SAP ABAP Application Component FI-GL (General Ledger Accounting)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009201  
Application Component ID FI-GL  
Short Description   General Ledger Accounting  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
FI-GL-B Company Code Consolidation  HLA0006900 
FI-GL-BA Business Area Accounting  HLA0006521 
FI-GL-BNK Bank accounting  HLA0008651 
FI-GL-CP Preparation for Consolidation  HLA0006524 
FI-GL-CP-AD Assignments and Data Transfer  HLA0001210 
FI-GL-CP-AD-AS Assignments  HLA0001211 
FI-GL-CP-AD-PE Periodic Extract  HLA0001214 
FI-GL-CP-AD-RO Rollup  HLA0001213 
FI-GL-CP-AD-RU Real-Time Update  HLA0001212 
FI-GL-CP-AD-TR Legacy Data Transfer  HLA0001215 
FI-GL-CP-BA Business Area Consolidation  HLA0001222 
FI-GL-CP-BA-AA Preparations in Asset Accounting  HLA0001225 
FI-GL-CP-BA-AS Assignments  HLA0001223 
FI-GL-CP-BA-CO Preparations in Controlling  HLA0001226 
FI-GL-CP-BA-FI Preparations in Financial Accounting  HLA0001224 
FI-GL-CP-BA-MM Preparations in Materials Management  HLA0001227 
FI-GL-CP-BA-SD Preparations in Sales  HLA0001228 
FI-GL-CP-COM Company Consolidation  HLA0001216 
FI-GL-CP-COM-AS Assignments  HLA0001217 
FI-GL-CP-COM-BR Balance Reconciliation  HLA0001218 
FI-GL-CP-COM-PC Parallel Currencies  HLA0001219 
FI-GL-CP-COM-PL Planning  HLA0001221 
FI-GL-CP-COM-PV Parallel Valuation  HLA0001220 
FI-GL-CU Foreign Currency Accounting  HLA0006522 
FI-GL-CU-MCA Multi Currency Accounting  XCG0000001 
FI-GL-FL Flexible Structures  ALR0000034 
FI-GL-GL Basic Functions  HLA0006520 
FI-GL-GL-AAC Manual Accruals  ALN0000111 
FI-GL-GL-ACE Accrual Engine  ALN0000061 
FI-GL-GL-ADB Average Daily Balance  XCG0000002 
FI-GL-GL-AP G/L Account Posting  HLA0001203 
FI-GL-GL-CAE CRM Accruals  ALN0000261 
FI-GL-GL-CL Closing Operations  HLA0001205 
FI-GL-GL-CUR Erweiterte Währungskonvertierung  EBS0000051 
FI-GL-GL-FC Financial Calendar  HLA0008958 
FI-GL-GL-IC Interest Calculation  HLA0001206 
FI-GL-GL-MD Master Data  HLA0001200 
FI-GL-GL-MD-CC Cross-Company G/L Account Maintenance  HLA0001202 
FI-GL-GL-MD-SG Standard G/L Account Maintenance  HLA0001201 
FI-GL-GL-OI Open Item Management  HLA0008959 
FI-GL-GL-PL Planning  HLA0001204 
FI-GL-GL-PRK Document Parking  HLA0008962 
FI-GL-GL-SF Special Functions  HLA0008960 
FI-GL-GL-SF-ED External Documents  HLA0008961 
FI-GL-GL-SOA Provisions for Awards  ALN0000062 
FI-GL-IS Information System  HLA0006523 
FI-GL-REO General Ledger Reorganization  EB50000061 
FI-GL-REO-AA Reorganization of Assets with Integrated Transfer Posting  EB50000066 
FI-GL-REO-BF General Ledger Reorganization Basic Functions  EB50000062 
FI-GL-REO-CO General Ledger Reorganization of Objects in Controlling  EB50000064 
FI-GL-REO-GL General Ledger Reorganization AP/AR  EB50000065 
FI-GL-REO-MM General Ledger Reorganization of Objects in Logistics  EB50000063 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPQUERY/FIGL General Ledger - Query Objects 
ACC_INTERNET_SERVICES Internet Services in Accounting 
APPL_CONTENT_FIGL Analytics Content for FIGL 
DECO_FAGL_REPORTING Reporting Accounting GL 
ESH_FI_GL HANA search content package for FI-GL 
FAGL_AA_SEGMENT_REPORT_SFWC_NS FI-AA Segment Reporting - Irreversible 
FAGL_AA_SEGMENT_REPORT_SFWC_RS FI-AA Segment Reporting - Reversible 
FAGL_ACCOUNT_BALANCE Account Balance Display 
FAGL_ALLOCATIONS Allocations in New General Ledger 
FAGL_CI_3_NS Enhancements in New General Ledger Accounting - Irreversible 
FAGL_CI_3_RS Enhancements in New General Ledger Accounting - Reversible 
FAGL_COMMON_OBJECTS Financials: Common Objects (Application Basis Candidates) 
FAGL_DB_PERSISTENCY DB Tables + Read/Write Accesses for FI Documents 
FAGL_DISTR_SCEN_1 Distribution Scenario: Transfer of Totals Docs + Single Docs 
FAGL_DISTR_SCEN_1_SFWC_NS Distribution Scenario: Transfer of Totals Docs + Single Docs 
FAGL_DISTR_SCEN_1_SFWC_RS Distribution Scenario: Transfer of Totals Docs + Single Docs 
FAGL_DOCUMENT_SERVICES Service Modules for Displaying/Entering FI Documents 
FAGL_EHP4_SFWC_CP_RS Year-End Closing Posting 
FAGL_EHP4_SFWC_NS Enhancements to General Ledger Accounting 
FAGL_EHP4_SFWC_RS Enhancements to General Ledger Accounting 
FAGL_EHP4_SFWC_SPLCONFIG_NS Standard Configuration of Document Splitting 
FAGL_EHP4_TECH_SFWC_RS Technical Document Splitting Characteristics - Reversible 
FAGL_EHP5_SFWC_SPLCONFIG_MM Standard Configuration of Document Splitting 
FAGL_EURO_CONVERSION Euro Conversion in New General Ledger Accounting 
FAGL_FSV_MAINTENANCE Financial Statement Version - Maintenance and Transport 
FAGL_GJVA JVA NewGL integration # Core related none 
FAGL_GJVA_SFWS JVA NewGL integration # Core related switched 
FAGL_INVSPL_ES Invoice Split PSM Configuration 
FAGL_INVSPL_ES_SFWC Invoice Split PSM Spain switched 
FAGL_LEDGER_CUST New General Ledger: Scenarios, Ledgers 
FAGL_MIG_ANALYSE Analysis Tools 
FAGL_MIG_CONVERSION Future Standard Reports for Building Data 
FAGL_MIG_CUST Customizing for Migration 
FAGL_MM_RECON Reconciliation of MM / ML with GL 
FAGL_ONLINE_SPLITTER Online Splitter in New General Ledger 
FAGL_ONLINE_SPLIT_EHP3 Online Splitter in New General Ledger Accounting (EhP3) 
FAGL_ONLINE_SPLIT_EHP3_SFWC_SC Online Split: Coding Switch 
FAGL_ORG_UNITS Master Data for Org Units in FI (such as Segments) 
FAGL_PLANNING Planning in New General Ledger 
FAGL_PLANNING_EHP3 Planning in General Ledger Accounting 
FAGL_PLANNING_EHP3_SFWC_DD Planning: General Ledger: Switch DDIC Objects 
FAGL_PLANNING_EHP3_SFWC_SC Planning in General Ledger Accounting: Coding Switch 
FAGL_PLANNING_EHP3_SFWC_UI Planning: General Ledger Accounting: UI Elements Switched 
FAGL_POSTING_SERVICES Services for Posting FI Documents 
FAGL_POSTING_SERV_EHP3 Services for Posting FI Documents (EhP3) 
FAGL_POSTING_SERV_EHP3_SFWC_SC Posting Services: Coding Switch 
FAGL_REORG Reorganization -Obsolete- 
FAGL_REORG_SFWC_RS Reorganization -obsolete- 
FAGL_REPORTING Reporting: New General Ledger 
FAGL_REPORTING_EHP3 Reporting: General Ledger Accounting 
FAGL_REPORTING_EHP3_SFWC_DD Reporting GL: DDIC Objects Switched 
FAGL_REPORTING_EHP3_SFWC_SC Reporting GL: Coding Switched 
FAGL_REPORTING_EHP3_SFWC_UI Reporting GL: UI Elements Switched 
FAGL_SFWC GL: Switches 
FAGL_STATKEYFIGURE Statistical Key Figures in General Ledger 
FAGL_STATKEYFIGURE_TOOL Statistical Key Figures (Generic Part) 
FAGL_TEST_CASES_EHP GL: Test Case Templates EhP 
FAGL_TEST_CASES_EHP_EN GL: Test Case Templates EhP 
FAGL_VIRTUAL_INFOPROV Generation of Virtual InfoProviders 
FAGL_XBRL_GCD Electronic Financial Statement Master Data (GCD) 
FDS FI Dev. Support standard tools 
FIGL Documentation FI General Ledger 
FIGL_QUERY General Ledger Accounting: Query Objects 
FINA_GL General Ledger 
FIN_ACC_PEB Partly Exempt Organizations 
FIN_ACC_PEB_SFWS Tax-Exempt Organizations - Nonreversable - 
FIN_ACC_PEB_SFWS_REV Tax-Exempt Organizations 
FIN_GL_PAR_ACC_01 Account Approach: Assignment of Accounts to Acctg Principle 
FI_PARA_CUST Customizing for Parallel Valuation Methods 
GBIW_ERP Extractors for General Ledger in ERP 
GBIW_ERP_LI Line Item Extractors for General Ledger ERP 
GLT0 Basis functions G/L accounting 
U101 General Ledger Accounting 
VTAXCALC Calculation for VAT and Sales / Use Tax 
VTAXREP Reporting for VAT and Sales / Use Tax 
WAO_46C_G/L_ACCOUNT_BALANCE G/L Account Balance Display: 46C Developments 
WAO_G/L_ACCOUNT_BALANCE G/L Account Balance Display 
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
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