SAP ABAP Application Component PSM (Public Sector Management)
Basic Data
Application Component I150004900  
Application Component ID PSM  
Short Description   Public Sector Management  
First Release Date 19960923 
First Release   30E 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PSM-EC Expenditure Certification  AEN0000051 
PSM-FA Fund Accounting  PLN0000041 
PSM-FG Functions for U.S. Federal Government  ALN0000203 
PSM-FG-AP Cost-Relevant Asset  ALN0000206 
PSM-FG-BL Budgetary Ledger  ALN0000191 
PSM-FG-IS Information System  ALN0000193 
PSM-FG-PP US Prompt Payment Act  ALN0000204 
PSM-FG-RS Sampling Procedure Invoice Verification  ALN0000207 
PSM-FG-TC Central Cash Desk Procedure  ALN0000205 
PSM-FM Funds Management  I150004901 
PSM-FM-BCS Budget Control System  ALN0000194 
PSM-FM-BCS-AC Availability Control  ALN0000196 
PSM-FM-BCS-BU Budgeting  ALN0000195 
PSM-FM-BL Budgetary Ledger  PLN0000081 
PSM-FM-BU Budgeting and Availability Control  I150004903 
PSM-FM-BU-AC Availability Control  KI48000002 
PSM-FM-BU-BF Basic Functions of Budgeting  KI48000001 
PSM-FM-BU-CE Unilateral and Reciprocal Cover Eligibility  KI48000003 
PSM-FM-BU-RB Revenues Increasing the Budget  I150004910 
PSM-FM-CL Closing Operations  I150004907 
PSM-FM-DE Special Function Public Sector Germany  KI48000007 
PSM-FM-IS Information system  I150004908 
PSM-FM-MD Master Data  I150004902 
PSM-FM-PO Funds Management-Specific Postings  I150004904 
PSM-FM-PO-CA Cash Desk  KI48000006 
PSM-FM-PO-EF Earmarked Funds and Funds Transfers  KI48000004 
PSM-FM-PO-RE Request  KI48000005 
PSM-FM-UP Actual Update and Commitment Update  I150004905 
PSM-FM-US Special Functions for the US Federal Government  ALN0000192 
PSM-GM Grants Management  ALN0000197 
PSM-GM-GTE Grantee Management  AEN0000081 
PSM-GM-GTE-BU Budgeting and Availability Control  ALN0000199 
PSM-GM-GTE-GM Grants Management - Specific Postings  ALN0000200 
PSM-GM-GTE-IS Information System  ALN0000202 
PSM-GM-GTE-MD Master Data  ALN0000198 
PSM-GM-GTE-UP Actual Update and Commitment Update  ALN0000201 
PSM-GM-GTR Grantor Management  AEN0000082 
PSM-GM-GTR-GM Grantor Management - Specific Postings         AEN0000101 
PSM-GM-GTR-IS Information System  AEN0000102 
PSM-GM-GTR-MD Master Data  AEN0000083 
PSM-GM-GTR-UP Actual Update and Commitment Update           AEN0000091 
PSM-GPR Government Procurement  /SAPPSPRO/PEN0000071 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
EA-PS Structure Package R/3 Enterprise Public Services 
PSM_CORE_TEST_CASES_E PSM in SAP_APPL test cases (transl EN,DE,FR) 
PSM_EA_APPL_EXTENSIONS Enhancements of EA-APPL objects for PSM 
R3E_BCS_PS BC-Set Activation Switch for EA-PS 
Software Component EA-PS  SAP Enterprise Extension Public Services 
SAP Release Created in