SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index F
IMG Activity - F
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 F181_DET_DEFAULT S_P7D_67000038 Develop Enhancement for P&L Adjustment at the Event "Document Creation" 
2 FAA_CHECK_ACTIVATION S_EEI_69000101 Check Prerequisites for Activating Asset Accounting (New) 
3 FAA_CUSTOM_WFOB0002 S_EB5_05000622 Enhancement for Value Determination with Mass Impairment Postings 
4 FAA_DC_CUSTOMER S_XEN_65000067 Create Implementations for AddIn for Calculation Bases 
5 FAA_EE_CUSTOMER S_XEN_65000068 Create Implementations for Add-In for Depreciation Calculation 
6 FAA_TTY_AREALIMITTN S_EE7_91000002 BAdI: Restrict Transaction Types to Depreciation Areas 
7 FAGLB03 S_AL0_19000004 Define Interactive Characteristics for Balance Display 
8 FAGLCOFITRFLDS S_EB5_05000454 Define Field Transfers for Real-Time Integration 
9 FAGLCOFITRNSFRCODOCS S_PL0_86000020 Transfer CO Documents Retrospectively 
10 FAGLGA11 S_E38_98000137 Create Actual Assessment 
11 FAGLGA27 S_E38_98000139 Create Plan Assessment 
12 FAGLGA31 S_E38_98000136 Create Actual Distribution 
13 FAGLGA47 S_E38_98000138 Create Plan Distribution 
14 FAGLGCLE S_P6D_40000028 Activate Update of Plan Line Items 
15 FAGLSKF S_AC0_52000464 Enter Actual Data 
16 FAGLSKF1 S_AC0_52000465 Enter Plan Data 
17 FAGLSKF3 S_AC0_52000469 Display Statistical Key Figures by Period 
18 FAGLSKF4 S_AC0_52000470 Display Document 
19 FAGLSKF5 S_AC0_52000471 Reverse Document 
20 FAGLSKF6 S_AC0_52000463 Transfer Opening Balance from CO 
21 FAGLSKF7 S_AC0_52000474 Rebuild Statistical Key Figures from FI Data 
22 FAGLSKF_AUTH_EXIT S_AC0_52000476 Check Additional Fields for Authorizations 
23 FAGLSKF_BAPI_EXIT S_AC0_52000477 Transfer Customer Fields and Other Fields in BAPI 
24 FAGLSKF_GET_SEGMENT S_AC0_52000478 Derive Segment 
25 FAGL_104_PROVISION S_EBJ_98000234  
26 FAGL_ACTIVATE_IT S_E38_98000128 Build Line Item Display After Change to Master Record 
27 FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP S_E38_98000129 Activate Open Item Management for Accounts Managed on Line Item Basis 
28 FAGL_ACTIVECCP S_E38_98000066 Activate Cumulative Plan Data Entry for Balance Sheet Accounts 
29 FAGL_ACTIV_SPL1_KONS S_P7D_67000013 Define Document Splitting Characteristics for General Ledger Accounting 
30 FAGL_AC_DOCUMENT S_P7D_67000004 Check FI/CO Document 
31 FAGL_ADB_EXT_AVG S_VBS_01000032 BAdI: Use of External Average Balances 
32 FAGL_ALE_ACTIV S_EB5_05000180 Activate Distribution Scenario for Each Company Code 
33 FAGL_ALE_BLART S_EB5_05000182 Specify Document Type for Transfer of Totals Documents 
34 FAGL_ALE_CLEAR_GL_AC S_EB5_05000187 BAdI: Automatic Clearing of G/L Accounts Managed on an Open Item Basis 
35 FAGL_ALE_CNTRS S_EB5_05000181 Make Basic Settings for Distribution Scenario 
36 FAGL_ALE_DOC_CHG_R S_EB5_05000190 BAdI: Change Fields in Accounting Structures (FI Documents) 
37 FAGL_ALE_DOC_CHG_S S_EB5_05000185 BAdI: Change Documents in Sender System 
38 FAGL_ALE_IDOC_ADD_CF S_EB5_05000186 BAdI: Add a New Segment with Customer Fields in IDoc 
39 FAGL_ALE_IDOC_CHG_R S_EB5_05000188 BAdI: Change IDocs in Receiver System 
40 FAGL_ALE_IDOC_CHG_S S_EB5_05000184 BAdI: Change IDocs in Sender System 
41 FAGL_ALE_IDOC_GET_CF S_EB5_05000189 BAdI: Read Customer Fields for Postings 
42 FAGL_ALE_REG_DOC_CHG S_EB5_05000191 BAdI: Change Fields in Parked Documents 
43 FAGL_ALE_SEND_CLR_FD S_EB5_05000200 BAdI: Clear Fields Before Document Aggregation 
44 FAGL_ALE_SET_SINGL_T S_EB5_05000183 BAdI: Identify Documents for Single Document Transfer 
45 FAGL_ALLOC_GCA1 S_SL0_21000013 Define Field Usage for Assessment 
46 FAGL_ALLOC_GCA6 S_SL0_21000012 Define Field Usage for Distribution 
47 FAGL_ALLOC_GCA9 S_SL0_21000014 Check Settings for Allocation 
48 FAGL_ALLOC_OBX2 S_PL0_86000051 Define Account Determination for Allocation 
49 FAGL_AUTHORITY_CHECK S_PL0_86000170 Extend Authorization Check for Posting to Ledger 
50 FAGL_AUTH_ADD_DATA_C S_PCO_36000451 Implement Additional Authorization Check for Reporting 
51 FAGL_BADI_AC_DOC S_P7D_67000010 BAdI: Derive Partner Profit Centers 
52 FAGL_BADI_DEFPRCT S_P7D_67000011 BAdI: Set Partner Profit Center 
53 FAGL_BAL_DEL S_PL0_86000085 Reset Balance Carryforward 
54 FAGL_BELNR S_ELN_06000013 Define Number Range 
55 FAGL_CFMENUORFBOB41 S_P7D_67000015 Check Posting Key 
56 FAGL_CFMENUORFF0000 S_XC0_18000306 Import Customizing Settings from Consolidation System 
57 FAGL_CFMENUORFF1206 S_XC0_18000305 Determine Scope of Consolidation 
58 FAGL_CHECK_ACCOUNT S_AC0_52000854 Check G/L Accounts for Document Splitting 
59 FAGL_CHECK_DOC_TYPE S_AC0_52000855 Check Document Types for Document Splitting 
60 FAGL_CHECK_LINETYPE S_AC0_52000858 Check Business Transaction Assignment for Migration Documents 
61 FAGL_CHECK_PRCTR_AUT S_E38_98000059 Activate Authorization Check for Profit Centers 
62 FAGL_CLOCO S_AEN_10000528 Execute Migration Cockpit 
63 FAGL_COFI_ACCIT_MOD S_ELN_06000011 Change FI/CO Document Line Item Before Summarization 
64 FAGL_COFI_ACDOC_MD S_P7D_67000005 Change FI/CO Document After Summarization 
65 FAGL_COFI_ACDOC_MOD S_ELN_06000010 Change FI/CO Document After Summarization 
66 FAGL_COFI_BOOL_RULE S_ELN_06000004 Define Rules for Selecting CO Line Items 
67 FAGL_COFI_CCODE_CLR S_ELN_06000005 Define Intercompany Clearing Accounts 
68 FAGL_COFI_LNITEM_SEL S_AL0_19000002 Select CO Line Items 
69 FAGL_COFI_OK17 S_ELN_06000006 Define Account Determination for Real-Time Integration 
70 FAGL_COND_ACC_ASSIGN S_E4A_94000054 Summarize Balances Using Account Assignment Characteristics 
71 FAGL_COS_FSP2 S_P6D_40000008 Enter Functional Area in G/L Account Master Data 
72 FAGL_DEL_COMPDAT S_PL0_86000047 Delete Company Code Data 
73 FAGL_DERIVE_EPRCTR S_E38_98000127 Derive Elimination Profit Center 
74 FAGL_DERIVE_PSEGMENT S_AL0_19000007 Derive Partner Segment 
75 FAGL_DERIVE_SEGMENT S_AL0_19000006 Derive Segment 
76 FAGL_DOCNR S_ELN_06000017 Define Document Number Ranges for General Ledger View 
77 FAGL_DOCSPLIT S_PL0_86000016 Information on Document Splitting 
78 FAGL_DOCSPLIT_EXT S_PL0_86000017 Information on Extended Document Splitting 
79 FAGL_DOC_OBA7 S_AL0_19000077 Define Document Types for Data Entry View 
80 FAGL_DRPROV S_E38_98000038 Define Methods (New) 
81 FAGL_DRPROVCUS S_E38_98000040 Specify Periods and Amount of Reserve for Bad Debt (New) 
82 FAGL_DRPROV_AC S_E38_98000044 Define Accounts for Reserve for Bad Debt (New) 
83 FAGL_FAGL3KEH S_P7D_67000012 Propose Profit Center 
84 FAGL_FBCB S_AC0_52000628 Repost Balance Carryforward Manually 
85 FAGL_FBKP_KONS S_P7D_67000014 Check Account Field Status 
86 FAGL_FBN1 S_AL0_19000079 Define Document Number Ranges for Entry View 
87 FAGL_FCV_SNRO S_EB5_05000673 Define Number Range Intervals for Valuation Run ID 
88 FAGL_FIBF S_PCO_36000461 BTE: Insert Header Lines 
90 FAGL_INTERNAL_ACC S_EBS_44000285 Update of Internal Revenues Between Profit Centers 
91 FAGL_ITEMS_CH_DATA S_PCO_36000452 Change Line Data 
92 FAGL_ITEMS_MENUE01 S_PCO_36000454 Enhance Menu: Additions 1 through 4 
93 FAGL_ITEMS_MENUE02 S_PCO_36000455 Extend Menu: Additions 5 through 8 
94 FAGL_LEDGER_KONS S_P7D_67000009 Assign Scenarios and Customer Fields to Ledgers 
95 FAGL_MCA_BADI_DOC S_EBS_44000241 BAdI: Change Line Items of MCA Documents 
96 FAGL_MCA_CHK_CONF S_EBS_44000313 Check MCA Configuration 
97 FAGL_MCA_FXRS S_EBS_44000235 Maintain Target Accounts for FX Restatement 
98 FAGL_MCA_MCA_DN S_EBS_44000244 Define Number Ranges for MCA Document 
99 FAGL_MCA_RUNID S_EBS_44000243 Define Number Ranges for MCA Run ID 
100 FAGL_MCA_TDATLOAD S_EBS_44000242 Define Mapping to MCA Position Type 
101 FAGL_MCA_TMCAKEY S_EBS_44000224 Define MCA Keys 
102 FAGL_MCA_TPRCTYPE S_EBS_44000221 Define Process Types for a Process Category 
103 FAGL_MCA_VAGGFLD S_EBS_44000227 Define Aggregation Fields 
104 FAGL_MCA_VAGGVAR S_EBS_44000225 Define Aggregation Variants 
105 FAGL_MCA_VBCF S_EBS_44000367 Balance Carryforward f. Position & Equivalent Value Acct 
106 FAGL_MCA_VC_TF4_FXRT S_EBS_44000278 Define Exchange Rate Categories and Translation Ratios 
107 FAGL_MCA_VDALOSRT S_EBS_44000267 Assign Document Group Field to MCA Variant 
108 FAGL_MCA_VFIXVAL S_EBS_44000228 Define Fixed Values Variants 
109 FAGL_MCA_VFXA S_EBS_44000297 Maintain Target Accounts for Adjustment of FX Position Account 
110 FAGL_MCA_VFXR S_EBS_44000233 Maintain Target Accounts for FX Restatement 
111 FAGL_MCA_VFXRA S_EBS_44000236 Maintain Target Accounts for Adjustment of FX Position Account 
112 FAGL_MCA_VFXV S_EBS_44000296 Maintain Target Accounts for FX Position Account Valuation 
113 FAGL_MCA_VIFX S_EBS_44000237 Maintain Target Accounts for Adjustment of Implicit FX Transactions 
114 FAGL_MCA_VMAR S_EBS_44000234 Maintain Target Accounts for Monetary Asset Revaluation 
115 FAGL_MCA_VMCAFLDG S_EBS_44000293 Define Fields for MCA Document Number Assignment 
116 FAGL_MCA_VMCAPPOS S_EBS_44000280 Assign MCA Keys to MCA Position Types 
117 FAGL_MCA_VMCAPRC S_EBS_44000226 Assign MCA Keys to Process Types 
118 FAGL_MCA_VMCAPRCP S_EBS_44000276 Assign MCA Keys to Process Types for P&L Processing 
119 FAGL_MCA_VMCAVAR S_EBS_44000218 Define MCA Variants 
120 FAGL_MCA_VMCAVARA S_EBS_44000219 Assign MCA Variants to Company Codes 
121 FAGL_MCA_VPCKBLD S_EBS_44000239 Define Packages for Parallel Processing 
122 FAGL_MCA_VPLC S_EBS_44000231 Maintain Target Accounts for P&L Close 
123 FAGL_MCA_VPLL S_EBS_44000230 Maintain Target Accounts for P&L Lock 
124 FAGL_MCA_VPLT S_EBS_44000232 Maintain Target Accounts for P&L Transformation 
125 FAGL_MCA_VPOS S_EBS_44000229 Maintain FX Position Accounts and Equivalent Accounts 
126 FAGL_MCA_VPRCCATP S_EBS_44000222 Maintain Parameters for Process Categories 
127 FAGL_MCA_VPRCPOS S_EBS_44000220 Define MCA Position Types 
128 FAGL_MCA_VPRCTYPP S_EBS_44000223 Maintain Parameters for Process Types 
129 FAGL_MCA_V_TF4_FXKST S_EBS_44000279 Map Exchange Rate Category to Exchange Rate Type 
130 FAGL_MCA_V_TF4_MDC S_EBS_44000269 Create Market Data Area 
131 FAGL_MIGR_PCA_REPORT S_E38_98000068 Transfer Reports 
132 FAGL_MIGR_SUBST S_AC0_52000619 BAdI: Define Document Splitting Information for Open Items 
133 FAGL_MIGSPL_RELATION S_AC0_52000730 Change Document Splitting Information of Documents To Be Transferred 
134 FAGL_MIG_ACTIVATE S_PCO_36000428 Activate Migration Plan Manually 
135 FAGL_MIG_ADJUST S_PCO_36000344 Display Log for Migration-Specific Document Adjustment 
136 FAGL_MIG_ADJ_ACCIT S_AC0_52000650 Process Account Assignments of Documents To Be Transferred 
137 FAGL_MIG_FICHAN S_AC0_52000635 Create Worklist for Supplementing FI Documents 
138 FAGL_MIG_FICHAT S_AC0_52000636 Run Worklist for Supplementing FI Documents 
139 FAGL_MIG_FINISH S_AC0_52000633 Complete Migration 
140 FAGL_MIG_OPITEMS_CRE S_AC0_52000620 Process Document Splitting Information for Open Items 
141 FAGL_MIG_OPITEMS_FIL S_AC0_52000617 Create Worklist for Open Items 
142 FAGL_MIG_OPITEMS_SUM S_AC0_52000627 Create General Ledger Line Items and Balance Carryforward 
143 FAGL_MIG_REPORT_STAT S_AC0_52000631 Analyze Migration Status 
144 FAGL_MIG_RESTORE_ALL S_AC0_52000726 Reset Migration 
145 FAGL_MIG_RESTORE_OP S_AC0_52000727 Reset Migration for Open Items 
146 FAGL_MIG_RESTORE_RP S_AC0_52000728 Reset Migration for Documents 
147 FAGL_MIG_RPITEMS_CRE S_AC0_52000624 Build Document Splitting Information 
148 FAGL_MIG_RPITEMS_FIL S_AC0_52000618 Create Worklist for Documents 
149 FAGL_MIG_SELECTION S_AC0_52000616 Create Worklists 
150 FAGL_MIG_SHOW_SPL S_PCO_36000346 Display Document Splitting Results 
151 FAGL_MIG_SIM_SPL S_PCO_36000347 Simulate Document Splitting 
152 FAGL_MIG_SUBSEQ_POST S_AC0_52000625 Transfer Documents to New General Ledger Accounting 
153 FAGL_MIG_SUM_STATUS S_AC0_52000724 Display Log for Balance Carryforward 
154 FAGL_MM_RECON S_EB5_05000652 Master Data Enhancement for Bal. Reconcil. Btwn Gen. Ledger and Matls Mgmt 
155 FAGL_OBA7 S_AL0_19000076 Define Document Types for Entry View 
156 FAGL_OBH1 S_PCO_36000403 Copy to Company Code 
157 FAGL_OBH2 S_PCO_36000404 Copy to Fiscal Year 
158 FAGL_PARA_BWBER S_PL0_86000071 Assign Valuation Areas and Accounting Principles 
159 FAGL_PARA_CHECK_RLV S_PCO_36000368 Check Assignment of Accounting Principle to Ledger Group 
160 FAGL_PARA_TRG_LDG S_PL0_86000070 Assign Accounting Principle to Ledger Groups 
161 FAGL_PARA_VALU_NR S_PL0_86000072 Define Number Range for Documents from Valuations 
162 FAGL_PCA_PC_HR S_PL0_86000138 Transfer Profit Centers from HR 
163 FAGL_PC_ACTIV S_PL0_86000034 Activate Inactive Profit Centers 
164 FAGL_PC_COMPC S_PL0_86000033 Assign Profit Center to Company Code 
165 FAGL_PC_DELETE S_PL0_86000035 Delete Inactive Profit Centers 
166 FAGL_PC_ORK1VA02 S_PL0_86000036 Assign Sales Orders Individually 
167 FAGL_PC_STHR S_E38_98000135 Define Profit Center Standard Hierarchy in Controlling Area 
168 FAGL_PERIOD_CHECK S_PL0_86000136 Extend Check of Open Posting Period 
169 FAGL_PLAN_ACT_SEC S_E38_98000024 Activate Plan Integration for Secondary Cost Elements 
170 FAGL_PLAN_MASS_UPL S_E38_98000071 Define Additional Verification for Plan Data 
171 FAGL_PL_BAPI_SET S_E38_98000070 Set Up Transfer of External Data 
172 FAGL_PL_CO_PLAN S_SL0_21000070 Transfer Planning Data from CO-OM 
173 FAGL_PL_EXRATE S_E38_98000072 Define Exchange Rate Type and Document Type for Plan Version 
174 FAGL_PL_KE1Z S_SL0_21000071 Transfer Planning Data from CO-PA 
175 FAGL_PL_LAY S_PL0_86000022 Define Planning Layout 
176 FAGL_PL_LC S_AL0_19000074 Define Number Ranges for Plan Documents 
177 FAGL_POSTING_SERVICE S_PL0_86000171 Check Open Posting Period 
178 FAGL_RAPERDEL S_AC0_52000883 Reset Posting Status of Periodic Inventory Postings 
179 FAGL_REP_FGI2 S_PL0_86000176 Define Report 
180 FAGL_REP_FGI5 S_PL0_86000172 Specify Form 
181 FAGL_REP_FGIO S_PL0_86000177 Transport Report 
182 FAGL_REP_FGIP S_PL0_86000173 Transport Form 
183 FAGL_REP_FGIQ S_PL0_86000178 Import Report from Client 000 
184 FAGL_REP_FGIR S_PL0_86000174 Import Form from Client 000 
185 FAGL_REP_FGIT S_PL0_86000181 Translate Report 
186 FAGL_REP_FGIV S_PL0_86000180 Specify Global Variables 
187 FAGL_REP_FGIX S_PL0_86000179 Delete Report 
188 FAGL_REP_FGIY S_PL0_86000182 Delete Report Data 
189 FAGL_REP_FGIZ S_PL0_86000175 Delete Form 
190 FAGL_RGUDEL00 S_AC0_52000725 Reset Balance Carryforward 
191 FAGL_RMIGR_LOG S_E38_98000069 Display Report Transfer Logs 
192 FAGL_ROLL_FAGL21 S_SL0_21000006 Define Rollup 
193 FAGL_RRI_CUST S_E4A_94000149 Change Report-Report Interface for Reconciliation with Controlling 
194 FAGL_RRI_RECON_CO S_E4A_94000150 Adjust Selections for Report-Report Interface 
195 FAGL_R_AA_ACT S_EB5_05000177 Activate Reorganization of Fixed Assets 
196 FAGL_R_AA_ASSET_UPDT S_EB5_05000121 Fill Master Data for Segment Reporting 
197 FAGL_R_AA_SEGMENTREP S_EB5_05000120 Activate Segment Reporting 
198 FAGL_R_ABKAT S_EB5_05000176 Exclude Results Analysis Categories for Determining Balances of Cost Objs 
199 FAGL_R_ARCHDEF S_EBJ_98000013 Archiving: Define Residence Times 
200 FAGL_R_ASSETS_CONS S_EB5_05000194 Check Profit Center Assignments in Asset Master Records 
201 FAGL_R_BLART S_EB5_05000170 Define Reorganization Document Type 
202 FAGL_R_DERH S_EB5_05000174 Define Own Version of Derivation Hierarchy 
203 FAGL_R_DERH_DEL S_EB5_05000201 Remove Object Types from Derivation Hierarchy 
204 FAGL_R_FILL_RMVCT S_EB5_05000241 Fill Consolidation Transaction Type for Segment Reports in GL Accounting 
205 FAGL_R_GENERATE S_EB5_05000364 BAdI: Enhancement of Object List Generation 
206 FAGL_R_JBSET S_EB5_05000175 Set Up Job Planning 
207 FAGL_R_JBSIZE S_EB5_05000178 Set Up Parallel Processing 
208 FAGL_R_OBJTDIS S_EB5_05000169 Specify Display Characteristics Common to All Object Types 
209 FAGL_R_OBJTDIS2 S_EB5_05000351 Specify Display Characteristics for Transfer Posting Reports 
210 FAGL_R_OBJTDIS3 S_EB5_05000352 Specify Display Characteristics for Each Object Type 
211 FAGL_R_OBJTRES S_EB5_05000168 Specify Restriction Characteristics for Reorganization Object Type 
212 FAGL_R_OBJTY S_EB5_05000173 Define Reorganization Object Types 
213 FAGL_R_OBJ_TYPE_BADI S_EB5_05000172 BAdI: Enhancement of Reorganization Object Types 
214 FAGL_R_PLTYRES S_EB5_05000167 Specify Restriction Characteristics for Reorganization Plan Type 
215 FAGL_R_PLTY_ACTIVATE S_EB5_05000400 Activate Reorganization Plan Type 
216 FAGL_R_PREREQUISITES S_EB5_05000166 Prerequisites for a Reorganization 
217 FAGL_R_REPOST S_EBJ_98000042 BAdI: Transfer Posting Enhancement 
218 FAGL_R_RMVCT S_EB5_05000171 Define Transaction Types for Reorganization Transfer Postings 
219 FAGL_R_SDCUS_1 S_EB5_05000610 Specify Periods for Sales Document Selection 
220 FAGL_SET_EPRCTR S_E38_98000067 Set Elimination PrCtr for Reports with Elimination of Internal Bus. Volume 
221 FAGL_SLL_CLOCO S_EEI_69000010 Activate Task Lists for Change in Leading Valuation 
222 FAGL_SLL_EXCEP S_EEI_69000012 Display Released Posting Applications 
223 FAGL_SPLIT_VAL S_AC0_52000729 Define Validation 
224 FAGL_SPLVAL_ADJUST S_AC0_52000731 Validation of Document Splitting: Adjust Validation 
225 FAGL_SPLVAL_ASSGNMT S_AC0_52000732 Validation of Document Splitting: Simulate Base Account Assignments 
226 FAGL_TRANS_0KEK S_PCO_36000417 Define Account Determination for Internal Goods Movements 
227 FAGL_TRANS_0KEN S_PCO_36000419 Define Special Handling for Internal Goods Movements 
228 FAGL_TRANS_8KEB S_PCO_36000413 Define Price Dependencies (Condition Tables) 
229 FAGL_TRANS_8KED S_PCO_36000414 Define Access Sequence 
230 FAGL_TRANS_8KEG S_PCO_36000416 Define Pricing Reports 
231 FAGL_TRANS_8KEH S_PCO_36000415 Define Condition Exclusion for Groups of Conditions 
232 FAGL_TRANS_8KEZ S_PCO_36000412 Basic Settings for Pricing 
233 FAGL_TRANS_CMOD S_PCO_36000438 Develop Enhancements for Transfer Prices 
234 FAGL_TRANS_Z042 S_PCO_36000418 Define Acct Determination for Prod. Variance for Delivery to Another PrCtr 
235 FAGL_UPLOAD_CARRY_FO S_AC0_52000626 Transfer Balance Carryforward 
236 FAGL_UPLOAD_CF S_PL0_86000137 Transfer Balance Carryforward from Ledger 
237 FAGL_UPL_CF S_PL0_86000076 Transfer Balance Carryforward 
238 FAGL_VALIDATE S_E4A_94000151 Define Validation Rule for Account Assignment Combinations 
239 FAGL_VALID_DC S_AC0_52000891 Information on Validating Document Splitting 
240 FAGL_VAL_CUST_EXIT_B S_EB5_05000567 BAdI: Enhancements for Document Validation 
241 FAGL_VAL_LOG S_AC0_52000632 Analyze Log for Validation of Document Splitting 
242 FAGL_VAL_MAPPING_BAD S_EB5_05000566 BAdI: Mapping ACCIT Fields to Customer Fields 
243 FAGL_VC_FAGL_MIG_A S_AC0_52000508 Define and Assign Migration Plan 
244 FAGL_VC_FAGL_MIG_B S_AC0_52000634 Define Validation 
245 FAGL_V_FAGL_MIG_BSEC S_AC0_52000623 Store Alternative Clearing Relationship 
246 FAGL_V_FAGL_MIG_LTYP S_AC0_52000622 Define Alternative Item Type Assignment 
247 FAGL_V_FAGL_MIG_PROC S_AC0_52000621 Define Alternative Business Transaction Assignment 
248 FAGL_V_FAGL_SEGM S_AC0_52000765 Make Settings for Segment and Segment Derivation 
249 FAGL_V_FAGL_T021S S_AC0_52000801 Define Special Fields for Line Item Display 
250 FAGL_V_FAGL_T8A30 S_AC0_52000645 Assign Default Profit Center to Accounts 
251 FAGL_V_FAGL_TCMAP S_PCO_36000134 Include Customer Fields in Enjoy Transactions 
252 FAGL_V_T001B_COFI S_E4A_94000053 Open and Close Posting Periods 
253 FAGL_V_TACE_ACCRULE S_PL0_86000069 Define Accounting Principles 
254 FAGL_WZ_NEW_RULE S_E4A_94000096 Wizard: Create Document Splitting Rule 
255 FAGL_WZ_SPLIT_CONF S_E4A_94000095 Wizard: Configure Document Splitting 
256 FAMILIENSTAND_GP S_ALR_87009547 Define Marital Status 
257 FAMILIENSTAND_GP_I S_ALR_87007381 Marital Status 
258 FA_FM_GLACC_DERIVE S_PLN_62000014 BAdI: Enhance Derivation of G/L Accounts for Fiduciary Fund 
259 FA_MX_ODN_100 S_EB5_05000102 Assign Number Range to Company Code, Approval No and Dt 
260 FA_MX_ODN_1000 S_EB5_05000107 Maintain Void Reason Codes 
261 FA_MX_ODN_200 S_EB5_05000094 Maintain Document Classes 
262 FA_MX_ODN_2000 S_EB5_05000335 BAdI: Get Document Class Based on Sales Org, Billing Type and Net Amount 
263 FA_MX_ODN_300 S_EB5_05000095 Assign Document Classes to Document Types 
264 FA_MX_ODN_400 S_EB5_05000096 Maintain Number Groups 
265 FA_MX_ODN_500 S_EB5_05000097 Maintain Number Ranges 
266 FA_MX_ODN_600 S_EB5_05000103 Maintain Form Types 
267 FA_MX_ODN_700 S_EB5_05000104 Maintain Document Classes 
268 FA_MX_ODN_800 S_EB5_05000105 Assign Document Classes to Document Types 
269 FA_MX_ODN_900 S_EB5_05000106 Maintain Lots and Books 
270 FA_VC_FMTRSTFUNDS S_ALN_01002602 Define Fund Types for Fiduciary Funds 
271 FBD_BADI_DEBITSL S_AX8_68000394 BAdI: Processing of User Requests 
272 FBD_BADI_GETDATA S_AX8_68000391 BAdI: Determination of Bills 
273 FBD_BADI_INVDET S_AX8_68000392 BAdI: Determination of Bill Details 
274 FBD_BADI_NOTIFY S_AX8_68000395 BAdI: Notification Address 
275 FBD_BADI_NOTIFY2 S_AX8_68000396 BAdI: Notification using SMS or E-mail 
276 FBD_BADI_USAPPLREF S_AX8_68000393 BAdI: Assignment of User and Customer 
277 FBD_BADI_USAPPLREF_1 S_EB5_05000317 BAdI: Assignment of User and Vendor 
278 FBK_OVRL_SCR S_EBS_44000377 BAdI: Calculate Overall Score 
279 FBN_00_AD_ADJM_12 S_PLN_06000186 Define Benefit Personnel Adjustment Reasons 
280 FBN_00_AD_ADJM_13 S_PLN_06000187 Assign Personnel Adjustment Reasons 
281 FBN_NL_ADM_00 S_L7D_24000675  
282 FBN_NL_ADM_01 S_L7D_24000683  
283 FBN_NL_ADM_02 S_L7D_24000684  
284 FBN_NL_ADM_03 S_L7D_24000685 Determine Changeable Plans for Adjustment Reasons 
285 FBN_NL_ADM_04 S_L7D_24000686  
286 FBN_NL_ADM_06 S_L7D_24001507 Link Next Adjustment Reason to Adjustment Reason 
287 FBN_NL_ADM_10 S_L7D_24000635  
288 FBN_NL_ADM_100 S_L7D_24000640 Establish Starting Regulations 
289 FBN_NL_ADM_120 S_L7D_24000641  
290 FBN_NL_ADM_130 S_L7D_24000642  
291 FBN_NL_ADM_140 S_L7D_24000643  
292 FBN_NL_ADM_170 S_L7D_24000644  
293 FBN_NL_ADM_180 S_L7D_24000669  
294 FBN_NL_ADM_190 S_L7D_24001258 BAdI: Default Values for Choices 
295 FBN_NL_ADM_20 S_L7D_24000636  
296 FBN_NL_ADM_30 S_L7D_24000673  
297 FBN_NL_ADM_40 S_L7D_24000637 Establish Entrance Group 
298 FBN_NL_ADM_50 S_L7D_24000638  
299 FBN_NL_ADM_80 S_L7D_24000639  
300 FBN_NL_AS_010 S_L7D_24000695 Check Calculation Rules for Payroll Simulation on Annual Basis 
301 FBN_NL_AS_015 S_L7D_24000748  
302 FBN_NL_AS_020 S_L7D_24000696  
303 FBN_NL_AS_025 S_L7D_24001021  
304 FBN_NL_AS_030 S_L7D_24000697 Record Payroll Functions in Schema 
305 FBN_NL_AS_040 S_L7D_24000698 Create Pay Slip for Payroll Simulation on Annual Basis 
306 FBN_NL_AS_045 S_L7D_24001798 Information Text on Pay Slip 
307 FBN_NL_AS_050 S_L7D_24000699 Create Variant for Payroll Simulation on Annual Basis 
308 FBN_NL_AS_060 S_L7D_24000700  
309 FBN_NL_BS_010 S_L7D_24000619  
310 FBN_NL_BS_020 S_L7D_24000621  
311 FBN_NL_BS_030 S_L7D_24000622  
312 FBN_NL_BS_040 S_L7D_24000623  
313 FBN_NL_BS_050 S_L7D_24000650  
314 FBN_NL_BS_100 S_L7D_24000627  
315 FBN_NL_BS_110 S_L7D_24000628  
316 FBN_NL_BS_130 S_L7D_24000647  
317 FBN_NL_BS_60 S_L7D_24000624  
318 FBN_NL_BS_70 S_L7D_24000625  
319 FBN_NL_BS_80 S_L7D_24000626  
320 FBN_NL_ESS_10 S_L7D_24000646 Set ESS Parameters 
321 FBN_NL_ESS_20 S_L7D_24001259 BAdI: ESS Settings 
322 FBN_NL_FR_010 S_L7D_24000746  
323 FBN_NL_FR_015 S_L7D_24000752 Complete overview of flexible benefits choices 
324 FBN_NL_FR_020 S_L7D_24000747  
325 FBN_NL_HM_010 S_L7D_24000737 Report for Customizing Flexible Benefits Check 
326 FBN_NL_HM_020 S_L7D_24001016 Copy schema and check for presence of function in schema 
327 FBN_NL_HM_030 S_L7D_24001017 Check calculation rules 
328 FBN_NL_HM_040 S_L7D_24001018 Create variant for main payroll program 
329 FBN_NL_HM_050 S_L7D_24000738 Determine and Save Source Amounts 
330 FBN_NL_HM_060 S_L7D_24001678 Overview of Flexible Benefits Sources 
331 FBN_NL_HM_065 S_L7D_24001704 Activate Additional Terms of Employment 
332 FBN_NL_HM_100 S_L7D_24001797 Report for Updating of Date Dependent Customizing Entries 
333 FBN_NL_PL_10 S_L7D_24000629 Determine General Data for Plan 
334 FBN_NL_PL_20 S_L7D_24000630  
335 FBN_NL_PL_30 S_L7D_24000631 Determine Characteristics of Goals 
336 FBN_NL_PL_35 S_L7D_24001260 BAdI: Option Cost Changes 
337 FBN_NL_PL_40 S_L7D_24000632 Set Characteristics of Absence Plans 
338 FBN_NL_PL_45 S_L7D_24001254 BAdI: Absence Plan Changes 
339 FBN_NL_PL_46 S_L7D_24001261 BAdI: Benefit Plan Activation 
340 FBN_NL_PL_47 S_L7D_24001255 BAdI: Benefit Plan Changes 
341 FBN_NL_PL_50 S_L7D_24000633  
342 FBN_NL_PL_55 S_L7D_24001257 BAdI: Valid Combination Checks 
343 FBN_NL_PL_60 S_L7D_24000634 Settlement 
344 FBN_NL_PL_65 S_L7D_24001256 BAdI: Additional Infotypes 
345 FBN_NL_PL_67 S_L7D_24002274 Prepare Time Evaluation of Absence Plans 
346 FBN_NL_PL_70 S_L7D_24000742  
347 FBN_NL_VS_005 S_L7D_24001069 Proces Documentation Flexible Benefits (NL) 
348 FBN_NL_VS_010 S_L7D_24000674  
349 FBP_CMPERS_CONVERT S_PLN_62000226 BAdI: Internal-External Conversion and Vice-Versa 
350 FBP_CMPERS_RESOLVE S_PLN_62000225 BAdI: Explode Intervals and Groups 
351 FB_ICRC_001 S_PLN_62000450 Define Enhancements 
352 FCCS S_SE3_62000029 Define Determination Characteristics and Rules 
353 FCC_BADI_EXT_JOB S_FC3_02000002 BAdI: Definition of Match Criteria for External Jobs 
354 FCC_BADI_NOTIF S_FC8_75000019 BAdI: Customize Notifications 
355 FCC_BADI_NOTIF_SCE S_FC8_75000020 BAdI: Custom Notification Scenarios 
356 FCC_BADI_USAGE S_FC8_75000021 BAdI: Custom Usage for Closing Type 
357 FCC_BADI_USR_GROUP S_FC8_75000018 BAdI: Custom User Groups 
358 FCC_BKG_JOB_MONITOR S_FC3_02000001 Monitor Background Jobs 
359 FCC_CAL_REF_DATE S_FC8_75000022 BAdI: Custom Calculation of Reference Date 
360 FCC_CONFIGURE_NOTIF S_FC8_75000016 Define Notification Configurations 
361 FCC_CONFIGURE_RFC S_FC8_75000006 Define Remote Systems 
362 FCC_CUSTOM_USER_GRP S_FC8_75000026 Define Custom User Groups 
363 FCC_DEFINE_ORG_UNITS S_FC3_02000008 Define Organizational Units 
364 FCC_DEF_GROUP_ONE S_FC3_02000011 Define Group One 
365 FCC_DEF_GROUP_THREE S_FC3_02000013 Define Group Three 
366 FCC_DEF_GROUP_TWO S_FC3_02000012 Define Group Two 
367 FCC_DEF_MILESTONES S_FC3_02000015 Define Milestones 
368 FCC_DEF_PHASES S_FC3_02000016 Define Phases 
369 FCC_EDIT_NOTIF_TEMPL S_FC8_75000017 Edit Email Notification Templates 
370 FCC_FAGL_CLOCO FCC_S_AEN_10000528 Execute Migration Cockpit 
371 FCC_FILTER_PROFILE S_FC3_02000003 Define Profiles 
372 FCC_FLOW_DEFINITION S_FC8_75000015 Define Flow Definitions 
373 FCC_GENERAL_CUST S_FC8_75000024 Define General Customizing Settings 
374 FCC_GLOBAL_ID S_FC8_75000025 Define Global IDs 
375 FCC_HIERARCHIES S_FC3_02000007 Define Organizational Hierarchies 
376 FCC_IC_AUTO S_FC3_02000005 Define Automation 
377 FCC_IC_PURP S_FC3_02000006 Define Purposes 
378 FCC_IC_SIG S_FC3_02000004 Define Significance 
379 FCC_IMPORT_ORG_UNITS S_FC3_02000009 Import Organizational Units 
380 FCC_MAINTAIN_AUTH S_FC8_75000007 Define Authorization Groups 
381 FCC_MAINTAIN_ORG_HR S_FC8_75000013 Define Organizational Plan 
382 FCC_MAINTAIN_TEMPL S_FC8_75000010 Define Templates and Task Groups 
383 FCC_MAINTAIN_VAR S_FC8_75000012 Define Custom Variables 
384 FCC_MESSAGE_CONTROL1 S_FC3_02000010 Change Message Control 
385 FCC_REG_PROGRAM S_FC8_75000011 Register Programs 
386 FCC_SET_WORKLIST S_FC8_75000014 Define Settings for Worklist 
387 FCML_ACCMAP S_EB5_05000226 Define Alternative Accounts for Material Ledger Postings 
388 FCML_COREVSETTL S_EBJ_45000040 Activate Parallel Values on Orders and Projects 
389 FCML_FIAACO S_EB5_05000223 Transfer Depreciation from Asset Accounting to Controlling 
390 FCML_MLCO S_EB5_05000225 Set Up Parallel Valuation of Cost of Goods Manufactured for Company Codes 
391 FCOM_ACTIVITYTYPE_EN S_EBS_44000393 BAdI: Activity Type Master Data 
392 FCOM_COSTCENTER_ENHA S_EBS_44000390 BAdI: Maintain Cost Center Master Data 
393 FCOM_EQM_CHANGE S_PLN_62000205 BAdI: Change Equipment Monitor 
394 FCOM_EQM_COSTS S_PLN_62000207 BAdI: Equipment Monitor, Select Cost Determination 
395 FCOM_EQM_EQUI_USER S_PLN_62000206 BAdI: Assignment of Equipment to Users 
396 FCOM_ES_INTERNALORDE S_EBS_44000398 Notes on Implementation 
397 FCOM_FICO_SELOPT_CNV S_AL0_19000038 FI-CO Reconciliation: Convert Selection Options 
398 FCOM_IO_CIFIELDS S_EBS_44000399 BAdI: Integration of Customizing Include Fields 
399 FCOM_IO_EXTEND S_EBS_44000402 BAdI: Integration of User Interface Extension 
400 FCOM_IO_USERFIELDS S_EBS_44000403 BAdI: Maintenance of User Fields 
401 FCOM_PLR_ROOMPARAMS S_PEN_05000401 BAdI: Change Room Parameters 
402 FDCS01 S_BRK_62000003 Specify Derivative Contract Specifications 
403 FDMVC_INSTPLAN_TY S_EB5_05000436 Define Installment Plan Types for Promises to Pay with Installments 
404 FDM_AR_BD_DEF_CASE_T S_E4A_94000039 BAdI: Determination of Case Type for SAP Biller Direct 
405 FDM_AR_CCM_ASSIGN_CM S_PR0_40000574 BAdI: Distribution of Credit Memos 
406 FDM_AR_CCM_ASSIGN_PM S_EB5_05000099 BAdI: Assignment of a Payment Item to Invoice Items 
407 FDM_AR_CCM_PAYMENT_C S_EB5_05000100 BAdI: Check of a Line Item for Payment Relevance 
408 FDM_BADI_ASSIGNMENT S_PR0_40000147 Implement Customer Enhancement for Assignment of Open Items to Dispute Case 
409 FDM_BADI_CALC_CDIS S_PR0_40000148 Implement Customer Enhancement for Calculation of Customer-Disputed Amount 
410 FDM_BADI_CASE_TITL S_XBI_29000013 Implement Customer-Specific Default Values for Title 
411 FDM_BADI_CASE_TYPE S_XBI_29000005 Implement Customer-Specific Default Values for Case Type 
412 FDM_BADI_CATEGORY S_XBI_29000006 Implement Customer-Specific Default Values for Category 
413 FDM_BADI_DISP_COMPL S_XBI_29000015 Implement Customer Enhancement for Completion of Dispute Case 
414 FDM_BADI_DUE_DATE S_AXA_22000055 Implement Customer-Defined Default Values for Processing Deadline 
415 FDM_BADI_EXT_REF S_XBI_29000009 Implement Customer-Specific Default Values for External Reference 
416 FDM_BADI_FIELDSTAT S_XBI_29000016 Implement Customer Enhancement for Controlling Attribute Maint. Properties 
417 FDM_BADI_FIN_COORD S_XBI_29000011 Implement Customer-Specific Default Values for Coordinator 
418 FDM_BADI_NOTE S_XBI_29000014 Implement Customer-Specific Default Values for Case Notes 
419 FDM_BADI_NOTES S_EB5_05000429 BAdI: Display and Change Separate Notes 
420 FDM_BADI_P2P_JUDGE S_AXA_22000092 BAdI: Valuation of Promise to Pay 
421 FDM_BADI_PLAN_END S_AXA_22000056 Implement Customer-Defined Default Values for Planned Closing Date 
422 FDM_BADI_PRIORITY S_XBI_29000008 Implement Customer-Specific Default Values for Priority 
423 FDM_BADI_PROCESSOR S_XBI_29000010 Implement Customer-Specific Default Values for Processor 
424 FDM_BADI_REASON S_XBI_29000007 Implememnt Customer-Specific Default Values for Reason 
425 FDM_BADI_RESPONSIB S_XBI_29000012 Implement Customer-Specific Default Values for Person Responsible 
426 FDM_BADI_USER_SCREEN S_XBI_29000017 Implement Customer Enhancement for Customer-Specific Subscreen 
427 FDM_BADI_WRITEOFF S_XBI_29000004 Implement Customer Enhancement 
428 FDM_COLL_CCT_DETAIL S_EB5_05000411 BAdI: Display of a Customer Contact 
429 FDM_COLL_DET_BRANCH S_E4A_94000104 BAdI: Determination of Customer for Collections Management 
430 FDM_COLL_DET_PAYER S_E4A_94000105 BAdI: Determination of Alternative Payer for Collections Management 
431 FDM_COLL_FUNCDEA S_EB5_05000409 Deactivate Additional Functions 
432 FDM_COLL_GET_DATA S_EB5_05000161 BAdI: Determination of Document Data 
433 FDM_COLL_INSTALLMENT S_EB5_05000437 BAdI: Default Installment Plan and Check when Saving the Promise to Pay 
434 FDM_COLL_INSTMNT_DIS S_EB5_05000522 BAdI: Distribution of Installments to Invoices 
435 FDM_COLL_POST_DATA S_EB5_05000159 BAdI: Post and Change in Substitute System 
436 FDM_COLL_PR_FCODE S_EB5_05000410 BAdI: Function Code Processing for Additional Functions 
437 FDM_COLL_SALE S_EB5_05000157 Set Up Substitute System 
438 FDM_COLL_SEND_ITEMS S_AXC_91000062 BAdI: Distribution of Data in Collections Management 
439 FDM_CUST00 S_AXA_22000041 Activate Process Integration for SAP Dispute Management 
440 FDM_CUST06 S_AXA_22000097 Assign Case Types for Dispute Cases from SAP Biller Direct 
441 FDM_CUST07 S_AXA_22000101 Define Reasons for SAP Biller Direct 
442 FDM_CUST13 S_PR0_40000392 Define Attributes for Dispute Cases from Advance Payments 
443 FDM_CUST24 S_EB5_05000273 Display Existing Settings 
444 FDM_CVI_INFO S_AXC_91000068 Perform Master Data Distribution 
445 FDM_MAP_CT_ADDRESS S_AXC_91000069 Service Address of Contact Person 
446 FDM_MIRR_CUSTOMER_MD S_EB5_05000160 BAdI: Determination of Customer Master Data from Original Systems 
447 FDM_MIRR_WIZARD S_EB5_05000158 Create Company Code in Substitute System 
448 FDM_PARTNER_MAPPING S_AXC_91000058 BAdI: Mapping of Master Data 
449 FDM_PARTNER_MAP_AR S_AXC_91000056 Activate/Deactivate Standard Implementation for Mapping in FI-AR 
450 FDM_PARTNER_MAP_COLL S_AXC_91000057 Activate/Deactivate Standard Implementation for Mapping in SAP Coll. Mgt 
451 FDM_PARTNER_MAP_CRM S_EB5_05000101 Activate/Deactivate Standard Impl. for Mapping using CRM Middleware 
452 FDM_UKMPI_MAPPING_AR S_E4A_94000118 Mapping in FI-AR 
453 FDM_UKMPI_MAPPING_CO S_E4A_94000128 Mapping in SAP Collections Management 
454 FDM_VC_TFDM_DEF S_XBI_29000002 Define Default Values for Creation of Dispute Cases 
455 FDM_VC_TFDM_WRITEOFF S_XBI_29000003 Edit settings 
456 FDM_V_TFDM_CUSTDISP S_PR0_40000146 Process Settings for Customer-Disputed Objects in Dispute Cases 
457 FEB_FS_ACC_DBSYS_OPT S_EX2_94000006 Free Text Search in Bank Statement Postprocessing (Side-by-Side) 
458 FEB_FS_DBSYS_OPT S_EX2_94000005 Free Text Search in Bank Statement Postprocessing 
459 FEHVC_PROXY2CMPR S_BTD_53000056 Assign Caller to a Business Process 
460 FEHV_ACTIVE S_BSD_38000004 Activate Error and Conflict Handler 
461 FEHV_PE_BRGRU S_BSD_38000001 Define Authorization Groups 
462 FEHV_PE_INTF_AUT S_BSD_38000002 Define Interface-Specific Authorizations 
463 FEH_PE_CNT_AUT S_BSD_38000105 BAdI: Content-Based Authorization Check 
464 FELDAUSW_SACHBEARB S_ALR_87003702 Define Field Selection for Assigning Loan Officers 
465 FELDSTEUERUNGUMBUCHG S_ALR_87000599 Define Field Control for Transferring Premium Reserve Fund 
466 FELDSTEUERUNGVERTRAG S_ALR_87000602 Define Field Control for Contract 
467 FELD_DEPOT S_ALR_87004253 Maintain Field Selection for Security Account Master Data 
468 FFFFFFFFFFFF   fffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 
469 FI-AP-AP-Q_WTMG S_P9C_18000045 Withholding Tax Changeover 
470 FI-CLCO_CLOCOC S_SLN_44000026 Closing Cockpit (Manage Templates and Task Lists) 
471 FI-GL_FL_GLC2 S_P00_07000270 Make Country-Specific Settings (Obsolete) 
472 FI-GL_MD_OB_GLACC01 S_ALR_87099817 Create G/L Accounts with Reference 
473 FI-GL_MD_OB_GLACC11 S_ALR_87099831 Change Chart of Accounts Data 
474 FI-GL_MD_OB_GLACC21 S_ALR_87099832 Define Screen Layout for G/L Account Master Data 
475 FI-GL_MD_OB_GLACC31 S_P00_07000254 Assign Own Scenarios for Requesting Master Data Changes 
476 FI-SL_ACTP_GCL2 S_ALR_87100557 Assign Ledger Splitting Method and Fields 
477 FI-SL_ACTP_SPLIT04 S_ALR_87099781 Assign Ledger Splitting Method and Fields 
478 FI-SL_MD_VC_LDGRP S_AL0_19000009 Define Ledger Group 
479 FI-SL_PL_BERECHT S_ALR_87099778 Define Authorization Groups for Planning 
480 FI-SL_PL_GLPLINST S_ALR_87009564 Install Summary Table 
481 FI-SL_PL_GLPLINSTALL S_ALR_87009565 Install all summary tables 
482 FI-SL_PL_LAY S_ALR_87009566 Define Planning Layout 
483 FI-SL_PL_PROFIL S_ALR_87009567 Define Planner Profile 
484 FI-SL_PL_TOOL S_ALR_87009568 Use Planning Tool 
485 FIAAJPV_UNDEPR S_EEI_11000022 Specify Transaction Types for Unplanned Depreciation 
486 FIAA_ANNEX16_ADDATTR S_AER_95000281 Determine Additional Attributes for Asset Classes 
487 FIAA_ANNEX16_ASSITEM S_AER_95000282 Create Asset Items 
488 FIAA_ANNEX16_ASSTRUC S_AER_95000283 Create Asset Structures 
489 FIAA_ANNEX16_DEPAREA S_AER_95000284 Assign Depreciation Area Type to Depreciation Area 
490 FIAA_ANNEX16_DFLTSTR S_AER_95000286 Define Default Values for Type-Structure-Item Combinations 
491 FIAA_ANNEX16_STRCITM S_AER_95000285 Define Type-Structure-Item Combinations 
492 FIAA_BEW_GJAHR_NEWGL S_EBS_44000189 Allow Differing Variants for Depreciation Areas with G/L Integration 
493 FIAA_CN_ASSETCLASS S_EBS_44000435 Specify Asset Classes 
494 FIAA_CN_REPPARA S_EBS_44000437 Maintain Asset Evaluation Groups 
495 FIAA_CN_REPPARA_DK S_EBS_44000438 Specify Parameters for Asset Depreciation 
496 FIAA_CN_TRANSTYPES S_EBS_44000436 Maintain Asset Transaction Types 
497 FIAA_DEP_BLK_01 S_EE5_50000135 Maintain Asset Block Details 
498 FIAA_DEP_BLK_02 S_EE5_50000136 Maintain Opening WDV of the Asset Block 
499 FIAA_DEP_TA_01 S_EE5_50000314 Maintain Tax Depreciation Area 
500 FIAA_DEP_TG_01 S_EE5_50000315 Assign Transaction Types to Transaction Types Group