SAP ABAP Application Component FI-LOC (Localization)
Basic Data
Application Component P6D0000001  
Application Component ID FI-LOC  
Short Description   Localization  
First Release Date 20040628 
First Release   640 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/CCIS/CCISCORRESP Accounts correspondense 
/KJRTAX01/FI-AA Asset Accounting Japan - Cover Sheet and Detail List Japan 
APPL_CONTENT_FIGL_CN Analytics Content for FIGL (China) 
AUTO_LOC_IN_1_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates IS-Auto India 
AUTO_LOC_JP_1_TEST_CASES JP Auto: Test case templates 
FAA_GLOBALIZATION FI-AA Country Specific Master Data 
FAA_GLOBALIZATION_NDE_JP FI-AA Localization New Depr. Engine Japan 
FIN_LOC_1_TEST_CASES Test Case Template FIN Localization 
FIN_LOC_CI_11_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates for Business Function FIN_LOC_CI_11 (FI: 
FIN_LOC_CI_12_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates RE-FX Localization France 
FIN_LOC_CI_13_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates for Business Function FIN_LOC_CI_13 
FIN_LOC_CI_14_TEST_CASES Test Case Template for FIN_LOC_CI_14 
FIN_LOC_CI_16_TEST_CASES Test Case Template for Business Function FIN_LOC_CI_16 
FIN_LOC_CI_19_TEST_CASES Test Case Template for FIN_LOC_CI_19 
FIN_LOC_CI_20_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates RE-FX Localization Italy 
FIN_LOC_CI_21_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates RE-FX Adjustment Loc. 
FIN_LOC_CI_22_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates RE-FX Localization Italy 
FIN_LOC_CI_23_TEST_CASES Test Case Template for FIN_LOC_CI_23 
FIN_LOC_CI_25_TEST_CASES Test Case Template for FIN_LOC_CI_25 
FIN_LOC_CI_2_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates Financials Japan 
FIN_LOC_CI_33_TEST_CASES Test Case Template for FIN_LOC_CI_33 
FIN_LOC_CI_35_TEST_CASES Test Case Template for FIN_LOC_CI_35 
FIN_LOC_CI_37_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates for Localization Topics for Argentina 
FIN_LOC_CI_38_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates RE-FX Localization Spain 
FIN_LOC_CI_3_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates RE-FX Portugal 
FIN_LOC_CI_4_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates Financials South Korea 
FIN_LOC_CI_6 Test Case templates Localization RE-FX 
FIN_LOC_CI_6_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates RE-FX Localization CZ, HU, NL, SK 
FIN_LOC_CI_7_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates Localization CL, RU 
FIN_LOC_CI_8_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates Localization IN, JP, RU 
FI_ZA FI Localization (South Africa) 
FPS_IOA Interest on Arrears 
FPS_IOA_BI_FR Interest on Arreas France - BI reporting 
FPS_IOS_LOC_SFWS Interest on Arrears switch package 
GLO_FIAA_RU Localization Russia: Asset Accounting 
GLO_FIAA_SK FI-AA Localization Slovakia 
GLO_FIAA_SK_01 FI-AA Localization Slovakia 
GLO_FIFM_CN_01 Globalization: Funds Management Localization China 
GLO_FIFM_CN_01_SFWS Globalization: Funds Management Localizat. China Switchable 
GLO_FIFM_ES_01 Globalization: Funds Management Localization Spain 
GLO_FIFM_ES_01_SWFS Global. Localization Funds Management Spain Switched 
GLO_FIFM_ES_02 Globalization: Funds Management Localization Spain - GVA 
GLO_FIFM_ES_02_SWFS Globalization: Spanish Switch Invoice Split 
GLO_FIFM_ES_GVA_SWFS Globalization: Localization FIFM Spain - GVA (switched) 
GLO_FIFM_IT_01 Globalization: Fund Management Localzation Italy 
GLO_FIFM_IT_01_SFWS Global. Localization Funds Management Italy Switched 
GLO_FIFM_SA_01 Globalization: Funds Management Localization Saudi Arabia 
GLO_FIFM_SA_01_SFWS Global. Localization Funds Management Saudi Arabia Switched 
GLO_FIFM_SA_02 Globalization: Utilities for forms in Arabic 
GLO_FIN_AA_IN India Asset Accounting 
GLO_GTI_CN Golden tax Interface for China 
GLO_REFX_AJ Localization Flexible Real Estate - Adjustment Framework 
GLO_REFX_AJ_DDIC Localization Flexible Real Estate - Adjustment Framework 
GLO_REFX_BFU Localization Flexible Real Estate 
GLO_REFX_CH_GWR Localization Flexible Real Estate Switzerland - GWR 
GLO_REFX_CH_LR Localization Flexible Real Estate Switzerland 
GLO_REFX_CORR Localization Flexible Real Estate 
GLO_REFX_CORR_DDIC Localization Flexible Real Estate 
GLO_REFX_ES Localization Flexible Real Estate Spain 
GLO_REFX_ES_RA Localization Flexible Real Estate Spain 
GLO_REFX_ES_SFWS Localization Flexible Real Estate Spain 
GLO_REFX_FR Localization Flexible Real Estate France 
GLO_REFX_FR_DDIC Localization Flexible Real Estate France 
GLO_REFX_HU Localization Flexible Real Estate Hungary 
GLO_REFX_HU_DDIC Localization Flexible Real Estate Hungary 
GLO_REFX_IN Flexible Real Estate Localization - India 
GLO_REFX_IT Localization Flexible Real Estate Italy 
GLO_REFX_IT_5 Localization Flexible Real Estate Italy - EhP 5 Switch 
GLO_REFX_IT_5_SFWS Localization Flexible Real Estate Italy 
GLO_REFX_IT_SFWS Localization Flexible Real Estate Italy 
GLO_REFX_JP Localization Flexible Real Estate Japan 
GLO_REFX_NL Localization Flexible Real Estate Netherlands 
GLO_REFX_NL_DDIC Localization Flexible Real Estate Netherlands 
GLO_REFX_PT Localization Flexible Real Estate Portugal 
GLO_REFX_PT_4 Localization Flexible Real Estate Portugal 
GLO_REFX_PT_DDIC Localization Flexible Real Estate Portugal 
GLO_TRAVEL Localization Travel Management 
GLO_TRAVEL_GEN Localization Travel Management General Functionality 
ID-CC-AR Customizing for Argentina 
ID-CC-AT Customizing For Austria 
ID-CC-AT-E Customizing Austria 
ID-CC-AU Customizing Australien 
ID-CC-BE Customizing Belgium 
ID-CC-BELUX Customizing for Belgium/Luxembourg 
ID-CC-BR Customizing for Brazil 
ID-CC-CA Customizing for Canada 
ID-CC-CH Customizing For Switzerland 
ID-CC-CL Customizing for Chile 
ID-CC-CN Customizing for China 
ID-CC-CO Customizing for Colombia 
ID-CC-CO-E Customizing: Czech republic 
ID-CC-CZ Customizing For Czech Republic 
ID-CC-CZ-E Customizing: Columbia 
ID-CC-DE Customizing For Germany 
ID-CC-DK Customizing for Denmark 
ID-CC-ENG Customizing: English as masterlanguage 
ID-CC-ES Customizing for Spain 
ID-CC-ES-E Customizing: Spain 
ID-CC-FI Customizing for Finland 
ID-CC-FI-U Customizing Finland (Finish) 
ID-CC-FR Customizing For France 
ID-CC-FR-E Customizing France 
ID-CC-GB Customizing Großbritannien / Irland 
ID-CC-HK Customizing Hongkong 
ID-CC-HU Customizing For Hungary 
ID-CC-HU-E Customizing Hungary 
ID-CC-ID Customizing Idonesia 
ID-CC-IN Customizing for India 
ID-CC-INT Customizing for INT 
ID-CC-IT Customizing for Italy 
ID-CC-IT-E Customizing: Italy 
ID-CC-JP Customizing Japan 
ID-CC-KR Customizing for South Korea 
ID-CC-KZ Customizing for Kazakhstan 
ID-CC-LU Customizing For Luxembourg 
ID-CC-MX Customizing for Mexico 
ID-CC-MY Customizing Malaysia 
ID-CC-NA Customizing: North America 
ID-CC-NL Customizing for the Netherlands 
ID-CC-NO Customizing for Norway 
ID-CC-NO-O Customizing Norwegen (Norwegisch) 
ID-CC-NZ Customizing Neuseeland 
ID-CC-PE Customizing for Peru 
ID-CC-PH Customizing Philippinen 
ID-CC-PL Customizing For Poland 
ID-CC-PT Customizing For Portugal 
ID-CC-PT-E Customizing: Portugal 
ID-CC-RU Customizing for Russia 
ID-CC-SE Customizing for Sweden 
ID-CC-SE-V Customizing Schweden (Schwedisch) 
ID-CC-SG Customizing Singapore 
ID-CC-SK Cutomizing For Slovakia 
ID-CC-SK-E Customizing: Slowaki republic 
ID-CC-TH Customizing for Thailand 
ID-CC-TR Customizing for Turkey 
ID-CC-TW Customizing Taiwan 
ID-CC-UA Customizing Ukraine 
ID-CC-US Customizing USA 
ID-CC-VE Customizing for Venezuela 
ID-CC-ZA Customizing for South Africa 
ID-CIAP-BR CIAP solution for Brasil 
ID-DIAN-CO DIAN: Magnetic Meida for Columbia 
ID-DMEE International Development: Data Medium Exchange Engine 
ID-FI-AT Country-specific developments Financials Austria 
ID-FI-BE Add-On Development - FI - Belgium 
ID-FI-CH Localization Switzerland 
ID-FI-CI FI Localization (Chile) 
ID-FI-CL FI localization for Chile 
ID-FI-CN Localization (China) 
ID-FI-CN-REP Localization (China) Reporting 
ID-FI-CN-SAU FI Localization: China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates 
ID-FI-CN-SFWS-01 FI Localization China: Switch Package 01 
ID-FI-CN-SFWS-02 FI Localization China: Switch Package 02 
ID-FI-CN-SFWS-03 FI Localization China: Switch Package 03 
ID-FI-CN-SFWS-04 FI Localization China: Switch Package 04 
ID-FI-CZ Localization Czech Republic 
ID-FI-EPIC Globalization: E-Payment Integration 
ID-FI-EPIC-BACO Globalization: E-Payment Integration Bank Connection Service 
ID-FI-EPIC-BACO-BL Globalization: EPIC Bank Connection Services: Business Logic 
ID-FI-EPIC-BACO-UI Globalization: EPIC Bank Connection Services: UI 
ID-FI-EPIC-BACOM Globalization: E-Payment Integration Bank Communication 
ID-FI-EPIC-BACOM-BL Globalization: E-Payment Int. Bank Comm. Business Logic 
ID-FI-EPIC-BACOM-EX Globalization: E-Payment Int. Bank Comm. Examples 
ID-FI-EPIC-BACOM-UI Globalization: E-Payment Integration Bank Communication: UI 
ID-FI-EPIC-BRS Globalization: E-Payment Integration Bank Recon. Statement 
ID-FI-EPIC-BRS-UI Globalization: E-Payment Integration Bank Recon Statement UI 
ID-FI-EPIC-CN Globalization: E-Payment Integration China 
ID-FI-EPIC-CN-EXAMPLE Globalization: E-Payment Integration China: Example Impl. 
ID-FI-EPIC-EBR Globalization: E-Payment Integration Bank Receipt 
ID-FI-EPIC-EBR-UI Globalization: E-Payment Integration Bank Receipt UI 
ID-FI-EPIC-GEN Globalization: E-Payment Integration Generic Topics 
ID-FI-EPIC-GEN-UI Globalization: E-Payment Integration User Interface Objects 
ID-FI-EPIC-PMCTL Globalization: E-Payment Integration Payment Control 
ID-FI-EPIC-PMCTL-SMPL Globalization: E-Payment Integration Payment Control Sample 
ID-FI-EPIC-PMCTL-SMPL-UI Globalization: E-Payment Integration Payment Control UI 
ID-FI-EPIC-PMCTL-UI Globalization: E-Payment Integration Payment Control UI 
ID-FI-EPIC-SWF-RS Globalization: E-Payment Integration:Swtich Package 
ID-FI-EPIC-SWF-RS_5 Globalization: E-Payment Integration: Switch Package 
ID-FI-EPIC-SWF-RS_6 Globalization: E-Payment Integration: Switch Package 
ID-FI-EPIC-TEST Globalization: E-Payment Integration General Test Objects 
ID-FI-ES Add-On Development - FI - Spain 
ID-FI-FR FI Localization France 
ID-FI-GB FI Localization Great Britain 
ID-FI-HU Localization Hungary 
ID-FI-ID Country specific developments Indonesia 
ID-FI-IT Country-specific developments Financials Italy 
ID-FI-JP Japan Electronic Monetary Claims 
ID-FI-JP_SFWS Japan Electronic Monetary Claims Switch Package 
ID-FI-KR-LR South Korea FI Localization 
ID-FI-MX Mexico Localization FI 
ID-FI-NL Country-specific development Netherlands 
ID-FI-NO FI Localization Norway 
ID-FI-PE Peru Localization FI 
ID-FI-PH Philippines 
ID-FI-PL FI Localization (Poland) 
ID-FI-PT Add-On Development - FI - Portugal 
ID-FI-REU FI Localization: Reused Objects 
ID-FI-REU-GLACC FI Localization: Reused Objects - G/L Accounts Extension 
ID-FI-SA FI Localization (South America, Excluding Argentina, Brazil) 
ID-FI-SAFT SAF-T Reporting (generic parts) 
ID-FI-SAU FI Localization: Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates 
ID-FI-SAU-SFWS-01 FI Localization SA & AE: Switch Package 01 
ID-FI-SCAND Localisation FI Scandinavia 
ID-FI-SG Singapore 
ID-FI-SK FI Localization (Slovakia) 
ID-FI-TR Turkey 
ID-FI-US Reporting USA: IRS Reporting 
ID-FI-WT Withholding Tax reporting 
ID-FIAA-CSC FI-AA Country Specific Master Data 
ID-FIAA-IN FIAA Localization # India 
ID-INVSUM-JP FI Localization Japan: Invoice Summary 
ID-LO-AT Localization Austria - E-Invoicing 
ID-LO-MX Localization Mexico - CFDI 
ID-MX-DI Localization Mexico - Digital Invoice 
ID-OBS International/Globalization Development - Obsolete Objects 
ID-OBS-EXT International/Globalization Development - Obsolete Objects 
ID-REP_FIBILAENH_SFWS_02 International Development: FI BILA Enhancement: Sw Package 
ID-REP_FRWK International Development: Reporting Framework 
ID-REP_FRWK_SFWS_01 International Development: Reporting Framework: Sw Package 
ID-REU International Development: Reused Objects 
ID-SD-CN-GT Golden Tax interface China 
ID-SD-CN-GT-01 Golden Tax Interface Enhancements 
ID-SD-CN-GT-01_SFWS_SC_03 Switched Package for Golden Tax Interface Enhancements 
ID-SIGN-PT Localization - Digital Signature Portugal 
ID-SIGN-PT-MM Localization - Digital Signature Portugal (MM) 
ID-TIME_ACC International Development: Time Dependent Account Descry 
ID-TIME_ACC_SFWS_01 Int Development: Time Dependent Account Descry: Sw Package 
INT_TMF Tax Management Framework: ERP Integration Features 
INT_TMF_CIAP TMF Integration Features: CIAP 
INT_TMF_GEN TMF Integration Features: General Objects 
INT_TMF_MM_MVT_TYP TMF Integration Features: MM Movement Types 
INT_TMF_MM_TC TMF Integration Features: MM Tax Code Switched Package 
INT_TMF_NF_ACCT TMF Integration Features: NF with Accounting Switched Pack 
INT_TMF_OV TMF Integration Features: Online Validation Switched Package 
INT_TMF_REP TMF Integration Features: CTR and Reporting 
INT_TMF_SD_TC TMF Integration Features: SD Tax Code Switched Package 
INT_TMF_SF TMF Integration Features: Switch Framework Objects 
INT_TMF_TDS TMF Integration Features: Tax Declaration Services 
J1AF_SWFS_01 Localization topics - WHT VAT (switched) 
J1AF_SWFS_02 Localization topics - File of Taxpayers (switched) 
J1HF THRF Localization Thailand: Development Class for FI 
J1I2 India, Phase II 
J1I3 India, Phase II 
J1IAUTO India Localization for IS-Auto solution 
J1ICIN30A Development class for cin30a 
J1ICIN40A CIN40A developments 
J1IN India 
J1IRET_APPL Objects in SAP_APPL layer for Retail India Localization 
J1IRET_APPL_SFWS Switched objects in APPL for Retail India Localization 
J1IUTIL_APPL_SW IS-U India: APPL Switched Objects for New Service Connection 
J1_JAUTO Japan Automotive: Temporary Pricing 
J1_JAUTO_SFWS_02 JP Auto: Switched objects - ISAUTO_LOCJP_SFWS_SC_02 
J2IN India 
J3RALF Localization Russia - Legal Forms 
J3RALF-SFWS-01 Localization Russia: Switch Package 01 
J3RC Clearing open items 
J3RF Localization Russia: FI 
J3RFBS5 Russia: Balance sheet supplement NF (FI-AA) 
J3RFTAX Tax Accounting 
J3RF_RU_CN FI Localization: Russia and China 
J3RK Account Correspondence Subsystem (Russia) 
J3RPDF Localization Russia FI/LO - Russian PDF forms 
J3RS Localization Russia: SD 
J3RT Development class for tax reports 
J_3RFIN_LOC_EHP5 Russia FIN Localization EhP5 
J_3RFIN_LOC_EHP5_SP5 Russia FIN Localization EhP5 SP5 
J_3RFIN_LOC_EHP6 Russia FIN Localization EhP6 
J_3RFIN_LOC_EHP6_SP3 Russia FIN Localization EhP6 SP3 
J_3RFIN_LOC_EHP6_SP5 Russia FIN Localization EhP6 SP5 
J_3RFIN_LOC_EHP6_SP6 Russia FIN Localization EhP6 SP6 
J_3RFIN_LOC_EHP7_SP2 Russia FIN Localization EhP7 SP2 
J_3RFIN_LOC_NEG_MARK Russia FIN Localization EhP5.Negative posting mark in core o 
LOC_AUTO_TEST_CASES Test Case templates IS-Auto India 
LOC_RUSSIA_TEST_CASES Test Case Templates Localization Russia 
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
SAP Release Created in   500