SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index U
IMG Activity - U
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 UAATR S_SE3_62000032 Reorganize Change Log 
2 UAPRICETABLE S_S27_80000002 Assign Price Tables 
3 UA_CCS S_SE3_62000036 Create Cost Component Split and Cost Component Split Elements 
4 UA_DATABASIS S_SE3_62000042 Maintain Data Basis and Register Characteristics 
5 UA_DATABASIS_SET S_SE3_62000025 Set Data Basis 
6 UA_DB_NUMBERRANGE S_SE3_62000027 Assign Number Range Interval to Data Basis 
7 UA_IMPMAP S_SE3_62000013 Assign Export Fields 
8 UA_IMPMAPOBJ S_SE3_62000012 Assign Object Types 
9 UA_IMPRFC S_SE3_62000011 RFC Destinations 
10 UA_IPPEEDGEFIELDS S_SE3_62000024 Assign Link Fields 
11 UA_IPPEEDGES S_SE3_62000023 Assign Links 
12 UA_IPPETYPEFIELDS S_SE3_62000022 Assign iPPE Fields 
13 UA_IPPETYPES S_SE3_62000021 Assign iPPE Types 
14 UA_MDF4CHECK S_S25_56000007 Field Control F4 and Checks 
15 UA_QUERY_GENERATE S_SE3_62000026 Generate Access Functions for BW InfoProvider (ODS) 
16 UA_STRUCT S_SE3_62000009 Maintain Costing Structures for Data Basis 
17 UA_STUCT S_SE3_62000008 Maintain Costing Structures for Data Basis 
18 UA_TPLSELECT S_SE4_62000039 Template Selection 
19 UA_TPLTPL S_SE4_62000040 Select Template (ECP) 
20 UA_UPLBADI1 S_S25_56000004 Business Add-In: Edit Costing Itemizations 
21 UA_UPLBADI2 S_S25_56000006 Business Add-In: Edit Master Data and Price Tables 
22 UA_UPLBADI3 S_S25_56000005 Business Add-In: Edit XML 
23 UA_UPLBADI4 S_SE3_62000038 Business Add-In: Edit Quantity Structure 
24 UA_UPLCMD S_S25_56000001 Determine Actions 
25 UA_UPLMAP S_S25_56000002 Assign Import Fields 
26 UA_UPLOAD_SURCHARGE S_S27_80000001 Business Add-Ins: Upload Surcharges 
27 UA_UPLOAD_TEMPLATE S_SE3_62000041 Business Add-In: Upload Template 
28 UA_UPLTYP S_S25_56000008 Create Upload Types 
29 UCWB S_XS4_18000001 Customizing Workbench 
30 UDMVC_BRULE_SELOP S_SE3_50000242 Define Basic Rules 
31 UDMVC_COLL_GRP S_SE3_50000249 Define Collection Groups 
32 UDMVC_COLL_SGMT S_SE3_50000247 Define Collection Segments 
33 UDMVC_LOCPROFIL S_SE3_50000118 Create Profile for Case Search 
34 UDMVC_PROF_SGMT S_SE3_50000248 Define Collection Profiles 
35 UDMVC_RULE_B_RULE S_SE3_50000244 Define Collection Rules 
36 UDMVC_SGMT_GRP S_SE3_50000250 Assign Collection Groups to Collection Segments 
37 UDMV_AUTO_TEXTID S_SE3_50000145 Define Text ID for Notes 
38 UDMV_CCT_RESULT S_SE3_50000254 Define Result of Customer Contact 
39 UDMV_COLL_DISTAL S_SE3_50000265 Define Distribution Procedure 
40 UDMV_COLL_PRIO S_SE3_50000270 Define Priorities 
41 UDMV_COLL_PRIO_P S_SE3_50000269 Define Derivation of Priority 
42 UDMV_COMP_CODES S_SE3_50000241 Define Company Codes for SAP Collections Management 
43 UDMV_PROC_STAT S_SE3_50000258 Define Status for Dispute Cases To Be Collected 
44 UDMV_RSM_REASON S_SE3_50000256 Define Resubmission Reason 
45 UDM_BP_PROFILE_C S_SE3_50000252 BAdI: Determination of Profile for Business Partner 
46 UDM_CCT_DEFAULT S_SE3_50000255 BAdI: Standard Note and Measurement of Duration of Customer Contacts 
47 UDM_CHNG_SGMT_DATA_C S_SE3_50000253 BAdI: Determination of Collection Group and Specialist per Segment 
48 UDM_COLL_AMT_C S_SE3_50000259 BAdI: Amount To Be Collected 
49 UDM_EXT_RATING_C S_SE3_50000263 BAdI: External Rating from SAP Credit Management 
50 UDM_INFO_MASTER_ALE S_SE3_50000268 Carry Out ALE Master Data Distribution 
51 UDM_ORG_DETERMINE S_SE3_50000267 Define Organizational Structure 
52 UDM_RSM_DEFAULT S_SE3_50000257 BAdI: Properties and Values of Resubmission Attributes 
53 UDM_STORE_EVENTS_C S_SE3_50000130 BAdI: 
54 UDM_STRATEGY S_SE3_50000246 Process Strategies 
55 UDM_WL_ITEM_CREATE_C S_SE3_50000260 BAdI: Enhancement of Worklist Items on Creation 
56 UDM_WL_ITEM_DISP_C S_SE3_50000261 BAdI: Enhancement of Worklist Items on Display 
57 UDM_WL_ITEM_DIST_C S_SE3_50000262 BAdI: Distribution of Worklist Items to Collection Specialists 
58 UEBERNAHMETYP S_P00_07000015 Processing of Transfer Types at Data Record Level 
59 UEBERSETZUNGSTABELLE S_P7D_67000036 Information About Translation Table 
60 UEBERSTZUNGSTABCHECK S_ALR_87007947 Check Translation Table 
61 UEBERTRAG S_P00_07000022 Define Transfer Rule 
62 UEBERTRAG_BANK S_KFM_86000080 Define Carry Forward Rules 
63 UGMD_FYV S_SE3_50000126 Specify Leading Fiscal Year Variant for Whole Client 
64 UGMD_FYV1 S_SE3_50000127 Specify Leading Fiscal Year Variant Specific to a Field 
65 UGMD_PROF S_SE3_50000210 Profile Parameter Setting 
66 UID_TIAC S_E38_98000096 Define Issuing Agency Code (IAC) 
67 UID_TIUID_TYPE S_E38_98000099 Define Item Unique Identification Type 
68 UID_TUID S_E38_98000097 Define UID Handling 
69 UID_TUID_EID S_E38_98000098 Assign IAC and Enterprise Identifier to a Plant 
70 UKMPI_SNRO S_BCE_68002394 Define Number Range Object 
71 UKMPI_VC_SETTINGS S_BCE_68002393 Configure Key Mapping 
72 UKMRSE_3_DCD_MNTNO S_EBS_44000141 BAdI: Sending a Documented Credit Decision 
73 UKM_CONTEXT_C S_BCE_68002286 Define mapping contexts 
74 UKM_CONV2PARTNER S_PCO_36000503 BAdI: Conversion of Partner Numbers with Different Procedures 
75 UKM_FILL S_PCO_36000383 BAdI: Fill Line Items for Credit Exposure Update 
76 UKM_R3_ACTIVATE S_PCO_36000384 BAdI: Activation of SAP Credit Management 
77 UKM_SEGMENT S_PCO_36000363 Assign Credit Control Area and Credit Segment 
78 UKM_VECTOR_CALCULATE S_PCO_36000385 Calculation of Payment Behavior Summary 
79 UMBUCHUNG_DE S_ALR_87007404 Define Transfer Posting 
80 UMSCHLUESSELDATAFD S_ALR_87007970 Create Tables for Code Conversion 
81 UMSCHLUESSELN S_ALR_87008398 Convert program name 
82 UMSCHL_TAB_DF S_ALR_87007898 Create Tables for Code Conversion 
83 UNDAL S_PAD_19000048 Maintain Dependency Allowance Selection Feature 
84 UNDERLYINGGESCHAFTDE S_ALR_87009313 Define Number Ranges for Underlying Transaction 
85 UNDERLYINGGESCHAFTFX S_ALR_87009309 Define Number Ranges for Underlying Transaction 
86 UNDERLYINGGESCHAFTSE S_ALR_87099680 Define Number Ranges for Underlying Transaction 
87 UNEGR S_PAD_19000118 Set Education Grant Calculation Rule 
88 UNERWUENSCHT_GP S_KFM_86000287 Define Undesirable Customer 
89 UNHC S_PAD_19000126 Generate Higher Duty Salary/Allowance 
90 UNLON S_PAD_19000078 Set Up End Date Per Type of Loan 
91 UNNET S_PAD_19000038 Determine Net Salary Wage Type 
92 UNPFD S_PAD_19000077 Maintain Pension Fund Default Values 
93 UNQUO S_PAD_19000124 Determine Sick Leave Grouping Based on Contract Type 
94 UNSTG S_PAD_19000037 Determine Special Post Assignment/Temporary Grade 
95 UPAAP S_PAD_19000092 Determine Employee Data Relevant for PAAP 
96 UPARI_BADI_BUDG_001 S_B71_29000015 BAdI: Budget Monitor 
97 USAGINDMAP S_AEC_66000490 Usage Indicator 
98 USALESFLOOR S_SA5_06000008 Part of building 
99 USER_1 S_KA5_12000600 Define User Profile 
100 USER_EXIT_KONTOAUSZU S_P99_41000087 Set User Exit in Account Statement Entry 
101 USMD1102 S_BT6_28000012 Define Service Level Agreement for Change Request Types 
102 USMD_ACC_FLD_PROP_CU S_BT6_28000068 ## 
103 USMD_DATA_TRANSFER_U S_BTD_53000064 BAdI: Prepare Upload Data 
104 USMD_OOCU S_SE4_70000056 Configure Workflow Tasks 
105 USMD_PPOSE S_SE4_70000057 Edit Organizational Structure 
106 USMD_REMOTE_WHERE_U S_BT6_28000051 BAdI: Remote Where-Used List 
107 USMD_REMOTE_WHERE_US S_BT6_28000062 BAdI: Remote Where-Used List 
108 USMD_SERVICE_INBOUN1 S_E7B_95000013 BAdI: Inbound Service Mapping Tool Name Change 
109 USMD_SERVICE_INBOUND S_SE6_85000025 BAdI: Inbound Service Mapping Tool Name Change 
110 USMD_SE_CC_RPLCTN S_SE5_45000009 BAdI: Replicate CostCentre 
111 USMD_SE_CC_RPLCTN1 S_E7B_95000021 BAdI: Replicate CostCentre 
112 USMD_SE_CGH_RPLCT1 S_E7B_95000022 BAdI: Replicate CostCentreGroupHierarchy 
113 USMD_SE_CGH_RPLCTN S_SE5_45000010 BAdI: Replicate CostCentreGroupHierarchy 
114 USMD_SE_COMPANYRPLC1 S_E7B_95000014 BAdI: Inbound Company Data Import 
115 USMD_SE_COMPANYRPLCT S_SE6_85000026 BAdI: Inbound Company Data Import 
116 USMD_SE_CP_RPLCTN S_SE5_45000006 BAdI: Replicate Company 
117 USMD_SE_CP_RPLCTN1 S_E7B_95000018 BAdI: Replicate Company 
118 USMD_SE_FCE_RPLCTN S_SE5_45000011 BAdI: Replicate FinancialConsolidationElement 
119 USMD_SE_FCE_RPLCTN1 S_E7B_95000025 BAdI: Replicate FinancialConsolidationElement 
120 USMD_SE_FCS_RPLCTN S_SE5_45000012 BAdI: Replicate FinancialConsolidationStructure 
121 USMD_SE_FCS_RPLCTN1 S_E7B_95000026 BAdI: Replicate FinancialConsolidationStructure 
122 USMD_SE_PC_RPLCTN S_SE5_45000007 BAdI: Replicate ProfitCentre 
123 USMD_SE_PC_RPLCTN1 S_E7B_95000019 BAdI: Replicate ProfitCentre 
124 USMD_SE_PGH_RPLCTN S_SE5_45000008 BAdI: Replicate ProfitCentreGroupHierarchy 
125 USMD_SE_PGH_RPLCTN1 S_E7B_95000020 BAdI: Replicate ProfitCentreGroupHierarchy 
126 USMD_USMD_SE_COA_RP S_SE4_70000053 BAdI: Distribute ChartofAccounts 
127 USMD_USMD_SE_COA_RP1 S_E7B_95000015 BAdI: Distribute ChartofAccounts 
128 USMD_USMD_SE_FRS_RP S_SE4_70000054 BAdI: Distribute FinancialReportingStructure 
129 USMD_USMD_SE_FRS_RP1 S_E7B_95000017 BAdI: Distribute FinancialReportingStructure 
130 USMD_USMD_SE_GLAM_R1 S_E7B_95000016 BAdI: Distribute GeneralLedgerAccountMaster 
131 USMD_USMD_SE_GLAM_RP S_SE4_70000055 BAdI: Distribute GeneralLedgerAccountMaster 
132 USR40 S_BCE_68000271 Define Nonpermitted Passwords 
133 US_MAPPING S_AEC_66000443 Usage Mapping