SAP ABAP Application Component CO (Controlling)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009400  
Application Component ID CO  
Short Description   Controlling  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CO-OM Overhead Cost Controlling  HLA0009408 
CO-OM-ABC Activity-Based Costing  HLA0009441 
CO-OM-ABC-MD Master Data  HLA0001396 
CO-OM-ABC-PL Process Costs: Plan Postings  HLA0001397 
CO-OM-ABC-PO Process Costs: Actual Postings  HLA0001398 
CO-OM-ACT Activity Types  HLA0009403 
CO-OM-CCA Cost Center Accounting  HLA0009401 
CO-OM-CCA-BU Cost Center Budgeting  HLA0001392 
CO-OM-CCA-CL Period-End Closing  HLA0001394 
CO-OM-CCA-CM Commitments and Funds Commitments  HLA0001393 
CO-OM-CCA-MD Master Data  HLA0001389 
CO-OM-CCA-PC Planning Closing  HLA0001391 
CO-OM-CCA-PL Cost Center Planning  HLA0001390 
CO-OM-CCA-SU Cost Center Summarization  HLA0001395 
CO-OM-CEL Cost Element Accounting  HLA0009409 
CO-OM-CEL-CE Cost Elements  HLA0001386 
CO-OM-CEL-RE Reconciliation of Financial Accounting and Controlling  HLA0001387 
CO-OM-IS Information System, iViews  HLA0009411 
CO-OM-IS-BP Business Process Reports  HLA0001436 
CO-OM-IS-CC Cost Center Reports  HLA0001434 
CO-OM-IS-CE Cost Element Reports  HLA0001433 
CO-OM-IS-IO Internal Order Reports  HLA0001435 
CO-OM-IS-US User-Defined Reports  HLA0001437 
CO-OM-OPA Overhead Cost Orders  HLA0009402 
CO-OM-OPA-BU Order Budgeting  HLA0001405 
CO-OM-OPA-CL Periodic Order Closing  HLA0001407 
CO-OM-OPA-CL-IC Interest Calculation  HLA0100145 
CO-OM-OPA-CL-OS Overhead Rates  HLA0001409 
CO-OM-OPA-CL-PT Periodic Reposting  HLA0001408 
CO-OM-OPA-CL-SE Order Settlement  HLA0001410 
CO-OM-OPA-CM Commitments and Funds Commitments  HLA0001406 
CO-OM-OPA-MD Master Data  HLA0001399 
CO-OM-OPA-PL Order Planning  HLA0001400 
CO-OM-OPA-PL-MA Manual Order Planning  HLA0001401 
CO-OM-OPA-PL-OS Overhead Rates  HLA0001403 
CO-OM-OPA-PL-PT Periodic Transfers  HLA0001402 
CO-OM-OPA-PL-SE Order Settlement  HLA0001404 
CO-OM-OPA-SU Order Summarization  HLA0001411 
CO-OM-PRO Overhead Projects  HLA0001412 
CO-OM-PRO-AC Actual Costs  HLA0001426 
CO-OM-PRO-BU Project Budgeting  HLA0001421 
CO-OM-PRO-BU-AL Budget Allocation  HLA0001422 
CO-OM-PRO-BU-AV Availability Control  HLA0001425 
CO-OM-PRO-BU-RE Budget Release  HLA0001424 
CO-OM-PRO-BU-UP Budget Update  HLA0001423 
CO-OM-PRO-CL Periodic Project Closing  HLA0001427 
CO-OM-PRO-CL-IN Interest Calculation  HLA0001430 
CO-OM-PRO-CL-OS Overhead  HLA0001429 
CO-OM-PRO-CL-PT Periodic Reposting  HLA0001428 
CO-OM-PRO-CL-SE Project Settlement  HLA0001431 
CO-OM-PRO-IS Cost Information System  HLA0001432 
CO-OM-PRO-MD Master Data  HLA0001413 
CO-OM-PRO-MD-MT WBS Maintenance  HLA0001415 
CO-OM-PRO-MD-ST Standard WBS  HLA0001414 
CO-OM-PRO-MD-TE PS Text Management  HLA0001416 
CO-OM-PRO-PL Project Cost Planning  HLA0001417 
CO-OM-PRO-PL-CP Cost Planning in the WBS  HLA0001418 
CO-OM-PRO-PL-OR Orders for Projects  HLA0001420 
CO-OM-PRO-PL-OS Overhead  HLA0001419 
CO-OM-STA Statistical Key Figures  HLA0001388 
CO-PA Profitability Analysis  HLA0009405 
CO-PA-ACT Flows of Actual Values  HLA0100153 
CO-PA-ACT-AG Transfer of Customer Rebate Agreements  HLA0100162 
CO-PA-ACT-BI Transfer of Billing Documents  HLA0100155 
CO-PA-ACT-DE Data Entry  HLA0100161 
CO-PA-ACT-DP Direct Posting from FI/MM  HLA0100157 
CO-PA-ACT-OH Transfer of Overhead  HLA0100159 
CO-PA-ACT-OR Order and Project Settlement  HLA0100156 
CO-PA-ACT-PA Periodic Adjustments  HLA0100160 
CO-PA-ACT-PV Settlement of Production Variances  HLA0100158 
CO-PA-ACT-SO Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders  HLA0100154 
CO-PA-BUD Sales and Promotion Budgets by Profitability Segment  HLA0009432 
CO-PA-FS Extended Functions for Financial Institutions (See IS-IS)  HLA0009437 
CO-PA-IS Information System  HLA0009438 
CO-PA-MD Master Data  HLA0100167 
CO-PA-MD-CH Characteristic Values  HLA0100168 
CO-PA-MD-VA Valuation  HLA0100169 
CO-PA-MTO Extended Functions for Order-Related Production  HLA0009435 
CO-PA-MTS Extended Functions for Make-To-Stock Production  HLA0009434 
CO-PA-PMS Profitability Analysis / Basic Functions  HLA0009433 
CO-PA-REL Revenue Element Accounting  HLA0009430 
CO-PA-SPP Sales and Profit Planning  HLA0009431 
CO-PA-SPP-AP Automatic Planning  HLA0100149 
CO-PA-SPP-BU Sales and Promotion Budgets  HLA0100151 
CO-PA-SPP-IP Integrated Planning  HLA0100150 
CO-PA-SPP-MP Manual Planning  HLA0100148 
CO-PA-ST Structures  HLA0100152 
CO-PA-TO Tools  HLA0100164 
CO-PA-WR Extended Functions for Retailing  HLA0009436 
CO-PC Product Cost Controlling  HLA0009404 
CO-PC-ACT Actual Costing/Material Ledger  HLA0009422 
CO-PC-ACT-AVR Alternative Valuation Run  PLN0000032 
CO-PC-ACT-DUV Distribution of Usage Variances  PLN0000031 
CO-PC-ACT-MAC Multilevel Actual Costing  HLA0100802 
CO-PC-ACT-PAR Multiple Material Valuation  HLA0100804 
CO-PC-ACT-PER Periodic Material Valuation  HLA0100801 
CO-PC-ACT-PRU Price Change  HLA0100803 
CO-PC-ASS Production Order Without a Quantity Structure  HLA0001453 
CO-PC-ASS Preliminary Costing  HLA0001454 
CO-PC-ASS Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001455 
CO-PC-ASS Period-End Closing  HLA0001456 
CO-PC-CON Preliminary Costing  HLA0001460 
CO-PC-CON Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001461 
CO-PC-CON Period-End Closing  HLA0001462 
CO-PC-CON Special Functions for Engineer-To-Order  HLA0009428 
CO-PC-COO Cost Object  HLA0001450 
CO-PC-COO Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001451 
CO-PC-COO Period-End Closing  HLA0001452 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Product Costing  HLA0001463 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Base Object Costing  HLA0001464 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for General Cost Objects  HLA0001465 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Process Manufacturing  HLA0001466 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Repetitive Manufacturing  HLA0001467 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Order-Related Production  HLA0001468 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Sales-Order-Related Production  HLA0001469 
CO-PC-IS Report Selection for Engineer-to-Order  HLA0001470 
CO-PC-IS Product Cost Controlling Information System  HLA0009429 
CO-PC-IS-ACT Actual Costing/Material Ledger Information System  HLA0100810 
CO-PC-IS-INT Intangible Goods and Services Information System  HLA0100809 
CO-PC-IS-MTO Product Cost by Sales Order Information System  HLA0100808 
CO-PC-IS-ORD Product Cost by Order Information System  HLA0100807 
CO-PC-IS-PCP Product Cost Planning Information System  HLA0100805 
CO-PC-IS-PER Product Cost by Period Information System  HLA0100806 
CO-PC-MTO Preliminary Costing  HLA0001457 
CO-PC-MTO Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001458 
CO-PC-MTO Period-End Closing  HLA0001459 
CO-PC-OBJ Cost Object  HLA0001442 
CO-PC-OBJ Preliminary Costing  HLA0001443 
CO-PC-OBJ Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001444 
CO-PC-OBJ Period-End Closing  HLA0001445 
CO-PC-OBJ Cost Object Controlling  HLA0009423 
CO-PC-OBJ-INT Costs for Intangible Goods and Services  HLA0100347 
CO-PC-OBJ-MTO Product Cost by Sales Order  HLA0009427 
CO-PC-OBJ-ORD Product Cost by Order  HLA0009426 
CO-PC-OBJ-PER Product Cost by Period  HLA0009425 
CO-PC-PCP Product Cost Planning  HLA0009420 
CO-PC-PCP-PRU Price Update  HLA0100147 
CO-PC-PCP-REF Reference and Simulation Costing  HLA0100146 
CO-PC-PCP-WOQ Cost Estimate Without Quantity Structure  HLA0001440 
CO-PC-PCP-WQS Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure  HLA0001439 
CO-PC-PRD Product Costing  HLA0001438 
CO-PC-PRD Base Object Costing  HLA0001441 
CO-PC-PRO Cost Object  HLA0001446 
CO-PC-PRO Preliminary Costing  HLA0001447 
CO-PC-PRO Simultaneous Costing  HLA0001448 
CO-PC-PRO Period-End Closing  HLA0001449 
CO-PC-PRO Special Functions for Process Manufacturing  HLA0009424 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/KYK/FIN_CO Controlling 
/OLC/ADMIN OLC: Administrative Data 
/OLC/MAIN OLC: Surrounding Main Package 
/OLC/_TEST_CASES OLC: Customer Test Case Templates 
ACOM Application Components CO 
ACOP Process Model Objects CO 
APPL_CONTENT_CO Analytics Content for CO 
ASAPTERM_CO Terminology and Glossary: Translation in CO 
COAS CO: Attribute Assignment Service 
COINT_ERR Cockpit for Controlling Integration 
CO_GEN_REV_1_E Co enhancement 
CO_GEN_SFWS_1_E CO enhancements not reversible English EhP4 
CO_GEN_SFWS_REV_1_E CO enhancements reversible English EhP4 
CO_SERVICES_1_E General CO Services for Enhancement Packages 
CRMCO_COSTING Integration CRM/CO: Cost Estimate 
CRMCO_ERR CRM/CO Integration: Controlling Cockpit 
CRMCO_IS Developments Information System Controlling Connection CRM 
CRMCO_OR Individual controlling in CRM: internal orders 
CRMCO_PERCL Single-Object Controlling in CRM: Period-End Closing 
DM_QRP APO Reporting Points 
DM_QRP_APP APO Reporting Points - Append Structures 
DM_STPC Short-Term Production Costs for DI 
ERP_CO_OLC Operation Level Costing xApp Functions 
ERP_CO_OLC_EA Operation Level Costing xApp Functions 
ERP_CO_OLC_SWITCHED Operative Level Costing Switched Class 
ERP_CO_OLC_SWITCHED_2 Operative Level Costing 2 Switched Class 
ERP_PRS_CO Professional Services in CO Core 
ESH_CO HANA search main content package for CO 
FCOM_CCMGMT_SFWC_RS Cost Center Management -Reversible Switch 
FCOM_CORE Overhead Management -Core Functions 
FCOM_GLFLEX_REP_INTEGRATION Reporting Integration for New General Ledger 
FCOM_PAGES Homepages and Workcenter in Controlling 
FCOM_REPORT Controlling report 
FCOM_SUBKEY2 CO-OM: Integration of Funct. Area and Segment for New G/L 
FCOM_SUBKEY2_BP Enhancements to COKEY2 for Budget Period 
FINR3_CPROJECTS cProjects/CO Integration 
FIN_ISS_INT_CO Internal Self Services - Integration with Controlling 
FISR Internal Service Request 
FM_CORE_BUDGET_PERIOD_SFWS_2_E Budget Period not reversible english SAP_APPL EhP5 
FM_CORE_BUD_PER_SFWS_REV_2_E Budget Period reversible english SAP_APPL EhP5 
IAOM Cost and Revenue Controlling for Logical Objects 
IAOM-OM Cost and Revenue Controlling for Outsorced Manufacturing 
IAOM-OM_XI_PROXY Cost & Revenue Controlling Outsorced Manufact. (XI Proxies) 
IAOM_BW BW Extraction for Costs and Revenue Controlling 
IAOM_CPROJECTS Cost and Revenue Controlling for cProjects 
IAOM_CRMSERVICE Cost and Revenue Controlling for CRM Service 
IAOM_CRMSERVICE_BW BW Integration for CRM Controlling 
IAOM_CRMSERVICE_EXEC Process Integration for CRM Service 
IAOM_OM Outsourced Manifacturing - Account Assignment Manager 
KAFF Overhead Cost Controlling: Integration of Fund and Function 
KAFF_ERP50 Overhead Cost Controlling: Integration of Fund and Function 
KBASCORE Overhead Cost Controlling: General Services 
KCM Cost Accounting: Change Management, Enterprise Hierarchy 
KIMB Cost Accounting: Manual Actual Postings 
KISTCORE Cost Accounting Actual Data: General Services 
KIST_ERP50 Cost Accounting Actual Data: RK-S: ERP 50 
KKAN CO Analysis Programs 
KKHI Group Maintenance 
KPC_XI_PROXY Project Costing 
KSUBKEY CO Object: Encryption of Characteristics 
KSUR Survey Main Components 
MPO_IMG Manager Portal: IMG 
MPO_IMG_46CFF Manager Portal: IMG 4.6C ff. 
MPO_KPLA Manager Portal: Planning Scenario 
PS_REPORTING_SFWC_RS PS Reporting switched package 
QISR Internal Service Requests 
QISR_UI ISR: User Interfaces 
QSLS_FS_TABLEENTRIES Package for FINSERV Table Entries (Translation) 
RS_IMG_CO OLTP-IMG CO (Controlling) 
U120 Controlling 
VPACK_IAOM_FINANCING Revenue and Cost Controlling for Leasing 
WAO_46C_COST_CENTER Cost Centers; 46C Part 
WAO_46C_COST_ELEMENTS Cost Elements; 46C Part 
WAO_COST_CENTER Cost Centers; Release-Independent 
WAO_COST_ELEMENTS MiniApp Cost Elements (Release-Independent Part) 
WUSL General Where-Used List of Table Objects 
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
SAP Release Created in