SAP ABAP Software Component SAP_FIN (SAP_FIN)
Basic Data
Software Component SAP_FIN   
Short Description SAP_FIN   
Component type R   Application Component
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
FI-LOC P6D0000001 Localization 
FI-AA HLA0009300 Asset Accounting 
FI HLA0009200 Financial Accounting 
FI-SL HLA0009208 Special Purpose Ledger 
CO HLA0009400 Controlling 
PSM-GPR /SAPPSPRO/PEN0000071 Government Procurement 
FI-AA-IS HLA0006140 Information System 
FI-GL HLA0009201 General Ledger Accounting 
RE I090004600 Real Estate Management 
FI-GL-GL-CL HLA0001205 Closing Operations 
FI-AA-AA HLA0006110 Basic Functions 
AC ALR0000021 Accounting - General 
AC-INT ALR0000023 Accounting Interface 
EC HLA0009407 Enterprise Controlling 
CA-EUR-CNV HLB0100273 Local Currency Changeover 
FI-FM HLA0006845 Funds Management 
IM-FA HLA0009451 Capital Investments 
IM-FA-IS HLA0009456 Information System 
IM-FA-IE HLA0009454 Investment Orders 
IM HLA0009450 Investment Management 
IM-FA-IA HLA0009452 Appropriation Requests 
FI-GL-IS HLA0006523 Information System 
CO-OM HLA0009408 Overhead Cost Controlling 
CO-PA HLA0009405 Profitability Analysis 
CO-PC HLA0009404 Product Cost Controlling 
FI-AP HLA0009204 Accounts Payable 
FI-AR HLA0009203 Accounts Receivable 
FIN ABA0000152 Financials 
FIN-FSCM-CLM-CM HLA0009206 Cash Management 
FI-AA-AA-MA HLA0001285 Asset Maintenance 
FI-BL-MD HLA0100016 Master Data 
FI-BL HLA0100013 Bank Accounting 
FI-BL-PT HLA0100025 Payment Transactions 
EC-EIS-DD HLA0009493 Interactive Drilldown Reporting 
FI-GL-GL-AP HLA0001203 G/L Account Posting 
CO-PC-PCP HLA0009420 Product Cost Planning 
CO-PC-OBJ HLA0009423 Cost Object Controlling 
CO-PC-ACT HLA0009422 Actual Costing/Material Ledger 
CO-PC-ACT-PER HLA0100801 Periodic Material Valuation 
CO-PC-ACT-PRU HLA0100803 Price Change 
CO-PC-PCP-WQS HLA0001439 Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure 
CA-GTF-TS-BRHF HLB0100210 Basis-Related Help Functions, Appl. Log, Formula Intepreter 
FIN-FSCM-BD-AR AXA0000061 Accounts Receivable Accounting Process Integration 
FIN-FSCM ABA0000161 Financial Supply Chain Management 
FI-GL-GL-CUR EBS0000051 Erweiterte Währungskonvertierung 
FI-GL-CU-MCA XCG0000001 Multi Currency Accounting 
FI-GL-REO EB50000061 General Ledger Reorganization 
FI-GL-FL ALR0000034 Flexible Structures 
FI-AR-AR HLA0006500 Basic Functions 
FI-GL-GL HLA0006520 Basic Functions 
FI-AP-AP HLA0006511 Basic Functions 
TR-CM-CM HLA0001350 Electronic Bank Statement 
FI-AP-AP-PT HLA0001269 Payment Transactions 
EC-CS HLA0009480 Consolidation 
EC-CS-IS HLA0009484 Information System 
EC-CS-INT-OUT-BIW HLA0100212 Forwarding to SAP BW 
TR HLA0009209 Treasury 
CO-OM-CCA HLA0009401 Cost Center Accounting 
CO-OM-OPA HLA0009402 Overhead Cost Orders 
FIN-FSCM-DM-AR XBI0000001 Accounts Receivable Accounting Process Integration 
FIN-FSCM-COL-AR AXA0000106 Accounts Receivable Accounting Process Integration 
FIN-FSCM-CLM-CM-CM HLA0006530 Basic Functions 
TR-CB HLA0006844 Cash Budget Management 
FI-BL-MD-BK HLA0100017 Bank Master Data 
FI-BL-PT-BS HLA0100026 Bank Statement 
FI-BL-BM-CM HLA0100019 Check Management 
FI-AR-CR HLA0006501 Credit Management 
FIN-FSCM-BD ABA0000221 Biller Direct 
FI-BL-PT-BS-EL HLA0100028 Electronic Bank Statement 
FI-AR-AR-DP HLA0001277 Down Payments 
FI-AR-AR-PT HLA0001279 Payment Transactions 
FI-AR-IS HLA0006504 Information System 
FI-AA-LM HLA0006111 Leasing Processing 
FI-LC-LC HLA0006901 Basic Functions 
PSM-FG ALN0000203 Functions for U.S. Federal Government 
PSM-FA PLN0000041 Fund Accounting 
FI-BL-PT-AP HLA0100033 Automatic Payments 
PSM-FM I150004901 Funds Management 
CA-GTF-DRT HLB0100372 Data Retention Tool 
FI-SL-VSR HLA0009742 Validation, Substitution and Rules 
FI-AR-AR-IN HLA0001283 Interest Calculation 
FI-GL-GL-ADB XCG0000002 Average Daily Balance 
FI-SL-IS HLA0009743 Information System 
FI-SL-SL HLA0009741 Basic Functions 
FI-SL-SL-MD-SE HLA0001334 Sets 
CA-JVA ALR0002181 Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting 
AC-COB HLA0100003 Coding Block 
FI-GL-GL-PL HLA0001204 Planning 
FI-AA-SVA-HI HLA0001318 Handling of Inflation 
FI-AA-AA-TR-TP HLA0001309 Transfer Postings 
CO-OM-ABC HLA0009441 Activity-Based Costing 
CO-OM-ACT HLA0009403 Activity Types 
CO-OM-CEL HLA0009409 Cost Element Accounting 
IM-FA-PR-CL-SE HLA0001509 Project Settlement 
CO-OM-IS HLA0009411 Information System, iViews 
EC-EIS-DCM HLA0009491 Data Collection 
EC-EIS HLA0009490 Executive Information System 
EC-PCA-IS HLA0009465 Information System 
EC-PCA HLA0009406 Profit Center Accounting 
EC-PCA-BS HLA0009461 Basic Settings 
EC-PCA-TL HLA0100201 Tools 
EC-PCA-TP ALR0002201 Transfer Prices 
CO-PA-TO HLA0100164 Tools 
CO-PC-IS HLA0009429 Product Cost Controlling Information System 
CO-PC-IS-ACT HLA0100810 Actual Costing/Material Ledger Information System 
CO-PC-OBJ-PER HLA0009425 Product Cost by Period 
CO-OM-OPA-PL-MA HLA0001401 Manual Order Planning 
CA HLB0009110 Cross-Application Components 
CO-OM-OPA-MD HLA0001399 Master Data 
PSM I150004900 Public Sector Management 
RE-RT-AD I090004620 Rent Adjustment 
RE-RT-AO I090004611 Management of Interested Parties 
RE-BD I090004603 Basic Data 
RE-CO I090004646 Real Estate Controlling 
RE-CP I090004636 Correspondence 
RE-IS I090004650 Information System 
RE-IT I090004658 Input Tax Treatment 
RE-RT-RA I090004614 Rental Accounting 
RE-RT I090004610 Rental 
RE-RT-SC I090004628 Service Charge Settlement 
RE-RT-SR I090004631 Sales-Based Settlement 
RE-TP I090004632 Third-Party Management 
FI-LC HLA0009205 Consolidation 
FIN-FSCM-CR-AD AXA0000091 Adaptor 
FIN-FSCM-CR ABA0000201 Credit Management 
CO-PA-ACT HLA0100153 Flows of Actual Values 
CO-PA-SPP HLA0009431 Sales and Profit Planning