_KPE_53000007 Define iPPE Variant Types 
95 KPE_OPPE04 S_KPE_53000008 Define iPPE Alternative Types 
96 KPE_OPPE05 S_KPE_53000009 Define General iPPE Relationship Types 
97 KPE_OPPE06 S_KPE_53000011 Create Model Assignments 
98 KPE_OPPE07 S_KPE_16000003 Connect Partner Products for Time Analysis to iPPE 
99 KPE_OPPE11 S_KPE_53000012 Define User Profiles for the iPPE Workbench Professional 
100 KPE_OPPE12 S_KPE_53000014 Define Tab Pages for the Detail Area of the iPPE Workbench Professional 
101 KPE_OPPE14 S_KPE_53000013 Define Reports for the Report Tree in the iPPE Workbench Professional 
102 KPE_OPPE15 S_KPE_53000015 Define Settings for Relationships in the iPPE Workbench Professional 
103 KPE_OPPEACT01 S_KPE_53000020 Define Standard Value Determination Type 
104 KPE_OPPEGENFILT S_KPE_16000004 Generate Attribute Value Filter 
105 KPE_OPPERES01 S_KPE_53000005 Define iPPE Production Resources 
106 KPE_OPPESCMPV S_KPE_53000018 Define Object-Dependent Settings for Status Management 
107 KPE_OPPESTATUS S_KPE_53000016 Define Status Network 
108 KPE_OPPE_15 S_ALN_01002195 Set Relationships in iPPE Workbench 
109 KPE_VC_PPESTATUS S_KPE_53000034 Define Settings for Status Management 
110 KPE_VC_PPESTATUS_PD S_ALN_01002184 Define Status 
111 KPE_VC_PPESTATUS_PLM S_ALN_01002109 Define Status 
112 KPE_V_CFILTTABFIELD S_KPE_16000001 Assign Attribute Fields to Tab Page 
113 KPE_V_CFILTTABSTRIP S_KPE_16000002 Determine Tab Page Titles for Attribute Filter 
114 KPE_V_CPPE_VSI_FORM S_KPE_53000019 Maintain Variable-Size Item Formulas 
115 KPE_V_CPRFLO S_KPE_53000010 Define Line-Specific Relationship Types 
116 KPE_V_CPSTRUCT_EXTR S_KPE_53000028 Extract: Activate and Define Settings 
117 KPE_V_CRPTYPE S_KPE_53000024 Define Types of Reporting Point 
118 KPRO_TREX_PLAN S_BCE_68001620 Schedule Asynchronous Indexing and De-indexing 
119 KR_001 S_AL0_96000238 Set Up Tax Invoice Numbering 
120 KR_002 S_AL0_96000239 Enhance Tax Invoice Programs 
121 KR_003 S_AL0_96000241 Assign SAPscript Forms to Tax Invoice Programs 
122 KR_004 S_AL0_96000246 Define Types of Business 
123 KR_005 S_AL0_96000247 Define Types of Industry 
124 KR_ELEC_TAX_INV S_EB5_05000633 BAdI: Map Tax Invoice Data to Interface of the Third Party Solution 
125 KT_GRUENDE S_ALN_01001176 Define Reasons for Capital Transfer 
126 KT_KONDITIONSARTEN S_ALN_01001952 Assign Condition Types to Application Subfunctions 
127 KT_MUSTER S_ALN_01001172 Define Templates 
128 KT_NACHBGRUENDE S_ALN_01001177 Define Reasons for Postprocessing 
129 KT_PARTNERKOPIE S_PLN_06000355 Define Roles for Partner Copy 
130 KT_STEUERDATEN S_ALN_01001173 Define General Control Data 
131 KT_TILGUNG S_ALN_01001175 Define Repayment Change Indicator 
132 KT_UEBERGANG S_ALN_01001174 Define Transfer Behavior 
133 KUEND_MUSTER S_ALN_01001730 Define Templates 
134 KUEND_SAMMELKONTEN S_ALN_01002105 Define Interim Account for Receivables 
135 KUEND_STEUERDATEN S_ALN_01001734 Define General Control Data 
136 KUNDIGUNGSGRUNDE S_ALR_87009315 Define Reasons for Notice 
137 KUNDIGUNGSVEREINB_DG S_ALR_87009316 Define Notice Arrangements (Lender) 
138 KUNDIGUNGSVEREINB_DN S_ALR_87009317 Define Notice Arrangements (Borrower) 
139 KURSZUSATZ_WP S_ALR_87004176 Maintain Price Notations 
140 KURS_UEBERWACHUNG S_ALR_87007974 Define Market Data Monitoring 
141 KURVENARTEN S_ALR_87007845 Define Yield Curve Type 
142 KWG_AUSKUNFT_GP S_ALR_87009506 Define GBA Reporting Information (Germany) 
143 KW_SCMSCA S_BCE_68001563 Define Caches 
144 KW_SCMSHO S_BCE_68001559 Assign Hosts to Locations 
145 KW_SCMSIP S_BCE_68001560 Assign IP Subnets to Locations 
146 KW_SKPR14 S_BCE_68001561 Define Web Servers for Document Areas 
147 KW_SKPR15 S_BCE_68001562 Define Web Servers for Document Classes 
148 K_MAINTAIN S_PLN_16000323 Maintain Field Catalog for Customer Key Figures