SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index F, page 2
IMG Activity - F
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 FIAA_REVALUATE_ASSET S_ALN_01002236 Implementations for Add-In for Revaluation and New Valuation 
2 FIAPARCL_T_OB57 S_ALR_87100116 Assign Users to Tolerance Groups 
3 FIAPARCL_T_OB58 S_ALN_01000633 Residual Item Posting in Invoice Currency 
4 FIAPARCL_T_OBA4 S_ALR_87100115 Define Tolerance Groups for Employees 
5 FIAPARCL_T_OBXL S_ALR_87100123 Define Accounts for Clearing Differences 
6 FIAPARDT_T_SXDA S_P99_41000137 Data Transfer Workbench 
7 FIAPARIP_T_OBXW S_P99_41000107 Define Posting Key for Outgoing Invoices/Credit Memos 
8 FIAPARIP_T_OBZO S_P99_41000105 Define Document Types for Enjoy Transactions 
9 FIAPARIP_T_OBZT S_P99_41000106 Define Tax Code per Transaction 
10 FIAPARIR_T_OBXJ S_P99_41000104 Define Posting Key for Incoming Invoices/Credit Memos 
11 FIAPARIR_T_OBZO S_P99_41000089 Define Document Types for Enjoy Transaction 
12 FIAPARIR_T_OBZT S_P99_41000090 Define Tax Code per Transaction 
13 FIAPAR_BADI_PAYREF S_P6B_12000003 Add-In: Payment Reference Numbers 
14 FIAPAR_QST_T059PCURR S_ALR_87100865 Define Exchange Rate Type for Withholding Tax Type 
15 FIAPAR_SE71 S_PL0_09000091 Define Interest Forms (with SAPScript) 
16 FIAPAR_V_T047I S_PL0_09000092 Define Sender Details for Interest Forms 
17 FIAPBRD_ISPB S_EBJ_98000259 Assign ISPB Codes to Bank Codes 
18 FIAPPY_T_O7FB S_P9C_18000035 Choose Sort Fields for Payments 
19 FIAPPY_T_O7FC S_P9C_18000030 Select Search Fields for Payments 
20 FIAPPY_T_O7FD S_P9C_18000034 Select Sort Fields for the Line Item Display 
21 FIAPPY_T_O7FE S_P9C_18000033 Select Search Fields for Line Item Display 
22 FIAPPY_T_O7V4 S_P9C_18000029 Select Standard Line Layout for Payments 
23 FIAPPY_T_O7V5 S_P9C_18000032 Select Standard Line Layout for Line Items 
24 FIAPPY_T_O7Z5 S_P9C_18000028 Define Line Layout for Displaying Payments 
25 FIAPPY_T_O7Z6 S_P9C_18000031 Define Line Layout for Displaying Line Items 
26 FIAPPY_VC_BANKDET S_ALR_87100691 Set Up Bank Determination for Payment Transactions 
27 FIAPPY_V_T042 S_ALR_87100687 Set Up All Company Codes for Payment Transactions 
28 FIAPPY_V_T042B S_ALR_87100688 Set Up Paying Company Codes for Payment Transactions 
29 FIAPPY_V_T042E S_ALR_87100690 Set Up Payment Methods per Company Code for Payment Transactions 
30 FIAPPY_V_T042F S_ALR_87100696 Define Payment Method Supplements 
31 FIAPPY_V_T042J S_ALR_87100693 Define Bank Charges for Japan 
32 FIAPPY_V_T042K S_ALR_87100694 Define Accounts for Bank Charges (Japan) 
33 FIAPPY_V_T042M S_ALR_87100692 Define User Number at Bank in Norway, United Kingdom, and Ireland 
34 FIAPPY_V_T042N S_ALR_87100695 Define Bank Transaction Code for United Kingdom 
35 FIAPPY_V_T042ZL S_ALR_87100689 Set Up Payment Methods per Country for Payment Transactions 
36 FIAP_EBPP_DISPUTE S_AXA_22000109 Integration with SAP Dispute Management 
37 FIAP_EBPP_LOG_CUST S_AX8_68000340 Define Entries for the Logging of the Activities of Web users 
38 FIAP_EBPP_T000 S_AX8_68000429 Define Payment Block for Release Process 
39 FIAP_EBPP_TTXID S_AX8_68000339 Assign Text ID 
40 FIAP_TFSCM_PROFILES S_AXC_91000050 Define Reference User 
41 FIAP_VC_VENDOR_EXP S_AL0_96000722 Prepare Modification-Free Enhancement in Vendor Master Record 
42 FIAP_VEBPP_REC_INV_1 S_EB5_05000306 Define Bill Files to be Uploaded 
43 FIAP_VEBPP_REC_INV_C S_AX8_68000427 Define Bill Files Archiving 
44 FIAP_V_EBPP_T043G S_AX8_68000388 Define Partial Payment and Currency 
45 FIAP_V_T042FCL S_AX8_68000327 Release Credit Cards 
46 FIAP_V_T042ICC S_AX8_68000328 Set Account Determination for Credit Cards 
47 FIAP_V_T042ZEBPP S_AX8_68000326 Edit Payment Methods 
48 FIAR_BADI_CADD_LOCKS S_PCO_36000270 BAdI: Request and Lock Customer Master Data 
54 FIAR_BADI_VADD_LOCKS S_PCO_36000271 BAdI: Request and Lock Vendor Master Data 
60 FIAR_VC_CUSTOMER_EXP S_AL0_96000723 Prepare Modification-Free Enhancement in Customer Master Record 
61 FIAR_V_CESSION S_ALR_87009300 Define Accounts Receivable Pledging Indicator 
62 FIAR_V_T001URL S_PL0_09000034 Edit URL Address 
63 FIAR_V_TURLTYPE S_PL0_09000033 Process URL Category 
64 FIBLBE_V_T045B_DC S_ALR_87009321 Define Charge Accounts 
65 FIBLBE_V_T045DTA_DC S_ALR_87009323 File Check Table 
66 FIBLBE_V_T045D_DC S_ALR_87009319 Define Available Amounts 
67 FIBLBE_V_T045F_DC S_ALR_87009322 Enter Bank Assignments 
68 FIBLBE_V_T045G_DC S_ALR_87009320 Enter Bank Charges 
69 FIBLCJ_T_FBCJC1 S_P99_41000016 Define Number Range Intervals for Cash Journal Documents 
70 FIBLCJ_T_FBCJC2 S_ALR_87009549 Set up Cash Journal Transactions 
71 FIBLCJ_T_FBCJC3 S_ALR_87009550 Set Up Print Parameters for Cash Journal 
72 FIBLEBS_V_T028L S_ALR_87100546 Create Planning Types per Bank Account 
73 FIBLPY_VC_T028R S_P99_41000329 Define repetitive payment transaction codes 
74 FIBL_BADI_BSIMP_BKST S_EBS_44000148 BAdI: Bank Statement Processing 
75 FIBL_BADI_BSIMP_FILE S_EBS_44000147 BAdI: File Processing 
76 FIBL_BADI_FIEB_RETUR S_AL0_96000817 Business Add-In: Processing of Returns 
77 FIBL_BADI_GET_BS_X S_EBS_44000597 BAdI: Split and Parse 
78 FIBL_BADI_MAPPING_X S_EBS_44000598 BAdI: Mapping the Bank Statement to Internal Structures 
79 FIBL_BADI_NOTEPAYEE S_P6B_12000001 Add-In: Notes to Payees 
80 FIBL_FEBVC_IMP_POST S_EBS_44000121 Define Posting Parameters 
81 FIBL_FEBVC_IMP_TRANS S_EBS_44000122 Define Transfer Information 
82 FIBL_FEBV_FEB_TATYPC S_EE6_85000118 Define Transaction 
83 FIBL_FEBV_FILEPATH S_EBS_44000119 Define Logical Paths 
84 FIBL_FEBV_IMP_SOURCE S_EBS_44000120 Define Import Parameters 
85 FIBL_FEB_IMP_DOCU S_EBS_44000414 Make Settings for Import 
86 FIBL_OBPM5 S_PL0_09000066 Define Identification for Cross-Payment Run Payment Media 
87 FIBL_ORB_T012O S_P9C_18000058 Define Orbian Details 
88 FIBL_ORB_T042ZFCL S_P9C_18000059 Activate Orbian Payments 
89 FIBL_VC_FIEB_RETURNS S_AL0_96000816 Configure Returns Processing 
90 FIBL_VFIEB_MAPPXCTRL S_EBS_44000595 Define Mapping Procedure 
91 FIBL_VFIEB_MAPPXCUST S_EBS_44000596 Define Mapping Format 
92 FIBL_V_ATPRA_FI S_PL0_09000090 Define Clearing Accounts for Cross-Country Bank Account Transfers 
93 FIBL_V_FIBLOPAYSTEP S_PL0_09000063 Define Process Steps 
94 FICABFWT_V_T059Q S_KK4_74002488 Define Withholding Tax Code 
95 FICA_AR_RECDATA S_KK4_74002721 Define Specifications on Data to be Recorded 
96 FICA_AR_REC_TAX_DATA S_KK4_74002716 Activate Recording of Tax Data 
97 FICA_AR_REP_CLASS S_KK4_74002703 Define Report Classifications 
98 FICA_AR_REP_GROUPING S_KK4_74002702 Define Report Groups 
99 FICA_AR_REVTAX_GLOB S_KK4_74002704 Define Global Parameters for Revenue Tax 
100 FICA_AR_REVTAX_MAC S_KK4_74002710 Maintain Multilateral Agreement Coefficients 
101 FICA_AR_REVTAX_MINAC S_KK4_74002711 Maintain Mini Agreement Coefficients 
102 FICA_AR_REVTAX_SPECS S_KK4_74002707 Define Specifications on Data to be Recorded 
103 FICA_AR_RTAX_GI_RATE S_KK4_74002717 Maintain Gross Income Tax Rates 
104 FICA_AR_RTAX_MUNRATE S_KK4_74002712 Maintain Municipal Tax Rates 
105 FICA_AR_RT_DS_MUNIC S_KK4_74002706 Define Reporting Times and Scope of Data per Municipality 
106 FICA_AR_RT_DS_PROV S_KK4_74002705 Define Reporting Times and Scope of Data per Province 
107 FICA_AR_RT_REPGRP_MU S_KK4_74002709 Assign Report Groups to Municipalities 
108 FICA_AR_RT_REPGRP_PR S_KK4_74002708 Assign Report Groups to Provinces 
109 FICA_AR_SALTAX_RT_DS S_KK4_74002720 Define Reporting Times and Scope of Data 
110 FICA_AR_SALTAX_SPECS S_KK4_74002718 Define Specifications on Data to be Recorded 
111 FICA_AR_SALTAX_TXCLS S_KK4_74002719 Assign Tax Classes to Reports 
112 FICA_PRENOTE_BADI_US S_KK4_74002723 Add-In: Preselection of Forced Prenotifications 
113 FICA_PT_DFKK_PT_NUMR S_P7I_74002805 Define ODN and SAF-T Invoice Number Structure 
114 FIEHLIST S_XB7_96000162 Edit Incorrect Objects 
115 FIELDSTAT_ORGPROFILE S_PLN_62000521 Define Field Status for Organization Profiles 
116 FIELDSTAT_TO_PROFILE S_PLN_62000523 Define Field Status for Profiles 
117 FIFM_EURO_FMEURO1 S_ALR_87099683 Create Euro FM Area 
118 FIFM_EURO_FMEURO2 S_ALR_87099691 Update Master Data in Euro FM Area 
119 FIFM_FMBUD005 S_ALR_87099695 Export Budget Version 
120 FIFM_FMBUD006 S_ALR_87099696 Import Budget Version 
121 FIFM_V_FMEUROFIKR S_ALR_87099693 Display Control Records for Euro FM Area 
122 FIFM_V_FMEUROFIKR_AC S_ALR_87099697 Activate/Deactivate Euro FM Area 
123 FIGLCL_T_OB57 S_ALR_87009561 Assign Users to Tolerance Groups 
124 FIGLCL_T_OBA0 S_ALR_87009559 Define Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts 
125 FIGLCL_T_OBA4 S_ALR_87009560 Define Tolerance Groups for Employees 
126 FIGLCL_T_OBXZ S_ALR_87009562 Create Accounts for Clearing Differences 
127 FIGLDT_T_SXDA S_P99_41000185 Data Transfer Workbench 
128 FIGLPOST_T_OBX1 S_P99_41000110 Define Posting Key for G/L Account Posting 
129 FIGLPOST_T_OBZO S_P99_41000109 Define Document Types for Enjoy Transaction 
130 FIGL_ACE_ARCHPREP S_PLN_16000086 Correct Archiving Status 
131 FIGL_CL_V_TABKT S_AL0_96000401 Define Account Determination 
132 FIGL_INT_VC_T095 S_AL0_96000450 Assign G/L Accounts 
133 FIGL_PARA_AA S_ALN_01000637 Parallel Accounting in Asset Accounting 
134 FIGL_PARA_BWBER S_ALN_01000642 Assign Accounting Principle to Valuation Area 
135 FIGL_PARA_BWBR_PR S_ALN_01000622 Assign Accounting Principle to Valuation Area 
136 FIGL_PARA_CFM S_ALN_01000638 Parallel Accounting in Corporate Finance Management 
137 FIGL_PARA_CO S_ALN_01000639 Parallel Accounting in Controlling 
138 FIGL_PARA_CO_ALTN S_ALN_01000640 Alternative Valuation Run 
139 FIGL_PARA_FI S_ALN_01000636 Parallel Accounting 
140 FIGL_PARA_FI_POST S_ALN_01000641 Manual posting 
141 FIGL_PARA_TRG_LDG S_ALN_01000621 Assign Accounting Principle to Ledger 
142 FIGL_PARA_VALU_NR S_ALN_01001423 Define Number Range for Additional Ledger 
143 FIGSDT_T_SXDA S_P99_41000132 Data Transfer Workbench 
144 FIGS_COS_FKB S_P6D_40000009 Enter Functional Area 
145 FIGS_COS_FSP2 S_ALR_87009607 Enter Functional Area in G/L Account Master Data 
146 FIGS_COS_KA02 S_ALR_87009611 Enter Functional Area in Cost Element Master Data 
147 FIGS_COS_KOT2_OPA S_ALR_87009623 Enter Functional Area in Request Type 
148 FIGS_COS_KS12 S_ALR_87009612 Enter Functional Area in Cost Center Categories 
149 FIGS_COS_OBZN S_ALR_87009605 Define Substitution 
150 FIGS_COS_V_001 S_ALR_87009624 Activate Cost of Sales Accounting 
151 FIGS_COS_V_001_COS S_ALR_87009606 Activate Cost of Sales Accounting for Preparation 
152 FIGS_V_T001CES S_ALR_87009236 Activate Accounts Receivable Pledging Procedure per Company Code 
153 FIITC_CONFIG S_EBJ_45000050 Define Generic Parameters for Company Code 
154 FILANDURDET S_XB7_96000107 Structure for Specifying Normal Useful Life or Scrap Value 
155 FILASTRUC_ACCDET S_XB7_96000123 Acct Assignment Keys Struct. Adjust.- Acct Assignment for Accrual Postings 
156 FILASTRUC_LCS_PARAM S_XB7_96000119 Parameters for Checks 
157 FILASTRUC_LVS_PARAM S_XB7_96000120 Enhance Basis Structure for Validation 
158 FILASTRUC_NDURDET S_XB7_96000121 Parameter Structure Adjustment for Determination of Normal Useful Life 
159 FILASTRUC_VALSUP S_XB7_96000122 Structure Adjustment for Value Determination by Substitution 
160 FILASTRUC_VSRDEF S_XB7_96000117 Determine Check Sequences 
161 FILASTRUC_VSRDET S_XB7_96000118 Determine Check Sequences 
162 FILAVSRDEF S_XB7_96000067 Assign Determination Sequences/Steps 
163 FILA_ASSET_CLASS_DET S_XB7_96000039 Asset Class Determination Rules 
164 FILA_BUKRS S_XB7_96000099 Define and Assign Company Code 
165 FILA_DET_METHOD S_EAE_99000043 Assign Value ID to Value Determination Method 
166 FILA_GF_001 S_XB7_96000012 Event Assignment 
167 FILA_GF_VAL S_XB7_96000032 Adjustment of Structure for Validations 
168 FILA_METHOD_INFO S_XB7_96000101 Value IDs 
169 FILA_POST_DATE_DETER S_EE6_85000064 BAdI: Determination of Posting Date 
170 FILA_RE_CAT S_AEN_10000756 Create Refinancing Category 
171 FILA_RE_CONTRACT_ADJ S_AEN_10000996 BAdI for Specific Changes to Contracts Before Posting 
172 FILA_RE_SELEC_BADI S_AEN_10000995 BAdI for Specific Checks During Selection for Refinancing 
173 FILA_RE_SEND_STATUS S_AEN_10000997 BAdI for Sending Refinancing Status to Contract Management System 
174 FILA_SYST S_XB7_96000100 Enter Processing and Value Determination Methods 
175 FILENAME S_KA5_12001129 Logical File Path Definition for Upload 
176 FILO_BADI_CUSTOMER S_AL0_96000739 Business Add-In: Processing of Master Data Enhancements 
177 FILO_BADI_CUSTOMER_B S_AL0_96000741 Business Add-In: Processing of Master Data Enhancements with Batch Input 
178 FILO_BADI_CUSTOMER_C S_AL0_96000740 Business Add-In: Customer Subscreens 
179 FILO_BADI_VENDOR S_AL0_96000742 Business Add-In: Processing of Master Data Enhancements 
180 FILO_BADI_VENDOR_BI S_AL0_96000744 Business Add-In: Processing of Master Data Enhancements with Batch Input 
181 FILO_BADI_VENDOR_CS S_AL0_96000743 Business Add-In: Customer Subscreens 
182 FILTER_ERGEBNISDB S_KFM_86000131 Define Filter 
183 FINANZAMT S_ALR_87004124 Define Stock Indicators for Tax Office 
184 FINANZDISPOEBENE S_ALR_87004712 Assign Planning Levels 
185 FINB_CONF_0001 S_CWE_15000001 Functional Services 
186 FINB_CONF_0002 S_CWE_15000002 Maintain Table Entries 
187 FINB_CONF_0003 S_CWE_15000003 Function Builder 
188 FINB_CONF_0004 S_CWE_15000004 Accounting System 
189 FINB_CONF_0005 S_CWE_15000005 Accounting System 
190 FINB_CONF_0006 S_CWE_15000006 Currency Types 
191 FINB_CONF_0007 S_CWE_15000007 Derivation Steps 
192 FINB_CONF_0020 S_CWE_15000008 Currency Types 
193 FINB_CONF_01 S_CWE_15000009 Maintain Table Entries 
194 FINB_CONF_02 S_CWE_15000010 Functional Services 
195 FINB_CONF_03 S_CWE_15000011 Currency Types 
196 FINB_CONF_04 S_CWE_15000012 Accounting System 
197 FINB_CONF_05 S_CWE_15000013 Data Basis 
198 FINB_CONF_06 S_CWE_15000014 Derivations 
199 FINB_CONF_07 S_CWE_15000015 Header Characteristics 
200 FINB_CONF_08 S_CWE_15000016 Journal Characteristics 
201 FINB_CONF_09 S_CWE_15000017 Journal Tables 
202 FINB_CONF_10 S_CWE_15000018 Journal Totals 
203 FINB_CONF_11 S_CWE_15000019 Quantity Types 
204 FINB_CONF_12 S_CWE_15000020 Field Catalog 
205 FINB_CONF_13 S_CWE_15000022 Data Basis 
206 FINB_CONF_14 S_CWE_15000023 Currency Types 
207 FINB_CONF_15 S_CWE_15000024 Quantity Types 
208 FINB_TR_CCMV S_SE3_50000214 Complete Postprocessing 
209 FINB_TR_DEST S_SE3_50000004 Assign RFC Destinations for Transport Methods 
210 FINB_TR_EXEC_AI S_SE3_50000031 Postprocess Client Copy 
211 FINB_TR_REORG S_SE3_50000216 Table Entries for Transport Container 
212 FINB_TR_WZ S_SE3_50000218 Wizard for RFC Destinations 
213 FIN_APAR_HDB_DBSYS_O S_EX1_23000030 Database-Specific Optimization for Function Group FIN_APAR_HDB 
214 FIN_AR_DBSYS_OPT S_EX1_23000029 Notes on Implementation 
215 FIN_CR_ADDFIELDSBP_B S_SE3_50000114 BAdI: Additional Attributes for Business Partner 
216 FIN_CR_BL_REASON S_SE3_50000203 Define Blocking Reasons 
217 FIN_CR_BWLIST_B S_SE3_50000111 BAdI: Negative and Premium Customer Lists 
218 FIN_CR_CHCKST_PAR S_SE3_50000205 Define Field Groups for Parameters 
219 FIN_CR_CHECK_RULE S_SE3_50000204 Define Checking Rules 
220 FIN_CR_CHECK_STEP_B S_SE3_50000206 BAdI: Individual Step of Credit Check 
221 FIN_CR_COMM_PUSH_B S_SE3_50000207 BAdI: Receipt of Liabilities 
222 FIN_CR_COMM_TYPES S_SE3_50000197 Define Liability Categories 
223 FIN_CR_CONV_TO_PRT_B S_SE3_50000232 BAdI: Conversion of Partner Numbers with Different Procedures 
224 FIN_CR_CREDIT_CHCK_B S_SE3_50000233 BAdI: Adjust Result of Credit Check 
225 FIN_CR_CREDIT_INFO_B S_SE3_50000116 BAdI: Evaluate External Credit Information 
226 FIN_CR_CREDIT_SGM S_SE3_50000106 Create Credit Segments 
227 FIN_CR_CUST_GRP S_SE3_50000198 Define Customer Credit Group 
228 FIN_CR_EVENT S_SE3_50000107 Define Events and Follow-On Processes 
229 FIN_CR_EVENTING_B S_SE3_50000112 BAdI: Create Additional Follow-On Processes 
230 FIN_CR_EVENT_PUBL_B S_SE3_50000208 BAdI: Publication of Credit Events 
231 FIN_CR_EV_FORMULA_B S_SE3_50000115 BAdI: Formula Parameters and Functions 
232 FIN_CR_FORMULAS S_SE3_50000119 Define Formulas 
233 FIN_CR_INFOCAT S_SE3_50000213 Define Info Categories 
234 FIN_CR_LIMIT_RULE S_SE3_50000108 Create Rule for Scoring and Credit Limit Calculation 
235 FIN_CR_MASSDATASEL_B S_SE3_50000117 BAdI: Selection Criteria for Mass Processing 
236 FIN_CR_PROCESSES_B S_SE3_50000113 BAdI: Follow-On Processes for Event 
237 FIN_CR_RATING_PROC S_SE3_50000109 Define Rating Procedure 
238 FIN_CR_RISK_CLASS S_SE3_50000110 Create Risk Classes 
239 FIN_CR_VECTOR_PUSH_B S_SE3_50000209 BAdI: Receipt of Payment Behavior Summaries 
240 FIN_EB_DBSYS_OPT S_EX2_94000002 Notes on Implementation 
241 FIN_LDB_BRF_DBSYS_OP S_EX1_23000041 Database-Specific Optimizations for Logical Database BRF 
242 FIN_SSC_MDG_INT S_EBI_19000006 Integrate Service Request and Change Request 
243 FIN_SSC_MDG_INT1 S_E7B_95000007 Integrate Service Request and Change Request 
244 FIN_TAX_RFD_CODES S_EB5_05000423 Define Tax Code as Refund-Relevant Value Added Tax 
245 FIORI_CMD_GET_CONTAC S_E17_83000031 BAdi: Fetch Contact Details for MyContacts 
246 FIORI_COMMON_CUS S_EBJ_98000358 Define Common OData Settings 
247 FIORI_MY_QUOTE_C S_EBJ_98000342 Define Default Settings for My Quotations 
248 FIOTPKOFIDEF S_XB7_96000052 Define Account Determination for One-Time Postings 
249 FIOTP_NRIV S_XB7_96000167 Number Range Maintenance for One-Time Postings 
251 FISL_PS_GBEB_CNST S_AL0_96000701 Define Constants 
252 FISL_PS_GBEB_PRCS S_AL0_96000709 Define Business Transaction Variants 
253 FISL_PS_GBEB_SPLIT S_AL0_96000698 Define Splitting Rule 
254 FISL_PS_V_T8G01 S_AL0_96000710 Define Splitting Method 
255 FIT-LIST BLDG TYPE S_KA5_12000264 Define Fit List Relevant Building Types 
256 FIT-LIST CHARCTR GRP S_KA5_12000265 Define Fit List Relevant Characteristic Groups 
257 FIT-LIST MATRIAL GRP S_KA5_12000266 Define Fit List Relevant Material Groups 
258 FITX_VAT_V_TVAT001 S_ALR_87100860 Make Settings for Tax Base Amount 
259 FIWTSA_NRC S_EBJ_98000263 Assign Document Types and Number Ranges to Company Codes 
260 FIXINGMARGEN_FX S_ALR_87007895 Assign Fixing Spreads 
261 FI_ACC_PRINC_ASSIGNM S_EBJ_98000203 BAdI: Assignment of Accounts to Accounting Principles 
262 FI_APAR_BANKRATES_BR S_PL0_09000230 Maintain Interest Rates for Vendor Operation (Brazil) 
263 FI_APAR_CLEARDIFF S_ALN_01000927 Clearing Differences 
264 FI_APAR_CL_T_OBA3 S_ALR_87100104 Define Tolerances for Customers/Vendors 
265 FI_APAR_CORR_SA38 S_ALR_87100122 Create Report Variants for Correspondence 
266 FI_APAR_DME_BR S_PL0_09000220 Maintain Currency Codes for DME 
267 FI_APAR_PY_V_OBBD S_P00_07000293 Define DME User ID (France) 
268 FI_APAR_SEPA_CUST S_E4A_94000031 General Settings 
269 FI_APAR_SEPA_FIELDS S_E4A_94000032 Define Modifiable Fields 
270 FI_APAR_SFP S_PCO_36000372 Define Forms for Correspondence 
271 FI_APAR_TAX_OBETX S_ALR_87099830 Define Number Ranges for External Tax Returns 
272 FI_APAR_TAX_VQSTREXT S_ALR_87099877 Make Settings for Generic Withholding Tax Reporting 
273 FI_APAR_V_T001F2 S_PCO_36000373 Define Form Names for Correspondence Printing 
274 FI_APAR_WT_DMEE S_P00_07000226 Define File Format for Withholding Tax Reporting 
275 FI_APAR_WT_QSTRLST_C S_ALR_87099794 Define Grouping Criteria for Withholding Tax Reporting 
276 FI_APAR_WT_SMARTFORM S_P00_07000225 Define Forms for Withholding Tax Reporting 
277 FI_APAR_WT_T059ID01 S_P00_07000224 Define Output Groups 
278 FI_APAR_WT_VQSTRLST S_ALR_87099793 Define List Types for Withholding Tax Reporting 
279 FI_APAR_WT_VQSTRVAR1 S_ALR_87099790 Define Country-Specific Versions for Withholding Tax Reporting 
280 FI_APAR_WT_VQSTRVARF S_ALR_87099792 Define Free Selection Parameters for Withholding Tax Reporting 
281 FI_APAR_WT_WTNR S_P00_07000228 Define Certificate Numbering for Extended Withholding Tax 
282 FI_AP_V_T003 S_ALR_87100644 Indicate Currency Differences for Partial Payments 
283 FI_ARAR_DU_SMARTFORM S_P00_07000287 Define Dunning Forms (with SAP Smart Forms) 
284 FI_AR_AR_C_V_T056UX S_P6B_12000174 Prepare Item Interest Calculation 
285 FI_AUTHORITY_ITEM S_SL0_21000029 Enhance Authorization Check for Document Display 
286 FI_BL_BE_T_TR01 S_ALR_87099782 Define Number Ranges 
287 FI_BL_BE_V_T045B S_ALR_87015289 Define Charge Accounts 
288 FI_BL_BE_V_T045D S_ALR_87015287 Define Available Amounts 
289 FI_BL_BE_V_T045DTA S_ALR_87015291 Check DME Files for Bill of Exchange Presentation 
290 FI_BL_BE_V_T045F S_ALR_87015290 Enter Bank Assignments 
291 FI_BL_BE_V_T045G S_ALR_87015288 Enter Bank Charges 
292 FI_BL_BE_V_T045P S_ALR_87099784 Define Bill of Exchange Portfolios 
293 FI_BL_BE_V_TFBWD S_ALR_87099912 Define User-Specific Settings 
294 FI_BL_BE_V_TFBWE S_ALR_87099910 Define User-Specific Settings 
295 FI_BL_CD_VC_T033 S_P00_07000246 Define Posting Keys and Posting Rules for Check Deposit 
296 FI_BL_CJA_T_FBCJC0 S_ALR_87008990 Set Up Cash Journal 
297 FI_BL_CJ_C_JOURNALS S_EB5_05000337 Define Number Ranges for Numbering Groups 
298 FI_BL_CJ_T_FBCJC0 S_ALR_87009221 Set Up Cash Journal 
299 FI_BL_CJ_T_FBCJC1 S_ALR_87009224 Define Number Interval for Cash Journal Documents 
300 FI_BL_CJ_T_FBCJC2 S_ALR_87009225 Create, Change, Delete Business Transactions 
301 FI_BL_CJ_T_FBCJC3 S_ALR_87009226 Set Up Print Parameters for Cash Journal 
302 FI_BL_CJ_T_FBCJC4 S_ALR_87009227 Set Up Print Parameters for Cash Journal 
303 FI_BL_CJ_T_FBCJC5 S_EB5_05000362 Define Numbering Groups 
304 FI_BL_CJ_T_FBCJC6 S_EB5_05000344 Define Number Ranges for Numbering Groups 
305 FI_BL_CJ_T_FS01 S_ALR_87009222 Create G/L Account for Cash Journal 
306 FI_BL_CJ_T_OBA7 S_ALR_87009223 Define Document Types for Cash Journal Documents 
307 FI_BL_CJ_V_MAXAMOUNT S_P7D_67000037 Amount Limit 
308 FI_BL_EBS_T_FEBSTS S_ALR_87099801 Simulate Document Number Search Using Strings 
309 FI_BL_EBS_VC_T028 S_P00_07000249 Make Global Settings for Electronic Bank Statement 
310 FI_BL_EBS_VC_T028P S_ALR_87099795 Define Search String for Electronic Bank Statement 
311 FI_BL_EBS_VC_T033 S_P00_07000248 Define Posting Rules for Electronic Bank Statement 
312 FI_BL_MBS_VC_T033 S_P00_07000247 Define Posting Keys and Posting Rules for Manual Bank Statement 
313 FI_BL_PY_VC_T028R S_P99_41000060 repetitive wires 
314 FI_BL_PY_V_TBKPV S_ALR_87099738 Define Number of Days Between Payment Run Date and Value Date at House Bank 
315 FI_BL_PY_V_TORIGIND S_ALR_87099736 Assign Origin to Combination of Payments 
316 FI_BL_V_TFIBLORIGINC S_ALR_87015286 Define Origin Indicators 
317 FI_FMPEB_DEF S_PRN_53000156 Define Partly Exempt Organizations 
318 FI_FMPEB_GLOBALS S_PRN_53000155 Make Basic Settings 
319 FI_GL_MD_BR_BADI_HDR S_ALN_01002480 Activate/Deactivate BADI implementation for online direct posting 
320 FI_GL_MD_BR_BADI_MIG S_ALN_01002543 Activate/Deactivate BADI implementation for Branch migration 
321 FI_GL_MD_BR_BADI_REV S_ALN_01002503 Activate/Deactivate BADI implementation for reverse online posting 
322 FI_GL_MD_BR_BRANCH S_ALN_01002482 Maintain branch local holidays 
323 FI_GL_MD_BR_BTE_APPL S_ALN_01002484 Activate SAP Component for branch calendar 
324 FI_GL_MD_BR_BTE_FUN S_ALN_01002496 Assign functions to BTE event 
325 FI_GL_MD_BR_BUK_CAL S_ALN_01002481 Maintain calendar and posting days information for Company code 
326 FI_GL_MD_BR_DOC_TYP S_ALN_01002477 Flag setting for document types to adjust posting date 
327 FI_GL_MD_BR_PRCTR S_ALN_01002483 Relate profit centers to branch 
328 FI_GL_MD_FS00 S_P99_41000036 Edit G/L Account Centrally 
329 FI_GL_MD_FSP0 S_P99_41000037 Edit Chart of Accounts Data 
330 FI_GL_MD_FSS0 S_P99_41000038 Edit Company Code Data 
331 FI_GL_MD_OB1A S_P99_41000063 Assign Layout to Chart of Accounts 
332 FI_GL_MD_OB1B S_P99_41000065 Assign Layout to Account Group 
333 FI_GL_MD_OB_GLACC12 S_P99_41000030 Change Company Code Data 
334 FI_GL_MD_OB_GLACC13 S_P99_41000067 Change Account Name 
335 FI_GL_MD_OB_GLACC21 S_P99_41000064 Define Layout 
336 FI_GL_PL_KE1W S_ALR_87099882 Transfer Planning Data from CO-PA 
337 FI_GL_VATREP_DMEE S_PL0_09000475 Define DME Formats for Tax Reporting 
338 FI_GS_COS_GCL2 S_ALR_87099911 Set Up Ledger for Cost of Sales Accounting 
339 FI_GS_COS_KOK2 S_P99_41000119 Enter Functional Area in Internal Order Master Data 
340 FI_PAY_ACCTHOLD_GTS S_PR0_40000036 BAdI: Check of Account Holder 
341 FI_PAY_ADD_INFO_GTS S_PR0_40000034 BAdI: Adaptation and Enhancement of the Data for Checking in SAP GTS 
342 FI_PAY_NOTEPAYEE_GTS S_PR0_40000035 BAdI: Check of Note to Payee 
343 FI_SL_BS_GCU1 S_ALR_87100612 Transfer Actual Data from FI 
344 FI_SL_BS_GCU3 S_ALR_87100615 Transfer Actual Data from CO-OM 
345 FI_SL_BS_GCU4 S_ALR_87100613 Transfer Actual Data from MM 
346 FI_SL_BS_GCU5 S_ALR_87100614 Transfer Actual Data from SD 
347 FI_SL_BS_GCU6 S_ALR_87100618 Transfer Plan Data (Documents) from CO-OM 
348 FI_SL_BS_GCUP S_ALR_87100617 Transfer Plan Data from Controlling Objects 
349 FI_SL_BS_GSTA S_ALR_87100616 Transfer Statistical Key Figures from CO 
350 FI_SL_BS_KE1Y S_ALR_87100619 Transfer Plan Data from CO-PA 
351 FI_SL_PL_GLPLDEL S_P99_41000088 Delete Generated Planning Programs 
352 FI_SL_PL_GLPLIMPORT S_ALR_87100128 Import Planning Layouts 
353 FI_SL_PL_GLPLTRANS S_ALR_87100130 Transport Planning Layouts 
354 FI_SL_RP_GCBW1 S_ALR_87099905 Generate Transfer Structure for Totals Table 
355 FI_SL_RP_GCBW2 S_ALR_87099906 Define and Assign DataSource 
356 FI_TAX_RFD_CHARS S_EB5_05000419 Define Code for Goods and Services per VAT Refund Country 
357 FI_TAX_RFD_CODES S_EB5_05000422 Assign Tax Codes 
358 FI_TAX_RFD_C_MAP S_EB5_05000420 Assign Code for Goods and Services to a G/L Account 
359 FI_TAX_V_TVAT001_A S_P00_07000053 Change Field Control for Tax Base Amount 
360 FI_TAX_V_TVAT001_B S_P00_07000054 Switch Off Tax Translation between Local and Document Currency 
361 FI_WT_VV_T100C_WT S_P9C_18000048 Change Message Control for Withholding Tax 
362 FI_WT_V_J_1HWTCTNCO4 S_P00_07000103 Numbering Concept 4: Assign Numbering Group 
363 FKKCORR_FKKCORRCHECK S_SI3_21000055 Check Correspondence 
364 FKK_ID_DK_CPR_CVR S_KK4_74002778 Add-In: Deletion of CPR/CVR Numbers (Denmark) 
365 FKK_TAX_REP_00 S_KK4_74002779 Add-In: Country-Specific Layout for Tax Reporting (RFKKTX00) 
366 FKK_WTAX_REP00 S_KK4_74002780 Add-In: Country-Specific Enhancements to WT Report (RFIDYYWT) 
367 FKV_EXTDOC_IT1 S_KK4_74002789 Assign Numbering Parameters 
368 FKV_EXTDOC_IT2 S_KK4_74002791 Assign Reporting Frequency to Tax Type 
369 FKV_NUMGR_IT S_KK4_74002788 Define Number Groups 
370 FLATB_V_T7UNPAD_EGCA S_PAD_19000113 Check Rates for Flat Board 
371 FLL_SUBSCR_ACL S_ALI_97000060 Add-In: Functional Location Folder Customer Subscreen 
372 FMAVC_ENTRY_FILTER S_ALN_01002546 BAdI: Enhance Filter Settings for Availability Control 
373 FMBCSV_FMBUDTXT_KEY2 S_AEN_10000043 Activate Processing Mode for Budget Texts 
374 FMBCS_AVC_UPDFILT S_ALN_01002485 Define Filter Settings for Commitment/Actual Values 
375 FMBCS_FMAVCDERICH S_ALN_01001358 Define Specific Assignments for Checking Horizon 
376 FMBCS_FMBCS_RW S_PLN_06000407 BAdI: Enhance Report Writer Implementation 
377 FMBCS_FMCCR01 S_ALN_01002174 Check Consistency Rules 
378 FMBCS_FMCECVGPNR S_ALN_01002571 Maintain Number Range for Cover Groups 
379 FMBCS_FMCERG S_ALN_01002572 Define Derivation Strategy for Generating CE Rules 
380 FMBCS_FMCUDERIVMIG S_ALN_01002239 Define Derivation Strategy for Line Items 
381 FMBCS_FMCU_OPENPER S_ALN_01002560 BAdI: Control Budgeting Periods 
382 FMBCS_FMCU_RULE S_ALN_01002128 BAdI: Enhance Reassignment Rules 
383 FMBCS_FMCY_COPI_CO S_PLN_06000294 BAdI: Enhance Plan Data Transfer from CO 
384 FMBCS_FMKUDELDATA S_ALN_01001948 Delete Budget Data 
385 FMBCS_FMMIGCE S_AEN_10000001 Migrate Cover Pools and Unilateral CE Rules 
386 FMBCS_FMRBCALCRULES S_ALN_01002201 Maintain Calculation Formula for RIB 
387 FMBCS_FMRBDERIMD S_ALN_01002178 Maintain Derivation Strategy for Rule Generation 
388 FMBCS_FMRBDERIRO S_ALN_01002176 Define Derivation Strategy for RIB Objects 
389 FMBCS_FMRBDERIRO_1 S_ALN_01002177 Maintain Calculation Formula for RIB 
390 FMBCS_MIGR_OVERVIEW S_ALN_01002242 Overview of Migration Activities 
391 FMBCS_RELEASE_BUDGET S_PLN_06000248 Overview of Release Scenarios 
392 FMBCS_RFFMKU_MIGRATE S_ALN_01002240 Migrate Budget Totals 
393 FMBCS_VC_FMBLEXTDOC S_ALN_01002606 Substitute BL Document Type 
394 FMBCS_VC_FMBTG S_ALN_01002037 Define Budget Type Groups 
395 FMBCS_VC_FMEDDOCTYPE S_ALN_01001428 Define Document Types 
396 FMBCS_VC_FMFSS S_ALN_01001962 Maintain Field Status Definition 
397 FMBCS_VC_FMMAACT S_AEN_10000002 Define Multi-Annual Budgeting 
398 FMBCS_V_BPREP_HRFPM S_PLN_62000167 Define Budgeting Data for Transfer from Position Budgeting and Control 
399 FMBCS_V_BUVORGA S_ALN_01002237 Display Assignment Rules for Budgeting Process 
400 FMBCS_V_BUWRTTP S_ALN_01002238 Display Assignment Rules for Value Type 
401 FMBCS_V_DIM_ASS_C S_AEN_10000921 Customer-Specific Field Assignment for Position Budgeting and Control 
402 FMBCS_V_FMACTIVPER S_ALN_01002518 Activate Period Control 
403 FMBCS_V_FMAVCLDGRGAT S_ALN_01001357 Select Checking Horizon for Availability Control 
404 FMBCS_V_FMBCSA_MIG S_ALN_01002533 Activate Full Migration for Carryover Documents 
405 FMBCS_V_FMBUDTXT_KEY S_ALN_01001947 Define Key Fields for Budget Texts 
406 FMBCS_V_FMBUDTX_KEY1 S_ALN_01002279 Assign Forms for FM Budget Texts 
407 FMBCS_V_FMCEACT S_ALN_01002545 Activate Cover Eligibility 
408 FMBCS_V_FMCONSUM_FTY S_ALN_01002071 Define Budget Type for Consumption per Fund Type 
409 FMBCS_V_FMCONSUM_FUN S_ALN_01002072 Define Budget Type for Consumption per Fund 
410 FMBCS_V_FMEDFORMS S_ALN_01002557 Assignment of Forms for Printing Budget Documents 
411 FMBCS_V_FMFSG S_ALN_01001960 Define Field Status Group 
412 FMBCS_V_FMFSGA S_ALN_01001961 Assign Field Status Group 
413 FMBCS_V_FMFSSA S_ALN_01001963 Assign Field Status Definition 
414 FMBCS_V_FMFSV S_ALN_01001957 Define Field Status Variant 
415 FMBCS_V_FMFSVA S_ALN_01001959 Assign Field Status Variant 
416 FMBCS_V_FMMIGHEADER S_ALN_01002547 Define Derivation Strategy for Header Data 
417 FMBCS_V_FMPROFILE S_ALN_01002015 Define Editing Options for Budget Amounts 
418 FMBCS_V_FMPRTCOMB S_ALN_01001431 Assign Budget Types for Release to Processes 
419 FMBCS_V_FMRBACT S_AEN_10000334 Activate Budget Memos for RIB 
420 FMBCS_V_FMRELSTATE S_ALN_01001429 Define Release Scenario 
421 FMBCS_V_FMRELTYPEDEF S_ALN_01001430 Define Budget Types for Release 
422 FMBCS_V_FMREL_FTYPE S_ALN_01002073 Define Release Scenario per Fund Type 
423 FMBCS_V_FMREL_FUND S_ALN_01002075 Define Release Scenario per Fund 
424 FMBLBASIC S_PLN_06000118 Activate Budgetary Ledger 
425 FMBLEXTOVERVIEW S_PLN_06000114 Enhancement for Budgetary Ledger 
426 FMBLVC_FMBLEXT_ACTIV S_PLN_06000212 Select Budget Categories and Value Types for BL Update 
427 FMBLVC_FMBLEXT_DERIV S_PLN_06000213 Select Source Fields for Account Assignment Derivation 
428 FMBLV_BUDGET_ACTUALS S_PLN_06000228 Allow Budget/Actual Values for BL Accounts 
429 FMBL_VC_FMBLEXT_MOVE S_PLN_06000215 Select Fields for Update of FI General Ledger 
430 FMBL_V_BLEXCLACCWSOT S_ALN_01002605 Exclude Accounts from Automatic Offset/Deletion Procedure 
431 FMBS_CHECK_STRUCTURE S_ALN_01001950 BAdI: Define Checks for Budget Structure 
432 FMDM_CHTACCTSRPLCTN1 S_E7B_27000001 BAdI: Distribute Acct Master Data (Chart of Accts Area) in Chart of Accts 
433 FMDM_CHTACCTSRPLCTNR S_E4A_94000269 BAdI: Distribute Acct Master Data (Chart of Accts Area) in Chart of Accts 
434 FMDM_FRSRPLCTNR1 S_E7B_27000003 BAdI: Distribute Financial Statement Version 
435 FMDM_FRSRPLCTNRQ S_E4A_94000270 BAdI: Distribute Financial Statement Version 
436 FMDM_PPOMW S_SE4_70000059 Process Organizational Plan 
437 FMDM_SWU3 S_SE4_70000061 Automatic Basic Customizing for Workflow 
438 FMDM_TA_SFP S_BTD_53000059 Define Print Forms for Single Processing 
439 FMDM_USMD001 S_SE4_70000034 Edit Data Model 
440 FMDM_USMD003 S_SE4_70000035 Define Authorization Relevance per Entity Type 
441 FMDM_USMD004 S_BTD_53000057 Generate Data Model-specific Structures 
442 FMDM_USMD010 S_SE4_70000039 Create Edition Type 
443 FMDM_USMD050C S_SE4_70000046 Create Hierarchy Versions 
444 FMDM_USMD100 S_SE4_70000036 Process UI Model 
445 FMDM_USMD110 S_SE4_70000041 Create Change Request Type 
446 FMDM_USMD130C S_SE4_70000040 Edit Statuses of Change Requests 
447 FMDM_USMD140 S_BTD_53000060 Assign Print Forms for Single Processing 
448 FMDM_USMD150C S_BTD_53000063 Define Print Form for Change Requests 
449 FMDM_USMD2010 S_SE4_70000043 Assign Processor to Change Request Step Number (Simple Workflow) 
450 FMDM_USMD2020 S_SE4_70000045 Define Workflow Steps 
451 FMDM_USMD2020_2 S_BTD_53000091 Define Change Request Step Numbers 
452 FMDM_USMD610 S_SE4_70000048 Create Distribution Service 
453 FMDM_USMD620 S_SE4_70000049 Create Master Data Packages 
454 FMDM_USMD630 S_SE4_70000050 Assign Systems to Master Data Packages 
455 FMDM_USMDA42010 S_SE4_70000042 Assign Processor to Workflow Step Number (Extended Workflow) 
456 FMDM_USMDA420101 S_E7B_95000010 Assign Processor to Workflow Step Number (Extended Workflow) 
457 FMDM_USMDZ6001 S_SE4_70000047 Define Reassignment 
458 FMDM_USMDZ7VALCUST S_SE5_45000016 Change Message Type for Validations 
459 FMDM_USMDZ7VALCUST1 S_E7B_95000011 Change Message Type for Validations 
460 FMDM_USMDZ7VALID S_SE5_45000015 Make Basic Settings for Controlling Validations 
461 FMDM_USMDZ7VALID1 S_E7B_95000012 Make Basic Settings for Controlling Validations 
462 FMDM_USMD_BI_EXTRAC1 S_E7B_95000028 Extraction (Direct Access) 
463 FMDM_USMD_BI_EXTRACT S_SE5_45000013 Extraction (Direct Access) 
464 FMDM_USMD_DATA_TRANS S_SE4_70000051 BAdI: Prepare Data for Download File 
465 FMDM_USMD_ISR_FORM S_BTD_53000062 BAdI: Customize Form Display for Change Request 
466 FMDM_USMD_PRINT_FORM S_BTD_53000061 BAdI: Change Data to be Printed 
467 FMDM_USMD_RULE S_SE4_70000060 Define Validations 
468 FMDM_USMD_RULE_2_V_D S_BTD_53000065 Define Validation and Derivation Rules 
469 FMDM_USMD_RULE_SERV S_SE4_70000038 BAdI: Define Validations/Derivations 
470 FMDM_USMD_RULE_SERVE S_BT6_63000002 BADI: Define Validations/Derivations 
471 FMDM_USMD_UI_EVENT S_SE4_70000037 BAdI: Adjust User Interface for Single Processing 
472 FMDM_USMD_UI_EVENT2 S_BTD_53000058 BAdI: Adjust User Interface for Single Processing 
473 FMDM_USMD_VALUE_MAPP S_SE5_45000004 Value Mapping 
474 FMDM_USMD_WF_AGENT S_SE4_70000044 BAdI: Assign Processor to Change Request Step 
475 FMDM_VC_TRN_REG_RQS1 S_E7B_27000002 Manage Transport Requests 
476 FMDM_VC_TRN_REG_RQS2 S_E7B_95000001 Manage Transport Requests 
477 FMDM_VC_TRN_REG_RQST S_E4A_94000268 Manage Transport Requests 
478 FMDUSMD_UI_CONF_EDIT S_BTD_53000068 Edit UI Configuration 
479 FMFG_IPACED_AUTODEF S_P7U_18000022 IPACed Automatic Document Creation: Default fields for Invoice 
480 FMFG_IPACED_DERIV S_P7U_18000021 IPACed Automatic Document Creation - Account Assignment Derivation 
481 FMFG_IPACED_FLAG S_P7U_18000020 Activate IPACed Automatic Invoice Generation 
482 FMFR_ALLOW_DOCCATS S_PLN_62000275 BAdI: Define Document Categories for Reduction by Other Documents 
483 FMFR_JOURN S_AEN_10000405 BAdI: Earmarked Funds Journal 
484 FMGL_T001B_PS S_PEN_05000130 Open and Close Posting Periods According to G/L Account Assignment Objects 
485 FMKU_GROUPING_KEY S_ALN_01002030 BAdI: Define Grouping Key 
486 FMPA_END_MONTH S_ALN_01001214 BAdI: Define Expiry Month 
487 FMPBE_ASSIGN S_PRN_53000157 Assign organizational units 
488 FMPEB_RATEDEF S_PRN_53000159 Assign Input Tax Deduction Rates 
489 FMPEB_TAXIND S_PRN_53000158 Assign Tax Codes 
490 FMRI S_AEN_10000282 BAdI: FI Updates in Funds Management 
491 FMRP_ACCOUNT_AUTH S_PLN_06000342 BAdI: Activate Authorizations on FI Accounts 
492 FMRP_RFFMEPGAX_EXIT S_PLN_06000312 BAdI: Enhance Document Journal 
493 FMR_SCENCHECK S_AEN_10000454 BAdI: Scenario-Specific Customizing Checks 
494 FM_BCS_FMCUDERIVDALE S_AEN_10000310 Define Derivation Strategy for Distributed Budget Data 
495 FM_BCS_RFFMKU_MIGDOC S_ALN_01002544 Migrate Budget Documents 
496 FM_BCS_TR_SALE S_AEN_10000309 Create Standard ALE Customizing Settings 
497 FM_BL_FM2BL_DERIVE S_PEN_05000136 Define Derivation Strategy for Transfer and BL Accounts 
498 FM_BL_FM2BL_ORG S_PEN_05000134 Information on Transfer of FM Totals Records to Budgetary Ledger 
499 FM_BL_FMBLEXT S_PLN_06000214 Define Derivation Strategy for BL Accounts 
500 FM_BL_OFPK S_PLN_06000229 Define Posting Keys for Budgetary Ledger