SAP ABAP IMG Activity - Index P, page 7
IMG Activity - P
# IMG Activity Transaction Code Short Description
1 PAY_TW_BN_005 S_PH0_48000252 Create Claims Wage Types 
2 PAY_TW_DT_000 S_PH9_46000105 Transfer Legacy Data 
3 PAY_TW_DT_001 S_PH9_46000608 Check Payroll Periods 
4 PAY_TW_DT_002 S_PH9_46000609 Check Wage Types 
5 PAY_TW_NGL_001 S_L7D_24002615 Possible Solutions in New General Ledger 
6 PAY_TW_NGL_002 S_L7D_24002616 Determine Time for Activating Segments 
7 PAY_TW_NGL_003 S_L7D_24002617 Use Segment as Additional Controlling Object 
8 PAY_TW_NGL_004 S_L7D_24002618 Maintain Feature for Object Selection 
9 PAY_TW_NGL_005 S_L7D_24002619 Deactivate Restriction on a Financial Management Area 
10 PAY_TW_NGL_006 S_L7D_24002620 Define Type of Distribution 
11 PAY_TW_NGL_007 S_L7D_24002621 Note on Relevancy 
12 PAY_TW_NGL_008 S_L7D_24002622 Activate Cost Distribution via Function XLIDI 
13 PAY_TW_NGL_009 S_L7D_24002623 Distribution of Liability Wage Types and Inflow Principle 
14 PAY_TW_NGL_010 S_L7D_24002624 Expense-Related Distribution of Liability Wage Types 
15 PAY_TW_NGL_011 S_L7D_24002625 Determine Time for Posting Payments 
16 PAY_TW_NGL_012 S_L7D_24002626 Specify Bank Clearing Account for HR Payments 
17 PAY_TW_NGL_013 S_L7D_24002627 Enter Wage Types for Posting Payments 
18 PAY_TW_NGL_014 S_L7D_24002628 Adjust Account Assignment Types for Symbolic Accounts 
19 PAY_TW_NGL_015 S_L7D_24002629 Create Permissible Values for Standard Accounting FM/GM 
20 PAY_TW_NGL_016 S_L7D_24002630 Set Grouping Standard Accounting for FM/GM 
21 PAY_TW_RI_81 S_PH9_46000619 Assign Wage Type Output Types 
22 PAY_TW_RI_82 S_PH9_46000620 Define Posting Collector 
23 PAY_US_CE_000 S_PLN_16000098 Distribution of Person-Related Wage Types 
24 PAY_US_CE_001 S_PLN_16000099 Set Up Distribution Basis for Wage Types 
25 PAY_US_CE_002 S_PLN_16000100 Set Up Distribution Rules for Wage Types 
26 PAY_US_CE_004 S_PLN_16000101 Assign Distribution Rule and Target Wage Type to a Source Wage Type 
27 PAY_US_CE_005 S_ALN_01002077 Transfer Wage Types from Personnel Assignments to the Person Level 
28 PAY_US_CE_006 S_ALN_01002078 Define Person Wage Types 
29 PAY_US_CE_007 S_ALN_01002079 Assign Person Wage Type to a Personnel Assignment Wage Type 
30 PAY_US_CM_000 S_AL0_96000807 Compensation Management Integration 
31 PAY_US_CP_000 S_AL0_96000787 Compensation Management Integration 
32 PAY_US_CP_001 S_AL0_96000788 Create wage type catalog for awards 
33 PAY_US_CP_002 S_AL0_96000789 Check wage type texts 
34 PAY_US_CP_003 S_AL0_96000790 Assign wage types to the amount types for awards 
35 PAY_US_CP_004 S_AL0_96000777 Activate long term incentives schema 
36 PAY_US_OC_001 S_PLN_06000399 Set up display for remuneration statement using HR Forms Workplace 
37 PAY_US_OC_100 S_L6B_69000664 Set up different variants for payment replacement 
38 PAY_US_PM_001 S_PL0_09000382 Activate event type linkage for workflow events 
39 PAY_US_PM_002 S_PL0_09000383 Define counter events for background and workflow events 
40 PAY_US_REP_316 S_L7D_24002926 BAdI: Determine the country of employer 
41 PAY_US_RI_81 S_AL0_96000634 Assign Expenditure Types to Wage Types 
42 PAY_US_RI_82 S_AL0_96000636 Define Posting Collector 
43 PAY_US_TAX_001 S_L7D_24002468 Define action types and reasons for HIRE Act 
44 PAY_US_TIPS S_AHR_61011753 Define establishments for tip processing 
45 PAY_US_TIPS_420 S_AHR_61011754 Create Wage Type Catalog 
46 PAY_US_TIPS_440 S_AHR_61011755 Assign wage types to wage type groups 
47 PAY_US_TIPS_460 S_AHR_61011756 Define processing class characteristics 
48 PAY_US_TIPS_520 S_AHR_61011757 Check Wage Type Text 
49 PAY_US_TIPS_540 S_AHR_61011758 Check entry permissability of wage types 
50 PAY_US_TIPS_560 S_AHR_61011759 Check Wage Type Characteristics 
51 PAY_US_TIPS_600 S_AHR_61011760 Link regular hours to overtime hours for tip processing 
52 PAY_US_TR_001 S_L7D_24002506 Define quarter for payment of FL installment fee 
53 PAY_US_TR_003 S_L7D_24002514 Define physical path and file names 
54 PAY_US_TX_00314 S_L7D_24002448 Define other taxation attributes for tax company 
55 PAY_US_TX_003314 S_L7D_24002927 Allow disabling of courtesy withholding in infotype 0207 
56 PAY_VE_99S00_DAQVIEW S_L7D_24002092 Display field origin 
57 PAY_VE_AB_204 S_AL0_96000012 Associate date type with absence quota 
58 PAY_VE_ADE_020 S_L9C_94000140 Adapt advance payment of severance payments 
59 PAY_VE_ANT_605 S_L4H_49002872 Determine frequency for seniority calculation 
60 PAY_VE_ANT_606 S_L4H_49002875 Determine number of days for vacation bonus basis 
61 PAY_VE_ANT_607 S_L7D_24002976 Determine number of seniority days per year at termination 
62 PAY_VE_CD_100 S_L9C_94000158 Initial conditions for loading historical data 
63 PAY_VE_CD_200 S_L9C_94000159 Loading of payroll periods 
64 PAY_VE_CD_300 S_L9C_94000160 Loading of wage types 
65 PAY_VE_CD_400 S_L9C_94000161 Tables: Leave, Absences, Interests on Severance, INCE 
66 PAY_VE_CD_500 S_L9C_94000162 Tables: RPVH, Profit sharing, SSO, SPF, Seniority, Tax 
67 PAY_VE_DAQ_A_F_SECT S_L7D_24002091 Assign fields to section 
68 PAY_VE_DAQ_CONDT S_L7D_24002094 Structure conditions 
69 PAY_VE_DAQ_CONDTI S_L7D_24002093 Specify conditions 
70 PAY_VE_DAQ_FIDAQ S_L7D_24002084 Specify fields and assign origin 
71 PAY_VE_DAQ_FORM S_L7D_24002083 Define forms 
72 PAY_VE_DAQ_OVERVIEW S_L7D_24002081 DAQ: Overview 
73 PAY_VE_DAQ_SECTN S_L7D_24002090 Define form sections 
74 PAY_VE_DAQ_SOUGR S_L7D_24002089 Structure form groups 
75 PAY_VE_DAQ_SOUGRI S_L7D_24002088 Specify field groups 
76 PAY_VE_DAQ_SOUWT S_L7D_24002086 Check wage type assignment to existing wage type groups 
77 PAY_VE_DAQ_SOUWTX S_L7D_24002087 Add customer-specific assignment to existing wage types 
78 PAY_VE_DAQ_SOUWT_A S_L7D_24002085 Specify wage type groupings 
79 PAY_VE_DL025 S_L6B_69000451 Specify interest calculation method 
80 PAY_VE_DL030 S_L6B_69000453 Maintain loan classes 
81 PAY_VE_DL033 S_L6B_69000452 Adjust image control 
82 PAY_VE_DL035 S_L6B_69000456 Control loan commitment 
83 PAY_VE_DL036 S_L6B_69000454 Install specific customer payment types 
84 PAY_VE_DL037 S_L6B_69000455 Program payment types processing logic 
85 PAY_VE_DT_000 S_PH9_46000414 Data transfer from external systems 
86 PAY_VE_ESS_PAYSLIP S_L6B_69000007 BAdI: Remuneration statement only accessible through ESS 
87 PAY_VE_HPPAY00_ESS_P S_L6B_69000006 make remuneration statement form (ESS) available in PDF foramt 
88 PAY_VE_HP_303 S_AL0_96000251 Form RPVH processing basis 
89 PAY_VE_HP_304 S_L7D_24002006 Set type of worker classification 
90 PAY_VE_HP_305 S_L7D_24002007 Set type of employee movement (FAOV) 
91 PAY_VE_HP_306 S_L7D_24002008 Set interval for sequence number 
92 PAY_VE_IND_000 S_L9C_94000270 Define severance pay codes 
93 PAY_VE_IND_010 S_L9C_94000290 Define severance pay calculation 
94 PAY_VE_IND_013 S_L9C_94000266 Define employee groupings for calculating severance pay 
95 PAY_VE_IND_014 S_L9C_94000267 Define proposed value for employee grouping 
96 PAY_VE_IND_017 S_L9C_94000291 Assign payment method to severance pay 
97 PAY_VE_IND_020 S_L9C_94000292 Define valuation and calculation rules 
98 PAY_VE_IND_030 S_L9C_94000265 Define reasons for leaving company 
99 PAY_VE_IND_050 S_AL0_96000250 Maintain subschema for leave compensation 
100 PAY_VE_INT_604 S_L9C_94000423 Select separating constant for interest rate 
101 PAY_VE_IN_404 S_AL0_96000249 Create assessment bases for INCES contribution 
102 PAY_VE_IN_405 S_AL0_96000259 Create relevant INCES contribution payments 
103 PAY_VE_LO_001 S_L6B_69000457 BAdI: Evaluations for company loans 
104 PAY_VE_MTR_000 S_AL0_96000660 BAdI: add reasons for leaving company for notice basis 
105 PAY_VE_OHAXRI092 S_PL0_09000125 BAdI: Payroll results posting control 
106 PAY_VE_PD001 S_AL0_96000779 Derive master data 
107 PAY_VE_PD002 S_AL0_96000781 Maintain personnel action grouping codes 
108 PAY_VE_PD003 S_AL0_96000782 Determine personnel action grouping 
109 PAY_VE_PD004 S_AL0_96000780 Group organisations 
110 PAY_VE_PD005 S_PL0_09000043 Maintain dismissal protection legislation 
111 PAY_VE_PD006 S_AL0_96000783 Define characteristics of dismissal protection legislation 
112 PAY_VE_PD008 S_AL0_96000784 Define dismissal protection rules 
113 PAY_VE_PD009 S_AL0_96000785 Group dismissal protection rules 
114 PAY_VE_PRA_015 S_L9C_94000256 Adapt pro rata profit share calculation 
115 PAY_VE_PSH_106 S_AL0_96000252 Select method for adjustment of profit share upon termination 
116 PAY_VE_PS_107 S_AL0_96000253 Set basis for the payment of profit share 
117 PAY_VE_QUI_025 S_L9C_94000257 Adjust fortnightly advance payment 
118 PAY_VE_RI_091 S_AL0_96000016 Adjust customer enhancements 
119 PAY_VE_RI_81 S_L9C_94000408 Assign expenses type to wage types 
120 PAY_VE_RI_82 S_L9C_94000409 Define posting collector 
121 PAY_VE_SAL_010 S_L9C_94000105 Maintain wages and valuation bases 
122 PAY_VE_SI_508 S_L7D_24002079 Set employee type classification - TIUNA 
123 PAY_VE_SI_509 S_L7D_24002095 Set employee movement type (TIUNA) 
124 PAY_VE_TAB_005 S_L9C_94000263 Initialize internal tables 
125 PAY_VE_TAX_705 S_AL0_96000248 Set basis for income tax (ISLR) processing 
126 PAY_VE_TER_010 S_AL0_96000747 BAdI: Define severance payments display 
127 PAY_VE_TER_020 S_AL0_96000749 BAdI: Adjust infotypes for termination 
128 PAY_VE_TER_030 S_AL0_96000753 BAdI: calculate days' notice quotas 
129 PAY_VE_XPM_001 S_PL0_09000413 Maintain event type linkage for workflow events 
130 PAY_VE_XPM_002 S_PL0_09000414 Set counterevents for background and workflow events 
131 PAY_XX_AB_300 S_PH9_46000402 Define Absences for Refinement 
132 PAY_XX_AB_301 S_PH9_46000404 Create Rule Group for Absence Refinement 
133 PAY_XX_AB_302 S_PH9_46000405 Maintain Feature COVER 
134 PAY_XX_AB_304 S_PH9_46000413 Define Rules for Refining Absences 
135 PAY_XX_AB_305 S_L9C_94000892 Prepare Production Startup for the Refinement of Absences 
136 PAY_XX_AB_306 S_L9C_94000903 BAdI: Enhancements for Payroll Function XNAB 
137 PAY_XX_BEN_03 S_AHR_61019198 Define Compensation Models 
138 PAY_XX_BEN_04 S_AHR_61019199 Assign Wage Types to Compensation Models 
139 PAY_XX_DT_000 S_AHR_61011734 Legacy Data Transfer 
140 PAY_XX_DT_001 S_PH9_46000551 Payroll Periods 
141 PAY_XX_DT_002 S_PH9_46000552 Wage Types 
142 PAY_XX_GB_300 S_L6B_69000646 Define Absences for Refinement 
143 PAY_XX_PA_01 S_L7D_24002308 Set Warning/ Error Message for Duplicate SSN Numbers 
144 PAY_XX_PA_02 S_L7D_24002309 BAdI: Set Validations for Personnel ID Number 
145 PAY_XX_RI_81 S_AHR_61012715 Assign Expenditure Types to Wage Types 
146 PAY_XX_RI_82 S_AHR_61014420 Define Posting Collector 
147 PAY_XX_SC_000 S_PH9_46000861 Assign Parameters to SAPscript Forms 
148 PAY_XX_SC_200 S_PH9_46000847 Set Up SAPscript Form 
149 PAY_ZA_DT_000 S_PH9_46000314 Legacy Data Transfer 
150 PAY_ZA_ITA88_001 S_L7D_24002612 Maintain Wage Type to be Updated in IT0011 
151 PAY_ZA_ITA88_002 S_L7D_24002613 Maintain Payee key to be Updated in IT0011 
152 PAY_ZA_LR_001 S_L7D_24000980 Maintain Labour Relation Intervention Details 
153 PAY_ZA_RI_81 S_PH9_46000324 Assign Wage Type Output Types 
154 PAY_ZA_RI_82 S_PH9_46000325 Define Posting Collector 
155 PA_AT_GKK_81 S_L6B_69000299 Adjust Form for Remuneration Statement 
156 PA_AT_GKK_82 S_L6B_69000300 Adjust Payroll Account Form 
157 PA_AT_GKK_83 S_L6B_69000301 Adjust Payroll Journal Form 
158 PA_FILLFTYPEMATCH S_KFM_86000123 Set Initial Table Values for Assignment of TM Flow Type to PA Flow Type 
159 PA_FILLUTYPEMATCH S_PLN_62000810 Generate Proposals for PA Cash Flows 
160 PA_FR_N4DS_FDADB S_L4H_49002255 Recodify collective agreement indicator 
161 PA_XX_ERD_000 S_L4H_49001961 Information of Employee-Related Data - Overview - 
162 PA_XX_ERD_010 S_L4H_49001962 Remove Fields from Employee Information 
163 PA_XX_ERD_020 S_L4H_49001963 Remove Time Constraint on Legal Person for Individual Infotypes 
164 PA_XX_ERD_030 S_L4H_49001964 Remove Infotype Texts from Employee Information 
165 PA_XX_ERD_040 S_L4H_49001965 Enter Reasons for Executing Employee Information 
166 PA_XX_ERD_050 S_L4H_49002003 BAdI: Implementation of Module for Employee Information 
167 PA_XX_ERD_060 S_L4H_49002004 BAdI: Change of Order of Infotypes in Employee Information 
168 PA_XX_ERD_070 S_L4H_49002005 BAdI: Transformation of Infotype Data to Own Format 
169 PA_XX_ERD_080 S_L4H_49002006 BAdI: Change of Created Tree Before Output 
170 PA_XX_ERD_090 S_L4H_49002007 Create Role for Employee 
171 PA_XX_ERD_095 S_L4H_49002527 Create Role for Administrator 
172 PA_XX_ERD_100 S_L4H_49002008 Maintain Authorization Main Switches 
173 PB28_7CN24_SUI S_L7D_24002739 Define Contribution Type 
174 PB28_PRORATION_RULE S_L7D_24002748 BAdI: Cust.-Spec. Proration Rule for Contribution Calculation 
175 PB28_SI_INSUR S_L7D_24002747 Determine Default Values for Supplementary Insurance 
176 PB28_T7CN21_SUI S_L7D_24002740 Define Contribution Group 
177 PB28_T7CN23_SUI S_L7D_24002741 Define Contribution Level 
178 PB28_V_7CN14_SUI S_L7D_24002746 Define Reasons for Contribution Change 
179 PB28_V_7CN18 S_L7D_24002743 Define Data about Supplementary Insurance Authority 
180 PB28_V_7CN20_SUI S_L7D_24002742 Define Contribution Base, Rate, or Constant 
181 PB28_V_7CN25_SUI S_L7D_24002738 Define Contribution Area 
182 PB28_V_7CN2P S_L7D_24002744 Assign Sup. Insurance Authority to Pers. Area/Subarea 
183 PB28_V_7CN2W S_L7D_24002745 Assign Wage Types for Supplementary Insurance 
184 PB28_V_T591A_CN_3532 S_L7D_24002737 Define Supplementary Insurance Types 
185 PBCC_0007 S_ALN_01000412 Maintain Number Range for Commitment Runs 
186 PBCS_0001 S_ALN_01000379 Define Interval for Reference Document Number of Funds Precommitment 
187 PBCS_0002 S_ALN_01000411 Define Interval for Reference Document Number of Funds Commitment 
188 PBCS_0003 S_ALN_01000381 Define Commitment Periods 
189 PBCS_0004 S_ALN_01000414 Define Grouping for Participation in Automatic Commitment Creation 
190 PBCS_0005 S_ALN_01000415 Assign Grouping for Participation in Automatic Commitment Creation 
191 PBCS_0006 S_ALN_01000389 Define Start of Automatic Document Creation for each Grouping 
192 PBCS_0008 S_ALN_01000416 Define Run Variant for Automatic Commitment Creation 
193 PBCS_0009 S_ALN_01000393 Assign Planning Context/Scenario from PCP of Detail Variant 
194 PBCS_0010 S_ALN_01000394 Assign for Data Basis for Data Collection in PCP of Detail Variant 
195 PBCS_0011 S_ALN_01000395 Create Filter Value for BADI 
196 PBCS_0012 S_ALN_01000396 Create Filter Value for BADI 
197 PBCS_0013 S_ALN_01000397 Create Filter Value for BADI 
198 PBCS_0014 S_ALN_01000398 Link Variant to Filter Value 
199 PBCS_0015 S_ALN_01000399 Maintenance of Assignment Variant for Detail Variant 
200 PBCS_0016 S_ALN_01000400 Create Detail Variant and Link to Filter Values 
201 PBCS_0017 S_ALN_01000401 Assign Detail Variant to Data Collector Variant 
202 PBCS_0018 S_ALN_01000402 Link Variant to Filter Value 
203 PBCS_0019 S_ALN_01000403 Maintenance of Assignment Variant for Detail Variant 
204 PBCS_0020 S_ALN_01000404 Define Parameter Type for Transfer to Object Collector 
205 PBCS_0023 S_ALN_01000408 Activate Payroll Simulation for Detail Variant 
206 PBCS_0024 S_ALN_01000409 Assign Report Variants for Data Collection in the PCP of a Detail Variant 
207 PBCS_0025 S_ALN_01000410 Define Periods for Automatic Commitment Creation 
208 PBCS_0026 S_ALN_01000413 Maintain Interval for Commitment Runs 
209 PBCS_0027 S_ALN_01000421 Create Filter Value for BAdI 
210 PBCS_0028 S_ALN_01000434 Create Filter Value for BAdI 
211 PBCS_0029 S_ALN_01000435 Link Variant to Filter Value 
212 PBCS_0034 S_ALN_01000448 Create Filter Value for BAdI 
213 PBCS_0036 S_ALN_01000468 Define Global Filter Value for BAdI 
214 PBCS_0037 S_ALN_01000529 Create Filter Value for BAdI 
215 PBCS_0038 S_ALN_01000530 Define Global Filter Value for BAdI 
216 PBCS_0040 S_ALN_01000553 Determine Detail Variant for Data Collection Individually 
217 PBCS_0041 S_ALN_01000554 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
218 PBCS_0042 S_ALN_01000555 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
219 PBCS_0043 S_ALN_01000556 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
220 PBCS_0044 S_ALN_01000557 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
221 PBCS_0045 S_ALN_01000558 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
222 PBCS_0046 S_ALN_01000559 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
223 PBCS_0047 S_ALN_01000560 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
224 PBCS_0048 S_ALN_01000561 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
225 PBCS_0049 S_ALN_01000587 Define Infotypes Relevant for Change Log 
226 PBCS_0050 S_ALN_01000588 Define Relevant Object Types for Change Log 
227 PBCS_0051 S_ALN_01000589 Activate BAdI Implementation for Change Log for Personnel 
228 PBCS_0051_CE S_AEN_10000004 Activate BAdI Implementation for Change Recording for Persons (CE) 
229 PBCS_0053 S_ALN_01000590 Activate BAdI Implementation for Change Recording for Org. Object 
230 PBCS_0055 S_ALN_01001109 Define Payroll Program Variant for Simulation 
231 PBCS_0056 S_ALN_01001110 Determine Payroll Program Variant for Simulation 
232 PBCS_0057 S_ALN_01001165 Activation of External Mail System 
233 PBCS_0058 S_PLN_16000005 Create Program Variant of Payroll Program 
234 PBCS_0059 S_PLN_16000006 Settings Required for Personnel Cost Planning 
235 PBCS_0060 S_PLN_16000007 Maintain Document Types for Commitment Documents in Accounting 
236 PBCS_0061 S_PLN_16000008 Assign Parameter Type to Filter Value 
237 PBCS_0062 S_PLN_16000034 Activate the Recording of Table Changes (Change Documents) 
238 PBCS_0070 S_ALN_01002232 Activate Delta Update for BW (Client-Dependent) 
239 PBCS_0100 S_ALN_01000591 Schedule Job for Automatic Commitment Creation 
240 PBCS_0110 S_ALN_01000806 Define Currency for Document Creation 
241 PBCS_0111 S_PLN_16000139 Activate Workflow for each Area of Responsibility 
242 PBCS_0113 S_P1H_12000004 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
243 PBCS_0115 S_PLN_16000409 Define Control Parameter for Data Collection of Personnel Cost Planning 
244 PBCS_0120 S_P1H_12000005 Maintain Filter Values for BAdI 
245 PBCS_0125 S_P1H_12000006 Define Global Filter Value for BAdI 
246 PBCS_0130 S_P1H_12000007 Activate Change Log for Infotypes 
247 PBCS_0135 S_P1H_12000009 Activate Protection for Notes 
248 PBCS_0140 S_P1H_12000010 Activate Functions in Organizational Structure Maintenance 
249 PBCS_0141 S_AEN_10000144 General Settings 
250 PBCS_0150 S_P1H_12000012 Define Grouping for Recording of Personnel Cost Savings 
251 PBCS_0155 S_P1H_12000013 Assign Grouping for Recording of Personnel Cost Savings 
252 PBCS_0160 S_P1H_12000014 Define Start of Recording of Personnel Cost Savings 
253 PBCS_0170 S_ALN_01002347 Settings Required for Distributed Systems 
254 PBCS_0180 S_P1H_12000032 Activate Extraction of Changes to Documents to SAP BW (Delta Update) 
255 PBCS_0190 S_ALN_01002348 Define Job Index Key 
256 PBCS_0200 S_ALN_01002349 Define Main and Sub-Groups 
257 PBCS_0210 S_ALN_01002350 Activate Main and Sub-Groups 
258 PBCS_0220 S_ALN_01002351 BAdI: Determine Job Title Key from Org. Assignment/Pay Scale Evaluation 
259 PBCS_0280 S_P1H_12000022 Check Customizing Settings 
260 PBCS_0290 S_P1H_12000023 Select Role Definition for Accounting 
261 PBCS_0300 S_P1H_12000033 Define Interval for Reference Document Number of Funds Block 
262 PBCS_0400 S_ALN_01002392 Activate Functions in Organizational Structure Maintenance 
263 PBCS_0410 S_ALN_01002393 ff 
264 PBCS_0900 S_ALN_01002583 Determine Period for Budget Creation 
265 PBCS_0910 S_ALN_01002584 Define Run Variant for Budget Creation 
266 PBCS_0920 S_ALN_01002585 Preparation Activities for Budget Creation 
267 PBCS_0930 S_ALN_01002586 Define Subtypes for Budget Creation 
268 PBCS_0935 S_AEN_10000005 Define Interval for Reference Document Number of Budget Documents 
269 PBCS_0950 S_AEN_10000492 Define Run Variant for Runs for Preparation of Budget Planning 
270 PBCS_0960 S_AEN_10000493 Define Period for Runs for Preparation of Budget Planning 
271 PBCS_0990 S_PLN_62000003 Define Budgeting Info for Data Transfer from Position Budgeting and Control 
272 PBCS_199 S_P2H_60000001 Enter Posting Date for Payroll Simulation 
273 PBC_0031 S_ALN_01000440 Create Filter Value for BAdI 
274 PBC_0032 S_ALN_01000441 Link Variant to Filter Value 
275 PBC_FTE_0010 S_ALN_01001979 Define Financial Year 
276 PBC_FTE_0020 S_ALN_01001980 Define Budget Currency 
277 PBC_FTE_0030 S_ALN_01001981 Maintain Names of Budget Units 
278 PBC_FTE_0040 S_ALN_01001982 Define Budget Structure Element Types 
279 PBC_FTE_0050 S_ALN_01001983 Maintain Hierarchy of Budget Structure Element Types 
280 PBC_FTE_0060 S_ALN_01001984 Define Budget Updates 
281 PBC_FTE_0070 S_ALN_01001985 Assign Budget Updates to Specific Budget Structure Element Types 
282 PBC_FTE_0080 S_ALN_01001986 Define Budgeting Rules 
283 PBC_FTE_0090 S_ALN_01001987 Assign Budgeting Rule to a Budget Structure Element Type 
284 PBC_FTE_0100 S_ALN_01001988 Define Reclassification Rules 
285 PBC_FTE_0110 S_ALN_01001989 Assign Reclassification Rule to a Budget Structure Element Type 
286 PBC_FTE_0120 S_ALN_01001990 Define Proposal for Pay Scale Indicator 
287 PBC_FTE_0130 S_ALN_01001991 Maintain Dynamic Name of Pay Scale Group for Infotype 1501 
288 PBC_FTE_0140 S_ALN_01001992 Define Values for Pay Scale Classifications 
289 PBC_FTE_0150 S_ALN_01001993 Maintain All Values 
290 PBC_FTE_0160 S_ALN_01001994 Define Conversion Factors for Pay Scale Classification 
291 PBC_FTE_0170 S_ALN_01001995 Set Up FTE Limit Groups 
292 PBC_FTE_0180 S_ALN_01001996 Define Career Groups 
293 PBC_FTE_0190 S_ALN_01001997 Assign Career Groups to Specific Pay Scale Groups 
294 PBC_FTE_0200 S_ALN_01001998 Maintain General Settings for Pay Scale Valuation 
295 PBC_FTE_0210 S_ALN_01002002 Convert Infotype 1501 to Infotypes 1005 and 1514 
296 PBC_FTE_0220 S_ALN_01002003 Define Groupings for Determination Type of Financing Requirement 
297 PBC_FTE_0230 S_ALN_01002004 Assign Groupings for Determining of Required Financing 
298 PBC_FTE_0240 S_ALN_01002005 Define Type of Determination of Required Financing per Personnel Grouping 
299 PBC_FTE_0250 S_ALN_01002006 Deactivate Summarization of Required Funds 
300 PBC_FTE_0260 S_ALN_01002007 Activate Required Funds of Vacant Positions 
301 PBC_FTE_0270 S_ALN_01002008 Define How Absences Are Handled 
302 PBC_FTE_0280 S_ALN_01002009 Activate Generation of Outgoing Funds 
303 PBC_FTE_0290 S_ALN_01002010 Maintain Overall Budget Carryforward 
304 PBC_FTE_0300 S_ALN_01002011 Change Screen Modifications for Specific Pay Scale Fields 
305 PBC_FTE_0310 S_ALN_01002012 Maintain Standard Text for Mail Connection 
306 PBC_FTE_0320 S_ALN_01002013 Define Mail Attributes 
307 PBC_FTE_0330 S_ALN_01002014 Define System Reactions for Financing 
308 PBC_FTE_0340 S_ALN_01002112 Maintain Period Allowed for Changes in the Past 
309 PBC_FTE_0350 S_ALN_01002199 Convert Infotype 1501 to Infotypes 1005 and 1514 
310 PBC_FTE_0380 S_ALN_01002266 Maintain Special Pay Scale Groups for Infotype 1501 
311 PBC_FTE_0410 S_ALN_01002206 Define Error Category 
312 PBC_FTE_0411 S_PLN_06000190 Display Violation Against Financing Rules 
313 PBC_FTE_0420 S_ALN_01002207 Define Error Code 
314 PBC_FTE_0430 S_ALN_01002208 Define Grouping for Check Exceptions 
315 PBC_FTE_0440 S_ALN_01002209 Define Check Exception 
316 PBC_FTE_0450 S_ALN_01002210 Define Filter Values for BAdI Implementation 
317 PBC_FTE_0460 S_ALN_01002211 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
318 PBC_FTE_0470 S_ALN_01002212 BAdI: Enhancement of Interface for Financing Rules Check 
319 PBC_FTE_0480 S_ALN_01002214 Maintain Feature PM200 for Derivation Strategy HRFPM_FIL_DER_PM200 
320 PBC_FTE_0490 S_ALN_01002217 BAdI: Add Your Own Infotypes 
321 PBC_FTE_0500 S_ALN_01002222 BAdI: Postprocessing of Check Results 
322 PBC_FTE_0600 S_PLN_06000001 Maintain Dynamic Name of Pay Scale Group for Infotype 1501 
323 PBC_FTE_0610 S_ALN_01002297 Convert Infotype 1505 to Infotype 1509 
324 PBC_FTE_0620 S_PLN_06000106 Set Up Reassignment Lock 
325 PBC_FTE_0630 S_PLN_06000125 Activate Monitoring of Tasks 
326 PBC_FTE_0640 S_PLN_06000123 Activate Basic Conversion of Full-Time Equivalents 
327 PBC_FTE_0641 S_PLN_06000133 Define Value of Pay Scale Valuation for Infotype 1005 in Conversion 
328 PBC_FTE_0642 S_PLN_06000160 Activate Basic Reclassification 
329 PBC_FTE_0650 S_PLN_06000174 Define Legal Grounds for Financing 
330 PBC_FTE_0660 S_P2H_60000004 Define Upper Limit of Objects to be Checked 
331 PBC_FTE_0700 S_ALN_01002394 Activate Functions in Organizational Structure Maintenance 
332 PBC_FTE_0710 S_ALN_01002399 Activate Functions in Organizational Structure Maintenance 
333 PBC_FTE_0720 S_ALN_01002404 Create Filter Value for BAdI 
334 PBC_FTE_0730 S_ALN_01002405 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
335 PBC_FTE_0740 S_ALN_01002406 Activate Additional Checks 
336 PBC_FTE_0750 S_ALN_01002407 Create Action Group 
337 PBC_FTE_0760 S_ALN_01002408 Create Filter Value for BAdI 
338 PBC_FTE_0770 S_ALN_01002409 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
339 PBC_FTE_0780 S_ALN_01002410 Activate Additional Functions 
340 PBC_FTE_0800 S_ALN_01002411 Define Relevance Types of Position Plan 
341 PBC_FTE_0810 S_ALN_01002412 Define Relevance to Position Plan per Account Assignment 
342 PBC_FTE_0820 S_ALN_01002413 BAdI: Derivation of Job Index Key 
343 PBC_FTE_0830 S_ALN_01002414 Activate Main/Sub-Groups 
344 PBC_FTE_0840 S_ALN_01002429 BAdI: Determination of Planned Value of an Object in the Position Plan 
345 PBC_FTE_0850 S_ALN_01002430 BAdI: Extend Evaluation of Total Number of Positions 
346 PBC_FTE_0860 S_ALN_01002431 BAdI: Extend Business Distribution Plan 
347 PBC_FTE_0870 S_ALN_01002434 Maintenance of FTE Limits 
348 PBC_FTE_0900 S_ALN_01002415 Define Alternative Valuations 
349 PBC_FTE_0910 S_ALN_01002416 Define Characteristics of Alternative Valuations 
350 PBC_FTE_0920 S_ALN_01002417 Define Characteristics of "To be Reclassified" Note 
351 PBC_FTE_0930 S_ALN_01002418 Define Characteristics of Lock Notes 
352 PBC_FTE_0940 S_ALN_01002419 Define Characteristics of "To be Deleted" Note 
353 PBC_FTE_0950 S_ALN_01002420 Define Characteristics of Group Lock Notes 
354 PBC_FTE_0960 S_ALN_01002421 Define Characteristics of Reassignment Locks 
355 PBC_FTE_0970 S_ALN_01002422 Define Note Types 
356 PBC_FTE_0980 S_ALN_01002423 Define "To be Reclassified" Notes 
357 PBC_FTE_0990 S_ALN_01002424 Define Grouping for Activating Reassignment Lock 
358 PBC_FTE_1000 S_ALN_01002425 Define Period for Activating Reassignment Lock 
359 PBC_FTE_1010 S_ALN_01002426 Assign Grouping for Activating Reassignment Lock 
360 PBC_FTE_1020 S_ALN_01002427 Define Default Value for End of Validity of Reassignment Lock 
361 PBC_FTE_1030 S_AEN_10000827 BadI: Activation of Lock for Individual Customer Position Parameters 
362 PBC_FTE_1050 S_ALN_01002445 Availability Control Messages 
363 PBC_FTE_1070 S_ALN_01002447 BAdI: Adjust Availability Control Messages 
364 PBC_FTE_1080 S_ALN_01002448 Assign Variable Key to Subtypes 
365 PBC_FTE_1090 S_ALN_01002449 Assign Field Control to Variable Key 
366 PBC_FTE_1100 S_AEN_10000006 Create Condition 
367 PBC_FTE_1101 S_AEN_10000007 Link Position Characteristics to Condition 
368 PBC_FTE_1102 S_AEN_10000828 BAdI: Link of Condition and Additional Position Characteristics 
369 PBC_FTE_1120 S_AEN_10000012 Define Characteristics of Group "To be Deleted" Notes 
370 PBC_FTE_1122 S_AEN_10000013 Define Formatting Variant 
371 PBC_FTE_1123 S_AEN_10000014 Add Columns for Hierarchy Information to Reports 
372 PBC_FTE_1124 S_AEN_10000015 Assign BS Element Type to a Column in the Report 
373 PBC_FTE_1125 S_AEN_10000023 Activate Integration with Commitment Creation 
374 PBC_FTE_1126 S_AEN_10000027 BAdI: Enhancement of Evaluation 
375 PBC_FTE_1127 S_AEN_10000094 Enter Administrator for Notes Workflow 
376 PBC_FTE_1128 S_AEN_10000096 Activate Workflow for Notes 
377 PBC_FTE_1410 S_ALN_01002444 Define Error Category 
378 PBC_FTE_1420 S_ALN_01002489 Define Error Codes 
379 PBC_FTE_1430 S_PLN_62000283 Map Staff Assignment Rules in System 
380 PBC_FTE_1450 S_ALN_01002435 Define Filter Values for BAdI Implementation 
381 PBC_FTE_1460 S_ALN_01002436 Create BAdI Implementation for Filter Value 
382 PBC_FTE_1470 S_ALN_01002439 BAdI: Enhancement of Interface for Checking Staff Assignment Rules 
383 PBC_FTE_1480 S_ALN_01002437 Define Sequence of Checks 
384 PBC_FTE_1481 S_ALN_01002452 Activate Checks for Financing Rules 
385 PBC_FTE_1482 S_ALN_01002453 Define BAdI Implementation for Determining Checks 
386 PBC_FTE_1485 S_ALN_01002488 Define Sequence of Checks 
387 PBC_FTE_1486 S_PLN_62000306 Create BAdI Implementation for Deriving Filter Values 
388 PBC_FTE_1487 S_PLN_62000307 Create BAdI Implementation for Deriving Filter Values 
389 PBC_FTE_1490 S_ALN_01002438 BAdI: Add Your Own Infotypes 
390 PBC_FTE_1500 S_ALN_01002440 BAdI: Postprocessing of Check Results 
391 PBC_FTE_1600 S_ALN_01002450 Enhancement of Evaluation "Check Staff Assignment Rules" 
392 PBC_FTE_1660 S_ALN_01002490 Define Upper Limit of Objects to be Checked 
393 PBC_FTE_1700 S_ALN_01002451 BAdI: Enhance Evaluation of Additional Checks 
394 PBC_FTE_600 S_ALN_01002296 Convert Customizing of Infotype IT 1505 to Infotype 1509 
395 PBC_FTE_601 S_PLN_06000097 Convert Budgeting Rules when Switching from Position Management 
396 PBC_FTE_800 S_PLN_06000422 Settings for Using Grants Management 
397 PBEN0008 S_PAD_19000032 BAdI: Calculation Methods for Costs of a Benefit Plan 
398 PBEN0010 S_PAD_19000033 BAdI: Configure Calculation Method for Benefit Salary 
399 PBEN0011 S_PAD_19000034 BAdI: Calculation of Insurance Coverage in Benefit Plan 
400 PBEN0034 S_PAD_19000035 BAdI: Extension to Determine Data of Family Members 
401 PBEN_0001   Maintain Benefit Currency Conversion Date ID 
402 PBS_00_0_001 S_PL0_09000261 Genaral Process Information 
403 PBS_00_1_001 S_PL0_09000214 Basic Settings 
404 PBS_00_1_002 S_PL0_09000215 Specify Grouping for process scenarios 
405 PBS_00_1_003 S_PL0_09000217 Specify process scenario 
406 PBS_00_1_004 S_PL0_09000218 Specify Grouping for status 
407 PBS_00_1_005 S_PL0_09000219 Specify Process group 
408 PBS_00_1_1_001 S_PL0_09000262 Specify Request Type 
409 PBS_00_1_1_101 S_KJ4_38000001 Define your business scenario 
410 PBS_00_1_1_102 S_KJ4_38000002 Specify permissibility for country 
411 PBS_00_1_2_001 S_PL0_09000263 Specify Process Scenarios 
412 PBS_00_1_2_002 S_PL0_09000264 Specify Grouping for Process Scenarios 
413 PBS_00_1_2_003 S_PL0_09000265 Specify the Process Scenarios Sequence 
414 PBS_00_1_3_001 S_PL0_09000266 Specify Process Status 
415 PBS_00_1_3_002 S_PL0_09000267 Specify Grouping for Process Status 
416 PBS_00_1_3_003 S_PL0_09000268 Specify the Process Status Sequence 
417 PBS_00_1_4_001 S_PL0_09000269 Specify Request Modes 
418 PBS_00_1_5_001 S_PL0_09000270 Specify Process Group 
419 PBS_00_2_1_001 S_PL0_09000271 Specify new transaction code and assign request type,country,object scenari 
420 PBS_00_2_1_002 S_PL0_09000272 Specify transaction code and assign process group or grouping for proc scen 
421 PBS_00_2_1_003 S_PL0_09000275 Specify process group and assign user group and grouping for process scena 
422 PBS_00_2_1_004 S_PL0_09000276 Specify new process scenario and assign process status group 
423 PBS_00_3_1_001 S_PL0_09000277 Specify business flow rule for process 
424 PBS_00_3_1_002 S_PL0_09000278 Specify process status flow rule 
425 PBS_AU_ADV_001 S_KI4_29000218 Define Text Key for Data Carrier 
426 PBS_AU_ADV_010 S_KI4_29000219 Define Payee Key 
427 PBS_AU_ADV_020 S_KI4_29000173 Define Sender Account for Data Medium Exchange 
428 PBS_AU_ADV_030 S_KI4_29000172 Define House Bank & Account Code 
429 PBS_AU_ADV_040 S_KI4_29000171 Define Payment Method/Country & Payment Method/Company Code 
430 PBS_AU_ADV_050   Define Deduction Wage Types 
431 PBS_AU_BS_001 S_KI4_29000205 Activation of Industry Solutions 
432 PBS_AU_EQD_001 S_KI4_55000255 Define types of data for Equity & Diversity 
433 PBS_AU_EQD_010 S_KI4_55000258 Define PSMPC codes for Equity & Diversity 
434 PBS_AU_EQD_020 S_KI4_55000259 Assign APS Classification Structure 
435 PBS_AU_EQD_030 S_KI4_55000260 Set Up Wage Type Valuation for PSMPC Gross Remuneration 
436 PBS_AU_EQD_040 S_KI4_55000261 Specify Date Type for the PSMPC Hire Date 
437 PBS_AU_EQD_050   Set up change document 
438 PBS_AU_EQD_EDU_001   Define Educational Certificates 
439 PBS_AU_EQD_EDU_010   Define Permissible Certificates for Education Types 
440 PBS_AU_EQD_EDU_020   Define Branches of Study 
441 PBS_AU_EQD_EDU_030   Define Permissible Branches of Study for Education Types 
442 PBS_AU_INC_001 S_KI4_29000221 Specify Eligibility Grouping 
443 PBS_AU_INC_010 S_KI4_29000202 Define Eligibility Criteria for Increment 
444 PBS_AU_INC_020   Define Date Type 
445 PBS_AU_INC_030   Specify Increment Dates 
446 PBS_AU_INC_040   Specify Payroll Constants for Increment Progression 
447 PBS_AU_INC_HDA_001 S_PL0_09000332 Specify HDA Eligibility Grouping 
448 PBS_AU_INC_HDA_010 S_PL0_09000333 Define Eligibility Criteria for HDA Increment 
449 PBS_AU_INC_HDA_020 S_PL0_09000334 Specify Date Type for HDA Increment 
450 PBS_AU_LAP_001 S_KI4_29000170 Specify Q3 Imports Behaviour for Leave Advance Wage Types 
451 PBS_AU_LAP_PO_001 S_KI4_29000168 Generate Payment Wage Type for Main Bank & Additional Bank 
452 PBS_AU_LAP_PO_010 S_KI4_29000167 Adjust Schema for Payout Leave Adv Payments (All Periods) 
453 PBS_AU_LAP_PO_020 S_KI4_29000166 Generate Deduction Wage Type in Actual Run 
454 PBS_AU_LAP_PO_030 S_KI4_29000165 Adjust Schema for Payout Leave Adv Payments (Single Period) 
455 PBS_AU_LAP_SI_001 S_KI4_29000163 Loop max record in /559 for BT split 
456 PBS_AU_LAP_SI_010 S_KI4_29000162 Generate Main bank & Add. bank 
457 PBS_AU_LAP_SI_015 S_KI4_55000619 Specify Decision for Schema for Leave Advance Payment Calculation 
458 PBS_AU_LAP_SI_020 S_KI4_29000161 Adjust Schema for Advance Payment in Simulation 
459 PBS_AU_LAP_SI_030 S_KI4_29000160 Storage of Payment Amount 
460 PBS_AU_LAP_SI_040 S_KI4_29000159 Adjust Schema for Storage of Payment Amount 
461 PBS_AU_LAP_WT_001 S_KI4_29000169 Copy Wage Type from Main Bank Q3 (ML01) 
462 PBS_AU_LAP_WT_010 S_KI4_29000178 Copy Wage Type from Additional Bank Q3 (ML02) 
463 PBS_AU_LAP_WT_020 S_KI4_29000177 Copy Wage Type from Main Bank Payment (ML03) 
464 PBS_AU_LAP_WT_030 S_KI4_29000176 Copy Wage Type from Additional Bank Payment (ML04) 
465 PBS_AU_LAP_WT_040 S_KI4_29000175 Copy Wage Type from Main Bank Deduction (ML05) 
466 PBS_AU_LAP_WT_050 S_KI4_29000174 Copy Wage Type from Additional Bank Deduction (ML06) 
467 PBS_AU_LOD_001 S_KI4_55000269 Define Details for Leave Loading 
468 PBS_AU_LOD_005   Define Varying Percentage for Leave Loading 
469 PBS_AU_LOD_010 S_KI4_55000272 Specify Leave Loading Salary Component 
470 PBS_AU_LOD_020 S_KI4_55000288 Generate Leave Loading when Leave Transfer 
471 PBS_AU_LOD_030 S_KI4_55000289 Adjust Schema to Define the Taxation for Leave Loading Payment 
472 PBS_AU_LOD_040 S_KI4_55000290 Specify Leave Loading Tax Free Amount 
473 PBS_AU_LOD_050   Specify Minimum No. of Months of HD for Leave Loading 
474 PBS_AU_LOD_060   Specify Payment Ceiling for Leave Loading 
475 PBS_AU_LOD_070   Specify Rounding Factor for Leave Loading 
476 PBS_AU_LOD_080 S_L6D_84000029 Define additional absence type grouping 
477 PBS_AU_LOD_090 S_L6D_84000030 Define additional absence type grouping 
478 PBS_AU_MIS_AI_001   Specify Decision for Employee Group & Subgroup 
479 PBS_AU_MIS_AI_010   Specify Processing/Cumulation Classes for Wage Types for ABS 
480 PBS_AU_MIS_TO_001   Specify Employment Declaration Signed for Employee 
481 PBS_AU_MIS_TO_010   Specify Employment Declaration Signed for Employer 
482 PBS_AU_MIS_TO_020 S_KI4_55000613 Specify Decision for Employee Group & Subgroup 
483 PBS_AU_PAD_HD_001 S_KI4_29000209 Edit feature to determine min no. of days to receive HDA 
484 PBS_AU_PAD_HD_010 S_KI4_29000208 Define minimum number of working days 
485 PBS_AU_PAD_HD_020 S_KI4_29000206 Define reason for performing higher duties 
486 PBS_AU_PAD_SA_001 S_KI4_29000212 Define Contributor Status 
487 PBS_AU_PAD_SA_010 S_KI4_29000201 Specify funds for Public Sector 
488 PBS_AU_PAD_SA_020 S_KI4_29000225 Define National Wage Case (NWC) increase for Superannuation 
489 PBS_AU_PAD_SA_030 S_KI4_29000217 Define Shifts/Non-shifts for Superannuation 
490 PBS_AU_PAD_SA_040 S_KI4_29000215 Define EPSC Contribution Rate 
491 PBS_AU_PAD_SA_060 S_L7D_24001373 Maintain Additional Contribution Details 
492 PBS_AU_PAY_HD_001 S_KI4_29000164 Define Higher Duty Allowance Relevant Wage Types 
493 PBS_AU_PAY_HD_010 S_KI4_29000193 Generate Higher Duty Salary/Allowance 
494 PBS_AU_PAY_HD_020 S_KI4_29000192 Define Counting Rules for Higher Duty Allowance 
495 PBS_AU_PAY_HD_030 S_L7D_24000749 Determine Super Salary Based on Priority of Higher Duty Position 
496 PBS_AU_PAY_HD_040 S_L7D_24000750 Determine Priority of Higher Duty Position 
497 PBS_AU_PAY_PIF_001 S_PCO_36000340 Specify Cessation Reason Code 
498 PBS_AU_PAY_PIF_002 S_PCO_36000350 Assign wage types to PIF Cumulation WTs 
499 PBS_AU_PAY_PIF_003 S_PCO_36000348 Specify Infotype/Subtype/Communication Type for mobile no. 
500 PBS_AU_PAY_PIF_004 S_PCO_36000349 Specify Infotype/Subtype/Communication Type for work tel