SAP ABAP Application Component PSM-FM (Funds Management)
Basic Data
Application Component I150004901  
Application Component ID PSM-FM  
Short Description   Funds Management  
First Release Date 19960923 
First Release   30E 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PSM-FM-BCS Budget Control System  ALN0000194 
PSM-FM-BCS-AC Availability Control  ALN0000196 
PSM-FM-BCS-BU Budgeting  ALN0000195 
PSM-FM-BL Budgetary Ledger  PLN0000081 
PSM-FM-BU Budgeting and Availability Control  I150004903 
PSM-FM-BU-AC Availability Control  KI48000002 
PSM-FM-BU-BF Basic Functions of Budgeting  KI48000001 
PSM-FM-BU-CE Unilateral and Reciprocal Cover Eligibility  KI48000003 
PSM-FM-BU-RB Revenues Increasing the Budget  I150004910 
PSM-FM-CL Closing Operations  I150004907 
PSM-FM-DE Special Function Public Sector Germany  KI48000007 
PSM-FM-IS Information system  I150004908 
PSM-FM-MD Master Data  I150004902 
PSM-FM-PO Funds Management-Specific Postings  I150004904 
PSM-FM-PO-CA Cash Desk  KI48000006 
PSM-FM-PO-EF Earmarked Funds and Funds Transfers  KI48000004 
PSM-FM-PO-RE Request  KI48000005 
PSM-FM-UP Actual Update and Commitment Update  I150004905 
PSM-FM-US Special Functions for the US Federal Government  ALN0000192 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPF15/F15 F15 Interface 
/SAPF15/F15_STRUCT Strukturpaket F15 
BPREP_BWRET Retraction: BW -> R/3 
FMAR Funds Management Archiving 
FMBL_EXT_E Budgetary Ledger Extensions 
FMBO Business Object/BAPI 
FMBO_E Business Object/BAPI 
FMBS_ADDON FIFM: Basis (Add-On Objects) 
FMCO CO-FM integration 
FMFD Funds Management: Not Used at the Moment 
FMFG_BLCORE_E Core of the Budgetary Ledger 
FMFG_E US Federal Government budgetary ledger account derivation 
FMFG_RECON_E Reconciliation Tool 
FMFG_SD_E SD enhancement 
FMFSCORE General Funds Management Update Services 
FMFS_E Updating/Integration Funds Management (master lang. english) 
FMRW Integration with CO/FI/AA 
FMSUBSET_E Description 
FMZE ISPS: Payment program for payment requests - EU-specifics 
FM_CI_CORE_SFWS_2 Funds Management, Generic, Core, Reversible 
FM_CI_EA_APPL_SFWS_REV_2_E Funds Management RE-Contract extensions 
FM_CORE_BUDGET_PERIOD_SFWS_E Budget Period not reversible english SAP_APPL EhP4 
FM_CORE_BUDGET_PER_SFWS_REV_E Budget Period reversible english core EhP4 
FM_CORE_GEN_SFWS_E FM generic core 
FM_LGD_HEURISTIK Clearing Control 
FM_RE_EXTENSIONS_E Extensions to RE for Funds Management 
FM_SPAIN_ENHANCEMENTS_E Retrofit Spain/Italy: Enhancements 
FM_SPLIT_CORE_E Core objects for FM spliting tool. To be used in EA 
FM_SPLIT_E Automatic FM account assignment splitting tool 
FM_SWITCHABLE_OBJECTS Objects that Should React to the Switch Framework Switch 
FM_SWITCHABLE_OBJECTS_E Objects which are switchable by Switch-Framework 
FUNDS_MANAGEMENT Funds Management Main Package IBU Public Services 
KAFF_ADDON Overhead Cost-Controlling: Fund and Function Integr.-Addon 
PSM_FM_F15_SFWS Public Sector Management F15 BF, Switches, EnhO 
Software Component EA-PS  SAP Enterprise Extension Public Services 
SAP Release Created in