SAP ABAP Application Component PSM-FG (Functions for U.S. Federal Government)
Basic Data
Application Component ALN0000203  
Application Component ID PSM-FG  
Short Description   Functions for U.S. Federal Government  
First Release Date 20020128 
First Release   620 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PSM-FG-AP Cost-Relevant Asset  ALN0000206 
PSM-FG-BL Budgetary Ledger  ALN0000191 
PSM-FG-IS Information System  ALN0000193 
PSM-FG-PP US Prompt Payment Act  ALN0000204 
PSM-FG-RS Sampling Procedure Invoice Verification  ALN0000207 
PSM-FG-TC Central Cash Desk Procedure  ALN0000205 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
FMFG_ABP_E Automatic Budget Postings 
FMFG_BLEXT_E US Federal Government Extention of the Budgetary Ledger 
FMFG_BLPAY_E US Federal government creation of payment lines 
FMFG_BW_E US Federal Governement business Warehouse 
FMFG_CATT_E CATTs for 'Federal Governement US' functionality 
FMFG_CCR_E Interface to Central Contractor Registry (CCR) 
FMFG_CORE_DEBT_RESC_SFWS_E Debt management core not reversible EhP4 
FMFG_CORE_DEBT_RESC_SFWS_REV_E Debt management core reversible EhP4 
FMFG_CORE_DEBT_SFWS_E Debt management core switched 
FMFG_CORE_GEN_SFWS_2_E US-Federal Core Generic not reversible EhP4 
FMFG_CORE_GEN_SFWS_E US Federal generic switched 
FMFG_CORE_GEN_SFWS_REV_2_E US-Federal Core Generic reversible EhP4 
FMFG_CORE_PPAP_SFWS_2_E Prompt Pay and payment Core not reversible EhP4 
FMFG_CORE_PPAP_SFWS_REV_2_E Prompt Pay and payment Core reversible EhP4 
FMFG_CORE_PPA_PAY_SFWS_E Core PPA and general payment extension 
FMFG_EA_APPL_PPAP_SFWS_REV_2_E Prompt Pay and payment EA-APPL (RE-FX) reversible EhP4 
FMFG_JFMIP_E JFMIP funcitonality not officially released 
FMFG_MM_E US Federal materials management extensions 
FMFG_RECURRING_E Recurring Obligations 
FMFG_RPT_E US Federal Government Reporting 
Software Component EA-PS  SAP Enterprise Extension Public Services 
SAP Release Created in   110