SAP ABAP Software Component EA-HRGXX (Sub component EA-HRGXX of EA-HR)
Basic Data
Software Component EA-HRGXX   
Short Description Sub component EA-HRGXX of EA-HR   
Component type N   Application Extensions
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
FI-TV HLA0009705 Travel Management 
FI-LOC P6D0000001 Localization 
PE-LSO KP70000001 SAP Learning Solution 
PE-LSO-TM KP70000003 Training Management 
PE-LSO-TM-DW KP70000007 Day-to-Day Activities 
PA-AS AEN0000011 HR Administrative Services 
CA-TS HLB0100231 Time Sheet 
PA-EC ALN0000351 Enterprise Compensation Management 
PA-EC-AD ALN0000353 Compensation Administration 
PA-EC-BD ALN0000352 Compensation Budgeting 
PA-EC-JP ALN0000355 Job Pricing 
PA-EC-LT ALN0000354 Long-Term Incentives 
PA-EC-TC ALN0000391 Total Compensation Statement 
PA-EIC AEN0000012 Employee Interaction Center 
CA-GTF-XF ALN0000011 SAP Expert Finder 
PA-BN-ES AHR0000884 Employee Self-Service 
PA-PM-PB ALN0000241 Position Budgeting and Control 
PA-PD-PM ALN0000052 Objective Setting and Appraisals 
PA-CP ALN0000051 Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation 
EP-PCT-MGR-HR AXA0000002 Business Package for Manager Self-Service (HR) 
PA-OS HLA0100342 Organizational Structure 
PA-TM P7H1000001 Talent Management 
FI-TV-COS HLA0006755 Travel Expenses 
FI-TV-PL AHR0000301 Travel Planning