SAP ABAP Software Component EA-PS (SAP Enterprise Extension Public Services)
Basic Data
Software Component EA-PS   
Short Description SAP Enterprise Extension Public Services   
Component type N   Application Extensions
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
PSM-FM I150004901 Funds Management 
PSM-GPR /SAPPSPRO/PEN0000071 Government Procurement 
PSM I150004900 Public Sector Management 
PSM-FM-UP I150004905 Actual Update and Commitment Update 
PSM-FM-MD I150004902 Master Data 
PSM-FM-BCS-AC ALN0000196 Availability Control 
PSM-FM-BCS ALN0000194 Budget Control System 
PSM-FM-PO-CA KI48000006 Cash Desk 
PSM-FM-PO I150004904 Funds Management-Specific Postings 
PSM-FM-BCS-BU ALN0000195 Budgeting 
PSM-FM-BU I150004903 Budgeting and Availability Control 
PSM-FM-CL I150004907 Closing Operations 
PSM-FM-PO-EF KI48000004 Earmarked Funds and Funds Transfers 
PSM-EC AEN0000051 Expenditure Certification 
PSM-FG ALN0000203 Functions for U.S. Federal Government 
PSM-FM-BL PLN0000081 Budgetary Ledger 
PSM-FG-TC ALN0000205 Central Cash Desk Procedure 
PSM-FG-PP ALN0000204 US Prompt Payment Act 
PSM-FA PLN0000041 Fund Accounting 
PSM-FM-IS I150004908 Information system 
PSM-FM-BU-CE KI48000003 Unilateral and Reciprocal Cover Eligibility 
PSM-GM-GTE-UP ALN0000201 Actual Update and Commitment Update 
PSM-GM-GTE AEN0000081 Grantee Management 
PSM-GM-GTE-GM ALN0000200 Grants Management - Specific Postings 
PSM-GM-GTE-BU ALN0000199 Budgeting and Availability Control 
PSM-GM-GTE-IS ALN0000202 Information System 
PSM-GM-GTE-MD ALN0000198 Master Data 
PSM-GM ALN0000197 Grants Management 
PSM-GM-GTR AEN0000082 Grantor Management 
PSM-GM-GTR-UP AEN0000091 Actual Update and Commitment Update          
SD-SLS-GF HLA0006007 Basic Functions