SAP ABAP Application Component PSM-GM-GTE (Grantee Management)
Basic Data
Application Component AEN0000081  
Application Component ID PSM-GM-GTE  
Short Description   Grantee Management  
First Release Date 20050307 
First Release   700 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PSM-GM-GTE-BU Budgeting and Availability Control  ALN0000199 
PSM-GM-GTE-GM Grants Management - Specific Postings  ALN0000200 
PSM-GM-GTE-IS Information System  ALN0000202 
PSM-GM-GTE-MD Master Data  ALN0000198 
PSM-GM-GTE-UP Actual Update and Commitment Update  ALN0000201 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
GMARCHIVING_E Grant Management Archiving 
GMBASIS_E Grants management (basis) 
GMBO_E GM Business Objects and BAPIs 
GRANTEE_MANAGEMENT Grantee Management 
Software Component EA-PS  SAP Enterprise Extension Public Services 
SAP Release Created in   600