SAP ABAP IMG Activity PBC_FTE_0240 (Define Type of Determination of Required Financing per Personnel Grouping)
EA-HRGXX (Software Component) Sub component EA-HRGXX of EA-HR
   PA-PM-PB (Application Component) Position Budgeting and Control
     PAOC_FPM_FTE_CUSTOMIZING (Package) Position Management: Customizing FTEs
IMG Activity
ID PBC_FTE_0240 Define Type of Determination of Required Financing per Personnel Grouping  
Transaction Code S_ALN_01002005   (empty) 
Created on 20030319    
Customizing Attributes PBC_FTE_0010   General Settings 
Customizing Activity PBC_FTE_0240   Assign Funds Origin to Personnel Groupings 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.
Document Name PBC_FTE_0240    

In this IMG activity you define whether the system should determine the financing requirement for a personnel grouping. To determine the financing requirement, the system uses the default values defined in the Customizing of Personnel Budget Plan Management.

The determination of the financing requirement is not possible for Personnel Budget Plan Management because of the payroll simulation. If you select the payroll simulation by mistake for the type of the determination, the system switches to the determination of the default values automatically.



  1. Choose New Entries.
  2. Enter the personnel groupings that were returned by feature PM003 in the field Grp.
  3. Assign a period to these personnel groupings in the fields Valid from and Valid until for which the type of determination of the required funds should apply.
  4. In the field Required Funds you should define whether the required funds should be determined from the default values, or that this grouping does not need any funds.
  5. Choose Save.

Further notes

Business Attributes
ASAP Roadmap ID 204   Establish Functions and Processes 
Mandatory / Optional 2   Optional activity 
Critical / Non-Critical 2   Non-critical 
Country-Dependency A   Valid for all countries 
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Maintenance object type C   Customizing Object 
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VV_T7PM_PM003_2 V - View SM30  
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