SAP ABAP Application Component CO-PC (Product Cost Controlling)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009404  
Application Component ID CO-PC  
Short Description   Product Cost Controlling  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CO-PC-ACT Actual Costing/Material Ledger  HLA0009422 
CO-PC-ACT-AVR Alternative Valuation Run  PLN0000032 
CO-PC-ACT-DUV Distribution of Usage Variances  PLN0000031 
CO-PC-ACT-MAC Multilevel Actual Costing  HLA0100802 
CO-PC-ACT-PAR Multiple Material Valuation  HLA0100804 
CO-PC-ACT-PER Periodic Material Valuation  HLA0100801 
CO-PC-ACT-PRU Price Change  HLA0100803 
CO-PC-ASS Period-End Closing  HLA0001456 
CO-PC-ASS Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001455 
CO-PC-ASS Preliminary Costing  HLA0001454 
CO-PC-ASS Production Order Without a Quantity Structure  HLA0001453 
CO-PC-CON Period-End Closing  HLA0001462 
CO-PC-CON Special Functions for Engineer-To-Order  HLA0009428 
CO-PC-CON Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001461 
CO-PC-CON Preliminary Costing  HLA0001460 
CO-PC-COO Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001451 
CO-PC-COO Period-End Closing  HLA0001452 
CO-PC-COO Cost Object  HLA0001450 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Process Manufacturing  HLA0001466 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Order-Related Production  HLA0001468 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Repetitive Manufacturing  HLA0001467 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for General Cost Objects  HLA0001465 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Sales-Order-Related Production  HLA0001469 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Engineer-to-Order  HLA0001470 
CO-PC-IS Product Cost Controlling Information System  HLA0009429 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Base Object Costing  HLA0001464 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Product Costing  HLA0001463 
CO-PC-IS-ACT Actual Costing/Material Ledger Information System  HLA0100810 
CO-PC-IS-INT Intangible Goods and Services Information System  HLA0100809 
CO-PC-IS-MTO Product Cost by Sales Order Information System  HLA0100808 
CO-PC-IS-ORD Product Cost by Order Information System  HLA0100807 
CO-PC-IS-PCP Product Cost Planning Information System  HLA0100805 
CO-PC-IS-PER Product Cost by Period Information System  HLA0100806 
CO-PC-MTO Period-End Closing  HLA0001459 
CO-PC-MTO Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001458 
CO-PC-MTO Preliminary Costing  HLA0001457 
CO-PC-OBJ Period-End Closing  HLA0001445 
CO-PC-OBJ Cost Object  HLA0001442 
CO-PC-OBJ Preliminary Costing  HLA0001443 
CO-PC-OBJ Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001444 
CO-PC-OBJ Cost Object Controlling  HLA0009423 
CO-PC-OBJ-INT Costs for Intangible Goods and Services  HLA0100347 
CO-PC-OBJ-MTO Product Cost by Sales Order  HLA0009427 
CO-PC-OBJ-ORD Product Cost by Order  HLA0009426 
CO-PC-OBJ-PER Product Cost by Period  HLA0009425 
CO-PC-PCP Product Cost Planning  HLA0009420 
CO-PC-PCP-PRU Price Update  HLA0100147 
CO-PC-PCP-REF Reference and Simulation Costing  HLA0100146 
CO-PC-PCP-WOQ Cost Estimate Without Quantity Structure  HLA0001440 
CO-PC-PCP-WQS Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure  HLA0001439 
CO-PC-PRD Base Object Costing  HLA0001441 
CO-PC-PRD Product Costing  HLA0001438 
CO-PC-PRO Preliminary Costing  HLA0001447 
CO-PC-PRO Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001448 
CO-PC-PRO Period-End Closing  HLA0001449 
CO-PC-PRO Special Functions for Process Manufacturing  HLA0009424 
CO-PC-PRO Cost Object  HLA0001446 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
APPL_CONTENT_COPC Analytics Content for COPC 
ESH_CO_PC HANA search content package for CO-PC 
KKC2 Test Data Storage for CATT 
WAO_46C_CM_OBJ_MINIAPP MiniApp: Order Costing (Release-Dependent 46C Part) 
WAO_46C_INVENTORY_ACCTNG_COPC MiniApp: Materials with Highest Inventory; 46C Part 
WAO_46C_MATERIAL_COST_ESTIMATE MiniApp: Material Costing; 46C Part 
WAO_46C_MATERIAL_PRICE MiniApp for Reading a Material Price; Release 46C 
WAO_46C_SO_COST_ESTIMATE MiniApp: Sales Order Cost Estimates; 46C Part 
WAO_CM_OBJ_MINIAPP MiniApp: Order Cost Estimates 
WAO_COM_MINIALV_EXTRACTOR COM MiniALV for Extracts; Release-Independent 
WAO_INVENTORY_ACCTNG_COPC MiniApp: Materials with Highest Inventory; Release-Independ. 
WAO_MATERIAL_COST_ESTIMATE MiniApp: Material Costing; Release-Independent 
WAO_SO_COST_ESTIMATE MiniApp: Sales Order Cost Estimates; Release-Independent 
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
SAP Release Created in