SAP ABAP Application Component CA (Cross-Application Components)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0009110  
Application Component ID CA  
Short Description   Cross-Application Components  
First Release Date 19950201 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CA Cross-Application Basis Components  HLB0009997 
CA-ALE-SCE Application Distribution (Scenarios)  HLB0006332 
CA-ALE-TEC ALE Technology  HLB0006331 
CA-ARC Archiving  HLB0100391 
CA-AUD Audit Management  AEC0000474 
CA-BFA Business Framework Architecture  HLB0100221 
CA-BFA-AAP BAPI Concept  B200000067 
CA-BFA-ABL ALE Business Process Library  B200000068 
CA-BFA-DXW Data Transfer Workbench  HLB0006314 
CA-BFA-TRA Transceiver  B200000102 
CA-BK Bank  ABA0000001 
CA-BP-LOC Country-Specific Functions  ABA0000211 
CA-BPL Business Process Library  /SOCO/CPL0000001 
CA-BW Without Description  ARS0000026 
CA-CAD CAD Integration  HLB0006408 
CA-CAD-LIB CAD Function Libraries  HLB0006814 
CA-CAD-OBJ Objects Supported  HLB0006811 
CA-CAT User enhancements for tests  HLB0006335 
CA-CAT-ELE Test modules for R/2  HLB0006337 
CA-CAT-TOX Test data repository  B200000032 
CA-CL Classification  HLB0006402 
CA-CL-CHR Characteristics  HLB0006414 
CA-CL-CL Classification  HLB0006416 
CA-CL-CLS Classes  HLB0006415 
CA-CL-ENV Environment  HLB0006810 
CA-CL-SEL Object Selection  HLB0006855 
CA-CL-WUI Classification Web User Interface  BTD0000001 
CA-CUS Global Organization Customizing  B200000122 
CA-DDF Demand Data Foundation  BFI0000011 
CA-DMS Document Management System  HLB0006401 
CA-DMS-CNV DMS Integration for Viewer/CAD intergration  EBS0000101 
CA-DMS-CON Object Links  HLB0006851 
CA-DMS-DCD Document Distribution  HLB0100242 
CA-DMS-EDT Document Processing  HLB0006850 
CA-DMS-GRF Graphic Subsystem Connection  HLB0006854 
CA-DMS-INT Integration of Original Application Files  HLB0006852 
CA-DMS-RTV Retrieval  HLB0006853 
CA-DSG Digital Signature  ABA0000041 
CA-EDI IDoc Interfaces for EDI  HLB0006024 
CA-EDI-PRC IDoc Processing and Interface Maintenance  HLB0006023 
CA-EPT Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications  BSD0000011 
CA-EPT-ANL Analytics Infrastructure  BTD0000131 
CA-EPT-ANL-ACT Content Activation  BTD0000132 
CA-EPT-ANL-BIA Operational BIA  BTD0000135 
CA-EPT-ANL-CRT Chart Component for Floorplan Manager  BT60000081 
CA-EPT-ANL-LST List Reporting  BTD0000133 
CA-EPT-ANL-OIP Operational Information Provider  BTD0000134 
CA-EPT-BCV Business Context Viewer  BTD0000011 
CA-EPT-BCV-CFG Configuration  BTD0000012 
CA-EPT-BCV-EXE Execution  BTD0000013 
CA-EPT-BOF Business Object Processing Framework  BSD0000061 
CA-EPT-BOF-CFN Configuration  BSD0000062 
CA-EPT-BOF-RNT Runtime  BSD0000063 
CA-EPT-BOF-TST Tests  BSD0000064 
CA-EPT-BRC Reusable Components of Business Suite Foundation  /BOFU/BTD0000111 
CA-EPT-BRC-ADM Admin Data for Business Objects  /BOFU/BTD0000160 
CA-EPT-BRC-ADR Dependent Object for Address Management  /BOFU/BTD0000141 
CA-EPT-BRC-ALM Alert Management Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000151 
CA-EPT-BRC-ARC Archiving Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000142 
CA-EPT-BRC-ATF Dependent Object for Attachment Folder  /BOBF/BT60000064 
CA-EPT-BRC-AUT Authorization Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000152 
CA-EPT-BRC-BAL Business Object wrapper for Application Log  /BOFU/BT60000061 
CA-EPT-BRC-BP Business Partner Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000153 
CA-EPT-BRC-BR BRFplus Extension for BOPF @ Business Suite  /BOFU/BT60000062 
CA-EPT-BRC-CDO Change Document Adapter with Integration into DAC Generation  /BOFU/BTD0000155 
CA-EPT-BRC-CLP Code List Provider Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000156 
CA-EPT-BRC-FBI Integration of FPM and Persistency Frameworks like BOPF  /BOFU/BTD0000112 
CA-EPT-BRC-FBI-DST FBI Designtime  /BOFU/BTD0000232 
CA-EPT-BRC-FBI-FST FBI Support for Free Style UIBB  /BOFU/BTD0000233 
CA-EPT-BRC-FBI-SRC FBI Support for Search and IDR Handling  /BOFU/BTD0000235 
CA-EPT-BRC-FC Field Control Framework  /BOFU/BTD0000157 
CA-EPT-BRC-GBI Gateway BOPF Integration  /BOFU/BFI0000042 
CA-EPT-BRC-LDN Language Dependent Node Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000159 
CA-EPT-BRC-PBI POWL BOPF Integration  /BOFU/BTD0000236 
CA-EPT-BRC-PPF Post Processing Framework Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000158 
CA-EPT-BRC-SAM Status & Action Management and Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000154 
CA-EPT-BRC-TXC Dependent Object for Text Collection  /BOFU/BT60000065 
CA-EPT-CCF Configuration Check Framework  BT60000011 
CA-EPT-DPL Duplicate Check / Fuzzy Search  BTD0000092 
CA-EPT-GEN GENeric Integer Optimizer System  BTD0000091 
CA-EPT-GIS Geographical Information System  BT60000012 
CA-EPT-HCF Healthcare Communication Framework  BTD0000121 
CA-EPT-IBO Suite Inbox  BTD0000231 
CA-EPT-IDM Identity Management: Business Suite Processes  BSD0000051 
CA-EPT-KME Key Mapping Extension  BSD0000001 
CA-EPT-NAV Object Navigator  BSD0000066 
CA-EPT-OM Organizational Management  BSD0000031 
CA-EPT-POC Process Orchestration for Built-In Processes  BT60000013 
CA-EPT-PRO Process Route  BT60000001 
CA-EPT-RCC Remote Control and Communication Framework  BSD0000021 
CA-EPT-SMI Social Media Intelligence Foundation  BFI0000041 
CA-EPT-SPI Service Provider Infrastructure  BSD0000065 
CA-EPT-SPI-FSI FPM SPI Integration  BFI0000001 
CA-EPT-SSC Shared Service Center Framework  BTD0000031 
CA-EPT-TAS Tools and Services in BS Foundation  BTD0000161 
CA-EPT-TAS-ATP ATP Tools  BTD0000162 
CA-EPT-TAS-LOG WebUI Application Log  BFI0000002 
CA-EPT-TM Talent Management  BSD0000032 
CA-EPT-VE Visual Enterprise  BT60000121 
CA-EPT-VE-VEG Visual Enterprise Generator  BT60000122 
CA-EPT-VE-VEV Visual Enterprise Viewer  BT60000123 
CA-EPT-VWR Viewer  BTD0000201 
CA-ESS Employee Self-Service  BIO0000081 
CA-EUR European Monetary Union: Euro  HLB0100271 
CA-EUR-CNV Local Currency Changeover  HLB0100273 
CA-EUR-CUR Currency Customizing and Handling for Euro  B200000012 
CA-EUR-GEN Additional Functions for the Euro  HLB0100272 
CA-EWT Easy Web Transaction  BIO0000062 
CA-EWT-ESS Employee self-service  BIO0000063 
CA-FIM Financial Mathematics/Conditions  ABA0000391 
CA-FIM-FCO Financial Conditions  ABA0000392 
CA-FIM-FMA Financial Mathematics  PAB0000055 
CA-FS Financial Services  ABA0000322 
CA-FS-AD Link Between Address Management and Objects  ABA0000381 
CA-FS-ARE Archiving Engine  KBI0000083 
CA-FS-BP Business Partner Enhancements for Financial Services  PAB0000001 
CA-FS-CDC Check Digit Calculation  ABA0000492 
CA-FS-ECH Error and Conflict Handler  ABA0000491 
CA-FS-HDS Hierarchical Derivation Service  KBI0000075 
CA-FS-MKD Basic Market Data  /BA1/BT60000031 
CA-FS-XO XO-Extensible Objects  ABA0000651 
CA-GTC-MDC Actions After Master Data Changes  ABA0000142 
CA-GTF General Application Functions  HLB0006310 
CA-GTF-AP Appraisal and Evaluation Systems  ABA0000291 
CA-GTF-AP-AP Appraisal Systems  PAB0000012 
CA-GTF-AP-PM Appraisal, Valuation, and Survey Tool  ABA0000292 
CA-GTF-BDT Business Data Toolset  ABA0000061 
CA-GTF-BS Business Application Support  HLB0006312 
CA-GTF-BS-MC Message Control  HLB0100212 
CA-GTF-BS-SQ Screen Sequence Control  ABA0000104 
CA-GTF-CBN Contextual Business Navigation  EBJ0000051 
CA-GTF-CBN Contextual Business Navigation  U4Y0000001 
CA-GTF-CBN-ODT Contextual Business Navigation OData Backend Adaptation lay.  EBJ0000053 
CA-GTF-CBN-ODT Contextual Business Navigation OData Backend Adaptation lay.  U4Y0000003 
CA-GTF-CBN-UI Contextual Business Navigation UI layer  EBJ0000052 
CA-GTF-COR Correspondence Tool  ABA0000134 
CA-GTF-CPE Commodity Pricing Engine  BYA3000001 
CA-GTF-CSC Country-Specific Objects  ABA0000141 
CA-GTF-DCM Data Transfer  ABA0000111 
CA-GTF-DEP Object Dependencies  ABA0000133 
CA-GTF-DMC Data Conversion  B200000176 
CA-GTF-DOB Document Builder  /IPRO/LX20000002 
CA-GTF-DRT Data Retention Tool  HLB0100372 
CA-GTF-ECM Engineering Change Management  ABA0000132 
CA-GTF-EEW Easy Enhancement Workbench  ABA0000031 
CA-GTF-EEW-GEN EEW Generator  ABA0000032 
CA-GTF-EEW-SRV EEW Services  ABA0000034 
CA-GTF-EEW-WB EEW Interface  ABA0000033 
CA-GTF-EHS Environment, Health and Safety: Master Data  ABA0000351 
CA-GTF-FCC Financial Closing cockpit Add-on  FC80000001 
CA-GTF-GDP Data Access in Agreement with German Tax Law  ABA0000251 
CA-GTF-GL Cross-Application Services General Ledger  PAB0000031 
CA-GTF-GPL Generic Project Planning  ABA0000062 
CA-GTF-IC Interaction Center WebClient  PAB0000002 
CA-GTF-IC-ACC Activity Clipboard  PAB0000003 
CA-GTF-IC-ALT Alert  PAB0000004 
CA-GTF-IC-BRO Broadcast Messaging  PAB0000005 
CA-GTF-IC-CHA Communication Channel  PAB0000006 
CA-GTF-IC-FRW Framework  PAB0000007 
CA-GTF-IC-FRW-MES Messaging  PAB0000008 
CA-GTF-IC-FRW-UI UI Framework  PAB0000009 
CA-GTF-IC-NVG Navigation Bar  PAB0000010 
CA-GTF-IC-SAF Software Agent Framework  PAB0000014 
CA-GTF-IC-SCR Scripting  PAB0000015 
CA-GTF-IC-SEA Business Partner Search  PAB0000016 
CA-GTF-IC-SOL Knowledge Search  PAB0000017 
CA-GTF-MDF Master Data Framework  S6D0000010 
CA-GTF-MF Mathematical Functions  HLB0006313 
CA-GTF-MS Cross-Application Mass Maintenance  HLB0100412 
CA-GTF-PCF People Centric UI Framework  ABC0000051 
CA-GTF-PCF-CUS People-Centric UI Framework Customizing  ABC0000061 
CA-GTF-PCF-OLG Object Link Generation  ABC0000103 
CA-GTF-PCF-SRV Services  ABA0000301 
CA-GTF-PCF-SRV-ADR Addresses  ABA0000302 
CA-GTF-PCF-SRV-SAM Application Manager  ABA0000303 
CA-GTF-PCU People Centric User Interface  ABA0000321 
CA-GTF-PCU-BP Dialog People-Centric UI for Business Partner  S6D0000001 
CA-GTF-PCU-PRO Dialog People-Centric UI for Products  S6D0000003 
CA-GTF-PR Reuse Component of Pricing  BRK0000001 
CA-GTF-PR-CPF Configurable Parameters and Formulas  BRK0000002 
CA-GTF-PS Cross-Application Objects in Project System  ABA0000103 
CA-GTF-PSM Cross Application Objects Public Sector Management  ABA0000571 
CA-GTF-PWB Print Workbench  ABA0000011 
CA-GTF-QR Qualifications and Requirements  PAB0000013 
CA-GTF-RCM Records and Case Management  ABB0000001 
CA-GTF-SCM Schedule Manager  B200000222 
CA-GTF-SMP Market Prices for Securities  ABA0000101 
CA-GTF-SP Business Suite Sidepanel  BT60000091 
CA-GTF-SP-FIN Content for ERP Financials  BT60000093 
CA-GTF-SP-GEN Generic Applications  BT60000092 
CA-GTF-TIM Scheduling  B200000162 
CA-GTF-TM Talent Management  ABA0000501 
CA-GTF-TRB Financial Risk Management Basis  BRK0000003 
CA-GTF-TS Technical Application Support  HLB0006311 
CA-GTF-TS-BRHF Basis-Related Help Functions, Appl. Log, Formula Intepreter  HLB0100210 
CA-GTF-TS-CD Change Document Display and Time Stamp Management  KBI0000042 
CA-GTF-TS-CE Conversion Exits  PAB0000041 
CA-GTF-TS-CNS Change Pointer Service  PBK0000011 
CA-GTF-TS-FAW Central Field Selection  ABA0000102 
CA-GTF-TS-GC Link to Geographic Information System  ABA0000271 
CA-GTF-TS-GMA Generating, Monitoring for Mass Data Archiving Solutions  ABB0000002 
CA-GTF-TS-PDC Framework for the Principle of Dual Control  ABA0000191 
CA-GTF-TS-PGC Persistent Garbage Collector  /GC1/ABA0000331 
CA-GTF-TS-PPM Batch-Oriented Parallel Processing of Mass Data  ABA0000192 
CA-GTF-TS-PPO Postprocessing Office  /SAPPO/ABA0000332 
CA-GTF-TS-RFW Reconciliation Framework  ABA0000021 
CA-GTF-TS-SMT General status management  ABA0000091 
CA-GTF-TS-TAX Central Functions: Jurisdiction Code/Taxes  ABA0000194 
CA-GTF-TS-WSI Integration of Catalogs, Partner Directories (OCI, OPI)  ABA0000293 
CA-GTF-TS-XSS Generic Components for Self-Service Roles  ABA0000341 
CA-GTF-UPS Distribution Unit / Distribution Packet  PAB0000021 
CA-GTF-VBZ Visual Business  BTD0000102 
CA-GTF-WUI WebClient UI - External Features  L1B0000012 
CA-GTF-XF SAP Expert Finder  ALN0000011 
CA-HR Cross-Application Objects in HR  PAB0000011 
CA-JVA Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting  ALR0002181 
CA-JVA-JVA Joint Venture Accounting  PLN0000042 
CA-JVA-JVA-AR Archivierung  PLN0000047 
CA-JVA-JVA-IF Integrationsfunktionalität  PLN0000044 
CA-JVA-JVA-IS Informationssystem  PLN0000046 
CA-JVA-JVA-PP Periodenabschluss  PLN0000045 
CA-JVA-JVA-SU Setup  PLN0000043 
CA-JVA-PRC Project Risk Management for Contractors  ALN0000411 
CA-JVA-PSA Production Sharing Accounting  PLN0000048 
CA-JVA-PSA-IS Informationssystem  PLN0000051 
CA-JVA-PSA-PP Periodenabschluss  PLN0000050 
CA-JVA-PSA-SU Setup  PLN0000049 
CA-MDG Master Data Governance  BSD0000071 
CA-MDG-AF Application Framework  BTD0000051 
CA-MDG-AF-CR Change Request/Edition/Governance API  BT60000074 
CA-MDG-AF-DM Data Model/Abstraction Layer/Change Documents  BT60000072 
CA-MDG-AF-WF Workflow/ Rule Service  BT60000073 
CA-MDG-ANR Analytics and Reporting  BTD0000211 
CA-MDG-APP Applications  BTD0000213 
CA-MDG-APP-BP MDG Business Partner (Central Part)  BTD0000171 
CA-MDG-APP-BPC Business Partner (Central Parts)  BTD0000214 
CA-MDG-APP-CLF MDG Classification  EB50000101 
CA-MDG-APP-CUS MDG Customer (Central Parts)  EBS0000061 
CA-MDG-APP-CUS-LO MDG Customer (Logistics Parts)  EBS0000062 
CA-MDG-APP-FIN MDG for Financials  SE40000001 
CA-MDG-APP-ISS Internal Self-Services  SE50000001 
CA-MDG-APP-MM MDG Material  EB50000102 
CA-MDG-APP-SUP MDG Supplier (Central Parts)  BTD0000221 
CA-MDG-APP-SUP-DM MDG Supplier (Central Parts)  EB50000103 
CA-MDG-APP-SUP-FI MDG Supplier (Financial Parts)  EB50000104 
CA-MDG-APP-SUP-LO MDG Supplier (Logistics Parts)  EB50000105 
CA-MDG-APP-SUP-SRM MDG Supplier (SRM Parts)  E8D0000001 
CA-MDG-COB Custom Objects  BT60000052 
CA-MDG-DQ Data Quality  BTD0000212 
CA-MDG-DRF Data Replication Framework  BTD0000053 
CA-MDG-DRF-SPT Serialization and Packaging  BT60000051 
CA-MDG-DT Design Time  BT60000041 
CA-MDG-KM Key Mapping  BTD0000052 
CA-MDG-ML Mass Load  BTD0000172 
CA-MDG-RIF Replication Interface Framework  BTD0000081 
CA-MDG-TRR Transport Registry  BTD0000054 
CA-MDG-VM Value Mapping  BTD0000082 
CA-MOB Mobile Business Management  BTD0000071 
CA-MOB-MIB Mobile Productivity Applications  BTD0000072 
CA-MOB-MIB-WF Mobile Productivity Applications (Workflow)  BTD0000073 
CA-MRS SAP Multiresource Scheduling  /MRSS/WFF0000002 
CA-MRS-CPR MRS c-Projects Integration  /MRSS/WFF0000003 
CA-MRS-CRM MRS CRM Integration  /MRSS/WFF0000004 
CA-NO Messages  BIO0000031 
CA-OIW Open Information Warehouse  HLB0009789 
CA-PER Personalization  HLB0100181 
CA-ROL Role templates: Portfolio & content  BIO0000041 
CA-SOA Enterprise SOA  ABA0000561 
CA-SOA-GEN Generic eSOA Tools  BTD0000041 
CA-SOA-SMT Service Mapping Tool  BSD0000041 
CA-SUR Web Survey  ABA0000071 
CA-TS Time Sheet  HLB0100231 
CA-UI2 SAP UI for Decoupled Innovations  U000000001 
CA-UI2-AR SAP UI Integration - Application Reuse Layer  U000000021 
CA-UI2-AR-BE SAP UI Integration - Application Reuse - Backend Enabl.  U000000022 
CA-UI2-AR-FE SAP UI Integration - Application Reuse - Frontend enabl.  U310000001 
CA-UI2-AR-SM SAP UI Integration - Social Media Collaboration Enablement  U000000043 
CA-UI2-INT SAP UI Integration for Decoupled Innovations  U000000002 
CA-UI2-INT-BE Backend Enablement  U000000003 
CA-UI2-INT-FE Frontend Enablement  U000000004 
CA-UI2-THD Theme Designer  U000000071 
CA-UI2-VBZ Visual Business -> please use CA-GTF-VBZ  U000000051 
CA-UI5 SAP UI development toolkit for HTML5 - Rendering library  /UI5/U000000031 
CA-UI5-MOB SAP UI development toolkit for HTML5 - Mobile  /UI5/U000000032 
CA-UI5-TOL SAP UI development toolkit for HTML5 - Design Time Tools  /UI5/U000000033 
CA-VE SAP Visual Enterprise  EBJ0000031 
CA-VE-VEP Visual Enterprise Planning  EBJ0000032 
CA-VE-VEP-INT Visual Enterprise Planner integration with ERP  EBJ0000034 
CA-VE-VEP-PLN Visual Enterprise Planner  EBJ0000033 
CA-WEB-ITS Internet Transaction Server / SAP@Web Studio  HLB0009820 
CA-WEB-REP WWW Reporting and WWW RFC  HLB0009821 
CA-WUI WebClient UI  PNF0000011 
CA-WUI-APF Application Frame  PNF0000012 
CA-WUI-BI BI Integration  PNF0000013 
CA-WUI-CON UI Configuration & Design Layer  PNF0000014 
CA-WUI-EP UI Portal Integration  PNF0000001 
CA-WUI-ES Enterprise Search Integration  PNF0000002 
CA-WUI-GOL Generic Object Layer  PNF0000021 
CA-WUI-GOL-BOL Business Object Layer  PNF0000023 
CA-WUI-GOL-GIL Generic Interaction Layer  PNF0000022 
CA-WUI-PRS Personalization  PNF0000015 
CA-WUI-RA Rapid Applications  A0F0000001 
CA-WUI-ROL Roles Management  PNF0000016 
CA-WUI-SEA Search  PNF0000017 
CA-WUI-UI User Interface  PNF0000018 
CA-WUI-UI-RT UI Runtime Environment  PNF0000019 
CA-WUI-UI-TAG Tag Library  PNF0000020 
CA-WUI-WKB Development Workbench  PNF0000024 
CA-WUI-WST Web Services Tool  PNF0000025 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/CRMMW/ADP CRM MW Adapter: Check Functions with Names 
/GRC/APPL GRC Integration 
/KYK/ENVIRONMENT Technical environment 
/KYK/GENERAL General Objects 
/KYK/OPS Operations 
/KYK/OTR General OTR Texts 
/KYK/POWL_SWITCH Package for Switch Framework 
/KYK/ROLEFILTER Application to define filter on roles 
/KYK/TESTCASES External Test Cases 
/LIME/AKH AKH Parts of Lime (Required Dummy Collection) 
/LIMEB/ACH Application Component Hierarchy LIMEB 
/MRSS/COM Package for application component creation 
/MRSS/CSG CRM Integration 
/MRSS/MAIN Struct. Package for Multiresource Planning for Serv. Process 
/MRSS/POT Capacity Pots for Appointment Booking 
/MRSS/SGV MRSS Archival Objects 
/MRSS/TREX TREX Connection for MRS 
/SAPNEA/MR3/HANDHELD_SALES Mobile Sales for Handhelds 
/SAPRPM/RPM_ACH Objects of RPM Application Compontent Hierarchy 
/SAPSLL/IF_CORE Legal Services: Interface: CORE Functions and Services 
/SAPSLL/IF_CORE_STRUCPACK Legal Services: CORE Functions and Services 
/SAPXCQM/PI_APPL SAP xAPP CQM Application Objects 
/SMI/STRUCTURE Structure Package for SMI Development 
/SOCO/ACH ACH component for SOCO (CA-BPL) 
ABA Structure Package: Application Basis (SAP_ABA) 
ABA_AP AP ABA Main Package 
ABA_GEN ABA (General): Main Package 
ABA_GEN_CRM CRM ABA (General): Main Package 
ABA_GEN_ERP ERP ABA (General): Main Package 
ABA_GEN_FIN FIN ABA (General): Main Package 
ABA_GEN_GLO GLO ABA (General): Main Package 
ABA_GEN_GRC General Package for GRC 
ABA_GEN_HCM HCM ABA (General): Main Package 
ABA_GEN_MAN MAN ABA (General): Main Package 
ABA_GEN_PLM PLM: General ABA Package 
ABA_GEN_PS PS ABA (General): Main Package 
ABA_GEN_SRM SRM ABA (General): Main Package 
ABA_GEN_UTL UTL ABA (General): Main Package 
ABA_MAIN IM ABA: Main Package 
ABA_MAIN_FIN Financials IM ABA: Main Package 
ABA_MAIN_SD SD IM ABA: Main Package 
ABA_TECH NW ABA: Main Package 
ACAM CA Application Components 
ACAP CA Process Model Objects 
ACH_CRM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Application Component 
ACO Authorization Check with Access Control Objects 
AIO All-In-One Simplification 
AIPLOC Cross-System Flow of Goods (Plants) 
AKH_PLM PLM Application Components 
ALEX Controlled ALE Distribution Hierarchical-Dependent Objects 
APPL Structure Package: Logistics/Accounting (copy from ERP) 
APPL_COMMON_OBJECTS Common objects for structur package APPL 
APPL_CONTENT Analytics Content (Search & BI) for SAP_APPL 
APPL_CONTENT_GEN Cross Area Search & Analytics Content 
APPL_CO_XI_PROXY XI-objects for APPL: ONLY(!) for Datatype-Proxies 
APPL_CO_XI_TOOLS APPL common objects: general tools and functions for XI 
APPL_NU Structure Package: Logistics/Accounting Unicode Exceptions 
APPL_SCP Preliminary Correction for CL_SCP_LINEBREAK_UTIL 
APPL_TOOLS Structure Package: APPL Tools for HR 
ARCH_IMG Data Archiving Guide and Corresponding Tools 
AREF-AS Reference Structure Elements: Automotive Supplier 
AREF-CH Reference Structure Elements: Chemicals 
AREF-CP SAP Reference Structure for Consumer Products 
AREF-HT Referenzstrukturelemente High Tech 
AREF-HT1 Referenzstruktur IBU SAP High Tech (Test) 
AREF-MP Mill Products Elements of the SAP Reference Structure 
AREF-OG Reference Structure Elements for Oil and Gas 
AREF-PH Pharmaceuticals Reference Structure Element 
ASAP_ADDON_MAP Package for the ASAP Add-On MAP template project 
ASAP_ADDON_PM ASAP Addon Promotional Management 
ASAP_SRUCTURE Structure Package for ASAP template projects 
ASMAP01 Solution Map: Komponenten und Produkte 
ASMAP02 Solution Map: Partnerprodukte 
ASMAP_AD Solution Map: Aerospace & Defense 
ASMAP_AUTO_AM Solution Map: SAP Automotive Aftermarket 
ASMAP_AUTO_OEM Solution Map: Automotive OEM 
ASMAP_AUTO_SUP Solution Map: Automotive Supplier 
ASMAP_BA Solution Map: Banking 
ASMAP_BT Solution Map: Business Technology 
ASMAP_CF Solution Map: Corporate Functions 
ASMAP_CH Solution Map: Chemicals 
ASMAP_CP Solution Map: Consumer Products 
ASMAP_EC Solution Map: Engineering & Construction 
ASMAP_GENER Solution Map: generische Elemente 
ASMAP_HC Solution Map: Healthcare 
ASMAP_HER Solution Map: Higher Education & Research 
ASMAP_HT Solution Map: High Tech 
ASMAP_IN Solution Map: Insurance 
ASMAP_KM Solution Map: Knowledge Management 
ASMAP_ME Solution Map: Media 
ASMAP_MI Solution Map: Mining 
ASMAP_MP Solution Map: Mill Products 
ASMAP_OIL Solution Map: Oil & Gas 
ASMAP_PH Solution Map: Pharmaceuticals 
ASMAP_PS Solution Map: Public Sector 
ASMAP_RT Solution Map: Retail 
ASMAP_SP Solution Map: Service Providers 
ASMAP_SV Solution Map: Services 
ASMAP_TE Solution Map: Telecommunications 
ASMAP_UT Solution Map: Utilities 
ASU1 ASU: General coding Application Specific Upgrade 
AXXP Process model objects cross-application 
BAP1 Add-On Objects for BAPIs 
BI_CONT_CO_XI_PROXY XI-objects for BI_CONT: ONLY(!) for Datatype-Proxies 
BP_BL_DE SAP Best Practices for Baseline DE 
BP_BL_DK SAP Best Practices for Baseline DK 
BP_BL_FI SAP Best Practices for Baseline FI 
BP_BL_FR SAP Best Practices for Baseline FR 
BP_BL_NO SAP Best Practices for Baseline NO 
BP_BL_SE SAP Best Practices for Baseline SE 
BP_BL_UK SAP Best Practices for Baseline UK 
BP_BL_US SAP Best Practices for Baseline US 
BP_BOBJ SAP Best Practices for BOBJ 
BP_CH_DE SAP Best Practices for Chemicals DE 
BP_CH_US SAP Best Practices for Chemicals US 
BP_CH_US_605 SAP Best Practices for Chemicals(US)V1.605 content in SolMan 
BP_CP_DE SAP Best Practices for Consumer Products DE 
BP_EHSM_US_V1605 EHSM (US) V1.605 Best Practices content in SolMan 
BP_FM_DE SAP Best Practices for Fabricated Metals 
BP_HT_DE SAP Best Practices for High Tech 
BP_IMC_DE SAP Best Practices for Industrial Machinery & Components 
BP_WS_DE SAP Best Practices for Wholesale 
BP_WU_US SAP Best Practices for Water Utilities 
BR3M Cross-Application Component Hierarchy 
BR3R Reference Hierarchy Cross-Application 
BSFNDH Hana search content SAP_BS_FND 
BS_FND_CONT Analytics Content (Search & BI) for SAP_BS_FND 
BS_FND_CONT_GEN General Analytics Content 
BS_OBSOLETE_CUST Reuse: Define obsolete customizing values 
BS_OBSOLETE_CUST_SFWS Reuse: Define obsolete customizing values 
BWGD General DataSources BW 
BW_CONTENT Structure Package for BW Extractors 
BW_SAPI Structure Package for Service API 
CA-PLM Application Hierarchy Nodes: PLM (Application Basis) 
CAPP Master Data Selection: BOM/Work Plan/Recipe 
CA_DOC_SEARCH_FRAMEWORK Cross Application Tools - Search Wrapper Base 
CA_SDB Cross Application Tools - Sales, Delivery and Billing 
CBESH_UI_ODATA_EAM CestBON application OData services EAM 
CFD IMG for APO Core Interface 
CFI4 IMG for APO Core Interface 
CFI7 IMG for APO Core Interface (Independent) 
CFX_BI_0C Customizing for cFolders backend integration 
CFX_BI_API Structures as in cFolders dev. class CFX_API 
CFX_BI_BOM cFolders Backend Integration, BOMs 
CFX_BI_BOM_0C Customizing for cFolders Backend Integration, BOMs 
CFX_BI_RD cFolders backend integration, release dependent 
CFX_BI_RI cFolders backend integration, release independent 
CFX_SFWS_ORDWBSBOM Switched Package for the Order/ WBS BOM Export 
CFX_SFWS_SC cFolders Code Switch Package for Import Export MPN 
CFX_SFWS_UI cFolders UI Switch Package for Import Export MPN 
CFX_SWITCHES_MAIN cFolders Central Package for Switch 
CIF_SWFS_UI_INC Switch package for CIF interchangibility integration (UI) 
CMW8 BDOC Structures for Core Interface Adapter Middleware 
CNVA_BI_ANA Dev class for BI Analysis in SHC 
CNV_10940 Report Variant Scan 
CNV_10993 SLO Coding Scan 10993 
CNV_CMIS_M_10 CMIS Mig: Table list, domain rules and non transp. fields 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_110 CMIS XPRAs for Package 110 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_200 CMIS XPRA package 200 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_200_RMGMT CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_300 CMIS XPRA Package 300 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_470 CMIS XPRA Package 470 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_470_RMGMT_DI Substitute CMIS XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_500 CMIS Substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_500_ECC_EA_SEM CMIS Substitute XPRA 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_EA-FINSERV CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_EA_APPL CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_ECC_DIMP CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_FI-CA CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_FINBASIS CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_INSURANCE CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_IS-M CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_IS-PS-CA CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_IS_H CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_IS_OIL CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_IS_UT CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_SAP_APPL CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_610 CMIS substitute XPRA'S 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_700_PI_BASIS CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_700_SAP_AP CMIS substitute XPRAs 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_700_SAP_BASIS CMIS substitute XPRA's 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_700_SAP_BW CMIS substitute XPRA's 
COM_CFG_M Product Configuration MySAP 
CRMB R/3 Adapter Basis Tools 
CRMV Middleware Adapter: Generated Objects 
CRM_ADAPTER Middleware Adapter: Adapter Basis Functionality 
CRM_CLA_FI CRM Claims Management: ERP FI Interface 
CRM_EHP_SWITCHES Enhancement Packages: Switches for CRM Functions 
CRM_IMG R/3 CRM IMG: General Objects 
CRM_KAPX BW Extraction Status from CRM 
DL_BASE ALE distribution unit: Core functionality 
DRSCENARIOS Drag and Relate Demo Scenarios 
DSV Application Development R/3 - Status Management 
EA-APPL_COMMON_OBJECTS Common objects for software component EA-APPL 
EA-APPL_CONTENT Analytics Content (Search & BI) for EA-APPL 
EA-APPL_CO_XI_PROXY XI-objects for EA-APPL: ONLY(!) for Datatype-Proxies 
EA-APPL_CO_XI_TOOLS EA-APPL common objects: general tools and functions for XI 
EA-PLM_CO_XI_PROXY Central package for proxies of data types and fault msg type 
EA_PACKAGE_INTERFACES Container for Package Interfaces of EAs 
ECC_COMMON_OBJECTS Strukturpaket Common Objekts 
ENC_VERS_KEYS Encryption with Versioned Keys 
ERP_BO_BPR Repository for business objects 
ERP_BO_BPR_CA Cross Application Repository for business objects 
ERP_EHP_SWITCHES Enhancement Package BF, Switches for Cross ERP 
ERP_PRS_SFWS_1 Switchpackage for Switch ERP_PRS_SFWS_1 
ESH_EAAPPLH structure package Hana search content ESH_EAAPPLH 
ESH_EAAPPLH_ESSWC Hana search content package EAAPPLH 
ESH_SAPAPPLH_CMN Common objects for HANA Search in SAP_APPL 
ESH_SAPAPPLH_CONTENT HANA Search content package for SAP_APPLH 
ESH_SAPAPPLH_ENH Switched Enhancements objects for HANA Search for SAPAPPLH 
ESH_SAPAPPLH_ESSWC HANA search SW component content 
ESH_SAPAPPLH_NO_TRANSL HANA search package assignement - no translation 
ESH_SBSFNDH_BF Business Functions for HANA Search in SBSFNDH 
ESH_SBSFNDH_CMN Common objects for HANA Search in SBSFNDH 
ESH_SBSFNDH_CONTENT HANA Search content package for SBSFNDH 
ESH_SBSFNDH_ESSWC HANA search SW component content 
ESH_SFWS_SAP_APPL Main Package for Enterprise Search Help in SAP_APPL 
ESH_SFWS_SAP_APPL_01 Enterprise Search Help in SAP_APPL (604) 
GRPCRTA_AKH Application component 
HDB ERP Accelerators 
ID-CC-BCSET_INDIA BC Sets Country Version India 
IMG_PI IMG in PI in 4.70 and Higher, Analogous to PIMG in PI Basis 
IPRO Document Builder Package 
IPRO/BASIS Object Classes 
IQM_RESULT_EXTRACTION Information Quality Extraction 
ISAUTO_APO_CIF Automotive Enhancements APO_CIF (Free of Mod.) 
ISAUTO_APO_CIF_APP Automotive Enhancements APO_CIF - Append Structures 
ISX_MD Master Data Replication for Cross Billing 
ISX_MD_CC_ADAPTER Adapter for SAP Convergent Charging 
ISX_MD_CC_WS Integration to SAP Convergent Charging - Web Service 
ISX_PPACC_INTERFACE CRM Prepaid data of Business Agreement - external interface 
KMC_COLL KMC: ABAP Integration Collaboration Rooms 
K_CM_EXTRACT Class for CM Extractors 
K_CM_EXTRACT_DDIC DDIC Objects for CM_Extract 
K_CM_PERS Personalization Class 
K_CM_PERS_DDIC DDIC Objects for Personalization 
LOG_EHP_SWITCHES Enhancement Package Code Switch for ERP Logistics 
LOY_ACH Loyalty Application Component Hierarchy 
LRNX Workplace - Administration (Workplace Plug-In) 
LSO_FRONTEND SAP Learning Solution - Learning Portal 
MATRIX Matrix Display 
MBA_MSR20 Mobile Sales for Handheld (R/3) 2.0 
MBS_MSR Mobile Sales for Handheld (R/3) 
MDX Master Data Extractors 
MEAP Interface: Purchasing/APO 
MENUS_AHR Cross-Application Area Menu for Application (HR) 
MENUS_ALR Cross-Application Area Menus 
MGV_MATNR_GEN_NEW Objects Generated for the Long Material Number 
MGV_MATNR_RET Objects for Long Material numbers 
MRSS_RMS RM Web Status objects 
NDAP Subscribing BTE Modules for APO 
NDAP_SFWS_SC1 Coding Switch Package 1 - NDAP General 
NDBA New Dimension Plug-In Basis Objects - ADD-ON part 
NDBS New Dimension Plug-In: Basis Objects 
NTRCKIMG_U SCEM AI IMG Structure (indep.) 
OPS_BUD_PER_SFWS_SC1 Budget Period - MM + SD (6.04) 
OPS_EHP_SWITCHES Enhancement Package Coding Switches for ERP Operations 
PDS_MAINTAIN Maintenance of Additional Data for Production Data Structure 
PGSE Routing/Recipe and BOM Mapping to PPM 
PI-B2B BBP Plug-In 
PI-BIW BW Plug-In 
PI-CFOLDER cFolders Plug-In 
PI-COM PI: Commonly Used Objects 
PI-CPE Strukture package for CPE in PI 
PI-CPE-BASIS Structure Package for CPE 
PI-CRM-BASIS CRM Plug-In: Middleware/Basis 
PI-CRM-COM FIN: Account Assignment Management (Packages Were in PI-CRM) 
PI-FIN Financials Plug-In [Structure Package] 
PI-FIN-BASIS FIN Plug-In: Basis [Structure Package] 
PI-FRE F&R PlugIn Main Package 
PI-KMC-BASIS Structure Package for KMC (PI_BASIS) 
PI-MD Structure Package for PI-MD 
PI-MDM MDM Plug-In Structure Package 
PI-SCM Structure Package (PI-)SCM 
PI-WEB Web Plug-In 
PI-WEB_HR Web Plug-In (SAP_HR) 
PI-XAP xAPP Plug-In [Structure Package] 
PI-XAP-BASIS xAPP Plug-In: Basis [Structure Package] 
PIMG Main IMG Nodes for R/3 Plug In 
PI_APPL PI Structure Package (Plug-In) 
PI_EPM Enterprise Procurement Model 
PI_FIN_BDM Dispute Management - Basis 
PI_HR Structure Package: Plug-In Objects for HR 
PI_OBSOLET_SX7I Obsolete PlugIn objects, releaseindependent as of 4.6B 
PI_SCMG_BW Case Management: BW Extractors 
PLM_CFO_ORDWBSBOM cFolders Customer Test Catalog and Test Cases Ehp5 
PLM_PDN_CNV_CTRL Import of Material BOMs, Classes and Controller 
PLM_PDN_CNV_PROT Import of Material Bills of Material, Log Lagging 
PLM_PDN_CNV_UI Import of Material BOMs, Interface 
POR4 Drag&Relate (Workplace Plug-in) with Rel. 4.0 
PORX Drag & Relate (Workplace Plugin) 
PSP_CRM_BCM SAP Contact Center Communication Management 
PSP_CRM_RDE_SAL SAP CRM rapid-deployment edition for Sales 
PSP_EH&S_AEC PSP EH&S: Analytics for Environmental Compliance 
PSP_EH&S_PHAS PSP EH&S: People Health and Safety 
PSP_GRC_PSS Product Safety & Stewardship 
PSP_PROC_SRM1CLIENT SRM @ ERP Procurement Express 
PSP_SRUCTURE Structure Package for PSPs 
PWP1 Workplace Plug-in: PCD Connection for SAP Systems 
QSLS_LOCK Non-Relevant Table Entries 
QUE_WP Query 
R3_SCM_MD SCM Master Data Plug-In 
R3_SCM_MD_SFWS_SC_WMD SCM Master Data Plug-In: SFWS Coding Switched 
R3_SCM_MD_SFWS_UI_WMD SCM Master Data Plug-In: SFWS UI Switched 
RDS_CRM-ITSDO RDS CRM IT Service Desk Operations 
RDS_CRM_V2 SAP CRM rapid-deployment edition for marketing, sales, servi 
RDS_ERP_SR ERP RDS for subsidiary rollout based on BP Baseline Manufct. 
RDS_FINTRM RDS_FIN006: Treasury Optimizing Debt and Investm. Strategies 
RDS_FS-AM RDS FS Account Management 
RDS_HCM-ERECR-RP Rapid Deployment Solution for E-Recruiting Resume Parsing 
RDS_HCM_OMPA_GLB HCM Global Template for OM & PA 
RDS_MII_BM SAP MII RDS for Batch Manufacturing 
RDS_MOB_BS RDS for Mobile Apps and Infrastructure 
RDS_MSSESS_EP RDS for manager and employee Portal in Enterprise Portal 
RDS_PLM-PSS RDS PLM Product Structure Synchroniz. for Bill of Material 
RDS_PPM-PFM RDS PPM PFM Portfolio Management 
RDS_SCM-DPA RDS SCM Demand Planning Analytics 
RDS_SCM-EWM RDS SCM Extended Warehouse Management 
RDS_SCM_ATP SAP SCM rapid-deployment solution for global ATP check 
RDS_SCM_SPP RDS SCM Service Parts Planning 
RDS_SNC_CC RDS SNC Customer Collaboration 
RDS_SPM RDS for Spend Performance Management 
RDS_SRM_SSP RDS SRM for Self Service Procurement 
RDS_SSF_FIN RDS for Shared Service Framework Financials 
RDS_SSF_HCM RDS for Shared Service Framework HR 
RDS_TM RDS TM Transportation Management 
RECONCILIATION Assignment, Comparison, and Adjustment of Graphs 
REF_LANDSCAPE Reference System Landscape 
RFW_APPL Application component for RFW 
RM_STRUCTURE Structure Package for Roadmap Packages 
RPAI PI OLTP IMG Objects, Non-Release-Specific 
RPM_PI_ABA SAP xAPP RPM Cross App Objects 
RPM_PI_APPL SAP xAPP RPM Application Objects 
RPUI PI OLTP: IMG Objects, Release-Independent 
RSAD Business Information Warehouse: Direct Access into OLTP 
RSRR Report Report Interface 
RS_BCT_CCMS_CPH_EXTRACTORS CCMS System Management CPH Extractors 
RS_BCT_CCMS_STAT_EXTRACTORS Extractors for R/3- and Non-R/3-Statistics Data 
RS_BCT_POC Process Orchestration 
RS_BCT_POC_B Process Orchestration (Basis) 
RS_BCT_POC_XT Process Orchestration XT 
RS_IMG_SEM OLTP IMG SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management) 
RTTREE Report Trees 
RTTREE_AHR Development Class for the Report Trees 
SCAP CA Process Model Objects 
S_CM_EXTRACT Class for CM Extractors 
S_CM_EXTRACT_DDIC DDIC Objects for CM Extract 
S_CM_PERS Personalization Class 
S_CM_PERS_DDIC DDIC Objects for Personalization 
U010 Cross-Application Components 
U122 Product Cost Controlling 
UBP3 Data Model Business Data Toolset 
UBP5 Data Model Business Parnter - (Screen) Control 
UDDM EDM Maintenance Transaction 
URLX URL Generation 1 (Workplace Plug-in) 
UUDM EDM: Data Modeler (General) 
VMI_CONS VMI Consignment objects - SE 70 
VP_ASAP_POS_EN template project ASAP_POS 
VP_ASAP_TRAINING Template Project for ASAP Training 
VP_DS_EN Template projects for Defense and Security 
VP_GS_BR Template Projects for Globalization Services - Brasil 
VP_GS_CN Template Projects for Globalization Services - China 
VP_NW_EN Template Projects for NW 
WFRE_PI Connectivity with F&R 
WFRE_PI_ISR_APPL_SCM_2 Enhancement F&R Connectivity F&R 5.2 
WFRE_PI_ISR_APPL_SCM_2A Enhancement F&R Connectivity 
WFRE_PI_ISR_APPL_SCM_PMR PMR-Retail-F&R Integration SAP_APPL part 
WFRE_PI_SFWS_SC Connectivity with F&R EhP2 Switch Framework Coding 
WFRE_PI_SFWS_UI Connectivity with F&R EhP2 Switch Framework User Interfaces 
WFRE_XI XI Connectivity with SAP F&R 
WK4 Workflow Inbox Detailed Functions (Workplace Plug-in) 
WKX Workflow Inbox (Workplace Plugin) 
WLC_PARALLEL Retail: Load Control and External Parallel Processing 
WP-PI Structure Package for Workplace Plug-In 
WPOS_IDOC_ABA POS IDocs R/3 Inbound and POSDW 
WPUA WP Plug-In for User Management in WPAS 
WRFE_PI_BF_TESTCASES Customer Test Cases for Business Function Documentation 
XPI_BW Exchange and Process Infrastructure: Extraction 2 BW 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in