SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index P
IMG Activity - P
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 PA04 S_PAD_19000087 Maintain Range of Temporary Personnel Numbers 
2 PAAY_FR_N4DS_FDAD2 S_L4H_49002259 Recode activity mode indicator 
3 PAAY_N4DS_FDAD1 S_L4H_49002258 Recode nature of work contract or collective agreement indicator 
4 PACT S_PCO_36000009 Activate Requirement Prioritization 
5 PAD_00_CE_001 S_AL0_96000662 Activate Concurrent Employment for Personnel Administration 
6 PAD_00_CE_002 S_AL0_96000664 Actions for Concurrent Employment 
7 PAD_00_CE_003 S_AL0_96000666 Description of Personnel Assignments 
8 PAD_00_CE_004 S_AL0_96000667 Personnel Assignment Overview and Personnel Assignment Details 
9 PAD_00_CE_005 S_AL0_96000668 Activate External Person ID 
10 PAD_00_CE_006 S_AL0_96000697 Copy Infotypes 
11 PAD_BS_USED_MOLGA S_L9C_94000029 Restrict Country Groupings 
12 PAD_ES_SI_CODCON S_PH9_46001040 Define pay scale codes 
13 PAD_ES_SI_CODCONV S_AHR_61019066 Define pay scale codes 
14 PAD_ES_T5E08 S_PL0_09000118 Define time-dependent characteristics for CACs 
15 PAD_ES_TX_EXN S_AHR_61016427 Maintain wages exempt from employment tax (IRPF) deduction 
16 PAD_ES_TX_GARN S_AHR_61016672 Check calculation of maintenance type 
17 PAD_ES_TX_MFAM S_AHR_61016447 Check reduction for family minimum 
18 PAD_ES_TX_MPER S_AHR_61016430 Check reduction for personal minimum 
19 PAD_ES_TX_PROVN S_PH0_48000082 Assign province to personnel area/subarea 
20 PAD_ES_TX_RADI S_AHR_61016671 Check reduction for specific collectives 
21 PAD_ES_TX_REIR S_AHR_61016673 Check reduction for irregular performance 
22 PAD_ES_TX_REND S_AHR_61016448 Check reduction for work performance 
23 PAD_ES_TX_TARF S_AHR_61016429 Check employment tax (IRPF) deduction rates 
24 PAD_ES_TX_TRAM S_AHR_61016426 Determine tax brackets for employment tax (IRPF) regulation 
25 PAD_FR_CONTRACT S_AHR_61019096 Define Employment Contract 
26 PAD_KR_ADR_011 S_KPH_31000459 Check Region/Province Entries 
27 PAD_KR_AWD_051 S_KPH_31000458 Create Wage Type Catalog 
28 PAD_KR_AWD_052 S_KPH_31000468 Check Wage Type Group 'Awards' 
29 PAD_KR_AWD_061 S_KPH_31000465 Check Wage Type Text 
30 PAD_KR_AWD_062 S_KPH_31000466 Check Entry Permissibility per Infotype 
31 PAD_KR_AWD_063 S_KPH_31000467 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
32 PAD_KR_AWD_071 S_KPH_31000457 Define Employee Subgroup Grouping for Primary Wage Type 
33 PAD_KR_AWD_072 S_KPH_31000448 Define Personnel Subarea Grouping for Primary Wage Type 
34 PAD_KR_AWD_073 S_KPH_31000447 Define Wage Type Permissibility PS and ESG 
35 PAD_KR_AWD_110 S_KPH_31000446 Define Award Types 
36 PAD_KR_AWD_120 S_KPH_31000445 Define Award Reasons 
37 PAD_KR_CHA_110 S_KPH_31000460 Define Types of Challenge 
38 PAD_KR_DEVNI S_L9C_94000877 Define Default Value for Notification Indicator 
39 PAD_KR_DEVSD S_L9C_94000879 Define Default Value for Submitted Confirmation Document 
40 PAD_KR_DEVSR S_L9C_94000878 Define Default Value for Substitution Recruit 
41 PAD_KR_DIS_100 S_KPH_31000444 Define Types of Disciplinary Measures 
42 PAD_KR_FAM_121 S_KPH_31000464 Maintain Additional Data for Family/Related Persons 
43 PAD_KR_JOBTY_01 S_L9C_94000873 Define Job Type 
44 PAD_KR_JOBTY_02 S_L9C_94000874 Define Default Value for Job Type 
45 PAD_KR_MIL_110 S_KPH_31000443 Define Military Service Types 
46 PAD_KR_MIL_120 S_KPH_31000442 Define Military Ranks 
47 PAD_KR_MIL_130 S_KPH_31000441 Define Military Job Classification and Primary Skill 
48 PAD_KR_MIL_210 S_KPH_31000440 Define Reasons for Retiring Military Service 
49 PAD_KR_NAT_110 S_KPH_31000461 Define Types of National Contributors 
50 PAD_KR_NAT_120 S_KPH_31000463 Define Recruitment Methods 
51 PAD_KR_NAT_130 S_KPH_31000462 Define Relationships betw. Natl. Contributor and Beneficiary 
52 PAD_KR_PVD_001 S_L4H_49002362 Hide Employee Private Data from Unauthorized Users 
53 PAD_KR_REMEE_01 S_L9C_94000875 Define Recruitment Method 
54 PAD_KR_REMEE_02 S_L9C_94000876 Define Default Value for Recruitment Method 
55 PAD_KR_SI_110 S_KPH_31000456 Define Medical Insurance Association 
56 PAD_KR_SI_130 S_KPH_31000455 Define Pension and Employment Insurance Numbers 
57 PAD_KR_SI_210 S_KPH_31000454 Define Social Insurance Codes as Given from SI Agency 
58 PAD_KR_SI_220 S_KPH_31000453 Define Social Insurance Entitlement Reason 
59 PAD_KR_SI_230 S_KPH_31000452 Define Attributes of Social Insurance Entitlement Reasons 
60 PAD_KR_SI_410 S_KPH_31000451 Check the Standard Compensation Table for Medical Insurance 
61 PAD_KR_SI_420 S_KPH_31000450 Check the Standard Compensation Table for National Pension 
62 PAD_KR_SI_V_T7KRSI S_L4H_49002327 Define Agencies for Other Social Insurances 
63 PAD_KR_TAX_030 S_KPH_31000449 Assign Business Place and Section Code 
64 PAD_KR_TAX_BP S_L7D_24002421 BAdI: Modification of Business Place on Tax Reports 
65 PAD_KR_TAX_DATY S_L7D_24001930 Feature: Specify Date Type to Identify Tax Rate for Terminated Employees 
66 PAD_KR_TAX_DBN S_KPH_31000484 Define Business Number for Previous Companies and Taxpayer Association 
67 PAD_KR_TAX_OFF S_AL0_96000417 Define Tax Office 
68 PAD_KR_TAX_STT S_L7D_24000664 Maintain Simple Tax Table 
69 PAMS_FSET S_E36_82000200 Basic Settings for Pool Asset Management 
70 PAMS_MERK S_E36_82000203 Edit Relationships for Characteristics and Fields 
71 PAMS_OBJE S_E36_82000204 Edit Object Processing 
72 PAMS_SETT S_E36_82000206 Define Settings for Planning Board 
73 PAMS_VVARI S_E36_82000208 Edit Display Variants of Planning Board 
74 PAMS_VVCO S_E36_82000209 Define Service Types for Pool Categories 
75 PAMS_VVHC S_E36_82000213 Define Pool Categories 
76 PAOC_DATA_007 S_ALN_01000574 Specify Control Parameters for Data Collection 
77 PAOC_EIC_001 S_AEN_10000487 Employee Interaction Center (EIC) 
78 PAOC_EIC_002 S_AEN_10000535 Define Categories and Subcategories 
79 PAOC_EIC_003 S_AEN_10000536 Define Processors 
80 PAOC_EIC_004 S_AEN_10000537 Define Profile for Employee Search 
81 PAOC_EIC_005 S_AEN_10000538 Define Activity Status 
82 PAOC_EIC_006 S_AEN_10000539 Define Activity Priority 
83 PAOC_EIC_007 S_AEN_10000540 Define Communication Channels 
84 PAOC_EIC_008 S_AEN_10000541 Define Follow-Up Activities 
85 PAOC_EIC_009 S_AEN_10000542 Workflow: Follow-Up Activity 
86 PAOC_EIC_010 S_AEN_10000543 Define E-Mail Addresses 
87 PAOC_EIC_011 S_AEN_10000544 Inbound Distribution: Settings for Receiver Determination (SAPconnect) 
88 PAOC_EIC_012 S_AEN_10000545 Workflow: E-Mail Processing 
89 PAOC_EIC_013 S_AEN_10000546 Define Inbox Item Categories 
90 PAOC_EIC_014 S_AEN_10000547 Define Inbox Profile 
91 PAOC_EIC_015 S_AEN_10000548 Define Priority for Inbox Items 
92 PAOC_EIC_016 S_AEN_10000549 Define Status for Inbox Items 
93 PAOC_EIC_017 S_AEN_10000550 Assign Priorities of Element Types to Inbox Priorities 
94 PAOC_EIC_018 S_AEN_10000551 Assign Status of Element Types to Inbox Status 
95 PAOC_EIC_019 S_AEN_10000552 Define Employee Grouping 
96 PAOC_EIC_020 S_AEN_10000553 BAdI: Assign Employee Grouping 
97 PAOC_EIC_021 S_AEN_10000554 Define Details for EIC Request for Self-Service 
98 PAOC_EIC_022 S_AEN_10000555 BAdI: Define Processor for EIC Request from Self-Service 
99 PAOC_EIC_023 S_AEN_10000556 Workflow: EIC Request from Self-Service 
100 PAOC_EIC_024 S_AEN_10000558 Define Authentication Questions 
101 PAOC_EIC_025 S_AEN_10000559 Define Query for Authentication 
102 PAOC_EIC_026 S_AEN_10000560 Define Authentication Profile and Assign Grouping 
103 PAOC_EIC_027 S_AEN_10000561 Assign Authentication Profile to Employee Grouping 
104 PAOC_EIC_031 S_AEN_10000612 Define Components and Component Sets 
105 PAOC_EIC_032 S_AEN_10000616 Assign Views to Component Sets 
106 PAOC_EIC_033 S_AEN_10000617 Edit Views 
107 PAOC_EIC_034 S_AEN_10000618 Define Simple Objects 
108 PAOC_EIC_035 S_AEN_10000619 Define Profiles for Communication Management Software 
109 PAOC_EIC_036 S_AEN_10000620 Define Connections for Communication Management Software 
110 PAOC_EIC_037 S_AEN_10000631 Set Up SAPphone 
111 PAOC_EIC_038 S_AEN_10000633 Define Queues 
112 PAOC_EIC_039 S_AEN_10000634 Assign Profiles to Queues 
113 PAOC_EIC_040 S_AEN_10000635 Make Settings for Communication Management Systems 
114 PAOC_EIC_041 S_AEN_10000636 Assign Communication Management Systems to Profiles 
115 PAOC_EIC_042 S_AEN_10000637 Define Profiles for Interaction Center Toolbars 
116 PAOC_EIC_043 S_AEN_10000638 Define Chat Profiles 
117 PAOC_EIC_044 S_AEN_10000639 Define Profiles for Outgoing Addresses 
118 PAOC_EIC_045 S_AEN_10000640 Define E-Mail Profiles 
119 PAOC_EIC_046 S_AEN_10000641 Define Profiles for Interaction Center WebClient 
120 PAOC_EIC_048 S_AEN_10000643 Define Runtime-Framework Profiles 
121 PAOC_EIC_049 S_AEN_10000644 Edit Pushbuttons in Toolbar 
122 PAOC_EIC_050 S_AEN_10000645 Define Technical Profiles for Contact Overview 
123 PAOC_EIC_051 S_AEN_10000646 Define BOL/BOR Assignment 
124 PAOC_EIC_052 S_AEN_10000647 Check System Settings and Status 
125 PAOC_EIC_053 S_AEN_10000648 Display Trace for Integrated Communication Interface (ICI) 
126 PAOC_EIC_054 S_AEN_10000649 Assign EIC-Request Form to Self-Service Scenarios 
127 PAOC_EIC_055 S_AEN_10000650 Integrate Employee Self-Service for Authentication 
128 PAOC_EIC_056 S_AEN_10000651 Define Profiles for Navigation Bar 
129 PAOC_EIC_057 S_AEN_10000652 Define Profiles for Activity Clipboard 
130 PAOC_EIC_058 S_AEN_10000653 Define Alerts and Alert Profiles 
131 PAOC_EIC_059 S_AEN_10000654 Define Script Profiles 
132 PAOC_EIC_060 S_AEN_10000655 Define Event Classes 
133 PAOC_EIC_061 S_AEN_10000661 Define Logical Systems and ITS URLs 
134 PAOC_EIC_062 S_AEN_10000662 Define URLs and Parameters 
135 PAOC_EIC_063 S_AEN_10000663 Define Transaction Launcher 
136 PAOC_EIC_064 S_AEN_10000664 Copy or Delete Transactions 
137 PAOC_EIC_065 S_AEN_10000666 Define Knowledge Database 
138 PAOC_EIC_066 S_AEN_10000667 Define Search Engines 
139 PAOC_EIC_067 S_AEN_10000668 Define RFC Destination 
140 PAOC_EIC_068 S_AEN_10000669 Define Learning Engine 
141 PAOC_EIC_069 S_AEN_10000670 Define Compilation, Clustering, and Classification 
142 PAOC_EIC_070 S_AEN_10000672 Define Profiles for Knowledge Search 
143 PAOC_EIC_071 S_AEN_10000673 Assign BOR Object to Knowledge Database 
144 PAOC_EIC_072 S_AEN_10000674 Diagnosis Tool 
145 PAOC_EIC_073 S_AEN_10000687 BAdI: Knowledge Database 
146 PAOC_EIC_074 S_AEN_10000689 BAdI: External Search Engines 
147 PAOC_EIC_075 S_AEN_10000690 BAdI: Information Security 
148 PAOC_EIC_076 S_AEN_10000898 BAdI: Adjust Employee Search 
149 PAOC_EIC_077 S_PEN_05000008 Maintain Number Ranges for Activity Numbers 
150 PAOC_EIC_078 S_PEN_05000009 Assign Number Range to Activity Case Type 
151 PAOC_EIC_079 S_PEN_05000010 Set Up Application 
152 PAOC_EIC_080 S_PEN_05000303 Synchronize Customizing 
153 PAOC_EIC_081 S_PEN_05000311 Define Global Framework Settings 
154 PAOC_EIC_100 S_P7H_77000074 Copy Categories and Subcategories 
155 PAOC_EIC_796 S_P7H_77000078 Define Categories and Subcategories 
156 PAOC_HAP_PA_CATALOG S_ALN_01000599 Edit Templates 
157 PAOC_HAP_PA_SEM_INT S_PLN_16000426 Set Up Integration Between HR and SEM Systems 
158 PAOC_HAP_PA_SETTINGS S_ALN_01000598 Edit Basic Settings 
159 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_001 S_ALN_01000430 Process Dependent and Additional Cost Items 
160 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_002 S_ALN_01000437 Assign Employee Grouping for Cost Items 
161 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_003 S_ALN_01000438 Assign Organizational Object Grouping for Cost Items 
162 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_004 S_ALN_01000431 Specify Scenario-Dependent Values 
163 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_005 S_ALN_01000439 Assign Cost Object Grouping for Account Determination 
164 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_006 S_ALN_01000432 Assign Cost Items to Cost Elements 
165 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_007 S_ALN_01000545 Specify Organizational Grouping for Cost Objects 
166 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_008 S_ALN_01000552 Cost Object Grouping for Account Determination: Check Values 
167 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_009 S_ALN_01000565 Set Up Postings for Fixed Costs 
168 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_010 S_ALN_01000575 Specify Control Parameters for Cost Planning Runs 
169 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_011 S_ALN_01000577 Assign Planning Source 
170 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_012 S_ALN_01000578 Create Planning Source 
171 PAOC_HCP_AUTO_013 S_PLN_16000353 Configure ALE for Distributed Systems 
172 PAOC_HCP_BASE_001 S_ALN_01000567 Edit Basic Settings 
173 PAOC_HCP_CHECK_001 S_ALN_01000566 Check Customizing Settings 
174 PAOC_HCP_DATA_000 S_ALN_01000536 Create Symbolic Accounts 
175 PAOC_HCP_DATA_001 S_ALN_01000424 Create Cost Items 
176 PAOC_HCP_DATA_002 S_ALN_01000425 Assign Wage Types to Cost Items 
177 PAOC_HCP_DATA_003 S_ALN_01000426 Create Additional Data Collection Parameters 
178 PAOC_HCP_DATA_004 S_ALN_01000427 Create Additional Data Collection Methods 
179 PAOC_HCP_DATA_005 S_ALN_01000429 Specify Attributes of Data Collection Methods and Parameters 
180 PAOC_HCP_DATA_006 S_ALN_01000563 Create Data Basis 
181 PAOC_HCP_DATA_007 S_ALN_01000602 Specify Control Parameters for Data Collection 
182 PAOC_HCP_DETAIL_001 S_ALN_01000576 Specify Control Parameters for Detail Planning 
183 PAOC_HCP_PLAN_001 S_ALN_01000422 Create Planning Contexts 
184 PAOC_HCP_PLAN_002 S_ALN_01000423 Create Planning Scenarios 
185 PAPD_T77CDOC_CUST S_PL0_86000190 Activate Change Documents 
186 PARALL_BEWERTKL S_KFM_86000310 Assignment of General Valuation Class 
187 PARALL_INITDAT S_KFM_86000252 Initialization Date per Company Code 
188 PARALL_TEST_CUST S_KFM_86000284 Check Customizing for Parallel Valuation Areas 
189 PARALL_TEST_INIT S_KFM_86000283 Test Initialization for Selected Loans 
190 PART_ROLE_MAPPING S_AEC_66000442 Business Partner Roles 
191 PART_TAX_GROUP S_AEC_66000350 Define Business Partner Tax Group 
192 PART_TAX_MAPPING S_AEC_66000439 Business Partner Taxability Type 
193 PART_TXB_GROUP S_AEC_66000484 Partner Taxability Group 
194 PAR_AR_IND_000 S_AHR_61016475 Define severance pay calculation 
195 PASRPDEL S_PL7_36000005 Reorganization of Single Records 
196 PAUTHP_T7UN_ATTRIBS S_PAD_19000106 Preset Grace Period for Eligibility 
197 PAY-DE-AT-030 S_PH9_46000537 Set Up Phases for Semiretirement Models 
198 PAYFRN4DS_5F99FGI S_L4H_49002020 Define field groups 
199 PAYFRN4DS_V_T5F99FG S_L4H_49002021 Configure field groups 
200 PAYFR_N4DS_5F99FC_2 S_L4H_49002027 Define conditions for a section 
201 PAYFR_N4DS_BCUST S_L4H_49002236 BAdI: change N4DS 
202 PAYFR_N4DS_FDADB S_L4H_49002029 Recodify collective agreement indicator 
203 PAYFR_N4DS_RPUDAQ9S S_L4H_49002028 Display field origin 
204 PAYFR_N4DS_V_5F1C_C S_L4H_49002505 Assign contribution modifiers to contributions 
205 PAYFR_N4DS_V_5F99FC_ S_L4H_49002026 Define conditions 
206 PAYRU_00_PM_002 S_XC0_18000155 Determine Counterevents for Background and Workflow Events 
207 PAYTNM_QUOTAMANAGEM S_L7D_24002009 Quota Management: Overview 
208 PAY_00_CE_000 S_ALN_01000420 Distribution of Person-Related Wage Types 
209 PAY_00_CE_001 S_ALN_01000211 Set Up Distribution Basis for Wage Types 
210 PAY_00_CE_002 S_ALN_01000212 Set Up Distribution Rules for Wage Types 
211 PAY_00_CE_004 S_ALN_01000227 Assign Distribution Rule and Target Wage Type to a Source Wage Type 
212 PAY_00_CE_005 S_P1H_12000047 Transfer Wage Types from Personnel Assignments to the Person Level 
213 PAY_00_CE_006 S_P1H_12000048 Define Person Wage Types 
214 PAY_00_CE_007 S_P1H_12000049 Assign Person Wage Type to a Personnel Assignment Wage Type 
215 PAY_00_CP_000 S_AL0_96000767 Integration to Compensation Management 
216 PAY_00_CP_001 S_AL0_96000691 Create Wage Type Catalog for Awards 
217 PAY_00_CP_002 S_AL0_96000692 Check Wage Type Texts 
218 PAY_00_CP_003 S_AL0_96000693 Assign Wage Types to the Amount Types for Awards 
219 PAY_00_CP_004 S_AL0_96000694 Activate Function XLTI in the Personnel Calculation Schema 
220 PAY_00_GP_000 S_PLN_16000179 Payroll for Global Employees: Overview 
221 PAY_00_GP_001 S_PLN_16000180 Assign Wage Types of Sending Payroll to the WTs of Receiving Payroll 
222 PAY_00_GP_002 S_PLN_16000181 Assign Periods of Sending Payroll to the Periods of Receiving Payroll 
223 PAY_00_GP_003 S_PLN_16000182 Set Up Currency Conversion Rules 
224 PAY_00_GP_004 S_PLN_16000376 Activate Payroll for Global Employees 
225 PAY_00_GP_005 S_PLN_16000274 BAdI: Determine the Date for Currency Conversions 
226 PAY_00_GP_006 S_PLN_16000422 Determine Date Rules for Currency Conversion 
227 PAY_00_LO_001 S_L6B_69000406 BAdI: Reporting for Company Loans 
228 PAY_00_LO_001_GB S_L6B_69000642 BAdl: Reporting for Company Loans 
229 PAY_00_LO_001_ZA S_L6B_69000625 BAdI: Reporting for Company Loans 
230 PAY_00_OC_001 S_PLN_06000354 Set Up Display for Remuneration Statements Using HR Forms Workplace 
231 PAY_00_OC_100 S_L6B_69000650 Set Up Different Variants for Payment Replacement 
232 PAY_00_PM_001 S_PL0_09000335 Activate Type Linkages for Workflow Events 
233 PAY_00_PM_002 S_PL0_09000336 Determine Counterevents for Background and Workflow Events 
234 PAY_05_PM_001 S_PL0_09000443 Activate event type linkage for workflow events 
235 PAY_05_PM_002 S_PL0_09000444 Determine counter event for background and workflow events 
236 PAY_06_DAQ_A_F_SEC S_L6D_84000992  
237 PAY_06_DAQ_CONDT S_L6D_84000994  
238 PAY_06_DAQ_CONDTI S_L6D_84000993  
239 PAY_06_DAQ_FIDAQ S_L6D_84000977 Complete the fields and assign the source 
240 PAY_06_DAQ_FORM S_L6D_84000976 Define form 
241 PAY_06_DAQ_OVERVIEW S_L6D_84000975 DAQ: general presentation 
242 PAY_06_DAQ_SECTN S_L6D_84000991  
243 PAY_06_DAQ_SOUGR S_L6D_84000990  
244 PAY_06_DAQ_SOUGRI S_L6D_84000989  
245 PAY_06_DAQ_SOUWT S_L6D_84000985  
246 PAY_06_DAQ_SOUWTX S_L6D_84000987  
247 PAY_06_DAQ_SOUWT_A S_L6D_84000984  
248 PAY_09_DT_000 S_PH9_46000510 Altdatenübernahme 
249 PAY_09_RI_81 S_PH9_46000486 Assign Expenditure Types to Wage Types 
250 PAY_09_RI_82 S_PH9_46000487 Define Posting Collector 
251 PAY_12B_DAQ_CONDTI S_L6B_69001308 Specify Conditions 
252 PAY_12_DAQ_A_F_SEC S_L6B_69001307 Assign Fields to a Section 
253 PAY_12_DAQ_CONDT S_L6B_69001309 Build up Conditions 
254 PAY_12_DAQ_FIDAQ S_L6B_69001303 Specify Fields and Assign Source 
255 PAY_12_DAQ_FORM S_L6B_69001299 Define Forms 
256 PAY_12_DAQ_OVERVIEW S_L6B_69001298 DAQ: Overview 
257 PAY_12_DAQ_SECTN S_L6B_69001306 Define Form Sections 
258 PAY_12_DAQ_SOUGR S_L6B_69001305 Build up Field Groups 
259 PAY_12_DAQ_SOUGRI S_L6B_69001304 Specify Field Groups 
260 PAY_12_DAQ_SOUWT S_L6B_69001301 Check Assignment of Wage Types to Existing Wage Type Groups 
261 PAY_12_DAQ_SOUWTX S_L6B_69001302 Add Customer-Specific Assignments to Existing Wage Type Groups 
262 PAY_12_DAQ_SOUWT_A S_L6B_69001300 Specify Wage Type Groupings 
263 PAY_12_PM_001 S_PL0_09000445 Ereignistypkopplungen für Workflow-Ereignisse aktivieren 
264 PAY_12_PM_002 S_PL0_09000446 Gegenereignisse für Hintergrund- und Workflow-Ereignisse festlegen 
265 PAY_2483DECL_V_T536D S_L4H_49001251 Define address types and communication data 
266 PAY_4DS_V_T5FITCORRC S_L4H_49002990 Redefine the type of short text subtypes 
267 PAY_99S_DAQ_5F99FCND S_L7D_24000373 Define Field Value as a Condition 
268 PAY_99S_DAQ_A_F_SECT S_L7D_24000028 Assign Fields to a Section 
269 PAY_99S_DAQ_CONDT S_L7D_24000030 Build up Conditions 
270 PAY_99S_DAQ_CONDTEDI S_L7D_24001712 Create conditions 
271 PAY_99S_DAQ_CONDTI S_L7D_24000029 Specify Conditions 
272 PAY_99S_DAQ_FIDAQ S_L7D_24000024 Specify Fields and Assign Source 
273 PAY_99S_DAQ_FORM S_L6B_69001328 Define Form 
274 PAY_99S_DAQ_OVERVIEW S_L7D_24000019 DAQ: Overview 
275 PAY_99S_DAQ_SECTN S_L7D_24000027 Define Form Sections 
276 PAY_99S_DAQ_SOUGR S_L7D_24000026 Build up Field Groups 
277 PAY_99S_DAQ_SOUGRI S_L7D_24000025 Specify Field Groups 
278 PAY_99S_DAQ_SOUWT S_L7D_24000022 Check Assignment of Wage Types to Existing Wage Type Groups 
279 PAY_99S_DAQ_SOUWTX S_L7D_24000023 Add Customer-Specific Assignments to Existing Wage Type Groups 
280 PAY_99S_DAQ_SOUWT_A S_L7D_24000021 Specify Wage Type Groupings 
281 PAY_99S_SR_MD S_HRI_55000046 Determine Screen Setup 
282 PAY_99S_SR_NOTIORDER S_HRI_55000048 Define Order to Display Notification Type 
283 PAY_99S_SR_P3331 S_HRI_55000045 Set Up Feature for Screen Control (IT3331) 
284 PAY_99S_SR_TRNSFR_TY S_HRI_55000047 Define Transfer Types for Process/Form 
285 PAY_99S_V_T5F99CD S_L7D_24001776 Define Calculation Rules for Duration 
286 PAY_99S_V_T5F99CD_FR S_L4H_49000086 Define Calculation Rules for Duration 
287 PAY_AED_V_T536C S_L4H_49002640 Define address key and communication data 
288 PAY_ARGROSSUP_060 S_AHR_61016627 Define correction of valuation bases 
289 PAY_ARXX_COM001 S_PH9_46000368 Assign shift change compensation 
290 PAY_ARXX_RI81 S_PH9_46000369 Assign expenditure types to wage types 
291 PAY_AR_ART_010 S_AHR_61016572 Define cumulation of leave wage types for industrial disease and accidents 
292 PAY_AR_ART_011 S_AHR_61016573 Form cumulation wage type for proportional IBD 
293 PAY_AR_AVNEW_000 S_PH0_48000044 Utilization of the new function for averages 
294 PAY_AR_AVNEW_011 S_PH0_48000045 Application of the new function for family allowance averages 
295 PAY_AR_CE010 S_AHR_61018944 Maintain monitoring of CUIT/CUIL in personal data (ESS-Services) 
296 PAY_AR_CERT_010 S_AHR_61016539 Define additional absence data for Certification of services 
297 PAY_AR_CERT_020 S_AHR_61016540 Check service character codes 
298 PAY_AR_CERT_030 S_L7D_24002939 Check wage types for Article 80 Certificate 
299 PAY_AR_CERT_040 S_L7D_24002940 Change wage type for Article 80 Certificate 
300 PAY_AR_CE_010 S_L9C_94000260 Maintain calculation of MOPRE limit for wages 
301 PAY_AR_CE_011 S_L9C_94000323 Maintain calculation of basis for Labor Risk Insurance Company (ART) leave 
302 PAY_AR_CE_012 S_L9C_94000479 Maintain apportionment of irregular credits and contributions 
303 PAY_AR_DAQ_A_F_SECT S_L7D_24000535 Assign fields to section 
304 PAY_AR_DAQ_CONDT S_L7D_24000537 Structure conditions 
305 PAY_AR_DAQ_CONDTI S_L7D_24000536 Specify conditions 
306 PAY_AR_DAQ_FIDAQ S_L7D_24000531 Specify fields and assign origin 
307 PAY_AR_DAQ_FORM S_L7D_24000527 Define forms 
308 PAY_AR_DAQ_OVERVIEW S_L7D_24000526 DAQ: Overview 
309 PAY_AR_DAQ_SECTN S_L7D_24000534 Define form sections 
310 PAY_AR_DAQ_SOUGR S_L7D_24000533 Structure form groups 
311 PAY_AR_DAQ_SOUGRI S_L7D_24000532 Define field groups 
312 PAY_AR_DAQ_SOUWT S_L7D_24000529 Check wage type assignment to existing wage type groups 
313 PAY_AR_DAQ_SOUWTX S_L7D_24000530 Add customer-specific assignment to existing wage types 
314 PAY_AR_DAQ_SOUWT_A S_L7D_24000528 Specify wage type groupings 
315 PAY_AR_DESC_010 S_AHR_61016574 Copy model wage type for advance payments 
316 PAY_AR_DESC_020 S_AHR_61016575 Define advance payment wage type 
317 PAY_AR_DIV30_001 S_L7D_24001628 Define use of divisor 30 for daily employees 
318 PAY_AR_DT000 S_AHR_61018924 Data transfer from external systems 
319 PAY_AR_DT001 S_AHR_61018925 Payroll periods 
320 PAY_AR_DT002 S_AHR_61018926 Wage types 
321 PAY_AR_DTABS_000 S_L9C_94000346 Absences 
322 PAY_AR_DTART_000 S_L9C_94000345 Leave due to sickness and industrial accident (ART) 
323 PAY_AR_DTCSRV_000 S_AL0_96000061 Certification of services and remuneration 
324 PAY_AR_DTFA_000 S_AHR_61019062 Family allowances 
325 PAY_AR_DTINDM_000 S_L9C_94000344 Compensation 
326 PAY_AR_DTPROV_000 S_AHR_61019064 Vacation provision 
327 PAY_AR_DTSAC_000 S_L9C_94000343 Additional Yearly Wage 
328 PAY_AR_DTSS_000 S_AHR_61019060 Social Insurance 
329 PAY_AR_DTTX_000 S_AHR_61019059 Income Tax 
330 PAY_AR_ESQUEMA_002 S_AHR_61016631 Maintain payroll schema for IBD calculation 
331 PAY_AR_ESQUEMA_003 S_AHR_61016632 Maintain time evaluation schema for vacation quota 
332 PAY_AR_ESQUEMA_010 S_AHR_61016630 Maintain payroll accounting schema for divisor 30 
333 PAY_AR_ESS_PAYSLIP S_L6B_69000003 BAdI: Remuneration statement only accessible through ESS 
334 PAY_AR_ES_002 S_AHR_61016628 Maintain payroll schema for IBD calculation 
335 PAY_AR_ES_003 S_AHR_61016629 Maintain time evaluation schema for vacation quota 
336 PAY_AR_FA018 S_L6B_69000283 Check submission period for family allowances withholding 
337 PAY_AR_FA_015 S_AHR_61019224 Copy model wage types for family allowances 
338 PAY_AR_FA_016 S_AL0_96000191 Define reduction percentage for family allowances 
339 PAY_AR_FA_019 S_L6B_69000672 Determine number of months for average family allowance 
340 PAY_AR_FA_020 S_PL0_86000021 Define max. percentage of basic salary to deduct 
341 PAY_AR_FA_021 S_PL0_86000023 Create wage type catalog 
342 PAY_AR_FA_022 S_PL0_86000024 Check wage type text 
343 PAY_AR_FA_023 S_PL0_86000025 Check admissability of entries by infotype 
344 PAY_AR_FA_024 S_PL0_86000026 Check wage type attributes 
345 PAY_AR_FA_025 S_PL0_86000139 Copy rule to generate own wage type 
346 PAY_AR_FA_026 S_PL0_86000140 Copy rule to apply exception to max. percentage of basic salary 
347 PAY_AR_FA_027 S_PL0_86000142 Define exception to max. percentage of basic salary to use 
348 PAY_AR_FA_028 S_L7D_24002962 Verify limit base for family allowances 
349 PAY_AR_FA_029 S_L7D_24002963 Determine if the system applies the limit base 
350 PAY_AR_FA_030 S_L7D_24002964 Verify partner compensation wage type 
351 PAY_AR_FA_031 S_L7D_24002965 Change partner compensation wage type 
352 PAY_AR_GROSSUP020 S_AHR_61016622 Define guaranteed net classes 
353 PAY_AR_GROSSUP_011 S_AHR_61016589 Create wage type catalog 
354 PAY_AR_GROSSUP_012 S_AHR_61018668 Define cumulation for guaranteed net amounts 
355 PAY_AR_GROSSUP_030 S_AHR_61016623 Define deductions for calculation 
356 PAY_AR_GROSSUP_040 S_AHR_61016624 Define difference transfer wage types for retroactive accounting 
357 PAY_AR_GROSSUP_050 S_AHR_61016625 Check rule groups for deduction calculations 
358 PAY_AR_GROSSUP_060 S_AHR_61016626 Check cumulation of result wage types for guaranteed net amount 
359 PAY_AR_GROSSUP_070 S_PH9_46000564 Classify guraranteed net amount wage types 
360 PAY_AR_HPPAY00_ESS_P S_L6B_69000002 Make remuneration statement (ESS) available in PDF format 
361 PAY_AR_IND025 S_AL0_96000224 Definition of severance pay limits 
362 PAY_AR_IND026 S_AL0_96000225 Determine the definition of severance pay limits 
363 PAY_AR_IND027 S_AL0_96000226 Assign severance pay limit grouping to collective agreement 
364 PAY_AR_IND_011 S_AHR_61016534 Copy model wage types 
365 PAY_AR_IND_012 S_AHR_61016535 Define cumulation of severance pay wage types 
366 PAY_AR_IND_013 S_AHR_61016536 Define cumulation in valuation basis for salary/wage 
367 PAY_AR_IND_015 S_L7D_24000142 Compensation payment in installments 
368 PAY_AR_IND_028 S_AL0_96000231 Create groupings for severance pay limits 
369 PAY_AR_IND_029 S_AL0_96000232 Assign severance pay limit to severance pay limit criteria 
370 PAY_AR_IND_030 S_AHR_61016537 Define cumulation in valuation basis for salary/wage 
371 PAY_AR_IND_040 S_AHR_61016538 Form cumulation wage type for normal and regular wage 
372 PAY_AR_IND_041 S_AHR_61016561 Determine contract termination type 
373 PAY_AR_IND_042 S_AHR_61016564 Define employee grouping for calculating compensations 
374 PAY_AR_IND_043 S_AHR_61016566 Determine default value for employee grouping 
375 PAY_AR_IND_050 S_L9C_94000104 Define seniority for severance pay 
376 PAY_AR_IND_052 S_L9C_94000259 Define variable remuneration averages for severance pay 
377 PAY_AR_IXFO_002 S_AHR_61016681 Design form 
378 PAY_AR_IXFO_003 S_AHR_61016682 Copy form 
379 PAY_AR_IXFO_004 S_AHR_61016683 Maintain evaluation types and their values 
380 PAY_AR_IXFO_005 S_AHR_61016684 Install alternative currency 
381 PAY_AR_IXFO_007 S_AHR_61016685 Install address 
382 PAY_AR_IXFO_008 S_AHR_61016686 Change Addresses infotype (0006) 
383 PAY_AR_IXFO_009 S_AHR_61016687 Convert previous form 
384 PAY_AR_IXFO_010 S_AHR_61016688 Set remuneration statement 
385 PAY_AR_IXFO_011 S_AHR_61016689 Example: Indentifier of sums in individual field 
386 PAY_AR_IXFO_012 S_AHR_61016690 Example: Identifier of totals in individual fields 
387 PAY_AR_IXFO_015 S_AHR_61016692 Example with the new procedure 
388 PAY_AR_IXFO_016 S_AHR_61016693 Example with the previous procedure 
389 PAY_AR_IXFO_017 S_AHR_61016694 Example: Vacations in window 
390 PAY_AR_IXFO_018 S_AHR_61016695 Example: Time quota in individual window 
391 PAY_AR_IXFO_019 S_AHR_61016696 Example: Time quota in window 
392 PAY_AR_IXFO_020 S_AHR_61016697 Example: Notification in window 
393 PAY_AR_IXFO_030 S_AHR_61016713 Provide remuneration statement 
394 PAY_AR_IXFO_040 S_AHR_61016714 Create payroll account 
395 PAY_AR_IXFO_050 S_AHR_61016715 Convert previous form 
396 PAY_AR_IXFO_060 S_AHR_61016716 Create page header 
397 PAY_AR_IXFO_070 S_AHR_61016717 Create payroll excerpt 
398 PAY_AR_IXFO_080 S_AHR_61016718 Create continuation excerpt 
399 PAY_AR_IXFO_090 S_AHR_61016719 Create display of totals 
400 PAY_AR_IXOCCN_001 S_AHR_61016633 Set proposed values for wage types 
401 PAY_AR_IXOCZW_001 S_AHR_61016634 Set proposed values for payments 
402 PAY_AR_LI010 S_L9C_94000418 Maintain forms for Legal Payroll Payments Book 20.744 
403 PAY_AR_LI060 S_L9C_94000419 Define wage types for Legal Payroll Payments Book 20,744 
404 PAY_AR_MISI_001 S_L7D_24000520 Assign action reasons 
405 PAY_AR_MISI_002 S_L7D_24000521 Assign country code 
406 PAY_AR_MISI_003 S_L7D_24000522 Assign level of training 
407 PAY_AR_MISI_004 S_L7D_24000523 Create location codes 
408 PAY_AR_MISI_005 S_L7D_24000524 Update position held 
409 PAY_AR_MISI_006 S_L7D_24000525 Determine the unique bank code (CBU) value 
410 PAY_AR_MISI_007 S_L7D_24000576 Assign business address 
411 PAY_AR_MISI_008 S_L7D_24000574 Create courts 
412 PAY_AR_MISI_009 S_L7D_24000575 Assign ministries to courts 
413 PAY_AR_OC_A03 S_L7D_24002924 Absence duration adjustment to use divider 30 
414 PAY_AR_OHAXAV511B S_PH9_46000536 Create cumulation rules for bases for calculating average values 
415 PAY_AR_OHAXAV511C S_PH9_46000553 Create adjustment rules for average bases 
416 PAY_AR_OHAXAVX017 S_PH9_46000534 Create relevance test 
417 PAY_AR_OHAXAVX018 S_PH9_46000535 Create final processing 
418 PAY_AR_OHAXAVXT00 S_PH9_46000555 Adjust average calculation in payroll run 
419 PAY_AR_OHAXRI013 S_AHR_61019252 Post to intercompany clearing account 
420 PAY_AR_OHAXRI090 S_L9C_94000410 Set export to R/2 system or R/3 system prior to 4.0 
421 PAY_AR_OHAXRI092 S_PL0_09000109 BAdI: Payroll results posting control 
422 PAY_AR_OHAX_AV_1 S_PH0_48000016 Bases for average valuation 
423 PAY_AR_OHAX_AV_2W S_PH9_46000531 Create bases for calculating average value 
424 PAY_AR_OHAX_AV_ABCR S_PH9_46000532 Create calculation rules for averages 
425 PAY_AR_OHAX_AV_P S_PH9_46000533 Assign average valuation to a primary wage type 
426 PAY_AR_PMCREATE S_AHR_61018923 Create process model 
427 PAY_AR_PROVVAC_010 S_AHR_61016576 Define generation of vacation entitlement contributions 
428 PAY_AR_PROVVAC_020 S_AHR_61016577 Define generation of vacation quotas 
429 PAY_AR_PROVVAC_030 S_AHR_61016580 Create vacation entitlement wage types 
430 PAY_AR_PROVVAC_040 S_AHR_61016581 Define vacation entitlement wage type 
431 PAY_AR_PROVVAC_050 S_AHR_61016582 Assign vacation entitlement wage type to vacation quota 
432 PAY_AR_PROVVAC_060 S_AHR_61016586 Maintain payroll accounting schema for vacation entitlement 
433 PAY_AR_PROVVAC_070 S_L9C_94000258 Determine leave provision with decimals 
434 PAY_AR_PROVVAC_080 S_AL0_96000229 Define additional generation of provisional leave contribution 
435 PAY_AR_PROVVAC_090 S_L7D_24000582 Only provide for untaken leave 
436 PAY_AR_RI_82 S_PH9_46000561 Define posting collector 
437 PAY_AR_SAC_006 S_L9C_94000083 Set up type of divisor for SAC calculation 
438 PAY_AR_SAC_007 S_L6B_69000624 Define maximum number of days for SAC payment outside six-month period 
439 PAY_AR_SI008 S_AHR_61019282 Check contract category for SIJP 
440 PAY_AR_SICORE_001 S_PH0_48000417 Assign provincial codes SI.CO.RE. 
441 PAY_AR_SIJ_008 S_AL0_96000190 Define company type for Integrated Retirement and Pension Scheme (SIJP) 
442 PAY_AR_SI_002 S_PH9_46000187 Define cumulation of wage types for payment of disadvantaged area bonus 
443 PAY_AR_SI_003 S_AHR_61019226 Define cumulation of family allowances for SIJP 
444 PAY_AR_SI_004 S_AHR_61019225 Define cumulation of non-deductible credits for SIJP 
445 PAY_AR_SI_005 S_AHR_61019279 Assign SIJP locality to Personnel area/subarea 
446 PAY_AR_SI_006 S_AHR_61019280 Check assignment of contract category to contract type 
447 PAY_AR_SI_007 S_AHR_61019281 Check SIJP localities 
448 PAY_AR_SI_008 S_AL0_96000188 Define company type for Integrated Retirement and Pension Scheme (SIJP) 
449 PAY_AR_SI_009 S_AL0_96000189 Define company type for Integrated Retirement and Pension Scheme (SIJP) 
450 PAY_AR_SI_010 S_AL0_96000218 Define criteria for injured employee key in ART leave 
451 PAY_AR_SI_011 S_AL0_96000202 Define company type for Integrated Retirement and Pension Scheme (SIJP) 
452 PAY_AR_SI_012 S_L6B_69000193 Define cumulation for overtime 
453 PAY_AR_SI_013 S_L6B_69000194 Define cumulation for extra payment for disadvantaged area 
454 PAY_AR_SI_014 S_L6B_69000224 Define pay scale code for SIJP (Integrated Retirement and Pension Scheme) 
455 PAY_AR_SI_015 S_L6B_69000365 Define use of leave quotas for days worked 
456 PAY_AR_SS_030 S_AHR_61016567 Check category codes for reduced contribution area 
457 PAY_AR_SS_031 S_AHR_61016568 Check allocation of reduction areas to reduction area categories 
458 PAY_AR_SS_033 S_AHR_61016569 Check groupings of Social Insurance reduction percentages 
459 PAY_AR_SS_034 S_AHR_61016570 Check Social Insurance reduced contribution percentages 
460 PAY_AR_SS_035 S_AHR_61016571 Determine grouping for contribution percentages 
461 PAY_AR_SS_036 S_PH0_48000424 Define limit for calculating Welfare fund contributions 
462 PAY_AR_SS_037 S_L6B_69000674 Activate limit adjustment 
463 PAY_AR_SS_038 S_PH0_48000425 Check monthly limit for SIJP contribution 
464 PAY_AR_SS_045 S_L9C_94000084 Set up type of divisor calculation of deductions and contributions 
465 PAY_AR_SS_054 S_L9C_94000163 Define employee groupings for Social Insurance contributions 
466 PAY_AR_SS_060 S_L9C_94000440 Check distribution percentages scale for Welfare Fund 
467 PAY_AR_SS_070 S_AL0_96000217 Check welfare fund deductions and contributions distribution method 
468 PAY_AR_SS_081 S_AL0_96000786 Check validity of Social Insurance red. percentage groupings 
469 PAY_AR_SS_088 S_AL0_96000776 Check retirement contribution percentage for distribution scheme 
470 PAY_AR_SS_100 S_L7D_24001372 Define limit for INSSJyP contribution calculation 
471 PAY_AR_SS_105 S_L7D_24002077 Define inclusion of variable remuneration in maternity basic remuneration 
472 PAY_AR_SS_106 S_L7D_24002264 Define credit cumulation of part-time workers 
473 PAY_AR_SS_107 S_L7D_24002270 Calculate full-time working hours per month 
474 PAY_AR_SS_108 S_L7D_24002408 Define banks for social deduction payment 
475 PAY_AR_SS_109 S_L7D_24002478 Define wage types to be notified in employee declaration 
476 PAY_AR_SS_110 S_L7D_24002480 Define employment situation by absence type and category 
477 PAY_AR_SS_111 S_L7D_24002516 Define number of months for maternity average 
478 PAY_AR_SS_112 S_L7D_24002933 Set wage types permitted for infotype 
479 PAY_AR_SS_113 S_L7D_24002934 Set WF Remuneration field when value is zero 
480 PAY_AR_TX_014 S_PH0_48000420 Check reduction percentage of annual deductions 
481 PAY_AR_TX_016 S_PH0_48000421 Check health insurance deduction percentage 
482 PAY_AR_TX_020 S_L6B_69000153 Define use of reduction of annual reductions table 
483 PAY_AR_TX_021 S_L7D_24001617 Check remuneration for deduction limit 
484 PAY_AR_TX_022 S_L7D_24001904 Define annual/final settlement tax compensation 
485 PAY_AR_TX_023 S_L7D_24002161 Assign wage types to cumulation wage type 
486 PAY_AR_TX_024 S_L7D_24002158 Define list fields 
487 PAY_AR_TX_025 S_L7D_24002160 Determine cumulation wage type 
488 PAY_AR_TX_026 S_L7D_24002157 Maintain DAQ TAXR subapplication 
489 PAY_AR_TX_027 S_L7D_24002159 Assign fields to section 
490 PAY_AR_TX_028 S_L7D_24002971 Activate tax exemption on second fee of SAC 
491 PAY_AR_TX_029 S_L7D_24002972 Check limit for monthly gross remuneration 
492 PAY_AR_TX_030 S_L7D_24002973 Check wage types for exemption on SAC 
493 PAY_AR_TX_031 S_L7D_24002974 Change wage types for exemption on SAC 
494 PAY_AR_TX_032 S_L7D_24002975 Process SAC retroactive payments 
495 PAY_AR_UM020 S_AHR_61018891 Assign legal person to personnel area 
496 PAY_AR_UM030 S_L7D_24001394 Determine system behavior for contract assignment 
497 PAY_AR_XEDTINTERNET S_L6B_69000001 Make remuneration statement available on internet 
498 PAY_AR_XPM_001 S_PL0_09000368 Maintain event type linkage for workflow events 
499 PAY_AR_XPM_002 S_PL0_09000369 Set counterevents for background and workflow events 
500 PAY_AR_XPU1200 S_PH9_46000180 Connection to external systems: Export/Import of employee data